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In Advanced Years
Hood's Sarsaparilla is ofton of groat Tata
In giving tho strength so much desired.
Mr. V. G. Wyman ot Saratoga, Oil., had
a largo bunch, called a tumor, on hla
rleht brenst. IIu took Hood's Bsrspaa
rllla which gave htm sow 11 fo and vigor
And tho pain and nil trnces ot tumor have
wholly disappeared. Ho says: "FItO bot
tles did .tho work. It is literally true,
Hood's Sarsaparilla
euros. "We nlso'frilnk Hood's Pllla tho beat
Phenomenal Demand for a
Weekly Newspaper,
Characteristic Letters From All
Kinds of People,
Tho phenomenal circulation of the
Weekly Capital Journal in all the
postotllccs of Western Oregon causes
u great deal of comment, and needs
some explanation. Orders keep pour
ing in by every mail, and wlillo names
are struck olT tho list as soon ns a sub
scription expires the additions sur
pass the expirations.
Weekly In the state. One year $1.00.
six months 0 cents, three months 25
cents. At this low prlco nil can afford
to take an Oregon Weoklyfand these
hard times they naturally take the
cheapest. It Is too cheap to do with
out it, and conducted on tho cash in
advance basis, they know they will
not have a bill run on them.
The people will not pacash In ad
vance for a paper unless nicy want It
and appreciate it. The Weekly is
as popular as The One Cent daily
which is conceded to bo tho most pop
ular dally In Western Oregon. A man
brought in a silver half dollar the
other day and ordered It for two
montbs. lie said: "I can't got work
this winter. I can get along without
one meal a day. But I can't get along
without The One Cent Daily.
These long, cloudy, rainy, winter days
it comes a wclcomo messengor to cheer
tho wholo family." The peoplo feel
the same way about tho weekly.
comes iicheerlnglettor from a subscri
ber at Nctarts. Oregon who encloses a
dollar and writes: -J
"Deah Editers: The Journal
has the truo Republican ring about It.
I wish that overy paper In tho coun
try would advocate the peoples cause
as The Journal docs. I will d all
I can for TnE Journal
W. 0. 0'IIARA,
A Republican of tho school of Abra
ham Lincoln."
Mr. O'Hara is not afraid to sign
himself an Abraham Lincoln Republi
can and The Journal feels proud to
be consldorcd a champion of Abraham
Lincoln Republicanism.
Come orders for The $1 "Weekly
Journal. Silver dollars aro sent.
John Holm, Luling, Texas, sends us
a big dollar of tho daddy In a com
mon envelope. It is one of thoso "In
God WeTrust," dollars, coined In 1893.
good enough for any American, and
good enough for any nowspaper. TnE
Journal Is tho only silver Dally and
Weekly In Oregon. The Journal Is
tho only Dally and Weekly In Oregon
that fights tho wholo gold bond hum
bug and stands for tho right of tho
American people to buy their bonds. It
demands Republican legislation for
tho American peoplo Instead ot for
tho corporation, the trusts, tho bond
holders and syndicates.
Circulate tho Daily and Weekly.
Stand by the cause of good goverment
for tho masses and sound American
principles. Wo will pay extra postage
on silver. Don't send stamps.
How 8 This)
Wo offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that
cannot bo cured by Hall's Catarrh
F. J. Cheney & Co., Prop3.,Toledo,0.
Wo the undersigned, have known P.
J. Cheney for tho last 15 years, and
believe him perfectly honorablo In nil
business transactions and financially
able to carry out nny obligation. ruado
by their firm.
West & TnuAX,"Wholesalo$Druggl3ts,
Toledo, O.
Waluino, Kinnan & Marnin, Whole
sale Druggists, Toledo, O.
nail's Catarrh Cure is taken Inter
nally, acting directly upon tho blood
and mucous surfaces ofthe-system.
Prlco 76c. per bottle. Sold by all
uruggistq. Testimonials iree.
SHiers! Md NrvMW DeMtMy.
Weakness of Bodjr and
Wind, Effects of Errora
or Exoesses in Old or
Yonntr. ltobua, Noblo
Manhood fully Restored.
How to Enlarge nnd
Btrcngtben Weak, Un
developed Portions of
Hodr. Absolutely un
falling nomoTreatinent.
Benefits in a day.
mm KA HtAtea and Foreign
Countries. Bend for Descriptive- Book, ex
plan&Uoa and proofs, mailed (sealed) free.
I rviffi Jit lills
Men tfifv
ubllmo u.-..i immortal, ThouCfi Matthew
AyniMl ..! tM-rrr Howl ,r it,
1 M' - i. , i7 rmi i,car,i thatspocch
doHverwI. ,t cuuv. n,-.oii us nftortlic
pomUiin ! imi oluboratorliotorio of Ed
ward 1-vrrwl. lll.ua blnzo of real Are
Rftor :. iM.M.ltM (.icturo ot fire. It
sprnug, !.:, u, rtrcpliea of old, out of
k chastened htait almost brokon with
tho wolght or cuqnest, but still daunt
less In its American faith, and tho wan
who epoko tho worda was, for tho mo
mont, transfigured for us, nnd his fur
rowod faco ami gaunt form took on
tho light thnt nover was on land or
Boa, so that Uo becarno tho nrcbotypo of
tho pooplo thomsolvoa, uttorhig hotter
than ho kuow tho groat prayer of that
flnor and better humanity that our. fa-
jaws nnu wo behoved waa to corno with
liberty and equality out of storm and
Btrosa and an unshaken confidenco in
But I don't think any of us thou
know how nmstovful is tho speech of
tho human hoart whon it cornea through
tho furuaco to these great occasloua aud
plants its Bad sincerity by tho sldo of
moro scholarship nnd tho grooved thun
der of rhotorio.
Wo had to llvo on for n qnator of a
cohtury nnd seo that hriof ppcoch hum
hig with uuqnouelmblo fluiuo In our
schcolbcoks nnd standing out with mod
est majesty on our pago of rooorded
history to comprehend how God "an
touch with a living roal tho lips of a
rail splitter just ns ho touched tho tips
of n tcntnir.kor of Tarsus nud lifted the
untutored heart of tho plioemnkcr, J3nii
ran, into ccnnnuulon with tho humor
Turn it every way you oau, tho Get
tysburg eprrch stands uulquo ns n briol
literary and pntrlotloconiposition. It is
tho noblest condensation iuto tho fittest
worda of nil tho emotions, nsplrntlons
nud sentiments that millions of muto
peoplo wnutcd nt that moment to utter.
So Inwrought is that speech with the
heart of tho occasion, aud so majestic
ally doca it bweep over into tho tiino to
conio, that I should think nil men every
where would dlhccru its iutrinsio quali
ty. But that is not tho case
I remember talking with Matthew
Arnold when ho was in this country
ubout Abraham Lincoln you will ro
member that ho said of Lincoln that ho
had no "distinction" -and I called hla
attention to tho Gettysburg spocoh. I
shall nover forgot tho importurbablo
8aturday Roviow staro with whioh ho
naked, "Ah, what is tho Gettysburg
Ho had nover hoard of it I boliovo
whou hu went back ho asked Profossor
Bryoo what it was about, and whon it
was huntod up in an American sohool
book and shown to him ho read it hasti
ly aud put It away with commisorating
Supposo you ask M, Bourgot, who is
looking into tho American hoart by the
way of tho American bodloo and on
spaco rates, if ho has road tho Gettys
burg spcooh. I happon to know of my
own knowlodgo that Roborf Louis
StovenBon had not hoard of it whon ho
was exploring our continent, nud Sir
Lopol Grifhn and Rudyard Kipling had
an idea that it was n nowspapor fako.
Tho current numbor of Tho Saturday
Roviow lios opon boforo mo, and this is
what my oyo falls en:
"Tho common American delusion
(hat thoro havo boon n numbor of groat
American poets, that thoro is indood
such a thing as American literature,
disports itsolf with unusual pomposity. "
It is impossiblo for thoso literary
prigs of a special cult to understand
that thoro may bo stimulant condi
tions of national Ufo that wako into
tumultuous aotivlty nil tho higher and
bettor functions of tho soul prior to the
chartered formulation of thorn into an
art, and that it is in thoso periods of
awakoning aud not in tho nftor roposo
of an olaborato ocsthotlolsm tho most
precious heartbeats of tho raoo havo
made thomsolves hoard nnd folt, uomo-
tlmos in half nrtioulato tonos, but of ton
er in organ blasts' whioh havo sot tho
koy of liberty and fixed tho vocabulary
of hopo and viatory.
Boforo oloquonco or poetry was an art
It was a burning soul and fotohod its
stylo from tho agonies and mysteries of
an untutored nature.
Lot us by all moans confer distinc
tion on a deathless utternnco by mold
ing it in bronze If wo add inotal cnougli
and surround it with tho arabesquo of
Oxford, fnturo Matthow Arnolds may
join tho pilgrims and throw tho English
tribute of awoll turned pbraso upon
tho tablet, whioh, after all, is but n
weak hioroglyph of tho record in 70,
000,000 hoarts. Andrew O. Wheeler
in Nov York Sun.
Every reader of The Journal
should look up tho list of premiums
given absolutely free with this paper.
The Weekly Journal at $1 a year Is
tho cheapest paper on tho Pacific
coast, yet with It wo glvo yearly sub
scriptions to any of tho following
valuable publications, each known to
tho world us a standard in Its field:
Tho Toledo Blade,
The Queen of Fashions,
The Farm News,
Tho Child Garden.
These valuable publications -are
each worth a $1 a year, yet wo glvo
you your choice, ono year free, for a
$1.50 subscription to The Journal,
either tho Daily for six months or
tho Weekly for eighteen months.
Seo the list, and don't neglect to profit
by It.
Don't be deceived Into paying for
so-called premiums offered with high
priced papers at a slight advance.
Remember The Journal Is tho
rheapest nowspaper on tho Pacific
coast, and It gives you high grade
tiremlums without additional charge
A Republican convention for tho
state of Oregon Is called to meet In
the city of Portland, on Thursday,
April i), 181)6, at 11 o'clock a. iu for
the purpose of nominating candidates
for the prcsldental electors nnd state
and district olllccs, except congress
men, and of electing Tour delegates-at
largo to the Republican national con
vention, and to transact such other
business ns may properly come before
the convention. The convention will
consist of 237 delegates chosen by the
several counties as follows
.linker 5
Kenton 5
Clackamas.... 12
Clatsop 7
Columbia 5
Coos 4
Crook 3
Curry 2
Douglas 0
Gilliam 3
Grant f
Harney 2
Jnckson 7
Josephine 4
Klamath 2
Lake 3
Lane 10
Linn 10
Lincoln 3
Malheur 3
Marlon It)
Morrow 3
Multnomah 48
Polk , 8
Shqrkian 3
TlilanYook 3
Umatilla o
Union 8
Wallowa 3
Wasco 7
Washington ....11
Yamhill 0
Tho same being one delegatc-at-
large from each county and ono dele
gate for every 200 votes and for every
fraction over one-half thereof cast for
tho Republican candidate for governor
nt the election held in this stnte on
June 4, 1804.
The commlttcorcccoinends thnt the
primaries bo held on Saturday, March
21, nnd the county couventionson Sat
urday, March 28, 1800, unless other
wise ordered by tho proper county
All voters In favor of tho Republi
can principle of protection to Ameri
can industries and American labor,
the upbuilding of a homo market, a
sound financial policy and a patriotic
enforcement of tho Monroe doctrine
arc, cordially invited to unite with us.
George A. Steel
William Kapus, Chairman.
Portland, Or., Feb. C, 180(1
district convention.
A Republican convention for tho
first congressional district, of tho
stuto of Oregon, is hereby called to
meet In tho city of Albany on Tues
day, April 7, 1890, at 3 p. m. for the
purpose of nominating a candidate
for congress and two delegates to tho
national Republican convention. Tho
convention will consist of 122 dele
gates to bo chosen by the sovornl
ciMiiitius, K3 lumms;
LakO 3
Lincoln 3
Linn 10
Marlon 10
Polk 8
Tillamook 3
Washington ....11
"Yamhill 0
Benton 5
Cosf 4
Curry 2
Clackamas ....12
Josephine .... 4
Jnckson 7
Douglas 0
Klamath 2
Lane 11
Tho same bcliur one delegate at
large for each county,and one for each
200 votes, or frnctlon over one-half
thereof, cast for the Republican gov
ernor at tho election hold Juno 4, 1801.
Tho commltto recommends that tho
primaries and county conventions bo
held in accordance with tho recom
mendation of tho stato central com-
Thos. II. Tongue, President.
J. A. Wilson, Secretary.
Catarrh in the Head.
Is due to impure blood ard cannot be cured
with local application. Hood's Sarsaparilla
has cured hundreds of cases of catarrh be
cause it purifies the blood and la this way re
moves tho cnuso oi the disease. Mt also builds
up the system and prevents attaoks of pneu
monia, dsphtheria and typhoid fever.
Hood's Pills become the favorites cathartic
with every one who tries them. 35 ets,
When Baby was alclc, wo gave her Castorla,
When she was a Child, she cried for Castorla,
When tho became Miss, alio clung; to Castorla,
Wnsa she bad Children, she gars them Castes.
Almost p
IIEfla til I. k
for Infants and Children.
OTHERS, Do You Know i inc
llateiuan'a Drops, Godfrey's Cordial, many so-called Boothliiff Byrnes, aud
most remedies for children are composed of opium or morphine?
io Vow Ktiow that opium and morphine arc stupefying narcotic poisons?
Tin Von Know that In most countries JruggUta are not permitted to scU narcotics
without labeling tliciu poisons?
Io Vots Know that you should not permit nny medicine to bo tfven your child
unless you or your physician know of what it is composed?
Wo Vots Know Hint Castorla Is n purely vegetable preparation, nud that a list of
U Ingredients Is published with every bottle ?
too V011 Know that Castorla Is the prescription of the famous Dr. Samuel pitcher
That it has been lu use for nearly thirty years, aud that more Castorla Is now sold thirn
ofnll other remedies for children combined ?
Bo You Know that the rnleut Office Department of the United States, and of
other countries, have Issued exclusive right to Dr. rttcher and his nutans to use the word
" Castorla " and Us formula, aud that to Imitate them Is n state prison oflense?
too Voti Know that one of the reasons for granting: this government protection
' was because Castorla had been proven to be absolutely Iiartulcas7
no Vots Know that 33 average doses of Castorla are furnished for 3J
, M5itB,oroneceutndoje?
too Voti Know that when possessed of this perfect preparation, yourchlldren may
be kept well, nnd that you may have unbroken rest ?
Mfcll, tlicwe ;liig are worth knowing. They are facts.
VI10 fhc-
treof C&l&ffi&cjfiM
f ott every
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla.
Service an&'ISccnery Unequalled
Ti'vouyh JPalaco and Tourist Cars
nininy and Buffet Library Cars
Trains leave Portland and Seattle daily for the East.
Tickets, reservations and baggage checked to all points.
For comfort in travel take the Great Northern.
R. -C. STEVENS. G. W. P. A., Seattle, Wash.
A. Ji. C. DENN1STON. C. P. & T. A., PoitlandOi.
Will receive children from 3 years upward
Special attention to beginners. All desired
branches for theolder puplla taught, includ
ing drawing, modeling, music plain and ar
tistic tieedle work. All work done an the in
dividual plan, in which each child is ad
vanced according to its own capacity. l'or
terms and particulars apply to Miss O. Hal
lou. Twentieth and Chemekcta sts.
German Lessons
Given by a qualified teacher, a native
of (Jermnny. Classes for children on
Satirday nt Charming Hall,
Mrs. Itapscy. 454 Marion St
Given on reasonable terms by an experienced
teacher. W. A. KAPSEY,
4C4 Marlon st
iti n M &
Hun.HMMfw ! I I
2 Popular Magazines
for am mm,
V - r -7 1
-vy;.' J
DID YOU EVER suffer from roal cer
vousnoss? When every nervoceemod
to quiver with a peculiar, crscpy
fcellnc, first In ouo placo, and tbcu another
tnd all seemed finally to couccmrruo in a
writhing jumblo in tho brain, and you be
come Irritable, fretful aud jcovlshi to bo
followed by an Impotent, weakened condi
tion of tho nenro centers. rln;tdi; In the
ears, and sleepless, miserable ulchts ?
rr MHac' Jlrs- Euyeca Beatles,
Hi, i'luca 11rt cimnnl,in t.. rik.
bart, Ind., says: "h'er
votu troubles bad mads
rao nearly lnsana and
TlooltVi pnywcians were "
nCaiin..o. to help me. My memory
was almost gone and overy little thine
vorrled mo untL I waj almost distracted.
I really feared i was becoming a maniac I
Imagined all sorts of ovll thine and would
cry over nothing. I commenced taking Dr.
Mllos Itestoratlvo Nervine and four bottle
of tbU wonderful remedy completely cured
me. and I am as well now as 1 over was."
Dr. lilies Nervlno Is sold on guarantee,
fcttbottlowlU benefit or nWMJ xttwMU
lai stains emdl Month t Original WaUr Color
P?iSuDleel 128 Quarto 1'ages of Keadlng
&si UflOO New slnd Mlih-chus Jtr.
iJ5.itMort Uterary MatUr and lllustra
KoSs ua Jny olhr Majaslno In Aswrlc
Bobs H0"35etl,$3ye,r.
Frtii Leslie's Pleasant Hiurs
A 11 rlcbt. "Wholesome. Juvenile Monthly,
ruiin Uttstrnted. The best writers for yonnr
SoDio wntributo to It. 10 cts. 91 a yesr.
i?. .1s T ...11'c IW.nlar XfnntMv and
JOUKhAL Icih forcncyear.for
1 1 Iiank 1 u ln's Pleasant Hour
1 , jsand The Jtuirsl.boih for one
ic U 80.
dwteH htetlly the Best dub Qffws
for i.wWt$trat4dlTtivmU.iyt,
Volume CXXXII begins January, 1896
During i8o6Godey's Magazines will contain!
Valuable hints about various branches of
industry which nrc open to women, by women
who have succeeded in them.
Discussions of musical subjects or people.
Illustrated each month with portrait, auto.
gi spin, and one or more pages ol musio. This
munlc alone will make a valuable collection
lids series of articles Is a unique feature
among monthly magazines. The papers are
ntierestinn to an renders, anil are ni positive
value to those who play or sing.
Illustrated Articles upon the bet and newest
plays and the foremost actors, particularly
the best American productions, These are
much more than gossip of players. They are
entertaining dlsscusslons of the dramas that
are talkrd about. Such treatment is not
found in any other magazine
The Magazine will be well and thoroughly
Illustrated from cover to cover Competent
artslts and improved methods of making and
printing the plates will be employed,
The coverslare dlfferentevery month. They
are designed by popular artists, and the covers
for a year will be valuable'as an urt collection
in themselves,
which for years has given the latest fads
fashions, Is of particular interest to womc .
Godey.s Is a macatine of this country and
of to-day. It Is a family magazine, with a
larger scope man itnauas tne "utoy's uook"
It is monthly feast of wholesome, interesting
reading, lit lor every memuej ol the House
hold. In addition to the features mentioned sbovr
each number will contain a liberal amount ol
fiction, by the best writers, articles on subjects
of general Interest, book reviows, etc., etc.
SubscridlionB, J.oo a year.
send ten cent for a lamnle copy. None free.
5 Lafayette Place, New York .
To Our Subscribers,
We take subscriptions, at a club rale, to all
the Magazines in the country, in connection
with the Capital Journal.
Among tho higher priced nnd well edited
publicattoni Is the New England Msgxlne,
which, with all the features of general Int
erest of the other great illustrated monthlies,
has. besides. Its own specially In which II Is
unrivalled. As Its name Implies, this is the
art, history and literature of New England,
To those of New England birth or origins
therefore, it is especially welcome, and a vcar's
subscription makes a perfect present, what
ever else you yourself take, you want n
New England Magazine. J3 per year. Club,
bed with this papfr.J2.40. Sample free.
Publishers. Ilotton.
Take Your Wife
one of thoss handsome Poxioki Perr Boxes.
Thty arg-lvnfrM with each box of powder.
Iocs not tit) n lottery business to swell
Its circulation; but In addition to
Blvlng value received, It gives Its sub
scribers valuable premiums.
Now Is tlio time to order your read-
4.HB matter, and It will pay you to no
tice tbo following special offers.
Any ono of tbo following llvo peri
odicals free, 0110 year, to any sub
scriber of THE JOURNAL who pays
ijt.no In ndvunco for the dally, by car
rier, thrco motiths, (CO cents 11 month)
or by mnll six months, (2oc a month)
or the weekly 18 months, ($1 11 year.
Pi Of
tlio best 10 page
magazine or iNc
Illustrated Sfashlon
ow York free for ono
year. Tlio abovo prices aro not casn,
nnd the cheapest combination ever of
fered. Tlio "Queen" is n high-class
pructlcal, home magazine.
The Cli Garden.'
0TI10 delightful Chicago children's
magazine. Just the thing to read to
tho llttlo ones of tho home circle It
brings tho kindergarten into tho
home, gong, games and story, Beau
tifully Illustrated, $1 a year, Pub
lished by tho Kindergarten Literature
A pructlcal farm paper, edited by a
staff of experienced agricultural
writers, contributed to by tho best
known agriculturists of tho country.
It contains what tlio farmor wants. 1 1
II II ! "
A handsomo, attrnctlvo, homo pa
per, to which overy woman will glvo
it hearty welcome, rrn CD
That great national uowgpupcr,
which Is known to everybody-
I isH
Of any of theso publications can be
had by calling at THE JOURNAL
olllco or dropping us it postal can, "
Any two of tho above Sperlodlcals
can honoured by paying $3 and tak
ing THK JOURNAL twice as long as
required to secure one.
."WhpmJLho extremely low prlco of
THE JOURNAL Isrconsldercd, this
will bo found the most liberal offer
made by any paper qii,Mio coast".
I I j jjl
Salbrn, - C)VeKon
5 -
l jj 2 E V!!
Jssm fllk4 W
''4 ', !
'ffiW ssrl"
. L . M m. iM-JU&-1

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