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New Blood
And 11 fo havo been given mo by Hood's
I' HnrsAcarlllA. la placo of Impurities, die
ordered stouiaoh and catarrh. I regard
Hood's Sarsaparilla
a most excellent tonlo and heartily com
mend It to all." J. W. Johnson, City
r tloit. O .l'e-dalo. Washlneton.
Hood's Pills SSffJSKr"
There is unquestionably a growing
sentiment in fuvor of the election of
United States senators by n direct
vote of the people, nnd tlie reasons for
It arc not hard to find. Tlio senate
itself furnishes nearly all of the argu
ments and Influences by which the
desire for such a change Is being
strengthened and extended. It was
the original design that this select
and august body should be n conserva
tive forco to check the excesses of the
li.uisf nnd iustiic a temperate and
prudent adjustment of all controver
ilev. .iiid for a longtime itt.ervcd that
puipoclti a beneficial and satlsfac
tmj aj. But of Into years, it lias
become a (-outre of embarrassment
and of mischief instead of a protection
R against that sort of thing. The
V country has ceased to look to It for
the wisdom which it is supposed to
, represent. It is no longer reliable in
point of capable and patriotic de
votion to the best Interests of the rc-
t. public. There Isn leaven ofdema-
Pgogucryin it that leavens the whole
V lump, und Its course upon questions
Irof the highest importance Is character-
Sized by tho very folly and extravag
ance which It was Intended to curb
and defeat. It stands in the way of
needed legislation, and makes itself
(obnoxious by persistent trifling with
"tho public interests.
Tho people are very tired of this
constant abuse of legislative author
ity, nnd wrv nnvlnnc tn nut. n stnn to
P .-, .-. . .- -,
TJ t.. m ft.i.. .ii. i i l
ii. xussiuiy inu pruxrubcu uiiuuk" in
P Mia mnt.lin1 nf nlniHnn wnnlrl nnt. nc-
complish tho desired improvement,
but the Impression widely prevails
that the experiment Is worth trying,
! at any rate. Tliero Is a feeling that If
the men who seek election to the sen
ate wero required to submit their
claims directly to tho voters of a state,
it would tend tp increase tho chauccs
ii of superior over Inferior candidates,
and to establish a better seuso of
responsibility on the part of those
I' securing such places. It Is true that
I there nre certain forclblo objections to
tho change from a theoretical point of
i- view, but public sentiment docs not
care much for theory when the ques
tion of practical advantage Is to be
considered. So many men have ob-
I talned seats In tho senate who could
P ,... , ,-.,,... In-
t, iiul iudu uvuu uii'uicu uy u jiuimnu
vote that It Is easy to believe that tho
: trouble lies In tho opportunity which
the present method affords for trlck-
'. ery and corruption to beat honest
; merit. Tho matter Is not ono to be
R decided In an lmpulslvo way or under
pressure of special causes of dissatis
faction; but it Is n proper ono to be
v discussed In all of Its aspects, and
there are unmistakablo indications
sthat the Idea of election by a direct
vote is gaining ground rapidly In all
; parts of the country and among all
classes of tho people. St. Louis
; Globe-Democrat (Rep.).
A simultaneous international cen
sus Is to be taken of tho whole clvl
; lized world In 1000,
rSNCR MORE In harmony
I iv n UD
v.llli Ilia world. 9000
romnleleljr cured men aro
a&VPT pnuaes jr
est ana jnor, suc
ccrul euro for sex
ual weakness and
last vigor known to
medical science. An
aocountnf this won
derful discovery, ta
boet: form , with ref
erence and Proof,
will be sent to iuX-
A Ilcpubllcnn convention for tho
state of Oregon Is called to meet In
the city of Tort land, on Thursday,
April", 18W1, at 11 o'clock n. in., for
the purpose of nominating candidate
for tho prcsldental electors nnd state
and district olllccs, except congress-j
men, and of electing four dclcgatcs-nt
luge to tho llcpumicau national con
vention, and to transact such other
business as may properly come liefnrc
t'ae convention. The convention will
consist of 2U7 delegates chosen by tho
several counties as follews:
Multnomah is
l'olk 8
Sherman t
Tillamook !
Umatilla (
Union 8
Wallowa 3
Wasco 7
Washington ....11
Yamhill U
Baker ft Lane 10
Benton G Linn 10
Clackamas,... 12 Lincoln .'I
Clatsop 7 iMalhcur .'I
Columbia Marion II)
Coos 4 Morrow. '!
Crook a
Curry 2
Douglas 0
Gllllain 3
Grant '
Harney 2
Jackson 7
Josephine 4
Klamath 2
Lake 3
Tho satno being one delegate-nt-large
from each county and one dele
gate for ovcry 200 votes and for every
fraction over one-half thereof cast for
the Republican cnndiilate for governor
at the election held In this state on
June 4, 1891.
The committee rcccomends that the
primaries be held on Saturday, March
21, and the county conventlonson Sat
urday, March 28, 181)0, unless other
wise ordered by the proper county
All voters In favor of tho Republi
can principle of protection to Ameri
can Industries and American labor
the upbuilding of a home maiket.a
sound llnanclal policy and a patriotic
enforcement of tho Monroe doctrl no
arc cordiallV Invited to unite with us.
(Jnoitan a. Sthfa,
William Kapus, Chairman.
Portland, Or., Fob. IS, 189(1
A Republican convention for the
llrst, congressional district, of tho
fitate of Oregon, Is hereby called to
meet liituccityoi Aiuany op Tues
day, April", 1890, at 3 p.m. for the
purpoie of nominating a candidate
for congress and two delegates to the
national Republican convention. Tho
convention will consist of 122 dele
gates to be chosen by the several
counties, as follews:
Benton ft
Coos 4
Curry 2
Josephine .... 4
Jackson 7
Douglas 9
Klamath 2
Lane 11
The same being
Lake 3
Lincoln , 3
Linn 10
Marlon 19
Polk 8
Tillamook 3
Washington ....11
Yamhill 9
one delegate at
lnmft for each countv.and one for each
200 votes, or fraction over one-half
thereof, cast for tho Republican gov
ernor at tho election held Juno 4, 1894.
Tho commlttc recommends that the
prlmurles and county conventions bo
held In accordanco with the recom
mendation of tho state central coin
nil tteo
Taos. II. Toncjuk, President.
J. A. Wilson, Secretary.
Deafness Cannot be Cured,
by local applications, as they cannot
rnnrh Mm rlWnRnd nortlnns Of tllQ car.
There Is only ono way to cure deaf
ness, ana mac is oy consuiuuonai
remedies. Deafness Is caused by an
inflamed condition of tho mucous
lining of tho Eustachian tube. When
this tube gets inflamed you have a
rumbling sound or imperfect hearing,
nnd wlmn If. la nnt I roll r'lfivd (It'll f.
ness Is the result, and unless tho In
flammation can no taKcn our, ana uns
tubo restored to Its normal condition,
hearing will bo destroyed forover;
nino cases out of ten aro caused by
pntnrrh tvhlr.h Is nothing but an in-
llamed condition of the mucous sur
Wo will give One Hundred Dollars
for any case of deafness (caused by
catarrh) that cannot bo cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for cir
culars, free.
F.J. Chenney &Co., Toledo. Q.
CTSold by Druggists, 75 cents.
Democratic Primaries.
Notice Is hereby given that tho
Democratic primaries will bo held In
tho llvo city precincts of Salem on
Saturday, March 7, 1890.
Polls will bo open from 1 to 4 p. in.
at tho following places:
Salem No. 1. Upstairs In North
Salem engine house.
Salem No. 2. Spraguo's blacksmith
Salem No. 3. In tho armory.
Salem No. 4. Westacott'a stables.
Prospect. At the power house.
Tho following are hereby appointed
to act as Judges at said primaries:
Salem No. 1. John Oniy, Dr. W. S.
Mott. D. F. "Wagner.
Salem No. 2. A. A. Miller, W. J.
Polly, James Walton.
Salem No, 3.-Joo Bumgardner,
Chas. Craven, W. Miller.
Salem No, 4.-R, II, Westacott, T,
B. Walt, A. I, "Wagner.
W. II. Downing
dwtd F. N. Derby, Chairman
Hood's is Wonderful.
No less wonderful are tho cures ac
complished by Hood's Sarsaparllla,
even after other preparations and
physicians' prescriptions have failed.
Tho reason, however. Is slmplo.
Whon the blood is enriched and puri
fied, disease disappears and good
health returns, and Hood's Sarsapji
rllla is the one true blood pnrlfler.
Hood's pills are prompt and efficient
and do not purge, pain or gripe,
25 cents.
Phenomenal Demand for a
Weekly Newspaper,
Characteristic Letters From All
Kinds of People,
Tho phenomenal circulation or the
Wkkkiy Capitai, .Iouhnal In all tho
postoulccs of Western Oregon causes
a great deal ot comment, and needs
some explanation. Orders keep iKitir
Ing In by every mall, and while names
are struck off the list as soon as a sub
scription expires tho additions sur
pass the expirations.
Weekly In tho state. Ono year $1.00.
six months 50 cents, three mouths 2
cents. At this low iirleo all can afford
to take, an Oregon Weekly, and these
hard times they naturally take tho
cheapest. It Is too cheap to do with
out It, and conducted on the cash In
advance basis, they know they will
not have a bill run on them.
Tho people will not pay cash In ad
vanco for a paper unless they want It
and appreciate It. Tub Weekly is
as popular as Tub One Cent Daily
which Is conceded to bo tho most pop
ular dally In Western Oregon. A man
brought in a silver half dollar the
other day and ordered It for two
months. He said: "I can't get work
this winter. I can got along without
one meal a day. But I can't get along
without Tub One Cent Daily.
Theso long, cloudy, rainy, winter days
It comes a welcome messengor tocheer
the whole family." Tho people feel
the same way about the Weekly.
comes a chccringlettor from a subscri
ber at Netarts. Orccon wlio encloses a
dollar and writes:
"Deak EDiTeita: Tub Jouhnal
has the true Republican ring about it.
I wish that every paper In tho coun
try would advocate the neonlcs causo
as The Jouunal docs. I will do all
I can for The Journal
A Republican of tho school of Abra
ham Lincoln."
Mr. O'llara is not afraid to slcn
himself an Abraham Lincoln Republi
can and Tun Journal feels proud to
bo considered a champion of Abraham
ijiiicoin Kcpuoucanism.
Como orders for Tub $1 Weekly
Journal. Silver dollars aro sent.
John Holm, Lullng, Texas, sends us
a Dig uouar or tuo uauuy in a com
mon envelope. It Is ono of those "In
God WcTniBt." dollars, coined In 1893,
good enough for any American, and
good enough for any nowspaper. The
Journal Is the only silver Dally and
Weekly In Oregon. The Journal Is
the only Dally and Weekly In Oregon
that fights the whole gold bond hum
butr and stands for tho right of tho
American people to buy their bonds. It
demands Republican legislation for
tho American pcoplo Instead of for
tho corporation, tuo trusts, tuo bond
holders nnd syndicates.
Clrculato tho Daily and Weekly.
Stand by the causo of good goverment
for tho masses and sound American
principles. Wo will pay extra postago
on silver. Don't send stamps.
Two Lives Saved.
Mrs. Plioubo Thomas, of Junction
City, 111., was told by her doctors sho
had Consumption and that tliero was
no hope for her, but two bottles of Dr.
King's New Discovery completely
cured her and she says It saved her
life. Mr.Thos. Eggcis, 130 Florida
street. San Pranclsco, suffered from a
dreadful cold, approaching consump
tion, tried without result everything
else then bought ono bottle of Dr.
King's New Discovery and In two
weeks was cured. Ilo is naturally
thankful. It Is such results, of which
theso are samples, that provo tho
wondorful clllcacy of this medicine in
Coughs and Colds. Free trial bottles
at Fred P. Lcgg's drugstore. Regular
Ministers Should Use
Dr. Miles' Heart Cure.
ferintf men (sealed) free. Full manly visor
Petm&nentlr restored. .Failure- imjxtfsiMe.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Cattorla.
labon soMvercly tax tbo oervou4yo
tcm, as that of tho ministry. Tliu de
rangement of tho nerve centon of the bralu
bj over work froquoutly brluja otiuttaolt
ot heart trouble, 'and nervoua pwtmilon.
Iter. J. r.Keater, M. I)., I'ati.r U. .
church, toudon Mills. Ills., JilnuoU a physi
cian, write Fob. M, 1KB: "Heart uffertlon
and nervoua prostration had Iwunio t
sorlou lut fall that a llttlo over xurk It.
tho pulpit would to completely prwtrato wo
rxr IvrilAc' tl'at lt Komed ce.-tala I
VI lUUCS inustrelliKjuUh tho wL
Heart Cure of to witrr .irc.
wulu UH Heart palpitation Waxc
ReStOreS bad tlw.t my auJlior
,. would ask la If I (IJ.1 noi
lieUlu"" have hwt dlcaie. I.a.t
November I co:ometiced uUu;; Ir. Ullc'
Now Heart Cure alternately with Dr. Kttbt'
Norvlne and derived the jrcutuu poMlole
benefit. I have Jut eloted rot lv-l vork of
10 wceVs, preaching coarly every wlskt and
twice oa the Babbath. loan speak for hours
without suffering as I formerly did. Hard
working ministers should keep Dr. Miles'
grand remedies on band."
Dr. Miles' Heart Cure Is sold on gnarantee,
tttbottlo will benefit or rooner refunded.
itE&i ii i h
for Infants nd Children.
HIltTli years' otnarcntltm of Castor! ltk ih yata-oasn ef
mlllloai of yor.QH., permit rts o speitk of It wlifcsmt sjes.iws;.
It Is mHiHttIoAlr ths) Tio.t romody tor Iafawts bA Children
tfcn worI& fcsm vr ItBorm. It Is harmless. Chlldrow lllto It. It
sjlvcs them liealth. It trill savo their lives. In lt Mathers 1iav
somsthlHg trliloh Is silisolatelr safo and uraotlonlly yerfeot s sv
chilli's Mtedlolae.
Cnsterla do.troys orim.
Costerla allays !Tovorl.hMen.
Castorla prevcats vomiting Soar Card.
Castor! onros Plnrrhcna and Wind Collo.
Castorla relloves Tcnthtng Tronhlos.
Castorla oaros CoMsUpatlon hhA Katalcncy.
Castorla stantrallses tho ogoots of carbonic acid ros or ynlaoaoaa.nlr,
Castorla doew aot oontnln morphine, oplnm, or other aarcotlc yroyer ty.
Castorla nsstmllatos tho food, rcgnlatos tho stomach and TopoIb,
giving healthy and natnral sloep.
Castorla Is pat sp In QBoaleo Lotties only. It In not sold la Tmllr.
Don't allov, nay quo q soil yon anything olso on the plea or promise)
that it Is "Jtttt as Reed" and "-will ansvrer ovary paryoif."
See that yon pet C-A-8-TQR-IA.
or mi i "j
I "I
The fao-shnilo
etgnatnre of
Is on every
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla.
JE& II 111' an ROUTE.
Service and Scenery Unequalled
Trrouyh Palace and lonrlst Cars
Dlnlnff and liaffet Library Cam
Trains leave Portland and Seattle dally (or the East.
Tickets, reservations and baggage checked to all points.
For comfort In travel takc.the Great Northern.
R. C. STEVENS, G. W. P. A., Seaille, Wash.
A. D. C. DENN1STON. C. P. & T. A., Portland.'Oi.
Through Tickets
Union Pacific System.
Through Pullman Palace Sleepers. Tourls
Sleepers and Free Reclining Chairs dally
Our trains are heated by steam and .r
lighted by Pintsch light.
Time to Chicago, 3 I -2 days
Time to New York. 4 1-2 days.
Which Is many hours quicker than com
petitors. For rates, time tables and full Inform ton
apply to
110ISE 0 HAriKEIt,
Agents, Salem, Oi.
General Agent, Dist. Pass. Agent
13S Third Street. Portland.
Eastern R. R. Company
Connecting at Yaaulna Day with the Kan
Francisco & Yaqulna llay Steamship Co.
a 1 and first-class In every respect. Sails
from Yaqulna for ban 1'ranclsco about every
8 days.
Passenger accommodations unsurpassed,
Shortest route between the Willamette valley
and California.
Fare from Albany or polntt west to Han
Francisco; Cabin, (12; steerage, fit; cabi
round trip, good 60 days, Si 8.
For sailing dates apply to
II. jJ.WAI.DEN. Agent,
Albany, Or.
CHAS. CLARK. Corvllis, Or.
EDWIN 8TONE, Manager, Ccrvallls, Or,
A, J, CHURCHILL, Local Agent, Salem.
JPfc CbfekatU
Jlt QA
l Mr.
r. KasUtli Wihn HmA
up Tti'Ht rUW. V"'" ",1
m iMlsdlllaUHnHM
musm (W jrm. im
pjmmc mM,
Pullman Sleeping Cars,
Elegant Dinln Cars.
Tourist Sleeping Caro
To St. Paul, Minneapolis, Dulutli, Pargo,
Grand Forks, Crooks ton, Winnipeg,
Helena and Ilutte.
To Chicago, Washington, Philadelphia, New
York, lloston, and all Points
East an'l South
For Information, time cards, maps und
tickets, call on or write
265 Commercial srreet, Salem, Or.
A. D. Charlton, Asst. Gen'l, Pass. Act.,
Morrison St.. corner Third Portland, Or,
0. R. k N. CO.
OF ,
Two Transcontinental
Via Spokane Minneapolis St Paul and Den.
vtr Omaha and Kansas Ciiy. -at rales to
eastern cities.
Portland - San Fjaucisco,
Steamers leave Ainsworth dock. Portland,
Feb. 7th, 12th, 17th, 22d 27th, and March
29th atop m.
Fare Cabin, $5: steerage, $2.50.
Portland Eugene.
Steamers Elmore and Kuih leave Sitlem
for Eugene and Corvallls Saturdays, Sundays j
Tuesdays and Thursdays at about 5 p. ui.
Leave for Portland Monda)s, Tuesday,
innrsuays anil naiuruays at o a. rn.
Lowest freight and pasunger rates.
Kound-trip tickets vero cheap.
Tickets sold and baggage checked through
to all points without extra transfer charges,
For full details call on Holio & Darker,
agents, Salem, Oregon, or address.
(ien'l Pas, Agt. Portland, Or,
For full details call on or address
Foot of Tradest, Local Agent
Have You Seen
the new Pozxoni Pvrr H01T H is glrsn
free with eseh box of Powder. Ask for it.
docs nut do a lottery buslncaa to swell
its clrctilntloni but In nddltlon to
glvliiK vnluo iccolvctl, It glvcq Its sub
Rcrlbcra vahmblc prciultun.
Now Is tlio thno to order your rend
Iiir ninltcr, nnd It will pay you to no
tice tlio following special offers.
Any ono of tlio following live peri
odicals free, ono year, to nny suIk
scrlborof TIIK JOUUNAL who pays
$l.f)0 In ndvanco for tlio dally, by car
rier, thrco niontlis, (50 cents a month)
or by mull six months, (25o n month)
or tho weekly 18 months, ($1 a year.
n of
tho best 10 pago Illustrated fashion
magii7.lno ot IJow York freo for ono
year. Tho iibovo prices aro net cash,
nnd tho cheapest combination over of
fered. The "Queen" Is a hlgh-clais
pi net leal, hninc mngazlne.
i Garden.'
Tlio delightful Chicago children's
magazine. Just the thing to rend to
tho llttlo ones of tho homo circle. It
brings tho kindergarten Into tho
home. Song, games nnd story, llenu-
tlfully Illustrated, $1 a year, ruli-
llshed by tlio Kindergarten Literature
1 Fffll I
A practical farm paper, edited by n.
stnff of experienced ugrlculturnl
writers, contributed to by tho best
known agriculturists of the country.
It contains whnt tho farmer wants. J
" i II !
A haiidsomo, attractive, homo pa
por, to which ovory woman will glvo
n hearty welcome
That greut national nowspaper,
which Is known to everybody-
Of any of theso publications can lie
had by calling at THE JOURNAL
otllco or dropping us it postal card.
Any two of tho above periodicals
can lw secured by paying $.'! and tak
ing Till? JOUHNAL twice as long as
required to Bcctiro one.
When tho extremely low price of
TUT? JOUUNAL Is considered, tlibj
will lw found tho most liberal offer
mado by any paper on tho coast.
our ins
Slem, - Oregon
-XjJm h-'
-y, . -, ---. - HI
Tt sssi Js " -
SSlkSBStkaSB.sSsL . . . .
BSjSt- . .- -
. h;vs

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