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VOL.. H.
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iese hard times ?"
"Why, my dea
lem every day and
ice learned that anything neat and new
the shoe line can be
raussb Bros.
No Trouble to Show You
at dwaf e, Tinware, Barbed Wire
Blacksmith Supplies, Stoves and Machinery at
famine our large and complete
Al i ror at Kisiioio'
of the Willamette Oniversify.
(odcrn methods. Up to date. Same as In the eastern and European CoiTervatories
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H W. C.
ioodale Liimbr Cempany:
larda on Twelfth
Kcop tlie-inostlcomplotC'Stock of common, dimension and flnishcdllutnbor
ilio city, and 6cll on tho most favorable
)ar stock Is mado at our own mills,
he Willamette Hotel,
! Reuucea rates. Manacement hncral. Electric caw leave ho.el lor all public building
points of interest. Special rate will be given
.in i, .Mim
Stable on Jones Hill.
t equipment for all kinds of heavy drayinc
ft Drug Store at all times,
1 horse nstl. .SitUhsuon caiMntceJ.
"275 Commercial st.
How is it that you
are now getting in so
many nice goods in
sir, we are selling
the trade have long
found at
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HAWLEY. President
k. A iikkuauc vocai uirecior
EMIL L. WINKLER, Iiutrumental Director.
and Trade Streets j
terms. Lath and Shlnglos,
of thebest lumber In'tho.state.
to permanent patrons.
n. .1 ... i ii" 1 -
Truck Co.
So. Commercial,
and express hauling; Teams found ar Red
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Stabld luckjol. State Insurance block
Spanish Minister .Scored in
the Senate,
Tho Cubans Have Great Sympathy
In the Senate.
Washington, March 11. The
crowds which illlcd tho senate gal
lerlcs yesterday In anticipation of an
exciting Cuban debate were not dis
appointed. Two new phases of the
subject made their appearance, and
each afforded u debate which aroused
senutors and spectators to a high
state of Interest and excitement.
Lodge robe to a question of personal
privilege, and in vigorous words re
buked the Spanish minister, Scnor do
Lome, for ills recent criticisms of
senators. Teller added his opinion
that a repetition of the minister's
action should bo followed by his dis
missal. Gray held that wmatorlal
privileges and prerogatives should not
be strained toclosotho mouth of the
Spanish minister. Lodge did not
press for any definite action.
Tho incident was hardly closed
when the subject came up in another
form. Hoar had asked that his reso
lution postponing tho entire Cuban
subject until April 0, go over until
today. This aroused Sherman to
an energetic and feeling protest, He
declared that Hoar's resolution was a
retlectlon on tho commlttceon foreign
relations, and was an ctTort to slielvo
tho Cuban resolutions after weeks of
discussion and overwhelming votes In
both houses. Tho two venerable sen
ators, Sherman and Hoar, engaged In
a vigorous colloquy.
Morgan and other senators wero
drawn into tho personal conflict, and
for half an hour It waged, sometimes
with deep earnestness, but more often
with amusement eaubed by the energy
of tho white-haired participants.
Sherman finally withdrew his objec
tion, and Hoar's resolution went over,
but not before Hoar had made a brief
but telling speech against what he
termed tho meddling policy of con
gress In foreign questions.
Teller said tho rule was unvarying
against communications by a foreign
minister except through tho state de
partment. Twice had a foreign min
ister been sent homo for statements
otlcss importance than this.
"But considering tho circum
stances," added Teller, "had I been
in authority I would not sent him
homo for this offense, but I would
have had the secretary of state In a
most kindly way suggest thatrepltl
tlon of tho offense would lead to his
going homo."
There was no probability that Spain
would dissent In an offensive way to
tho passage of tho pending resolutions
Teller said Spain know wo had a right
to recognize tho belligerents. Spain
would naturally show some feeling,
but sho would not go to war. There
was a ripple of applause, which tho
vice-president checked, when Teller
referred to his sympathy with tho
"I would bo delighted," said lie, "to
hear that Havana had passed into the
hands of the Insurgents. I would bo
delighted If the insurgents had run
tho Spanish soldiers Into tho sea."
But, the senator added, ho felt no
irritation over the student ebullitions
In Spain. In conclusion Teller rigor
ously asserted that tho American
! people would not tolerate any dlc
' tation or criticism from foreign repre-
' Bentatlves accredited here.
, Chandler also thought tho Spanish
' minister had been guilty of an Im
propriety, nis references,6a!d Chand
ler, "were offensive,"
"I desire to say," Interposed Mor
gan, "that tho Spanish minister mis
quotes whnt I said on the floor of tho
"That illustrates the point I desire
to make," continued Chandler, pro
ceeding to quote .Honor do Lome's
references to ourjvar of tho rebellion.
It was uhsecmly lie said, for thoSpan
Islt minister to have written such n
communication. It could not bo
countenanced. Continuing, Chandler
expressed tho opinion that there was
entirely too mnch of an attempt at
outside Interference or advice.
The Tranavaall lflllbusterers.
London, March Ml. There was a
large crowd . about) the Bow-street
police court yestcway, the occasion
being tho formal arraignment of Dr.
LeanderS. JamcsohVand ids fellows
chargsd with vlolaVfhg the foreign
enlistment act, paafcd in 1870, "to
regulate tho conductiof her majesty's
subjects during the existence of hos
tilities between foreign states, with
which her majesty Is at peace."
Tho Transvaal Mlllbusters were
loudly cheered whenever recognized,
and there was hearty applause for
"Joe" Chamberlain, i
Newspaper representatives were
present by the score from many parts
of tho world. In tho ludlence were
the Duko of Abercorn,! chairman of
tho British Chartered South African
Company; Earl nnd Lady Coventry
and other people of equal importance,
and had it not been for tho stern de
meanor of tho chief justlco a popular
demonstration would have occurcd at
tho opening of court. Tho array of
counsel on both sides is formidable.
Sir John Bridge, chief magistrate,
presided. Sir Rlclmrd Webster opened
for tho crown. Ho dwelt in forcible
language upon the gruvlty of tho
charge against the prisoners, contend
ing that tho Sonth African republic
was a friendly stato within the mean
ing of the foreign enlistment act, audi
holding that Bechuanalaud, whence
most of Jameson's troops came, was
undoubtedly a part of the British
Sir Bichard reviewed tho circum
stances of tho notorious raid, and
mentioned a speech which Col It.
Grey madoto tho Bechuanalaud po
lice at Mafcklng, in which ho said:
"I cannot toll you that wo nrc
going by tho queen's orders, but you
are going to light for tho supremacy of
tho British flag in South Africa."
Tho address of Sir Richard Webster
was listened to with great interest.
The Iowa Convention.
1)E8 Moines, March 11. Tho Re
publican state convention met at 11
o'clock today. Congressman Dollvcr
was elected temporary chairman. The
address was frequently Interrupted by
applause, which became tremendous
at every allusion to Allison. Four
thousand people wero present. Tho
convention was tlio most enthusiastic
in tho history of the state. Tho plat
form will bo for sound money and
Conspirators Indicted.
New Yortic, March 11. General
Callxto Garcia, Captain Samuel
Hughes, John I). Hart, Captain John
Brabyson, Bernard K. Bueno and
BenJ. J. Guerrera, of the Bermuda
expedition, were today Indicted by
tho federal grand Jury for taking part
In an armed expedition contrary to
the ncutralltyslaws.
Blizzard in Indiana.
South Bend, Ind., March 11. The
snow storm which began here a few
days ago turned Into a blizzard this
morning. Nearly a foot of snow has
fallen, and It Is still snowing very
Anti-Option Dill Killed.
Washington, March 11. The house
committee on agriculture, by a vote
of nino to six, decided to lay upon the
table tho anti-option (Hatch's) bill.
Tills practically kills the measure for
this congress.
New Citizen. Felix Musy, of Sll
verton, today took out his papers de
claring Ills allegiance to our government.
Endorse McKinley and De
nounce Cleveland,
Two Ronublicans and Ono Domo
cratic Legislator Unseated,
Coi.umuus, Ohio. March 11. The
Grand Opera house was unablo again
today to give admission to more than
half of those holding tickets. Some
delegates to the Republican state con
vention oven were crowded out.
Senator-elect Foraker was mado
permanent chairman. The platform
declares strongly for protection and
rielproclty,and denounces the present
Democratic administration as the
most destructive and ritaistmiw In
tho history of our country. It has
not only disappointed the expecta
tions of tho country, but Justly for
feited tho conlldencoand support of
Us own party.
Last evening Senator Foraker paid
a glowing tribute to Major MclClulcv
as n neighbor, as a citizen, nsusoldlor,
us a member of congress, as a f minor
or tho McKinley tarlt bill, and "tho
foremost advocate of tho protective
tariff," as governor of. Ohio, and
finally, as the "ideal American states
man, the typical American leader and
tho veritable American Idol." In
conclusion, Senator Forakor declared
that other states wero calling upon
Ohio's sou to accept the highest honor,,
at tho nation's gift, nnd that Ohio
could not lead the column. "All we
can do," ho said, "is to Join tho pro
Colonol W. C. Cooper, an cx-membor
of congress, after stirring up tho
shcop, offered tho following resolution,
which was adepted:
Resolved, That Asa S. Bushnell,
Joseph B. Foraker, Clias. II. Grosver
and Marcus A. Hauna bo, and they
aro hereby elected dolegates-nt-largo
from tho stato of Ohio to tho Repub
lican national con vtutlou at St. Louis,
and that they aro Instructed by tho
Republicans of Ohio to vote and work
forthouomluatlonof William McKin
ley Jr. for president.
The platform favors the return of
tho government to tho debt-paying
policy, by increasing the revenues. It
declares for u currency of gold, silver
nnd paper, with which to measure our
exchange, that shall bo as sound as
the government iuid as untarnished
as Its honor. And to that end we
favor bimetallism, and domain tho
iiso of both gold and sliver as standard
money, either In accordance with a
ratio to be fixed by International
agreement, If that can lo obtained, or
under such restrictions and such pro
visions to bo determined by legis
lation as will secure maintenance of a
parity of values of tho two metals, so
that purchasing and debt-paying
power of -tho dollar, whether silver,
gold or paper, shall Ikj all times bo
equal. Tho platform pledges tho sup
port of tho state to McKinley In tho
national convention.
Fkanicfokt, Ky March 11. The
house has unseated Kauffmau, a Dem
ocrat, ami the senate has unseated
James and Walter, two Republicans.
When the Joint assembly convened
Speaker Blanford Issued orders that
only members or jiersona entitled to
tho privileges pf the floor be admitted.
Bronston called attention to a rule of
tho Joint assembly and made a point
that tho clerk of tho senate is clerk
of the Joint assembly and shall call
the roll of tho entire Joint assembly.
The presiding olllcor ruled that tho
clerk of the house would call the roll
of the house and the clerk of tho sen
ate would call tho roll of tho scnata,
Calling tho roll thon began.
QTho clork In calling tho names of
members of tho senato omitted to call
those- of James; and Walton. Tne
clerk of the house omitted fl.c name
KautTinau, Dem. The roll showed
1 10 members present, w 1th two pairs.
Tho ballot Tor senator then begun.
Tho Republicans refused to vote.
Tho ballot resulted: Blackburn "l;
Carlisle 10; Buckncr 1.
Tho chair decided that as only 05
votes had been cast thero was no
Had tho Republicans all voted
"no," it is claimed by many that the
senators would not huvo been legally
county Jiuigo iltiuoard has re
turned from a conference with tho
county Judges of Benton, Lincoln and
Linn counties, held at Albany, Tues
day, to apportion taxes duo and to
become duo the several counties from
tho O. P. (Oregon Central & Eastern)
Railroad company.
On tho basis of $100,000, the price
tho road sold for, Marlon county will
get back taxes prior to tho year 1801,
of $9!l 13. For tho year 1801 this county
will got IC mills on tho apportioned
assessment of Marlon county, or about
$2000, and 14 mills on tho samo assess
ment for 181)3, or In all about $13,313
back taxes. This sum Is to bo paid
over Inside of 20 days, at the outside
This amount of back taxes will
more than cancel all outstanding
warrants, and for tho first time in
many years Marlon county will bo
freo from nil debt. If tho taxes for
1805 are collected promptly It looks as
If Marlon county would not pay a dol
lar of interest or have a single war
rant afloat.
In Salem, Mr. Clierrlngton, who
stated that ho was not the A. P. A.
candidate but was endorsed by
Republicans and Democrats, got a
large Republican 'voto, but his elec
tion Is not considered ns a party vic
tory for tho Republicans. Mr. Byrd,
a Democrat, was supported by tho
majority of Republican politicians.
In Portland the avowed A. P. A,
candldato was defeated Ixjcuuso ho
was supported by tho Simon-Sours-Dolph
faction, and tho old political
machine was defeated. Thoy were
spending monoy frcoly for Mr. Flnloy,
It was a .blow to ring and machine
politics, nnd when such politicians as
Simon and "Prof." Roby undertake to
elect a candldato for school director,
tho people will always be Justified In
defeating them.
It was not an A. P, A. victory, or a
Republican victory at Salem. It
was not an A. P. A defeat nor a
Republican defeat at Portland. Poll
tics should cut no llguro In our public
school management. It will cut less
figure In future than It has in the
past. ,
The Siiaby Tested.
The Silsby flro engine has been
undergoing severe tests at tho hands
of Flro Chief Hutton and his crow of
able assistants. The machine has
been thoroughly overhauled, and the
trials today were to demonstrate
whether two streams could bo thrown
and yet keep up st earn, in fact mako
Tho cngino was placed over the cis
tern at Court and High streets and
tho nozzles directed up Court, until
that street to Church was a stiiull
The engine showed herself capable
of maintaining two streams for long
periods of time. The final conclusions
of Ciilof Hutton will bo made in u re
port to the council.
p m
Orchestral and Vocal Concert.
At tho Baptist church on March 25,
This promises to bo air evening of
real pleasure, tho price of tickets will
bo In reach of all, and It Is hoped
many will plan to attend, Mark tho
date now and save it March 25.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latert U.S. Gov't Report
W,T, Hoffman Killed by an
Falls Upon and Fatally. Injures Its
Special to The Journal ,
Cokvalms, Or., Man;h 11. Tills
morning while W. T. Hoffman and
Ills assistants wero putt lug up a heavy
printing press, preparatory to starting
a Populist paper, they in some way
lost control of It, and In falling the
press caught Mr, Hoffman, tho pro
prietor, fatally injuring him. Ho Is
still nllvo, but no hopes are enter
tained for his recovery.
Mr, Hoffman wastholcadlnjj Popu
list of Benton county and a pros
pective candidate for eongrebs. Ho
was a man of considerable ability and
his death will bo deplored by all par
tics. Emtok Journal.
Tho Sunday Orcgonlan prints tho
Senator Simon, with tho aid of
roputublo citizens, had prepared a
now charter for tho city of Portland,
and Incorporated in It a legislative
bill to secure Its enactment Into law.
It's main purposes wero two-fold:
First, it simplified and centralized
tho city govcrniucntjsccondt effected
a saving In the municipal expenditure
of about $180,000 por aunutn, of which
$03,000 was for salaries nlono. Among
other things It reduced tho mayor's
annual salary from $5,000 to $3,000,
Tho entire body of city olllce-holdors
took alarm. Thoy wore Joined by
District Attornoy Hume; whose
enormous emoluments were threat
ened in a similar bill, Introduced by
Senator McGinn.
So long as Simon und McGinn con
trolled tho district attorney's. oftlco
and Mr. Humo was tliolr deputy there
was no talk of cutting down tho fees
of tho ofllce.
The oftlco of district attorney at
Portland will bo put on a reasonable
salary but It will not be done nt tho
demand of Simon und McGinn for
porsonul spltowork. "Enormous
emoluments" sounds well, but
"enormous demagogs" fits bettor.
ThoAltoua in making tho down
trip yesterday, toroko hor wheel shaft
but managed to reach Portland, where
repairs will bo mado. Sho will bo
tied up for about u week, but the
Ramoua will make regular trips.
Tho Elmoro will go down tho river
tomorrow, nnd tonight will tako a
party of excursionists tq Independ
ence, leaving the dock at 0 o'clock.
Tho river continues to fall slowly.
School House Durned.
The school house in district No. 25,
known us Squirrel Hill district, about
eight miles south of Salem, wus
destroyed by fire last night nbout
10 o'clock, tho building and contents
being a total loss.
A rellirlous meeting had been held
tlmro that nluht, and when tho peo
ple departed tho lumps were turned
down, but not 'Wholly extinguished,
und It Is thought this fuet wns in
some manner tho cause of tho flro,
which was not discovered until too
late to save tho building. The utove
was ti new ono and was tightly closed,
hence it Is not probable that tho lire
originated from It.
Tho loss U lwtweciWOO und soo ,
tho building being: 8Q"d ono and
well furnished, It was Insured fcr

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