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US pA) York Racket
Hai just received a full line of
Direct from Chicago. We have
i sujts and cassimcrc suits for
received a large lot ol goods
(fine line oi hedora Hats, ,and
rwith a large line of notions.
Our "Star 5 Star" Shoes
are kept on hand all the time,
tf ;i; n$
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No Trouble to Show You
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li uumm Bkw b lm
of the Willamette flniversify. -
Modem method. Up to date. Same as in
None tint the best Is good enough for beginners
W. U
R. A
Ia UllU
oodale Uimb?r Company
ards on Twelfth
Keep the-most'completc stock of common, dimension and finished lumber
In tho city, and 6ell on tho most favorable
Our stock Is mntlo at otir own mills,
he Willamette Hotel,
Reduced rates. Mannement liueral.' Electilc ear leave ho.el (or oil public buildings
ind points of interest, Special rateTwill be given
Stable oil Jones' Hill,
est cciuipmi
ent for all kinds of heavy drajin;
piont lJruK Store at all times.
E. Q. Hansen,
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a fine line of black worsted
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and Trade-Streets
terms. Lath and Shinto
of tho be.st litmbpr In tho slate.
to permanent patrons
Truck Co.
So Commercial,
and express hauling. Teams found ar Red
StalJa luck of State Insurance block
1 1 Bli 9 9 L B p
Dist. Attorney Hume's Red
Hot Shot,
rrom a uaroied Heport in tho Daily
District Attorney Hume; nt Pott-
land, Wednesday evening, must hae
perforated tlie old Portland ring In a
style approved by the most modern
Inventions In tho tut of gunnery.
from tho Oregon Ian dlscloscfflthc fol
lowing hard hltn: , J"
"Mr. Scott, Mr. Simon nnd the First
National bunk ask your suffrages be
cause they arc economists' and be
cause they hao 'handled large af
fairs. Tho only persons opposing their
views, they say, uro the otllce-holdcra.
As taxpayers, wo are all Interested In
economy, and as taxpayers, wo aro all
in favor of economizing. They have
never fotind my voice", or"thoso of my
friends, or those .opposed to tho Simon
charter, against economy. They have
singled out the dlsttlul attorney's
olllce and made It a point of attack.
In 1880-7-3-0, when the district attor
ney received nioro compensation than
ho does now, when all public officers
l received more compensation than ho
! he docs now, when all public otllccrs
received more than now policemen,
foremen. tencliera-niHWothers your
taxes SvereleW r-
"Thochartor was all rlghtrwt It
was that section which allowed to bo
imposed upon the taxpayers of this
city an Indebtedness of 83,2o0,000,
which was all wrong. Wo find that
these gentlemen who pose as econo
mists Messrs. Simon, Scott, Cotbctt,
Failing and others authorized the
Issunnco of water bonds to the extent
of $2,500,00(1; city hall, $500,000; Port of
Portland, $."00,000; btldges, $f00,000.
That Indebtedness jou must pay, It
Is a mortgage on your property, and
you must pay it, and ft per cent Inter
est on It. In 1891 they got another
water bill through I don't know how
or why authorizing tho Issuance of
$1,000,000 more. Simon gob It through
the legislature, Scott endorsed It, and
Corbett took in the money.
"When they built tho city hall,"
ho said, "they sent across tho Rocky
mountains and got all tho stone nnd
all the wood work; and they tent to
Omaha and got n contractor, and ho
brought his stonemasons and brick
masons with him, and let your brick
masons and stonemasons walk tho
streets. That was a part of tho
economical legislation of your Scott,
Simon and Corbett. Not only that,
you will have to pay on tho $00,000
they spent on a basement nnd then
toro up, and they wouldn't uso Ore
gon stone or material."
"In 1895, thoy tried to pass a char
ter. They declared they must pass
that charter. They wanted to econo
mize from tho salaries of policemen
and street workers, clerks nnd labor
ers, who spend their money with our
bakers and butchers nnd tradesmen
and keep It at homo."
"But they said this is a Frank cam
paign," he cried. "We are not apol
ogizing for Mr. Frank. Wherever ho
may be, he Is Just tho same ns you.
He may have made mistakes, and we
do not seek to vindicate him. We
gay Frank is not a candidate. He will
not and cannot bo a candidate at tho
Republican county convention for
anyodlce. I want to say that he Is
only one of the rank and file of Rc-
j publicans who will go to the primaries
and declare that they are not owned
by Tho Oregonian, tho First National
bank and Mr. Joseph Simon.
"Tho Simon charter, Is said to have
I simplified tlig cltyA government. It
I certainly dld It 'placed thu whole
government In tho hands of the First
National bank the,Tilnidud Asphalt
Company. They ijaimlo themselves
by declaring that lliey saved $o:i,0K
by reducing tho salaries of tho police
men, firemen, clerks, etc. When a
policemen gets $10Q per month ho pays
it to your trndosmoiL Even when he
gets $S0 ho pays JSOto the tradesmen.
"We told them we would agicc to
tho pasMigo of their Infamous and in
fernal charter, If ttiey would accept
our amendments, tlfat tho bill should
not go Into etfect Mil first Monday in
Jttly,1895, that tho jiublle-works pro
vision should first Uoj submitted to a
vote of tho peoplfclof Portland In
.IttnCi JH the people
wnnleffijuiiB tlow ini.li
le of Portland
their b.icksand
kiss thchjUid thatmote thorn, at
let tlio Trinidad (Uphalt Compai
and Joseph Simon, run them, thoy
could do It. Simon1 and Scott have
caused It to bennnounced that, If
their crowd go to tho legislature,
there will bo a new charter, and tho
pcoplo will have to take It. I suppose
their llrst edict wllf be to banish me.
1 can't help that. I'll tell the truth."
Tho speaker then rjcclared tho live
members of the board of public works
were politicians and had been for
15 years, "Tho board of public works
took tin absolute fco In simple of every
carcass and every piece of property In
Portland," ho continued. "It dis
pensed with petition or remonstrance.
It provided for the hjlnolutc control of
public Improvements. It could re
quire a contractor to give sucli bonds
ns It might desire. It might bo
brought about thatjho company could
give bonds satisfactory to tho board
except the Trlnldjid Asphalt Com
pany." V
"Mr. Scott saysino Is not a member
of the Trlnadad Asphalt company. I
am reliably In formed tiiuUio Is Mr.
Scott bays In the Oregonian that ho Is
not. Hut you know you must take
with a grain of allowance what ho
says In tho Oregonian even about
Then Mr. Hume charged that Mr.
Plttock had In 1802 sworn that there
was a $200,000 mortgage ou tho Ore
gonian building, owned by tho Port
laud Trust company, nnd that a year
sinco Mr. Scott had said In an edi
torial that tho mortgago was owned
hi Now York. "Now," ho said, "take
your choice. Ono or tho other pro
prietor of tho Oregonian appears to
have been misinformed."
"I want to say," he said, "that I
am a friend of J. II. Mitchell. There
may bo some who do not agrco with
him on the financial question. I have
read many opinions of tho brightest
men in tho country on this question,
nnd they disagree and It docs not be
come an ordinary scrub like mo to
attempt to decide. Mr. Mltcholl's
friends desire that ho shall have
friends In the legislature to advance
his Interest, and not secretly advance
the Interests of one who desires to bo
Mr. Hume charged Mr. Simon with
tho defeat of D. P. Thompson, A. II.
Tanner, John H. Waldo and Senator
Dolph, und closed with an exhortation
to send unpledged men to tho con
vention, and not men who will fight
tho Republican ticket whenever It
suits their convenience. Ho Bald ho
had not opposed a Republican ticket
In Ills-life.
Salary Grabbers Sustained.
Dubuque, la., March 12. Several
weeks ago, under Instructlonsof Judge
Husted, tho ferand Jury indicted the
mayor andjclght aldermen for Illegally
voting and taking un increase of sal
ary. They demurred and claimed tho
Indictments charged no crlmo under
the statutes. Neither of tho resident
judges would hear the cases, und
Judge Waterman, of Davenport, was
called, Court opened in a crowded
courtroom, nnd with a big array of
counsel. The Judge's ruling all
through plainly indicated the sustain
ing of the demurrer, and It will not
be surprising If the Judlotinqnts are
dismissed. The cases have attracted
wide attention.
Settlement Is Conceded Near
at Hand,
Two Hundred Students Burn tho
American Flag.
Washington, March 12. It can bo
stated lKJsltlvelv. nntwlthstnndlmr
'publication to the contrary, that no
ut Moment has ns yet been i cached on
the Venezuelan quest Inn, but accord
ing to the best authority, matters aro
proceeding in such a fashion as to
warrant tho heller thai there will bo
a satisfactory outcome. At present It
cannot b told whether an ultimate
settlement of this question will bo
elTected as a result of tho direct
ncgotntious between Great Britain
and Venezuela, Initiated through tho
medium of somo mutually friendly
power, or lib a conclusion of tho woik
of our own Venezuelan boundary com
mission. Hut in one way or another
a peaceful Msttlomont is believed to
bo entirely probable In tho end,
though tho end still may vbo far re
London, March 12. Tho parlia
mentary under secretary of state on
foreign nffnirs, Sir Thomas Ilonry
Sanderson, was asked today If tho re
port cabled from tho United States
that a settlement of the Venezuelan
question had been reached was cor
rect, lio said: "For all I know a Bct
tlcmcnfmny bo near, but I have not
hoard of Its attainment."
HPANiaii moTKns.
Madrid, March 12. AtCrunna200
students bolonglng to tho university
Joined In n parado yestorday, cheered
for Spain, and burned tho American
flag. Tho police succeeded In prevent
ing tho rioters from approaching tho
United States couuulato.
At Allcanto tho mayor and police,
whilo dispersing similar demonstra
tions, were pelted with stones. Somo
pollunncn sustained slight Injuries.
Washington, Mnrch 12. In tho
debato on the Cuban resolutions in
tho senate today, Hill said ho would
vote ngu I nst tho report In order that
at a subsequent tlmo amendments
might he made. Sherman said It was
not best to send a joint resolution to
tho president, ns that would compel
him to act In. ton days, and this was
not Judicious. lie had confidence In
tho president. There wore political
differences lictwcon them, but ho
added "no one doubts his fldcllCy to
tho ling of our country."
In the World is Burning in the City of
Uoston, March 12. I p. m. A
general alarm has boon given for fire
which broke out In tho Pojw Manu
facturing company's building at .'I p.
m. The building Is four stories high
and Is one of tho finest in the city. It
adjoins a magnificent building occu
pied by tho Youths Companion, which
A Cold Winter.
Pout Townsknd, March 12.
Parties from Alaska state that the
present winter wns the coldest knowu
there in twenty years. During Janu
ary and February tho thermometer
was not above zero at either Juneau
or Sitka. Snow fell almost con
tinuously. Snow in Pennsylvania.
Pittshukq, March 12. Tho snow
storm in Western Pennsylvania of
twenty-four hours, ending today, Is
tho worutof tho season. Tho tem
perature dropped twenty degrees.
"Knock-outs" According
Quccnsbetry Rules.
The Salem Juvenllo Athletic Asso
ciation has a good moiifhcrshlp. Its
placo of mooting Is in tho loft or an
old barn on East Court street. TI;o
association consists of two "clubs."
nnd about once every week one mem
ber from each club Is selected to give
an exhibition In boxing, which quite
often liccomej very exciting. The
members range from ten to sixteen
years of age, and somo are becoming
quite expert with tho gloves. In tho
loft a ring has been marked off, In
which tho contests lako place.
When tho dato for a friendlj?)
bout Is decided upon, tho friends of
the youthful antagonists nro apprised
of tho fact; arriving nt tho scone of
tho conflict an admission fee of two
cents Is requested which entitles the
gentleman to a "reserved seat.' The
gate keeper, referee, timo-keepcr and
tho seconds possess as much an air of
responsibility as though they wore
olllclatlug at tho Fltslmmons-Ma-her
A fow days sinco ono of tho young
pugilists was put to sloop by
his opponent and tho onlookers
wore badly frightened for a fow
moments, fearing the affair might
result seriously, but tho defeated
athloto was assisted to his corner by
his seconds and soon brought too.
These friendly contests (V) doubtless
account for tho many black oyes and
otherwise disfigured countenances to
bo scon In tho East school. Tho
writer Is of tho opinion that should
the parents of these yonng pugnaci
ously Inclined athletes bo apprised
of tho performances of tholr sons, tho
slipper, or n more substantial weapon
would bo brought Into excellent ser
vice A great many of tho boys
would doubtless bo Invited to oxpond
somo of tholr surplus onorgy on tho
As tho contests aro probably hold
for amusement, and as tho partici
pants nro sons of respectable parents
tholr names arc not given.
A Card.
Ed it on JouitNALj Allow nfc,
through your columns, to ask tho
county court to call tho editor of tho
Statesman and myself before It and
investigate tho mental condition of
him and my sol f, as to whether or not
wo aro crazy. I ask this on account
of tho unwarranted attack upon mo
through tho columns of that papor
this morning. J. Ruuinsthw.
Tiik Illihek. Tho liandsomo quar
ters of this now Salem club aro now
comploto and will in u fow days ro
colvo tho furniture that belongs to
them, worth over a thousand dollars.
The billiard tables nro sot up, a liand
somo reading room will bo fitted up
nnd supplied with tho latest In news
papers and periodicals. Tho gentle
moti who aro backlog tho club are a
Htilllclcnt guaranty of its high
The Duck Hunters.
Quantico, Vu., March 12. Prcsl-
dent Cleveland, nccotnpnnled by Col-
onol Hives and Commodore Lnmbert
sou, arrived this morning on tho
llghthotiso tender, and Is hunting
Snow in New York.
Nkw Yohic, March 12. Snow fell
nil night In tho Interior of the state.
It Is It) to 20 inches deep.
Wkatiikk Fohuoaht. Thuisday
iiigiitanti I'riuny fair. Plant your
i i
Deafness Cannot bo Cured,
by local applications, as thoy cannot
reach tho diseased portions of the ear.
Thoro Is only ono way to euro deaf
ness, and that is by constitutional
remedies. Deafness is caused by nu
Inllamed condition of tho mucous
lining of tho Eustachian tube. When
this tube gets Inllamed you havo a
rumbling sound or Imperfect hearing,
and whon it is entirely closed doar
ucss is tho result, and unless the In
flammation can bo taken out nnd this
tubo restored to Its normal condition,
hearing will bo destroyed forever;
nine cases out of ten aro caused by
catarrh, which Is nothing but an lu
llumed condition of tho mucous sur
face. Wo will give Ono Hundred Dollars
for any case of deafness (caused by
caiarrn) mat cannot- oo curea uy
itaiifl unarm utiro. nenu lor cir
ctilurs, free.
K.J. Chknnby &Co., Toledo. O.
lETfjold ry Druggists, 75 cents.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U, S. Gov't Report
Kentucky's Capitol Cleared
for the Fight.
An Object Lesson In tho Present
System of Electing.
Louisville, icy., March 12.-A
special to the Post from Krimkfort
says: Tho capltol Is under constabu
lary rule this morning. Mayor Jullcn
ordered about Jtwcniy extra policemen
to remain on duty in tho rotunda
with Instructions to keep tho rotunda
absolutely clean. This course was de
cided on by tho Mayor after consulta
tion with the Governor, who stihl
that If Frankfort was unabloto afford
pollco protection to tho momboM ho
Intended to do so, If It took overyr
stato guard In Kentucky. Sonators
James and Walton tho two Republi
cans' who were Installed, wcrojln house
chambor ready to bo on hand whon
tho Joint session begins.
Whon tho Joint assembly mot Bron
ston asked that every ono ho excluded
from tho floor of the houso save mom
bora of tho Joint assembly and its
officers and tho press. Tho Republi
cans refused to vote Edrlngton nnd
roor voted with tho Democrats for
tho motion. Tho chair announced
that no quorum voted nnd tho mo
tion was lost. He waft bMU of the
opinion that seventy members consti
tuted a quorum, Und would so rule,
and In all ballots for senator soventy
mombors must bo voting to Insure an
Roll call showed 130 members pres
ent. Tho ballot resulted: Rlackburn
52; Carllslo 12; liucknor I. Tho Re
publicans nnd Populist Poor refused
to vote, nnd tho chair decided that
thoro was no election. Democrats
say If 10 votes aro required for a
quorum thoro will bo no election this
Tho Painters' Suite.
San Fiianoisco, March 12. Tho
painters' strlko Is still on and there
Is no prospect of a scttlomont. Eight
hundred painters are out nnd thoy
threaten that If tho strike goes
against them thoy will call out all
tho other building trades.
Alaska Territory.
WASHiNaTON,Mnrch 12. The houso
commltteo on territories today de
cided to recommond tho passage of
the bill creating a territorial form of
government for Alaska.
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i WMgf- "

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