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New York Racket
Is always in the lead in styles as well as in prices
About a year ago there was a general advance in
prices on all lines of heavy shoes. The New
York Packet was the last to advance their prices,
Now that the prices have declined, especially on
heavy shoes, they arc the first to reduce their
prices. Our customers will find all lines of
heavy work shoes down to about the prices that
prevailed before the advance, Our line of men's,
is full and fresh from Chicago, Wc can fit any
one from a 3ycatvold to a No, 46, Prices very
low. Wc add no profit on account of bad ac
counts, as -wc have i none. Goods of all kinds
arriving every few days direct from New York.
Our Fedora Hats are the latest in style and prices
the lowest. Don't fail to call, as wc will saveyou
15 to 25 per cent.
No Trouble to Show You
ar dware, Tinware, Barbed Wire
Blacksmith Supplies, Stoves and Machinery at
camine our large and complete
C courteous
of the Willamette Oniuersiiy.
p J N U 13 K N IS W
'McUern methods.
Up to dale.
g(KIl OPOUgll
itiir bul tlit; Ik-M i
ioodale Ltoitber Company
rarda on Twelfth.
It, (v"Wn Mm tnnst, nnmnieta stock of common, dimension nnd finished lumuor
-the city, and sell on tlie most fnvorablo
. ... m
Our stock Is iiiuilc at our own nuns,
he Willamette Hotel.
Reduced rates. Management hoeral. Electric caw leave bo;el lor all public building
, point of Intcrett. Special rate will be given
AygoMharetimst. StUfctioifr4nnt.i.
Through and Give Prices, A)
stock. Always .prompt and
Same as in ilic cnitern mul Kuropcan Convcrvnliii
for Ik-uIuiuis an will as (or mere advanced implK
W. C. liAWLEV. 1'iesUlcni
.U. A. llEHITAUi:. Vocal Director
K.MII. I. WINKI.KK, IitMrtimcntal l)iicct-r.
ancl Trade Streets
terms. Lath and Shingles
ii. a, I. ., n 41. nn n
oi uiu-ucsii iuhiuci m uiu mum.
w permanent pairoru.
SttM UkJ 'State loiorance. block
Republican Primaries Friday
March 20.
Hard Contests in Several
Large Precincts,
Friday, March 20, will go Into his
tory as a day of spirited contests at
the Republican primaries in this
. In the Salem precincts Btrong slates
havo been put up. In Salem No. .'I a
llercc battle has been raging between
the 12. iM. Crolsan element and his
opponents. Mr. Crolsan and Rr. .1.
N. Smith are Ixith candidates for the
For places to vote at the primaries,
6co call for primaries and county con
vention. Don't fall to go and vote for
representative Republicans who; will
stand for clean, ccnmlcal county aud
state government, and not for ring
Tub Jouknal favors Elder II. L.
Barkley for a place on the Republican
representative ticket. He led nil the
candidates In popular favor two years
ago, and will do It again. If tho peo
ple want to Inject morality Into poll
tics, let them put men on tho ticket
who represent moral principles and
clean politics.
County Judge Hubbard's friends arc
sure that thoy can carry the county
for him at the primaries. He has
made a good record for economy, as
every tax receipt will show; but he is
not a very smooth politician, and has
made some enemies. But no man of a
positive nature can live In ntllco with
out arousing a desire on (he part of
some one to lift his scalp.
Judgo Batchclor, has quite a follow
ing in this city aud county as a can
didate for county Judge. Ho made a
good record as Justlco of tho peace
becauso he was too honest to mako
any money out of It. If Jukgo Hub
bard Is given a second term, and It
looks ns though he would be, this old
Grand Army man will not bo In It.
Otherwise he will prove a strong
Another name mentioned for
county Jtidgo Is that of R. A. Crossan,
tho hop buyer. He Is widely known
throughout the county, having been
a resident of Marion county for thirty
years. "Bob" Crossan has hosts of
friends, although ho has not made
any great effort for the placo person
ally, and if a new man for tho place
Is chosen, he will bo found to have no
Inconsiderable strength on tho
A largo meeting was held ntPrlngle
school house "Wednesday evening.
Speeches were made by George G.
Bingham, John Carson, E. Hofer,
Judge Peebles and others. Mr. Bing
ham Is a new man in the precinct but
mado a vory favoroblo Impression.
No ticket wus put up of delegates to
bo voted for at the primaries, but tho
best of fecllngnnd harmony prevailed.
Yew Park is one of tho lurgest pre
cincts In tho county, but it was ap
parent that no slate in the Interest of
anyone candidate could bo put up.
Tho Yow Turk delegation will stand
for Yew Park men who develop any
The Albany Silver Imprint (Pop.)
says: A Salem paper says: "Jose
phine county has a debtor over$75,
030. Marlon county has no debt, no
county -money In busted banks, and
no bankers on the county treasurer's
bond." It was fortunate the county
funds of Marion didn't happen to be
In the bank that busted there a few
weeks since. The Inference would be
from the Item quoted that the finan
cial horizon Is clear In Salem. It has
been but a few months since u big
bank In Halem struck the earth.
Jlarlon county Is fortunate that no
one would trust It so that It could get
in debt for If It had tho busted bank
would have gobbled up Us part."
The above speaks welj for County
Treasurer Mlnto and Is the principal
want him to
The hottest tight In Marlon county
primaries Is going, to bo had at
Woodburn. The bank ring there
has started In to ilowii Elder Barkley,
because he did not vote for Dolph In
the last legislature.
The Lincoln club will meet tonight
and put uu a straight John II. Mitch
ell delegation for the legislature. The
bank ring will put up a Poornmn
delegation, Tlio light will bo a
square one, anil the reports are
that a great deal of! money will
bo thrown Into tho contest. If the
people of that precinct, who are two-
thirds in favor of antt-rlngand reform
politics, can bo Influenced to down a
man because lie would not bow tho
knee to ring rule, then they will put
u premium on corrupt politics In this
state forever. Elder. Barkley and his
friends deserve tho support or all the
people at the primaries or farewell to
all manly Independence of tho Port
land machine.
Richard W. Carey and His Qualifications
for That Position.
In 18411 tho subject, or this sketch
came to Marlon county with his peo
ple from Missouri whpn he was a mere
child and experienced a hard trip
across tho plains. The family Is
-known as one of tho foremost among
tho pioneers In -this section. Mr.
Carey's father followed farming and
stock-raising after his settlement hero
and was very successful. He was
also a liberal supporter of "WlllUmctto
university from Its curliest days. Mr
Caroy hlim-clf had tho advantage of
an education In that institution,
from the time of Father Wilbur down
to tho day of President Gatch. Later
ho took a courso at a Portland busi
ness college, thus amply qualifying
111 in for an active business life. After
his schooling was llnlslied Mr. Curoy
also followed farming in tho "Waldo
hills, ncarMaclcay, of which town he
was practically the founder, having
donated ten nures of laud for the
townslte nnd depot grounds. Ho was
known there ns one of their most en
terprising men. Ho paid great atten
tion to stock raising, and was tho
first Importer of Aberdeen-Angus
cattle "West of tlo Rockies. Ho
-made soveral trlpSiast, alone and
with his family, for tho purchase ami
Imporatlon of stock. Ho also Intro
duced hero Jersoy cattle, Berkshire
hogs, Morluo, Shropshire and Cots
wold sheep, and probably did as much
as any man now living to Improve
the farming class In his section. He
was an exhibitor at tho first state
fair held in Oregon aud has bcon a
successful competitor for premiums
ever since. Although Mr. Caroy has
been a llfo long Republican and an
active worker .for tho party, ho has
never asked for any public position.
His friends are now urging him to be
come a candldato for tho office of
county treasurer, for which ho Is well
fitted by education and business train
ing. Mr. Carey's first vote was cast for
Abraham Lincoln, on his second term,
and ho has voted for overy Republican
president since. Three years ago Mr.
Carey 'retired from his farm and
moved Into Salem. Ho built n fine
residence on East State street, and
has become one of oupworthlcst citi
zens. Mr. Carey has modestly declined
to permit the use of his nauio until
very recently; ho lias been prevailed
upon to become a candidate In the
fullest sense of the word. Delegates
attending tho county convention can
well atTord to-post themselves regard
ing Mr. Carey and his record, and If
ho should bo nominated It Is abso
lutely safe to say that no man sup
porting him will ever be disappointed
In the outcome.
Another unsuccessful attempt was
made yesterday oveningto ralso the
snag boat Corvallls with tho aid of
steamer Three Sisters. With all tho
uppllanccs used the boat was sturtcd
but just at this Important moment,
tho doublo six inchliauscr parted, and
therefore another failure wus re
corded. Captain Flsk, tho Portland
governmentenglnecr, who Is In charge
of the Improvement of all the rivers
In the Northwest, arrived hero and In
company with Captain Hatch loft for
thosceneof the sunken boat. Another
attempt will bo made to pull tho boat
off, and If unsuccessful, she will prob-'
ably be nbandoned, after removing
her upperdeck. It will be Impossible
to remove the machinery until In the
summer when the water is at Us low
est stage.
in w
Poiiuo Spkakinq. G'oino out to
night at 7:30 und hear T. J. McOlary
at the hall, State Insurance building.
reason why his friends
have nnothcr term.
One of the Notorious- Robbers
By His Chum Giving tho
Schemo Away,
Tulakk, Cal., March 10. An at
tempt was made at 2 o'clock this
morning to hold up thn Southern
Pacific overland nrfn between Goshen
and the Tagcs Witch, but which
failed on account of one of the would
be robbers going back on tho scheme,
and Informing the officers ortho In
tended hold-up. It In presumed that
his partner did not know this, aud
went ahead and stopped tho train on
which thero wore soveral officers.
Shcrlil Earl Daggett. and Constable
Reed, of Reedly, were on tho cngluo
und thoy opened lire upon the robber
as8oon as ho camo Into sight. Ho
came over tho back of tho tender as
the train was running at full speed.
Ho returned tho tiro, one bullet strik
ing Daggett and piercing tlio pottrul
cavity, making a ftcrlous wound.
Reed was hit In tho shoulder, but not
seriously hurt. Daggett tired a doublo
charge from a shotgun full In tho
robber's face, and when the train
arrived here a large quantity of blood
was found on the tender.
Later. Tho body of tho dead robber
was foud at the scene of tho hold-up.
Ho Is thought to bo Dan Cole, or the
Dalton gang.
Not Dead yet.
San Frnnclsco, March 10 Tho Rev.
C. B. Brown met his congregation last
night, and tho roport or tho council
,that tried tho pastor of tho Flast
Congregatlonnl church was read and
received. Judgc-Advocato Wood
hams, of tho council, led tho meeting
In prayer, and a resolution thanking
tho council for Its labors was adopted.
Dr. Brown nlso thanked tho council,
btitdonlcd that It hud tho right to
pass on his conduct In tho caso of tho
young lady who charged him with In
timidation. He said that tho Intim
idation occurred ten days after the
council had lecn called. The smooth
ness of tho meeting was suddenly
marred when a member of tho church
named James olfcrcd a resolution as
"That tho Interests or this church
and congregation will bo best served
by a pastor whoso namo and reputa
tion havo never been called Into
Immediately there was a buzz or ex
citement, nnd the noise became so
great that an attempt was mado to
clear tho room of strangers. Dr.
Brown's friends rallied to his Hide,
aud tuo resolution was tabled Indefi
nitely, and tho meeting adjourned.
The German Navy.
Bkklin, March 10. Tho navul esti
mates woro discussed in tho rclchstug,
and the minister of foreign affairs,
Baron Murshul vou Bfelersteln made
u speech during tho course of which
ho defended tho proposed Increase In
strength of the German navy, claim
ing It was necessary to do so In order
to meet the widening Interests of Ger
many. Ho explained that the govern
ment had no Intention of straying In
to a policy of adventure, and assured
tho house tho necessity for additional
naval protection wus experienced dur
ing tho recent massacres In Asia
Minor, and also during tho events
which recently occurred in South
Africa, South America and Central
Bradley for President.
LouiflViiXK, March 10. At a meet
ing of tho leading Republicans of
every congressional district In tho
state lust night, resolutions wcro
adopted endorsing tho courso of Gov
ernor Bradley, pledging those present
to support his candidacy for the pres
idency by sendlnguu Instructed Brad
ley delegation to St. Louis.
Llcuallcn McDanlel, the last or tho
McD.mlel brothers, died rather
suddenly at his homo In Josephine
county recently. Ho was sick only a
few hours, and some seem to think
that poison figured In his death, says
tho Jacksonville Times.
Rev. II. LIddle, pastor of tho Pres
byterian church In Astoria, tins ten
'dered his resignation to his congrcga-
tlnn Mr. T.lrititn fiel that ho licedl
a rest from active work,
Wabhinoton, D. C, March 10.
The senate committee on foreign re
lations has decided to stand by tho
agreement reached by the senate con
ference and support the house Cuban
resolutions ns a substitute for thoscn
ate resolutions on tho same subject.
Sherman, as chairman of tho commlt
tco, was Instructed to keep tho Cuban
question as well to tho front impos
sible, and get a voto at tho earliest
posslblo date.
Washington, Mnrch 10. The gal
leries or tho house, desplto tho Inclem
ent weather, wcro all filled today, In
anticipation of tho resumption of tho
debate on the resolutions censuring
Ambassador Bayard, which were
willed up Immediately after the read
ing of tho Journal. Tuft, Republican,
took tho tloor In support of tho reso
Washington, March 10. In tho
senate, today, Davis or Minnesota,
chairman or the committee on terri
tories, reported favorably tho bill to
admit Nmv Mexico to statehood.
The Effect of Krce Wool la Texas.
Tho results of tho suicidal policy or
frco wool produce tho best offect when
applied rlglit at homo. The figures
used are from tho assessor's roll, and
aro approximately correct.
The wool clip of Lampasas County,
Toxus, for 1802 was tho lust ono un
alTeotcd by tho proposed Turriff
changes. In that year tho wool
growers of tho county marketed, in
round numbers, 181,422 poundsof wool,
averaging say 18 cents a pound, bring
lug them $32,055. 00. Tho next clip of
1803 hud Increased to 222,30(1 peunds:
but, on account or tho certainty or
"freo wool," tho averugo price was
only 10 cents, thus netting tho far
mers but $22,230.00.
It Is but fair to stato that If tho
wool had been sold early In tho season
It would havo brought a better prlco,
but tho mass of wool growers, not
realizing that tho curly dccllno was
but a beginning, concluded to hold
until fall, and thon, as prices seem to
bo getting worse, It was sold at the
abovo avorogo.
It will bo seen that, although the
clip of 1803 exceeded that of 1802 by
40,074 pounds, It brought $10,410.3(1
less than that or 1802. The discourag
ing prospects or 1891 Induced a num
ber of wool growers to reduce their
Hocks; so much so that tho clip for
1801 amounted to but 150,102 pounds,
which, at tho average market prlco of
8 cents, only brougt $12,008.10.
If tho actual loss to the wool grow
ers of Lampasas county for tho two
years or 1803 and 1801 amounts to $20,
523.00, one can readily see that tho
total for tlio statu of Texas will count
up Into tho millions. And this Is only
for two years. Wc must roinombcr
that the loss continues on until a
tar I IT law In enacted to correct tho
evil of the freo trade policy that tho
Domocratlo party directly leveled
against American farmors.
Tho tllsustroiis effects of the'so losses
aro wldcsprcadlng. One of the neigh
bors or one our largest sheopowncrs,
hlmsoir not a wool grower, has told us
that he had been accustomed to sell
his neighbor, for feeding his sheep,
over $500 worth of grain and forage;
but since tho loss lu wosl, his salo or
feed hud been reduced to less than
$100 From a born and educated
"Free-Trailer," this llttlo experience
of losing tho sales on which most or
his living dopcuded has, within the
spuco or a year, mado a strong "Pro
tectionist." He hus learned Ills' "ob
ject lesson."
Trouble at Deyrout.
Pahih, March 18. Cairo dispatches
hay serious disturbances tiro mado
dally at Beyrout. It Is added that
15,000 armed Christians paraded the
streets, warning Moslems to ho ready
to protect themselves against aggres
sion. Snow in Ohio,
Wapakonkta, Ohio, March 10.
The snow is over eleven Inches deep,
nnd still falling. All trains arc de
layed, und telegraph wlros aro crip
pled. Ordered Helzed
WA8IIWOTON, Murch 10. All order
for tho seizure or tho filibustering
stcaiiicr Beruiuda has been sunt to all
collectors along tho Atlantic coast.
Highest of all in Leavening Power.
Big Manufacturers Concede
Silver's Importance.
Thoy Want Blmetalism and Protec
tion for a Platform.
DRNVKIt. Colo.. March ID. A Tlmou
sncclul from Washington cl-ivb- a
conference Ijotwccn tho Republican
silver senators who voted against
taking up the tariff bill, and the Re-
puuucan manurniMircrs is to take
plnco In this city this afternoon. A
majority or tho manufacturers who
will be presonturo rrom Pennsylnanla.
Thoy represent many millions or
capital and Includes tho principal con
tributors to the Republican campaign
funds In recent presldental cam;
palgns. The manufacturers tiro alive
to tho fact that tho manufacturing
Interests of this country are In great
danger from competition from the
silver using countries llko Japan,
China nnd Mexico.
Many havo como to rcallzo that a
tariff alone will not afford them all
tho relief they must have. Tho sena
tors will presenta written ultimatum,
and If tho manufacturers accept It, It
will bo given to tho country as their
Joint platform.
Details or tho ultimatum cannot bo
glycn, but It is a declaration for link
ing bimetallism and protection, bi
metallism being declared to mean
tho frco coinage of silver and gold at
u ratio of 10 to 1.
It Is bcllovctl tho manufacturers
will accept this In the end, though
probably not at this meeting. Fully
one-half of them aro Bllvcr mon, and
the other half aro badly scared.
Oregon Pacific Funds
After u lung time, says tho Corval
lls Times of tho 18th, tho disburse
ment of the fund created by tho sale
of tho Oregon Pacific Is on. It begun
In the county dork's office yesterday
morning, and before night several
thousands of tho $02,851.75 turned
over to tho clerk by order of the court,
had been disbursed. Only preferred
claims were paid, aud among thoso
Rutlsllcd during tho day iwas Benton
county for taxes, $10,400.03; city of
Corvallls taxes, $132; school district
No. 0. Corvallls, $530.40. and E. W.
Hudley, ox-receiver $3,000.
Tlio claims were paid lu checks on
tho First National bank, Portland,
whero the money has been on deposit
over since It was paid Into tho hands
of Sheriff Osborii by Bonner & Ham
mond, on tho 22d of December, 1804,
when tho latter firm bought tlio prop
erty. By today's mall Clerk Hunter
will forward to the authorities of
Marlon, Linn and Lincoln counties
tho several amounts allowed those
countlcs-for taxes by ltoferco Wood
cock's icport. Tho amounts nreas
follews: Marlon, $0,343.15; Linn,
$10,011.50; Lincoln, $15,951.50.
Painters Strike,
Han Fjiancibco, March 10. -A
general strike of painters working In
the city has been ordered at n meet
ing of tho union today, becauso of tho
refusal or tho master painters to
rccoirnlze tho card system of tho
building and trades council. Over 300
men stopped work this afternoon in
obedience to tho strike orders.
Pacification Impossible.
London, March 10. -A dispatch to
tho Bull Mull Gazette from Madrid
says tho pacification of Cuba is now
looked upon us Imposslblo except ns
tho result of a supreme effort Involv
ing the Bonding of lurgo relnforco
meats to that Island, and Instituting
u complete blockade of Us coast.
An Allison Patty.
1'okti.and. March 10. J. S. Clark-
son. of Iowa, and party urrlved hero
today from California. Clarkson Is
said to lu hero lu the Interest of Alli
son's candidacy for tho presidency.
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