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Daily Capital Journa1
i.i ' t
mm nvjcaag -ar BMaraawffrt M,wniT
lAltona and Ramona
Cortland. 6:45 a. m,
Salem, 7:45 a. m.
Independence, 6ip a.
9:00 a. m.
I0il5 a.m.
6;no a m.
CP"Frelht received tip lo 10 p. m.JEX
Quick time, regular service ant! cheap
....rates ...
Agent, Salem.
l,tk. rH
"Walter Denton has ono to
Francisco on n business mission.
Adjutant-General H. Tuttlo re
turned to Portland tills iiftornoon.
Frank Tower, of the water com
pany, Ih In" Portland today on busi
ness. Attorney-General 0. M. Idleinan
returned to Portland on tlio inonilriR
Senator A. .1. Johnson, of Linn
county, was In t ho city today, visiting
his people.
Prank Power, collector for the Sa
lem Water Company, was a Portland
visitor today.
Mr. and Mr. John M. Singer, of
fyiuth, Indiana, aro In the city, look
ing about with a vlewtomakliiR their
future home In Oregon.
E. llofer, of Tim Journal, went to
Portland this nftornoon to lmvo a
little visit with his old Iowa friend,
Gen. James S. Clarkson, who Is look
ing nfter Senator Allison's president
ial possibilities.
An Khtatb Buttlku. In the mat
ter of the guardianship of Joseph A.
Jackson, minor holrof J. II. Juckson,
with Mary Jackson as guardian, the
llual account was tiled with thocounty
clerk yesterday by P. II. D'Arcy, at
torney. Tho said account cites that
the said minor attained his majority
on tho llth day of February, 1H!)(),
and also Incorporates a prayer for tho
release and discharge of the ubovo
named guardian and for the exonera
tion of her bondsmen. Under the tltlo
of exhibits, the account shows the re
ceipts to bo $2,211.41; cxpendlturef,
M17.ll; amount deducted for widow's
share, one-third Interest, Mill.05;
amount to Ixj divided between live
heirs, Jl.llIU.iamoiinL coming to Jos.
A. Jackson, $2ir.87; amount paid for
Joseph Jackson, $001; amount due
guardian from minor over and above
amount received from Ills share, $375.
The above account was ordered al
lowed by tho court.
A Nkw Stouk.-(1. W. Johnson,
or the clothing linn of 0. W. Johnson
& Bon, has been In Ban Francisco tho
past week, and will soon have a now
slock of goods here. Tho old Keller
comer, opimslie Gray llros.' hardwaro
store, has been rented, and after
April Jul, the llrm will lie settled In
Its now quarters with u largo new
stock of goods.
A Hank Lkotuiii:.- -Although a
rather small audience greeted Attor-iioy-Gonorat
Idleinan at tho M. 1-.
church last evening, that gentleman
more than pleased his friends present.
Tho subject In hand, "Genius mid
Civilization," gave tho speaker ample
opportunity to display his raw ablll
ties, both as a thinker and orator.
A Nkw DoiJMiTOUY.-Tlmoxeoutlvo
wiiimiuco or tlio iKiard of regents of
tho university of Oregon lias consum
mated 11 deal for tho purchase of the
largo reaiileiico and mid grounds of
Prof. Collier. Tho residence will bo
"sod as n domltory for tho lady
V. C. T. U.-A literary and musical
rilnmoia will bo held at tho W.
t. 1 . V. hall, Court street, March 20
at 8 p. m., by tho Junior W. C. T, V
MiwlniruliiM. Admission, lOe. mil'
(Iran belonging to tho class, admitted
ree. Proceeds to l used for tho
iKMiollt of tho rofugo homo, IWtland
-n Spring Day-?
roipmilen 0 to Sier
vi?rvi!iMiAn....;.-.i :..
;-'...t, 1 r'L , T -j-rTT--r-.
At the oW J. A. Van Eton store,
I folin Bucher Is Found Dead and J. L
Coffin Still at Large.
John Bucher. the patient who,
escaped from a ward In the asylum
Infirmary on Wednesday, March 11, j
was found dead yesterday afternoon, (
on the bank of Pudding river, five
miles east of Salem. Tho body wasi
discovered by It. L. Swartz's little
eon, Ivan, and his friend, n Townsend
wi fimv RnrMul Mm nlnrm and as
soon as possible the asylum authorities
sent out ana iclentiiicci 1110 ooay
Coroner Clough was apprized of the
facts, and after due investigation It
was decided that no inquest was
necessary. The body was brought to
the asylum and prepared for burial or
shipment, as may become necessary.
Bucher was aged about 40 years,
whose home was at Hillsdale, a short
distance west of Portland, and who
was committed from Multnomah
county, November 20, 1805, It being
hla first commitment. Ills dlmcntla
was said to have been caused by being
continuously stooped several hours at
a time laying tile. He was said to be
J. h. Collin, the patient from Union
county, who escaped In a nude condi
tion from the asylum several duys ago,
has not yet been captured. Ho broke
out of his ward by lcttinir himself
down on a rope made of clothing. He
Is being diligently looked for by of
ficers of tho Institution. He is said to
be harmless, and probably secretes
himself during the day,gis he has only
a blanket with htm.
Morphine Fiend In Trouble.
Chief of Police Dlllcy returned from
Oregon City on the local this morning
with Elmer Green, who Is wanted
here to answer to the charge of
larceny from a dwelling. The theft
for which Green Is arrested, was com
mitted last February, and knowing a
warrant wus out for his arrest, lie
Immediately left town. Chief Dlllcy
located his man nt Tacoma recently
and had Sheriff E. C. Maddock, of
Clackamascounty,who was In Tacoma
at the time, arrest the man and bring
him to Oregon City whero Chief Dll
ley found him this morning. Green
Is a morphine lieud and like others of
his typo will steal anything that may
bo converted Into money with which
to satisfy his cravings. As this Is not
tho first time ho hus committed similar
offences, ho will probably Im severely
dealt with this time.
"Bon" HuiiiiBTTi:. It has been
ovcrnl years since tho famous Jiumor
1st "Bob" Burdette visited Salem and
his advent will be anticipated with
sincere pleasure by his frlonds, and
tholrimmo Is legion. Genial "IJoV'
Is toglvo his famous lecture "Tlio Itlse
and Fail of the Moustache" at tho
opera house Saturday. March "S.
Prof. Hcritago says that he has heard
Mr. Burdotto give tills lecture threo
times, but ho wouldn't miss hearing
It again and has already purchased
his ticket for tho 28th. Truo pathos,
genuine humor, Irreslstablo comedy
and quaint philosophy aro all found
in "Bob" BurdoUe, and In his special
Held ho has no rival. Seats am nnw
on salo at F. S. Dearborn's book-store.
Nkw Land Company. Articles of
Incorporation were today flled with
tho secretary of tho state by tho Bal
lon Land Co., of Oregon City, canltnl
Stock $30,000. Incornonitnm. II. IT
T. P, HiiikIiiII nnd B. O.
t - -"
Wien lUljr wa lk, wo so br Castorl.
When klia u ciiUJ, the crlej for CutorU.
WImo iho Wma UUs, tha clunj to CutorU.
W10 tho had ChUJxtn, she jro the m CwtorU.
TlIKFAIUforlmrtfalns. ,'UVeod
A medium slrr,l l,l.-lni I.. ..I... 1 1
Clip, containing letters, jxiuion tiapers and
0 her article.. Includlnj. H bottle of bear's
Oil. I). I,. Nfeljin li.n... i .1.1. n- .
Will p., liui nwanl."'1 Zt
ANOKL CUKES. Tlin ninl,ir
iur in eeius.
dayiilBhtnnd Friday. Tomperature
1 t Hi 1W
il10 freshest eoods in
tl"K service, as
store popular.
Road and Bridge acceunt:
Amos Barrlok, road and bridge;
amount claimed $0, amount al
lowed $5.
Joo Laylcr, road and bridge; amount
claimed $17.53, amount allowed $17.55
AV'D. Cluggctt, road nnd bridge;
amount claimed $8, amount allowed
Prcscott and Vcness, road and
bridge; amount claimed $0.74, con
tinued. F. J. Illco, road and bridge; amount
claimed $2.50, amount allowed $2.50.
"W. C. Hubbard, road and bridge;
amount claimed $2, amount allowed
II. II. Smith, amount claimed 312,
amount allowed $12.
J. .7. Kraps, amount claimed $12,
amount allowed $12.
J. S. Graham, amount claimed $15,
amount allowed $12.
Statesman Pub. Co., amount claimed
$8.07, amount allowed $8.57.
ration Bros., amount claimed $1,
amount allowed $1.
Patton Bros., amount claimed
$15.50, amount allowed $15 50.
Patton Bros., amount claimed $4,
amount allowed $4.
Geo. F Rogers, amount claimed
$18, amount allowed $18.
Geo. F. Rogers, amount claimed
$22.50, amount allowed 22.50
Geo. F. Rogers, amount claimed $21,
amount allowed $24.
Geo. F. Rocers. amount claimed $10,
amount allowed $10,
L. V. Ehlen, amount claimed $5,
amount allowed $5.
E. M. Wnlto Printing Co.. amount
claimed $70, amount allowed $70.
E. M. Walto Printing Co., amount
claimed $13. amount allowed $1.1.
F. W. "Waters, amount claimed
$3.25, amount allowed $3.25.
Cap. Journal Pub. Co., amount
claimed $8.50, amount allowed $8.50.
J. S. Graham, amount claimed
$15.50, amount allowed $15.50
It. E. Moores &Co., amount claimed
$113.03, amount allowed $113.03.
It. E. Moores & Co., amount claimed
$2.50, amount allowed $2.50.
11. E. Moores & Co.,ainountclalmed
$17.55, nmount allowed $17.55.
B. II, Herrlck, ainouut claimed
$1.50; amount allowed $1.50.
Salem homltal, amount claimed,
$33; amount allowed, $33.
J. G. "Wrlght.nmount claimed, $3.03;
amount allowed, $3.05.
Mrs. Hello Delia veii.iimount claimed,
$."; amount S5.
Cook Bros., amount claimed, $0.80;
amount allowed, $0.80.
B. II. Drmlshiiw, amount claimed.
$8; amount allowed, $8. j
I"). F. Lane, amount claimed, $5;
amount allowed, $5. I
D. F. Lane, amount claimed, $31;'
not allowed. 1
A. M. Clough, amount claimed. $2S:i
amount allowed, $28.
"W. W. Stephens, amount claimed,
$141.50: ainouut, nllnuoil t.ti nn 1
J. W.O'Douiiel. amount claimed.:,!
uiiiuuiib aiiowcd, $0. 1
. , - ""M-i
-"I '"
i. j. jwscy. amount calmed. 97.r.O!
unioiint allowed, 7.50. i
W. 1). MeGce, ainouut elalined, $1G;!
amount allowed $10. 1
i. . 1 .... h
r.tu SA-KK, nmount claimed, 18.2J;;"-,- iu JOf)0'
amount allowed, m.'Zi. . State or Oregon vs. Hert Dunn: j
Hoys' and Girls' Aid 8ooloty,amouiitlA,0-(-,'t $ jj 00
claimed, $0.f0; amount allowed, $0.50.1 E(1 N Kdes, amt. old. $1:1.80... 1:1 00
ur.,1. a. binitii, nmount lnlnifii.
ilM; amount allowed, $i.fi0. '
juhy account. '
estacott Irwln.amount claimed, ,
; aniotint allowed, M.
Salem Con. St. itv. f'n.. .,,,,
claimed, W0; amount allowed, m.
Capital LumberliiB Co., amount
claimed, 3.iM; amount nllowed, 3.0I.
C. 0. Worrlek, amount claimed, 7,r
cents; amount allowed, 75 cents.
uiiis. Atherton. amount. iini,,,n,i
(l."5; amount allowed, $11.75.
n. uorgan, amount elalnip.1. fcur,.1
amount allowed. :i.4.i.
J. A. llornardl, amount claimed, f.0
vviiio-, iiuuHiiii allowed 50 cents.
H. M. Wade. t Pn in, in,,. ....!.. 1 i
5 nmount allowed W.
Utloy ft Eiumort, amount claimed, !
Ms amount allowed, $8. '
uregon Tel. and Tel. (.'... ..,,,.
RUl'KKVISOU'R Anvtnwn. ' A.
i'. u. unrold, aiiKumt ..i,ii....i a...!Eii.
1 -. .. .. -vv""l I
amount allowed. $21. ' ' ' . a.
H. II. Ilorrluk. amonni ..i..t..,.wi o.
amount allowed, ts. "' .1.
I', l). C'OlTuV. nwMc.h
claimed, $100; amount allowed. 8100. C.
. Chl Wren Oiy for
tnhor'8 Cattorla,
ini 1 .; ' m, -i nmount " mucs 0 70
S i m ST U,,t Mmc 7-,r" A D,,,0T M W
,,;:,;" Cov "'"t clamed, Stato of Oregon vs. Emma .1. Pick -
51.1; amount allowed, M. .era; v
buibuviboiib I rww..
W. P. Babcock.deputyclcrk.araount
claimed, $40 amount nllowcd, $40.
John Knight, sheriff, amount
claimed, $535.12; amount nllowcd,
A. M. Clough, inquest on body of A.
Link, deceased; the amount claimed
$28.00, nmount allowed $28.00.
A. M. Clough, burial expenses;
amount claimed $13, amount nllowed
J. W. McKlnney, Jury; nmount
claimed $1, amount allowed $1.
Jas. Batchclor, jury; amount claim
ed $1, amount allowed $1.
L. J. Vlbbert, Jury; amount claim
ed $1, amount allowed $1.
S. C Klghtlluger, Jury; amount
claimed $1, amount allowed $1.
S. Mundell, Jury; amount claimed
$1, amount allowed $1.
Chas. Vnn "Wairner. Jury: amount
claimed SI, amount allowed $1.
E. M. Crolsan, witness; amount
claimed $1.70, amount allowed $170.
Thos. Roberts, witness; amount
claimed $1.50, amount nllowcd $1.50.
Louis Ralph, witness; amount
claimed $1.70, amount nllowcd $1.70.
J. A. Boney, witness; amount
claimed $1.70, amount nllowcd $1.70.
. J. II. Pculland, witness; amount
claimed $1.70, nmount nllowcd $1.70.
Dr. S. It. Jessup, medical services;
amount claimed $3.20, amount allow
ed $5.20.
A. M. Clough, Inquest on the body
of Irwin Plcmmlng,deceased; nmount
claimed $24.00, amount allowed $24.00.
S. R. T. Jones, Jury; amount claim
ed $1, nmount nllowcd $1.
Geo. W. "Whitney. Jury: amount
claimed $1, amount allowed $1.
Geo. J. "Wolfer, amount claimed
amount allowed $1.
O. A. Bylnnd, amount clusmed
amount allowed, $1.
Win. Platts, amount claimed
amount allowed $1.
J. R. Jordan, amount claimed
amount allowed $1.
Mrs. B. J. Grimm, witness; amount
claimed $1.70, nmount allowed $1.50.
Alinon Mary Grimm, witness:
amouiitclalined $1.70, nmountnllowcd
Morcns O. Smith, witness; amount
clalmeu $1.70, amount allowed $1.70.
A. O. Condlt, amount claimed $10,
amount allowed $3.
B. II. Bradshaw, amount claimed
$., continued.
"W. II. Byrd. M. I).. amount cluhnnd
$3, nmount allowed $5.
Stato of Oregon vs. Andrew Robin
A. O. Condlt $3 00
H. A. .lohnson Jr 0 70
A.T. Wnlii 1 70
Stale of Oregon vs. Orln Mergan:
D. C. Sherman $:, 00
II. A. Johnson Jr i -:n
A.T. Wain 1 70
State of Oregon vs. Otto Blesser:
I L A. Johnson J r $1 00
State of Oregon' vs. Henry Blesser:
II. A. Johnson Jr $1 00
Stato of Oregon vs Thos. MeNary:
11. A. .lohnson J r at on
HtateofOroL'on vs .Thru -v..icn...
W.S. Hurst, amt. eld m.C. . . .'. M no'l
J. M. Will..
U oi
ouuo or uregon vs
'vim Arrt-sT....
" - "-t)W. .-. J U3,
iiWJ. 4ill V,
coiunialned of 11s John Dnn. nnrv.
Hlosser, Otto niosser and Ilcriunn
V S. Hurst, amt. eld. tfcio.75. . . sin ?n
., ,... --- " "
-. I'Uley -n
"an Voliim $1 00
AV ,s- Low 1 00
tiios. Uaulleld
1 nn
A. H. Smith 1 nn
O.M. Hunter .'!.'!!!.'! 1 00
M. A. CavanaiiKli 1 00
F..1. Smith
... 1
... 1
. . 1
... 1
Leo Welch
O. Melby...; ....
X. Motlltt
KM. Long
"Win. Lonir
. 1
l'il. xT i.inU
,1 T ", i
A. C. Dlllcy
stllto f Oregon vs." Ed! '
A. O. Condlt. . .
0 70 i
u 'uf
2 M '
Elsle: I
..$5 00
111. X. Edcs..
O. Cntwll
- " w...M.
x. pic
n. nnu. " :
iv ;a
1 70
1 to
1 70
1 ? i
"WW. im.i..
Pickerel '
H.L. Ponton..
A Ml.ni...t
t 1
N. Lko.
1 70
" ". ALUJUMl'. OL
SSr 8!
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castorla.
Geo. Stewart " Lq trall'B In the dust.
StiUoofOregonvs.'Lot''K'ElilsJr.:LYe?ter(la' Wr. Case and f Robert
hall building
The town
In about
Mr. L. Jacobs went to Detroit yes
terday. A Maccabec lodge wa.S organized
here last Friday with 20 members.
Thoma & Hcstornro rtinnlngstcady
pack-trains from hero to Quartsvllle.
C. Sullivan, acting superintendent
of the O. C. & E. R. R., went upon the
train Tuesday.
Frank Boo has moved up from Stay
ton, and has gone in partnership with
C. D. Matheny, In the blacksmith
Dr. Terry, formerly of Portland,
has moved up and will be a resident
of Gates In tho future.
Conductor John Tway will com
mence building his two story store
nnd olllcc building In a few days.
Cox's hotel Is about completed. He
has eight carpenters at work on the
Geo. M. Stafford who has been work
ing In Qunrtzvllle for the Lawler
Mining company., Is out lor a few days
Opera flote?, Saturday, March 28.
Robert J. Btipdflf?,
The King of Humorists.
Who has not wished to hear
General admission 75e.";ErtCMc:nbers Y. M, C. A 50 Cents,
'No extra charge Tor re :r-. d ,?u's,n -w on sale at F, S.
The Original 25-c nt Squirrel Poison.
v 1 jfiHBSPPSs-lofesL.
iAUY 1 nu&i&S&igmBk m
kwLJjymwfflSMk m
k ummma'rTZ'Jw.t s'tciubflov Miu
iS wIKAyJSSV S "- v tZvtSjL&uzk
v. 1 MLmmJtvi tv. n.rT&riiji
-M?.- Jl(:-'furrr.lj,Iir.TEk IB 'fci
,., ,,.-,, ,fsiJiii5iBj'UMi.-5,
- mri-...- ---.--" ;iri.nofjnr'w-"jttj
? ,M- - mmml
S. M. Daniels, ofHelo, was In town
Saturday looklnir unit Incut Inn fm-n
Koneral nicrchandlso store.
'. 'M'uriy, wiiose name we failed to
iZ'lL i'" ii1Irci"tSecl n l0t ,!.n t,,e
v,u MUl i tun uiiu riu put a
wau' u snort lime.
W. II. JIand, aetlner siinnrlntonrinnt.
of the Lawloy JIIiiIiik company, was
In town a few days a,'o htoimliiir nt
Cox's hotel.
... .
wo umierstand a 5 statin) nuartz-
M will bo put up In tho mlnlmr dls-
trlct on tho Llttlo North Fork Ina
8hoit tlaie.
Wo see tho name of Nellie II. Lam
son mentioned as a probable candi
date on tho Hepubllcan ticket' for
school superintendent of Linn county.
Mrs. Lamson taught school hero two
years ago and was tho best teacher
wo ever had In this district.
Tho Republicans hare seem to bo
VOI'V fflVfttMlKlst irx rn Ml r
, ...iv...,ulu tu j.. x, ueorasa con
gressional candidate- Ills actions
two years ago following rennoyer
dul ng tho campaign Is conclusive
uwiiuuce 1 nut .w rii iii... ..?
i, ." ,vu """ "s standard
heac, our colors would not be fn,.,,,!
,' ,, .. ? V,;l" il" 'Xl'oru settle
ment nnrl.AV rn ni...i 1 . . vvv
...,;: "." " a. u Gates
; ," n1 ' , ,0WC(I out lh0 location
mn tIle ro"l from horc to tho Elk-
'""' wement on tho Little North
,orK- no road will uo a llttlo m.
fou,r ",e tang with a goo 1 "ro d bed
' n,,rt veri' ""lo grade. ' (l
Duriiic- tii ia
L"l,,n,?t,10lt,st campaign Dolitlci
i. ...in accoinmodatlotis. AVo
;';r'WoBoodhall building 30x00,
nnd wo want every speaker who comes
UP the Santlam to stop ofr at Gate'
-Miss Anna Alrinrsrin ...i. i... .
visit i,, i. ,..:.:.:.'' "uu"us "een
attended t. Z"""lsv,Uo Po
o.-... " iwuw lueetlnrr nt.
1VIIII1 Kniwln.. . ... o ""
Otrortlnn,! "' "WOtl,
- - - tih,ia, jir. firwi f x
nSr: '2Ti a
"mi., wuimiiv nrn..
' ""VtlllMlll
Spbcial Salb)
On this day wc will offer bargains in the dress goods I '
defy competition, At our special sales wc offer you
and all clean, fresh goods, not the remnants and accuJ??
01 uii mc uaiim ujn aiunu, ui me coumrr, neither do wc 11
the business methods of others, but adhere strirtu, . 1
Wc lead, but never follow,"
257 Commercial street
I Phone 112,
. 1 jii 1 .mi
S S "f s
genial "Bob" Burdette, At last
has art-Ivrrl.
111 l.ndiiml rum. f.itif.tii.il Ti.... i
of farmers from alt nvrr iV; .ini. ),
learned diat FRY'S SOUIRUPr. mimw
(at 25 cents Is as good or better than more
'expensive foreign iimni ni ..-....!
stieni'lli I.VvU fj 1 1,. ,...! 1 .
,. ,, ", ..... ...V biiuiiic uiiu musi re
liable poison. Uc no othrr. For sale by
Oeo. I., llaskett. Fr.l a rn a. wf
I'ulliam.nnil lrlni-r;,. ......'..'
lem "Hi;ls
itr , JmPrtnnt t" Farmers.
ti.n rllc.cf.0's. S(l,illH1 Kxtoniilnntor
M ,,ml n,1(l only article of It,
ynd glvlnp complete satisfaction
Is ow reduced from fio to 30 cents per
can. For salo by Stelner Dr Co.
Lllllll A: rti-nnlra m.,.1 n Nir , ..'? Ul'
haleni.Oregon. 3-l-lm
a surprise party was given at Mr.
Jt. 1 . Smith's home. Jrar.io, In honor
of Mr. Smiths forty first birth day.
Horn-To Mr. & Mrs. L. S. Geer
uitr. iu. a tho pound son
Our new roirl Kiiiurvicnin..i .-
Ingat the roads in good cheer, In spito
of lommy's petition. Tommy was so
wivCLswui in tnat attempt wo think
llO Will bo OUlto ronrlv f .... J,
such an undertnklnc.
Mr. iirown 0llr 8hoe naker lmg
moved to Turner.
Deafness Cannot be Cured.
ron .1, V .A ! ' r!" ,OHS "oy cannot
Tiir. ; To iU0LM i)or"on8 or tho ear.
iio a id t ,nt0nio ny t0 curo (leafl
rpinpriinc t?1 ,8 b constitutional
remedies. Deafness Is caused bv in
nflamcd condition of tho mucoua
Vc"? ,f th0 Eustachian tube. When
s," Rota Inllamed vo i,'10"
and iZ'Sr terfJ !.
BS?? W JP'nnl condition,
mucous Bur-
foSi,'!iSvP",te.a Mars
culars, free. u bom for 0,r'
inSS3BfrJgf o
m,, Cheap Rates to Frisco
The o.lipsm mi., a... , rf'
Olt &ivr na " ,n eirect on tho
f?&snctcrr8 fromi
J Steamers leave Portland .every live
Arnica Salve
in the world rnr
The Ivi, ci...
sores. Sores. Ulr,.,.
., --- -- .atvc
and all Tetter ChinA-'i 1- "'"' Fever
Bruises, Ski" F,umid ha,nd, Chilblain,,
Piles or nn J;"??ni MA. Positively curS
Rive ,.er feV sat i'sTc on or" to Kun''l to
Weeas cents Xn &?K "Iu"ded.
For sale by Fred A.'
OLD MAttnnw ,:
Salem Truck&Dy1MeSiifc-
' w 0Uf ,
1 11 1 ..
Chicago. March iSV&V,
May63i '""'' "4 61
SAN FRANPlr-rt ....
San Franeijco mm. .0"";.
Wool . . OreEon, ch01cc Q, IttV
Sc, valley, 9uc ' m h
Walla Walla? ." ,BVta ,
FlourPortland, int. 11-.,
.I.KtPraham. ti.f.c .,,... ir" i
cases. 7.it.
lay Good eWc&n' 2il
iiay..uood, S8.so per ton.
Wool..Val.eyt 90,00; Eastern Or
Mtll$tufls..Uran. n ca ,
ApPles..4oc. -w'J"".gj
Poultry.. Hens, 5c; rocsten. i.gaeo
, 'J ues.. green, salted 60 lbstc n.
14 " -- "V-,i-v
TT.'rTr'-::.r. ? ,u7..
-.v,. .v.vjjuu, 4 10 oc, accoritiijiol
Butter.. Oregon fancy creimtrr, tod
fancy dairy, 45; fair lo RodL
common, 17VJC. n
Cheese .Oregon full crem, uQiiy
Eca. .Oregon, orultn rwr Jn, "
Beef. . Topsteers, ,3 yt2 3.5c ' p ft;i,
w bwu nivvia, y,w,.t ysc: COWI. JV(ill
dressed beef. 45 jfc. "
- ., -
ewes, 1.35; dressed, 4Jsc.
Hoc Choice, heavy, 4 5o5o;tA
and feeders; 2.75; dressed, jV
Veal.. bmall, choice, 56c; hrjf.j?,
Wheat. .53'c n;r bu , market firm.
Oats .17c.
Hay.. Haled, cheat. $4.55.m; iiwdf,
... '
Hour.. In wholesale lots, 3cojr4
3.20; bran, bulk Il.oa; tackej, 11 ;
shortn, 12.oot3.00j chop led, uM
l'ouitrr. .Chlrkrm. 1 iwh m r.,
ducks, $3.S04 50; geese, J4.oor34eo;
keys, 9ioc; dressed, u(4i2Vc.
Vual..Diessed, 41,,
Hosi.. Dressed, 3.
live Cattle.. 22,
Shecij..Llve, 2.50.
Wool.. Best, irkc.
Hop. .Best, 4So-
Kggs..Cash. 8c.
Butter.. Best dairy. He: fancr crennw.
25 c
Cheese .izV.a&iin.
Farm SmoM AOat liseni it. kia
4juj shoulders, 5c.
-- . ... .... ., ,.,
unions.. 1 jc.
Populist Primary.
The Peoples party primary ofTei
Park will be held at RosedaleooSit
urdny. March 21. nt 1 o'clock!), nu
for the purpose of electing deleptfl
to the county convention and ti
transaction of such other buslnNB
limv enmn hnfnrA Mm nrlnmrv.
liy order of precinct chalrmin.
1. 31. WAQxri
nAGER ROTII.-In thoGerwsaJt
E. Church, Salem, March IT, WW
8 p. m., TSIIss Mary Hager to lw
Roth, both of Portland.
Roy. Jans, of tho German t
Church, otllclated, and the friends U
Mr. and Mr. Peter Roth decorated tie
church und mado the occasion tbj
pleasant for them. They will k
In Portland.
JERSEY I BULI-Pure bred Jersey bll
service, One of the finest anironi i
Oneofthe finest
Trm tf rli. C.
Oregon. Terms Ji casli. Can wi."T
1AI. n.u 1 f n ..
"mi;, uii iiiiusu uiiu u i ii j..
J'"T .
Highest Henors-Wor!43 W
Medal, MMwlatKF-
u t v - au 11:1 linn ia
.. w-fc., t..iji!s,zs. Mrrrli ;
' 1
lUo Pwftct
M"V WtS-J-L"

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