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Dally Capital Jfiurf.
TUESDAY.-M AllCH 21, 1890.
The undersigned Hereby announces
himself as a candidate for the olllco of
county school superintendent, subject
to the action of tlic Republican
county convention.
H. IT. Smith.
1 hereby announce inyfcclf a a
candidate for the olllco of COUNTY
ASSESSOR subject to the will of the
county Republican convention.
,l.w J. A. VAN EATON.
I have consented to have my name
borne before the Republican county
convention for representative.
The undersigned announces himself
as a candidate for Justice of the
I'cacoln Salem district, subject to the
action of tho delegates In the Republi
can convention.
John 0. HooTir.
Tho Chattanooga Times Is always
an Interesting study for tho philoso
pher. This time It lakes up witn a
loud ha, ha! tho Post's assertion that
the Mexican silver dollar will pur
chase as much In Mexico as the gold
dollar will purchaso In tho United
"And now comes tho Washington
Tost and cswiys to prove that a silver
dollar In Mexico is worth ns much as
a gold dollar Is In the United States.
To lHt the value of The Post's Infor
mation on this subject, wo ask It to
print Bomo lately published Moxlcan
wage sculcs. Will It also tell us what
tho discount for gold exchango on
Mexican dollars Is.ln the City of Mex
lMy If The Post Is right then our
country ought to loso no tlmo to get'
to tho ollvcr basis; meantime Moxlcan
dollars sell In New York at r4 cents
of State Klncald In the, Eugene
Hut one would think tbat If "pro
onfiiin which promises to make
'' ! prices for product higher, Is a good
,thlng so Is "free suver, ,.. "
.. tlia an in p. rpmilL. i. invv-v
tlonlst In tho nature of things Is also
a free sllverltc, and u free sllverlto for
i.u.....n rofiami Is a protectionist.
What a smllo Is to a laugh free silver
Is to protection. East urcgoiiiau.
We have always ciaimcu huh "
argued in these columns that protec
tion and free coinage of sliver, oy
which we mean the coinage of silver
as standaid money on an equality
with gold, naturally belong together.
Free trade and the single gold stand
ard have both the same tendency.
They reduce wages and prices of all
the products of labor, while tncy
drain our country of Its money to pay
for Imported goods and Interest on
debts contracted on a gold and silver
basis, when a dollar would not pur
chaso one-half us much labor or the
products of labor as a dollar will pur
chaso now. This Increases tho pur
chasing power of money every year,
and has done mi for twenty-three
years, while Jt Iiih decreased and con
tinues to decrease the price of labor.
It Increases the price of money and
credits, of which tho rich man's pos
If Suit (don't suit tho Cleveland Tic
i)Ubflca'ns,juid it surely will not, they
can flock together with tho Cleveland
Democrats. They will then have two
hobbies In place of one, and can divide
their tlmo between advocating free
r.nulo and gold monometallism, in
stead of harping all the time on their
golden Idol.
session tiro composed, and decreases
tho price of tho poor man's labor nud
the products of his labor, which arc
his only possessions and his sole means
of gaining the necessities and com
forts of life. This makes the rich
richer and the poor poorer.
President Cleveland Is consistent
localise lie favors frco trade and the
single gold standard. Democrats and
Populists who cling to the worn-out
frco trade theory and at the same
tlmo favor tho frco coinage of silver
aro not consistent. Republicans who
favor protection and the single gold
stanbard aro not consistent. In 1890
tho Republicans of Oregon, like all
other parties In this state, had a frco
silver plutrorm, and nobody objected
to It. No longer ago than last year
A Reader of the Journal Writes From
Ogden, Utah.
Times aro worse hero now than
they have' been since I am hero,
and most of real estate Is sold at 12
o'clock nt the land house to the high
est bidder for taxes.
Political parasites say, everything
Is cheap and one can buy as much
again for a dollar than one could live
years ago, etc., which Is true, but the
working men's wages hnvo been re-
,i..,1 nxnnrrllncrlv .fllso. NoW. WC
i,nnivtimt. PrnaWlnnt, Cleveland's, as
well as the whole army of ofllcc.holders
and flatterers' salaries have not been
reduced one farthing. These selllsh
patriots can buy their groceries and
everything they need as cheap ns the
poor laborers, therefore why not re
duce the ofllce holders' salaries ? Our
national government costs us now
about $10,000,000 per year, why not
cut it down to $20,000,000 ? With a
few exceptions, nobody hurrahs any
more on the Fourth of July, except
pensioners, olllco holders and office
seekers. "Hypocrisy."
Observe, If you please, Tho Post's every Republican In Oregon claimed
nronesltlon: Tho Mexican silver dol- to bo a blmetallist. Rut In the last
lar will purchaso as much In Mexico few months, since tho senatorial elec
as the gold dollar will purchaso In tho
United States Tho question Is ono of
fact. Tho question Is how much
merchandise, tho necessities of life,
clothing, etc., will tho Mexican silver
dollar purchiiBo In Mexico how much
will tho gold dollar purchase In tho
United States?
Justlco of tho peace Is an Important
olllco In Salem. It Is tilled by a nomi
nation from tho ten Salem precincts
and election by the people In June.
In Jurisdiction and volume of busi
ness It Is almost as Important as the
city recotder's court, or tho county
court. It Is an Important office and
Khould w tilled by an able, Independ
ent man.
Tho present lncumlieiit II. A. John
con, Jr., Is a candidate for re-election
ami has made a clean record for tho
past two years. Ills decisions have
been Just and Impartial. He has not
fomented litigation and has fearlessly
discharged his duty In n way that
makes him an honorable successor to
his worthy father, who was a Justlco
longer than any one man In tho Wil
lamette valley.
The Polk county Democrats adopted
a platform, gllttorlng with reform
Ideas. It fairly bristles with plausi
ble propositions for making over tho
Oregon state government Into an
eden on earth.
It abolishes all tho excessive salar
ies In county and state affairs, aboli
tion of nil the commissions and sine
cures, and cutting down appropria
tions and taxation to the point of
Rut, strango to say, these economists
and reformers do not mention normal
schoolH. Normal schools entirely
A movement is on toot to rcmovo
tho county scat from llandou to Co
qulllo City. Tho llullotln, of the
latter place, has a letter from Hon II.
II. 2tlo.holti of Coqulllo City, who
shows from u Randon paper that tho
county Is In dobt KW.000, and has hut
iiImiul tfOOO Invested In buildings at
Hamlon. Ho estimates HG.000 to
120,000 would erect mltublo buUdlnus
.for tho jusw county neat at Coqulllo
uity. Mr. Mchola makes, u strong
argument for hU town,
QoMral ud Nervous Debility,
WrAknm ot IWr and
WIdi, Ktrrcu o( Errors
Mntoo4tNi)ly ItwiorvJ,
Mow ta l.nUr)rt u4
fttwoBUitn WcA. ITn
ile vy loioJ .I'orttouaot
In I Uug tl oiua Trvalmeu U
Ml WlAtUt I. ml lr.7l..r.
- . '""tl.."H' . N
nut l(ir UwJrlpUvo Book, t
lirwwTM uiii
Jiin Itull.fv rmin
tlon In Oregon a year ago. Cleveland
has been able to carry oil a few Demo
crats and a fow Republicans In this
state, and they aro now declaring that
bimetallism Is noiisciiso and that
there never was and cannot be a
double-standard of money. They
havo suddenly becomo exceedingly
wise and arc puffed up with arrogance
and conceit. They demand In a
threatening manner single gold
standard. This would Incrcaso and
coutluuo tho present depression and
dlcllno In prices Indefinitely. They
say silver Republicans aro Populists,
traitors and enemies of the people,
and must bo driven out of tho Re
publican party with a club. They
advised Republicans to vote for
Cleveland's secretary of the treasury,
who has fastened nearly $200,000,000
of gold bonds on tho pcoplo in tlmo of
peace, for senator from Kentucky.
They uro doing all In their power to
destroy tho Republican party in Ore
gon. These arrogant dictators will
not support oven the Ohio platform If
tho Republicans or Oregon should
adopt It word for word,
Nothing but a straight gold-
standard platform of tho Cleveland
Carllslo pattern would suit them.
Thoy aro doing all In their power and
havo been for it year to dlvldo and
break-up tho Republican party. Rule
or ruin Is their policy. They failed to
rulo tho party In tho last Legislature
and are now socking to ruin It. If tho
Republicans of Oregon havo any re
ganl for humanity and Justice they
will not allow tho supporters of Cleve
land nnd Carllslo to dictate what tho
Republican plutfom shall contain or
who shall bo nominated for any office.
If tho Republicans want votes thoy
will not no hagaolous If they beek for
tliem among tho Cleveland Democrats
with u gold platform. They will bo
wiser if they adopt tho Ohio platform
which favors sliver as standard money.
If they adopt MoKlnley's Ohio double
standard platform with a slight varla
tlou, going McKlnley one better, It
will bo Bulled exactly to this climate,
and will bo ratlflcd nt tho noils hv u
vast majority of tho people of Oregon.
escaped their attention. Was It be-
causo there Is a state normal school at gone Hoard of Trade.
Trie Eugene Board of Trade Rightfully,
Asks' for the Improvement or the
m. ,s i?. ...,... Hiinnl of Trade. Satur
day livening, unanimously passed the
following memerial:
Wlnireas-, The Willamette River
runs through the middle of the Wil
lamette valley, one of the most fertile
and productive valleys on tho Paclllc
coast, containing a population or
ubotii 20,000 people, nnd produces a
largo quantity of wheat and other
cereals and fruit, and
Whereas, The Willamette river can
be made navigable for steam boats
from Portland to Eugene, during all
the year, and
Whereas, Steam boats have been
navigating that river fiom Portland
to Eugene during thoiwlntcr months
for the past two years and tho reason
why the steam boats cannot vavlgato
that river during the low stage of
water is on account of bars being
formed and the water not all being
confined In one channel, and
Whereas, Congress has never at any
time appropriated any money to speak
of for the purpose of Improving the
Upper Willamette river to ine greau
detriment and Injury of all the people
of the Willamette valley, and
Whereas, There is only ono rail
road extending through the Willam
ette valley on each side of the river
and both of these arc owned by one
corporation, and the freight rates ex
acted by that corporation aro exorbit
ant and more than the producers and
merclmntcan nfford to pay, nnd
Whereas, The only means that the
people of the Willamette valley have
for securing cheap transportation of
their produce and merchandise Is by
the Improvement of the Willamette
river from Portland to Eugene, and
Whereas, The pcoplo of Eugene dur
ing the last two years havo been com
pelled to transfer their freight from
Corvallis to Eugene by way of teams,
a distance of 40 miles, and by so doing
enabled the teamsters to mako fair
wages by hauling such freight for a
less rate than was demanded by the
Southern Taclllc Co.; now therefore
bo It
Resolved, By the people of Eugene
and of Lane county, Oregon, through
their Board of Trade, that congress
should take Immediate action to ap
propriate money sufficient to Improve
the Willamette river from Portland
to Eugene, so as to make it navigable
for steamboats tho year around, and
especially from Harrlsburg to Eugene.
Adopted March 21, 1890, by tho Eu-
Monmouth that Is run by Democrats?
The San Francisco News Letter, In
Its Issue of tho 2ist. lnst.,deals editori
ally with the presidential campaign;
tho railroad commission; the suffrage
bubble; the Examiner and the rail
road; tho Doctor Drown case, etc. All
the other departments are carefully
edited and contain much Interesting
criticism, especially thoso devoted to
the theatres and to book lcvlows. A
dainty lyric for the leap year appears
over tho naino of Howard V. Sutherland.
Tho Clackamas Pops propose tho
following salaries: SherltT, $1,000;
county clerk, $800; recorder, $700;
treasurer, $000; county Judge, $S00;
school superintendent, $720. Rut
Micro Is no saying that is all it would
cost tho pcoplo of that county If they
put tho Pops in office.
Tho editor of Thk Journal Is proud
of tho fact that all the professional
politicians in his precinct were
against him in the primary election.
Ills supporters were farmers and
laboring men.
Tho Clackamas county Populist
convention Is referred to by tho Iron
worker ns "a quiet gathering of earn
est men."
- . I Ll..'
Tho Republicans will put up a
winning tlckot today.
., .AHighFlMer
1Y4il Air
H mml i lH 1 1 H mm H mB im ik &
H mv .-mmmf MffOMjRw
m .mmmwB c.awifli;Mi'
Commercial Street, Comer
11'f .Capital l',li.i,
moved to that lotion, oil J1 1
C. H.
2." Commsrclil t .i. .
C-Jauits $ie upwards ii...;"1 I
" -lli
The largest piece of
GOOD tobacco
ever sold for io cents
On fnvwt I ..1 .
ration larriZ
conslde.ed wiih0u,fc
Du,u Rank buildIo3.AMlLT0NU
4Mlftuwa6apiWrfteatttaij)r, Children Crv for
-a. i
Deafness Cannot be Cured.
by local applications, as they cannot
reach tho diseased portions of tho ear.
Thero Is only ono way to euro deaf
ness, and tlmt is by constitutional
remedies. Deafness Is caused by an
Inflamed condition of tho mucous
lining of tho Eustachian tube. When
this tube gets Inilamed you havo a
rumbling sound or imperfect hearing,
and when It Is entirely closed deat
ness Is tho result, and unless tho in
(lamination can bo taken out and this
tube restored to Its normal condition,
hearing will bo destroyed forever
nlno cases out of ten are caused by
catarrh, which Is nothing but an In
tlirmed condition of tho mucous sur
face. Wa will ..I.... -k.. Tl 1 ..
for am case of deafness (caused by
??tm",U.that. cannot be cured by
cSSS t Seua forclr-
wi'?; cnsv &Co., Toledo O
TSold by Druggists, 75 cents.
Children Cry for
Pltoher Cat torla.
V. M. Wii.KiNfl, Secretary.
Editor Churchill, of tho Aumsvllle
Record, has bought land and Is build
ing. In a few weeks ho will bo located
under his own "vino and llg tree."
Wo congratulate him for the change
will bo of great bcnellt to him and his
well wishers.
The revival meetings at Stayton are
reported as very Interesting, as quite
a number from Aumsvllle attend.
McClary, the Populist speaker, was
In Aumsvlllo Wednesday. Tho last
time wo saw him was at a lecture that
ho delivered hore. First his coat
came off, then his vest and collar.
The situation was critical, but the
speech was ended. On Wednesday he
looked vigorous, In good shape. "Look
out a llttlo" Republicans, for Mc Is a
"stem winder" and Is way up In the
billions upon billions.
Our debate was a failure last week.
Poor subject.
Frank Pound was nominated Justice
of tho peaco by tho Republicans and
Samuel Landen by tho Populists.
Roth good men.
'Ihe Republican and Populist prim
aries were held last week. Seventy
two Republicans registered and
voted, and 27 Populists registered and
voted. Each party tried to out do
each other In kindness and showing
their friendship for each other. Tho
Populists went so far as to give those
uopuiiucaus present a complimentary
vote and somo of them camo within
20 votes of being elected delegates.
Without mentioning names, will
say that everybody was ln town this
H. Fryer, J. Weaver, Abner Lewis,
Charles Vanlce, Frank Pound and
Every reader of Tiii:jc.Touunal
should look up the list of premiums
given absolutely free with this paper.
The Weekly Journal at $1 a year is
the cheapest paper on tho Pacific
coast, yet with it wo glvo yearly sub
scriptions to any of tho following
valuable publications, each known to
tho world as a standard In its Held:
, The Toledo Rlade,
Tho Queen of Fashions,
Tho Farm News,
Tho Child Garden.
These valuable publications nrc
eacli worth a $1 a year, yet wo give
you your choice, ono year free, for a
$1.50 subscription to Tin: Journal,
cither tho Daily for six months or
tho Weekly for eighteen months.
See tho list, nnd don't neglect to profit
by It.
Don't bo deceived into paying for
so-called premiums offered with high
priced papers at a slight advance.
Remember The Journal Is the
rheapest newspaper on tho Pacific
coast, and it gives you high grade
'jremlums without additional charge
Bucklen's Arnica Salve
The best Salve in the world for Cuts,
Sorej, Bores, Ulcers, Salt Kheum, Fever
and all Tetter. Chapped hands, Chilblains,
Uralses. Skin Eruptions, and positively cures
Piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to
uve per tec sansiactton or.money relunded.
Price 25 cents a box. For sale by Fred A.
t'ondlt, Kepubllcans.wlll go to Salem
Tuesday to save the country again.
1). Rwnnk. Af. Siumr AV IT TY.rW
Will llnuil. Snni T.mulnn. P. MMrOmll
and Geo. llaynartl, Populists, will go
to Salem, Thursday, to save the
country for tho first time, ns all tho
past has been wrong.
James Moyor has put some blooded
stock upon his place, including chick
ens. Ho also has secured somo farm
ing Implements.
George Rayuurd Is around looking
himself again, but Is not ablo to go
to work. All are glad to seo him gain
strength so fast.
Dr. Ransom was In.hls ofllce Wed
nesday, tho first time in a month. In
the meantime, the sick' played a trick
on tho doctor and got well,
Ministers Should Use
Dr. Miles' Heart Cure.
Dealer in groceries, paints, oils,
window glass, varnisncs, ana
the most complete stocc of
brushes of all kinds in the
state. Artists' materials, lime,
hair, cement and shingles, and
finest quality ot grass seeds,
W0LZ & MIESCKE, Props.
Dealars In all kinds of fresh and salt meats
lVFresh sausago a specialty.
32I Commercial st. Cottle Mock
Successor to C. M. neck & Co.
Dost meats in tho city, Prompt delivery at
lowest prices.
I have a very simple home treatment which I
will send free to nil suffering women. Cures
female troubles of every nature. Most won
derful remedy ever known
The half has never been told;
For could we with ink the ocean All,
Were every blade of crass a null,
Were the whole world of parchment made
And every woman a scribe by trade
To tell the merits of Balm of Figs,
I.would drain the ocean dry.
Nor would the scroll contain the whole,
Though stretched from sky to sky.
Address Mrs. J. W. B., box 96, Tollman,
Linn county, Or. 2-i2.imt
Capital Transfer Co,
Express, baggage and all kinds cf work
done promptly. Leave orders at Fatton't
store 12-3-
TncnE 19 no r:orEssioN. whoso
labors go coverolytaxthonpivoussyg
torn, us that ot tho ministry. Tho de
rangement of tho nerve ceulom o( tlio bralu
by overwork frequonily brine oh attack
of heart trouble, and uorvou prostration.
Roy. J, 1 Uobter. M. I)., 1'aotor r. .
church, London Mills. Ills., hlm.clf a phyx!
clan, writes rob.26,1893! "Heart uf.vtlon
hud nervous iirotnitlon had bwocn ko
sorlous last fall that a. little ovu- wonclr.
tho pulpit would sa completely prvutrato w.
Dr. Miles' that u socn-d naiu i
TT . mutt lollnqiiUli tho work
Heart Cure t mmutry eu.ro;y.
Tctnt- ac nean Palpation Uvtinio
1CMU1C: eo bad that mr auditors
ITMlth WouW ask ,u0 If I -M not
"tulu havehoartdUonso. Lau
ftovember I commencad takluu Dr. Jlllw'
rew neart Curo alternately with r Miles'
ftcrvlno and dorlved tho greatest possible
beuoflt. I havo Jiut closed rovlval work of
10 weeks, preaching nearly every nlsht and
twice on tho Sabbath. I can speak for hour
without suffering a I formerly did. Hard
working ministers should keop Dr. Miles'
grand romedle on hand."
'wJS?Jm y U 80ld on .
t oottlo will benefit or ooaep refunded.
President. Cashier,
Transact a general banking business,
Miss Balk's School
Will receive children from 3 years upward
bpecial attention to beginners. All desired
branches for the older pupils taught, Includ
ing drawing, modeling, music plain and ar
tistic t.eedle work. All work done on the in
dividual plan, in which each child is ad
vanced according to its own capacity. For
terms and particulars apply to Miss O, Bal
lou. Twentieth and Chemeketa sts.
On city or farm property
OveriHuah's Il.int T If.
W?hwVeJuUcon,Pleteila new feed yard
one-hall block south of the court bouse.
I lease give us a call. Team 10c.
The Roui
:o6 Sutte street. New j ''.
guarantee the best meal in tbec5
reosonable. One trial will mwV
-- """" " uaiB,
" l. lARLTO!
F. VAN HER run.
Carpenter, Builder and jj
401 winter street,
lyilard limes prices always.
. otle.? .,0 ,JuildinB CwtratajJ
oius win ue receivcaat the omctoISc
if ltat C'i1ffm C Hill .i. .
Wartt.f.e1au Anrtl H 0. t ., 'I
"Y "";i ! u, louu, kji U(t
anu completion or a nospiul bS
Roseburc, Or., accordlni? io n!n .
linn. M.M Hn... L!I.T.t " . . T
iiuin, .i.,, iiuit uii cxuumion 11 tut gj
Delos D. Ncer, architect, 133 rwJ
Portland; state house, Salem. (Jr., oil
must oe accompanied with a ctu&id
drawn to the oiderof S. D. Onaiiid
man uuaiu ui trustees, uregoa it
iiumc, in a sum equal to j per CM I
the same to bo forfeited and and tA
the bomiers' Home lund incixM
or accepted bidder fails to enter b a
with acceptable bonds, inthettnofi
amount 01 contract, with at least tni
within 10 days alter the mtiia
All bids must be addressed to
"Care Secretary of State Sales, HI
lender 01 (name) torr
at Soldiers' Home."
The right to reject any ulift
hereby reserved, uy omertxtue
Trustees of the Soldiers' I loot.
Attest: S. B. ORMSBV, Chu.i'H
Legal BUmkPublbm
Bush's New Brick over the banlWj
German Lesson
Given by a qualified teacher, 1 tt.4
of Germany. Classes for ckJitsij
Mrs. Rapser. JJ
Given on reasonable lermW.lS
teacher. A. Wf
... 1 UM IrlJf I
Meets all man ana pxi," 'T. J
gage and express to all pru j
rrompi scrvn-c, vvr nyjjli
Officei Willamette Hotel BjJ
For water service appjr "M
nfivnMi monthly in M'1 1
complaints at the office. .J
nL jnlcket to prerent wwh
tively. prihlbUed. Care --
Htnuanger ui "B"-o,I" , .&
waste gate closed see section JMJ
?U. No drf-B fionU ttrj
lowea tor huschv. . - ,,-. 1
unless water is cut of from pJ
Ta flnr Subscri
1 v vii .
A &t'r.i' i,iiil
he Magazines in tuc v--,. ,
with theCapilal JowraL J
Amnnr thrt hicher pnew . u
.wifini Is the Ne W
crest or the 0 tier g. --r, a &
has. besides, its ffik
unrivalled. As swmlnfj,
r. historvand literature 01 '. ,
To those of New ftP
ever else you yourself uVe.P
N- England Z'i&
K. J. J"
100 Chemeketa street.
, -jj; ''a.atB:ki .

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