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nL. 8.
.NO. 71
tse nam times;
i All
""Why, my dear
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courteous treatment.
of the WillairteftTonTversify.
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A T A7" A f TM Y? T?
t A. x. WAuJi. t
I - i
cT A "RT.FC-
I .-..! J- J
bIock I
Stable tuck "of State Insurance
A Large Convention of Dele-
gates in Session,
The Convention Diligently Works at
Its Routine Grist,
Pursuant to call the convention of
Marlon county Populists met at tho
opera house this forenoon, and the
meeting was called to order by Chair
man K. L. IUbbard at 10:30 o'clock.
Tho number of delegates entitled to
seats in the convention, under the ap
pointment of ono at large for each
precinct and ono for each 10 votes
cast for Nathan Pierce for governor
In 1891, was 200.
After a hearty cheer on calling the
meeting to order Chairman Hlbbard
read tho call.
Mr. Swank moved that K. L. Hlb
ard actas temporary chairman. Unan
imously carried. Judgo Boise nomi
nated T. C. Jory as temporary sec
retary. Unanimous. R. II. Leabo
was In like manner elected temporary
Before another thing could bo don
L. II. McMcahon moved that a com
mittee on resolutions be appointed.
Mr. Swank very properly thought
credentials and order of business
should come first.
On motion the chair appointed as a
committee on credentials: T. C.
Davidson T. Y. McClclIan, I. M.
Wagner, B. T. Oeorgo.Frank SImcral.
A commlttco on order of business
was asked for when John P. Robert
son moved that a commlttco on reso
lutions be appointed. Adopted
unanimously. McMahon in order to
save time made a speech against this
motion. Ilia motion to defer was lost.
On motion ovory delegation having
absentees wlis empowered to lill Its
ranks by appointment.
Order of business L. II. MoMahon,
Geo. Weeks, S. It. Burford, Clina
Miller, Jas. B. Dawson.
Resolutions John P. Robertson,
J. W. Jory, D. E. Swank, J. M. Poguo,
T. J. McClcary.
On the suggestion of I). E. Swank,
T. J. McCleary was Invited to address
the convention while the commltteco
were doing their work. Tho gentle
man appeared and spoke In a pleasing
voice. IIo spoke for tho common peo
ple and pointed to the portrait of
Abraham Lincoln, as did tho Repub
lican speakers tho day before, as tho
immortal representative of his party's
Ideals. IIo claimed that only one
man In congress today truly rep
resents tho masses, while tho lawyers
and bankers had the rest, and that
their Interests were Identical and
who legislated only In behalf of tho
money power1 ; IIo condemned tho
Democrats and Republicans alike, and
6tatcd that the Populist party was an
organized protest against the Iniquit
ous policy of tho parties. He said tho
bankers were tho lice upon your
backs, tho llcas upon tho dog Anni
hilate tho present system and tho
fleas will bo out of a job. He ridiculed
G rover Cleveland and the single gold
standard as well as tho free silver
men. There Isn't a Republican upon
tho face of God's groan earth who
knows what money Is. Only Popu
lists know this precious stuff, Gold
jand silver is not money. It exists
, only in the imagination. The law
alouo makes money. After closing
i his remarks General Weaver of Iowa,
, who had just arrived, was introduced.
j The general entered upon a felicitous
and polished speech. He pleased his
j hearers immensely, and brought out
cheer after cheer. IIo said history
j was simply repeating itself. Tho
, older men in tho house had seen old
I party lines broken up, and that
, it was coming again in tho yery near
' future. After tno general closed with
' a great cheer, Representative Jeffries,
1 of Juckson, was introduced, and spoke
' in his usual bright strain. Upon
1 .. .. . m a 1
motion 'tlie convention BlOOU aa-
Joumcd until 1 O'clock p. in.
Amn8VjueDoswank, O. II. Mitch
"" W.,i TT TTnwrl. M. H. SpCOr, W.
II. II. Darby, S. T. Loudon, 0. II.
G,,bert -
stayton-w. Huntley, S. T. Darby,
David Smith, Henry Biner, II. Bor-
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Cattorla.
chart, .7. M. Walters, J. W. Thomas,
J. W. Apple. j
North Salem Wni.s Pugh, S. 0.
Pugh, R.I. Keatty, T. Ji Clark, 11.
Fletcher, A. F. Holt, L. m Benson.
Woodbum L. Walker, favo. Cllno
proxy).!. It. Linn, L. W. Glilss, L. W.
Guerln, (Gulss proxy) Geo.
J. A. Harper, (&utss proxy
II. Over
Dyer, A.
man. (Gulss proxy) Geo. II,'
Wood. '
Yew Pnrk-J. M. "Wagner, T. C.
Jory, Homer Cleveland, B.ishaw.Jno.
Hunt. T
South Salem C. L. Weaver, J. 11.
Wlllartl, J. W. Jory, S. R. Burford, J.
B. Parker, Chas. Madison, Jl A.Colby, '
E. O'FIIng, J. Doncer, T. C. David
bon, E. Colgati, J. Hoffman, i
ItHtciibtish Orrln Judd, 1 T. ,
Monroe, (F. T. Mnyburn proxy) Frank
West Sllvorton A. F. SImcral, lug
bort borcn, D. N Fish, Sol Anderson, '
King Hlbbard, W. R. JonoV, L. C. '
Pooler, J. D. Guls, E. A. Payne.
Prospect G. P. Cadwell, L. B.
Hlxon, (11. J. Sharpo proxy) H. T.
Jory, J. P. Robertson, Jas. Matthews,
S. S. Gimble, G. N. M. Hauler.
Jeffersen: J. Curl, W. Pato, W. F.
Jones, O. A. Cooper, R. F. Myers, Win.
Council, C. Miller, Jr., J. W. Ilouck,
C. Libby, II. B. Burrows, Chas. Miller,
Turner: J. P. Murphy, G. ,W. Hun.
sakcr, I. L. Robertson, N. J. Wlllard,
Clark Barzec, J. W. Barr, G. F. S.
Matteson, proxy.
Ablqua: F. Frusko, G. G,i F. .Bon
noy proxy, G. F. Bouncy, G.W. Vcd
dor, F. F. Boggs, D. F. McKee, J.
Sublimity: Riley Phillips, J. J.
Kraus, Chns. Warren, W. G. Morrl
Hold, II. Copeland, J. Morley, J. D.
Darby, 0. Phillips proxy, T. Dean.
East Salem: F. A. Myers, F. W.
Allen, John Devlno, D. Golgcr, J. V.
Silver Falls: Oliver Butler, S.
Brown, Geo. Howo.
Hewell: II. A. Peters, L. Stevens,
I. Stevens, B. Wlesnor, G. W. Weeks,
J. A. McCann, E. A. Bnughmnn, J. L.
Wood, J. A. Norwood.
Gervais: J. D. Smith, Eugene Man
ning. Clias. Fitzgerald, A. Schnarb,
A. Waero, Frank Nlhlor, P.P, Stevens.
Ilorob; JB, T, George, C. IHlnklo,
A. L. Gates, T. J. 'McClcary, Don A.
West Sllverten: A.F. Simeral, Ing
bcrt Larscn, D. N. Fish, Sol Ander
son, K. Hlbbard, W. R. Jones, L. C.
Pooler, J. D. Gul6s, E. A. Pague.
Wood burn: Lcn Walker, by Gco.T,
Cllno proxy. Geo. T. Cllno, J. R. Linn,
L. W. Gulss, L. W. Guerln, J A.
Harper, and II. Overton, by L. W.
Gulss, proxy; Geo. II. Dyer, A. Wood,
Geo. Hammond by A. Wood, proxy.
Marlen: M. Bailey, 0. Farlow,
Frank Llbby, II. Gulvin, J. Strauscr.
Stayten: W. Huntley, L. F. Darby,
David Smith, Henry Bruor, Hermann
Broochart, J. M. Waters, J. W.
Thomas, J. W. Apple.
Salem No. 3: J. II. Bradley, J. P.
Frizzcll, J. B. Stump, Jas. Rader, J.
II. Bradloy, T. L. Golden.
Englewoed: Geo. Nichols, R. P.
Boibc, A. II. Runner, R. D. Perkins,
Frank Wnnlcss, John Bustlnson.J. II.
Nowatney, M. Smith, S. II. Keycs.
Yew Park: I. M. Wagner, T. 0.
Jory, H. Cleveland, B. Shaw, John
Macleay: J. T. King, T. B. Knys,
Geo. W. Eoff, L. If. McMahan,
Hubburd: G. B. Dlmlck, R.
McCuustland, A H. Glcason.
Labish: A. D. Baker, C. Skoy, Geo.
Goff, J. N. Galnord.
South Salem: Peter Francis, D. F.
Jcrman, J. P. Slioup, J. P. Ropers,
North Salem: S. O. Pugh, Wm.
Pugh, T. J. Clarke, Henry Fletcher,
A. F. Holt, D, A. White, L. W. Ben
son, Frank Beatty.
Salem No. 1: John M. Pnyno, R. R.
Ryan, 0. Potor.
Salem No. 2: It. H. Leabo.
Marlen: M. Dally, 0. Tatlow,
Frank Llbby, II. Gulvin, J. Straussc.
Linceln: D. E. Swank, 0. II
Mitchell, W. n. Howd, M. II. Spear,
W. II. II. Darby, S. T. London, O. II.
Tho convention adopted an order or
business and proceeded to balloting on
candidates for a county ticket.
Tho Populists are alsoshowlng some
signs of clay on their boots,
Tho Statesman has nothing to say,
Like the little boy in a disagrccablo
predicament, silence bulU it beet. Of
course, it will support the party. It
always docs. And the party supports
Texas Republicans.
Austin, Texas, March 25. The
Republican state convention met at
1:30 p, in. Tho convention adjourned
until fl p. m. Tho McKlnleyltes hayo
given up tho fight. Reed and Allison
men are in control.
May ad Set for Day of Adjournment
Church and State.
Washington, March 25. Senator
Piatt has Introduced a resolution In
thi senate for tho adjournment of
congress May 2.
I .Sherman presented a fnvorablc re
port on tho resolution authorizing cx
j President Benjamin Harrison to nc
1 cept tho decorations conferred on him
by Bnwll and Spain, while ho was
president. Shcrmnnnskcd Immediate
action. "Let that resolution go over,"
Interposed Allen, of Nebraska. Tho
resolution went over.
Galllnger, of Now Hampshire, pro-
M)scd an amendment to tho consti
tution, to be known as nrttclo XVI,
providing that neither congress nor
any stato shall pass any law respecting
the establishment of a religion or
prohibiting tho freo oxorolso thereof,
or tho use of tho United States or of
any stato of any money raised by
taxation for the purpose of founding,
maintaining or aiding any church,
religious denomination or religious
society, or any Institution, society or
undertaking wholly or In part under
ficctaraln or ecclesiastical control.
Washington, March 23. Tliort.
was a dash of excitement In tho open
ing proceedings of tho houso today.
Bartlett, Democrat, of Now York,
rose to a question of personal
prlvllcgo to deny u statcmont. Ho
furnished n campaign circular used by
Sulzcr, Democrat, of Now York, a few
days ago in an attack upon Gibson,
Republican, of Tennessee Ho de
nounced tho chargo as a libel and
a lie.
MgMinnville, March 25. Nows
was received today from Washington
that tho construction of a lock and
dam under tho contract 'system lias
btcn authorized at Lafayette. - Tho
sum of 900,000 has been appropriated.
A Drutual Husband Confesses to a
Fiendish Murder.
Boston, March 25. Hiram II. Mor
rison was arrested Monday night after
his wlfo had beon found dead at their
homo, with Anger marks upon her
throat. IIo has confessed ho choked
tho woman to death, in a lit of rage,
at her having a crowd In tho house
drinking. He was also drunk.
Philadelphia, March 25. There
little doubt today that Annlo Mc
Grath, who was found dead on Glrard
avenue Monday night, was cither
killed, as a result of a plan for doublo
8tiloldc,by Samuel Langdon, a wealthy
coal operator, whoso mistress uho was,
or Hho alono committed' Huldldo. Tho
ovldencc thus far adduced polnta
almost conclusively to tho theory that
Langdon took her life and then at
tempted to commit suicide but for
sook this purpose and fled.
Yamhill Mines.
M'Minnville, Or., March 21. Tho
arrival of an account of the assay,
mado by Mr. Flsk, of Portland, of
mines discovered here, cooled tho
temperature of the mining fever. The
owners of tho lode, however, nro com
placent, and say tlioy have a prospect
and assays that justify their conduct
up to the present, and that they will
bo governed in the future by further
developments. A party will leave
hero tomorrow to locate claims on
Testament creek, wheroa cropping cf
tho lode has been found.
Two Deaths.
Paris, March 25. Tho Haytien
bank lias received news that President
Hfppolito died today of apoplexy.
Tiio Haytien legation has no news on
the subject.
WASiimoTON, March 25. Brigadier-General
Thomas "Lincoln Catcy.
retired for many years, chief of tho
cnginecrsof the, Unjted States army,
died suddonly at 3 o'clock this after
Tho result of the Marlon county
convention was a complete vindica
tion or the rlghts'of the people to
trample upon ring rule and machine
politics. Tho genulno reform woik of
tho last legislature has been endorsed
and tho pcoplo havo ordered a for
ward movement on tho sanio lines.
Machine politics dictated from
Portlnnd has rccolved another death
blow In Marlon, the banner Republi
can county of Oregon. Tho Republi
can .convention by tho tlukot It has
nominated has declared that It stands
with tho pcoplo of tho state at large
and that tho will of tho people shall
bo respected above that of bosses.
Tho pcoplo have vindicated tholr
right to revolt against maohlno poli
ticians who keep no pledges or plat
forms, but only regard politics ns a
gamo of spoils. The rights of tho
common pcoplo to be represented in
tho councils of party havo been as
serted nnd another victory has been
won in tho name of Republicanism for
a government of, for and by tho peo
ple. The pcoplo will ratify their work
begun Tuesday at tho polls in no half
hearted muiincr. It was a grand
round-up of Republicans from princi
ple and not for revenue. Now
blood Is infused m tho veins of tho
grand old party of protection and
patriotism, and It will go forward to
now victories nnd now achievements
for tho well being and prosperity of
tho American people.
The Republican county ticket
printed clsowhoro will wo bcllovorc
colvo tho hearty Htipport of a majority
of tho pcoplo of Marlon county and bo
elected by the largest average majori
ties ever given any sot of men nomi
nated for olllce ln.thlB county.
Tho ticket la well distributed
geographically, sections of tho county
rccolvlug recognition that nuvcr had
any before. Mchamn, Brooks, Silver
ton and Scott's Mllls, get places on
tho ticket. Thcso Sections havo not
had recognition in many years. Thu
men who nro renominated for county
olllccs, stand well with tho people.
The new names put on tho ticket
will add a great deal of strength to
tho ticket, which Is not always tho
case. Tho legislative ticket will bo
found very close to tho hearts of tho
masses. Tlioy will run "like scared
wolves" nnd not bo very scared either,
and In place of ttlirro men who will
defend tho rights of ,tlio common
pcoplo there will be live men there.
Tho county and legislative ticket
are both strong. Thoy will work In
perfect harmony. Tho tlckot will
bear tho closest scrutiny. It will not
bo ucccftsary to carry on a costly
campaign to elect this tlckot. It Is u
tlckot that will elect Itself. It Is a
pcoplo's ticket, by tho pcoplo and for
tho plooplo, and tho pcoplo will stand
by tho ticket they havo helped tho
Republicans to put up.
Kncland Joins U. S,
Chicago, Mnrch 25. A special to
thoTrlbuno form AVashington says:
Aid for Cuba has come from an unex
pected source. It Is said hero that
England will follow tho UultcdStates
In recognizing tho Cuban patriots.
An informal intimation to this effect
lias been received at tlo state de
partment and tho status of tho Cuban
question has changed at once, owing
to this sudden development.
London, March 25. It Is otllolally
denied that Great Britain Intimated
that alio Is In favor of tho active in
tervention of tho United Slates In
, Highest of all in Leavening Power.
Ballots on the Different
Tho Boys From tho Country Wore
Strictly in It.
Representatives Dr.J.N. Smith.
II. L. Barkley, E. W. Chapman, Mc
Klnley Mitchell, David Craig.
County Judoe G. P. Torrell.
Commissioner J. N. Davis.
Cleric L. V. Ehlcn.
Bheiufp-F. T. Wrlghtman.
Recorder F. W. Waters.
Assessor J. W. Hobart.,
Surveyor B. B. Herrlck.
Trrabuhrr Jasper Minto.
County Suit. Geo. W. Jones.
Coroneh-A. M. Ctougli.
County Chairman Geo. W. Davis.
proceeding ov convention.'
After tho llrst ballot Dr. J. N.
Smith and Hon. 11. L. Barkley wore
nominated and there was much
Tho names of 1). W- Matthews nn d
J. M. Poormnn, were withdrawn and
at 4:30 tho convention proceeded to the
There were thirteen names remain
ing from which to chooso tho remain
ing threo representatives. Tho result
of tho ballot was as follows.:
Chapman 150, Belknap, 33, Critlg 70,
Cornelius 42, W, II. Smith 8, Wright
42, MoKlnnoy 10, Armstrong 5,
Mitchell 110, Adams 20, Peareo 05,
Litchfield 11, Crolsan 104; 245 votes
cast, necessary for a cholco 123.
Mr Chapman was tho next success
ful nominee.
Tho tollers began collecting tho bal
lots at 5:35. Tho result of tho count
was, viz.: Jkakuau21,, vPmcliiisU),
Wright 20, A.rmstmng 4, Craig WJ
Smith 0, McKluneya, Ml(ciell J23,
Adams 8, PcarV.o 72, Litchfield l,Orol -san
05. Number of 'ballots uat 2H);
necessary to a cholco of 121.
There wero four ballots with threo
names on each and Chairman Waldo
asked what disposition to mako of
them. "Throw om out," enmo from
all portions of tho houso and the
chairman acted on that suggestion.
Mr. Mitchell was declared the next
noinlnco on the Republican repre
sentative ticket and was carried to
tho rostrum by his delegation and
friends. Thoro ho mndo a brief speech
extending his thanks to tho delega
tion for tho honor conferred on him.
Another ballot was required to
chooso tho fifth nnd last representa
tive. It was 0:10 o'clock when tho
chairman called for tho delegates to
prepare tlicl ballots. Tho count
stood as follews: Crolsan 60, Belknap
0, Crnlg 117, Cornelius 1, Wright 2,
MoKluueyO, Armstrong 0, Adams 2,
Pcarco 35, LI tcli Hold 0. Votes cast
No ono haviiiL'u majority no election
was declared.
Mr. Crol san stopped to the rostrum
und withdrew his nuiiio, saying that
It was quite apparent that some other
person was wanted Instead of himself
Ho thanked his friends for standing
by him.
Boiiio oho moved that Mr. Craig ho
declared tho noxt nominee by accla
mation, but it wiih not acceptablo to
thu greater portion of tho conventio n
and another ballot was necessary.
virru IIALLQT.
The tellers began tho count ut 0:45.
Mr. Craig was olected by a voto o f
144, to Mr, Pierce 83, and Mr. Wright
7. Tho remainder was bcattcrlng.
Mr. Craig also thanked tho conven
tion for selecting hltuasono of their
representatives. Ho thought it was
an ondorsomontiof his action n th
lust-legislature, Ho Is for economy,
cutting down appropriations, etc.,
nnd for John II. Mitchell for tho
United States boiiiUo.
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