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Daily Capital Journal
THURSDAY, Al'ItlL 1, 1890.
DR. J. N. SMITH, of Salem,
II. L. HARKLEY, of Woodburn,
K. XV. CHAl'MAN, of Brooks,
DAVID CRAIG, of Maclcay.
County J ikIkc,
(MIOVK T. TERRELL, or Meliama.
County Commissioner,
.I.N. DAVIS, or Sllvortou.
County Clerk.
L. V. KIILEN', of Uuttovlllo.
. T. WIUGltTMAN, or Salem.
P. W. WATERS, of Salem.
.1. W. IIORART, of GurileHl.
n. R. IIBRRICK, of Yew Purl:.
School Superintendent,
GEO. W. JONES, of JclTernoii.
A. M. CLOUGII, or Salem.
Por Justice or tlio Pence Salem Dlst.,
For Constable,
Tlio Populists lmve put tip the best'
man in tliclr party In this district lor
congress W.S. Vniulcrburtfof Marsh
Held. He has been n state senator ror
four years, and his legislative record
is elenn, and cannot be easily assailed.
Mr. Vanderburg Is not an extreme
and violent Populist. lie has stood
with the nioro Intelligent business
clement of Ills party, and has repeat
edly opposed the grasping mercenary
Populist for revenue and the danger
ous socialist clement that stands for
destruction and revolution. Mr. Vnn
dcrburg is a man the Republicans and
their papers have no notion of treat
ing othorwlso than with respect. Tho
Republicans will have to put up a
man strong with tlio people of this
congressional district to defeat Mr.
Vanderburg. No special representa
tive of the old Portland ring, can
walk off with Mr. Vandcrburg's scalp
us a holiday Job. Mr. Vanderburg
will be found making a canvass
and will not be ridiculed off
tho stage. The Republicans
will have to meet Mr. A'an
derburg -on tho vital Issues of tho
day, protection, money, immigration,
corporations, and pensions. Thoy
must meet him with a candldato who
Is personally strong on these yttal
Issues, As an Illustration, The
JouiiNAt. was In receipt of it letter
yesterday, asking how n certain con
gressional candldato stood on tho
money question. It was signed by 20
Republicans of Linn county, who de
clared that thoy would vote for no
gold monomctalllst for congress or
tho legislature. These Republicans
Iwlrtly declaro thoy will voto for a
Populist llrst. The Republican party
cannot got Into tho Cleveland-Carlisle
gold-bond hand wagon and rlilo to
victory. It cannot by Its platforms
or candidates bo put In an attitude of
hostility to tho masses of tho peoplo
and help rob them of their non-Inter-esit-benrlng
paper money and displace
It with a imtlohal bank currency on a
gold basis,
Tho Republican party will not
ussall tho rights of capital and In
vestmentH made on agqhl basis, it
will not assail tho validity of any gold
contract now made. Rut It cannot
throw tho weight or tho party onto
tho lever with which Wall street is
already squeezing thollfo out of tho
ftMK &m Nervous Debility,
WId;I, Utfecu
or hxt-IM-M 1 1
lriT and
hicccMi lu oil or
OUttff. llMm-i
i w la (.mam
hlrenethen W
rem -ml
Brtl, IVV.t TK'
tb(rVorllpns u(
F'W7" AlaoluUIr Tn.
r.Ti rJi kj...,.L Ir.i ,o:.t
fti'-rrrrC'-irr.."". s
jtoftUoa aad i-roci , uuUW (tealoJ) tvU.
I miIim lil UD9
Mn iMilIf .
jzr- .-jTr-f
palas ft) the Mck, .Me, cHt,
f h !!
the host of counterfeits and Imlta-
producing and debtor class and re
ceive the support or the mass of the
Tiik Jouiin'AL bellovcs the Rcpul)
llcan congressional convention held at
Albany, April 7 will put up a candi
date ror congress who will meet the
reasonable demands or the people on
the above vital Issues and who will be
elected over the Populist nominee by
an overwhelming majority.
Mr. Livingston, who represents the
Atlanta, Georgia, district In congress,
Uu.inariof recognized standing and
ability. He recently returned to
Washington rrom a visit to his home,
and some other portions or the south,
and gives out the result or his latest
observation and Information in regard
to southern democratic politics, which
ir not mistaken is highly Important.
He says the "silver" democrats have
a thorough organization In every
southern, and most of the westorn
states, and arc qultosure to enter tho
Chicago convention with oyer live
hundred delegates. Tho .trat move
thero will bo to repeal the antiquated
two-thirds rule, which will give them
control of the convention. After that
they will make a "free silver" plat
form, and nominate an original con
sistent, 18-knrat line silver man to
stand upon It. He represents tho free
silver sentiment ill the south as
intense. If the more than live hund
red delegate; fuvorablo to It arc ob
tained the carrying out the program
named would, or course, lw an ensy
matter. As to changing tho two
thirds rule that ought to havo been
dono years ago. It Is an Invention of
the old slaveholders intended to pre
vent tho nomination or nny candldato
distasteful to themselves. It is uu
Dcmocratlc, un-Amcrtcun, and an
nnomally In free government.
A Democrat at Irving. Or., encloses
ill for tlio Onk Cknt Daily and adds:
"1 thought I would drop it times
aro so dull. Rut when I think or tho
next legislature, I will want to see
what is going on. I wnntovcry effort
Used to elect a silver senator rrom
Oregon ir I am a Democrat. Down
with goldbuglsm. Give us a good
tariff to run our nation nnd protect
our labor, but restrict foreign Im
ports. Abolish the railroad commis
sion and other unnecessary unnro-
prlatlons. Entirely too many clerks
in tho legislature Stay with tho
peoplo to tho end. I would llko tho
mortgago tax law re-enacted. I havo
been paying I0 to &50 a year for
what I own and which I should not
pay and many are In the same boat. I
say skin them rellows from head to
foot. Yours for Justico and right."
College Republicans.
CmoAcio, April 2, Representatives
or collego Republican clubs aro arriv
ing hew today In largo numbers.
Thoy como to attend tho annual con
vent Ion or tho National Republican
leaguo clubs, which will begin hero
tomorrow, With every train load or
young students a new yell is heard,
and It will not bo tho young men's
fault If every Chlcagoim does not
know tho U different languages from
which tho yells aro taken, as tlio yell
will no doubt bo a part or tho conven
tion. It U expected that a lull rep
resentation or collego studonts from
all tho colleges or tho country will ins
present. Many distinguished Repub
licans aro also hore on Invitations
rrom tho young men, to make ad
dresses at the convention.
Hoke Smith Speaks.
Atlanta, (la., April 2,-Mnny Geor
gians rrom other cities are In tlio city
today to hear Iloko Smith, secretary
or tho Interior, Bpeuk on tho subject
or national finances nt, tim n,,.,..
Opera Houso today, Secretary Smith
iiimwi io muKe tuts address by a
immbor of tho most imni.iiir.nt ..wi
zens of Atlanta. Secretary Smith's
iiwH in, oi course, to In advocacy
of the sound money pollov of the
Democratic administration.
,? P!lrt 8lrtMft' '8 headquarters for
ll kinds or tish and poultry. r
Children Cry for ''
PltoWs Carik.
. The report? or tHc secretary or tho
treasury 'for 1805 stated that on tho
31st of Oclolicr, 18V, tho public debt,
without deducting funds In the treas
ury, amounted to $2,80'8,5i,437.r:..
Of this sum, $1,144,072,100 were In
-.0f per cent., and 5-200 per cent
bonds, Paclflu railroad 0 per cents,
duo 111I88I, nnd 6 per cents, duo In
1871, 1874, 1880, the remainder being
In temporary loans, treasury notes,
compound Interest notes, 7.30 notes
and United States notes, one, two nnd
three year notes, nnd fractional cur
rency. The finance reports for 1808 state
that the debt, less -cash In the treas
ury, was $2,503,202,510.04.
The reports for 1871 state that tho
totnl decrease of the public debt from
March 1 1801), to December 1, 1871, was
$227,211,892.10. During the same
period the annual interest had been
reduced $10,741,430.04.
In the liuauce reports for 1873, on
page XXII I, wo find tho follewing:
"The country has exported, during
the twenty years ending with the last
'fiscal year, gold and silver to tho ex
tent or nforo than a thousand million
dollars over and above tho amount
The finance reports for 1870, Sec
retary Morrell, shows that on June
30, 1870, including accrued Interest,
less bonds issued to the Pacific Rail
road Companies and less cash In the
treasury, tho public debt was $2, 099,
439.444.S1, a reduction or tho debt
since August 31, 1805, or $050,092,220.
44, Which was $223,141,011.07 more
thnn was absolutely required by the
sinking fund.
In his report for 1887, Secretary
Manning said: "The grand total or
$127,012,850 or 3 per cent bonds were
retired In 1887, nnd after every possi
ble obligation had been provided for,
tho sum or $55,258,701.19 surplus wns
still In tho treasury, which every day
grows larger. A careful estlmnto
shows that this sum will be Increased
to $140,000,000 nt the end or this fiscal
year, under the operation- or tho pres
ent tariff nnd appropriation laws."
Secretary Manning further esti
mated that "tho revenues by June 30,
1890, with the Burplus revenue of 1889
and the surplus already accumulated,
would bo $228,000,000, which might bo
used In tho next 13 months for the
purchase of Interest-bearing debts.
This report was the last one made
under Mr. Cleveland's llrst adminis
tration, and this showing wns duo to
a Republican senate that would not
ml mo tho duties on foreign imports,
which a Democratic house had tried
to secure.
In his report for 1889, Secretary
Wlndoni said: "Tho cash balanco in
tho treasury over and above all ac
crued liabilities, at the close or 1880,
was $71,484,012.39. If to this balanco
thero bo added tho estimated surplus
for tho current fiscal year, tho amount
that could bo added to tho purchaso
of bonds to Juno 30, 1800, will bo
Secretary Poster in his llrst report
made tho following statement: "Tho
total reduction of public debt Includ
ing amounts applied to tho sinking
rund since August 31, 1805, when the!
debt was at Its highest point, aggro-'
gated $1,014,005,107.85, or $990,510,
081.49 more than was required by the
sinking rund act."
Prom tho tlmo tho war closed In
August, 1805, to tho close or Ronjaniln
Harrison's administration, n period or
28 years, tlio public debt was reduced
at an annual averago or $75,528,753,
and In addition thereto, tho pension
fund had been Increased rrom about
$10,317,050 to $131,583,052. Tho total
interest bearing- debt as given by Sec
rotary Poster, was on August 31, 1805,
$21381,530,2Ol.lH)i on August 31, 1892,
It was only $585,029,330. According
to these tigures tho interest bearing
doht had been reduced $1,790,500,004.00
during 28 years under protection.
Although tho pension law called for
rrom $130,000,000 to $131,000,000 nu.
nually, from tho treasury, yet Presi
dent Harrison was ablo to reduce tho
public debt more than $01,000,000
yearly during his entire administra
tion. This wus tho condition of the treas
ury at tho tlmo of tho election In
November, 1892.
In tho monthly statement of tho
public debt Issued for tho month of
February, 1890, Secretary.. Carlisle
makes the outstanding Interest-bearing
debt of tho government, on March
1, 1803, $58-5,031,200; on March J, 1890,
$822,015,170 Prom these llgurcs, fm
nlshed by Secretary Carlisle hi nisei r,
the public Intcrost-liearlng debt has
increased $237,580,910, between March
1, 1893( and 1, 1800, un annual average
of $70,103,030; nnd for this amount
the president and bccretary have sold
to home and foreign bondholders 4J
percent Interest-bearing bonds, which
run for thirty yenw. According to
the report of 1804, there was a defi
ciency In revenue of $09,805,200 58.
Undoubtedly the president will be
compelled to sell as many bonus dur
ing tho last year of his term us lie has
for the year past, which will make an
average Increase or the bonded debt,
during Ills entire term, or about $80,-
000,000 a year.
Under u protective tariff the public
debt was reduced over $75,000,000 an
nually for 28 years, while under the
Wilson-Gorman tariff bill Cleveland
and Carlisle have Increased the bond
ed debt about $80,000,000 a year.
These figures clearly show the differ
ence between protection and low tariff,
but, unfortunately for the people, the
effect 'Of this latter policy hits been
far more disastrous to the Industries
or the country than It has been to the
revenues or tho government.
Immigration Convention Held,
lloisr. City, la., April 2. The
Northwestern immigration conven
tion will be held here this week, com
mencing today. The governors or nil
the Western slates have been Invited
to be present. Each state has been
requested to send five delegates.
Governor McConncll hast' take an
active part in tho convention, and a
large gathering or prominent men is
expected. Plans will bo discussed
whereby Immigration to the Western
states will be increased.
Wilmington, Del., April 2. Tho
Slnglc-Taxcrs or this vicinity will
hold n largo meeting hero to-day In
honor or Hcury George, Congressman
Magulre, or California, and Tom L.
Johnson, or Ohio. Tho Single-Tax
advocates of this State arc very much
encouraged over tho work they hnvo
been doing townrd their theory or tax
ation, and expect to carry the Legis
lature next election when they will
put tholr theory Into practice.
Diaz' Birthday,
Crrv ov Mkxico, April 2. Tlio
business men or this city will cele
brate tho birthday or President Diaz
today with an elaborate dinner. This
was also thq ditto sot for tho opening
of tho Mexican International Expo
sition, but owing to delay in erecting
tho buildings, the opening has been
postponed to September 1.
Will Take a Reces3.
Washington, April 2. Tho su
premo court will tnkon recess rrom
today to April 13. Tho sensational
pension case or Judge Long, will not
come up Ixsforc tho second Mondny or
tho next term.
Tho Williams Trial.
Kimuehly, South Arrlca, April 2.
Tho trial or Gardner Williams,
tho American manager or tho Do
Rcers mines, is set tobegln todny.'Mr.
Williams Is charged with connivance
in tho Transvaal raid.
recovering from
me illness at
tcndinir chihl.
birth, or who suf-
Ter from the ef
fects of disorders.
and displace
ment!) of the wo
manly organs,
win una reiiei
and a permanent cure iu Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription. Taken during
pregnancy, the 'Prescription"
by preparing the system for parturition,
thus assisting Nature and shortening
"labor." The painful ordeal of child
birth Is robbed of its terrors, and the
dangers thereof greatly lessened, to both
mother and child. The period of coufine
meat is also greatly shortened, the
mother strengthened and built up, ami an
abundant secretion of nourishment for
the child promoted. If
be delicate, run-down, or overworked, it
worries her husband as well as herself.
Tins is the proper time to build up her
streugth and cure those weaknesses, or
aliments, which are the cause of her
trouble. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescrip
tion dispels aches and pains, melancholy
and nervousness, brings refreshing sleep
and makes a new woman of her.
Mr. AibamIaon at LanaiHtJaftuen Co.,N,
uflcriue rrom ulccratlou
mt falllUK of the womb,
foricyrralytari, or (luce
iht bU Ih or my youugert
Child. I couf uHed alUhc
UmlcUn arouud here
mil thV f.l m ttr mnA
uid there w uo help
farmt. r
At Utt. almost discour
sed, I becan takiup Ur,
Jntrce'a Favorite Tre-
fcnotion ami took five
koUlea. Ill three yean
voce and I hve uot had
WvY return of ,h,nMiKi
1 fcel very STateful, nnd
la fact, aw wm, niuiir.
Mas. I.TON
foi 1 do not think I should have been alive uqw
1 lad not taken your medicine."
r I, , jiji ' nr I I a"" 'bP I
fittcmfc? iBt uwr i
3te mm -
Ma Mil
y Jig sjiirc
'TourBATxorourlife I
Tfre latest piece
ever sold
Reed's Opera House.
One Night,
Thursday April 2,
Tho Twentieth Century
i "
Presenting that whirlwind of
Irish fun
t A S0S V MS WB s tl tti r r
9s s fW " iSfH .-,
The Barnum ( of ' JB ALL
Farce Comedies.
'''t'' 11 1 ff
A bow itching bevy oj femininity I
A coterio of clever comedians!
A contingent of dazzling dancers!
A bunch of Jolly soubrettcsl
And fun rrom start to llnlshl
Seats on sale at Dearborn's book
You'll meet
new peoole
see new ctties-enjoy new ex
periences and bocome ac
quainted with new methods
of railroading, if you take the
Burlington to Omaha, Kansas
City, Kt. Louis or Chicago.
Shortest line best service
to all points south and south
east. Tickets and time tables on
applicotlon to the local ticket
asjaai .Z M
GOIPLEYinM Dnuincm
h" nssss&iSn'z&jssi "i
I Y1S "riv s,v mivna
allnt.,i..7.TU n6llnrul and harmlA
t.;Z '"""" Proteetmn , tho lace, i
LSSJS8 " FA0?SoiB. 1
" bL9AUo
of GOOD tobacco
or 10 cents.
Dealer in groceries, paints, oils,
window glass, varnishes, and
the most complete stocc of
brushes of all kinds in the
state, Artists' materials, lime,
hair, cement and shingles, and
finest quality of grass seeds.
Capital Transfer Co.
Express, bnccace and nil kinds cf work
done promptly. Leave orders at Patton't
store i J -3-
President. Cashier.
onif a
Transact a general banking business.
Miss Data's Sclioo
Will recoive children from 3 years upward
Special attention to beginners. All desired
branches for the older pupils taught, includ
ing drawing, modeling, music plain and ar
tistic needle work All work done on the in
dividual plan, in which each child is ad
vanced according to its own capacity. For
terms and particulars apply to Miss O. rial
lou. Twentieth and Chemeketa sts.
German Lessons
Olven by a qualified teacher, a nat
of Germany. Classes for children
Satirdav at Channlnc Hall.
Mrs. Rapsey. 463 Centre S .
Given on reasonable terms by an experienced
--.". W. A. KAl'SCY,
. 463 Centre st.
We have just completed a new feed yard
one-half block south of the court house.
Please give us a call. Team loc.
Notice is hereby given that the county court
will receive sealed bids for building a cement
wC. T i .1 cou" .nou$e D,ocl' ia
walk to be built as per plans drawn and open
lor insDprttnn nt ,k rn . r .,.- . .
i,..ii rAii... . "" ic couniy
judge. All bids must be filed at mv nfr.r oi
or before Anrll n iSA .. . -,:,
n.,. i. j ri y. 'v "l ao-;iocK a.m.
une nund ej do)lars must Becom Cftch
rAT. r "r""1' ol B0?11 """ lne county
and'aR SiV ,eS"ves thc rIt torcject eacf.
3 30 iwd Conntv Clerk.
., ,., - r.lIl.IfrV
til Commerri! c rr"..l. ni.i.-a
re l-Oill
Successor to C, M. Beck & Co.1
iowesTmicesnth ' Vtm dellv"y
1 1 I
'1''- Ca..iiu t.,,,..
moved ,o that lcaitcn P V.
C. H.
. - - "-Hll
On faim i-,n,t ..... .
rate, , ",:"MW. W,
Dml, Rank bulldln!l.AM,LT0! Jl
On city or fatm piopeity
Over Uriah's Hank, TK,
RRT Aitu,...
106 Smie street. New ti '
reosmuble. One trial will L
tonaue. I'rlvat mnJ. r" iTre 1 B
-"... .v., Iiuia,
V. VAM nrn . ...
(.ariipntpr RnlU,..nnii.ti
w-., ,, UIU; (HI-jQDjjl
,-tr , 1 "'0I ." tnter street.
I5Tllnril time prices alwayn,
i!:;',n"i.Apf8 5AJ
Koseburg, Of,, according to pUm, nX
tions. etc.. now on ethliTiin. .iW.lr'
JJeloj D. Ncer, nrchltecl, 133 Kmt J
Portland; state house, Salem, Ot.itiiik
Soldiers' Home, of Rostburg, 0i. M b
mint be accompanied with a ceuiEed dd
drawn to the onltrnf 11 n.u j..-
man board of trustees, Orejoa &!fa
iiuinc, 111 a sum equal to 5 per tent & V
the same to bo forfeited and sod ippiy t
the Soldiers' Home fund lnr.iV.t
or accepted bidder falls to enter ioto caetv;
wiin ncccmauic oonus, in trie sua o( ui U
amount of contract, with it leut (-
within 10 days after the award ofccx
ah Dtus must dc aaaressfd to
"Care Secretary ofSuteSilea,Ot,
"Tender of (name) lor HoqW
ni oomicrj iiome,'
The rlcht to reiect inr soil ilIU,
nereny reserven. uy oruereiiMKadi
lrustecsoi tne holJKrt' Home.
Attest: S. II. OKMSDY, Chnn.cW
Legal JBlanJcPuUhhtn
Bush's New Brick over the bank Coalf
Meets all mall and passenger Irtiii fy
gajeand express (0 all parts oftkfy J
Prompt service, Telephone ha ;a
nfKra, Wllla mpltd Hfltsl BllW'll'.
For water service apply it o&j. B
payable monthly In adrsnet. m
complaints at tne oincc.
Open splcket to prevent trtcTOr
lively prohibited. Care should U m
if Ih danger of freeiing to t WJ
waste gate closed see section J,rto"J
ulation. No deduction in wUst(
lowed for absence or for any cm iu
uriloss water is cut of from premises.
To Our Subscribers.
vv !, .ni.trrtmlons. at a cUorsK,"
he Magazines In the country, ia ca
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crest of thcother great mZZi
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ever else you yourself taU,J t
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bed with this PPVirHaBft
. ...i 1 iU.
I have rertoved my imp i-Ua
late place of business "MJirf
all kinds of first class Wc wfc
work, iwillbt pleased to
100 Chemeketa street.
rain all kinds of iresa-.
The Rott
wb m

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