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IL. 8.
NO. 8
X; -
LrT. uuinmu "t . "-
tee hard times ?"
"Why, my dear
every day and
:c learned that anything neat and new
the shoe line can. be
raussb Bros.
Jo Trouble to Show You
dwar e, Tinware, Barbed Wife
Blacksmith Supplies, Stoves and Machinery at
line our large and complete
courteous treatment.
of the Willamette University.
rn methods. lUp to date. Same as In
hut the best is good enough for beginners
V V. C.
iodaIe UiERbp Company
Lrda on Twelfth,
eep the most complete stock of common, dimension and finished lumber
a ell on the most favorable
jr stock Is made at our own mills,
e Willamette Hotel.
educed rates. Manaccment liberal. Electric cars leave bo.el lor all public buildings
lints of interest. Special rates will be given
I horsesmuJ. btWhcUoa jfuuinteed.
"275 Commercial si
How is it that you
are now getting ki so
many nice goods in
sir, we are selling
the trade have since
found at
Through and Give Prices, ZC
stock. Always prompt and
the eastern and Euronean Conservatories
an veil as Tor more advanced pupils,
HAWLEV. President
U. A. HERITAGE. Vocal Director
EMIL L. WINKLER, InHrumcntal Director.
and Trade Streets
terms. -(Lath and Shingles,
of the best lumber In the state.
to permanent patrons.
Stable bck ofj Slate Insurance block
Douglas County Republicans
in Session.
Linn County Inclined to Favor Mr.
The Douglas County Republican
convention Is in session todny. A re
port will be received nt hour of going
to press.
Associated Press repert: The con
gressional delegation contains live
pronounced nutl-llermanu men; throe
who nre distinctly for Hermann and
two who will vote for hliuptobnblyoti
the Hist ballot. The majoilty or the
anti-Hermann votes are for Harry
Miller as tlrst choice, but there Is a
strong feeling favoring Tllmou Ford
and he will get n good vole If the sup
port of MUleJ Is unavailing.
The Albany Democrat says: The
districting of the county will divide
the delegation between Ford nud Her
mann, with the former probably in
the lead.
Thcro Is evidently more wire pull
ing against Hermann than for him.
It wnsicirculntcd for political effect
that ho had lost tho delegation in his
own county, when as a matter of fuct
he had It solid. It is uono of the
Democrat's business, but there Is
nothing liko fair play.
Defeated congressional candidates
should consider these openings for
empleyment: "Oregon needs u few
more useless commissioners and the
following now ofllclalsare suggested
In order to consume tho surplus state
funds: Stato rabbit chuser. Indication
agljator,-, cricket cruqincrrarllfiijJnV
nun-maker, alraira inspector, pruno
examiner, hop howler and Inspector of
of forests rcscrvcd."-Antclopo Herald.
Tho Republican county primaries of
Clatsop county, which wero hold
Saturday, were rather lively and In
teresting, according to tho Astoria
papers. The result was a comploto
silver victory, a sold Mitchell dele
gation being selected to represent
Clatsop In tho county convention. It
would appear that tho opposition was
weak and Ineffective.
A Illllsboro telegram says of tho
Republican county conventien:
There was no Instruction given tho
congressional district delegates, but
tho convention, by a standing vote,
Indorsed Thomas II. Tongue as Its
candidate for tho congressional nomi
nation. Every deleguto flu the con
vention stood up to bo counted, -and
this .unanimous indorsement of
Tongues's cundldacy created tho
greatest enthusiasm.
Woodburn City Ticket.
Woodrurn, April 3. City prlmur
los wero held here last night, and
nominated tho following tlckot, to bo
voted upon next Monday at the
municipal electien:
Walter L. Tooze, mayor; Walter
Durant and O. A. Ncndcl, councilman
for two years, and 0. L. Ogle, for ono
year; F. A. Ford, recerde: William
Broyles, marshal; W. E. Flnzer, treas
urer. It was a harmonious meeting and
party lines ware not drawn.
A Rapist Lynched,
Nashville, Tonn. A telegram
from Tupelo, Miss., sixty miles south
east of Memphis, 6ays this morning
at two o'clock a young negro about
18 years old was taken from jail by a
mob and lynched in front of tho court
house. Tho negro was In Jail on a
charge of attempted rape.
Teachers' Association.
Council Bluffs, la., April 3.
The Southwestern Iowa Teachers
Association Is to meet here threo days
beginning today. Prof, G. W. T.
Pattrlck, of tho Iowa Stato Univer
sity, will deliver a lecture on "Child
Study and Its Practical Results."
New Citizen. Peter Gordon, a na
tire of Russia, has perfected his cit
izenship papers in tho office of county
35frD' and renouncca a,IeF'aDCft
WW - w --
Weather Forecast, Fair Friday
night and Saturday; warmer.
St. Pierre thla evening.
It Is still Hermann oryFord.
aBothMrs. Lease undGfcncral Weaver
arc lecturing on "Christ or Cjesar?"
Jo. Simon wins In Portland. He
should bo beaten in thojstate conven
tion on every proposition.
G. B. Hurtmus,of Lyons, Is a Grand
Army man, and has uvLplucc on the
Linn county legislative ticket.
I r
The other fellows hut.1 tho votes.
But Jo. .1 lmon had thoMuw and the
olllclal control of thefprfmurles.
The people of Woodburn 'hayo put
up ono of their most enterprising citi
zens for mayor Walter fir Too7o.
Let .In.
Simon, have Multnomah
county. Marlon countynd tho rest
or tito suite can taso carfl or mm very
H must be a moral sensation for
Harvey Scott atid Jo. J$imon to bo
lighting u ring. A good deal like tho
devil lighting sin?
The last legislature Is :mvnys a safe
thing to abuse. It Isjjjoue; It will
never be back. It liasiiiothlng to
reward with und nopowemu punish.
Mr. Geer Is u good mini to have
around when there Isuhurcl campaign
on. But ho has altogether too much
brains for the bosses whenjtherc Is no
Let all tho dlrt-eators' and camp
followers get down on their knees and
worship tho llttlo $800,000 Portland
boss. The decent people of Oregon
never will. ' , i
Alex Stuuff, of Arago,ls tho Repub
lican nominee for representative In
Coos county. Frpm his jiamo wo
judge ho is a ucrmat), -ami will bo a
hard man to beat.
The men who are aiding the last
legislature wero mostlvjjawnlng upon
,lt until -all chances oHftitlngwuolork-,
ship were gone. ,Ahd that's the way
they'll do with tho next.
Gdvemor Pennoyer will bo brought
out for muyor of Portland by tho
Populists of Portland. Well, ho'd
make a better mayor than half tho
men down thoro who want tho ofllec,
Col. Geo. Goodhue's Poultry Jour
nal for April Is tho best class paper
ever printed In Oregon. It's tho cock
of the walk for cnterprlso and enthus
iasm among Salem publications of
any kind. Thcro arc boiiio statements
In It about a Salem editor that uronnt
too true.
Tho Statesman has been trying to
seduce itself Into the belief that It
was antl-rlng, anti-Orcgonlun, anti-Jo
Simon. But it felt so happy this
morning over the little reformer's
victory that Itprlntcd thoOrcgonlun's
squeal of triumph twice verbatim, and
once besides.
In Umatilla county E. J. Davis and
John S. Gurdane wero renominated for
tho legislature. They arc of tho best
typo of clean men antl-rlng, for
economy and for tho people. If they
are defeated for election tho people of
that section should quit talking about
All reports ubout tho McKInlcy
club nt Woodburn bolting any part of
tho Marlon county Republican ticket,
arc false, as several of -tho leaders as
sure The Journal that they will
not only support the whole ticket but
go on tho stump for It. Tho fun is
all over and tho earnest work of tho
campaign will begin. There aro no
better workers since tho rebuilding
of Jerusalem than those samo McKIn
ley boys, or men who spend their
money more freely.
W. G. Westacott, of Salem, Is not a
candidate for sheriff on tho Demo
cratic ticket. Ho 6ays he wants the
strongest man put up and will do all
in his power to elect him. As usual
hc'.wlll this year bo found spending
his time and money freely in tho in
terest of his party. In every leglt
mato .manner, the Democrats of
Marlon connty know "Billy" Westa
cott will assist In promoting tho In.
teresta of his party. While he would
run well on tho ticket himself, he
prefers to help others and in this un
hellish way promote the welfare of
tho organization in preference to
any personal ambitions.
ii i "- -i
Laid Up. Janitors Graham and
Albright, of tho state house force, are
I still off duty.
Simon Wins on tho Face of
Further Detail, by Associated Press
Portland, April 3. Joseph Simon
was victorious at tho primaries, which
were held to elect delegates to the Re
publican county convention Saturday.
Tho convention will stand as follews:
Simon delegates, 01; autl-Slmon, C0,
Never In tho history of Portland
has thero been held a primary election
attended by more turbulent and dis
graceful scenes. From 1 o'clock until
0 yesterday evening, when tho polls
clod, a struggling, howling mob
surged about the polls in tho second
and third wards, and at least one-half
of tho respectable voters wero crowd
ed out and provonted from casting
their ballots.
Simon had enlisted In his behalf
Shorilf Rearsoand 200 deputies, whilo
thu opposition, led by Mayor Frank
District Attorney Hume and Chief of
Pollcco Mlnto, wero assisted by tho
entire police force of tho city, In ad
dition to 1C0 special police sworn In
for tho occasion. During tho after
noon a deputy sheriff In tho second
ward llrcd his revolver In tho air
which was tho signal for a general
rout. One man received a battered
head, while another man had an car
cutoff by a razor lu tho hands of a
negro. Simon ciiirlcd tho first,
second, fourth, fifth und sixth wards
and threo delegates in tho eighth
ward. Tho antt-Slmon men won In
tho third, seventh, ninth, tenth and
eleventh, ond got five delegates in tho
"rtTtnsiTt.Ti3r.iTi-n"" """V
Tho Oregonlan claims 08 delegates
for tho Reformers and 35 for tho
Frunk-Humc-Mlutn combine ItHays:
"It was stated last night that tho
judges of tho third ward refused to
certify to tho returns from that ward,
and thero may bo a contest. It Is
posslblo that tho Frank faction will
contest the returns from tho tenth
ward. Their headquarters wero dark
last night, and no ono In authority
could bo scon for a statement of tholr
Tho fact seems to bo no ono can
tell how the county convention will
stand. The country precincts will bo
Mount Tubor. South Mount Tabor.
Mount Tabor Villa, Russcllvllle, and
Klllguvcr wero heard from. In none
of these was thcro a contest.
hoarding 'house vote.
Somo of the polling places wero In
tho lowest kind of sailor boarding
houses, wero tho adjoining buildings
wore packed full of hobos and floaters
that swarmed out by hundreds when
tho polls opened and stood in lino so
numorous that uctual citizens could
not voto if they wanted to. Thut Is
tho truo story of tho Simon packed
primaries. Theso voters, of courso,
wore not taxpayers.
For rivers In Oregon tho lowor Wll
lamotto and Columbia get 100,000;
Coqulllo, $20.0000: Sluslaw, $27,000;
Upper Coqulllo, 912,000: Upper Wll-
lametto ami Yamiiui, &:u,uou;unu con
tracts authorized for $200,000; Colum
bia below Tongue Point, $50,000.
The nntl-Slmon faction arc very
boro today, over tho result of yester
day's primaries, and they threaten to
mil tue convention tomorrow.
Pennoyer Endorsed.
Portland, April 3. A bo-called
taxpayers' convention today endorsed
tho nomlnatlomof Ex-Governor Pen
noyer for -mayor.
Tho convention also nominated a
full county legislative and county
ticket. It is expected that tho Dem
ocrats, ut their convention tomorrow,
will endorse most of tho tlckot, In
cluding Pennoyer.
Ninety Per Cent.
Of all tho people need to tako u
course of Hood's Sarsaparllla ut this
season to prevent tho rundown and de
bilitated condition which Invites dis
ease. Tho money Invested In half a
dozen bottles of Hood's Sarsaparllla
will come back with largo re tunics In
health and vigor of body und strength
of nerves.
Hood's Pills aro easy to buy, easy to
take, easy to operate. Cures all liver
ills. 25c
Big Easter Glove Sale.
Tomorrow (Saturday) wo will con
duct un Immense kIovo sale for tho
S benefit of our Easter trade. Every
glove in tho houbeut sale prices. Best
makes of gloves, and all tho now
things Included. T. Holvkrhon.
St. Pierre this evening.
Simon's Treachery to Both the Catll.
olic9 and the A. P. A,
Portland, .April 3. -Tho Cnthollo
Sentinel yesterday said: "Geo. C.
Scars is running for sheriff in today's
primaries. Two years ago, when tho
A. P. A.'s wero actlvo, our people did
not know who was or who was not
their friend. Thoy voted almost as a
unit for Sears, and ho was elected,
Tho sumo voto of our pcoplo, cast
agalnut Scars, would lmvo defeated
him. Ho promised two or threo of
our pcoplo recognition lu his office
Ho not only broke his word, but ho
surrounded himself with enemies of
our people,
Joo Simon has mado a bud combina
tion with this nmn Scars. It was Joo
Simon who two years ago mado a
dicker with tho A. P. A. voto; and,
as tho prlco, turned down Charlie
Malarkoy and Justlco McDovItt.
Tho A. P. A. members In the legis
lature knifed Simon, beat Dolph, and
killed tho bill for a charter for a
Portland board of public works. If
Simon wins today, will his A. P. A.
allies knife him again? Probably
not, as It Is said tho A. P. A.'s get all
tho city offices, giving Simon the
legislative ntllccs so as to beat
Mitchell for United States senate.
Tho cry about lower taxes and low
er gtlurlcs for city officials, is a blind;
It Is a cry of stop thief. There Is not
a law as to taxes In Portland, nor a
salary of a city olllclal, that Is not the
work of Joo Simon. When ho was
making a bin IT lu tho last legislature
about cutting bown salaries, ho was
told if ho would offer u bill making
tho reduction commence June, 1800, it
would pass without opposition; but
h would not consent to such it re
duction unless tho bill carried his
charter, which was to glvo him abso
lute control of Portland through a
board of public works, tho membeisof
which ho was to bo allowed to namo
In tho bill.
Mr. Simon wants to beat Senator
Mitchell, and ho waut,s to go to tho
U. S. Scnato himself. To this und ho
has combined with tho A. P. A.'s,
many of whom being free silver men,
havo sold out to a goldlto, the prlco
being tho city office."
. - "v -"r --. ", - -
O. C. & E. R R.
Corvallls to Portland In Ono Day,
Ileglunlng Wednesday, April 1, the
iiqw steamor "Albiiny;" elegantly fur
nished, Including now piano', will run
bctweon Corvallls and Portland on
tho following schedule:
Down river: Mondays, Wednesdays
and Fridays. Leave Corvallls, 7:00
a, m.; leave Albany, 8:10 a. in,; leave
Bucna Vista, 0:15 n. m.; leave Inde
pendence, 10:20 u. m.; leave Salem,
11:30 u. in. ; leave Nowlierg, 2 p. m.;
arrive Portland, 0:30 p. in.
Up rlver: Tuesdays, Thursdays
and Saturdays. Lcuvo Portland, 0
a. m.; leave Newberg, 10:30 n. m.;
loavo Salem, 3:30 p. in.; lcuvo Iudo
pence, h; p. in.; leave Bucnu Vlstn,
7:30 p. m.; leave Albany, 0:20 p. m.;
urrlvo Corvallls, 11 20 p. m.
Tho abovo schedule means no more
lay-overs at Salem. Fastest tlmo and
a delightful trip. Portland dock,
foot of Taylor strcot.
Edwin Stone, Manager,
Corvallls, Oregon.
. ' '
Marlon County Expenditures.
Following Is the monthly abstract
of warrants drawn on tho sovcrnl
Road and bridge account ..$ 83.3.r
Pauper -137 05
Criminal not in
Surveyor 1 CO
Stationery ai8 80
Court house and Jail HO 01
Clerk 442 33
Recorder 105 00
Sheriff 535 12
Military 15 00
Rullltf 57 00
School superintendent 83 .'15
County judgo 125 00
County commissioners 15 20
Supervisors 73 85
Insane 10 00
Jury , 2300
Coroner 100 00
Treasurer 100 00
Assessor 155 00
District attornoy 03 CO
Bounty 23 41
Indigent boldlers 57 25
School examiners 30 00
Annual Gymnasium Exiiihition
of tho Y. M. O. A will bo held to
morrow evening. General udmlsslon
25 cents; members of the Y. M. U. A.
10 cents; member with lady 25 cents.
Highest of all in Leavening
PrsVI Baking
Absolutely Refuses a Third
And No Concessions Whatovor to
Chicago, April 3. A special to the
Times Herald from New York hays:
President Cleveland has written a
lettor stating positively and without
conditions that ho will not under any
circumstances ncceptn nomination
for a third term. Tho letter, It Is
said, was written three weeks ago and
Is In charge and care of the Secretary
of War Daniel S. Lnmont. It lu no
wise Intimates any doubt of Demo
cratic success In tho future und no
dovlntlon or defection from Demo
cratic principles as expressed by Mr.
Cleveland In the past. It speaks of
tho public and of the party Htandlng
ffrmly by sound money, and' ho do
clures aguint tho slightest concession
to sllverism, whothor ut 10 to 1 or nny
less ratio. It reiterates nil of Clove
lnnds positions in favor of tariff re
form and for a tariff on "tariff for
rovenuo only" lines.
Secretary Lnmont today denied that
ho had it lettor from President Clove
land, declining to bo a candldato for
tho .presidency. From another, and
unquestionably excollont sottrco of in
formation, It Is learned that no such
u lottor hits been written by tho presi
dent. President Cleveland has rully
decided not to bo a candldato for re
nomination, and Secretary CurUsle
will go before the Chicago convention
ns'ttn aspirant for tho Democratic
pom IjtaMon ,pu uj$ubd money plat-jolti'L.-,
. . .. , ..
Ten Millions.
Washington, April -3. The river
and harbor appropriation bill was
finished today by tho houso commlt
teo, which -has been working on It
most.pf tho session. Tho total amount
carried by tho bill Ih a few thousand
lews than ten millions or about n mil
lion below tho bill of tho last con
Tho appropriation ror Port Orchard,
at Orovo Yard Point, of $203,000, Is
authorized, und tho balance of tho
appropriation for a harbor of refuge
on tho Paclllucoast to bo used ut this
point, Tllluhiook buy and bar, of
There tiro also provisions for con
tract works to tho u mount of 50,000
000. Among other opnproprlatlons
are tho Oregon Yuqulna Bay contracts
1.000,000; continuing $25,000; Coos
Buy cntrunco $05,000, dredging $14,300.
Washington, April 3. (Special to
The JouRNAL.)The rlvor and hur
bor bill was reported toduy. Wo hold
all items secured In committee, and
urcgou rares won.
Binoer Hermann,
Arizona's Governor.
Washington Tho ponatocommlttco
on territories toduy authorized u favor
able report on tho nomination of B.
I), Franklin to succeed Governor
Hughes, as governor of Arizona
Washington, April 3. At 2:50
Illtt moved adoption of tho confer
ence report on tho Cuban resolution
by tho houso and spoko In advocacy
Quartekly Meetino. The second
quarterly meeting at Leslie M. E.
church, will be held Sunday, April 5.
Lovcfcast ut 10 a. m. Preaching by
Rev. O. F. Royal of Brooks, ut 10:45
u. m., followed by tho administration
of the Lord's supper. Preaching at
7.30 p, in.
River Stkameks ,-Uuth and Elmoio for
Portland, Moriday, Tuesday. Wednesday and
Friday at Iiilja. in., arriving at 6p,u.,
and on Thursday and Saturday 7 a. m. ar
riving at 3130 p. ui. Returning leave Fort
land everyday except Sunday at 6 a.m.,
arriving in Saletn at 3:10 p. m. For Corvallls,
Monday, luetusy, thai way ana baturuay
at 3:39 11. m,, arriving at Independence at 0
p. in,, Albany at 9 p. m., Corvallls II p. ro.
Dock foot of Trad street.
Power. Lafcst U. S. Gov't Report

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