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Hi. 8.
NO. 8ft
New) York Racket
Has Just received from New York a
largo lot of fine
Fedora A Hats
of latest style.
Also laces, cmbroldcrics.lace curtains,
ladles' shirt waists, corsets, gents'
laundrlcd and unlnundrled white
shirts, and launbrled pcrcalo and all
kind of work shirts, suspenders, hos
lery.antl a line lot of ladies' and gents'
summer underwear. All kinds of
notions. All sold at racket prices.
Clothing 2C
for men. hoys nnd youths Is flne,whilo
our stock or the "Star 5 Star" shoes
Is unsurpassed, and all reduced to the
lowest profits. Call and save a large
per cent.
4f s 4'
I No Trouble to Show You
dware, Tinware, Barbed Wire
Blacksmith Supplies, Stoves and Macliincry at
xinc our large and complete
I of the Willamette University.
:lcrn method. .Up lo date. Same a$ in
but the best id good enough for beginners
joodale UierIp CorRpany
Lrd oil Twelfth
yKeep tlio moat complete stock of common, dimension and finished lumber
ell on the most favorable
Our stock Is mado at ourown mills,
he Willamette Hotel.
I Reduced rates. Management liberal. Electric cars leave ho.el tor all public buildings
I points of interest. Special rates will be
l-C y ,-, T TT ""V Y
:xi 'H". .r-i ii irv
r-t 3k. ys v w a ,
loot honcsiuted. Sathfaction guaranteed.
K --jg
I ' I' I
1 i ' i
Through and Give Prices, A)
stock, Always prompt and
the caitetn and European Conservatories
ay well as for more advanced puIIs,
w. u. 1 1 aw i.e. y. I'resiaent
R.A. HERITAGE. Vocal Director
KM 1 1, 1.. WINKLER, Instrumental Director.
arid llrade Streets
terms. Lath and Shingles,
of the best lumber In the state;
given to permanent patrons.
fT" A I T" 1 "." I
mm : ; - r-s i , r
. - '
Stahls hick ofj State Insurance block
Simon or Anti-Simon to the
Which Shall Rule in This
State ?
In tho Multnomah County Republi
can Convention.
Tho public knows that the Oregon
lan's news nbout tho Portland Re
publican primaries and county con
vention is purposely distorted and
absolutely unreliable. It Is falsified
In all details in tho interest of tho
Simon-Scott Reform gang. That
vicious and corrupt gang that has
robbed tho people of Oregon of mil
lions of dollars, control the only news
paper In Portland, In that newspaper
olllco arc made up the Associated
Press reports; and whllo wo believe
; Mr. Powell, the Associated Press rep
resentative there, Is a fair and reliable
man, his Information comes largely
from tho Oregonian. His reports arc
fairer and more reliable than tho
Oregonian. Friday, his telegram
said tho county delegates stood 74 to
CO, In favor of Simon. Tho Oregonian
said they stood 08 to 35, In favor of
Simon. It lied deliberately, as the
status of the convention today will
show that It Is almost a tic. Editor
Journal. .
multnomah county convention.
Portland, April 4. (Associated
Press.) The 6amo disgraceful light
which characterized tho Republican
primaries last Thursday, is being con
tinued today at tho county conven
tion, which Is now In session at tho
A. O. U. W. hall. Tho convention Is
a scene of confusion and wrangle, and
Is being presided over by two tem
porary chairmen. Joseph Simon and
C. II. Carey. When tho convention
met at 10 o'clock, the cntranco to tho
hall was guarded by deputy sheriffs
and police, who permitted none but
delegates to enter. A largo crowd
gathered on the street In front of tho
entrance, where they now stand wait
ing for nows from the Inside.
When tho convention was called to
order a light for temporary chairman
between Simon and anti-Simon men
began. Simon nnd Carey wcroboth
named and were placed on the plat
form by tholr adherents after a ficrco
struggle. Since then nothing has
been accomplished. Tho main fight
is on credentials committee. The
convention seems pretty evenly di
vided nnd whichever faction gets tho
committee will control tho conven
tion, as there arc 22 contesting dele
gates. If no compromise Is affected It
Is probable no ticket will bo nomi
nated today.
the deadlock continues.
At 1 o'clock tho convention was
still deadlocked. An effort was mado
to compromise by electing Gcorgo II.
Williams temporary chairman, but
without avail. Some excitement was
caused In the crowd standing in the
street by Tom Marquam, a gambler,
who drew a rovolver. lie was promptly
hustled oil to Jail.
Before f leaving tho hall the anti
Simon faction nominated 48 delegates
to the state convention. They will
name a county and city ticket Monday.
At 1:30 the Anti-Simon delegates,
left tho convention hall In a body,
and went to the chamber of com
merce, to hold a separate convention.
Tho Simon men held tho forb and
proceeded to organize tho convention.
Verdict Against Seduction.
Portland, Aprll 4. Tho Jury In
case of F. C. Mossnian against Captain
Charles Hill, u well known steamboat
man, for $25,000 dumages for 6cduclng
Mosaman's wife, brought -In a verdict
today for 12500 In .favor of Mossman.
Another Italian Defeat.
Massowah, April 4. Advices from
tho front announce that 5,000 Der
vishes attacked thov Italian native
batalllon on the morning of April 2.
at Mount Mocran. The Italians lost
u hundred killed and wouncd. Tho
Dervishes fuffered heavily and many
were made prisoners.
Joint Debate Postponed.
Atlanta, Ga.. April 4. The Joint
dpl;itn between Secretary IlokeSniith
and Charlei F. Crisp Is off fr tho
....A r... rln. T. fVlan In V tm.m ll.
present, Crisp having requested a
postponement on account of a sore
v..- . "w ,a "" "
OLD 3IANUREAnd plenty of It.
Salem Truck & Dray Co. 3-NWt
Keyt will fly high in Polk.
A state platferm: Jo ISImon
Representative Hope rintl-Dolph
Is rc-nomlnatcd. ;
Tho pcoplo are going tqflnd where u
few of tho politicians stand this year
of our Lord.
A good many Orcgort politicians
stiouiu oo sprayed
for infectious tils-
eases and tho onicc-secking
Jus. McFeron, the Llhti county Re
publican sheriff is renominated. Ho
will come protty ncnrFbcIn elected
too. I"
The farmers run tho Marlon county
convention. It wan hayseeds who
conducted tho Lcxov Investigation
In New York City. U
Doughty, a Portland ring doubln
padlocked editor at Dayas, was sat on
hard at tho prlmarlesFrlday, for his
alleged "opinions." J
Sylvester Pennoyor Is going to bo
the candidate for mayor of Portland
on three or four tickets. He will poll
ttio biggest unpurchased voto of any
man who will be tip. $
Wcodburn will have n mayor In
"Walter L. Toozc, who will see to It
that his town Is not erased from the
maps and railroad guides. He will
keep Woodburn at tho front.
Guild ot Sheridan is lighting tho
McMlunvllle bank ring nnd the old
courthouse ring with' baro lists and to
a finish. Guild Is hdt stuff, that can't
bo bought. f
T. J. Bridges, of Douglas, tho first
inun to leave Dolph when tho break
up took place, Is renominated. And
ho was the only ono to tcave tho ma
chine from Douglas county.
Ex-Attorney Goo. E Chamborlln is
tho nominee for circuit Judge of Mult
nomah county on tho tux payers
league-ticket. Gcdigc is u man of tho
people, unci tho people nro llablo to
have something to say this year.
Nowbcrg Graphic: Judgo Burnett's
decision during tho term of circuit
court at McMinnvlllo last week show
him up as a Judgo who believes In
rendering decisions according to law
and the evidence given, let tho ax fall
as It may.
Lane county candidates today be
fore the Republican conventien:
Senator- S. II. Friendly, a II. Baker.
I. D. Driver and S. L. Moorhcad; rep
resentatives, M. J. Hlllcgas, J. C.
Goodale, Thos. Vnughan, I. B. Cush
man, J. G. Stovonson, A. W. Weather
son, E. E. Benedict, W. II. "Wheeler,
O. F. Knox, E. J. Crawford.
"Willamette river loft out of river
and harbor bllll" Dally Morning
Tho telegrams yesterday und today
mention tho Willamette river In con
nection with tho items of nearly
$300,000. But then tho most recent
converts to tho Republican party tiro
not always tho most truthful.
The bystander can't hold a candle
to tho statesman as a scientific sys
tematic liar. Ho 6ays today tho Wil
lamette river Is.not mentioned In the
river- and harbor bill. Tho telegrams
to the Oregonian and The Journal
yesterday show items of appropria
tion of various kinds in which tho
Willamette river Is mentioned of
$215,000. Of course, tho copper-top-knotted
Mlssourian who runs the
Statesman thinks he is Justified in
"anything to beat Hermann."
County Taxes. Sheriff Knight
today turned over to County Trcusurer
Mlnto of Marlon county delinquent
taxes for 1893 to theamountof $332.73.
Al6o tho third Installment of taxes of
1805. It Included 111) polls, $4550.84
state tax, u total of $5502.07 of this
year's taxes. The treasurer gives his
receipts In triplicate.
Ninety Per Cent.
Of all tho people need to tako u
course of Hood's Sarsaparlllu at this
season to prevent tho rundown and de
bilitated condition which Invites dis
ease. Tho money Invested In half a
dozen bottles of Hood's Sarsaparllla
will come back with largo returncs In
health and vigor of body and strength
of nerves.
Hood's Pills are easy to buy, easy to
take, easy to operate. Cures all liver
Ills. 25c
Mass Meeting. There will be n
fruit growers' mass meeting at Salem
on April 25, Saturday, at which a good
program of speaking and music will
be carried out. The fruitgrowers and
horticulturists will please be present. I
Polk County Instructs for
Warren Trqitt
All the Nows Up to tho Hour of
Going to Press.
Tho last conventions to elect dele
gates to tho Albany district conven
tion, April 7, (Tuesday), nro being
held today In Benton, Jackson, Lane
nnd Polk counties and tho result will
be known as wo go to press.
Special to The Journal.
Dallas, Arirll, 2:30 p. m. B. F.
Mul key was nominated for bonator on
tho Ilrst ballot, .T. A. Valines ot Inde
pendence and E. T. Hatch of McCoy
for representatives. J. II. Hawlcy
offered u resolution Instructing tho
congressional Relegation far Warren
Trult for congress. Tho delegates will
bo elected last. Tho convention was
set up solid for a slate ticket.
Rosehuiici, April 4. 3:22 p. m.
(Special to Tho Journnl.) Can only
say that so far as known hero Her
iniifin is largely ahead In tho district.
Ja$t$on county got In lino today.
(Sighed.) D. S. K. Buicif.
Roserurg, Or., April 3. Tho Re
publican convention was held hero
At tho nfternoon session tho follow
ing nominations were made:
Stato senator A. W. Reed.
Representatives J. T. Bridges, G.
Riddle, A. M. Crawford.
Clerk J. II. Shupe.
Sheriff D. R. Shambrook.
Assessor W. S. Brltt.
Treasurer W. A. Fruter.
Commissioner M. D. Thompson.
School superintendent O. O.Brown.
Coroner Dr. K. L. Miller.
Surveyor W. P. Iloydon.
Tho delegates are favorablo to Her
mann, but uninstructed.
The treasurer, coroner and surveyor
are the only ro-noniinatloiis.
News lias been received In Roscburg
that Captain R. S. Llttlolleld, United
States government engineer, dropped
dead whllo entering his olllco, Wcd
ncspay, at Baudot). Ho was a dele
gate to tho Republican congressional
convention from Coos county and ono
of Congressman Hermann's strongest
Oregon City, April 4. (Special to
Journal.) Mr. Hermaun'scampalgu
manager-hero 6ays all of Clackamas,
Benton, Lincoln, Douglas, Jackson,
Klamath, Coos, Curry, and porta of
Marion, Polk, Yamhill, Linn and
Lane will voto for ,Hermann and ho
will bo nominated on Ilrst ballot.
Guild of Sheridan and Clark of
North Yamhill, are heading an organ
ization of tho himetnlllsts of Yamhill
county, as against tho McMinnvlllo
bankers and courthouse ring. Tho
McMinnvlllo Transcript suys:
"It Is now claimed that tho fight
for congress lays between Dinger
Hermann und Til Ford, with tho
chances In favor of Mr. Hermann.
Mr. Hermann should be nominated
on tho first ballot. A ny man who lias
worked for his state as zealously its
Mr. Hermann has dono for Oregon,
mid has accomplished n much affile
has, should lie rewarded by being
retained In tho position. Ah far as
Yamhill county is concerned it cer
eal nly owes Mr. Hermann Its support.
To drop tho Yamhill improvement
question, Just at u tlmo when It
is an assured fact, Is a serious ques
tion, and one that should bo carefully
weighed In the minds of our delega
tion before casting their votes."
Tho Tillamook Headlight says of
tbo Republican conventien:
Tho candltato for Joint Representa
tive Is not pledged as far as the U. S.
Senatorial question Is concerned.
T. B. Hundly makes an excellent
chairman, and a speech delivered by
him In his opening address was well
taken. Reference to McKlnlcy brought
terms of applause.
It is not known how tho delegation
stands for Congressman.
Kugcnc G,uard, April 3:
It Is tho general supposition that
tho Hermann men will win with
"hands down," but of course this has
not been determined for u certainty,
as many strange shrprlscs are alwayn
to Ixi looked for In a political conven
tion; then tho sllvei and gold men are
warring, and tho A. P. A.'s will be
quite a factor In tho proceedings.
An allcgcd"Hcrmnun circular" was
sent through the malls today, couched
in lofty language of affected patriot
Ism, calling on all citizens to save
their country from tho shiny folds of
tho monster British gold python
slowly encircling our Columbia, and
nominate Hermann for congress. Tho
"roorback" -was nulled on tho cars.
Ashland, April 4. Delegates to
the congressional convontlon are: L,
J.Wllllts, J. R. Norrls.G. M. Love,
II. E. Ankeny, E. P. -Geary, Stowart
P. Applegatc.
Eugene, April 4.4:40 p. m. (Special
to Tho Journal.) Following ticket
was neminated: Sonator.I.D, Driver;
representatives, M. J. Hlllcgas, S. L.
Moorhcad, T. J. Vaughn; sherlir.A. J.
Johnson; delegates not yet elected.
Later. Tho congressional dclega
gatlon stands Hermann 8, Miller 3.
Proceedings of the Citizens' Safety
Dutteville, Or., April 2. (To the
Editor.) In this morning's Oregon
ian there was another report from
Woodburn regarding tho killing of
Frank Kelly which says that there Is
much bitter feeing over tho killing of
Kelly; that there was talk of lynching
Dozlor; that tho Catholics wore very
bitter against tho A. P. A. '8, and
there was fear of more blood-shed
While It is truo there Is bitter feeling
over the killing or Kelly, It Is not
truo that there was any talk of a lynch
ing party; but, on tho contrary, tho
citizens of Buttovllle precinct held a
meeting yesterday, at which tho fol
lowing resolutions wore adopted.
There were no suggestions made At
tho meeting of citizens to violate tho
law In any manner. Wo are law-abiding
citizens and taxpayers or this
county, and are not In fa,vor of blood
shed, and If Micro Is any more blood
shed or violations of tho law It will
not 1)0 any of us:
"At a mooting of tho citizens, called
together at Buttovllle, April 1, 1800,
for tho bettor preservation of tho
peace lntho vicinity, It was reselved:
"That this commlttco bo known as
tho citizens safety committee, of
Butte vlllo; that, In view of tho
assassination nciir'Buttevillu of nlaw
abiding citizen, wo hereby agree to
employ competent counsol to assist In
tho prosecution of tho assassin, and
will pay prorata tho fco of counsel so
employed; that a committee bo ap
pointed to employ counsel to assist In
tho aforesaid prosecution; that A. E.
LaRocque, L. B. Saunders and J. R.
Klnyoti lie appointed; that wo, tho
undersigned, arc taking the nbovo
proceedings on our own personal ac
count, without coercion on tho part
of any person Interested and strictly
for tho cuiiso of law and order, nnd
without bias to any person connected
with this sad affair:
J R Kinyon,
M II Gllbernoi,
A K LaRocque.
j S Vandetem,
lot Scheurer,
L I) Saunders,
T II Nelion,
T Grim,
C E Nelion,
G Ilardtvlck,
M llrcnnaii,
Wm S Flyni),
W C Kinyon,
iE McClurc,
W Lone,
J Kinyon,
ai lf Kinyon,
i Gordon,
I II Wolf,
J II Dawton.
The committee adjourned until April 5.
Today the above resolution were indorsedi
T V Bwan. Kranlr Cnve
jMcCormick, W McCormlok,
l La (IUIII, J 11 jium,
John Kerr, II Uwynn,
Louis Kulitaz, V Sandberg.
C McCormick,
DcputySlicrltT Cooper went to Butte
vlllo on this morning's overland train
to subiHiena about a score of wit
nesses In the Dozler preliminary ex
amination Monday afternoon before
Justice JoIiiihoii.
The Owl Way. Farmers used to
pack tip a lunch when they came to
town and sit In a dark corner to eat
It. Now they go to tho Konworthy &
George's rcstuurunt and get a good
hot meal for 15 cents.
solid comfort out of u tiling, unless It
posscsca genuine merit within Itself.
That's why la Corona olgarn. tho iineat
mado lu fiulcm, nro profcrftd py all
lovcrH of a good smoke.
Wanted. Two dozen turkeys and
eight dozen chlckons at once, at
westneott Si Irwin's, proprietors of
Strong's restaurant.
HigHwt of all In Leavening Power. Latest U.S. Gov't JUpect
Proceedings of tho ConventionSun
day's Program.
Preparatory to tho opening of tho
annual conference of tho United
Evangelical church, In this city some
ilvo or six Junior preachers were ex
amined Friday. Bishop R. Dubs, D.
D of Chicago, arrived this morning
and presided at the conference. On
Sunday afternoon ho will preach an
ordination sermon. At 7:30 o'clock
last evening nn Endeayor rally was
held, led by JProf. M. D. Metzger, of
Lafayette. Tho following are tho
delegates to tho conference; M. J.
Ballontyno, Lafayette; C. 0. Polling,
Lafayette; II. L. Pratt, Hlllsboro; T,
L. Weaver, Portland; G. J. Coleman,
Blodgctts; Thos. A. Yost, Kings Val
ley; B. J. Kelley. Corvallls; B. Ilart
man, St. Johns; F. J. Straycr, Toledo,
W. L. Arnold, Dayton; J. A. Ren
shaw, Troutdale; E. D. Farnsworth,
Dayton; F. S. Locke. Troutdale; Prof.
D. M. Motzgcr, Lafayette; J. Uber,
Brownsville; Thos. Ramwloll, Lewis
vlllo; E. S. Crawford, Laurel; Rose
Hartman, St. Johns; Mrs. Baeher
Ingcr, Corvallls; C. T. Crow, Lewfs
vlllo; Ell Sccse. Dayten: Geer Orms-
by, Portland; jQco. B, Lewis, Lnfy
otto; E. E. MoVIcker, Sweet Home; 0.
v. ivitnbcrlln, Hlllsbore: Geo. Wortz.
Sodavlllo; J. A. Ray, Pittsburg; S.
woods, uiougott.
Bishop R. Dubbs D. D,, or Chlciwo,
will arrlvo in tho city on tho Salem
local this evening, being doUitai
fifteen hours. -''W'
In f.lm nhnrnnrn nt lllulinn rti).f& r
Chicago, who wired conforenco topro-
wvu umii urKuuir.nuou, u temporary
organization wua effected this morn-
nig. i-iusuiiug I'.mor m, j. uaijen'
tyno of this city, was olected chair
man and Row (J. C. Polling of Lafay
ctto, secretary. Sumo preliminary
mmiH(Ht wn trim mint ml fin1 11. r.
Journmunt 1 takenj until afternoon,
nun mo nurK m 1.110 cunierenco was
again resumed.
This evening nt 7:30 o'clock an En
deavor rally, led by Rov, D. M. Motz
gcr, will bo given. Soveral addresses
will bo given, and the meeting promi
ses to Imvo a largo attendance.
Services for Sunday will be us fol fel fol
eows: Preaching at 10:30 a. m., and
2,30 p.m., and 7:30 p.m., conducted
by Bishop Dubbs, D. D. Ordination
services will also bo held, at which
tlmo three minlnlstcrawlllboordalned
In connection with tho sermon In tho
evening, n missionary meeting In con
templated. All nro Invited.
m ,
United States Supervisor Heinemann on
the Progress of tho Indians.
A. Holnomanii of Washihgton, D.
C, United States Supervisor or In
dian education, was nt San F.anclsco
March 20th, having arrived from Ore
gon, Vnshlngton nnd others of
tho Northwestern states, where he has
been looking Into tho education of
tho Indians. Ho visited tho different
reservations, spending considerable
tlmo at nil of thetn.J
Tho Indians everywhere, ho said, to
a reporter or tho Call, are getting
along surprisingly well. Ho says tho
children In soiuo ways are brighter
oven than whltechlldron. They show
superiority, especially with tho uso of
tools and In tho execution of all kinds
of mcchunlcal work. Ho thinks tho
genius of tho red man Is shown oven
In tho superiority of tho mud plea
which ho makes In childhood,
Tho best Indian school or all that
ho visited was tho non-reservation
school near Salem. There tho Indian
boys and girls were progressing with
great, rapidity. However, throughout
tho country, tho Indian schools uro
prospering, and Mr. Hclncumun ex
pects that in a few years many In
dians will bo numbered among the
most useful citizen or the country.
Tho nbovo Is complimentary to the
work of Superintendent Potter nnd
his nolo corps of instructors nnd offi
cers. Mr. Potter has only been In
charge a few mouths. It Is hoped ho
can -stay long enough to make Che.
mawn tho model Indian school of
America, us ho cortalnly will, Edi
tor Journal,
SNYDER JORY.-At tho Glrartl
house, April 3, 1890, nt a p. in. by
Rev. D. B.Grny, or Portland, Josle
Snyder to Edwin Jory,
TINTYl'KS-Naturat and verlaitiBg RnUUi
iu fire minutes, All for lo cents Gioupe,
etc samr. No money In advance. At lb
tent, Asylum avenue, oue block csttofKatt
school. Tiik Artist.
I nilBrfsMSBT

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