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Daily Capital Journal.
MONDAY, APRIL 13, 1800.
'Altona and Ramona
Portland, 6:45 a. in.
Salem, 7145 a. m.
Independence, Cyo a.
9:00 a.m.
10:15 a.m.
6:00 a.m.
Culck time, regular service and cheap
rates ...
Agent, Salem.
Miss E, A, Stewart
cm 7m t TivnciDV i
Sly vM9
All grades of goods, from the JJix
lowest pricey ti, the finest the fijjj
market afford. jwjS
J 94 State
ySriiSylXSlTSs 'sliiU, wlV v.il
A Petty Lorcenlst Drought Back to
"Doc" Powell of OrcKOti City, wlio
was employed for some time on tlio
state fair ground rnco track, skipped
tlio ton a about April 1st with 11 coat
nnd vest belonging to 0110 Geo. Mc
Donald, who liitB some raco liorses
"Dee" wuh located nt Oregon City
and arrested Saturday by Chief of
Police Hums, and turned over to Chief
Dlllcy of Salem, who arraigned hlin
licforo Judge Edcs this afternoon, as
this report goes to pi ess. Ho will
probably lxs bound over to the grand
Bquiwiul IIh.l School. County
School Superintendent Graham has
granted tlio prayer of the petitioners
from district No. 25, who deslro n
division of Unit district, and tnudo an
otUclnl record of tho change. This Is
tlio section where the school house
burned 11 few weeks ago and where a
disagreement arose between tlio pat
rons over tho site for a now structure.
Fou LAitOKNY-Cholf of Pollco
Dllley went to Oregon City Sunday
morning to got Dee I'owoll, an 18 year
old boy, under urrqst In that city, and
wanted hero to nnswor to tlio chargo
of tho larceny of an ovorcoat from a
man named McDonald residing at tho
fair grounds.
iNuoiii'oitATiONB. Tho First Pres-
bytcrlan church of Portland has today
uieu supplementary articles, provld
uig lor 8ovon trusteos and $150,000
wipum stock, chcii member and pow
holder to lmvo 0110 voto In church
affair. Also tho J. W. Monro & Co.
of Portland has tiled articles for bidd
ings and elovators, stock $2500.
Nkw WAHc.Archlo Mason, who has
tho contract for tho now concrete
sidewalk around tho Marlon county
court houbo, commenced work this
morning with a forco of men on the
north side of tho square.
"Ovku tiih Hiul-To tho poor
liouso Is where Chas. Itoberts, tho
partner of tho man, wio died on tho
Crolsan place about six weeks sluco,
was today ordered sent 1 0 tho poor
houso by County Judge Hubbard.
Mrs. D. S. Nicly, of The Dalles, re
turned home today.
O. V. Hcllcnbrand returned to Al
bany on tho morning train.
Mrs. Cornell, matron of the etato
Insane asylum, spent Sunday at Jcf
Mrs. Z, F. Moody went to Portland,
taking her llttlo grandson, Frank to
his home.
Scores of delegates to the Epworth
League convention left for their
homes today.
Will Janes a student at Willamette
University, spent Sunday with rela
tives at Brooks.
Hon. J. M. Brown, of Morrow
county, Is a guest of Prof. Z. M. Par
vln, on Observatory hill.
J. J.IDalrymplo and wife arc very
proud over tho arrival of their first
grandson at tho home of Dr. John
Mrs. O. L. Daillng, wife of tho S.
P. baggage master, spent Sunday
with her parents Mr. and Mrs. J. 11.
Hinklc, at Hubbard.
The bloomer has budded but never
blown. It don't go. In short, tho new
woman doesn't take kindly to pants.
She is the samoold girl.
Mrs. J. It. Davis and Mrs. Frank
Porter, who were guests of Geo. W.
Davis and family, during the Lcaguo
convention, returned toShcdds today.
Itov. W. T. Wardlc, of Mlzpah Pres
byterian church, Portland, preached
morning and evening at the First
Presbyterian church to largo audi
Mrs. Mlnto, wife of our present (and
next) county treasurer, who had been
visiting at the beautiful farm homes
ofthoStelwcr brothers, returned to
Salem Wednesday. Jefferson Rovlow.
Itev. CC.PolIng has been appointed
pastor of tho United Evangelical
church, Portland. Itev. Poling was
president of thocollego at Lafayette,
and Is a mnn of great eloquence and
learning. Ho has also a splendid
cultivated voice.
Itev. J. P. Farmer, of tho First
Baptist church of Sulcm, Is ono of tho
"Good Citizenship" speakers at tho
state Christian Endeavor meeting at
Oregon City. Ho is a practical man
In his religion as well as in business
and politics
A. Bradlsb, of Decorah, Iowa.
arrived in tho city this morning from
California, where ho has been spend
ing tho winter. Mr.Bradshaw stopped
olt at Salem for a short visit with Dr.
It. Cartwrlght before continuing bis
Journey homo.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. A. Yearly and
daughter Luella, of Pittsburg, Pa
arrived in tho city this mornlnir to
visit;tiioir niece. Mrs. E. T. Barnes.
They are making a tour of tho West
visiting relatives and friends In the
various cities of tho coast states.
mi.i . ..
J.1110 morning, wrs. iioiton, super-
orphans' home,
Crossan, Estclla Churchill, Ed. II.
Carter, J. W. King, Sam Itttndlett,
Geo. Dumsford, J. II. Campbell, An
drew Campbell, Jerry King, Ralph
King, A. G. Crossan, Gates Cochran,
R. C. Churchill, W. E, Churchill.
Only happy people were present at
Cbannlng hall last Friday evening,
judging from the pleasant faces, and
good cheer pervading tho assembly.
After partaking of a substantial sup
per, for which tlio ladles or unity
church nro particularly noted In serv
ing, the audience wcro entertained by
an Interesting program. Without tho
stiff formality of arranging scats,
each one enjoyed tho company of his
or her particular menus by Having
tho privilege of arranging them
selves lnj social groups, or as best
suited their fancy. An Instrumental
duet by Mrs. E. B. Piper and Miss
Carrlo Willis announced the com
mencement of the entertainment, con
sisting of a cantata, "Grandma's
Birthday," rendered by tho young
pcoplo of tho church. Mrs. Willis
was tho dearest of old-time grandmas,
in "cap and 'kerchief." Her grand
children came with Howcrs to "crown
the grandma queen," and with song
and recitations make her 81st birth
day a merry one. Vocal duets by tho
Misses Connie Holland and CairJc
Hurst, Carrie Willis and Georglc
Davenport. Miss Davenport has a
beautiful alto voice, distinctly heard
In these choruses of 14 voices. Stella
Hurst recited Longfellow's "Chil
dren's Hour" in a pleasing voice
nnd manner. The solos by little
Katie and Emma Godfrey, tho latter
the youngest of the group, wns true
to nature In her "Sleepy Song."
Gains Ford sustained his part well as
accompanist, also In a piano solo.
The last number of tho progrnm was
well rendered, and exceedingly ap
preciated by tho audience, a guitar
quartette, by tho Misses Spcrryand
Haas, Messrs. Thiol and Murphy, who
wcro obliged to respond twice to a
Called to Meet by Chairman Davis at
Chairman of the Ropublican County
Central Commlttco Geo. W. Davis,
has sent out notices calling tho county
central commlttco to meet nt Salem
on Saturday April 25th at 2 p. m. In
tho hall upstairs in tho Postofllco
block, over Journal ofllcc.
The candidates on tho county ticket
arc requested to be present and con
sider ways and means of making an
effective campaign. Chairman Davis
will make a vigorous canvass and Is
tho right man In the right place. Ho
bus not yet chosen a secretary but
will do so uftcr conferring with tho
Intcndcnt of tho
turned ovor to Its.mother a llttlo two
year-old tot that had beon at tho
homo for twenty I months. Tho llttlo
ono camo .thoro when It was threo
months old and weighed but live
pounds. From this puny existence it
hub grown into a thrifty child, tho life
unu joy or tho household. As the train
pulled out, and tho matron wafted It
a last farewell, It was heart breaking
toscothodoar llttlo ono repulse Its
own mother and scream to roturn to
tho home of its adoptlon.and tho only
mother It had ovor known.
Rev. O. F. Cotllnof Chicago will glyo
Monday evening at
hearty encore. Tho ludlcs of the
Unity church say, nothing preventing
tho next monthly entertainment will
lw tho llncst ever given by a local
organization In the city. Bo prepared
for It.
o. s. 1. a. m:M9.
Some of tho former employes of tho
O. S. I. A. have found positions at
tho Blackfoot asylum in Idaho.
L. W. Bailey, ono of tho asylum's
most popular employes, left Saturday
for a 10 days' vacation oust of the
Miss Powers of Albany, Miss Kato
Patterson nnd Messrs. Lester Hulln
and Homor Keeney of Eugene wcro
tlio guests of Mrs. D. A. Pnlno Satur
day. Mrs. Mary Martin, tho nlghtwatch-
woman at tho asylum, has been mado
happy tho past week by a visit from
her daughter, Miss Ida, a former cin
ployo at thqsamo Institution.
In-door Baseball.
Tho Salem militia boys played tho
Albany militia boys a match game of
baseball at tho latter placo Saturday
night, in which there was unusual in
terest, and, of course, tho Salem boys
came out ahead. The score stood 10
to 14 at the close, but by far the
greatest point in favor of the Salem
club was tho fact that they shut out
their opponents on the last live In
nings. On the fourth Inning tho
score stood 14 to 4 In favor of Albany,
and only remarkable playing won the
game. On the last half of the ninth
tho Albany club had two men on bases
and no ono out. When the Salem
battery got In Its line work. A liner
was hit to Frank Tlchenor who put It
to second making a lino double play.
The next out was the fourth man up
who hit a foul to Will Bachelor, nnd
that ended tho game with ns big a
crowd at tho opera house and as much
applause and enthusiasm ns at the
Republican convention. Sympathy
was with the homo team but the finish
won the Salem boys the-most generous
approbation of nil present.
Tho positions were played as follews:
Salem Alhany
Batchclor catcher Stcllmnker
Tlchenor p Fuller
Dickey rss Welch
Taylor lss Westbrook
Towno 1 b Ilulbert
Hall 2 b Stewart
Bushnell 3 b Phillips
Smith, substltuto for Salem. After
tho gamo tho Albany militia bovs
took tho winning club to tho Ituss
house nnd gavo them a banquet, and
entertained them to a late hour and
nlso treated them ihandsomely until
thoy left town.
Protrrnm of the Sixth Annual
ventlon at Oregon Chy.
The sixth annual convention of tho
Oregon Christian Endeavor Union
will bo held at Oregon City next week
bcglnlngon the evening of the 14th
and to continue to and through tho
10th. Thlsannual mcotlngwlll, with
out doubt, bo one of the most enthusi
astic In the history of the organization
as reports to tho president, II. S. Gllc,
of Salem, Indicate thero will bo an
exceedingly large attendance. Ore
gon City Endeavorcrs aro alive and
equal to the occasion of entertaining
their brothers and sisters' of this order
and, at present, are vigorously en
gaged In preparing for the big occa
The Congregational church In Ore
gon City is the placo that has' been
appointed for the convention to moot.
It will be beautifully decerated with
tho convention colors white nnd gold
and emblems of the order.
Tlicro arc 272 senior C. 13. societies
and 108 Juniors in Oregon now.
The program of the threo days'
meeting Is ns follews:
(Good Citizenship.)
7:00 Praise service, II. S. Gilo, prcs-
Monday and
All MtiKltna nJ CL ..
--"" iecuaglik
Idcnt C. 13. Union.
Phone 112,
257 Commercial street,
latest thing in eastern hard soap, Try it. you will be
pleased, We still have 20 oz, World Beater for 5c,
She camo to Oregon 'nml ft
resided in Salem VlV1
Sho is the mother of b7D7&
of Monmouth, nnrf f ...
Dodd, who with her husbaJ,
mourn Jmr ine .. zr .i
-.... lUiH. Jl
been for many years
-" Alia j
...w.i. ii uiifir loss. Mm f.. ."
.1 foltki.i I
consistent. tn,..... '. .UU1B"
- ...... lllbllJIHl III Ik. M.I
Tlnr nrM ., ... U
- I'i UUJIIL'IYI llltt..
borne In ' chrlsM. ,Jr
P, O, Grocery
Ford was an Albany visitor
nddtcss this
The bet Salve
", Roim. Ulcen.
... .. ..
Arnica Balvo
In the world for
.. ... - i
iriter. Uppe,l hmli, Chilblain.
Ami nil
IM , Skin Kiwi n, .ri WSS
U e ir fro utlthciloii or money re unJed
IMceas cent. . l. Korul, VCS
1 lr m, i....j.. ....
....wi. iiAiwu, -may are
now, except clouds of smoko.
would enjoy a comfort-giving
always ask Tor la corona tho
Salem cigar.
If you
7:30, nt tho Friends' church, in High-
lit ml. TIia ! i. !..-. i.i.. ., ...
........ ...uauujwMii uisiuuiress win
bo "Tho Orient and Foreign Lands."
Mr. Collin has traveled h im.ir.,i,.i
has seen much of tho world, nnd u ,,'
aua II J """
uAcuiioni. sneaKor. All
Invited. Scats free.
arc kindly
Last Saturday night another ono of
thoso delightful surprlso parties occu
pied tho few hours of evening at tho
homo of Miss Kstelln Churchill In
North Salem, a number of hor
friends had beentogothornnd planned
this surprlso, which was carried ...r.
nutTussuuiy. Among
John G. Wright wont to Portland
G. O. Bozorth is a Portland
Senator A. W. Gowan, of Grant
county, Is in town.
becreiary Klncaid returned
Eugene this morning.
W. S. Hurst, tho Aurora miller, was
a Salem visitor today.
IColi Nels, an Albany hop buyer,
wa (i duioiu visitor today.
Francis Feller, of French Prairie.
was a Salem visitor today.
W. B. Brown, of Gervals. snout, Sun.
day with friends In tho city.
Francis A. Webster lias beon ap
pointed postmaster at Ballston
Prosecuting Attorney Barrett, of
Washington county, was a Salem vis
itor today.
Hccolvcr f. u, Anson of tho Elec
tric uompany, returned from Port
land last evening'
Dr. J. It. Cardwoll and II. E. Dosoh,
tho stato boar n nf )mrM,.ni(,,w
wero Salem visitors today. '
ltouben Lee, ono of tlm ninn.
"oiiuuuutiisoi Liincoui precinct,
turned to his homo today.
Cyrus 1)
Horticultural Session.
The state board of horticulture Is
today holding its regular semi-annual
meeting In tho horticultural room at
tho stato house. Tho board Is com
posed of tho following members, all of
whom nro present: J. R. Cardwoll,
Portland, president; Geo. A. Hobbs,
Miiton; j. u. uisoy, Ashland; Chas.
L. Dnlley, Salem; Emllc Shanno, The
Dalies; II. E. Dosch, Hillsboro; John
Mlnto, secretary, Salem. Thero is no
special business before tho mooting,
and tho session is rather Informal.
The board will probably visit tho
largo Wallace orchard and other
points of inteicst, and discuss mat
ters of a practical character.
" Mu,K uiuso iircsoiiL nvrnu r n. . rn
were Lucia Cochran. niirHp,,,.,,,i.ii ...:., , ::.?'""' Ul A""cssee, ar-
Maud Hunt, Zulu Hunt MattloiiiMit . , . y 'cst(m1ny. anil hopes
U-niloinindletMrStiSujAUio ' T 'T ,,,eif ,B tho '"
... v vtiunt nuiiin iiw fir I ll
sil on M fWsand glassware sale is
2rt J rlen should Snbcr thai wc
i fc llftc of te and coffees ever
brought to Salem. Our Javas and Mochl and
our pure teas cannot be equalled, WekL n
dcstcrpocrstock, AlwaysWe tthc brt TlhTe of
fruits and vegetables on earth. f
124 Statcstrett.
Chris. Frambs Dead.
Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock oc
curred tho funeral services of tho lato
Christopher Frambs. Deceased was a
natlvo of Germany, and had lived In
Salem eleven years. Ho died a single
man, having no relatives except two
orotuers and two Bisters still living in
Europe. During tho nine years pre
vious to his death deceased had been
engaged In tlio concreto and cement
business, as a partner of John Hold
ecker. Ho was considered a superior
mechanic, and had a warm circle of
friends among tho Gorman-American
citizens of Salem, nmong whom ho
was known as a truo friend.
A Model Boad. Work was begun
today on a now road to bo built bv tho
suuo ooiwecn tho stato reform school
anu asylum cottage fnrms. out of
$3,000 appropriation by tho last legls-
imie. xno road Is to bo built with
wHvicnuoor and will bo tho ilrst
piece or stato road built in Oregon.
Jesso Macy and Archlo Mason will bo
In charge or tho work. With unlim
ited laborers and plonty of money to
overseo tho construction thero Is no
reason why tho atato Bhould not build
a model piece of good road. Thero Is
a rock crushor and plonty or good ma
terial, Including drain tile, to mako a
Peoblos, Is qulto 111 with la grlnno nt, !),eco of roatl tlmt 8hould P an ob
... ..uu.u ... uiornngio neighborhood.
Fred Mcirrls, an employe on tho Sa-
lorn Consolidated Street Hallway com-
Pay, spent Sunday with relatives at
Hon. Tljoa. II. Tongue, tho Repub
lican nomlnco for congress, was In tho
city today on business bofom ti,n
supremo court.
ov.G. A. Blair occupied tho Cum
bertand Presbyterian church at Port
S?S?larat?.t0 Ingoing
wSl tireROn Clty Y M' C- A- a
wero thrown onen tnfim wi- o...
f day. with. fellowship meeUng, ed
' oy secretary Levi Johnson.
The V7 s. Gov't Reports
j mmmw Kyal BMktX Pw4C
"vim: ji oik.
Ject lesson for road building to nil tho
lumn a nr iiha,... t i i
.wr, U1 wivkuii. it is nam to sco
why tho stato should not first build n
roau to the reform school,
would bo far moro useful.
Perfect Wisdom
Would give us perfect health. Became men
Steffi.!!0,! p?1" wJ"v ,h?y t
i. w lu ccl' ",cra penectiy heal,
thy. punch blood is the basis ofcood
lllLt1hi ,SnparilUU th. One rrue
Wood Purifier, It gives Cood health, because
It builds upon the true foundation-pure blood,
nood's nils are purely vegetable, perfectly
harmless, always reliable and beneficial, 7
A Large Oatoh, Tho largest lot
of clothing ever brought to Salem Is
tho spring stock just Imported from
tho manufacturers by G. W. Johnson
7:30 Address of welceme: (a) On
behalf of Oregon City, E. E. Charman ;
(b) On behalf of churches, U. II. Dye.
7:50 Response, Rev. J. P. Farmer,
of Salem.
8:00 Address "Good Citizenship,"
Rev. II. L. Barkloy, Woodburn.
8:12 Special songs, Christian Cit
izenship." 8:55 Good citizenship. Three flve
mlnuto talks, (a) A. S. Dresser, Ore
gon City; (b) n. E. Cross, Oregon City;
(c) J. W. McCtilloch, Salem.
0:10 Discussion.
f):30-Song, "America."
0:30 Sunrise prayer meeting, Geo.
W. Swopc, Oregon City. (Prayer for
tho manifestation of the spirit's
power In the convention.)
0:00 Pralso service.
0:15 General business, (a) report of
credential commlttco; (b) appointment
of committees. Reports, secretary
W. I. Staloy; treasurer Fred Locklcy,
Jr.; Junior supt. Rev. J. O. Temple-
ton; goou cit. supt. Rev. II. L. Bark
ley; missionary supt. Rev. C. C.
Poling; temperance Mrs. Robert Mc
Murphoy. 10:20 Now business.
10:45 Address, Wm. Shaw, treas
urer united Society, Boston, Mass.
11:15 Pastor's Innings: "What I
know about Christian Endeavor."
Conducted by Rev. n. A. Denton,
2:00 Song service.
2:15 Do votlonal service, Rev. C. O.
Poling, Lnfnyctto.
2:30-Reports or soclctiesand county
secretaries, conducted by Secretary
W. I. Staler.
3:00 Reports of local unions. "Tho
best thing our local union lias done
mc past year:" iiond River, II. C.
Bateham; Portland, A. P. McKinley
Salem, Alice T. Kirk; Eugene, J. W
Handsaker; Oregon City, Mrs. Dres
ner; itoseuurg, Miss Smith; Albany, J.
C. Trvlnn Pni-i-nllio
II. O. Edson, Portland; county evan
gelization, M. L. Rujrg, Oregon City;
national evangelization, C. A. Sohl
brcde, Rcxeburg; foreign evangeliza
tion, Prol. Tlios. Nowlln, Newberg.
10:15 Free parliament.
10:45 Address, Wm. Shaw, treas
urer of United Society, Boston Mass.
11:15 Christian Endeavor on the
sea, Eugene A. Ballis, Portland.
11:30 Tlio element of personal sor-
vlco. Iu tho homo, Wllla nanna,
Union; among your associates W. W.
Morse, Portland; In season, out of sea
son Orpha Cranson, Wlllard.
11:15 Freo parliament.
2:00 Pralso service
2:15 Roports of committees and un
finished business.
2:45 Address, "Tho Endeavorcr's
Life Lino and how to use it." Rev.
J. P. Farmer, Salem.
3:J0 Junior hour.
7:00 rralso service.
7:30 Presentation of banners. To
county showing greatest Increase in
number or societies, W. n. Morrow.
To county showing greatest per cent
or increase, Rov. J. W. Cowan.
7:10-Addrcss"Paullne Consecration
aim neroism need or church tnrinv.
Rev. G. E Ilawes, or Portland.
8:30 Farewell words and consecm
tlon service, led by Wm. Shaw.
nill Innnn .
"Sho being dead vet wm.
The funeral services will ht a,
from tho M. E. Chun at m7?
Tnna-lnw A n.ll i .
-.uvguiij! 14J.II 14.
Friends who wliu to view tk.
mains may do wat the witaa'fc
"" " lui.uiiii service.
To Wed.-
issued ti
and Cora
nccs. Tl
of Mr. Miller, the fob printer.
ew York, April Il.-Silrer,H
wniaACl$C0' APril I"-U'
.i..B( cnoicc, I;fcfc3)l
Cr. val1f.v nit. '
-A lniirrlflM liw. .
winy to Henry BartbK
; 1'CBIOS, A. A. MillttS
lie groom u n h,i.l.,'
Jc, valley, 9tic.
uops yui
uotable at it&tr
Potatoes 60 to ate m u-v
Oats Millinc 75$!.
rortlanil. April H.-Vheit ntrr.a
60; Walla Wafla, S7a58, '9
Flour Portland, $3.00; Bcnta crx
3.00; graham, $2.65; superfine, tuijsi,
v w-. line, a5tsJoc, per, jjjjj;
in bags, 4.2SS.2S. bureU, fi;t
Potatoes.. New Oregon, lljtjcal
iiujr..uoou, 5(0)0.50 per 100.
Wool.. Valley, oiocj Eutai (
Mtllstufls..Iranl $ii.5o!3oo;tej
Apples.. 40c.
I'oultry,.IIens,scjrote, Ijofei?
and not wanted; ducks, ,1.5094.59 pk
mrKeys, live I4(a)i4,c.
Hides.. green, salted6o Ibsjc; tafe
00 ids 44,c; sneep peiu, irn
Hops. .Oregon, 2 to 3c, accord s M f
Butter. .Oregon finer cresaer, m .
ncy dairy, 30; w
30; fiirto (tool,! 1
!! "Jflnlth, at their homo on Court
liTioKJS1 Rtreet' Salem Oregon,
April 12, 1800, at 1 a. m., a son.
REEVES-Monday, April 13, 1800, to
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver k. Reoves, at
their home five miles east of Salem,
a son. '
C. Irvlno; Corvnllls
3 ;30-Address, "What for tho future?
Winter quarters or a campaign?"
Rov. W. C. Kantner, Salem.
4:00-Conforences. County secre
taries, Addlo M. Bristow, Corvallls
local union officers. R. ir. Tnt vnt
Inmli .. 1 "
',tomcchdk committee, Mar.
tha Case.Portland : lookout. pnmm 1
That SSi T'Jl 60cll eon,:
"" iU- uoounm, salem.
7:00 Praise.
7:30-Whatour church rightly ex
pects of us. From tho .:tm.io . a
S?,nluMrf, ?Ufc' Eugene' frora tlio
Sunday school superintendent's stand
point, Rov. Elmer E. Tnnmcnn r
Mlnnvllle; financial support, Mra. G
A. Green. Porrlnmi
$VT1 1.3A.J.8a. at the resldonce of
". .,1.. minor tnis city, Miss Cora
I'egles and Henry Barthnlnmv.
Both parties aro of Marion county,
i.w.x'usii ii-oiu.ut; in, nayesviuo.
l,c per dot. ,j
boj.jj mKH;
& Son.
j HoLVEiisoNnas shirt waist
from 15 cents up.
D. Grant,
Green, Portland.
7:50 Discussion.
8:10Address, Roland
0:30 Sunrise nrnvoi. ,i t, ,,
Bllllngton, LaFayotte. ' "
ww-rraiso service.
0:15-0. E. and city evangelization,
TiIi0S0NaturdliV night, April
Mirl89& al815 o'clock, In Salem,
rniVA'' ' w'c who oi x. m.
Thompson, aged 04 vearfi.
Deceased was a natlye of Vermont,
tho year of -her birth bolng 1832, and
shewasniarrlod to Mr. Thompson at
Dallas, Polk county, in 1862, and they
remained thero until 1878 when they
camo to Salem whero r.imv imv vm.
slnco resided.
OnO Clllld. a daiirlltr'Tra. Mnru
Ferguson or Portland-was born to
mem. bho arrived in this city on tho
11 o'clock train Sunday.
Ti 'uneral took placo at tho First
M. E. church this morninrr nt. m n. m.
u uunai in Lee Mission, Rev. Geo.
m GrannIa conducted tho services.
The bereaved husband Is a harness!
"laser and saddler and for several
worked in the Dearborn shop in Sa
lem no holds tho position of harness
maker at the Chemawa Indian school.
Cheese .Oregon full crctm, rij,
tggs.. Oregon, t($ty,c per cor.
iieel 'loDSteers. 3.oowi,
to good steers, 3(s3
dressed beer, 1(25C
Mutton.. Best beef, 3x; it
cwei, 1 .25 ; dressed. 4tf5c . ,.
Hogs.. Choice, hesry. 35(3J5J.
and feeders j a.75: dressed, 4c pal .
Veal,. Small, choice, 5&; UrfA)f
per lb,
Wheat, ,50c per bu., market Ens.
OaU..i82oc. , 1,
Hay.. Baled, cheat, iS.xW "
Flo'ur.Jn wholesile loo, 4
3.20; bran, bulk n.oo; W f
shorts, 13.oo13.00j chop tWi ,w
Poultry.. Chickens, 3-F
ducks; $3.SO4 Si.tetsi' fff
keys, oioc; dressea, uiv
Veal..Uressed, A'A
Hogs.. Dressed, l.
Uve Cattle. .
Sheep.. Live, 2.50.
Wool. .Best, like.
n'uiBtU'..BSest dairy. cj &
Cheese . 14c. n w
Farm Smoked Meats .B"
4jc; shoulders, 5c.
Potatoes.. 15c per bu.
On Ions,, 1 c.
Highest Honors-WwM
Medal, MMwWwt"-
tMt tuM
EPLEYAnna Hamilton; wife of
j jt ..
Htiit-4-. j

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