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I 1
ew York Racket
Tries to keep the public informed about the
goods they receive, and the prices they sell
at and feel that all their customers arc
greatly benefited by trading with them.
They have just received a large stock of the
tar 5 Star Shoes'
and mark all according to the late fall
prices, All kinds on hand,
of best quality at very low prices for men
and boys, A fine line of black worsted shirts,
Sraw Hats
of, all kinds and sizes,
straw Their stock of
nee Curtains
I; iMYihroidcries, laces, hosicrv. notions ot all
kinds, all sold at racket prices, Call and
save 15 to 25 per cent,
I Annual Session at Oregon
City. '
iday's Program Successfully Car
ried Out.
Oregon City, April 10. The ninth
nual session of the Oregon Chrlst-
n Endeavor state convention opened
cry auspiciously Tuesday evening In
io Congrcgntlonnl church or this
fclty, tho vnst auditorium being taxed
Eo its utmost capacity, many standing
nd many more unable- to obtain ad
ilsslon. ' A spirited song service, conducted
iy A. S. Dresser, of Oregon City,
krayer by Rev. Oilman Parker and
crlptural lesson by State President
3 lie, made up a pleasing Introductory
crvlcc to the great convention.
Addresses of welcome were raado by
B. E. Charman, president of the Ore
ton City board of trade, who wel
comed the convention on behalf of
he business Interest of tho city, and
3. n. Dye, on behalf of the churches.
their warm words of welcomo wero
Hoquently and fittingly responded to
y Rev. J. P. farmer of Salem.
The addresses of the evening were
ellvered by Rev. G. R. Wallace of
ortland, on "Good Citizenship."
ho discussion of tho subject was
ntlnued by A. S. Dresser, Hon. H.
3. Cross, and Rev. fr. J. Montgomery,
11 of Oregon City.
" The sunrise prayer meeting was at
tended by moro than 300 delegates.
Tho early part of tho forenoon was
taken up with reports of the various
Committees were appointed asfo
lews: -,
Nominations Rev. E. E. Thomp
son, Miss Willa ITanna, Miss Addle
Brlstow, E. TvPxcacott, W, W, Brooks
Rev. C. II. Curtis, Mrs. G. A. Green,
J. J. Ilundsacker, Mr. J. W. Cown,
Ina McCullockjGenevelve Meyer,
Greetings Rev. A. J. Montgomery,
AUce Kirk.
Resolutions Rev. Edward Scott,
Ed T. Nesbett, Mrs. T. E. Rogers.
Finance "Will W. Brooks, J. M.
Woodruff, J, 0. Templeton.
Endeavorers G. II. Bestow, Mrs.
W. D. Palmer, Lulu Thornton, Clara
McCoy, Mildred Llnville, Mrs. E.
Wiley, W. j. Fisher, E. A. Ballis,
Will W. Brooks, W. I.Staley.
Special Business A, S. Dresser, II.
L. Hood, J. J. Handsacker, 0. J. Bend
Mrs. J. P. IWine.
The principle uMftu of the morn
ing was dellvercd by Treasurer
"Win. Shaw, ot tbe United Society,
Boston. It was au eloquent address
and also full of wit. The reverend
gentleman brought greetings from
Father Xadavor Clark, Mn Baer and
work hats or fancy
also from the other Pluto conventions
ho had attended while on his way out
"ttaports from the Middles through
out the slate was an Interesting part
0 the afternoon session. Increased
growth In memberhhtp nnd Interest In
all lines of church work were reported.
The registration of delegates al
most reached the 400 mark.
The mayor of Rosebnrg and the city
council havo sent Invitations for tho
convention to meet In Roseburg next
Another Interesting sunrlso prayer
meeting was held nt(l:30 this morning,
conducted by F. E. Blllington of La
Tho business session was opened at
0:00 o'clock with n praise service.
Then followed addresses as follews:
"Christian Endeavor and city evan
gelization," II. O. Ilodson, Portland;
"County Evnngcllzatlon," Rev. M. L.
Rugg, Oregon City; "National Evan
gelization," Hon. 0. A. Schlbrcdc, of
Roseburg; "Foreign Evangelization,"
Prof. Thos Newlln, Ncwberg. A
general discussion of tho subject
followed; nt 10:45 Wm. Shaw, treasurer
of tho United society with head
quarters at Boston, delivered another
of his soul-stlrrlng addresses.
Eugene A. Ballis, of Portland, spoko
of "Christian Endeavor on the Sea.
Moro Interesting papers followed.
"Tho element of personal servlso"
"In the homo" Willa Hanna, of
Union; "Among your associates," W.
W. Morse, Portland; "In Season, out
of Season" Orpha Crnnston, Wlllard.
These subjects wero freely discussed
by other members of tho convention.
Tho afternoon session opened with
praise Bcrvlce after which reports from
tho committees wero read and un
finished business disposed of. Rev. J.
P. Farmer of Salem, delivered an able
address on "The Endeavorers life
lino and how to use It." Tho Juniors
then took charge of the meeting.
7:00 Praise service,
7:30 Presentation of banners. To
county showing greatest Increase in
number of societies, W. n. Morrow.
To county showing greatest per cent
of Increase, Rev. J. W. Cowan,
i 7:40 Address, "Pauline Consecra
tion and Heroism the Need of the
Church Today," Rev. G. E. Hawes, of
i 8:30 Farewell words and consecra
tion service, led by Wm. Shaw.
President's Annual Proclamation.
Washington, April 10. The presi
dent has Issued the annual fur seal
fisheries proclamation, prohibiting tho
taking of seal in Alaskan waters, an
act passed to give effect to the Paris
arbitration, warning all persons not
to violate the laws, under penalty of
arrest and punishment.
Orcat Landslide.
Berne, Switzerland, April 10. An
Immense landslide occured atTrubbc,
20 miles east of this place. Many
farms have been devastated. Whole
woods are carried off, and the loss is
said to be most eerions.
Children Cry for
Pltoiiar's Castorla.
Put in the Field by Marion
Platform for Free Silver and Anti
Clevolard, Representatives John Bayno of Sa
lem, W. .1. D'Arcy of Salem, Benton
P. Taylor of Stayton. L. D. Smith or
Gcrvals, B. B. Weaver of Hubbard.
County Judge E. J. Harding.
Commissioner Francis Feller of
Buttcvlllc. '.
Clerk Geo. II. Becbo of Hubbard.
Sheriff Frank "W. Durbln of How
ell. Treasurer W. II. Downing of Sa
lem. Recorder F. C. Davis of North
Surveyor A. Gobalct of Salem.
Assessor John Lewis of Salem.
School superintendent W. S. San
ford. Coroner Dr. John D. Shaw of Sa
lem. After discussion the convention
adopted tho platform as published In
The Journal, except tho 8th sec
tion, relating to Cleveland's interfer
ence In Kentucky polities, which was
struck out.
Mr. Downing nominated John
Baymj, tho young nttoruoy of Salem.
Dr. Jeffries placed tho namuof Wm.
John D'Arcy before the convention.
Benton P. Taylor of Stayton, was
named as a candidate by Hon. John
P. II. D'Arcy.
The names or E. H. Flagg, W. II.
Holmes, Gcorgo Cussltcr, Dr. B. B.
Weaver and Luko Smith wero also
named. Mr. Cussltcr and Smith with
drew their names bub the convention
refused to permit tholr requests to
stand and tho voting proceeded with
tho following result:
D'Arcy 137
D'Arcy 115
Taylor.... 129
FUgc 35
Holmes ,, , 98
Smith 131.
Weaver I16
Cuuiter to
Blank 14.
Necessary to n choice, 70.
Messrs. D'Arcy, Payne, Taylor.
Smith and Weaver were declared
elected as tho nominees.
Wm. John D'Arcy being called for,
stepped to tho rostrum nnd, In nn elo
quent manner, thanked tho conven
tion for the honor.
Mr. Bayno was next nnd gave to
the convention his position as a dem
ocrat. Mr. Weaver said he was no public
speaker but he thanked the delegates
for tho nomination.
Mr. Taylor told tho .delegates ho
stood as a Thomas Benton democrat
and would, If elected, serve his party
nnd the pcoplo to tho best of his abil
ity. Clerk. Geo. H. Becbo of Hubbard,
was nominated by acclnmatlon.
Recorder. F. C. Davis of North
Salem, was also tho unanimous nom
inee. Commissioner. Mr. Kaiser named
Francis Feller, of Buttcvlllc, and he
was elected by acclamation.
Judge. T, B. Walt was named by
Mr. Downing. Mr. Flagg nominated
E. J. Harding of Fairfield. The vote
was: Walt, 43; Harding, 110.
Mr. Walt moved that tho nomina
tion be made unanimous It was car
ried with a rousing vote.
Alfred Gobalet was nominated by
acclamation also.
John Lewis, of Salem No. 2, was
placed on tho ticket without opposi
W. II. Downing, of Salem No. 2, "W.
II. Simpson (Barney), of South Salem,
and S. M. Fletcher, of Englewood,
wero tho nominees. The ballots were
cast as follews:
Downiug 02
Simpson 60
Fletcher 18
The election was made unanimous,
on motion of Mr. Simpson.
Mr. Cussiter.Ina neat and appro
priate manner, placed the name of
Frank "W. Durbln, of nowell, before
the convention.
Mr. Huddleson, Mr. Downing, Mr.
Hendershatt,Mr. Smith and Mr. Egan
all seconded Mr. Durblri's nomination
nnd, on motion of Mr. Wcstacott, ho
was unanimously elected. .
Wlnlleld Seott Sanford was iiofnln
ated. CORONER.
Dr. John D. Shaw's name was" sug
gested by P. II. D'Arcy and seconded
by Dr. Jeffries, and that gentleman
was elected by acclamation.
The last work on tho order o busi
ness was tho nomination for product
otllcers, the following being 1 10 Je
suit: (.
St. Paul and Champocg A. Pflfcr,
Justice, J. Pleard, constable. J
Tumor T. E. Herrcn, Justice,
Thos. Miller, constable.
Buttovllle, Hubbard nnd Aurora-
John Swan, Justice, A.DAorglti, con
Fairfield, Brooks and Gc-vnis
Henry Koostcr, constable, P. II. Fitz
gerald Justice. j
Woodburn and ML Atigcl-fH. p.
Hayes, Justice, E. W. Cooper, con
stable. )
Stayton and Sublimity 0. y. Pow
ell, Justice, John Knltz, constable.
Sllverton, Howell and Ablqua Geo.
W. Dolan, Justlco, J. M. Madison,
Salem district J. R. Fairbanks,
Justice, F. Van Patton, constable.
Horcb, Mill City nnd Broltcnbush
II. England, constable.
Chairman Fairbanks thanked the
convention for tho kind respect ex
tended him during tho convention
and P. II. D'Arcy proposed a voto of
thanks for tho chairman and secretar
ies and then three cheers for tho
ticket, which was carried with a hur
rah and tho convention adjourned.
Tho stnto convention sat upon tho
Slmon-Dolph faction. Multnomah
county aud the whole statu repudiated
tho rotten Portland primary af con
ducted by Simon under the Simon
primary law. , 1
Tho Slmon-Dolph clement has lost
Us control of the political machinery
of Multnomah county nnd Portland
clty politics. Thoy hnvdjjost control
of .tho state organization, TfmlMr.
Simon should not bo continued as
national Republican committeeman
by the delegates from Oregon to tho
national comoutlon.
Tho people of Oregon are tired of
tho Slmon-Dolph combination. Thoy
want something cleaner, fairer and
more American, and they arc. going to
have It. When men like Sol Hlrsch,
John II. Mitchell, D. P. Thompson
and General Williams repudiate tho
machine the 'people will say Amen
nnd ratify their actions.
Portland lrolltlcs has entered upon
a new era. If properly managed it
can and will command tho respect of
tho rest of tho state. Tho Idea of
men ltko .Simon, Scott nnd Dolph
posing as reformers and economists Is
nauseating to nil Americans with any
knowledge of politics In this stntc.
Tho pcoplo repudiated the assump
tion in toto. Their hair docs not curl
that way. The Journal wants
Scott-Dolph-Slmon to show whero
they ever originated or presented
sincerely a measure of reform or
economy In the Interest of tho people.
Thoy havo licvcr done anything but
plunder, oppress and misrepresent tho
people In state aud nation In the
name of the Republican party. It
was high tlmoa new deal ordered In
Portland politics.
Pacific Railways' Bill. '
Washington, April 10. Tho con
sideration of the bill for settling tho
Paclllo railways' debts at this session
by tho h'juso seems assured. At a
meeting of tho house committee to
day,Chalrman Powers announced that
Speaker Reed had promised tho bill
should bo brought up in tho house
within two weeks, and Uthe time
necessary for Its consideration would
bo given.
Candidates Decline.
Denver, April lO.-Scnator Teller
nnd Representative Shafroth havo
decided definitely that they will not
bo candidates for election as delegates
to tho National Republican con
vention. Both say they cannot sup
port the gold standard candidate for
the presidency.
Favor Bradley, With McKin
loy Second Choice.
Both States Oppose Free Coinage
of Silver,
Louisville, April 10. Tho Re
publican convention resumed Its
work this morning While the Brad
ley mou havo control of tho organiza
tion, their majority Is luslgnlllcent,
aud tho MoKIuley men are sure to
make a stubborn fight when tho reso
lutions nro up for action, nnd tho
elections of dolcgatcs Is reached. On
yestcrdny's voto Bradley men had a
majority of 01 out of a total voto of
Tho resolutions committee pre
sented Its reported. Tho declaration
against freo silver caused a great
demonstration of approval. There
was oven greater cheering, however,
when tho resolution was read declar
ing Bradley the choice of tho conven
tion for president, aud directing tho
delegates to cass tholr votes for Mc
Klnloy If Brndley withdrew.
Tho platform was adopted without
opposition. It was an empty victory
for tho Brndloy men, whoso plan has
been to glvo tho delegates Btralght
instructions. McKlnlcy men are
Jubilant over their success forcing
recognition from tho faction which
controlled tho convention from tho
A. R. Burnam, one ot tho original
McKlnley men, Colonel Low P. Tarl
ton,' oho Of Gov. Bradloy's right hand
men, and Senator W. J. Dchoo, also a
Bradley man, received a majority on
tho Urst ballot and were declared dele
gates at largo. A proposition was
mado to suspend tho rules and elect
by acclamation by 0. V. Smith, col
ored, who mndo an active campaign In
Bradley's lotcrcst. Unanimous con
sent was not given and a ballot or
Portland, Me., April 10. With an
enthusiasm almost unequalled in tho
history of Republican politics In tills
state, the convention for the nomina
tion of delegates to the national con
vention was hold hero today. Enthus
iasm centered about tho name of Thos.
B. Reed, tho unanimous choice of tho
convention as it candidate for presi
dent, Tho slightest rofcrenco to
Reed called forth great demonstra
tions. Hannibal U. Hanlln was chosen
chairman, nnd mado a speech In advo
cacy of protection and "honest
At tho mention of Reed's name tho
cheering continued, oyer Increasing In
strength, fully llyo minutes.
Herbert W. Heath, of Augusta,
chairman of the commlttco on resold
tlons, reported a platform. It says
the Republicans of Malno gladly Join
with the brcthorn of other states In
presenting to tho illopubllcani Jof
the nation for promotion to tho presi
dency the speaker of tho national
house of representatives. Ho needs
no platform. Ho Is opposed to the
free and unlimited colnago of sliver,
except by International agreement, and
until such agreement can bo obtained,
no believes tho present gold standard
should be maintained.
Bend Bale.
Washington, April 10. At 2:15 p.
in. tho Peffer resolution for tho inves.
tlgatlonof bond bales was made before
the senate, and a struggle for prccc-'
dence occurred. Cullom, Allison and
nale urged tho appropriation bills. ,
It was finally determined to consider
the bond resolution. Hill of New,
York took tho floor to oppose thorcso-1
I lutlon. I
The Christian Revival
Notwithstanding the rain and
storm good audiences havo gathered
at the Christian church each evening
this week. Themes of living Interest
have boon discussed. Tho pcoplo
havo followed each topic with such
attention as Is seldom witnessed in
theso times when pcoplo seem tired ot
dry talk. But It shows ono thing
clearly, tho pcoplo always havo both
time and desire to hear tho simple
truth ns set forth upon the pages of
scriptures. Some of the leading
workers from tho young pcoplo have
been compollcd to miss thrco days
this week as they wero delegates to
the C. E. convention at Oregon City.
Among tho number are such young
pcoplo as Misses Clark, Churchill and
others; and Messrs. Hanna, Churchill,
Rlggs, Whlto and others. Some of
tho singers havo also been away.
They will all bo at their posts tho
last of tho week. In tho meantime
tho pastor, with the forces at homo,
has been pushing to tho front what
promises to bo ono ot tho best revivals
hold In tho church fur some
time. Forty-llvo names were added
to tho church roll as a result of tho re
vival work last sprlngj and It Is hoped
to in uko this effort go beyond that.
Services this evening at 8 o'clock.
Twenty Miles on a Litter.
Frank Stevens Brick Balding, Nick
Anderson, Ullcy Frazor, T. Fanning,
A. Anderson, Frank Knox and Gcorgo
Knox arrived In town Thursday oven-
lug, with Uantia Knox, the (1-year-old
daughter of Mr. aud Mrs. Geo. Knox,
that was mi dreadfully burned at their
homo In Lost Valley thrco weeks ago,
says the Fossil Journal. Tho child
was too badly burned to rldo In a
vehicle of any kind, and these men
carried her from Lost Valley to Fossil,
20 miles on a litter constructed for tho
Tho road is rough and mountainous
aud they were two days In making
tho trip through tho snow and mud
aud rain and over swollen crooks. A
canvas cover was built over tho litter
and under this tho little mi lie re r was
kept perfectly dry. Tho weight all
told, Including tho rain that soaked
Into tho canvas was about 200 pounds,
and this was carried by two squads ot
four, ono at each end ot two poles.
Tho child stood tho trip remarkably
well and J)Ct.l Inward thlnkvi ho can
pull her through by akin grafting.
Another Assignment.
Mr. Leo Willis, broker and real es
tate agent, doing business In Salem
for a long time past, has folt com
pelled, by tho stress of tho times, to
mako a general assignment for the
benefit ot his creditors. Mr. U. L.
Chamborlln Is named as nsslgnco,
whoso well known charactornsn reli
able and clllclcnt business man Insures
a careful and successful settlement of
the affairs of tho assignment.
The catibcs of this action aro given
as Inability to collect outstanding
claims by reason of the existing finan
cial stringency, tho great depreci
ation In values of real estate render
ing sales dllllcult nnd hIow, excopt at
ruinous sacrifices, and a desire to pro
tect all creditors against loss by liti
gation or forced sales. Assets are
deemed sutllclcnt to meet all tho
liabilities, an extension of tlmo only
being necessary.
This assignment In no way affects
tho Incorporated linn of Willis Bros.
& Co., doing a successful mercantile
business under tho management of
10. and Percy Willis, who aro hons of
Leo Willis.
Klamuth Reservation.
Washington, April 1(1, Senator
Mitchell has secured an amendment
in tho Indian appropriation bill pro
viding for a commlbslon of two per
sons, whoso duty it slinll bo to thor
oughly. In vestlgato and determine tho
correct location of tho boundary lines
of tho Klamath Indian rcservalon in
Oregon, the lines to bo in accord
ance With tho terms of tho treaties
heretofore mado with tho Indian?,
Tho commission Is also to ascertain
the number of acres and tho charac
ter of the lands excluded from tho
reservation by reason of erroneous
Big Tom Reed's providential boom
Is said to have tho support at least
of llttlo Rhody.
Highest of all ia Leavening Powav Latcit U. S. Gov't Report
Aro Putting a Full Ticket in
the Field.
The Politics In Other Parts of Our
. a.
Portland, April ltt. The Dem
ocratic county convention met today
for tho purpose of nominating a full
ticket- Tho following nominations
wore made: Clerk, circuit court, D. J.
Beaky; Recorder Ivan Humason; Clerk
J. 0. Havcrly.
Sheriff, A. D. Smith; trcasuror,John
Klornan. That tho Democrats have
holies of success Is evidenced by the
fnct that for sumo otllccs there nro two
or more candidates. F.x-Gov. Pen
uoyor Is almost cortaln of the mayor
alty nomination.
Ex-Uov. Ponnoyor nominated mayor
b acclamation.
Tacoma. 'Wash., April 10. Mayor
Ed. S. Orr, declared defeated for re
election by two votes today, began
proceedings In court to prevent tho
inauguration of A. V, Fawcott, tho
successful candidate. Ho chaages the
election olllccro with misconduct in
counting tho ballots.
Trenton, N. J., April lO.-The
Republican state convention today
declared In favor ot tho gold standard.
Congressman MoEwan offered a reso
lution Intruding for McKlnlcy, Del
egato Edgar offered a substitute, re
questing tho dolcgntes to support Mc
Kinloy. The resolutions wero laid on
tho table.
Indian Depredation Act.
Wabhinoton, April 10. Senator
Mitchell thinks there will bo some
trouble about securing legislation
amending tho Indian depredation act
to meet the objections of tho supreme
court. Ho Bays that there Is a dispo
sition in sumo quarters to do nothing
about tho bill, aud nut to pay any
fnVthcr attention to Indian depreda
tion claims In congress.
Tho bill is now before tho committee
on Indian depredations in tho senate,
and nn early report is expected, but
the way other business Is bclnfc
puscd along In tho senate, as well as
in tho Iiouro, in an effort to secure an
early adjournment, rendora tho possi
bility of getting through legislation
to which there Is any particular ob
jection. I'fttally Wounded.
HAL8KY, OR. April 10. Thla city
was the scene of a shooting scrape and
tho result will probably bo death. A
Mr. Bend and Mr. Pearl, of tho old
firm of Black & Pearl, in tho butcher
shop, at about 11 o'clock this forenoon
got Into a dispute and hot words
followed. Thou Bend pulled out a
revolver and shot at. Pearl, but the
bullet went wldo ot Its mark, shooting
and fatally wonudlnga bystahdor.
Tq Increase the Army,
Washington -Ar JO. Tho sou
ato commlttco oiunllltary uffalw to
day agreed to report favorably Haw
loy's bill for the reorganization of th
army. The bill Increases tho force to
20,000 enlisted men.
1 1
. i.C "&&'si
--. ,

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