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"..! STiMHS" tTEr
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; T
laadi BBiiiir i rannri
-rT.-onTlMiifiTl7iiviMTiTHJnrarfntTft-a lot
If yon
Ub, hm an
want a sure relief for pahta la the back, side, chert, or
BEAR IN MtND-Not one of the host of counterfeits and Imita-
tlona is as good as the genuine.
DR. J. N. SMITH, of Salem,
11. L. BAIIKLEY, of Wooriburn,
E. W. CHAPMAN, of Jlrooks,
MMUNLEY MITl'MiLL. of nervals,
DAVID CltAIC), of Miteleuy.
County J iicltfe,
OROVE 1. TEltitELL, of Molmrua.
County Commissioner,
.J.N. DAVIS, of Sllvci ton.
County Clerk,
L. V. EHLEN, of Htittevlllr.
P. T. WRIOIITJIAN, of Salem.
1 V. WATERS, of Salem.
J. W. HOHART, of Gurllcld.
J). B. IIERRICK, of Yew Park.
School Superintendent,
OEO. W. JONES, or Jefferson.
A. M. CLOUGH, of Salem.
I'or .Timtico of the Pence Sulem Dint.,
For Constable,
New llagH arc to bo bought for the
Salem Hohools.
Ilsliould bo called the Klokcronlnu
the Poitland organ of the boltcm.
Isn't It funny that nearly all the
wealthy men are "sound money" men.
It Isslunltlcanl that Oregon, tho
flrststnte to vote In 161)0, Is for Mo
ld n ley.
Tho Pacific coast Btutes will nover
beo prosperity under tho Bliiglo gold
It now looks us If MoKlnloy would
bo put up and elected on tho Ohio
It will bo Rill Mc Kin ley
inatlon and the people will
by ncclu
make It
11K Tom Reed's presidential boom
Is said to luivo tho support at least
Tho rate of Interest on state, coun
ty, and school warrants, should bo re
duced toO percent.
It is Mr. Dolplt and his Portland
friends who uu doing most ot tho
bolting and kicking this year.
It looks very much as If an Indo
iwndont blmetalllu Mitchell legisla
tive ticket will sweep Linn county.
Up tu Washlnglon u young Indy
who ciuiio out of n grconhouso with a
bouquet was pursued by iwtarvlngcow,
.' i - j
Tlioro aro now tluvo candidates In
tho Held for mayor of Portland, ex
flov. Pennoyer, ox-Mayor Mason and
Soils I). Colin.
Tiik Jouknai. loves toa-commmlato
Its neighbors, hut It will not go to tho
extent of printing poetry handed In
by any lady frlonds of Fletcher, of tho
A wealthy Now York widow gives
up a fortuno of $1,000,000 to marry au
American, Tho American man is
slowly but surely coming to lw appre
ciated. Tho referendum Is demanded on many
important measures, and is bolng
granted by tho Republican legislature
of Now York. Now York Is quite u
state, mind you!
r Simon Isaac llosendnlo of tho New
York Bound Currency commutes has
Issued nn argument against wampum
currency, meaning silver. People
would behind to get a little.
Tho. cable reporU say they have the"
bubonic plagtio m Hdug Kong. No
knowing whaMhatls-but they have
got It very bad. Nearly as bad us tho
Portlaud primaries.
The Democratic "Restoration" of Busi
ness and "Good Times" Sweep the
Uradstreet's, Aptil 4, 1996.
, The total number of business fail
ures during tho past quarter is bo
.much larger than usual In fact, to
much larger than over before In a cor-
"i 1 ' responding period as to challenge
General Harrison gave the minister; attention, particularly when It Is re-
1 ... ,, wiiwirti nvi-liuln full.
a. sni .. - .. ......1 .1... tnn A nl HQ f I1H . l'illi W WIIIIU V.H.OV . vj.v v. w v .w
VI,UUUilBlt nvuuiiii ikk- iiu "
I..,. ...... Miimrtn1 nlinllt. t.tin lllrll I
prlco of the butter he was eating It
was worth It.
Commenting on the Portland pri
maries the Chief Justice of the Su
preme Court said a registration law or
the application of the principle of the
Australian ballot to the prlmaiics
find become a necessity.
Tho water stock should be wrung
out of tho Pacific rallioads and then
they should bo run by the government
In the Interest of the people, Instead
of a lot of corporation lawyer sharps
and Wall street strippers.
There Is one reason why the gold
men will win. They have the money
to hire able speakers and the big
newspapers. The people's cause can
only plead the muto eloquence of
With most of the hop growers mort
gaged for last year's picking money,
and hops selling at two cents a pound,
where Is tho Inducement to continue
growing more hops? Tliero aro enough
In the markets now for two year's beer
Tho gold standard crowd will not bo
consoled. Tho La Hlafich swing thoy
got In tho Republican state conven
tion dislocated their Jaw. If we
don't own tho Rcpublln party wo can't
keep house, say tho goldbngs. Well
they don't own It, by a long shot, and
they might as well wlpo their eyes.
Thoy don't own the American pcoplo
und nover will.
'.The School of Politics."
Mr. Ernest Hofcr, "formerly of Iowa
but now tho editor of tho Salem (Ore
gon) Capital Journal, has Just Issued
through Charles II. Kerr & Co, CO
Fifth Avenue, Chicago, Ills., a neatly
printed pamphlet of 7G pages price
25 cents-"Tho School of Politics
Tho American Primary System." Mr.
Hofer predicates his book on tho
sound maxim. "In tho perfected
"nominating primary every member
"of overy party should havo a direct
voto In tho choice ofovory candidate
"whoso name appears on tho ticket of
"his party." Ilo treats tho subject
freely, but In one Italicised sontenco
ho thus correctly portrays tho Ignom
iny and results of packed party cau
cuses and primaries. "Tho corrupted
"primary Is tho political crlmo of tho
"century." Ifthosourco of a party
or a government Is corrupt, that cor
ruption extends through every branch
and detail of that party or govern
ment. Tho object of thoso who Join
In packing caucuses and primaries Is
spoils, and tho spoils will bo gained as
certainly as tho packed methods gain
tho victory and tho power to accom
plish their purposes.
Mr. Hofef treats tho subject under
three general phases. "The Primary
"and Spoils Politics. How Primaries
"aro Conducted. Tho Primary As It
"Should bo Safeguarded by Law."
Ho has examined tho laws regulating
primaries In tho soveral states that
havo attempted legislation on that
line, and reaches the conclusion that
"tho few laws enacted for that, nnr.
"poso so far have beou drawn up nioro
"to protect tho managers of political
maciiinos t nan to protect tho people."
Ho concludes that the only remedy Is
a demand on tho part of tho voters for
tho right to a voice In tho govern
ment of parties, and also of schoels:
and that "tho Instinct of self-presor-"vatlon
against corruption must bo
"crystalllml into a national primary
"law as carefully safeguarded as the
"general election laws." It Is posslblo
that that may 1ms tho only permanent
remedy, but If tho states wait for n
national low tho remedy will nover bo
gained. Every stato should have an
honest primary election law, and all
states will havo as boon as their pco
plo reallzo that lUlliest Wlimirlpa nr
i.ft rti.i.. . . . .. . ,v
wiu viinui ouun-o or inoir own
mid protcctlon.-Dally Iowa
urcs of those engaged In agricultural
pursuits, In any of the professions, In
transportation enterprises, or as em
ployes In merchantllo or Industrial
concerns, or of those engaged In per
sonal service.
Business embarrassments reported
refer exclusively to those of Individ
uals, firms and corporations cngnged
In mercantile or Industrial or llnanclal
enterprises, In which the "failure"
resulted In every Instance (except
banks) In los to tho creditor; In other
words, of thoso actual liabilities were
In excess of actual assets.
For the past sixteen years tho num
ber of failures, with ussets and liabil
ities, for the first three months have
been as follews:
No. Total
Year. Failures. Liabilities.
1896 ,x 4.52 $62,513,926
189s 3-812 46.910.443
1894 3,696 49.85,o88
1893 3.069 39.424,144
1892 3.2o7 35.86i.749
1891 3.401 44 348.783
1891 3.326 33.8i4.3oi
1889 3.509 41.761.696
1888 3.053 34.108,079
1887 3-'28 25.591.989
1886 3.302 29,906.446
1885 4.050 4M04.325
1884 3,320 39,047,121
I883 3.89 42,235.535
1882 2,146 29,010,944
1881 ,986 24,167,739
Tho total number of business fail
ures In tho United States during tho
past three months Is 1,012, by coinci
dence exactly 700 more than In the
like quarter last year, au Increase of
almost onc-llfth. The only preceding
quarter In which the total number of
failures was as largo as -1000 was In
1885, Immediately following the panic
of 1881, when tho total was 4,050. In
no like quarter before or since has the
number of failures been as largo as in
the past three months, altough In the
llrst quarter of 1891 there wero nearly
four thousand .business failures re
ported 3,009 compared with which
tho Increase during the past quarter
Is about one-ninth.
Perfect Wisdom
Would give us perfect health, Because men
and women are not perfectly wise, tliey must
lake medicine to keep them perfectly heal
tliy. 1'iiro, rich blood is the basts of pood
health. Hood's Sarsapiitllla is tho One True
lllood Purifier, It gives good health, because
it builds upon the true foundation-pure blood.
Hood'n Pills are purely vegetable, perfectly
harmless, always reliable and beneficial.
Following Is the report In full of j
the committee on platform, In the
Republican stnte convention of Ore-j
gon, which was adopted and Is tho
party platferm: 1
The representative of the Republicans of
dm state of Oregon in convenlion assembled,
call attention to the condition of industry
throughout the country, as a proof of the
neccuity of returning to the policy of the Re-,
publican party under which there was general
prosperity during thirty yrars.
wo rcullirm the principles or 111c isepuun
BianimiMfiii tax.rniUtt.
vissssk. 'vf la. P v
Eugene has a city debt of $10,513.37.
Thcro Is .11 miles of plank side-walks
all In good condition In Eugene.
Tacoma has reduced her municipal
cxpouso from 810,000 to$10,000a month.
Polndcxter, tho boy poisoner of
Eugcno, Is out on ball to await trial.
Tho caps and gowns for tho senior
class at the Eugene university has
been received.
Tho total bonded Indebtedness of
Albany Is $95,000 with $12,702.21 In
outstanding warrants.
Circuit court Is In session at Corval
lls, with 71 cases on the docket. Six
of tho cases aro criminal.
John Craig, of Lost Creek, while at
tempting to reach over a paw while In
motion, to feel of an oil box, slipped
and his hand was caught by tho saw.
Three fingers less is tho result.
A lire In Oakland, Douglas county,
last Sunday, destroyed a stable and
workshop belonging to T. T. Miller.
About $150 worth of carpenter's tools.
a quantity of hay and some dressed
lumbor were burned.
Many of tho minors who went to
wooKsiniei aro in n destitute condl-'
tlon and many would bo glad of a '
uiiuiicu 10 return say some or tho
passengers who arrived 011 the steam
ship Wlllapo from Alaska.
Tho board of education ofSeattlo
has decided to sue tho county com-
miMioners for tho ponaltles and Inter
est on taxes. Tho commissioners
wished to comproinloo on $13,500
while tho school board wanted $17,000.'
can national tilatfnrm of l8o2. and ussnrt that
the results that have followed the change de-
creed by the election of that year Have justi
fied our protest against the national policy
adopted by the Democratic parly
We believe that the government should
have an ample roenue, with a sufficient sur
plus over ordinary expenditures to provide for
coast defences, fur the steady building up of
the nivy, and for the constant reduction of
the public debt We believe that the present
tariff, with its lowered rates and its destruc
tive ond dUhoneit system of undervaluations
and discriminations as to localities, should be
replaced by one framed on protective princi
ples similar to that of the McKlnley bill and
arranged to gle ample protection to Ameri
can wages and American industry, and to re
store the reciprocity policy of James G.
We have always elven protection to our
shipbuilders. In latJ years we havo neghcted
to nralect our sliinowneis. Wc believe tho
time ims come to rcttore to the policy of
Washington and Hamilton, wlilcli, uy ins
criminating duties In favor of American bot
tom, secured 90 per cent of our carrjlng
trade to American ships, rind which, if now
restored, would again revive our shipping and
cause American freights to be paid to Amcri.
The American people, from tradition and
interest, favor bimctalism, and the Republi
can party demands the use of both gold and
kilver as standard money with such restrict
ions and under such provisions to be determ
ined by legislation, as will secure the main.
tenance ofthe patity of values of the two
metals, so that the purchasing and debt-nay-lug
power ofthe dollar, whether of silver,
gold or paper, shall be at all times equal,
Tho interest of the producers of the country
its farmer and its Vtorklngmen demand
that every dollar, paper r coin, issued by
the government shall be as good as any other
Resolved. That we earnestly endorse the
proposed amendment to the constitution of
the United States, providing for the election
of United States senators by popular vote,
recently reported from the committee on
privileges and elections by Senator Mitchell
and now pending consideration in the United
State Senates.
Resolved, That the application of the Ore
gon delegation in congress to the president of
the United States and now pending before
him, praying a modification of his procla
mation creating the Cascade forest reserve, is
hereby earnestly approved, and wc appeal to
the president to grant the prayer of our dele
gation in congress.
Wc realize the importance and magnitude
ofthe fishing industry on the Columbia river ',
anu would recommend that some provisions
be made for a state hatchery for artificial
propagation, and that the laws regulating the
closed season lie rigidly enforced.
mat we endorse the ellorts of our re pro
sentatives in congress to secure repayment to
the settlers cf Oregon of the excess of $1.25
per acre wrongfully collected by the governt
ment on lands located in the limits of the
unearned Northern Pacific railroad land gran
now forfeited.
The construction of the Nicaragua canal is
01 me Highest importance to the American
people, both ns a measure of national defense
and to build up and maintain American com
merce. It is moreover of special importance
to our Pacific states and we demand its
completion as speedly as possible by the
government of the United States.
V hereby endorse the action of our sena
tors and representatives in congress in their
cndeaor 10 secure grants of pensions to
Indian war veterans.
We pledge the Republican! party to a rigid
economy in the expenditure of public money;
to the reduction of excessivo salaries; and the
abolishment of the fee system whenever
possible, and of all useless commissions; and
belieye that no appropriation should be made
to any school or charitable institution not
under the control of the suite; and oppose the
incorporation into the general appropriation
bill of items for the expenditure of public
money not authorized by law.
We demand the enactment of rigid restrict
ions on foreign immigration, both for protection
of our country against illiterate and vicious
classes from foreign lands and for protection
of our labor and preservation to our own
people of the remainder of our national
We commend the policy of the Republican
party in relation to Internal improve
ments, and In particular in opening our
rommerafal Slrccf
Ur Cl'itnl IMntinc
-11 1L 'weapon
vvnrm,, 1
Clio,' ""
- i
21 1 Ciihiij.i.ll .. . .
n?-SulM $15 uuttar,!. i,' e'0r
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- - "Mr l
iii kt 4 Ro ar v g ecn o.
umyy ugg r
On tarn 1-.1 "
'ate, on TargfCUlolnj
conside.cd without u"hrUw
Rank building. ' MUN
ESI I m 1m 1
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T-K run
The Rova -
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ofthe choicest, concen
trated vegetable ex
tracts, they coit much
more titan other
waterways to commerce, and we denounce h
illiberality of Democratic party in these im
portant matters.
Respectfully submitted.
T. E. Fell, SouIImscir,
Secretary Chairman.
Following is the minority report, which
was defeated by a vote of 108 to 129:
We, a ainonty of your committee on plat
form save nnd except the section on finance,
for which we submit the following as a sub
stitute: Resolved, That we favor the use of bolh
gold and silver to the extent which they can
be maintained in circulation at parity in pur
chasing and debt paying power; but we arc
earnestly opposed to the free and unlimited
coinage of silver at the ratio of 16 to 1 for the
reason that it would destroy such parity,
enormously contract tnc volume 01 currency
uy lorcing goiu out 01 circulation and tmmc
:ly pla
Believing that the effect of international
place the country on a silver basis.
demonetization of silver ban be overcome
only by international remonetlzatlon of that
metal, the Republican party of Oregon most
earnestly favor such measures as wlllnccom
plish that purpose.
Claud Gatch, Charles S. Moore, John
Combs, N. II. Moore, W. W. Steiwer, Dar
win Ilrlstow, V. II. Conyers, W. P. Conna-way
Dealer in groceries, paints, oils,
window glass, varnishes, and
the most complete stocc of
brushes of all kinds in the
state, Artists' materials, lime,
hair, cement and shingles, and
finest quality of grass seeds,
Miss Balk's School
Special attention to beginners. All
Will receive children from 3 years upward
branches for theolder pupils taught, includ
ing drawing, modeling, music plain nnd ar
tistic i.eedlc work All work done on the In
dividual plan In which each child is ad
vanced according to its own capacity. For
terms and particulars apply to Miss O. Dal
lou. Twentieth and Chemeketa sts.
REST Ai twa xr
106 Stnte street. New ,i '
guarantee the best meal in the c,,""'
rcosonablc. One trial will L'J"
rouage. Private room. f .," ? 'w
Caruenter, Builder and Jofe,
4il Winlpr fi.ui
ISTlIard times prices alwayi.
Legal lilanhWiiblUh
Hush's New Urick over the bank Ccnl
Meets all mall and passenger tniii h
gage and express to all parts efti5
i-rumpr. service, iciephone Ka 79
": Office:
For water
Willamette Hotel Mn
service aniilv it c&cl a
payable monthly in adrsact. tub i
complaints at the office.
There will be no deduction la n'jsva
on account of temporary absence frseft
city unless notice is left it tie &
Hereafter water for irrigation will oe'rk
furnished to regular consumers tut ta
for domestic purpose. Contractonfm
walks, brick work and Dlittna?rltia
read "under bulldini? DurDOses" twtlli'
schedule of rates for 1893, Apply Hi
lor copy.
the Burlington makes the fastest
time to Omaha, Kansas City and
St. Louis is because It is th
mortest as well as the best built
line to those and ALL OTHER
Southern and Southeastern cities.
Tickets and time-tables at the
local ticket office.
Letters of inquiry addressed to
the undersigned will receive
Prompt atttentlon.
A. C. SHELbON, G. A.,
Portland, Or.
We have just comploted a new feed yard
one-half block south of the court house.
Please give us a call. Team 10c.
32I Commercial st. Cottle Block
Successor to C. M. Beck & Co.
Best meats in tho city, Prompt deltvery
Miss May Wilkin
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anu uGniiigf
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style, and prorrptly. uiutrocBuij.iw
hurst block, Salem.
M'.fces a splalty of fine, repair UJ
1 nomas ciockk, etc., aij ujnm
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ty 0 sell the best paying books on the mar
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yev iiuiu juny 10 luriy. frvio iv.i. Lt. t .-.
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Salem Steam Laundry
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unuer smrts stoiocerits
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nn harm
RnHPi nm Wm
,wwmi "'-,". ...Mfiia
' ft- SSf,.flfi.V
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It thO 1041 OPItohffid'ilP
1 refMslitaf. eleialr. &&
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