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Is the Wail of the
Nerves for Food.
. .
I People with Weak, Flabby
Suffer. They may be Relieved by Building up
their Nerves with a Nourishing Nerve Food.
An Interesting Interview with A Prominent Phy
sician and a Case in Point Cited.
From the Journal,
" What Is tbis modern disease called ner
vous prostration ?"
If tills question lmd been risked a physl
' clan In our grandfathers' time, he could not
have answered It. Tlio disease was n6t
known then. It is new, and is a product of
our American hustle and worry. Stated In
hrlef, nervous prostration Is a complete col
lapse of tlio nervous system. It is brought
on by overwork, worry or disease, and the
patient can only bo cured by rest and a
proper feeding of the nerves.
Notice the drageed-out appearance of the
average mother. She can scarcely drncher
self around; her nerves and strength have
been overtaxed ; she has no reserve force.
She keeps up, but it is at the expense of her
nervous system. Finally she is overcome;
she can work no more , her nerves aro ex.
haustcd ; the cares and worries of her life
have gotten the better of her, and it will re
quire weeks and months to recover.
Thoughtless people wiy : "How foolish to
work so hard and how foolish to worry."
That is very well, but how ninny thousands
nf iiinthpru there are who havo burdens
V Hiouuh for n ncore, nud whoso ;oor, weak
h little bodies endure uncomplainingly nil the
K burdens until finally they have to stop and
It is a question u incy nave noi waucti too
In cases of this kind there is a food within
the reaeh of all, and it is nlwuys cft'ectlve.
It Is to tho weakened nerves what brcud nud
beef are to the niUKtilur system. It supplies
them all tho properties necewary to build
tlii'in up, strengthen them nnd restore, them
to n vigorous, healthy condition. This new
food is Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for l'nlc
l'cople. Vf fpaco permitted, wo could (ill
pages 01 .ills paper with tho heartfelt testi
monials of thousands who have found in
these pills their salvation. Wo only give
nne. but later others will be published that
will be rrnd with much interest by anyone
Mini-ring with wcukened nerves ns a result of
the kcuym or otherwise.
No more deplorable condition of tlio hu
man Ixxly can bo conceived than that of
nervous prostration, when every nerve in the
hyMem hcems to vie with tho others to make
you miserable, when even the sunshine irri
tates you, when the happy prattle of the child
distracts the loving parent, when life is
haunted by a constant foreboding, when the
light of life seems to turn to n smoking,
Hnoiililcrlng tlumo of torture that's part of
nervous prostration, just u phase of this
muuy-sided disease. As its grasp upon you
strengthens you loset perhaps, tho power to
walk, to talk, to think, even the power to
love. Death would le welcome, butalasl it
comes not until the cup of suffering is full to
overlowing. Such has been the experience
of Mr. Henry Gehrkc, whose story is best
told In his own wonts.
To show the results of this ncrvo food on it
special case, to prove tho points above mude,
our reporter made tho following interview :
Henry Ochrko is a thrifty nnd prosperous
German farmer living four miles south of
Ilulliou, iu tills (Adair) county. Mo. Mr.
Oehrke hasn valuable farm and lie has been
a resident of the county for years. Ho is very
well-known hereabouts and well respected
wherever he is known. Last week a reporter
of the Journal stopped nt Mr. Gehrke's and
while there became much interested in Mrs.
Gehrke's account of the Item-lit sho had not
long since experienced from the use oi Dr.
William-i' Pink Pills for Pule People. Sho
said shotVAiitcd everybody to know what u
great inediciue these pills are, but as so many
people are praising them now-n-days, she
modestly doubted wheihor her testimony
could add uuy thing to w hat other lmd al-
jZ. Mmmr r
l Commercial Street, Corner State
Ihe Capital Printing Company has re
5 moved to that location. Call oi us.
2ti Commercial St., Salem Or
7Suits $15 upwards. Pants $ upwandt.J
On farm land security. Special
rates on large loans. Loans
considered without delay
Dusk Bank buildinS.
On city or farm property.
Over,Buh's Bank,
The Royal
106 State street, New and neat. We
guarantee the best meat In the city. Price
reosontble. Ooe trial will insure your pat
ronage. Private rooms for ladies. JZ
U. L. CARLTON, Prop.
Legal JBtankPublUkerg,
Bush's New Brick over the bank Cotn'I st
rnrvrrYrr -gyfiU rur'trrnrtnao - n - '
Nerves are the Ones who
IClrktvilte, Ho.
ready said of thcnii Her only reason for
talking for publication about Pink Pills was
that the people of Adair and neighboring
counties might be convinced, if any doubtel,
that oft-published testimonials concerning
Pink Pills were genuine statements from tho
lips of persons who have been benefited by
tho tiseoi them. Speaking of her own in
teresting experience, Mrs. Gchrke said s
"A little over r year ago I was completely
broken down. I had been taking mcdlcino
from a doctor but grew worse and worse un
til I could scarcely go about at all. The
least exertion or the mero bending of ruy
body would cause me to have smothering
spells, nnd the suffering was terrible. I
thought it was caused by my heart. When
everything else had failed to relieve me and
I had given up all hopes of ever being any
thing but a helpless invalid, I chanced to
read some testimonials In the Farm, Field
and Firttlde, also in the Chicago InttT'Ocean
and the suffering of the people who made
the statements was so nearly like the suffer
ing I had endured that when I read that they
were so greatly benefited by the use of Dr.
WilllamsrPink Pills for Pale People, I did
not hesitate to go at once and purchase two
boxes. I took them according to directions
and before the first box wastisedl felt a good
bit better. Kenllythc first dose convinced
me that it was a great remedy. Ilcfore the
two boxes were used up I sent my husband
after three more boxes, so I would not be
without them. When I had used these
three boxes I felt like a different woman and
thought I was almost cured.
"Since that time I have been taking them
whenever I began to feel badly, when I
Itegan taking Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for
Pole People, I weighed only 113 pounds and
ufter I had been using the medicine for about
six months l4vcighcd 123 pounds. I have
had a good iipnctlte ever since I commenced
taking Pink Pills and instead of mincing
along, picking such food as I could cat even
with au effort, I cat most anything that
comes on the table. I nm not the invalid I
was. I do not have to lie waited upon now
as if I was a helpless child, but I work nil
tho time, doing the housework And ironing
and working in the garden without that
dreadful feeling which comes over a person
when they aro afraid they are going to have
ono of those spells that I used to-have.
"Work don't hurt me any more. I hon
etly bclievo that had it not been for Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills I would now bo in my
grave. I still have what the doctor calls bil
ious colio but the Pink Pills have made me
much better and the spells are not so frequent
and aro nothing like as painful as before I be
can to use them. I would not bo without the
Pink Pills for that disease alone under any
circumstances to say nothing of the other dis
eases for which they aro fcscclally recom.
mended. I take pleasure in telling my neigh
bors the benefits I have received from Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills for Palo People, and
know of several who havo taken my advice
tdid have been greatly benefited by them."
Dr. Williams Pink Pills contain, in a
condensed form, all tho elements necessary
to civo new life and richness to tho blood
and restore shattered nerves. They are an
unfailing specific for such diseases as loco
motor ataxia, partial paralysis, St. Vitus'
dance, sciatica, neuralgia, rheumatism, nerv
ous headache, tho after effect of la grippe,
palpitation of the heart, pale and saUow
complexions, all forms of weakness clthir in
male or female, and all diseases rrslting
from vitiated humors in the blood VInk
Pills are sold by all dealers, or will U- sent
post puid on receipt of price, CO cents a box.
or six boxes fpr $2.C0 (they are never sold
in bulk or by the 100) by addressing Dr.
Williams' Medicine Company. Behentft
Office: Willamette Hotel Building
For water service apply at office. Dills
payable monthly in advance. Make all
complaints at the office.
There will be no deduction in water rates
on account of temporary absence from the
city unless notico is left at the office.
Hereafter water for irrigation will only be
furnished to regular consumers using water
for domestic purpose. Contractors for side
walks, brick work and plasterimr will please
read "under building purposes" page 17 of
scneame 01 rates lor 1093, Apply at oiuce
for copy.
M'ss May. Wilkins,
and Sewing.
All kinds of work done in the most approved
style, and promptly. Call at room ij, Park
hurst block, Salem.
Makes spUlty of fine repair work, Setb
Thomas clock, etc., 215 Commercial Street
In all towns and localities throughout the
United States and territories to sell the Fount
ain Washer and Steam Cooker, the best in
use. It saves its own price In the wear of
clothes in leu than six months. Sent C. O.
D, by express, prepaid, for $3.50, in tin; $$
is copper. For particular, address
156 State street, Salem, Oregon.
III I II I I f, t-t-H
Meets all mall and passenger trains Bag
gage aad express to all parts of the city.
Carpenter, Builder and Jobber.
TaSl Winter street.
pTlIard time pries always. '
- - - "-"V-'r'Trri - "Mn
Third Term Examinations-
Short Vacation.
Valuable Athletic Rules Prepared
by Trine,' of Euger.e.
The Y. "W. and Y. M. C. A. nicet
Intrj Kunriiiv nftprnnoti. will he con
ducted by Mr. IMtzhugh.
Rev. II. D. Glnss, an old student of
Willamette, but now or Independence,
conducted chapel exercises Monday
Miss Hortha Altkcn, Miss liertlia
Van Winklo of Halsey, Miss Mary
Shlves of Buena YlslV nd many
other Epworth League delegate?, vis
ited chapel exercises Monday morn
ing. During chapel exercises Monday,
President "W. C. lluwlcy made the
pleasing announcement that tho reg
ular examinations for the third term,
would take place Tuesday nnd Wed
nesday, and that tho students would
bo granted three holidays; Thursday
una Friday of this week, and Monday
or next week, which will be devoted
to registration only.
Miss Ethel Hughes gave an excel
lent recitation In chapel Monday, the
appreciation of which by the visitors
was evinced by the hearty applause
given the young lady.
Lust term the dally average for
both sexes In tho ancient history class
was, girls, 83 1-10; Hoys, 18 1-12. The
boys comfort themselves, however,
with tho saying, "there are excep
tions to all rules."
Tim hnnniiot. rrlvrn liv tlio Pllllodor-
lan and Pullodosiun literary societies
or Willamette University last even
ing fnr surpassed any previous elTort
nl.nnlnrlnlnninnt,. It. WHS indeed 11
grand event. The entertainment of
tlio evening commenced in mhj cuaiKM
at 8 o'clock. A largo numbers of 'tho
friends and well wishers of "Old Wll-
iutuotto"t lmd assembled to enjoy tho
exercises. President Guy C. Miller, of
tim -piiiiruiririnii Kfiplptv delivered a
short address of welcome, Mr. Ernest
Wilson then executed a beautiful
piano solo, Miss Mabel Carter, one of
Salem's most accomplished elocution-
.. . 11. i lit. r..,.!.!! in.fA.lln
iSb, rccitctt ".money ihubk. jhuiuuiuj.
AilsSLiCio iNiCKiin, one oi diiiuiu a uu
compllshcd violinists, executed a dlf-
IlGlllb SOlO qUllO BKlllIllliy, UUU luuuiy
responded to a hearty encore, Miss
Davenport accompanied Miss N Icklln
on tho plnno. David East appeared In
one of his best recitations. Miss
RoMinrPrtlllimnnd Mr. A. O. Wilson
wine n beautiful duet as did also
ATtoena "Nnnnln nnd Carrie FloWOrfl.
Hon. G. M. Irwin gave ono of his
pleasing ten inlnuto addresses which
wna rrronf.lv oninvnd. The SOIIC "SOUS
nnd Diuiffhtcrs of "Willamette" tho
words written by W. P. Mat
thews, and sung to tho muslo of "Red
White nnd Bluo" was then sung; tho
run nrwi. i.ivii v.irMi'H tvi'in niiiiiz im jl
solo by Prof, Ilerltago and all Joined
on the last stanza.
A t nillniirniiiKnl. viih t.lmrt t.nknn tfi
the society halls where a season of
social converso was enjoyeu uy au.
Later In tho evening tho facility,
iiliminl nml mnmlwrs nf the two llter-
nry societies repaired to tho banquet
room On lUO SCCOIIU llliui viriiuiu imrau
excellent supper lmd been prepared
which rcllcctcd great credit on tho
projectors thereof. Tho room had
been tastcruuy uecornicu wiiu uiru
Inal und old gold, tho college colors.
An attempt to describe the supper
would bo an endless undertaking but
Mm rnnldltv with which tho luxuries
disappeared, attested tho fact of
its excellent quality. Supper con
cluded, toasts were called for and
linnrrllv roannnrlpfl IOO. Mr. W. P.
Matthews acted as chief toast
master and in a fow words mndo tho
guests feel perfectly nt homo request
ing all "to follow the dictates of your
own conscience." John Iteynolds re
sponded to tho toast "Tho past of
the literary societies" und gayo an In
teresting history of of each slnco Its
organization. I. P. Calltson, on tho
part of tho Phllodorlans. responded
to tho toast "Tho Contest" In n very
pleasant manner, as did also Miss
Myrtle Marsh In bchulf of the Phllo
rinalnns. who snoko on the "Outlook
of tho Societies." Prof. Heritage, In
behalf of tho faculty, responded to
tho toast "Push" in a most pleasing
manner. Tho professor paid n llttlng
compliment to our president in ins re
marks. The well Known adngo "tho
way to a man's heart Is through his
stomach" was doubly attested last
nvpnlnir. After another short ncrlod
of conversation In the society halls,
the banquet was conciuaeu. xnune oi
tiio ronrpsAntnt.Ivntf of Lhfinrcss re
ceived invitations to tho banquet.
Thinking that tho following rules
for athletes, as prepared by W. O.
Trine, tho well-known foot-racer and
tmlner of athletes, who now has
charge of the U. of O. field work,
might prove both Instructive and
benettcal to tne aiutetesoi oia un
mette, wo print the follewing:
To mako any hard nnd fast rule for
trntnlnt? tnannlv to nil men alike is
Impassible, for the reason that ono
man's meat is anoincr ruuirs poison,
nnd the course that will put ono man
In the pink of couditlon, would bo
harsh for another, and lead to tho
much-to-be-dreaded condition, the
overtrained athlete.
Tito man who would make a first
class athlete must make up his mind
to eschew nil forms of dissipation,
nnd bo very regular In his hours of
rising, and retiring. Uuslness
and pleasure cannot be mixed
In the making of an athlete.
Children pry fo
?itahar's Castoria.
fc n.-yj,r , W
LyiiiK oh the back with the tnoutli
open wlille sleeplug should be avoided
if nrHMMp. nnd It Is better to breathe
through the nose at till times if eon-,
vi'iitnnt. Cold air drawn Into tho
lungs Is uot conducive of long wind,
and that is ono of thocssentlnl quail
llcntlonsor bleyclo riders and longdis
tance runners. To prevent lying on
the back when asleep, It Is n good
plan to tie two spools on the back, so
they will awaken you when you get In
that position.
You must not eat food that effects
the wind, or that has a tendency to
produce biliousness, that Is hard to
digest etc., such us potatoes, (excopt
chilis) boups, puddings, pies, pickles,
hot cukes, apples, syrup, butter In
largo quantities, berries with cteam,
confections, boiled eggs, cheese, tlsh
or any kind, corned beer and cabbage,
nor dumplings. These arc roods that
must bo avoided while training, as
they effect the most vital parts of tho
system tho stomach and the lungs In
All kinds of drinks that clTcct tho
wind or tho nervous system should be
avoided, such as malt liquors or any
kind, carbonated beverages, cohl
water, cider, tea, coffee nnd wines or
all kinds except when mentioned
Tlio use of tobacco In any foim Is
detrimental, and moro particularly so
Is tho deadly cigarette. I need not
mention the reason why for volumes
have been written by eminent author
ities on tho various phases of Its ill
Good habits, among which aro "early
to bed and early to rise," must be a
part of tho training. Night air Is
not beneficial undcrnny circumstances
and less so when great exertion Is re
quired of both mind and muscle.
Sleep at tho proper time is tlnv great
restorer, and gives to a great extent
tho required vim for a Until burst of
speed that means defeat to competi
tors and crowns tho brow of him who
has fnlthrully obeyed the laws or nat
ure with tho laurel wreath or success.
Among the foods that can be eaten,
If congenial to the stomach of tlio
party training are oat meal mush with
milk nnd eggs In nny stylo except
boiled, plain or milk toast, oysters In
nnv stylo whero no butter Is used,
clams, chicken or game of any kind,
steaks, chops, roast beer IT not fat,
beans, boiled rice, and a llttlo fruit
not too highly sweetened.
From this menu ono can make a
good healthful meal, and at tho same
time, keep the stomach In order, gain
strength and will power, and condi
tion himself for tho race of life. Dry
crackers aro good nt nny time, nnd
gruhnm crnckcrs or bread arc espec
ially strengthening and easy of di
To quench tho thirst without Injur
ing tho wind, stomach, or strength,
uso lemonude, mineral water, sarsap
arlllu and Iron, butter milk or sweet
milk If ugrccable, weak cocoa, and
sherry wine with egg. All or theso
arc strengthening and do not act on
tho nerves with detriment. Avoid
drinking whllo eating and ror at least
an hour after eating. A light drink
lust boforo eatlntr Is tho best way to
quench the thirst. Eat your meals
regular, nt lenst llvo Hours npart. A
tublesnoonful of bran after each meal
Is good to aid digestion.
Avoid violent cxorclso for at least
ono hour after eating. Do not sit In
draughts, keep tho feet dry anti wear
warm clothing. Do not scufllo, run
races, or Jump on tho street, asyoti uro
liable to get sprained or cause soreness
In so doing. Do not stand on your
feet when not exercising. Sit or lie
down ns much ns possible, so ns to gl vo
tho muscles n ciiancc to reiux ana
grow. Seek pure air and avoid places
wltcro the fumes of tobacco or liquor
prevail. All these llttlo things
aro very essential to mako tho wind
nnd muscles nunllfy equally. Tho
whole system must bo brought Into
hnrmeny: tho lungs, muscle, stomach
nnd nervous forco mndo ono systematic
When you rlso in tho morning,
which should not bo later than U
o'clock, renso tho mouth or wash tho
teeth, take n liair glass or cool water,
squeeze the linlforu lomon in it ana
drink It. If you have nny superfluous
Ileal! take n cool snongo until followed
by a brisk rub with crash towel und
bund rub, then go out for your walk,
which should bo for the long distance
men from one to two miles, tho short
distance men, Jumpers nnd poll vntilt-
crs, from one-nair 10 a tunc.
Tho b evelo rulers irom turco to
four miles, the weight throwers should
tnko a Ik'lit dumbcll exerclso. orn
iuiio walk; do not exerclso fast enough
to start tho perspiration, unless you
wnnt to take tho trouble to rub down
nnd put on dry clothes before break-
last, use suit orino 10 narucn 1110
skin on feet and hands. Draw a hand
ful of brlno Into tho nostrils nt night
beforo retiring to aid In breathing
through the nose. When rubbing out
soreness irom ino muscics, il siioiiiu
always bo with a downward motion,
ns tho soreness In muscles always
travels upwards. When you nro in
perfect condition your hide will bo
thin and loose.muscles longand clastic.
"it is not tne "iiara" man who
OTIIIO lOVV, UUV V" . "11.11 Hlivu
lungs, a good stomach and long clastic
mtnn .! l.it. .lin tvtnn Ufl.li ifuul
Please observe tno above- rules
closely. Do on tlmo regularly ovcry
tiny except nunuay, jor your wont nnti
instructions on iruc uuu num, uuu
you will not oniy oencni yourseii
asicaiiy out nienuiuy, moraiiy, uuu
1 learn to respect tho laws or nature
and gain tho discipline over yourself
so necessary to perfect manhood and
business success.
for Htadache.
As a remedy lor all forms of Headaches
Electric Hitters has proved to be the very
best, Il effects permanent cure und the
most dreaded habitual sick headache yeilds to
Us influence. We urge all who are afillc'ed to
procure a bottle, anl cWe this remedy a fair '
tnsi, in case 01 duuui cmmifiiuu -ict-.
trie nitltrs cures by giving hi needed lone
to the bowels, and few case .s long resist the
use ol tuts medicines, iry nonco. riuy
cents and l,oo at Fred A. Legs' Drug
store, v
I Foster1- Precast
Foster's lust bulletin gave forecasts
I of tut storm Wtvvo to crws the. contl
I nent from 10th to 20th, nnd the next
will reach the rnclticcoust about 21st,
cross tho west or ltockles country by
close or 22d, great central valleys 23d
to 25th, Eastern statds2th.
This disturbance will bring sovcro
local storms and heavy rains- will fnll
In limited localities. Generally rain
fall will 1m) dellcletit and tho drought
will begin to be effective, In the Ohio,
Mississippi volleys and In north At
lantic states.
llalnrall in the Southern states nud
on the Paoltlo slope will bo tulr. Cool
weather in souttieastcrn sintcsnnaon
tho Paclllc slope.
Tho warm wave will cross tho west
nt Rockies country about tho 21th,
great central valleys 2M, eastern
states 25th. Cold wave will cross tho
west or Rockies country aboub 21th,
great central valleys 2flth, eastern
states 2SU.
The chargo against Oral Polndoxtcr,
tho 12-ycar-old boy or Coburg, was dis
missed ror want or evidence. The boy
proved a complete alibi. Tho Guard
says: more was no evidence intro
duced to show that there had really
been any poison placed about the
house, exccptlrg at ono tlmo when
some vltrol was found In tho pump.
The other stuff scattered about tho
premises, which Mrs. Smith thought
was polsjn, was only an Imitation
substance plnced there with an evi
dent Intention of frightening her. In
fact the examination has tended to
show that there was no Intention to
kill any member of tho Smith family,
but Instead an effort was being made
to frighten Mrs. Smith so that she
would leave tho ranch. This explains
very clearly why tho family persecutor
did not succeed In poisoning nny
members or the family, as was at llrst
supposed ho was trying to do.
The 0-ycar-old son of Mr. Roberts tif
Grants Pass, fell from n tree a dis
tance ot tlilitv feet.
unconscious for twelve hours
He will
Tho Gypsum plant ncarlluntlngton
will bo In opepatlon next month, gly
Rakor county another wealth-producing
The Reach Fun makers, of Salem,
will glvo one or their laugh producing
entertainments In Turner, Saturday
There nro 100,000 head of sheep at
tho Huntington sheep shearing yards.
There is more Catarrh in this section of die
countiy than all other diseasos put together,
and unntl the last few years was supposed to
be Incurable. For a great many years doc
tors pronounced It a local disease, and pre.
scribed local remedies, and by constantly
fallinc to enre with local treatment, pro
nounccd It incurrable. Science has proven
catarrh to be a constitutional disease, and
therefore requites constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catauh Cure, manufactured by F.J
Cheney & Co.. Toledo. Ohio, is the only
constitutional cure on the market. It is taken
internally in doses from to drops to a table,
spoonful. It a?ts directly on the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. They oflei
(loo for any case It fails to euro. Send for
circulars and testimonials. Address,
F. J. CiikNKV & Co., Toledo, 0.
bold by Uruggists, 75 cents.
State Treasurer's Fourteenth Notice.
State Of Oukoon,
TitEABUKY Department.
Salem. Anrll 15.181X1.
Notico Is hereby given that there
aro funds on hand with which tore
deem all outstanding state warrants,
endorsed by me "presented, and not
paid for want or funds" between tho
dates of October 8 1805 und November
10,1895, both dates Inclusive, with tho
exception of warrants drawn 011 tho
swamp laud fund, and that all such
warrants, properly endorsed, will bo
paid upon presentation at this oillco,
interest on tho sumo ceasing from
and after, tho date of this notice.
Phil Metsohan,
15-7t State Treasurer.
Full dress white shirt worth $1.50
for 85 conts at Johnson & Sons. Now
goods cheap for cash. lltf
la the season lor parity In?, cleansing, and
renewing. The accumulations of waste
everywhere aro being removed. Winter's
ley grasp Is broken and on all sides are
Indications of nature'a returning life,
renewed force, aud awakening power.
Is the tlmo for purifying tho blood,
cleansing the system and renewing the
physical powers. Owing to close con
llnement, diminished perspiration and
other cause, In the winter, impurities
have not passed out of the system as they
ehould but have accumulated In the blood.
Is therefore the best time to tako Hood's
Barsaparilla, because tho system is now
most In need of medicine. That Hood'
Barsaparilla is tho best blood purifier and
Spring medicine la proved by Ita wonder
ful cure, A course of Hood's Barsaparilla
now may prevent great suffering later on.
Is tlie One True lllood t'urlfier. AlldrucgisU. (1.
frrpared only by C. I. Hood It Co., Lowell, Msis.
HooaT0 Pill ttt,t4rMofwt.sc.
for Infants
IH1RTY ywV etberratlws.
mlUlowi ef iiwwt, pwmti
It Is mimWestloasiMr tk twt resae&y far Iafcat sattt CkU4rt
the werltt fcsi svg kaswa. It la harml. Chll4rn Hk It. It
give them liealtlt. It will aavo thatf llvwi. Iw It MeUnnrti fca,T
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Castoria onros fllnrrln aA Wfasit Call,
Castoria rollovcs Teothlint TrnWMm.
Cnstorla oarea Constipation awt Xlatalewgy.
Castoria Meutrrtlltos tlio ggeotn of oaraessla acla fas er ptiWMW air ,
Castoria does not contain morphias, eplwm, ar atfcw aarcetio prcpfty.
Castoria astlmilatni tha food, rogalatea tha ttawsch aaa TiawaW.
glrlag healthy an J aataral aleaw.
Castoria la pat an In ona-sW tattles only. It la not selA in huHc.
Paa't allow any ona to sail yen anything also wa tha ylea w yraaslsa
that It la "jast aa stood" and "will anrfcrer evary nsgyse."
Bee that yon yet C-A-g-T-O-K-I-A.
The fao-slmtla
atgaatara ef
Children Cry for Pitcher's CastosrI.
No Trouble to Show You
Hat dwaref Tinware. Barbed Wire
Blacksmith Supplies, Stoves and Machinery at
Examine our large and complete stock. Always prompt and
courteous treatment
The Willamette Hotel.
Reduced rales. Management liberal.
and points of interest. Special rates will be
Onlvcood horses use I. fSitUfictiou guaranteed. Stable back ol State Insurance, block
Eastern R, R. Company
Connecting at Yanuina Hay
with the Ssn
Francisco Si Yaqulna llay Steamship Co.
a 1 and first-class In every respect. Sails
from Yanuina for Sn Francisco about every
8 days.
I'sssengor accommodations unsurpassed.
Shortest route between the Willamette valley
and California,
Fare from Albany or polntt west to Han
Francisco Cabin, $13! steerage, l,$8; cabi
round trip, good 60 days, $18.
For sailing dates apply to
II. IJ.WAI.DKN. Agent.
Albany, Or,
CI IAS. OLARK. Corvalllt, Or.
EDWIN STONE. Manager, Ccrvallls, Or.
A. J. CHURCHILL, Local Aucnl, Salem,
pAQwm h.k,
Pullman .SlooplnCars
ElegantDlnln Cars
tourist Slooplno-
To St. I'aul, Minneapolis, Dululh, hargo,
Grand Forks, Croolcston, Winnipeg,
Helena and Dultc.
To Chicago, Washington, 1'hlladclphla, New
Yo:k, lloston, and all Points
East arxl South
For Information, time
cards, Jf.mapj and
tickets, call on or wrilo 'r
265 Commercial srreet, Salem, Or.
A. D. Charlton, Asst. O'en'l. Pass. Act.,
Morrison St., corner Third Portland, Or.
and Children.
ef Cstaterl isrlth 4K yr4Mc f
vt to speak ef it wlUfwt y esutwar.
H ?"
Through and Give Prices. 3
Electric cars leave hotel (or all public bulldlitga
given to permanent patrons.
Through Tickets
Union Pacific System.
Through PullmanPalace Sleepers. Tourls
Sleepers and Free Reclining Chairs daily
Our trains are heated by steam and nt
lighted by Pintsch. light.
Time to Chicago, 3 I -a days
Time to New York. 4 i-a days,
Which Is many hours nuickcr than com-
For rates, time tables and fulU'inform ton
apply to
Agents, Salem, Oi.
General Agent, DIt. Pass, Agent
13$ Third Street, Portland.
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nil ! MStSI ---
ma ui muM su niiswi
Ikcn Mlft Mfjrf.
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