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Mm oftne Supreme Gourt.
Congressman Powers Enthusiastic Over Paine's Celery Compound
the Great Spring Remedy,
Judgo Powers, who today represents
Vermont in congress, entered tho
national houso with a iniignlllcent
record as lawyer and Judge of the
supremo court of Vermont
He U n lino typo of the careful,
lenrned Now England lawyer.
Though but r0 years of age, ho was
a monitor of tlio Vermont legislature
n third of a century ago, and ngnln In
187-1, when ho wasspcakerof tlio house.
Ho has been stato senator, a monitor
of tlio constitutional convention and
of tlio stntoHciintc. In 1871 ho became
Judge of tho supremo court of Ver
mont, and remained on tho touch un
til 1800, when ho took his seat In
congress, Judge Powers presided at
many or the most notable trials In tho
history of tho Htatc, and Is tho author
of many of the most Important opin
ions to bo found In Vermont reports.
No Judge on tlio supremo touch In
any of our states has a reputation for
moro clearly and unmistakably oxre.-B-lug
his opinions. His unqualified In
dorsement of Palno's celery compound
In tlio following letter Is a straight
forward and concise as any ono of his
thoughtful charge to a Jury:
nu mi miii i
HoiiRoof Itcpresentatlvcs, U. S.
Washington, I). C, I-'eb. If), 1800.
I luivo for several years toon ac
quainted with the medicinal qualities
otPnl no's celery compound, and can
enthusiastically Indorso Itasa specific
In many cases for which Its uso Is
recommended by Its proprietors.
II. Henry Powers,
1st Dlst. VI.
Hy far the best use that any tired or
ailing porsoii can nmko of Uhmo
precious spring days Is to purify their
blood and regulate tholr nerves with
l'alno's celery compound. It Is plain
to anvobsnrvniit, iur:nii Hint iiw. i..,i
remedy for neuralgia, persistent head
aches and such like Indications of low
nervous vigor, is tlio one that most
rapidly and completely nourishes tho
worn out, parts, it Is not In tho
power of any other remedy to do tho
iiKimiiis iwurKtii l'aino's celery coin-
IKMIIld 111 Mlrnnirilintilii.r M... I...1 )
system, and In bringing It back to an
energetic, healthy condition.
Tho real danger that stums hIi-u-
people In tho faco Is In putting ofT at
tending toslckuessaiiddlsoiiRo.lntMn.f
slip these health-Inviting spring days,
when every thing so strongly favors
getting well. This greatest of all
spring remedies Js doing an astonish
ing nmdiint of good these days among
sick pcoplo and thoso scinl-lnvnilds
who arc "run down" by tho long, try
ing winter, or worn out nnd aflllctcd
by disease.
The soul and life of sound health Is
a wcllnourlshed nervous system.
Paine's celery compound repairs the
tho worn, nervous system as notnlng
olsocando. It is the ono certain and
pcinuincnt euro for sleeplessness,
hysteria, norvous debility and exhaus
tion, rheumatism, neuralgia and tlio
various manifestations of it n un
healthy bodily condition, such as lun-
iruor. nervousness, heart nnlnltntlnn.
loss of flesh and mental depression.
"With Paine's celery compound, re
turning strength and cheerfulness
soon show that ono Is undoubtedly on
tho right road to health,
Palno's celery compound is tho ono
real spring remedy known today that
nover fulls to toncllt. Get Palno's
celery compound If you wish to to
Miss Rita Itolcestrow will spend
Sunday with relatives ut Chemnwn.
MlssBuby Epler, of Marion, Is visit
ing M Iss Ida Basey on Liberty street.
Miss Clara Pooler Is oxpected to re
turn homo from Eugene Sunday after
noon. Mr. and Mrs. .T. H. Johnson went to
lortland this astcrnoon, to remain
over Sunday.
Receiver F. II. Anson went to Port
land this morning, where ho will re
main over Sunday.
Mrs. Tlios. Kay returned on the
afternoon train, from an extended
visit with fflcnds, nt "Waterloo.
Mrs. A. H. Huron and dnughtcr,
Miss Lola, returned this morning,
from an extended visit nt Colorndo
Spring, Colorado.
Mrs. E. U. Piper returned to her
homo at Portland this morning, nfter
a visit at the parental homo of Mr.
and Mrs. Leo Willis.
Mis. E. A. Lynds leturncd to Port
land this afternoon, after a short ylslt
with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. V. L.
Snuviiln, in East Salem.
Prof. Z. M. Parvin and Misses LUllo
Stclner and Carrie Batcheior, returned
from Albany this morning, where they
participated In a musical recital Inst
evening. Mist Lucia Cochran will re
turn Monday.
Miss Cclla Loomls, of Eugene, a del-
trilto ill atntn V I' R H T! onnvnt.lnn
at Oregon City, stopped off at Salem
this morning while on her way homo
and will be the guest of Miss Mary
VanWngner over Sundny.
Judge and Mrs. L. 1). Henry who
liavo been visiting relatives nnd
friends throughout the East for sev
eral months, will soon leave Manches
ter N. II.. for home, coming by way
of California, several stops will to
made on tho return trip.
Ex-Governor Win. Lnrraboc, of
Iowa, accompanied by Mrs. Larrabee
and twodaughtcis, Misses Anna nnd
Helen, stopped over In Salem front the
morning overland, en route from Cali
fornia through the Pacific northwest.
and passed on to Portland on the
afternoon train. The time was snent
visiting a few old acnunlntanccs nnd
tnklng in tho attractions of tlio web-
root capital.
w. c. t. u.
The Linn county W. C. T. U. con-
volition elected the following olllcers
for tho year: Mrs. M. M. Main, presi
dent; Mrs. It. M. G rover, vice presi
dent; Mrs. Frances Hammer, corres
ponding secretary; Miss Ida Porter,
recording secretary; Miss Abblc Bland
ish, treasurer.
Corner of Center and High , streets.
II. A. Denton, pastor. Revivnl ser
mon at 10:30 a. m. Communion nt
iian n m. Kunrlnv nchnol at 12 III
Junior Endeavor at 3 p. m. Y. P. S.
n. -r. nt, :.io n. m. Tenic: "What
. . .; .. . ii
WO 8110111(1 00 UOinglUHUMJ uio luav.
Lender. Clara Scott. Revival sorylccs
at 7:30 p. in. Great Interest lias been
developed during tlio meetings of tho
past week, and all arc Invited to join
In the services of tomorrow.
Rev. J. P. Farmer, pastor. Morn
ing services at 10:30 a. m. "A strange
Sermon, to a Strange Congregation, In
a Strange Auditorium." A Y. P. C.
Ti ..! .. fi.'ff. ... in i nil rnnnrra rT
ii. llllljr illl U.OW, UU 1II1H.I1 ItJTUl no Wl
tho state convention work, will bo
given. Evening services at 7:30 p. m.
Tlicmc: "Arc tho Signs of tho Times
the Harbinger of the Near Aj)Proacu
or Christ's Second Coming." Special
music by the orchestra nt each service.
Sunday school at 12 o'clock. All are
cordially invited
Preaching at 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 ti.
In. Sunday School and Y. P. S. 0. E.
nt tho usual hours. Dr. F. II. Gwynno
D. D., will occupy the pulpit both
morning and evening. As Dr. Gwynno
has a host of frlendsaiiiongthocliiirch
going people, the above announce
ment will doubtless insure a largo at
Services at 10:30 a. in. and 7:30 p. in.
filRT - WfllS-
Store Open Until 9 (D'CU
Phone 112,
257 Commercial street
Special This Week
1 1
25c Letter Tablets for 15c each.
THI? riT...
Chicago, April .VT ,.
Jew York, April l.-Silw,
San Franc sco, April 8 vvv
r ...ii... rl . "" vpioe: hu,.
f;p ",ki swt, "i
1 lops Quotable at 3ffitc
i oiatocs fo to ooc per titV
OatsMilling. 75;"Ck-
, Portland, April iS Wheat ,, !
Co;, Walla Walla, S7a58. '"" !
r.our roruand. Ji.oo; 1VB, ...
3.oe: graham. J2.6?: luiwrSn. .I...?
U-KI, 4.hirS.Z. bl,r I
F, S, Dear bom's Book Store,
Appreciated by Parents, School Teachers
and School Children.
No feature ever added to tills paper
lias attracted so much attention as
"Tin: Youth's Dkpaiitmknt" which
appeared In our Daily and Weekly
It has brought out tlio universal
comment that literal uro for tlio young
pcoplo him lieon too much neglected
by tho general newspapers. Wo have
left tho generation or Amorlcan cltl
ViW who are In knloUvrlxickors and
Abort ilrotAos out My to tlio H11M1
publications sold by the newsdealer,
or tho other oxtromo of inioks and
paponi of the .Sunday school.
Such a department ax the one iv
furred to, published iih a loguhir
feature for our dally and weekly
readers cannot but pmo profitable
and in itvrMUiiK to all our' readers
U iKillliVlv 111 iIiiaiiII,ii. . I ...I !...-
tllO yOUtll Of (llir COIint r' llinnml n.h
.Tl,. .....,. J""w
Meeting Called.
The county Itopubllcaii central
committee and tho candidates on tho
llepubllean. ticket aro hereby called
to meet at tho hall over tho post olllco
In Siilcm.at 2 p.in.,Saturlay, April 2T.
0. v Davis,
'"r' trt Chairman.
Attention, Woedmen:
uAM "'J'1"1'" ' S'llom Camp No. 118
W . O. . and visit Inc nol(,'hbors aro
icouasted to lw present at tholr hall
1-rlday ovenliiK at wlilcli time the
euiiii) will entertain Salum Clrovo No.
.1. (HMllimn nlmlit. ililu iwil.... .i.i..
nimlversary. KI0 2t
public pres-s,
i tr
ihtn llaby vtm tick, we sato her Outorla,
Wben ilmvru CUM, aba crld for Castorla.
beu ilie iMvaino Jllu, tlis cIudb to CMtorl.
Wen iho had CblUreo, ibo jto tbem Cattorla
necessary to o' oS?he' OngeSf Bananas and
-4 , ,c.... . -j.v:iiiuiiSiB.
Jrresn Veo;etables for Sundav dinnrs or
can alwav. find .1 i, everyday dinners. You
can alway, find the fir.!. uilyiX dinnc
served well as its parents. - store.
A child
" ' -i i - - anwBuuM.u
Get on to the Northern Paciltc Flyer.
The chaiiKo or tlmo via tho North
ern raclllo enables passengers tolcavo
rortland dally at C p. m., ronchltiRSt.
I'aul and MlnncniMills in threo diivR.
St. Louis and Clilcaso in three nnd
onc'liair days, Lincoln, Neb., nt 12:55
noon or tho third day. Omaha nt l:n.v
St.Josopluit.fi.50. Atchison at 0:30,
Leavenworth at 7:35 and Kansas City
at 8:05.
You can seo by this that tho North
ern Pacific equals all other Hues to all
points, and If you will comparo sched
ules, you will hco that tho Northern
Pacific beats all othor lines into Lin
coln four hours. St. Jnsonii t.wniv..
hours, Atchison twelve hours, Leaven-
worm fourteen hours niid Vnncna
ity ton hours and forty-ilvo minutes,
iiuio immediaio connections nro
mado In union depots ror all jwlnts.
Don't forKot that tho Nnniim in.
cllio Is tho only line running two lines
uuiiy to uio east, tlio only dlnlni; car
rouio from Portland, thn nniv n,.n
nninlnir a tint-class Pullinun slcepor
iiuuiiKiiiniiii roriiunuto Minneapolis
and St. Paul without change, and tho
only lino to tho Yollowstono National
l'or rull Information, tickets, sleep
Injj car reservations, etc., call on or
Thomas, Wait & Co.,
., . rt . Agents, Salem.
-ou Lommoroiai stect.
At the legulnr meeting of tho Jun
ior unity club Thursday, arrange
ments weie mado for a "cotton party"
to bo given in tho near future. . Only
members or tho club and Invited
friends will attend tho party, and
tlioy will bo requested towenronlv
cotton apparel. It promises to bo a
very pleasant ovent.
A hearty rccoptlon was last evening
accorded their iccciitly returned nas-
lor, iiev. j. iiowersox, by the mem
bers and friends or the First United
Evangelical church or this city. A
goodly number wore present, nnd sup
per wns served In tho lecturo room of
the church. Tho floral decorations,
which wcro nrramred bv tlio vniini
ladles or tho church, wore In excellent
taste. Tho afTalr was umnni
so as to bo a complete surprlso to Rov.
nnd Mrs. llowcrsox. and was ono nf
those occasions which .always leave a
pleasant rememboraiicc.
Dr. Gregory Do Knniiot, the emi
nent ItllSSllin tniVfilnr. lmimnllat. nml
lecturer, with tlio nsslstanco of stere
optican views, will deliver a lecturo
in need's opera houso Saturday oven
tug, April 25. Tho proceeds of which
will bo used in tho purchase or lings
ror tho East and Lincoln school build
ings. MissLelo NIcklln. an nmim.
pllshed violinist nnd a student or tho
East school, will execute a beautiful
solo, and Salem's popular quartet,
consisting or .Messrs. J. O. Ilozorth,
it. iviiniirot, .1. it. Davis, nnd J. W.
Wckford, will nlso anncar In at innst.
ono number. Admission 25 cents, stu
dents and pupils 15 .cents. Dr. Kan
nct is very highly spoken or by Valley
papers, ami conies to Salem highly
Moinintr subject "A Confession nnd
a Charge." Evening subject "Tin
World's Ornnr. Miurnnr Mn.i.i .1
School at 12 m. Junior Endeavor a't
3 p. 111. Y. P. S. C. E. at 0:30 p. in.
Services at 10:;i0 a. m. nnd 7:30 p. 111.
Children's meeting nt 11:15. Rev. W.
E. Copeland pastor. Subject of morn
ing sermon "Tho Magic StafT." Sub
ject or evening historical lecture
"Brlgham Young and the Mormons."
Y. M. C A.
Evangelists Wallace and Llppetwlll
havochnrgo or, the men's meeting at
1 p. 111. All men aro urged to attend
this interesting service.
Preaching at 10:30 and 7:30 tomor
row. Sunday School at 12. K. L. or
C. E. at 0:30.
Preaching nt 11:00 a. in. and at 8:00
p. 111. Sabbath School at 10:00 a. in.
and Y. P. S. C. E. at 7:00 p. in.
SorvllWH nt. lfr.'M n m n17.ln.. ...
at their hall corner Liberty arid Court
Services at 10:30 a. 111., in State In
surance hall. All welcome.
PuiMAHY Politics Tim .. ii.
on tho reiormatloii or tho American
primary system, is now on salo nt
Dearborn's book store. a 17 t f
Iy - '""" " """ Btrc aI7tl
i . Gr . SON NEMAN u- 'S
124 Stat 1 w R Wt Bnklnr Pani
124 State street
cttMrhe h il ojhtn.
The Discovery Saved His Life
Mr. G. Callloutte. Drucc'ut, Beaversvlllc,
111., says: 'To Dr. KIngrs New Discovery I
owe mv life Was taken with La Grippe
and trieil all the physicians for miles aboil,
but of no avail and was given up and told
.ii.UJL1.?? ""' Irving Dr.fang's New
... ,.t , IUf Slure j Knl for a MlUu nnd
began its use and from the first dose becan to
get better and after using three bottles was
tin and aim. no!.. 1. r.. .1. ,.. ..... r:
.Kola ,"c won't keep store or house
without It " Get a free trial at Fred a!
LcgB's Drug Store.
iKF"801008 at tUo Christian
church this evening, at 7 o'clock. Bap
tismal sorvlco nrtcr sermon,
SfF?'ra' ily
Si . IV ". ,','.:,.u.u"auu owns, 1110
MVLivanTObujunncfg, .j..
Tllft tlllL- nf . Innm TT1., .
oO-ccnt waists. See bouth window.
PvOBHINS.-At Ellensburg. Wash.,
March 14, 1890, Russell Wulter, son
or V. J. and Mrs. Clara E. Bobbins,
aged 10 years and 8 days
BOBBINS-At Ellensburg, . Wash.,
.w't"', jvuuiici.il Artnur,
son or W. J. and Mrs. Clara E. Rob-
unis, agea years, 1 months and 4
Mrs. Bobbins Is a sister or Mrs. J.
A. Sellwood or Salem.
I cannot think them dead,
My babes so sweet, so fair,
Though when I speak their names
No answering look Is there.
There seems to linger yet,
On cheek and lip life's glow,
And curls shine o'er their brows
Like sunlight on the snow.
Yet ah! the pulse is still,
The strife with death is o'er
The pains or joys of earth
Can touch their lives no more.
Gone with their wealth of love,
Our hearts poured out for them.
And we, henceforth alone,
Must wait until we meot them.
Yet one sweet hope is ours,
,..9.u.r fai,n ' sure ant strong,
We'll meet our loved again
Amid the happy throng,
That day and night above,
With eyes that never dim.
And voiee that never tires
Lift songs of praise to Him.
Oh, glad the day and long
Of sinless, joyous praise I
Jno shadow roar the hymn
Of sweet eternal praise.
Jesus, support our hearts,
.Tm$.Tin 0Uul Lf'' trled llrenE"'
Till through the gates of death
We pass to Heaven at lmml.
Dedicated to Mr. and Mrs. Robbins, April,
"Willie Sellwood went to Turner this
Tlios. Ivay was a Portlnnd business
visitor today.
F. S. Dearborn, tho book dealor.wlll
spend Sunday in Portland.
Prof. D. W. Yodcr caino up rrom
Woodburn on tho Boscburg local.
Rev. P. C. Ilctzler went to Portland
this afternoon to remain over Sunday.
S. A. Antcrson, 6t tho Woodburn.
Independent is In tho city on business.
Secretary or Stato Klncaid was a
Eugene passenger on tho morning
L. E. Gray, or Albany, was In tlio
city today, registering nt the Cook
E. C. Ilcrrcn. the bon-buvor. wns
. . ... ..- - . -J....W
among tno snicniltos going to Port
land this afternoon.
Stato Treasurer Phil Metscban was
n Pnrf.lnnrl ivmcnnrrnr vln tlm Colm
local this mornlnir.
Tlios. Reynolds, Wells, Fargo &
Co's. agent In this city, will bo a
liAtifl.xi.i .it .. rt.--.i
iuiimiiu tisiiur annuity.
Squlro Farrar and E. J. SwafTord
returned on tho early train this morn
ing from a business trip to Ilarrls-burg.
President P. L. Campbell, or the
Monmouth normal school, was a pas
songer to Shedds on tho morning
Attorney J. A. Carson, candidate
for (llRt.rlr.r, nt.tnrnnv nn Mm 17nr.nl.ll
can ticket, was In Albany today on
icgai business.
i,?1"?1, 9' w Joncs, Republican can
didate for county superintendent or
schools, came down rrom JefTorson
this nf ternoon.
E. E. Washburn, delegate from
x-oriiunu university to attend tho
meeting of tho ndvlsory board of tho
lnter-collcglnto athletic association,
va.i.u ujj Hum x-or.iunu tins morning.
cases. t.7C. " " J7
Potatoes.. New Oregon, -jtocM,4
Hay. .Good, .69V.CA"
"W.. .!.., iaioc; Kastern (W
Millstuns..Bfant Sll-SoSijeosilnu-
turkeyH, live I4i5c. u Fl
Hops. .Oregon, 2 to 3e, accor.1Djb?al
I3utter. .Orffnn f.mr. ... ..-
fancy dairy, 25; fair to Reed, itf&S
common,;i52oc. sa
-UCC5C .uregon 11111 cream, tiQit
"tb,wll,by"i w rc uo.
Ueef..lopsieers, 3.oo3.j5 rlbjls
to good 11 teers. 2U2 3.5c; coi. aVgiy.
dreesed beef, 4ic. ' m
Multon..Ewes, 2.75; iitudM
Hoes.. Choice, heavy. 1 ta r. w.
nn.l fr1. t...1,....I ,-ii', ' t
Veal., Small, choice, 56c; lirp,
l.k IUi
Wheat, ,50c per bu,, market firm.
Hay.. Baled, cheat, S.oo5.5o; tinwit
I lour.. In wholesale lots, looiitid
3.20; bran, hulk il.o); uckd. use:
shorts, 12.oo13.ooj chop ltd, UxA
Pniillrw. f!hlikrn ;r' iliiflt lirt
3.50; geese, 5.ooG.oo; turkeys, jgSc
voai.Lrcsseu, qy,.
Hops.. Dressed. iV..
Live Cattle.. 22j.
i5heep..Llve, 2,se3.
Wool.. Beat. 1 2 Vic.
..ilest. AfiLtc.
Mr. Pogue, the Salem stenographer,
who looks pretty closely nfter his busi
ness ill tnlflllir tdaMninni. In rM .
suits, has been in town two or three
days this week In attendance upon
court.-MoMlnnvlllo Transcript.
Mrs. n. J
Perrect Wisdom
Would give us perfect health. Because men
and women are not perfectly wise thtv i
Uke medicine to keVp them peM hea
ft?ifl, ft101 h . or JoSd
it builds upon the .rue' sIsES
I Childtrnn 1ku.u
(Itoher' Cattorla.
Bucklen's Arnica Salva
The best Salve in the world for Cuts,
, s, Jres' u,ce". Salt Rheum. Fever
and all Tetter. Chapped hands, Chilblains,
Hrulses, Skin Eruptions, and positively cures
- ..v. . ., j,a .c4mreu. it is guaranteea to
Uve per fee satisfaction or money refunded.
LeCC " ' rcu.
Highest Honors World's Fair,
Medal, Midwinter Flr.
(Most rerfect lltd.
Eitit. rfl.l,. He. '
Butter. .Best dairy, 10c; fane ocisuy
Cheose ,14c.
Farm .Smol-l Affati.Eian.7c: ba
40; shoulders, 5c.
Onions,. 1 Vic
State Treasurer's Fourteenth Notice.
State Op Oheoox, (
Theasuiiy Department.
Salem, April 15, 163. I
Notice Is hereby given that pen
aro funds on hand with wblcn wr-
.!.. ..11 ..........If .. .4.1. fV4PriRLI.
endorsed by me "presented, aw w
paid for want of funds" belvreenw
dates of October 8 1893 and Meow
10,1805, both dates Inclusive, wltot
exception of warrants drawn onu
Qiunmn lonrl fiir.,1 nnrl lllllt Sll f8
Wfirrnnro nmiwrlo nnflniSCd. Tfi"
paid upon presentation atthttoW
Interest on tho samo ceasing Iroa
and after, the date or thlsuollM-
15-7t State Treasuitf.
Members of Sedowick Bw
PnnnoAm iwinpstfld tO brlBK l-e"
contributions ror tho"01d JlorseM
1nnrloir nffnKnnnn
iuukuu aiiuuiwviM j
Altona and Ramod
Portland, 6:45 a. ro.
Salem, 7MS m
Independence, 6130 a. m
Quick time, reguiir service n
....rates.... VTV
M-l- a
M X X X w 1
m All grade. of gooa,gJ: I
lM lowest prices, to the n"
am. m-irVet affords. V
1 94 State St
'V. ,8-

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