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VOL. 8.
Arc receiving goods, almost
daily from the cast in the way
of notions, ladies' and gents'
furnishing goods of all kinds,
laces, embroideries, brushes,
combs, hosiery of all sizes, la
dies' shirt waists, laundricd or
unlaundricd white shirts, and
all kind of work shirts, ladies'
and gents' summer underwear,
and many other articles. Also
a large stock, of "Star 5 Star"
shoes of excellent quality and
latest style, at prices very low.
Clothing for men and boys at
prices that will save you 25
per cent. Call and sec for
lost desirable location.
ite Superintendent-of the
Insane Asylum
Hacks the Prison and School Land
Portland, May 2. The man who
ttempts to uncover tlie wrong
phlch has Intrenched Itself in n cloak
' resprectablllty seta for hlni6elf a
sk which is likely touring upon him
arc reproach than applause. If a
Krson is sensitive to such reproach;
he fears calumny and mlsroprescn-
Hon, he had best be silent. On the
rticr hand, if he refuses to strike at
head and front of dishonesty,
iwover respectably 1 1 maybe clothed
i Is a poltroon, and becomes an nc-i
jry to succcuslul knavery. If
esc promises are sound, then one
auld lay aside his personal feelings
all matters of public and private
erest, and do his duty. If all men
their duty in this respect, or even
Itwothlrdsof all men did so. then
Iblic affairs would be managed to
! best Interest of all, and private
ings would cease to be.
few years ago, I wrote an nrticle
fclch was published in the Oregon-
indorsing In pretty strong terms
i personal honesty and publio In-
trlty of my esteemed and dlstln-
ished friend, the lion. Sylvester
inoyer, at present a candidate be-
i the people for mayor of this city.
the time I wrote the eulogy, I hon-
My believed it to be true, and I have
i apology to make for having writ-
it. If all men were to tell those
logs only which they believe to be
c, iucii; nuutu ua ijuuv a wuiui-
tllAu nt.l I.k iknUn A Annvill.
In our best society, perhaps, but
world In general would be the
iner. Since writing the article, it
i my fortune to be rather closely
slated In an oMclal capacity with
Pennoyer, and I have grown
tr. when I entered upon tno as-
itlon with tins distinguished
ktleman, to which I refer, it was
York RaoKet.
Inquire at this office.
with strong convictions that ho was
an honest man and 11 Just one and
every day I hear men say that they
intend to vote for him for mayor for
the reason that they believe him to
be such n man. The governor may be
personally honest; as to his Justness
and fidelity to a public trust, there is
certain evldcnco bearing upon the
subject which would compel one to
believe that such Civic virtues are
subordinate with him to personal
For example, there Is located in Sa
lem a large Institution where many
persons have sojourned, known as the
penitentiary. This institution Is di
rectly under the control of tho gov
ernor of the state of Oregon. The
secretary of state and the state treas
urer have no more to do with Its man
agement than has any private citizen.
The governor appoints the superin
tendent, and dictates, if he chooses,
who tho subordinate ofllcers shall be.
He Is also the specially paid vlsltinpr
supervisor of that institution, and Is
directly responsible for the cure and
keep of every prisoner within its
walls. This charge Is one of duty and
of honor; the trust Is specific and paid
for, and Is one which no honorable
man will evade. If these statements
bo facts, and they arc, hero then Is an
example of undivided responsibility,
upon the conduct of which an abso
lute test can be made of the exact
amount of honesty, Justness and pub
lic Integrity which dwells within tho
brain and the bosom of the chief ex
ecutlvoof the state to whom this
duty Is intrusted.
How was this public trust dis
charged by Mr. Pennoyer while he
was governor? During his term of
office, eyery able-bodied convict was
engaged, In accordance with a legis
lative enactment, at contract work
with a certain store manufacturing
concern, and the contractors for the
labor of the prlsoricrs had a custom of
allowing small sums of money to be
paid to such of them as worked oyer
time or did extra work. This money
was placed in trust for them in the
hands of the superintendent of the
penitentiary. Also some of these con
victs had wives, friends, brothers, or
sisters, or parents, who would send
sums of money to them for their per
sonal use. This money and that
gained from the contractors by over
time and extra work amounted to
many hundreds of dollars each mouth,
and was Intrusted by the convicts tot
r i-iKi iiir ir inrfirjir
iA.ii.i.h Miiiy
the superintendent of the penitentiary
to purchase certain designated small
supplies. For instance, one man
would want some tobacco, another a
can of peaches, another a pie, per
haps; some one thing, somo another.
Now, one would suppose that tho
pitiful earnings of a helpless prisoner,
and the dolo of a bereaved
parent would be held sacred,
would ho not? He might go farther,
and conjecture, in the Innocence
of his heart, that even a burglar,
a Comanche Indian or a FIJI islander
would scorn to soli his hands by theft
from such as these. Not so; the piti
less, whisky-besotted knave whom
Pennoyer put in charge of the peni
tentiary stole one-half of every dollar
thus placed In his hands; and God
alone knows how much from other
funds as well. If the plug of tobacco
sold at retail in the storo at Salem for
50 cents, tho prisoner had to pay $1 for
It; if the can of peaches was at retail
sold for 25 cents, the prisoner was
compelled to pay 50 cents for It, anil
so on to, the end of the list, The
board of chanties and corrections (as
well as others) detected this con
temptible plcco of villainy, and re
ported its existence to Governor Pen
noyer. Did he, as an honest execu
tive ofltccr, and a Just man, put a
stop to It, discharge the superintend
ent and prosecute him for malfeasance
and place him behind tho penitentiary
wulls, where ho so rightfully be
longed? Not he. He procured the
dismissal of the board of charities and
corrections, and the crime continued
to exist, as it long had done, to his
personal knowledge and with his con
sent. This Is but ono Instance; there
are many others, but I have not the
time at present to go Into tho details
of tho stealing of tho sum of $3 by
this same superintendent from the pur
chase of every suit of clothes which the
state allowed to each discharged pris
oner, a fact notorious to tho governor
aud every ono else in Salem; nor of
tho affairs of the stato board of school
lands, of which board Pennoyer was
chairman, by the management of
which poor settlers were robbed both
of their money and of opportunities
for getting a home, whllo secretaries
of tho board, who camo to office poor
men and obscure, upon salaries of
$1,200 a year, after ono term of office
rotlrcd rich men to wear lino linen,
and others to prate of the principles
of Washington and Jefferson, and to
dictate governmental appointments
to their more honornblo fellow citi
zens; nor of the robbery of tho build
ing funds of the state insnno asylum,
through overcharges on brick made at
the penitentiary; nor of tho forced ac
ceptance, on order from the governor
himself, of rejected and refuse lum
ber from hisown mill. All these mat
ters for somo later time. "Sufficient
unto (.ho day is tho leader thereof."
Let us, my fellow-citizens bo plain
with one another. Let us not be
falsely modest. Let us elect Pennoyer
mayor of this city, not for that he is
an noncst man, but for some better
reason. Respectfully,
IlAnuv Lane,
When Governor Pennoyer was seen
yesterday by an Oregonlan reporter,
and asked concerning tho charges
made by Dr. Lane, ho said:
"I will say that the charges of Dr.
Lane, regarding mismanagement of
penitentiary affairs, under my admin
istration, are entirely without founda
tion. I examined them at the tlmo
they were made, and found them base
less. Furthermore, the legislature of
1893 made a most careful and thorough
investigation of all the charges now
made by Lane, at an expense to tho
state of over $800, nnd entirely exon
erated the superintendent. Over 40
witnesses were examined, and the
state paid $120 to the attorney em
ployed by those making the charges
for his services in prosecuting George
Downing, superintendent of tho peni
tentiary. "The charges of Dr. Lane arc equally
basele&s In regard to the land depart
ment. The legislature made a care-
yfritfiflifo i j .- -
ful Investigation of It, and reported
that the law had becit strictly obeyed.
Let mo say hero that I assumed tho ,
responsibility for tho last two years ,
or my administration of refusing all
selections of licit lands based on tho
Cascade reserve, until the legislature
could raise tho prlco of slich lieu land
from $1.25 to $2.50 per acre.
"Tho charge In rclnllou to lumber
furnished tho asylum Is also without
foundation. Our mill company gave
a sealed bid on a bill of lumber for the
asylum, and It was $200 lower than
any other bidder, I refused, to allow It
to furnish tho the lumber and the btd
was turned over to the Capital Lumber
ing Company, of Salem, which agreed
to furnish tho bill at our 'company's
figure. I thus saved tho state $200.
Tho lumber furnished oy mat com
pany was n good article The celling
referred to by Dr. Lane was' not grain
edged, as grain-edge lumber was not
ordered or required. i
"I don't particularly complain of
tho editorial comment on Lane's let
ter, except when the editor says that
my grasp of the details of business Is
not strong. That really Is my strong
peint: It enables mc to discover that
tho asylum meat bill, which when
Lane went Into office, was from $700
to $800 per month, had risen to be
tween $1500 to $1600 per month, Just
before Lane wont out. I suggested n
change in the superintendent, and It
was made. Under tho new superin
tendent the meat hill went back to
between $700 to $800 per month.
"Let mo further say that this rainy
weather, although bad for tho crop of
peaches, nppcars to bo favoniblo for
tho crop of mendacities. In last Fri
day's Orcgonlan, Judge Smith is
quoted as saying that I had remarked
that $1 a day Is sufficient for the man
who tolls. This statement Isimtruc,
nnd Judgo Smith denies mnklng It.
Tho fact really Is that for tho hist
two years our mill -company reduced
the working tlmo to 10 hours per day
without reducing the wages of tho
men, while tho working tlmo in nil
other mills on tho coast wns 1 1 hours."
Honors to Horace Mann.
New Yokic, May 4. Tho educa
tional societies of this city will hold
a memorial meeting hero to-day to
commemorate tho 100 anniversary of
tho birth of Horace Maun. Speeches
will bo made by somo of the most
prominent educators of tho country.
Among them are Thomas Hunter,
Truman J. Bachus, Robert MnClay,
Dr. G. Stanley Hall and many others.
Iloraco Mann was a lawyer. Ho
served In Congress for tho stnto of
Massachuscttcs as tho successor of
John Qutncy Adams. Ho was a cham
pion of instruction for tho masses
wlulo serving for twelve years as
secretary of tho Massachusetts State
Board of Education. Mann practic
ally created this board nnd built up
tho system of common school educa
tion as It exists In Massachusetts to
day, nnd ns it lias now spread nil over
tho United Stntcs.
Trade and Labor.
New York, May 4. Tho trado and
nnd labor alliance of tho United
States and Canada will hold its first
convention In this city today. Dele
gates representing 150 affiliated trades
unions and labor and socialistic or
ganizations from all over the United
States nnd Canada have been Invited
A part of the business to bo trans
acted will bo perfecting the existing
constitution of tlio trado and labor
alliance. Tho officers of tho alliance
claim for it a membership of 78,000.
Anarchists Discovered,
London, May 4. A special from
Naples says: It is rumored than an
anarchists plot against King Hum
bert has been dlsvovered.
Morgan on Duty.
WASiirNOTON.May 4. Senator Mor
gan appeared in thefeenato today, the j
first tlmo blnce his IllncM began,
The people of this state are opposed
to legislation by coercion and machine
The Majority Report Favors
Minority Report Declares It An Il
legal Action,
Cleveland, May 4. Anticipation
of tho disposition of tho women ques
tion called out largo attendance to tho
genoral Methodist Episcopal confer
ence this morning. A resolution
favoring arbitration for all English
speaking countries wns adopted, and
n copy ordered sent to tho president
of the Untied States.
An exciting feature was when
Dr. Monroe presented tho conferenco
with n written statement from four
women delegates, who desired to re
linquish their scats and await tho
settlement of tho long vexed question
of seating women.
Dr. Kyuctt, chairman of tho com
mittee on clcglblllty, submitted a
mnjorlty report that women wero
entitled to seats In the convention.
Several delegates aroso to defend the
roport, but there was a universal de
mand for a minority roport. It was n
lengthy document. It found that tho
election, by lay clcctorlnl conferences
Is Illegal, nnd that to scat a claimant
would to destroy nil tho respect for
tho constitution of tho church and for
decisions nnd interpretations of tdiQ
general conference.
After an extended debato on merits
the two reports and furtherdlscusslon
wns postponed until afternoon.
Patrick O'SulIivan's Monument.
Milwaukee, May. A monument
to the memory of Patrick O'Sulllvnti
Is to bo unycllcd at Argylc, Wis., to
morrow, tho anniversary of Ills death.
O'Sulllvun's friends in Illinois and
throughout Wisconsin hnvo contri
buted liberally and a twelve-foot
granite shaft has beon erected. It
will bo Inscribed: "From tho IrlHh
Nationalists." Prominent Irishmen
from tho surrounding country will at
tend tho ceremony. A Catholic priest
whoso namo Is kept a secret for fear
tho Bishop will Interfere, will unveil
tho monumout, nnd Father Dorcoy, of
Argylc, will also officiate
The Assassin.
Teheran, May 4. It has been defi
nitely ascertained that tho assassin
of tho late Shah of Persia, Nazer Ed
dln, IsMollnh llcza, tho follower of
tho well known agitator, Sheikh Jem
Alcddln, exiled in 1801, after having
been convicted of high treason,
llcza was also imprisoned for treason
but subsequently liberated.
Labor Congress,
Berlin, May 4. Tho Socialist la
bor associations of Germany will
hold u congress hero today, with -tho
view of forming n central body to reg
ulate systematic assistance to tho
Bullion Thief Sentenced.
Carbon, Nov., Muy 4. John T.
Jones was sentenced this morning to
eight years imprisonment in the
Nevada stato penitentiary, and to pay
a lino of $.1000 for tho robbery of the
United States mint of bullion.
A Running Meet.
New York, May 4. A six days'
running meet will begin today at tho
Aqueduct under tho auspices of tho
Queens County Jockey Club. Many
fast horses are entered to run during
the meeting.
Iowa's iieml-Ccntennlal.
Dkh Moines, Ia May 4. Today is
the fiftieth anniversary of tho udmls-
0n of Iowa Into the Union. Tho oc
caslon will be observed at tho publio
institutions in a fitting manner.
Vandcrbun; Also May Not Run In
First District.
Portland, May 4. It Is probablo
that "Jeff" Myers, Dt'niocrntio con
gressional nominee In tho first dis
trict, will withdraw from tho race,
and rumor had It yesterday that Sen
ator Vanderburg, tho Populist con
gressional nomlnco in tho same dis
trict, was also considering tho ndvls
auiuty or doing iikowiso. it is gen
erally understood that both Myers
and Yundoiburg wore In consultation
yesterday considering tho practlcabll
lty or tueir withdrawal, m case
another candidate, sultnlrio to both
parties, could bo decided upon. Tho
uatr.o of John B. Waldo has been sug
gested, nnd, If ho will accept tho
nomination as n freo silver candidate,
it seems probablo that ho will bo
placed in tho Held to measure swords
with Thomas II. Tonguo.
It Is not understood that Senator
Vnnderburg has definitely concluded
to withdraw. His purpose is not
known at tho Populist headquarters
In this city, but tho Intimation Is
given out that, should ho withdraw, it
would bo for tho sole purpose of mnk
lng frco silver a direct Issuo In the
first district. This Is Just what the
Populist leaders want. Thoy clnlm,
with Biich a union of forces, their
candidate would bo elected by a hand
some majority.
Two Strikes.
Kansas City, Mo. May 4. Four
hundred Union plumbers, gas nnd
ntcamllttcrs struck this morning for
eight hours n day and tho same wnges
us paid for nlno hours.
Milwaukee Mny 4. Only n half
dozen strcet cars wero running In
Milwaukee this morning owing to
tho strlko street car employes In
augurated at 4 o'clock. Employes at
power house voted not to Join strlko
At noon a notlco wns posted warn
ing motormen nnd conductors that
they would bo discharged If they did
not roport for duty within 21 hours.
Tho strikers number nenrly 8,000.
Over a thousand people surrounded
tho south side barn thisnftornoon and
threw stones nt tho windows. Tho
electricians held u mcotlhg nnd its
said will strlko before night
New York, May 4. Geo. W. Aus
tin, W. Wllllnm, J. Edgar and Albert
G. Follot,. composing firm Geo, Follot
and company wool-dealers, made an
assignment todny to Milton I. South
ard with preferences. Amount in
volved nlKitit $75,000.
Double Murder.
Canaan, Conn., May 4. Edward
Plant, of Clayton, Mass., threo miles
from hero today, shot and killed his
wife Ida, than fired a bullet into tho
breast of his two weeks old child,
killing it instantly; Plant lied ton
Hwamp near Karknpot river. After a
lively oxclmugo of shots with his
pursuors, Plant killed himself. Ho
wns married April 18th, and tho same
day his wife gave birth to an Infant.
Receivers Appointed,
Toi'eka, KnnsaH, May 4. Judgo 0.
C. Foster, of tho United States dis
trict court, has appointed C. O.
Knowles, P. G, Noel aud Bennett It,
Wheeler, receivers of tho investment
trust company of America, doing
business in tills city. The concern U
u largo dealer In Invcstmcntbonds.
A Twenty Rounder,
Uohton, MnsHMay 4. "Mysterious
Billy" Smith Is booked to fight "Kid"
McCoy twenty rounds for n purso nt
Wobiirn today.
Bad WEATHER.But It docs not af
fect tho working of tho Lock wood
Messenger System, Iling Bluo Boxes
or Telephone for a Bicycle Messenger. '
Highest f all ia teaveatag Power.
,thJhrii ,!
Spaniards Holding an Amer
ican Citizen.
Taken Up In the Sonate on a Roll
Wabiiinoton, May 4, Representa
tive Linnoy, or Nortli Carolina, re
ceived tho following telegram from
Cyrus B. Watson, a woll known law
yer of Winston, N. 0.:
"Gcorgo Mnthlas has been caught
by Spaniards and Is held under a
chnrgo, tho penalty of which is death.
Try to savo him."
Secretary Olney assured Linnoy that
there wqidd bo no hasty action by the
Spanish authorities.
Wabhinciton, May 4. Sonator Pof
for this afternoon insisted upon hav
ing his bond Investigation resolution
considered. After somo discussion
Fryo moved to tako up tho river and
harbor bill, which would displace the
bond resolution. Tho motion was de
feated, 28 to 30, and tho bond resolu
tion was laid before tho senate.
Vote to De Taken.
Wabiiinoton, May 4. An under
standing has beon reached by which a
vote will bo taken on tho resolution
seating Henry A. Dupont as sonator
from Dclowaro, after the river and
harbor bill Is disposed of.
Stole Qruii. Ono Gcorgo Baker
walked into tho open house of Newton
Ravago and stnlo about $3 worth of
eatables. Ho was tracked and ar
rested and tried boforo Justlco Levi
Drawer, of Maclcny, and sentenced to
30 days in tho county jail. Ho was
brought to Salem by Constnblo J. D.
Humphrey, linker claims ho landed
in Salem, - with about (00 u fow
months ago, but spent It all hunting
for work.
Gettino Tired. Tho kicker at tho
Southern Pacific dopot was heard to
remark today thnt tho peoplo wero
gcttlng-tlred of this frco and unlim
ited colnago of moisture. Too much
Is too much, even In Oregon,
m i
Old People.
Old peonlo who require medicine to
rcgulnio tno bowels and kidneys will
find tho truo remedy in Electric Bit
ters. This medicine docs not stlmu
lato and contains no whiskey norothcr
Intoxicant but acts ns a tonic and
alterative. It acts mildly on tho
stomach nn-o bowels, adding strength
and giving tone to tho organs, thorcuy
aiding Nnturo In tho perforinaiico of
tho functions. Electric bitters is an
excellent appetizer and aids digestion.
Old Peonlo find It Just exactly what
they need. Prlco 60o aud $1 per bottle
at Fred A. Legg's drug store.
When IUb was sick, w tn her CutorU.
YVheu khQ wm a Chili, alio cartel for CutorU,
WImii tho became Mto, aha clung to Outer!.
Wfcea stie h4 Children, sta fr tbea OMtorte,
State Treasurer' Fifteenth Notice,
State Ov Oregon )
Theaburv Department V
Salem May 0, 1800
Notlco Is hereby given that tlioro
aro funds on hand with which to re
deem all outstanding state warrants
endorsed by mo "presented and not
paid for want of funds" between tho
dates of October 8, 1805 nnd January
11, 1800, both dates Inclusive, with
tho exception of warrants drawn on
tho swamp land fund, and that all
such warrants, properly endorscd.wlll
bo paid upon presentation at this
otllco, Interest thereon ceasing
from, and after, the data of this
Stato Treasuror.
Latest U. S. Gov't Kcport
iitf. we"- uii,i

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