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Daily Capital Journal
TUESDAY, MAY 5, 1890.
For Supremo Judge,
B. S. BEAN, of Lane County.
For Presidential Electors,
T. T. GEEK, of Murlon County.
S. M. YOU AN, of Lane.
J. F. CAPL.ES, of Multnoinalj.
For Congressman First Congressional
TIIOS. II. TONGUE, of Wellington
County. , ,
For District Attorney Third Judicial
JOHN A.CARSON.of Marlon County.
DU. J. N.SMITH, of Salem,
11. L. UAIIKLEY, of Woodburn,
E. IV. CHAPMAN, of Brooks, ,
DAVID CUAIG, of Macleay.
County Judge,
GROVE T. TEIlltELL, of Mclmma.
ZZ County Commissioner,
KV J. N. DAVIS, of Sllverton.
County Clerk,
L. V. EIILEN, of Buttevllle.
F. T. VRIGIITMAN, or Salem.
F. W. WATERS, of Salem.:
J. W. HOBART, of Garileld.
B.3B. IIERRIOK, of Yew Park.
School Superintendent,
GEO. W. JONES, of Jefferson.
A. M. CLOUOII, of Salem.
For Justice of the l'euco Salem Dlst.,
For Constable,
TI10 poultry fancier Is at 11 great dls
udvautago wltli tliu common farmer
ut raising tine specimens of birds. It
is ust as easy to breed puro bloods as
It Is mongrels and us u rule he will
have some very fine specimens in ills
Hock and without any particular euro
ennenmo indirect competition with
tlio regular poultryman without a
poultry farm. Many a farmer launches
out Into lino cattlo and sheep and
other blooded stock and gives tliu
poultry tho clone go-by. The family
should not lie shorn of tho pleasures
of enjoying tho right of lino poultry.
Tho ravages of dogs to tho ahcep In
dustry of the United States Is far
greater in tho agiegato than one
would suppose. According to tho de
partment of agriculture thoouslaught
made by lilscunliio majesty amounts
to many hundred dollars a day, and
that tho dogs of our country aro moro
or less responsible for a loss of $37,000,
000 In sheep In n single year.
Senator John Beard, of Aliueda
county, California, planted ono aero
or locust trees. Last season ho sold
nil tho trees thereon measuring six
Inches In diameter to a sea captain for
ahlp timber. Tho sonutor says: "The
captain found plenty of trees or tho
dimension needed, and I mndo 9018 by
tho transaction, besides thirty cords
of wood for tiso." Does It pay to
plant forest of timber trees?
Tho Pad lie coast should bo ablo to
supply tho vast amount of eggs that
aro each year shipped Into tho United
States from Canadn. Tho duty tho
Canadians pay ought to pay tho trans
portatlouund commissions from liore
to the eastern markets. Tho Cnna
dim farmer seems to think tho busi
ness, protitnble. Why should not wo
who live Inn cllmato natural to tho
Bo 'sure that your, poultry Journal
Is uduptetl to your particular location
before, you subscribe. A subscription
to nn eastern paper gives you matter
that is vnlueless to this coast.
If you wish to embark In tho poultry
business ouo of tho ilrst requlslts, bo
sides u goodly store of common senso
is to soo that you arc ono of tho
family of readers of u flrstclass poultry
If underconsumption Is the cause or
low prices instead of surplus or over
production, what Is the reason? It is
certainly not n disposition to live
poorly, dress poorly nor is it dyspepsia
or other Indispositions.
In clipping your hens so they can
not fly over tho poultry fence do not
clip the entire wing, but n few of the
feathors ut tho end is nil that is
It Is a well demonstrated fact that
eggs packed In salt and kept in a cool,
dry placd arc nenrer perfectly fresh
than any other way,
Tim tiRiuil lanro acrcace that Is
sown to wheat In tho Red River val
ley will bo somewhat curtnllcd, owing
to the very late and backward spring.
Spring being about three weeks later
than usual.
Qermany gives a bounty of i of a
cent per pound on nil sugar exported
and It Is expected thcro that an In
crease to i a cent per pound will bo
The fact that $880 was recently paid
for ono brood sow inLawrenccconnty,
111., docs not look as though every
body was going out of hog raising.
Do not glvo the potnto tho go-by
tills year because they were cheap
last year. If tliero Is anything In ex
tremes following each other you may
hit It.
Onco a creamery Is In operation In
a neighborhood you have always a
good market for cows and heifers.
In Iowa thcro nro C10 creamorlos
and nearly all are reported in a nour
ishing condition.
Peurl mlllett Is one of tho forago
plants highly recommended by seed
To turn ordinary cream Into good
butter requires a skillful lmttcrmakcr,
but tho world is full of people who
make poor butter out of No. 1 cream.
If a cow's udder Is hard Just beforo
dropping her calf milk her out well.
A cow's udder should nover bo allowed
to cake. In this matter an "ounco of
prevention Is worth ft pound of euro."
Many a good cow lias bcon entirely
spoiled by neglecting tills.
All tho dairy cows In and around
San Francisco aro being tested as to
tuberculosis and many of them have
been found to bo In ndvanccd stnges
of tho disease.
Tho agricultural appropriation bill
of tho present year amounts to $3,302,
702. How much will tho farmor get?
It Is reported that not ono hop-yard
In ten will bo cropped this year In
Polk county.
Tho Chicago market was over
stocked with western sheop last week
and prices ruled very low.
Canada exported In 1805, $14,1(53,000
worth or cheeso whllo tho United
States exported but $5,497,000 worth.
America killed her own cheese busi
ness by tho dishonest tilled cheese,
whllo Canada sold straight coods and
gained a reputation. Wlion Ameri
can oheeso was pure, in 1880, America
exported 127,654,000 pounds, whllo
Canada exported but 40,000,000 pounds
1 ms can bo solely attributed to tho
manufacture or tilled cheese.
Tho next meeting or tho Stato Hor
ticultural Sooloty will bo held nt Cor
vallls, June 10 and 17. A good pro
gram Is arranged. Among tho num.
borson It aro u eompetltlvo test of
power und hand spraying apparatus.
All Interested fruit growers should
Children Cry for
avail tbemselvos of the opportunity to
Editor Jeurnal: The political
potlhElim County is begining to
There is a great deal or comolulntiboI1 aU m.ely mtc
umong the farmers ubout the cold and
sluggish spring and many have great
fears that their fruit is all ruined
and other say thcro Is no need 'to
worry that thcro has always boon
plenty. It Is a fact, however, that In
the vicinity of Salem' much or the
early fruit has been badly frozen.
In Southern Oregon the fruit pros
pect Is reported as very good with tho
exception of peaches.
a In order to make good cheeso of any
of tho sweet curd" varieties, such as
Swiss, brick, llmburger, cdam and
gouda, the cows should bo kept scrup
ulously clean, tho udders carefully
brushed off before milking, and tho
milk removed from tho stable ns soon
as possible. The milk should bo worked
fresh from the cow as tliero must not
bo the least fermentation, for If there
is an acid in the milk the cheeso will
spoil. If evening's milk is used it
sliould bo made up in tho evening Im
mediately nftcr milking. Strain the
milk Into a vat and set it berorc tho
temperature falls below 80 degrees,
add enough rennet extract to coagu
lato It Bin from twenty to thirty
minutes, which will require about
four ounces to a thousand pounds of
Cut the curd into cubes the size of
largo kernels of corn as soon as it is
firm onough to cut. Stir gently for
about ten minutes. At this stage
about half of the whey may bo
dipped oil. Then gradually heat to
102 degrees and hold at tills tempera
ture from ten to fifteen minutes, con
stantly stirring it gently. It Is im
possible to tell in words Just wlion
tho whey should bo drawn, as some
curds require moro cooking than
others. Tho cubes sliould bo just
medium firm, and contain no free
whoy when broken apart. Draw off
the whey and pack tho curd into tho
wooden molds, which aro four inches
high, and partitioned oil so the
cheeso will be rour inches wldo nnd
eight Inches long.
Have n board follower on each cheese,
weighted by two smooth-surfaced
brick, leave under tills pressure for
twelve hours. Then take out of tho
molds, rub all over witli salt for three
successive days, ond turn cacli day,
rubbing them carefully with a fresh,
clean cloth and lay closo togelher for
a few days to keep moist. If there is
a tendency to hough, pllo them three
or four deep, turning them every day.
Keep tho sholves clean and wash occas-
slonally with hot water. The curing
room must bo kept damp and at a
temperature not far from 00 degrees.
Tho degreo of cooking and tho amount
of salting controls tho tlmo it will
requlro for tho cheeso to get ripe. Tho
moro tho curd is cooked and tho more
the cheese is salted the ilrnier it will
bo and tho moro tlmo required for
ripening. If cheeso is made from ab
solutely clean milk, and worked fresh
from tho cow there Is no dancer or
spoiling, nnd ir thcro Is n mis
take mndo in cutting into unoven
sized cubes, too llttlo or too much
cooking or salting, tho Itlmo required
for ripening will vary. It would tako
too much spaco to glvo ovory detail in
full, detail which, after nil must bo
learned by experience
The nominees of the different par
ties nro visiting various parts of the
county trying to ascertain what tholr
chances or being elected arc.
Tho Pops have put out a rather
poor ticket, but they will make a des- j
pcrato effort to elect them. They aro
following the old rule, that is, finding
fault with the extravagance or tho
Republican party, but forget to ex
plain why tho Populist members In
the last legislature voted ror so many
large appropriations. They have but
little to say about tho Democrats for
they aro too near tho same thing for
them to fight each other.
. I understand the Pops will make no
regular canvass but will slip around
and try and tako all tho advantages
they can. They claim to be perfec
tion Itself but they arc no better than
any other lot of politicians. If they
were in olllcc they would simply tako
what there is in it as nil other n:cn do.
Tho Democrats claim they will
elect a part of their ticket but tho
chances arc against them.
The Republicans have a good ticket
and if they only co-operate together,
as they should, and as I think they
will, we arc sure of success. Is it
not wonderful how tho Simon gang
of Portland Is exerting Itself?
It seems that their motto is rule or
ruin, for they could not be content
until they got a man to put himself
up as a sacrifice against Ellis for con
gress. They claim thcro Is so many
who could nob support tho regular
nominee, that It was essentially neces
sary to put up another man. Tlmo
will tell what the result will be.
The people demand the re-election
of Mitchell for senator, and I think
they will sco that men aro elected who
will support him.
I think the people will bo smart
6u are discharedTnave
no use for any one that has
not sense enough to chew
enough to vote as they please and not jDcalcr in groceries, paints,
Kr 0 ifcffijiiH
Trie largest piece of GOOD tobacco
ever sold for 10 cents.
allow themselves to be Influenced by
tho Orcgonlan or any of tho Portland
It is useless for the Orcgonlan to
try to run the politics of this state,
for It Is only a very small part of Ore
gon, and I think It would bo well for
the people to treat its advice with
silent contempt, for wo ns voters aro
likely as Intelligent as the wlso edi
tor of that paper, nnd we would do
well to follow a course directly oppo
site to which it sakes.
A Popular Candidate.
John II. Lewis, candidate for asses
sor, Is an old pioneer, has lived In Ore
gon for forty-tiyo years, and during nil
tluit tlmo holms had tho confidence
or his neighbors. For many years ho
was a dealer la real estate and is prob
ably as good n Judge or tho value or
laud as any man in Marlon county,
and ir elected ho will im the mil
without fear or favor, and at tho
smallest expenso posslblo to tho tax
payers. Mr. Lowls should bo elected;
a vote for him Is a voto for reform.
Stayton Times.
Do Justice to the debtor class, which
includes a largo majority or tho tax
payers, by rc-cnactlng tho law allow
ing deductions for indebtedness.
Many of our people nro rated on tho
tax listasinrgotaxpayors.wlio if their
affairs wero closed up, would not have
a dollar loft. Eugene Guard.
Two Lives Saved.
Mrs. Phoobo Thomas, of Junction
City, 111., was told by her doctors sho
had Consumption and that thcro was
no hopo for lier, but two bottles of Dr.
King's Now Discovery comnletelv
cured her and sho says it saved her
me. iir.j.nos. i'Jggors, 130 Florida
street, San Pranclsco, suffered from a
dreadful cold, annrouchlmr mnsumn.
tlon, tried without result everything
Yjau uivii uuuKiii ono uoitio or vr.
king's Now Discovery and in two
weeks was cured. Ho is naturally
thankful. It is such results, of which
theso aro samples, that provo tho
wonderful eflicacy of this medicine in
Coughs and Colds. Free trial bottles
at 1- red P. Legg's drugstore. Regular
size-60o and $1.
window glass, varnishes, tnd
the most complete stocc of
brushes of all kinds in the
state. Artists' materials, lime,
hair, cement and shingles, and
finest quality of grass seeds,
A. D. Smiths where you can find everything
in the artists line, canvas mounted anil pic
ture mats made to order. Give him a call
for lie knows just wlut you want with prices
to suit tho times. 1 16 opera house.
W0LZ L M1ESCKE, Props.
Denlnrsln all kinds of fresh and salt meat
Ep-Fresh sausago a specialty.
WANTED ,A man or woman In every coun
ty to soil the best paying books on the mar
ket; $3 to $4 made every day; address box
449. Oregon City, Or.
HUlli WING SANO CO. Japanese faucy
goods, matting, dressing gowns, lilk goods,
ornaments, imported teas, baskets.chlnaware,
screens, etc.. at lowest prices. Ladles' un
derwear made to order in the store. 112
Court st. . 421m
run Ai liignt mticn cows and two 2
year olds.
Inquire of M.J. Egan,
Sad Accidknt. Tho frionds or Mr.
nnd Mrs. Chits. Smith, now of Rose
burg, will learn with sorrow that
iiioir uiuo son was badly scalded -last
Aiding the Cubans.
Washington, Mny 5. In tho su
premo court today tho soliciting
general moved nn ndvnnco or tho
hearing at this term of Wolborg, con
victed or aiding a military expedition
In nid or Cuba. In violation nt tim
neutrality laws, stating thnt tho ex
pedition or tho case was desired hy
tho piesldent nnd secretnry of state.
Tho motion was resisted by Mr. Phil
lips for Welberg. Tho case wont over
until tomorrow..
$100 Reward Si 00.
The readers or this paper will be pleased to
learn that there is at least one dreaded disease
that science has been able to cure in all Its
Uges and that is catarrh, Hall's Catarrh
Cure is the only positive cure now known to
the medical fraternity, Catarrh being a con.
stitutlonal disease, requires a constitutional
trearment. Hall' Catarrh Cure is taken
mic nauy, acting utrectly upon the blood
anil mitrrtnu ti.rA. f A. ..... .1 .
-..-. ..... ,.avt.j , , ,vicui, uercuy
wool- )...,., ..,.. 1 1 T v UU'"K me lounaation 01 me disease and
1 n S' L l ?M,nB h0t Wftter onto hl8 BivinF "" PM1 "'ongth by building up the
v.. diluvium is uul 01 unnger. wii.muiion ana assisting nature in doing
2 24 tf B
l'Al'ER Larce lot ol iieavv
brown wrapping paper for sale cheap. Just
the thing for putting under carpets. Call nt
Journal office.
iness houses can obtain all newspaper infor
mation from the press of tho stace, coast and
country from the Press Clipping Bureau,
(Allen's) Union Ulock, Portland. i2.2otf
l O. NEWS STAND.-Local
S, Richardson, Prop,
Two doors north Hotel Willamette. Home
cooking and home made pies and cakes al
ways on hand. 4 30
Miss Billon's Selioo
Will recoivc children from 3 years upward
Special attention to beginners. All desired
branches for theolder pupils taught, includ
ing drawing, modeling, music plain and ar
tistic needle work. All work done on the in
dividual plan, In which each child is ad
vanced according to its own capacity. For
terms and particulars apply to Miss O. BaU
iou. Twentieth and Chemeketa sts.
nowspapers and magazines.
a contectlonerv. F. W.
1 14 tf
Acency for nil
Fine atockof cinais an
Miller, Prop,
PAPERS. Portland. Sacramento!
Tacoma nnd San Francisco papers on sale ol
Mill..',. n..fn- ui 1. ' '
... v ujiumic uiwk
FOR SALE. One house and two lots, sit
uated in Wheatland. Yamhill county. All
set in good fruit. For sale at a bargain. The
property is that known as the Wheatland
hotel. Price $150, Address, A, care Jour
nal 43'lf
FORSALE OR RENT.MDne house and
barn and3;K acres of land, in good cultiva.
Hon. Situated one-half mile south of Odd
Fellows Cem tery. J.IIatt. 2161
WANTED-,Hy house twenty years' standing,
lady or gentleman, willing to learn our bust,
ness, then to travel, or to do office work,
Salary $800.00. Enclose self-addressed
;hvJ t"L, At liiaer' manaeer,
. vy uutuai
Capital Transfer Co.
Express, baggage and all kinds cf work
done promptly.
eave orders nt
Meets all mail and passenger trains. Bag.
gage and express to all parts of the city.
Prompt service, Telephone No. 70,
mm mti
Please don't
lose sight
' danger.
lNBANE.IIoraco Cambell, of Port
land, aged 15 years, was brought to
tho asylum, Ha Is an old resident.
tunswmion ana assisting nature in doing its
.. . w piupncion nave so muen Win in
Us curative powers that they offer One nun.
dred dollars for any case that It fails to cure.
Send for Hit of testimonials. Address
F. I. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, 75c.
of our St. Paul-Chicago and
. iuui.01, uouis 11ns,
The servico they offer is
better than ever.
Please don't lose sight of
Between St. Paul and Chi
cago the Burlington ofleu a
service that is as luxurious as
any in the country. Two trains
aally. Compartment sleepers
standard sleepers -, chair
cars diner.
Between St. Paul nnd St.
JUms our trains ore faster and
better equipped than those of
anv other railroad.
ftckets nnd time tables on
application to the local tiket
Toitland, O
In all towns and localities throughout the
United States and territories to sell the Fount
ain Washer and Steam Cooker, tho best in
use. It saves its own price in the wear of
clothes in less than six months. Sent C. O,
D. by express, prepaid, for $3.50, in. tin; $5
In copper. For particulars, address
IS State street. Salem. Orecon.
32l Commercial st. Cottle Block
Successor to C. M. Beck & Co.
Best meats In tho city, Prompt delivery at
lowest prices.
Salem SteamLaundr y
Please notice the cut in prices
on me ioilowingj
Shirts, plain , 10 cents
Under drawers StoiocenU
Under shirt StoiocenU
iwks, per pair 3 CCbU
Handkerchiefs ,1 Cen,t
Silk handkerchiefs 1 coats
Sheets and pillow slips 24 cents per dozea,
and other work in proportion.
Flannels and other work in
telligently washed by hand.
flnmmnrnlnl 0..i
- "u v.Bpna Pfjnc
nvedojha; W
-. yi
rater VtS' k
Bush Bank buudln8.AMlLT0KV
On city or farm properly,
Over Bush's Bank, T-K.F
Your stomach is your bei f,"inrT--J
The Rouf
.. 106 State tirtti e.i. .
You pay only what it cwut , , .'
but you get better. PrivT.feH
-'- W Bfay
Office: WillampfuU.MD.M.
For walnr u-rui .... '.""''I
navable mnn.Mo ,VP t E
complaints at the office. m'
There will K n j..t.. .. .
on account of tempor.ry sCTi
city un ess notlrn 1. J.f. ?"
Ilcreafier water for Irrigation tffl
furnished to regular confumcnZ
for domestic purpose. Comricffi
read "under building jwrpcstrtSR
K of ra,es fot w jJES!
Miss May Wife,
All kinds of work done in the sunt uctW
style, and promptly. Call it room ii
hurst block, Safem,
Makes a snHahvoffine rtmlr t u I
11.. !.! -.. ..7. I
muin.ij ciucKk, cic, 215 loamifcuISs
Carpenter, Builder and M
481 Winter street.
t3TlIarcl times prices always.
Horseshoeing a specialty. Piicesiifcfi
the lowest. Hand made jho.i to C 4
hones foot. Diseated feet iuchticot3,
traded hoofs or interfering bond acq
attended to. Just give me 1 tml, laaOx.
meketa street, back of New Yi M?
iVvm r L f jfL
1C -.F'i r. v
la .r H tmKr
riUCITf. I
vsirur ulMf. .
1 r tiuriHlvnin -
For Information and fre UAy?
JIU.NN & CO.. Ml toOitWiT. l !,
Oldest bureau (or "ft.uJulSlS
KTerr imtent Uken out.br J U Wta
the pubUo tr n0"0 l"" "
.j inn irtuu. ?'Tri.
"""I. .'"7. .. IfHf. f.
vrunuui '.ui vi
1 1 . .'
complexion nm
I hu ben the. junajrt ",i( I
tuwonwmSSsrt -.
1 WKhewiarJ?ex"f,vSii
I BtMeeat B""" 'it .
1 r: i vert
V W iii"jigTirT
rir -j
VsUiV 9
Col. J. Olmsted Prop,j
I"!1 - ss
i LlTiviuiW jC-

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