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THirj T-rw -"-
VOIj. 8.
KO. 16
New York Racket
Are receiving goods almost
daily from the cast in the way
of notions, ladies' and gents'
furnishing goods of all kinds,
laces, embroideries, brushes,
combs, hosiery of all sizes, la'
dies' shirt waists, laundried or
unlaundricd white shirts, and
all kind of work shirts, ladies'
and gents' summer underwear,
and many other articles. Also
a large stock of "Star 5 Star"
shoes of excellent quality and
latest style, at prices very low.
Clothing forxnen and boys at
prices that will save you 25
per cent. Call and sec for
toother Display of British
iris Arbitration Deficient in im
portant Respects.
K Washington, May, 8. Tlio negotl-
fitions between the United States and
Ircat Brltlan, respecting the Behrlng
eu seal fisheries during tho past year,
lindlcate that these fisheries are in a
Ivory unsatisfactory state, and that up
this time tho British government
las llrmly resisted oyery effort of tho
lepartraent of state to extend the
Iwcope of regulations prescribed by tho
iParls arbitration, which uro well
cnown to be deficient in Important re
spects, and, in fact, has even relaxed
the regulations so as to facilitate tho
Illegal killing of seals. Tho state dc-
irtment endeavored in vain to secure
continuance In force of the require
sent that all firearms carried by scal
ing vessels in tho seal waters should
i scaled up during the close season.
Che British government held that
the Paris award did not Impose any
tch requirements, and refused to In
clude it in the regulations, notwith
standing that it was presented by our
Ncrnment, and that the absence of
the regulation constituted a violation
Iof the plain intent of the Paris tribu
nal's findings. No better success att
ended the attempt of the state de
partment to secure a revision and ex-
enslon of the laws of all countries
oncerned in tho seal fisheries by In
ternational action.
I Tlrt Ttrlftali rrnvArntnimf tnVlmrtllA
ground that there had been no
llmlnution of the seal herd as was
reported to tho president, declined to
bo a party to Joint negotiations of
the kind desired, and later, when the
state department offered to accept tho
British proposition looking to the ap
ipolntment of agents to resldo upon
(the seal Islanas for a term of four
years and report upon the herds, with
an amendment lncludis? the Russian
'and Japa&ese Islands, arid representa
tives, of tho governments of Russia
nd Japan in the export list, refused
ton the ground that it could not recog-
inize that cither Russia or Japan was
nraed as to the 6cal herds ou the
hAwerlcan side of the Pacific
That wu the status of tlie negotia
tions up to tho close of tho lust calen
dar year, and there Is little In the
correspondence to warrant the belief
that the British government Is will
ing to agree to any amendment of tho
regulations that in any manner will
tend to restrict further the operations
of pelagic sealers In the Paclllc.
A Family Misunderstanding.
Albany, Muy 8. A woman and
three children went from Newberg
recently, to visit n brother in Linn
county. Upon failing to return the
husband became alarmed nnd came
after her. She hnd left her brother's.
Tho man came to Albany nnd tele
phoned to Chief Wells, of Corvallls,
who after half a day's search located
her with u man In that city. Th
husband immediately took a carrlngo
for that city, and upon alighting his
son was tho first person he saw. Tho
boy took him to his mother, who was
found In the company of the man.
Matters were fixed up without tho
usual and deserved tragedy, the man
being nn old acquaintance tho hus
band said, and tho family left for
home. A peculiar incident in every
day life. Albany Democrat-
Oames at Harvard.
Boston, May 8. Some rattling con
tests aro looked for tomorrow in Har
vard's annual spring games. The
handicap events will be: Ono hun
dred and twenty yard, hurdles, 160
yards dash, 440 yards run, 880 yards
ruu, ono inlle run, ono mile bicycle
race, running high jump, running
broad Jump, throwing 10-pound ham
mer, putting 10-pound shot, pole vault
In addition to the handicap events
there will bo a special half mile
scratch race, open to nil amateurs, a
mile relay race, open to all colleges
(Harvard barred) and an interscholas
tlo relay championship of the United
States. Conneff, Welfcrs, Kllpatrlck
and other cracks aro entered.
Philological Society Meets.
Indianapolis, Ind., May 8. The
sixth annual meeting of tho Indiana
Philological Society will be held In
tho state house today and tomorrow.
There will be papers and addresses on
sources of the New Testament in
Greek, language study In Indiana, tho
study of Etymology, and Shakespcar
in the Seventeenth Century.
Turf Matter.
Detroit, May 8. Tho Windsor
meeting will open tomorrow and coo
tinue until the Canadian circuit
tens at Toronto. The directors of
the Windsor association offer 10 stakes
with from $800 to 11,600 added money
lu each stake. Many improvements
have been made in the grand stand
and the seating capacity has been
largely increased.
Say They Go to Fight for
Received Generous Offers From In
surgent Leaders,
New York, May 8.-TI10 World
It was reported nt Newark last
night that several Jttembers of the
"First regiment of the National Guard
locatedtfeere, had aceepted generous
offers to fight for Cuban Indcbendcuco
and had left under orders of the
Cuban Junta.
The number of guardsmen who are
going Is not dellnltcly known. It Is
learned, however, that at lcastn dozen
have already signed an agreement
with the representatives of tho Junta
and a much larger number arc seri
ously considering the matter, with
the prospect that they will Join tho
On Tuesday night tho llrst detach
ment left Nowark In charge of Ser
geant William L. Edwards and Priv
ate Louis Iltiggorty, and was com
posed entirely of members of tho First
regiment. They wcro escorted to a
rendezvous in this city, where they
are said to be now stationed.
It was given out that tho expedi
tion in which tho Nowarkcrs aro to
take part was to embark at Perth
Ambov. This report was intended to
throw tho cmmlssarles of the Spanish
government off the scent. It is said
that the men who make up tho party
will board a vessel ut sea, after being
conveyed from various points in tngs
and sailing vessels.
One volunteer is said to havo been
offered n bonus of $700, together with
his faro to Jacksonville and u monthly
compensation of $30. Another state
ment is thut tho men uro to receive a
bonus of $100 and $22 n month.
Tho representatives of tho Junta
havo for sovcrual weeks maintained a
recruiting station in this city. It is
known that a number of influential
members of tho Lincoln post of tho
G. A. R. have been aiding them. A
force of men recruited from all parts
of tho country Is suld to bo In Newark
now, waiting alliance to reach Cuba.
The Cuban Juntu Issued a state
ment yesterday of the law regarding
Cuban belligerency, together with a
petition of Tomas Estrada Palma, a
delegate of the republic of Cuba, for
tho recognition by tho United States
of tho belligerency of tho Cubans.
Tho statement was prepared by
Horatio S. Rcnbctis, counsel for the
Cuban legation in this city, and a
copy of the same will bo in the hands
of every congressman.
It is pointed out that much of the
existing misapprehension on tho sub
ject of recognition arises from a con
fusion of the various kinds of recogni
tion of Insurgents; first, recognition
of belligerency, which Is the lowest
grade; second, virtual or commercial
recognition, and third, recognition of
independence. That the Cubans arc
conducting a war, Mr. Reubens shows
by citing the strength of their army
of 60,000 men, and that of Spain, 120,
000. The present attitude of neutrality
of the United States, ho says, gives a
great advantage to Spain.
Intercollegiate Meet.
Ithaca, May 8. Tho city is tilling
up with college athletes who arc to
take part In the Intercollegiate meet
to be held hero tomorrow, Jn which
the university of Pennsylvania will
contest for honors with Cornell. Tho
latter's showing In the spring games
indicates she will acquit herself well.
In Regard to a Matter. in Which Htn
Name Was Not Mentioned.
Woouuuun, OrMay 7, 1890.
You will plcasg correct statement
In tho Jeuknal: "A fyembor of tho
MoKinloy Club started" to go up on
nlntform and introduco Mr. Tongue."
This is not true. Mr. .Tonguo wns
loft standing alono at tho entrance to
tho hall for live minutes nnd in accord
ance with common npd well known
rules of courtesy I volunteered to re
lievo his embarraslng position by es
corting him to (but not onto) tho
platform. As mayor of Woodburn I
believed that my action was no In
fringement upon tho right, title and
Interest which Capt Miller nnd Bro.
Barkloy hold In tho political machine
nt Woodburn. Further! would state
Bro. Barkloy was not elected chair
man, as the nays wcro plainly In tho
majority. But the machine power
managed by "Capt. Miller" declared
him elected and so hoisted after ad
Journiifent; We are fltlVl sawing Wood
Waltku L. TOOitK.
SroWn Reci
San Fkancisco, A'J 8. Dr.
Charles O. Brown uppifrcntly contem
plates permanent withdrawal from
membership in tho Congregational
church In which ho Wijs recently un
frocked. The fact that ho hus been
Invited to preach froiuthc pulpit of a
Methodist church, folowcd by a re
quest for recommendation "to any
evangelical church," presented at the
rcgulur weekly prayer meeting last
night, bears out tho assumption.
Tho letter was presented to the meet
ing by Deacon Morso Immediately
after tho preliminaries hnd been con
cluded. Tho request was granted.
Free Silver and McKinley.
Colfax, May 8. Tho Whitman
county Republican convention elected
22 delegates to tho Everett conven
tion, after 11 most harmonious meet
ing. Tho resolutions aro In fnvoi of
tho frco and unlimited colnngo of
sliver, and dcclaro that McKinley is
tho foremost advocate of tariff reform
nnd as such will bo tho most accept
able cnndldato for tho presidency.
Resolutions wcro ntrtj adopted con
demning tho loose immigration laws
and scoring tho administration of
Grovcr Cleveland.
Qeer in Polk.
Indei'kndence, May 8. Many
listened to T. T. Geer's Interesting
political address hero today. Mr. Gcor
referred to amusing predicament of
President Cleveland, who will not for
u moment admit that tho Wilson bill
has failed to provide sufficient
rovenuo to answer ovory requirement
of oven n "tariff for rovenue," whlllo
within tho past two years nearly $.100,
000,000 have been borrowed to meet
ordinary government expenses.
Tooze for Oold Standard.
Siieeuwood, Mny 8.Wnltcr L.
Tooze, of Woodburn, addressed tho
Republican club or, Pleasant Hill,
Tuesday. Mr. Toozo declared em
phatically in favor of the slnglo gold
standard, nnd nn honest dollar, nnd
emphatically In favor of protection.
Labor Meeting.
New Youic, May 8. Tho Centrnl
Labor Union will nttend a mass meet
ing to bo held at Cooper Union to
night, to listen to Professor E. R.
Gould's plans for model tenement
houses nnd dwellings.
Moot Convention.
Buffalo, May 8. A now feature In
campaign politics will bo tried tonight
at Muslo Hall, whero a Moot Natlonnl
Republican convention will bo held,
Candidates will bo nominated,
speeches made and a platform adopted,
as tho affair is carried out in actuality.
Immigration Considered.
WABHiNOTON.Muy 8. Tho comm it-
tee on rules lias 6t apart today for
consideration of the Immigration
bills. Tho recent Italian Influx will
bo the subject of much comment and
radical measures are expected (o bo
Mitchell's Dill.
Washington, Slay 8. In tho sen
ate to-day Mitchell of Oregon, gave
notice that when tho approbation
bills aro all out of tho way ho will
pre a Joint resolution for election of
senators by tho people., Tho river
and harbor pill was then taken up. I
So There Will Bo No Money
in Politics,
Backbone of tho Milwaukee Strike
Is Broken,
Washington, Mny 8. Tho presi
dent has Issued an' order extending
tho civil service rules to tho inter
state commerce commission. This
bring all "olllces In tho -commission
hero and outsldo of Washington In
the class! lied service, Except tho chief
executive ones, requiring tho presi
dential nomination nnd the continua
tion by tho senate. Tho order makes
tho total about 83,000 government po
sitions now included lu civil service.
Rome, N. Y., Mny 8 J. Watson
Hlldrcth, tho boy train wrecker, re
ceived a life sentence today. Ills
companions, Plato and Hlbbard,
pleaded guilty to manslaughter In tho
llrst degree, and wcro sentenced to
twenty years Imprisonment nn two
Indictments, or forty years In all.
MiKWAUKEE.Mny 8 All is quiet In
streot car circles todny. Over 100 caw
are In service. From appearances
tho back-bono of tho strike Is broken.
The company has issued a notice
guaranteeing protection nnd perma
nent employment to all men who ac
ccpt places. Tho arrests last night
served to quiet tho hoodlums.
All attempts nt mediation proved
fruitless. Strikers agreed to submit
their grievances to tho state urbltru
tlon commission, with tho under
standing if n settlement is reached all
tho old men bo rc-cmploycd. Tho
company declined.
Charitable Fair.
Ai.uany, Mny 8. Gov, Morton has
tendered tho uso of tho Executive
Mansion nnd grounds for it chnrltnblo
fair, under tho auspices of tho Child
ren's Ministering League, of which
ono of his daughters Ih president,
which will bo held today and tomor
row. Tho proceeds of this fair uro to
go toward tho endnwmont of n bed in
tho Child's Hospital, this city.
St. Louis Fairs.
St. Louis, May 8. Tho St. Louis
Fair Association, in tho spring, sum
mer nnd fall meetings of 1800, which
begins tomorrow, will dlvldo $50,000
among tho stakes. Tho principal
stake Is tho Inaugural, a handicap
sweepstakes for thrcc-ycur-olds nnd
upward, valuo $32,500, of which $32,.
000 goes to tho winner.
International Exhibition.
Vienna. May 8. Preparations aro
completed for tho opening of nn Inter
national exhibition of agricultural
machinery, which will bo held here
beginning tomorrow. Tho United
States litis been invited to participate
In tho exhibition.
Commercial Tttvellers Council.
Topkica., Kans., May 8. -Tho grand
council of Kansas, United Commercial
Travellers of America, will convene
hero today. Preparation for tho
council's visit to Tcrro Haute to ut
tend tho National Convention of
Travellers will bo made.
Dond Investigation.
Washington, May 8. Senator Mer
rill, chairman of tho commlttco on
finance, has announced Ills intention
to appoint a sub-commltteo to con
duct tho bond investigation, author
szed by tho Peffcr resolution. Tho
nub-commltteo will probably consist
of five members.
Capuchin Order,
Roue, Italy, May 8. A general I
chapter of the Capuchin Order is an
nounced to bo held hero todny. Dele-,
gates of tho order from all parts of t
the world, Including the United
States, will ba In attendance. .
Doings In the Various Deportments of
Marlon County.
Wilton Slmcrnl has taken out n
license for n thoroughbred horse.
Taxes tiro coming In slowly.
Win. Jcsscti has taken out his
naturalization papers.
C. A. Rydman, of Sweden originally,
hnslllcd his declaration of citizen
ship. Petition In a foreclosure suit, of G.
M. Fry ct nl ys. Brazil riuard ct al,
has been filed today by Attorney A.
O. llougli.
County Judgo Hubbard nnd County
Commissioner Watson wont to tho
county poor farm today to Inspect
that institution nnd get a good din
A petition, signed by T. B. Jones,
A. O. Perkins, Arthur Glrod, Oliver
Bcors, E. W. Chnpman, F. X. Molsan,
E. K Shaw, W. M. Collard, J. R.
Llcsy and many others of Lablsh
precinct, wns tiled with tho county
In tho following terms: "Wo, your
undersigned petitioners, havo dis
covered that one of tho Judges of
election, appointed by your court, Is
not n resident of Lablsh precinct,
therefore not being n lawful Judgo
and not entitled to servo iih such In
the coming elections (said person be
ing S. W. Jones of Gorvnls precinct.)
Therefore we, as voters' and petition
ers of said Lablsh precinct, most' re
spectfully ask that you reappoint
somcono to 1111 tho vacancy of Judgo
now existing In said precinct. There
fore wo beg to recommend J. N. Gnnl-
ard." Tho court has about decided
that It has no Jurisdiction In tho mat
ter as the law provides that wlicro n
vacancy oxlsts In such cases It must
bo filled by tho voters in a special
meeting preceding tho opening of tho'
polls on tho day of election.
Clint Powell, supervisor of road dis
trict No. 20, wns authorized by tho
courb yesterday to purchaso 150
pounds of powdor nnd tho necessary
fuso nnd caps for uso in road work In
his section.
In tho matter of tho petition of W.
V. Hurst ot nl., for tho alteration of
a county road commencing nt tho b.
w. corner of tho d. I. u. of BonJ.
Wnlden In 1 8 s, r 2 w, to. u point on
tho south lino of tho N. Blirum d. 1. o.,
51 rods east of tho now corner of
David Junks' laud, John Layman,
James Gllmoro and R. II. Cain were
appointed viewers.
Danlol Rains, W. T. Foster and W.
T. Clark tiro to act as vlowora la tho
locution of n road commencing nt n
point where the O. P. railroad and
the present county road crosses tho
section line between sections 20 and
27, 1 0 s, r .1 o, thenco north along tho
most practical route nnd terminating
ut tho county road 12 or 15 rods, inoro
or less, n o of D. Ruins' a w corner In
section 11, tOs, r 3 c.
Mrs. Sophia Peterson has been nl
lowed $2.50 per month to pny houso
rent from April 1st.
Tho court reduced tho deputies as
sessor hill from $1,532 to $1,317.
County Commissioner J. F. Ander
son went to Oregon City to nttend
circuit court, whoro ho and several
other farmers of Howell prulrlo aro
suing tho Portland Flouring Mills Co.,
to recover n sum duo for nenrly 0,000
bushels of grain shipped from Switz
erland station by tho company In 1603.
Tho tltlo of tho suit Is J. F. Andorson
el nl vs. Tho Portland Flouring Mills
Albert Walter, who hus been "bach
ing" in North Salem for somo months,
was taken before County Judgo Hub
bard Thursduy nfternoou and exam
ined iih to his mental condition by
Acting Deputy District Attorney D.
C. Sherman and Dr. B. 11. Rrudshaw.
Ah it result ho wns sent to tho Insano
Circuit Judgo H. H. Hewitt ren
dered a decision yesterday in the caso
of Chas. II. Dodd fc Co., n corpora
tion, vs Al. Molsan and Poter Boeson,
to recover possession of somo hay and
rtraln, tho complaint of which was
filed ou tho 10th of Inst July, Tho
Judgo dismisses tho complaint and
taxes tho costs und disbursements to
plain ii us
cow 5 years old for a good eaddlo
pony from 6 to 7 yenrv old, Dlttweller
Highest f all ia Leaveakg Power Lateet U. S. Gov't JUpett
KoyaJ g
"Cquntryman" -Ricks Ujj
Some More 'Gossip.
Ho Attends the Farmers' Picnic
at Aumsvlllo,
I have boon lu Salem only onco tho
past week and havo kopt pretty close
nt home on tho farm. But I manage
to go to a few little schoollmuso meet
ings where tho Populists put us to
sleep nnd tho girls sing, about the
only plcnsunt part ot our politics.
There la so much cutting around this
yenr no ono knows whore thoy are at.
I hear n great deal even from men
who stop hero nt tho farm or who
como to borrow pnpors. I lenrn John
Knight, thoshorlff, is fighting John
Carson and Jap Mlnto. Knight is
quite populnr in a cigar store in town
whoro thoy play cards a good deal and
is nlso, I sco by tho papers, a crack
man at n bowling alloy. Ho gots In a
grcnt many licks on men ho don't like.
When ho wns chairman of tho Repub
lican county commlttco ho was great
on making all Us farmers vote tho
straight tickot nnd a man who didn't
do It wasn't lit to associate indecent
company, nnd if you didn't want him
to vote for n man you'd havo to keep
his name off tho Republican tickot,
as ho'd almost vote for a yellow dog if
ho was on tho tickot. I novor ljkcd
Jup Mlnto and don't know this man
Carson, but good ndvlco is good ad
vice nnd it Is tlmo our sheriff (and
somo other prominent Republicans I
will nnmo) wns taking somo of his own
medicine. Ho nnd Harvoy Scott set
nn oxumplo of Republicanism that
will bo very dangerous for us to Imi
tate. Whon tho fannors start to bolt
thoy do It by Hundreds.
While In Salem tills wook 1 met my
old friend Senator Dawson, of Linn
county. I have sat with him In tka
grange nnd regard that ho Is u sharp
politician. Ho wont In on tho Re
publican wavo last election and Is
rather pleased ho has no campaign
this year. Ho says thoy don't talk
anything but politics up in Linn
county, but don't talk about a suc
cessor to Mitchell ut all. "Wo're go
ing to elect tho tickot llrst and then
wo'H sco about making a senator
afterwards." Dawson is protty sharp.
I mot tho Republican candidate for
sheriff, Frank Wrlghtman. I used to
know him when ho loafed around
town In his shirt sleeves between
spells of work on tho farm. Ho has
always been a good boy to help his
mothor, nnd up hero in tho hills wo
rather like tho farmer boy candidate.
Ho Is not losing any sleep and Is going
to bo elected if push and perseverance
will put so young a man In the fattest
oillco lu tho county ho will get thore.
I attended tho farmers' plcnlo nt
Aumsvlllo Tuesday and was yery
much pleased with tho way Tom
Tongue handled tho dead carcass of
Democracy and the wool question.
There was too much silver on th
platform whon Barkley got onto It,
and It broko down with a hard crash,
There was nothing said about the
legislature which we'd llko to know
so much about, but wo have tho con
solation to know it might have done a
great deal worse and appropriated a
Continued on second pace

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