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Daily Capital Journal
PEIDAY, MAY 8, 1800.
For Supremo Judge,
It. S. BEAN, or Lane County.
For Presidential Electors,
T. T. GEEK, o( Mtirlon County.
B. M. YdRAN, of Lane.
E.L. SMITH, of Wasco.
J. Y. CAPLES, of Multnoiiinli.
For Congressman First Congressional
District, . , ,
TIIOS. II. TONGUE, of Washington
County. .,,,,,,
For District Attorney Third JticJlcliil
District, ,
JOHN A. CAHSON.of Marlon County.
DR. J.N. SMITH, of Sa cm,
H. L. I3ARKLEY, ofWoodburn,
E. V. CHAPMAN, of Brooks,
DAVID CRAIG, or Macleay.
County Judgo,
GUOVE P. TERRELL, of Meliama.
County Commissioner,
J.N. DAVIS, of Sllverton.
ri County Clerk,'
L. VTEIILEN, of Huttevllk'.
F. T. WIUOIITMAN, of Salcni.
F. W. WATERS, of Sulcm.
J. W. HOUAKT, of Gui fluid.
IJ B. HERRICK, oriYcw Park.
-"" r- Treasurer,
' School Superintendent,
i OEO. W. JONES, of JelTerson.
A. M. OLOUGII, of Salem.
For Justice of the Pence Snleni Dlst.,
For Constable,
The committee on lire and water
are still considering tho holering of
our lire protection. They may order
a few new gates put Into the worth
less Perkins hydrants. It Is to be
hoped that an Intelligent Improve
ment may Ihj ordered.
The city has now two llrstclass
engines. They aro Jnow kept In good
working order, manned with compe
tent men Fire Chief Hntton has
shown his ability to perform his
duties, The council should quite
fooling with thu englneeis. Thoy bad
u competent man at $00 a month.
Thoy cut him down to $50 and lost
him. They nut on a now man at $7f,
which Is not too much, though It Is
moro than likely that a competent
man could bo secured at $00.
Got down to business, gentlemen
It luii solemn fact that a tire sweep
ing over our city this summer would
glvo our city a backset wo could not
recover from In twenty years.
Andrew F. llurlclgh, a Junior olllco
lawyer In tho corporation law llrmof
Simon, Dolpli, et ul., of Portland, Is
to bo elected delegate at largo to tho
Republican national convention from
"Washington, Ho Is to bo pushed for
ward to anUnlted States senatorshlp.
n Who Is Burleigh? Ho Is receiver of
tho Northern Paclllo at $15,000 a year,
lniuloso by tho plundorlng hordo of
corporation lawyer politicians who
misrepresent tho peoplo and plunder
tho corporations In tho iiamo of gov
ernment. Hurlelgh Is a coming man, As re
ceiver of tho corporation and senator
for tho peoplo ho will In a few years
become n millionaire. This Is Amor
lean politics as now practiced. It has
Its beginning In tho rotten primaries.
It will novcr stop until tho people
havo a voice at tho primaries and u
olco In electing senators.
i r- r ;
Tile Oregon Ian editor devotes a,
column leader Thursday to a small
paragraph from The Journal. Mr
Scott's article Is well written nttd un
usually clear for him. He Is an able
writer when lie Is not embittered or
writing on one of his hobbles.
Tiik Journal cannot take space to
set him right on the money question,
as he denies the theory of bimetal
lism in toto. The Republican plat
form of 1892 declared for bimetallism
and the use of gold and silver as
standard money. He opposes this,
and henco Is not a Republican on the
money question.
lie prostitutes his abilities and. his
newspaper and as far as ho can the
Republican party to eastern views
to a money system.that Is Inadequate
to the needs of the American people,
and It Is useless to argue with him
about It.
The controversy In Lablsh precinct
shows how absolutely necessary It Is
that a proper primary law bo enacted
In this state.
The Jones faction at Brooks who
have generally been successful In car
rying the primary, were this year
knocked out and now threaten to bolt
tho whole ticket.
All this shown the need of prlmaiy
roform. The Jo. Simon law Is only
for cities over 2,500 and only for city
election". Jlul It was never drawn for
any other purpose hut to legalize ex
isting a buses,
A pioper primary law would com-
pell all parties to hold primary elec
tion on the same day and place with
olllcersat the mercy of no faction,
and where every voter In tho party
would express his choice of candidates
from the lowest to the highest. That
would stop the strife of factions
It Is the duty of nil Republicans
support all Republldm candidates
who arc fairly nominated, especially
uttiey linroiiiRdo a good record
tho public srvJconnd nro clean honor
able men In their prlvuto lives.
What tho peoplo want Is good men,
good government, and good adminis
tration, of public affairs. If what U
reported in true, some men who havo
been honored with the most lucrative
positions In Uils county, and whoso
Pinduat while In public onlce is not
above reproach, or at least criticism,
aro lighting good men on the ticket
Such men aro not worthy to bo called
f '
Children Cry for
ItclW. Castorla.
Late Lecturer of the National Orange-
Dates and Appointments,
Following arc tho appointments of
Hon. Mortimer Whitehead In Oregen:
Alblna, May 8th, evening.
GrcHliuin, May 0th, 1 p. in.
New Era, May Alth, 1 p. in.
Woodburn, May 12th, 7:30 p. m.
Turner, May 13th, 1 p. in.
Halscy May 14th, 1 p. in.
Harrlsburg, May 15th, 1 p. m.
Cottage Grove, May 10th.
Ashland, Muy 18th, 10th and 20th.
Grants Pass, May 21st.
Roseburg, May 22d.
Oakland, Oregon, May 23d.
Drain May 24th.
Eugene, May 25th.
Portland, May 20th. 1 p. m.
Pendleton, May 27th and 28th.
La Grande, May 20th and 30th.
The County Canvass
Following nro tho annolutmcnts for
speaking as decided upon by tho
county Republican candidates:
Saturday, May 10th Turner, 10 a.
m.: Marlon, 2 p. in.; JelTerson, 8. p. m.
Monday, May 18th Aumsvllle, 10 a.
in.; Sublimity, 2 p. m.; Stayton,
8 p. m,
Tuesday, May lOtli Detroit, 8 p. in.
Wednesday, May 20th Mill City 10
a. m.; Mchama, 8 p, m,
Thursday, May 21st-Macleav. 2 i.
m.; Sllverton, 8 p. m.
Friday, May 22d-Scott'8 Mills, 8. p.
Saturday, May 23d-Woodburn, 8 p.
Monday, May 23th Mt. Angel, 2
p. in. Gcrvals, 8 p. in.
Tuesday, May 2flth-Hubbard, 2 p.
m.; Aurora, 8 p. m.
Wednesday. May 27th-St. Puni in
a. in.; Chainpoeg, 2 p. m.; Buttovlllo,
o p. m.
Thursday, Muy 28th-Hrooks, 10 a.
in.; Howell Prairlo, 2 p. ni.
Friday, May 20th-Eust Sulcm, 2 p.
in.; Salem, 8 p. in. tf
Friday, May 8-Halsey at 2 p. m.
Saturday, May 0-JunctIon at 2 and
Eugene at 8 p. m.
Monday, Muy 11-Cottngo Grove at
8 p. in.
Tuesday, Muy 12-Drnht at 1 o'clock
ami Ouklund at 8 p. m.
Wednesday, Muy 13-Roseburg nt
8 p. in.
Thursday, May 1 l-Grnnt's Puss ut
8 p, m,
Friday, May 15-Centml ini.
2 p. m.
Saturday, May Ifl-Meilffiwl. n ...
and Ashland at 8 p. m.
Monday, May 18-Klamath Falls.
Thursday and Friday, May 21 and
23-Coos und Curry counties.
Monday, May 23-Lincoln county.
Toledo in tho afternoon and Newport
at night If possible to so arraugo It
Tuesday, May 2t)-Corvalll9.
Wednesday, May 27-Sherldan.
Thursday and Friday, Muy 28 and
v Tillamook county.
On tho evening of Saturday, May
30, (Memorial duy) Mr. Ttuigue win
deliver an address at HlUsboro. ' '"
STATE, $gwa,
A supply of Columbia river salmon
spawn has been sent to Japan, by or
der of that government.
The evangelist Crlttcntan is at
Pendleton drawing lurge nudlcnccs
und making ninny converts.
A summer normal will be taught at
Philomath college, beginning Juno
23, nnd lasting eight weeks,
Between 15,000 and 18,000 mutton
sheep will bo started on tho trail for
eastern points. They will be driven
from Union to Nebraska.
The Southern Pacific Railroad com
pany Is now paying taxes on roadbed,
rolling stock and lands In Lane county
amounting to about $12,000.
Messrs. Shear and Davit, of Tho
Dalles, left for Hay Creek, whore
they hnve bought 12,000 head of mut
ton sheep for shipment cast. They
will be driven to Huntington.
At Prlncvlllo the city fathers aro
not very stylish as to furniture. The
only articles in the room were two
benches, one table, two pine boxes
and a goods box with shelves in it,
used for a secretary, and a good stove.
E. Parr, of the llrmof Parr& Prollt,
that has the contract for carrying the
mall on the rc-cstubllslicd route from
Ashland to Klnmath Fulls, seven
times a week, expects -to make ar
rangements for a permanent service
at once.
The joint meetings in Lane county
were begun at Coburg Tuesday, when
speeches were made by Senatorial
Candidates I. D. Driver and H. (.'.
linker, Representative Candidates
Thomas Vaugh, Henry Mathews nnd
Errlck Johnson walked oif ono f
the walls at the lower end of the gov
ernment works ut tho Cascades, fell
Into the canal and drowned. He hud
started out In the dark to go to his
bout at the lower end of the canal for
the purpose of ciosslng the river, and
by some misstep fell on" a wall that
was 20 feet high, fulling Into 30 feet
of water.
Three drunken Indians on the
agency road, held up Mr. Thompson,
a prize lighter. This so enraged
Thompson that ho immediately "let
out" and, us the report was given, In
less time than It takes a Jackass to
Hop his curs, hud the three stretched
upon tho ground with blood strcrm
lng from their faces.
Mr. Glenn, u mechanic ut tho Uma
tilla agency has n strange family In a
corner of his woodshed. A few nights
ago ho captured a raccoon, with four
young ones, but tho mother escaped,
leaving tho babies behind. They were
Immediately adopted by a fcuinlo cut
thut hud been bereft of her own
progeny. The little fellows take
kindly to their foster mother, and
she, on her part, unpen rs to treat
them witli the greatest affection.
1 '"SOME
Continued from first page. J
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Notice to Taxpayers,
Tho tax rolls of Marlon county,
Oregon, for tho year 1803, will bo
closed on the 30th 'day of May isfi
AfefiS ?ot lJaltl y W date will bo
MayTlS CSt8 ndded' Dat
Sheriff and tax colfilS S'SSin
county, Oregon. 6-1 4d iw
Children Cry foi
NJohar'a Castorla.
groat deal moro money than it did.
And perhaps we are better off than
we have any right to expect.
I was sorry for Mr. Moorcs. Just
us he was coming to what my boy
who goes to college the "frce-orntlon"
tho whole thing tumbled to the
ground and Moores crawled out from
under tho tent like a boy that had
been cnught stealing into a circus. I
heard that The Journal man killed
a muld nt Macleay when he was show
ing up Pennoyer's record two years
ago. Btit Moorcs brought down the
house that time sure. Ono farmer
salt! It would have been, more Inter
esting to give us the insido history of
the legislature instead of tho history
or tho Republican party. But I've
known Charley ever sinco lie was a
boy and he was always modest about
ills own affairs. Preacher Belknap or
Turner, who was at the county con
vcntlon, and wanted on the legislnture
ticket, .was ut this camp-meeting
where I attended. When he was at
our county convention ho was for
Mjtchell and silver. Nowhe's light
ing the Mitchell candidates on the
ticket llko sixty.
Ho was elected from Benton county
sonio. years ago. My son lives up
there and writes mo that he was not
a preacher there but traded off the
whole ticket to get on himself und
thou conducted the prison Investiga
tion to which Pennoyer now refers.
1 llko old man Pcunovcr. He made
the Iwst governor we ever had except
the present one, wc don't know much
about yet . But now Mr. Belknap has
got religion I supposo ho is more hon
est in his politics than to expend
$1,700 on an Investigation that
didn't Investigate R. R. Ryan, the
Populist candidate for recorder,
showed n friend of iulno n paper they
nro asking all tho candidates to sign.
I nsked Preacher Belknap about It.
Ho said no man could be elected who
didn't sign It, but he wouldn't tell me
what It was. Ilesald the only trouble
was that so many were signing up
that nobody knew who was sincere
and who wasn't and I'd vote for no
man who'd sign nwny his political
freedom 011 any subject under tho
sun. We wanted free and Independ
ent men to represent us und 1 told
him so and he sneaked off nnd said no
more. He nlnt very hroud In the
beam no way. Ho's a good singer
and exhortcr and all that but he never
could bo elected again to anything up
where ho lived my boy tells inc. It
has rained so much this spring und
weather Is so cold and backward wc
aro all feeling blue. There Is no
chunco to do farm work. Tho roads
arc too bad to go to town at any dis
tance. We Just attend school house
meetings and kick about tho legisla
ture and hurrah for McKlnley.
My remarks about tho legislature cun
dldntes in Polk county caused a great
roar nnd I got a letter from one man
to let up or I'd beat the whole ticket.
I know Hatch nnd the clerk Mulkey
pretty well. Thoy're pretty sharp
and will mnko nil there is in it out of
tho legislature which is pretty much
what thoy nil do when thoy get there
and I about despair. Bnt Hatch and
Mulkey is botli still hogs, the kind as
gets tho swill. Mulkey Is county
clerk and knows oyory man in tho
county personally and will be elected,
no doubt. But them kind docs us
farmers no good because they uso nil
they learn about public laws and
administrations for tliolr own benefit
when they protend to go to represent
us. IfJackD'Arcy would tell what
ho knows about tho Salem school
land ring a whole lot of good facts
would come out and a whole lot of
us would voto for him. That was a
pretty sharp letter of Harry Lane's
about Pennoyer and tho school land
ring. Jack D'Arcy was at the Auras
..in.. .1
iuu muuuiig unit camo pretty near
being called out to speak but Ed Judd
was too sharp for them. He's a mas
ter hand at that and no man can talk
ut u meeting ho's presiding oyer un
less ho wants to lot 'cm. I'm going
tostho Aumsvllle picnic next Tues
day to hear General Weaver. I don't
agree with his money views but I like
to hear him talk. lie's one man nar
vey Scott is afraid of. If Wnvr w,.a
a tar ff man, I would't bo afraid of
his silver views, because as Tom Ton
guo counts silver ns n part of our
hard money wo'ro not ufniid of silver
if that's true.
,Ht MtiinMiMiHHtiMttnutmmtm imiimu
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Office: Willamette Hotel Building
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payable monthly in advance. Make a
complaints nt the office.
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on account of temporary absence from the
city unless notico is left at the office.
Hereafter water for Irrigation will only b
furnished to regular consumers using water
for domestic purpose. Contractors for side.
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TJ "VuhUH'
of Hi r. inn-,'
lm.n x.r i
LI nran. l-mi, i
pi r.rrr.r r
l&0 Kftjll.
tr-suu to
enti of tdukat
It la easy to find tin word vuW.
i tha
Tbrrt U no doubt that thi hnym tttanl
United huim u ntuup uonw
hi rainy oompeUlon Dul B U punq trm
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teemi to b MniUj'wtMtMd li (OB M
I (peauas coanuiCT.-D. u. n
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6prlnBeld, not., v.iu.
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clothes in less than six months. Sent C, O.
D. by express, prepaid, for $3.50, jn tin; S
in copper. For particulars, address
T. B, BROWN, -150
State street. Salem, Oregon, ,
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