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Vol.. 8.
SAL KM, Ott ?GOlT, MOAY 2.LAY 18, I89K.
JtfO. Ill
New York Racket
Has a fine
If for men, boys' and youths'. Hats of fur and straw, of all kinds
and sizes, "Star 5 Star" shoes at
fiery and underwear of all grades.
kinds, Tabic linen, crash and
'shirts, and almost anything needed, All at very low prices.
iCall and save money,
Between the Parties in
Marion County,
Speeches of the Republicans
and Democrats.
lave a Spirited Set-To-D'Arcy
Is Attacking.
LTho rain poured down all day. Tho
ouds lowered. Tho wind blew. The
iml was deep. The air was cold and
ut. That was the duy the campaign
fectied at Turner, Saturday. The
spubllcans assembled early and
ere soon followed up by the Denio-
fats. A Jouunal reporter started
It In u dogcart, with Elliott Savage
LablshJ but the speedy mare over
rocky road soon reduced one wheel
splinters. Frank Durbln, Denio-
itlc nominee for sheriff picked up
Be reporter, and his animal proved
Hially speedy. If ho runs In the
tction like his Pllot-Lcmont, he
111 show the rest of the boys that
ey have at least been to a horse-
Che Gunning house and stables were
iwded with politicians and their
, All the Republican legislative
county candidates were on the
und, as were most of the Demo-
Its. And the rain poured down.
Che Turner band, for eight players,
make more music than -any eight
i ever heard In this county. The
county chairmen Davis, (Rep.)
idershott, (Dem.) had front scats
by side. The local chairman
led to order, and Elder Barkley
ed that the county committee
I engaged this hall and they would
tho time as allotted to them,
en minutes each. If any other
ingoracnta were to be made for the
jocratlc speakers he was willing It
iild bo done kindly and fairly. The
Irmen conferred and hobnobbed,
k pretty quick Jack D'Arcy was
in over and Introduced to the Re-
llcan champion. The two chara-
is sized each other up, and there
I a quiet preliminary sparring
chin the corner, while the audi-
waited. D'Arcy and Barkley
i appeared in prime condition for
ind. It was now 1030, twenty
stock of
greatly reduced prices. Hos
Notions and gloves of all
towels. White and colored
minutes after time for the first blow.
Barkloy, Craig, Smith. Mitchell and
Chapman, tho Republican sluggers,
make a good-looking team, and thoro Is
a good deal of betting as to winch
horse will lead in the race Juno 1st.
By this time the house was well filled
up. It was finally announced that
the arrangement was completed.
lion. II. L. Barkley announced that
an arrangement had been maCo by
which only tho candidates wcro to ap
pear in this canvass. It was to be a
Joint canvass. There was to be no
bushwhacking or private campaign
ing. Evory candidate was to open
his mouth and say his say. The can
didate who did not speak was to have
his best man speak for him after the
rest were all through.
E. W. Chapman, Republican candi
date for representative, said he hud
been a Republican all his life. He
was not eloquent ho said, nor along
speaker. He Intended to tell the
truth and would not defame his op
ponents nor engago In mud slinging.
He would make no appeal for Chap
man, but asked support for every man
on the ticket. Ho stood on the Re
publican platform nnd did not under
stand that It was for the single stand
ard on the money question. He did
not consider finance the paramount
Issue. We on the Pacific coast must
get on a broad basis of protecting all
our interests. He had been a citizen
of Colorado up to eighteen years ago
when he left that state. Ho believed
protection to American labor was
necessary to tho welfare of labor all
over tho United States. Coming
closer home he spoko of tho depres
sion and hard times to pay taxes.
Ho was not a large taxpayer, ho was
not a rich man, he was simply an
American. If elected he would op
pose extravagant legislation nnd
would favor all appropriations down
us low as possible, and put all ofllccs
on a salary and do away with tho fee
systom. lie would favor more undo
ing and less doing in the legislature.
As far as" schools were concerned he
favored supporting public schools, but
not for private schools and corpora
tions. The appropriations of two
years ago would not have altractol
attention In ordinarily good times.
Something must be done to put Idle
men to work and relieve tho harden
of taxes. It took money to buy labor.
He believed the Republican party
was alone able to bringabout prosper
ity. No man living could remember
when we had any good times that
were not brought about by the Re
publicans. He wore the O. A. R.
button, not In pride but because It
wan an honorable badge of having
done his duty.
As a Republican he was proud of
bis party, proud of tho ticket. Tho
signs of the times made It necessary
Ccsrtiaued oa tecoad pag.
Supremo Court Says they
Cannot Ride With Whites,
Only Passenger Trains can Run on
thhe Seventh Day.
"Washington, May 18. Tho su
premo court today decided what Is
knowu as tho "Jim Crow" car case,
ur.Ulcssy Ferguson, that the statute
of lLoulslana, referring to railroad
companies to supply separate coaches
forwhlto and colored persons Is con
stitutional by afllrmlng the decision
of the court below. Justice Brown
delivered tuc opinion. Justice Har
lan dissented.
Washington, May, 18. Justice
Hurlen -today delivered an opinion of
the supremo court In tho ca6c of Ilun-
nlugton vs. tho state of Georgia, In
volving tho constitutionality of the
law prohibiting tho running of frolght
cars In Georgia on Sunday. The
opinion held the law valid.
Musical Festival.
Cincinnati, May 18. Tho musical
festival In tills city will bo given un
der tho directions of Thcodoro Thomas
this week. The solo singers will bo
Lillian Nordlca, Kathcrlne Klafsky,
Mario Brcmn, Mcdora Hcnson, Mrs.
Corlnne Moore Lawson, Ben Davlce,
Ffrangon Davles, R. Wntkln Mills,
II. Tlunket Green nnd George W.
Hnmlln. The choral work will bo
Handel'8"Judas Maccabaous," Tlhcl's
"St. Franclscus," Salnt-Sacn's'
"Sampson and Delilah," Goring
Thomas' "Tho Swan and tho Sky
Lurk," and Beethoven's ulnth
A Cashier Thief.
Si'rInofield, III., May 18. The
men who robbed the Stato bunk, of
Bufralo, this county, have been cap
tured, and havemado a full confession
They aro Carl Kloppenburg, the cash
ier of tho bank, and Joseph Kloppcu
burg, drug clerk of this city. Carl
Kloppcnburg today confessed to Slier
lfl Baxter the cntlro story. The stolen
money was recovered.
Voothees to Retire
LaPoktk, Ind. It Is stated that
Senator Voorhees will retire at the
end of his present term on account of
ill health.
The Ideal Panacea.
James L. Francis, Alderman, Chi
cago, sayB: "I regard Dr. King's Now
Discovery as an Ideal Panacea for
Coughs, Colds and Lung Complaints,
having used It In my family for tho
last live years, to tho exclusion of phy
sicians' prcscridtlonsorothcr prepara
tions." Rev. Joha Burgus, Keokuk. Iowa,
writes: "I have been a Minister of
tho Methodist Episcopal Church for
fifty years or more, and have never
found anything so beneficial, or that
gave mo such speedy relief as Dr.
King's Now Discovery." Try this
Ideal Cough Remedy now. Trial Bot
tles free Fred A. Legg's Drug Store.
Bucklen'a Arnica Salve
The best Salve in the world for Cuti,
Sores, Boies, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever
and all Tetter. Chapped hands, Chilblain,
Bruises, Skin Eruptions, and positively cures
Piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to
Live per fee satisfaction or money refunded.
Price 2$ cents a box For sale by Fred A.
Blllard Match.
Chicaoo, May 18 The Internation
al blllard tournament between Ives,
Schaefer and Garnler, to take place
In Central Music Hall this week, will
be specially liirerretlng as It will bo
played on tho new table patented by
Ives and Daly, which they backed by
a big company, are preparing to put on
the market against the Brunswick
Balkc Callender trust. The purse iti
this week's tournament will be $2,000,
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Caitor.au
,, .,
Sales, May 10, 181X5.
Dkau Maitser Edetek: Gin ye
glo' uicylrenra bit -While I'll tell'e
'Am an nuld fcckle. wumman but
am sao Interest' lf the ootcomo o'
this clactlon 'n cannakeep still ony
lunger. Ma brlthers son tclt' me that
the Democrats worcimakln' u gey
fecht tnc hnu'd their hln but when
a remember a necdnu- hue ben site
dlsturblt alfter n tas that -dlsna
mucklo these few years sync.
I wasnu' lntcndln' (o bo personal
but ahcy mn nln opecnlon o'sonic
o'they Democrats. Ma 'gude mon aye
tells mo a sudna tak' sao muckle In
terest In' sic multtcrs, Its no becom
mlu' tao u wumman. 'Am nut uno
o'they now bodies wha are always
hurpin'on wummnnsrlohtsnn wrangs,
but a duo think n wife hum hue u lit
tle say as tuc hoo her glide mon gles
Tho taixes aro o'er lillrgo tho noo
an no mucklo money tue tho 'fore.
The bcastles sell for nulst nacthlng
an grain Is sao little ' rcc ntie can
scalrcc lino clacs tue pit ton. Gin tho
times aro ony waur, pu k bodies 'ull
ha'e tae glc' an cxcecsc Bfor haudln'
tho bit bralth o' life, wfthoot pnvln n
tax on It. j
Aforo lalst clactlon jve henrd ayo
tho sumo story frae a' the candidate,1
what they ca'ed 'rctramjhuicrit, but If
'a can Judgo f rao tho pn(iscnt stato e
affairs, there Is danger b' huc'ln tao
mucklo o' a gude thlngjj betimes. 'A
heard my nuld man an' unit her cot
sayln', 'a clmiigo o' government wad
duo mucklo tno wooln' b$ck the gum1
nuld times' an' 'am thltjkln' thoy'ro
rlcht. j
Ano o' tljpy Democrats wha Is rln
nln for Donstrlc' Attorney or somo sic
bit nlllo thratens tao oot due that
pulr El refill body, hut 'am thlnklu'
ma' cen 'nil bo, gey salrlookln foryou.
Tho putr bit lad necdna' feel tao him
scl', wo hue two braw laddies, an ma
nuld mon forbye n when o'frcends
who cum fra the uuld country tae, an'
they'll 6cc him stlckct for votes.
Noo mulster Editor money thanks
for ylr patience, nn gin yo como by
oor way Julst spier for
Floha McDouoal.
Eugcno otters 9350 in cash prizes to
tho winning teams In tho hoso races
at Its tournament on July 3 nnd 1.
Twenty threo young lady appli
cants for cert I ilea tcs to teach In Ben
ton county were granted ut tho last
Tho output of tho Albany creamery
Is about COO pounds a day.
A Pendleton matt took the prlzo at
tho Scnttlo dog show, for tho largest
nnd the smallest dogs.
Tho Suniptcr Valley railroad Is put
ting up a new depot building ut
Bukcr City.
A five root vein of coal hus been
struck at The Dalles at tho deupth of
45 feet.
Tho Eugene creamery started on
tho 18th.
Dr. J. V. Woodlc, of Eugcno, Is In
Corvallls to start a Gold Cure Insti
tute and will miiko a speciality of
curing Kceley cure relapses.
Tho Polk county legislative candi
dates on tho Republican ticket wcro
assessed $125 apiece.
The Scandinavian cannery of As
toria has offered the raise of half a
cent making It 4) cents for raw fish.
Tho fishermen want 6.
Miss Vooden, of Clatsop county,
candidate for superintendent has
withdrawn and Professor Lyman put
on the ticket In her stead.
An Athletic club hus been formed
at Brownsville.
Dr. Dugas has presented n fine spec,
men of gray eagle to thcSolldlcrs
Home at Roseburg.
The contract has been let to build a
new bridge across the Big Elk river
at Elk City.
Condon has experienced a potato
f am I ne the past week.
tfnnur Thv future.
r.r.'. "t'. .:..i- ;,... t...,
uy consulting latuuult uau uuu
pendent slate writing Medium who
will glvo you proof of spirit return.
HnuGtiriAa ,rlvn frrint vnur IftVPfl nn,tt
In the spirit world written on u slate i
you clean and hold In your own hand, .
Sittings 11.00. Hours to il dully.
Parlors 15 and 16 Eldrldge block.
A Terrible Storm Swept
Through the State,
Lives Were Lost and Many Persons
Soriously Injured,
Sknkca.Kuii., May 17. A devastat
ing tornado passed through this city
from tho southwest to the northwest
Sunday evening at 0 o'clock. Every-,
thing In Us path was completely
wrecked. The country rcportB great
damage to property and probablo loss
of life. In this city four wore killed
and , number Injured. Tho killed
arc a boy and a girl of M. R. Council,
a boy of Jtf, 15. Voorhees, nnd the 1G
year oldoy of Poter Assenntnohors
Tho genonsly Injured are: M. F.
Voorhee-rfJohn Belshaw mid Alonzo
II. Hnwlcy. Tho latter will not re
cover. There were many miraculous
'escapes from Instant death.
The Ntrccts are Impassable, blocks
with debris of buildings nnd fallen
trees. Tho opera house is completely
demolished. Tho roof and tho west
sldo of tho $30,000 court houso was
blown down, and tho roof of tho high
school 1h gone. The stcoplcs of the
Methodist nnd Unlvorsallst and Cath
olic churches wcro scattered to the
four winds. Twonty.flvo residences
wore razed to tho ground, nnd build
ings Innumerable unroofed.
Threo children of James Shcrriird
wcro also killed. The west half of the
Village of Bnyleyvlllo was swept away,
but none wcro killed there. Tho
damugo In this city Is over 9200,000.
Concokdia, Kan., May 18.-Anothor
cyclone visited north central Kansas
Sunday afternoon. It Is Impossible to
gather details, because telegraph
wires are down.
The hamlet of Bodavlllo, In Riley
county, was entirely swept nway,
Sovontl are reported killed there aro
many Injured.
At Spring Valley, tho storm de
molished n church In which 1C0
people wcro worshiping. Many were
injured. Tho pastor, Rev. Mason,
sulfercd a broken leg. Surgical aid
was asked from Dames and neighbor
ing towns.
The storm formed about r o.clock,
almost In tho track of tho ouo that
Ylsltcd this section three weeks ago.
Tho cyclono was followed by a heavy
hull and rain storm, andgrcatdamago
was done to crops.
Fhankfokt, Kan., May 18. At 5
o'clock Sunday ovculsg, n terrific
cyclono swept down upon tho town of
Frankfort. Everything In tho north
nnd west ends of tho town was com
pletely wrecked. Probably threescore
of buildings wcro razed to tho ground.
Somo of tho hcHt residences of tho
town were blown to atoms. Many
are reported painfully Injured, but ho
far as known, no one has been killed.
Many horses, cattle and other stock
have been killed,
Tho Methodist and Christian
Churches wero demolished and the
Presbyterian church was budly
wrecked, Scores of people were loft
homeless, and aro being cured for In
public halls, and in the houses of
more fortunate citizens.
Tho small number of casualties Is
accounted for by the fuct that nearly
all the people fled to cellars and
cyclono caves,
Rejiortii from Vllets and Seneca say
the cyclone was severe ut these points.
Tho latest estimates are thnt fully 100
buildings have been destroyed in tho
town and surrounded country.
Sadbtiia, Kan., May 18. A cyclone
front tho southwest struck Sabctha ut
7:30 o'clock and toro an ugly gup
through the business and residence
portions of tho town. A score of build
ings wcro destroyed, and several per
sons badly Injured, two of whom will
die. Tho Rock Island depot wan
razed, together with a dozen resi
dences In Its vicinity. Flvo persons,
who wero in tho depot at tho tlmo,
escaped wlthoutserlous lnjury.though
Mr. Austin, tho telegraph operator,
was carried several blocks by tho forco
of tho wind. On inn In street, the
front of nearly ovory store was blown
Benton, Ky., May 18 A terrible
cyclono passed ovor tho northwestern
corner of this county Sunday morn
ing, dolngdamago to everything In Its
path. At Elvu II. Iwro down on the
houso of Aiuleixm Jones and kilted
tho cntlro family, consisting of Jones,
his wife, two sons nnd two girls.
Coni ns wcro sent to Elvn today mid
the Jones family wero burled In tho
same grave.
The tornado camo out of Graves
county, via Symphonhi, where two
stores wero demolished, two churches
nnd ono school houso thrown down,
besides bums, stables and fences, and
ruin left In Its path.
at falls city.
ToiKKA, Kan., May 18. A funnel
shuped cyclone, after striking -tho
north part of the town of Snbothn,
passed oft toward FullH City and evi
dently did great damage.
Hiawatha, Kan., May 18 Two
couriers who have Just arrived from
Resorvo, a vlllugo In tho northoostern
part of Brown county, report thnt
everything In tho vlllugo or Resorvo
wuh demolished by tho cyclono. Thoy
report thnt many people wero Injured
ut Reserve, 10 or 12 seriously.
Kansas City, May 18. The news
otthulo&s of life and destruction of
property In yesterdays cyclono Is slow
coming In owing to tho crippled con
dition of tho telegraph wires. Fully
half a dozen towns wore struck by tho
twister nnd It is known thnt tho (lend
number seven and tho injured number
fully thirty and ninny whom wcro
Injured fatally. ThoRcserva.a vlllugo
on tho Missouri Pacific, In Brown
county, scorns to huvo felt tho brunt
of tho storm. Dnt flvo houses wcro
loft standing there.
Kansas City, May 18 Thoso
killed at Resorvo aro I). W. Terhuno
aged 00; Ralph Swecnoy aged 0; Viola
Phillips I; Mrs. John Kyndor. In
jured, John Rynder fatally, William
Melllsou, Mrs. B. W. Terhuno and
daughter, Shormnii Phillips, Jerry
Young mid wife, George Kennedy,
Ed. Phillips, Hurry Thompson and
wife, Frank Jones, Mrs Sweeney mid
three children, Rov. Mr. Parker wlfo
and daughlor, and William Margrayc.
Tho cyclone crossed tho central
brunch of tho Missouri mid
Pacific ut Bluo River, two
miles eust or Irving and followed tho
railroad mid river to Frankfort, then
north to.Balleyvlllo, Seuccn, Subathu
nnd Resorva, entering Nob. ut Falls
City. At Fulls City It overturned
twonty freight cars nnd demolished
the B. &M. frolghtdcpotiitiddumugcd
twonty six houses.
Mr. and Mrs. ,11 In ton are reported
hurt. AtKubethn, Kansas, 25 houses
were dostioyed mid twlco us many
wrecked. The ludeiitltlcd dead In tho
vicinity of Subctliu, urc: Mrs. Jacob
Melsnor, Hnttlo Hiiliony, Ellon Curey,
Khcrrerd mid Con well children (ntiin
bor not given), Mrs. Dan Hullor, Mrs.
Scougg, Mr, Ikecliy mid un unknown
woman. Injured: W. M. Curry, Geo,
Curry, Win. Muclimcr, S. P. Iluy,
Artie Hay, Mrs. Carey mid sthatwo
Caroy chlldron, Mrs. Dick Murphy Is
not expected to live. Forty Sabctha
families tiro homeless. Six uro re
ported killed near Oneida.
Highest of all (a Leavening Power.
Jonathan Bourne Jr.,
Brands It.
That Hoii. H. L. Barkloy Received
a Bribe.
Poutland, May 18.
Eimtok Jeuhnal: Tho report cir
culated by the enemies or Hon. II. L,
Burkloy In your county, that I gave
him n check during tho eighteenth
biennial pcsslonortho legislature, Is
un Infamous lie. Kindly publish
this over my signature.
Jonathan Boukne, Jr.
Mr. Bourne of Portland was at Sa-
lam during the session of tho last
legislature and was one or tho lenders
In tho Anti-Dolph tight. It U well
known that the Autl-Dolph fight was
conducted ns n matter or principle
and that "the thirty" hud neither
campaign fund nor candidate.
Appolntmei ts,
Washinciton, May 18. Tho presi
dent today Bout tho Donate tho fol
lowing nominatien: Konnoth M.
Jackson, commissioner for tho dis
trict of Alnskn, to rcsldo nt Wrangle.
A postolllcc has been established at
Handy,!;Mnri()ii county, Or., Special
from Woodburn,wlth Samuol Bwcaney
ns postmaster.
Tho following Oregon star service
schedule has been ordered adepted:
Axtoll to Waldport-Leavo Axtell
Tuesday and Frldaynt 0:38 H.w.rrlve
Waldport by 12 in. Lcavo Walport
Tuesday and Friday at 1 p. in.; ar
riyo Axtell by 0:30 p. m. To take
offect May 10, 1890,
CJcrman Catholics.
Pnrsnuwi, May 18. Tho third an
mini convention of tho Gorman
Roman Catholic Benevolont Societies
In Pennsylvania will be held here
three days, beginning today. Tomor
row tho sermon will bo delivered by
the Rov, J. Muns, or Allentowu. Iu
tho evening hii open mass meeting
will tako pluco In Carnegie Muslo
Hull. Flvo thousand visitors aro ex
pected to be present. Thoro will bo a
great torchlight procession this even
ing. Catholic Abstainer.
Poutland, Mo,, May 18, Tho state
convention of tho Catholic Total Ab
Btnlncnco Societies will meet hi this
City today. Many delegates will bo
present, representing ilungor.Augu.sta,
Lowlston, Wcstbrook, South Berwick
and Portland. It is ono of tho
peculiarities of tho State where pro
hibition laws and sentiment aro said
to be triumphant that tho tempcrunca
bodies aro among tho busiest organ
IzatloiiB In thobtate.
Pihbustof Case,
WAHmNaTON,Muyl8Iii the United
States Supremo Court today the caso
of J. P. S. Wllborg und others, under
conviction of participating In tho
Horsa filibustering expedition to Cuba
will have a hearing. Tho Spanish em
Embassy will liuve a representative
Live Stock Market.
Chicago, May 18. Hogs light,
3.30(gt3:30; heavy, W:102tt:t1i
catllo beeves, &1:I5I4:80; cowa and
heifers, MifiOQWrtS; sheop active, 10
to 15 cents higher.
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