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MONDAY, MAY 18, 1890.
For Supremo Judge,
II S. BEAN, of Lnno County.
For Presidential Electors,
T. T. GEEH, of Marlon County.
S. M. Y(3ltAN, of Lane.
.1. V. CAPLES, of MuHnonial .
For Congressman First Congressional
District, , , , .
THOS. II. TONGUE, of Washington
County. , , , ,
For District Attorney Third Judicial
District. , n
J OI1N A.CAKSON.of Marlon County.
DR. J. N SMITH, of Sn biii,
II. L. HAKKLKY, of JVootlburn,
E. V. OIIAl'MAN.of Brooks,
DAVID CRAItl, of Macleay.
County Judge,
GROVE r. TERRELL, of Mcliama.
County Commissioner,
j.JN. DAVIS, of Sllvcrton.
.finntA' Plnrk.
L. V. EIILEN, of Buttevllle.
F. T. WR10HTMAN, of Salem
F. AV. WATERS, of-Salcii.:
J. W. HOBART, of Garilcld.
Bj B. IIERRICK,:oftYev Park.
School Superintendent,!
GEO. W. JONES, or Jefferson.
A. M. CLOUGH, of Salem.
For Justice of the Tence Salem Dlst.,
For Constable,
Following nro the appointments for
Bpcaklntr as decldort upmi by the
county Republican candidates:
Saturday, May 10th Turner, 10 a.
in.: Marlon. 2 p. in.; Jefferson, 8. p. in.
Monday, May 18th Aumsvlllo, 10 it.
in.; Sublimity, 2 p. in.; Stnyton,
8 p. in.
Tucbday. May 10th Dotrolt,8 p. in.
Wednesday, May 20t1i Mill City 10
a. in.; Mcliama, 8 p. m.
Thursday, May aist Macleay, 2 p.
in.: Sllvcrton, 8 p. in.
Friday, Muy 22d-Scott' Mills, 8-p .
Saturday, May 23d -Woodburn, 8 p.
Monday, May 25th-Mt. Angel, 2
p. in. Gervals, 8 p. m.
Tuesday, Muy Mth-Hnbbard, 2 p.
tn A nrnrn Q t in
lilt HUIVMtl U 1'
Wednesday, May 27th St. Paul 10
II H Ulllllllvm . p ."., ....vv , ...,
a p. in.
Thursday, May 28th Brooks, 10 a.
.in.: Howell Prairie, 2 p. in.
Friday, May 20th-East Salem, 2 p.
in.; Salem, 8 p. in.
Thursday, May 14 Grant's Pass at
8 p. ill.
Friday, May 15 Central Point at
a p. m.
Saturday, May ltl Mcdford, 2 p. m
and Ashland at 8 p. m.
Monday. May 18 Klamath Falls.
Thursday and Friday, May 21 mid
22 Coos and Curry counties.
Monday. May 25 Lincoln county.
Toledo In tlio afternoon and Newport
lid uigUL it pog8iuio to ho arrango n
Tuesday. May 20-Corvallls.
Wednesday. May 27 Sheridan.
Thursday anil Friday, May 28 and
20 Tillamook county.
un ino evening oi Saturday, Ma
'M, (Memorial day) Mr. Tongue will
deliver nn aunress at musuoro.
Barkloy Is nub one of the pots of tlio
old Portland ring. The Statesman
Bays of D'Arcy's performance at
Among tho latter was W. J. D'Aroy
and ho spcaklnir on tho record of Mm
Inst legislature aroused tho Iro of ouo
of tho gentlemen who was a member
oi tiint body, Hon. H. L. Barkloy.
Tho Orcgonlan says:
Tho canvass promises to bo charac
terized by bitter personalities. Bark
ley's opposora declnro ho was given a
check by Jonathan Bourne nt tbn lust
session of tho legislature, and It was
casncti soon tnereaftcr In Woodburn
They claim to have proof, mid aro en
dcavorlng to mako capital of It.
Hwlll bo seen that by this In
mtoiulo, In tho absence of direct
charges, thoy liow to blacken Barkley
in tho eyes of the people. It Is a
most unfair and unmanly proceeding.
Tho pcoplo will resent It.
Ono thing Is certain, If ho Is elected
ho will owe nothing to tho Statesman
or Orcgonlau crowd.
For Treaburer Jup Mlnto should be
elected. Ho has niado the best treas
urer Marlon county has over had, ap
plying tho funds honwtly and limned
lately to cancellation of warrants, if
tho people defeat such a mail they
give tt rebuke to running u treasury
In that Independent style, Mr. Mlnto
h saved twh$ his salary by calling
in warrants and Btopplng Interest
VfUlclUimjewliard times U not i
mn tcm,tq it,0 taxpayer.
. -.- Hm ntJrrtlin
AsIIon. II. L. Barkley's record Is
made the target of abme by tho old
Salem and Portland ring politicians,
wc publish some of his votes belew:
Barkley voted steadily for the abo
lition of the railroad commission.
Barkley voted to cut down tlioap
roprlntlon.ln Moore's horticultural
nnmlsslon bill from $12,000 to $7000.
Paxton'sblll to give two Portland
banks a monoply of handling all pub
lic moneys of Oregon got 30 votes and
failed to pass. Barkley voted against
Barkley voted to rejcnl the Jute
mill appropriation of $175,000. He
proposed uo such measures himself
and voted to repeal all that came
before tho house.
Barkley not $120 salary and $5.10
mileage one trip Woodburn to Salem
M.i.1 iMink. serving on no visiting or
Junketing committees. IIu proposed
no Investigating committees or visit
ing committees and served on none
that cost tho state a cent.
Barkley voted for tho Burke tax
blll.'cxemptlng Indebtedness of record
and rc-cimctlng mortgage tax law.
Barkley voted for Conn's bill ex
empting homcstcadS'frum attachment.
Barkley ollered but one resolution,
to have a Joint committee appointed
to Investigate feasablllty of removing
deafmutc school onto a rami seven
miles In the country. This was one
of tho state Institution land ring Jobs
that McElroy helped carry out, and
of course It was killed In the senate.
It was to report In five days and to
have no clerk.
Barkley voted for the bill to reduce
the number of Jurors who nilglit find
a verdict in civil suns u uiu iu ma
son the nuts and diminish litigation.
Barkley voted for the bill to reform
tho abuse's of easily secured divorces
Hillcgas'H bill.
Barkley voted for the bill to pro
tect farmers crops from attachment
by ninchlncry men, making a linn for
labor In securing the crop take prior
Barkley voted for the hill to tax
foreign Insurance companies two per
Barkley voted for the antl-allcn la
bor bill to compel public corporations
to employ only American citizens or
those who have declared their Inten
tion to becomo such.
If Barkloy had been willing to ac
cept a bribe In the legislature, the
crowd that Is lighting him would bo
his friends. Barkloy voted for Peo
ple's measures only.
What Is Win. J. D'Arcy's rccoidln
public affairs of Oregon? Ho has none,
except as attorney of tho school land
ring, where It Is said ho cleared up
$10,000 out of fees wrung out of pcoplo
who applied to buy school lands or
make loans out of the state school
land funds, It Is to bo supposed ho
niado his fees honestly.
But Is that no experience that
qualifies him to become a lawmaker
for the pcoplo of Oregon. Does that
Justify a personal attack on Barkloy
and Craig? Mr. D'Aroy Is a young
man who has nover heretofore been
known to worry about tho records of
legislators, or corruption In our state
affairs. Why does ho do so now?
Why docs ho not attack tho entlro
legislature, an Mr. Win. Kaiser did In
a ycry fair and able manner? Why
does ho single out Barkley and Craig,
two of tho cleanest men who over
soryed tho people 40 days for $3 a day,
and who have- not niado a cent out of
politics while, their assailant from a
slight contact with tho school land
department for a fow years has been
able to live- In genteel suillctouoy and
Immaculato Idleness ever since.
Tho D'Arcy family bears nn honor
able namo tn Oregon. Tm: Jouknai.
helped once to elect Peter D'Arcy
mayor over Geo. Williams tho Repub
llcan nominee Ho made a uood
mayor. Will D'Arcy Is a younc man
who has many bright dualities. But
ho is In no position to assail tho lion.
esty or question tho motives of men
llko Barkloy and Craig.
A vote for a man on the Simon
ticket in Multnomah county counts
for threo times as much as a vote for
any of the candidates on the other
three tickets. With threo tickets In
the field against him, Simon Is liable
to win: The pcoplo of Portland re
gardless of party should vote the
Mitchell Republican ticket and foiev
cr stamp out one-man-power In Ore
gon. Every man on the Simon ticket In
Portlann should be dofentcd. Ills
candidates for senators nnd represen
tatives arc his personal friends and
poltlcal errand boys and understap
per. If thcro arc such persons who
want to do Simon's bidding in other
counties, they should bo defeated.
Unfortunately the people aro divided
off Into threo or four parties so tliolr
vote don't count against corrupt men.
The people of Multnonmli county
should unite against the Simon tick
et nnd place the seal of their denunci
ation upon his political methods,
which are without a redeeming fea
ture. He has been connected with
Oregon lcglslaton these twenty years.
Where has ho ever originated a re
form measure, or performed nn act for
the benefit of the people of this state?
Our statute books arc filed with his
Job3 nnd schemes to rob the people
nndocnrich his employers, the corpo
rations nnd capitalists of Portland.
The people of Portland should pre
sent a solid phalanxi against Simon
Ism, Dolphism andScottlsm, and send
to tho legislature men who will not
be their tools.
Continual from first page,
had'llttlo to do with butlsnal affairs.
Ho was in favor of United States sen
ator being elected by a direct vote of
tho people, was opposed to tho legisla
tures electing any officers whatever
but the olliccrs of 'the legislature
Itself. It would stop log-rolling. He
was for economy but not parslnory.
"Was opposed from principle to giving
money for higher educational Insti
tutions. Several such woum urinK
pressure to bear, but In spite of that
he would favor cutting down such
schools and .salaries of professors to
less than they were now getting. He
would not be radical or extreme In
nnvMiiritr int. l(clnred he would vote
for no mnn for speaker who
would not sec to It that tho ways and
means committee reports the general
appropriation bill ten days beforo the
session closes. Mr. Matteson asked,
"What about the game warden?"
Laughter. Smith: I am not In
favor of that. Applause. Dr. Smith
was evidently very much in earnest,
though considerably excited. He
went on to state his position very
clearly nnd emphatically. He was
opposed to sinecures and unnecessary
clerks. A new tax law was needed
that would exempt recorded Indebted
ness. In national affairs he would
n7TTft?9 QNC MORB In lurmony
it Hi !W5 ll . wirui.aooo
r il.'v :TJ.V :cl curi''1 wen ur
QNC , mo-RB In lurmony
w with tho world, 2000
completely curul jienSw
Uolw havpy pralee for
fMtn men (scaled! ?
- - "
im moat uc
ccrul euro for bcx-
IOftt YlLTllP khnwn tn
to elect tho entlro Republican ticket.
A senator would have to be elected.
He hoped the time would come when
he could vote, direct as a citizen for
United States senator. Applause.
Tho people would havo sottled tho
Kentucky scnatorshlp In five minutes
and not cost tho state a dollar, lu
place of haying outthoinllltin and
Hero the hummer fell and the
speaker retired, having mnden favor
nblo Impression. As the only Grand
Army man on the legislative ticket,
and a farmer, Mr. Chapman is a posi
tive sourco of strength to tho ticket.
McKlnley Mitchell, also Republican
for representative, was now Intro
duced, and disappointed all expecta
tions very happily. Ho Is not a lluent
or eloquent talker, but gets right to
tho point. In a plain, niattor-of-fact-way,
ho stated where ho stood on
every Important question. lie was a
Republican all his life and always ex
pected to be. He favored protection,
honest money, abolition of commis
sions, economy, and support of tho
public schools.
If elected ho said he would honestly
and fairly represent his constituents.
When tho fanner prospered all would
prosper. Ho wns among itlto farmers
almost dally and had handled their
produce for yearn. With wheat 40
cents a bushel, oat 15 cents, wool 8
to 10 cents, hops 2 to 3 cents, horses,
cnttlo and sheep reduced 50 percent,
the farmer could not stand high taxa
tlon. Mr. Slltcliell pledged himself
to labor in the legislature to reduce
taxes. He would favor all reductions
of county and state salaries and to go
Into effect at once. Ho favored appro
priations for no schools but public,
schools and state university, and the
salaries at tho latter should bo ie
duced Ho favored tho election of United
States senators by a direct vote of tlio
people. He favored a change- In tho
present primary election law, with at
But least ao days residence In the precinct
before having a right to vote. Upon
ono point ho wns particularly
emphatic. Ho wished It understood
if elected whoro ho would stand. If
sent to tho legislature ho felt tt would
uuiy io vote for John II. ,.,.,
. juuv
lor senator. rAnnimiGAi
McKlnley Mitchell made a good lm-
presslon font man not accustomed to
political speaking. He Is very clear
on all questions nnd has nothing to
Another legislative candidate, Dr.
J. N. Smith, was Introduced. Ho said
tho llrst and only duty of a legislator
was to tho state and county,
vote for Tongue for congress, for Mc
Klnley for president nnd for Mitchell
In all probability for United States,
senator. He w,as a Republican from
principle and bcllovcd in protection
and reciprocity as tlio best remedy for
our distress. He favored a tariff bill
on the lines of the McKlnley bill to
protect our wool growers and manu
factures, on raw materlalsand enable
us to provide for tlio difference bo
tween American and foreign labor.
Ho would oppose foreign pauper
Immigration as well as free Importa
tion of the products of -pauper labor.
Ho favored tho use of both metals
and paper monoyall at a parity.
Hon.TB. Taylor, Damocratlc caud
date for representative. Ho said he
was not sailing on a smooth sen.
There were breakers beforo them. Ho
favored taxing all property, including
church property, except tho public
domain. He would restore the mort
gage tax law, nnd tax every dollar or
property to tho owner. He would do
his best to elect n Democrat senator,
but If he could not got one ho would
vote for a Kepubllcan whether he was
for free silver or anything else, beforo
ho would vote for a Populist. Great
applause Ho said In public schools
ho would ratso their grade and cut off
all appropriations for higher schools.
If tlio individual wanted more than
that lot him pay for it. Ho would cut
down tho appropriation for tho
national guard or abolish it entirely.
Mr. Taylor was a member of tho Iowa
legislature when tho township system
was adopted and he favored that. Mr
Taylor's remarks were well received.
Ho said If ho was elected, Republicans
will have to do tt.
Mattesen: What Is your position
on the game law? Laughter.
Tayler: He favored tho game law
as It was except game warden.
Hon. David Craig was now Intro
duced. Ho said mistakes were made
In the last legislature, mostly In the
senate and ho was not hero to defend
tho legislature. Ho showed that he
had only Introduced the bill to creato
tho otllco or moral director of the
stato prison nnd other Institutions
only by request, and voted to roject it
on tho second leading ns did all the
members except Calvert. If that bill
had to wait for his veto It would sleep
tho sleep that knows no waking.
Barkley'scninmltteoliad given it tlint
sleep. Applause. Ho would con
tlnno his work for economy and reform
nnd opposo all extravagance. Ho
would vote for John II. Mitchell for
United States senator. Applause.
Win. J. D'Arcy was now Introudced
and opened his remarks In a pleasant
manner. Ho was not a statesman or
an orator, and ho immediately pro
ceeded to speak of the leelslature. ir
would not attack nny mnn personally
would talk about tliolr records.
He rereried to Mr. Craig as tho
creaturo or Mr, Barkloy and woro his
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the creaturo or Senator Hill. Murphy
stood like a poodle dog between his
legs and woro his collar. Mr. D'Arcy
reviewed all tho bills that Barkloy
voted for to his disparagement as far
as possible. Mr. D'Arcy referred to
the figure set down in tne ucmo
cratic platform as the salaries he
would vote for if elected. Ho was
opposed to all normal schools and the
state university, nnd It was only the
chlldreti or the rich who intention
those schools. He-favored abolishing
all "useless" commissions. He would
give Mr. Barkley credit for voting for
the repeal of the useless and pernicious
ralroad commission, and the $300,000
Tor opening the Columbia nnd the
$50,000 tor the school book bill. All
other bill and nppiopilatlons or this
character lit ruled Tor. On the ques
tion of taxing church pr petty lu
favored taxing it all except what the
church stood upon. II . '"H v'e
for such a bill. Two yuaihitBo Bnu
loy called tho Populists fanatics and
ridiculed their "Issues." Kow he was
coquetting with the Populists, lie
told the Republicans Unit if he liked
their platform ho would stand up
on it.
This brought Elder Barkley to his
feet and ho Jumped into the ring be
fore D'Arcy was fairly out or It and
was dealing sledgehammer blows to
the attacks niado upon hiniseir and
Mr. Craig. In a most scathing
denunciation or the Democratic free
sllyer Cleveland platform be asked
whose collnr did D'Arcy wear but that
of the-school land ring, against whom
ho refused to testify under oath when
called upon. The man who said that
David Craig was led by any mnn was
n liar. David Craig led an honest
clean life, paid ills debts nnd was not
any poodle as D'Arcy had said. Bark
ley denied that ho had received a
dollar for a vote on the sheriff's bill.
When ii man in that legislature
could havo had $40,000 for his vote, ho
would have been an Idiot to sell It for
a pittance. It provided 10 cents a
mile for a sheriff livery rig when they
rendered extra services ror winch no
pay was provided. That was tho bill
as It left the house. Elder Barkley
said 75 per cent or tho students In tho
colleges and normal schools were the
the sons or farmers and were working
their own way through the schools
and living on hardtack at that.
Elder Barkley said he stood for tho
pcoplo in all his votes and had not
dodged on a slnglo question or issue.
If in casting over 800 yotes ho had
made a mistake ho was sorry but had
voted honest, no stood on the plat
rprm of tho dotiblo standard, gold and
silver both ns monoy. Ho stood for
a protective tariff and stood by the
Interest or tho live hundred thousaud
miners nnd laboring men in tho Inter
mountaln district who wero consum
ers or our farm products. He received
a good round or applause when he quit
and made n urood innressin bv his
Jnp Mlnto was called ror nnd made
n more emphatic, denial or tho slander
that he ever spoke or the Grand Army
or a member of that order otherwise
than with respect.
with clean hands and retire with
clean hands.
G. P. Terrell, for county Judge said
as his opponent was not hero he would
take no time. Henry Downing also
spoke as did Frank Durbln.
Mr. Dnrbm said If ho got $1G00 to
$2000 as sheriff, ho would consider he
was well paid. It was more than any
farmer was now making. If the leg
islature would pass a bill fixing the
pay ut that price, lie would not oppose
It, but would accept It, asstimo tho
obligations of the office, and perform
its duties for the .sum fixed. He was
seeking the otllco and did not deny It.
It was mine than he could make on
his farm, one of the best in the
county. The meeting then adjourned.
Dealer in groceries, paints, oils,
window glass, varnishes, and
the most complete stocc of
brushes of all kinds in the
state. Artists' materials, lime,
nair, cement and shingles, and
finest quality of c;rass seeds.
WE DON' r WANT boys or loafers, but men
of ability. $300 to $500 a month to himlern.
State nnd general agents. Hala.y and cirri-
mission. Kncine Hrc Lnglne Co., Racine,
Wis. 4 23 4t tat
FOR SALE-Eiglit milch cows nnd two i-
year aids, Inquire of M . Egan, Gervait,
Or. 2 24 tf 1
FOR SALEl'ionecr crockery and crocery
store, established 1857; place of business fn
one of the best locations in the city; a capitdl
of about $5,000 required; object of closing
business, on account of health. Jno, U.
Wright, balem. 5:8 dim
FOR SALE OR KEN'iV-40 acres land 5
miles out. Partly improved, wood and
pasture, good house, large barn, 2 acres
bearing orchard, lot of small fruit, good water.
Wood Btumpage can be had. Box 145, Salem.
A. D. Smiths where you ran find everything
In the artists line, canvas mounted and pic
lure mats made to order. Give hlin a call
for he knows just whit yon want with prices
to suit tho times. 1 16 opera house,
CARPET PAPER Large lot ot heavy
brown wraoDinr? oaner for sale chean. list
the thing for putting under carpets. Call 'at
jijumui omcc. -,
PAPERS. Portland, Sacramento, Seatfle,
Tacoma and San Francisco papers on sale at
Miller's Postofflce block
iness houses can obtain all newspaper infor
mation from the press of tho state, coast and
country from the Press Clipping Bureau,
(Allen's) Union block, Portland. !2-20tf
l O. NEWS STAND.-Local Subscription
Agency for all newspapers and magazines.
Fine atock of cigais and confectionery. F, W,
Miller. Prop. 1 14 tf
FOTt SALE. Or.e house and two lots, sit
uatod in Wheatland, Yamhill county. All
set in good fruit. For sale at a bargain. The
property Is that known as the Wheatland
hotel. Price $150, Address, A, care Jour
nal 4 2 tf
Salem Steam Laundry
Please notice the cut in prices
on the fallowings
Shirts, plain. , to cents
Under drawers ....5 to iocents
Under shirts.,,,, ,....S to.io cents
Socks, per pair .3 cents
..........I cent
3 cents
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and other work In proportion.
Flannels and other work in'
telligently washed by hand,
Col. J. Olmsted Prop.
I Frank Feller, a jolly good feller.
Mr. Cratg arose and said lie was the ' candidate for county commissioner,
creature or no man nnd had shown It ! was Introduced, no opposed cutting
by his record In the last legislature. ! bills as was now done-a WOO bill or a
Applause. - $20 bill were all cut allke-85 nnleco.
W lUAft?
- DNTl
operation, at mod ' V1" W
m rrr
"' lPj.,
formerly of CUrk&r , I
Prepared to iU '
"y thing first ditihV!
K.ii,e. Wultr place , lBj
t. NlMTSWjk'wtia
Sunday dinner ftoSft"?
Your stomach Is your w 1 , n
but you pi better. P&.&
Two doors north lT..t T.. vr
cooking and home made pie,
wtiysonhand. i"CJMlala(
! H. HAAS,
Th VTW,'0,fiP trill
Thomas clock., etatscojj
Afpet nil fnil I n,l .
gage and express to alt pm "JfJ, J
Prompt service, Telephone Na j 9
Capital Transfer M
Express, bngnape and illkWirfrf
done promptly.
ordtti uh4
On farm land security. SmtjI
rates on large luiu. hut
consldixcd without delay
uusii uank butldina.
On city or farm properly.
Over itn.h's flank.
Carpenter, Builder and Jolt
481 Winter itrett.
Kp-Hard times prices always.
in r'.imm.ifi-iil it . SjI :.a Or
ITSuils IS upwards. PtaHtf"J
Dids for the ereclioa of a taua'fl
hn., fnr Hon. Phil Metlcoin. K35i
plans and deifications prepaid ly J
llarrild, architect, vrlllbeieenrrf
fico, where plans ana ipcciM"-. -
i ..it
Dest meats in tho diVi
lowest prlccs.
- 1 uircrtff. Pr
Dealarsln.llklndroffreAs 1
wi w--- -
I am prepared to do all kinds of work in
wood and iron. Repairing machinery of
any kind or making and repairing stone cut-
and new ones made to order. Horseshoeing,
. .
ters. tools ana edeed tools el anv 1
and repaired; wagons and buggfe.s repaired.
the best that can bo done in town hand
D'Aroy repeated tlint Mr. firalrr wq Ho was a tium.ivir i.n .,.m 1.. ... m?.de 8hees: . n?. """""B hoes car?-
, - "- ,,-..... ..u,uiuuftWui!imiy aucnueu to. Call at my stand, at 100
mo creature of Mr. Barkloy as much 'or bis own Interest nnd bo look out Cheraeke'a street, back of New York Racket
If elected, ho would seryo ' R. j. HERSCHBACH.
as Senator Murphy, of New York, was for theirs.
In all towns and IJSj
ivn.,1 sites and ttrnw"" rr &
.in V.she and g3-J
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