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J,. 8.
NO. 11
Made in Salem by Salem People
v v
II -v
diiiki ana
en's Suits,
Sizes 35 to 44,
Sizes 13 to 19,
V I .
l M It .M .. .. . . .-. ,M
OOUVlII mii $ TORfc
hf Reply From Mr. Swan.
irron Jeurnal: In the Jouhnal
iiy 14 an article appeared which
ividently intended to depreciate
fcuuructcr, as fur as the article
Is concerned, there Is not .a
cle of truth In It, but lias tin
ted ly originated In the eorrcs-
ents own active brain and It
no doubt puzzle him to prove
correspondent who signs no
for a very apparent reason,
sntly a member of a certain
il clique, composed of a few
lofllcc seekers, with a some-
lucstlouablo past, who has been
! to run the elections here for
Rtlmo but has so far been
esssul, and as a matter of fact,
Icclarcd war on ovcry candldato
views does not coincide with
As far as pledging myself to
trty is concerned, I will Ray that
never pledged myself to sup-
iny candldato, and that I Intend
to the polls, and cast my ballot
osc candidates, that, to the best
knowledge, are best qualified
i otllce they seek.
rill further say that there is
log In my past career that I am
led of, which Is more than the
r of the above mentioned astlcle
J. V. Swan,
fctevlllo May 10.
A Rapist Lynched.
Okleans, May 10. Last
Dazzle (colored) was
from tho Jail of St Bernard's
and lynched. He was arrested
mptlng to outrage a white
ar Pattorson plantation Kunming.
J May
19. Wrieat, canh
New York,
3 30.
I'ortland, May 19 Wheat valley,
01; vaua wana, 57J58.
Flour Portland. 3 00; Uenton county
3,00; graham, H.65; superfine, 2 25 per btl
uats wmte, 200527c; grey, 23(24 ;rolJeJ
19. Silvr,66;c; lead,
per sack
i .Tntnne
Not PerformJUiraclcs
W Will Cure.
(cure ncrroui nrostratlon. Not I-
.'raculously, but scleotlScally, by first
as the gerou of ducoM, ana tnea
uk healthy nerro food. Increasing
ettte, helping dlsestlon and itrenjtb-
00 entir iTsteru. Desperato case
prolonged treatment a shown by
iMra, M. B. Reed, of Delta, Iowa, who
"As th result of a lljhtaln stroke,
nlclans said I had a light stroke of
ray limbo would all draw up. I
Filfc' would bare throbbing
unendurable. For tore
months I could not sleep
and for three weeks did
sot close my eyes. I
prayed for sleep, and
If relief did not come X would be
insane. I took Dr. Mlleo BMtora-
ine and tho second nlcht slept two
4 from that time on my health lm
slowly at first, but steadily and
v I took In all 40 bottles, aad I cannot
bow grateful I am, for I am now
well, and hare taken no medicine
four months." Dr. Miles' Nerrlne
drucgUU on guarantee that arst
neflts or money refunded.
n heart and nrrrn free. Dr. Mllef
Oo., Klkbart, Ind.
In bags, $4.2SS'2S
cases, 3.75.
Potatoes.. Oregon, 3535c
nay. .ooou, 8(3)0 per ton.
Wool.. Valley, 8oc; Eastern Oiegon,
MIHtufls..Hrnn, f Il.5oi3oo; horti,Ji2.
Poultry Chickens, mixed, $34 broil
ers, $23 50; ducks, 5B0 geese, 5;
turkeys, live, 15c; dressed, 15817c.
Hides.. green, salted 60 lbs 5c; under
60 lbs 44c; sheep pelts, io7oc.
Hops, .Oregon, 2 to 3c, according to qunl.
Ilutter, .Oregon fancy creamery, 3jlo;
fancy dairy, 25; fair to good, tS&iTyi,
Cheese .Oregon full cream, IJ12j,
Eggs., Oregon, llcperdpz.
Beef. .Topsteers, 3.0003.25 per lbj fait
to good steers, 2i2 3.5c; cow, 22c;
chewed beef, 45c
Mutton.. Ewes, 2.75; dressed, 45c
Hogs., Choice, heavy, 3 53.5o; Hglu
and feeders; 2 75; dressed, 4c per to.
Veal.. Small, choice. 44l: larne. ifSUc
per lb.
San Francisco, May 19. Wheat, 1.80
Wool.. Oregon, choice, $100; Inferior 3
ec, valley, oSioc.
Hops Quotable at24c
Potatoes 3c per sack.
Osts Milfing, 7SS2,
Wheat, .49c per bu., market firm.
Hay., Dated, cheat, 5.oe5.5o; timothy,
In wholesale lots, 3,00; retail,
3.20; iran, nunc 11.00; sacked, 12.00;
shorts, 12.0013.00; chop feed, 11.00
Poultry.. Chlikens, fi 7c ; d licks, 7c ll;
eesc, 4-5o5; turkeys, 7c.
VcaL.Dressed, y,.
Hogs.. Dressed, 3.
Live Cattle.. 22Vi.
Sheet... Live, 2.53.
Wool.. Uest, isMc.
Hop..i!cst, 43C
Egg., Cash. 7C
Butter.. Best dairy, loc; fancy creamery
Cheese .14c.
Farm Smoked Meats Bacon, 7c; hams
00; shoulders, 5c.
Pot aloes.. 15c per bu.
Touch Up the Roads.
This Is the season of the year when
you should touch up the bad spots In
the roads along your property.
Let the watcrout of the mud holes
and the roads will dry even in rainy
weather. Try It.
Men are spending days wallowing
through mud and miro to attend polit
ical meetings. Half the time put in
on roads would make them all good
smooth highways.
What pays btat, lots of poor politics
or a few good' roads? What can you
make out of politics? Won't good
roads pay u little something?
A band of five boys In a neighbor'
hood can, with a shovel and a few
hoes, make and keep good a mile
of road, by letting the water out of
the puddles.
One MAN can do It.
Say, neighbor, let us have a little
less politic and better roads.
KackleH'B Arnica galva
The best Salve in the world for Cuts,
Sores, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheuui, Fever
and all Tetter. Chapped lands, Chilblains,
Bruises, Skin Eruptions, and positively cures
Piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to
live J cr fee satisfaction or money refunded
P. ice 25 cents a box For sale by Fred A.
1 m 1
Piumauy rouTics. The new book
on the reformation of the American
primary system, Is now on bale ut
Dearborn's book store, al7t
Twenty-Eight Killed and
Fifty Injured.
Forty Indians Reported Killed in
a Nebraska Storm,
Kansas City, May 10. Twenty
eight killed outright, fifty more in
jured, some fatally, and it property
loss aggregating a $1,000,000 Is now
given as tho estimated damago done
by Sunday's cyclone In Marshall, Nen
amahaud Broome counties, Kansas.
Further reports may Increase these
llgures, as telegraphic communication
with the stricken parts is still Im
perfect, and consternation prevails.
The dead arc distributed as follews:
Seneca and neighborhood, 8; Oneida
fl; Rcscrvn, G; Merrill, I. Sancon suf
fered a property damage of about
$:)50,000; Frankfort, $100,000; Itesorva,
$00,000; Sabbatha, WO.OOO; Merrill,
$20,000, besides thousands of dollars
in the country between these towns.
Although the pecuniary loss at
Erankfort was great not a life was
lost there. Destruction and destitu
tion meet you on every turn. Men
were rendered absolutely penniless,
many victims escaped with only tho
clothing they wore. Appeals for out
side aid have been tssucd.
Omaha, May 10. A special to tho
Bee from Humboldt, Ucb., says:
The train arriving hero last even
ing brings reports of the frightful
results of tho cyclono'on tho Pawnee
reservation, adjoining this county.
They assert that -10 persons wcro
killed by the. cyclone on tho reserva
tion. No particulars are obtainable
as all communication by wire is down
Those killed arc supposed to be
Indians, ns thcro are few whites on
the reservation.
More Teachers,
The result of the Marlon county
quarterly teachers examinations cer
tificates issued as follews:
First grade (General avcrago re
quired 00 per cent., minimum allow
ance In any branch 70 per cent.) S.
A .Jones, 00; Estcllo Knylor, 1)1.3;
Hope Guns, 03; Trlsta Anderson; 00.7;
Stella Fisher, 1)3.5; Llbble Jackson,
00.1. The certificates In this grade ex
pire on May 18 '1890.
Second grade General average 80
per cent, minimum nuowanco any
branch GO) Emma Kncdel, 87.2; Laura
Howard, 00.0; Leo. Shellberg, 01.4;
J. A. Goodc, 89.0; Rose Weaver, 83.1;
Cora Massey, 83.1; Ida Flnley,83.8.
These certificates extend to Mny 18,
Third grade (General average 70
per cent., minimum In any branch -10)
Willard Bernard, 70.3; Dan Evans,
70.; Nellie Kemp, 80.5: Francis Kemp,
85.3; Lou Albce, 71.4; Effle Puckett,
81; Beatrice Goodknccht,. 88.7; Ncttlo
Amies, 83; Mary Willard, 80.6; Carl
Ehert, 80.G; Clarence Beaver, 82.0; W.
E. JIuntley, 74.8; Winnie Herri man,
82.4; Harvey Plum, 73.4; Eva Nichols,
73.2;;Bva Dlmmett, 00.0; Willis Platts,
87.2; Earl Schcek, 72.4; Harry Ilobart,
73.3; Cecil Hilman, 74.7; Ada Webb,
71; Sara Starr, 85.2; Adda Pugh, 89.4;
Alice McFadden, 84.2; O. G. Tusker,
82.7; Cha. Horner, 85.2; Anna Rltz,
71.8; Mae Campbell, 78.3; Minnie Dur
roll, 70.2; Letta Ottawa, 70.3, .7. F.
Udell. Tills cla8 of ccrtlllcatea ex
pires one year from date of Issuance.
Ills Religious Character Defended by
His Niece.
Editok Jeuknal: The imiulta
Hon of Christ Is tho task of Immun
ity. Ills followers are those who are
seeking to become what ho jwas; his
disciples uro the men who arc trying
to learn the art of living from him.
Uncle Jesse Applegate was not nn
Infidel. He believed In religion ns re
vealed through Christ Jesus, ho was
not a church man, although t he was
not opposed to tho church, drily as It
represented narrowness and bigotry.
He was a father who enjoyed tho
devoted love of his family; even to tho
most distant relative, his homo was
with any son or daughter wlthvwhoin
he wished to make It. Ills own home
had always been a shelter lb who
ever might &eek It, and tho'ro are
thoc living who arc gratcrul (mough
to witness the fact.
The result of sovero Illness made It
necessary for a short time to send him
to the asylum for treatment, causing
utmost grief to his family and ''twas
with Joy they welcomed his return to
them. The sorrow occasioned friends
by a calamity of this kind ought to
satisfy tho most inhuman nature
without nn effort to add to It.
"Though 1 speak with the tongues
of men and angels, nnd have not love,
I am become ns sounding brass, Jor a
tinkling cymbal." t
A tribute of love to the bright
mind and unselfish character) of
Uncle Jesse; by
Washington Fire. j
Washington, May 10. A conflag
ration, which resulted In tho loss of
nlmost $250,000, In which thrco fire
men were killed and four seriously
Injured by falling walls, occurred in
this city about 8 o'clock tonight.
Twenty-two buildings with their
contents wcro destroyed In two hour,,
Tho burned district consists altuosi
entirely of commission and wholcsalo
Jobbing houses, In tho square bounded
by B street, Louisiana nvenuo. Ninth
and Tenth streets. Thomas Grlllln,
Daniel Conway and Assistant Fore
man Guiles were tho firemen killed.
Battle for the Election of
Bishops Continues.
Five Ballots
Woro Taken
Any Result.
Russia to Evacuate Corea.
Nkw Y owe, May 10 A dispatch
to the Herald, from St. Petersburg,
Dispatches to tho Novoo Vrcmya,
from Vladlvostock, stato that tho
Russians are preparing to leave Corea.
Llrst however, thoy propose to restore
the king to power, under n strong
guard dlslpllncd by Russians, ji. Rus
sian company has obtained u grant to
work for gold in Corea for 25 years.
The Ideal Panacea.
James L. Francis, Alderman, Chi
cago, sayst "I regard Dr. King's New
Discovery as on Ideal Panacea for
Coughs, Colds and Lung Complaints,
having used it In my. family for tho
laBt live years, to the exclusion of phy
sicians' prcscrldtlonsorother prepara
tions." Rev. Joha Burgus, Keokuk, Iowa,
writes: "I havo been a Minister of
the Methodist Episcopal Church for
llfty years or more, and have never
found anything m beneficial, or that
gave mo such speedy relief us Dr.
King's New Discover)'." Try this
Ideal Cough Remedy now. Trial Bot
tles free Fred A. Lcgg's Drug Store.
Children Cry for
'itcher's Cm torla.
Bicycle Licenses In Tacoma.
Tacoma, May 10 One hundred and
ten blcyclo'llccnsos were taken out.
Sixty-three riders wcYo in tho munic
ipal court, who were arrested Sunday,
charged with riding unlicensed wheels
and their cases wcro dismissed an
each ono paying $1 license. So far 11
00 licenses havo been taken out
Stock Market.
CniCAao, May 10.-Hogs light 3. 30
3.C5 heavy 3.10 Q$ 3.45. cattlo beeves
3J5 () 4.30; cows and heifers 1.50
3.80. Sheep strong to 10c higher.
TlieHiiOUKitTS. This famous quln"
tet of musicians, Including ono of tho
lirstlady harppalyers In the United
States, has been engaged by tho First
Baptist Society of this city for an
evening's program. The Baptists do
not give very many entertainments
but what thoy do havo uro flrstclass,
and tho ShuberU will be no disap
pointment. ' Tho dynamo Is being placed in po
sition and wires strung preparatory
to lighting the Ilumo cannery, at
Wedderburn, by electricity.
Bicycle tournament at Roseburg
May 23. Preparations for a largo
number of wheelmen from all over
the state are being made.
Know Thy Future.
By consulting Lea rider tho Inde
pendent slate writing Medium wlui
will ga you proof of spirit return.
Messages given from your loved ones
In the spirit world written on a slate
Uou clean ana uoia in your own nana.
Ittlngs 11.00. Hours 0 to 0 daily.
Parlors 15 and 15 Eldridge block,
Ci.kvki.and, May 10. Thirteen bal
lots for Bishop had been taken when
tho Methodist Episcopal conference
assembled this morning nnd tho con
ventlon wns practically In a deadlock.
Hoy. C. L. Stafford of Iowa, moved to
postpone Indefinitely the election of
bishops, saying a largo number wcro
opposed to Increasing tho Episcopal
board. The motion to postpone was
defeated by a largo majority.
An attempt to socure the suspen
sion of rules In order to present a
substitute, to elect thrco Instead of
two bishops, was defeated. Thou tho
fourteenth ballot was tnken.
Tho fifteenth ballot was taken.
Thcro wero 501 votes; necessary to
choice 330. or theso Chaplain C. C.
McCabo, of Now York, received 314
votes, electing him by eight' voter.
Tho delegates stood yelling nnd
waving hnndkerchlefs. Calls for
"McCabc." "song," "speech"' nrose
from all parts of tho hall.
In tho llrst lull a motion to Invito
"Bishop McCalMi to tho platform, was
carried with n whirl. As Dr. McCabe
walked down the nlslo tho demonstra
tion wns repeated, but Dr. McCabo
begged to be excused from saying ally
ing or Hinging. Tho fifteenth
ballot showed a gain for Cranston of
07 votes. Tho sixteenth ballot re
sulted In tho election of Dr. Crans
ton, as tho second bishop by
thirty votes. Tho conference went
wild again.
Handkerchiefs wero waved and tho
noise continued several minutes
while Dr. Cranston walked forward
and bowed. An attempt by Judgo
Caplcs of Oregon to mako tho election
unanimous was howled down,
Clkvklani), May 10. Tho Impres
slon Is becoming prevalent that n
deadlock will occur In tho Methodist
Episcopal general conference over tho
election of two new bUhonw. Flyo
ballots wero taken Monday without a
choice being mudo and tho olectloa
Is apparently as far away as over,
It Is evident that thcro Is n strong
clement In tho conference opposed to
tho election of more bishops and this
clement Is believed to havo been vot
ing In a scattering way for tho pur
pose of precipitating tho deadlock.
A motion was mado today, with
out a second, to postpone further
balloting indefinitely, nnd It Is said
the motion will be ronowed tomor
row. A feature of todny's balloting
was the losses of Dr. Buttz and Dr.
McCabo, two of the strongest candi
dates In tho raco,aud surprising gains
of Dr. Cranston, Dr. Hamilton and
Dr. Neeley. It Is npparent that n
combination lias been formed by
friends of Doctors Cranston and Ham
ilton, while tho largo eastern contin
gent which Is opposed to tho election
of either Buttr or McCabc, I support
Ing Dr. Neeley.
Bishop Newman presided ut tho
Methodist Episcopal conference Mon
day morning. Dr. J. V. Morris and
A. E. Perkins, of Texas, fraternal
delegates of the Methodist Epliscopul
church South, were introduced. Dr.
Morris was shown scant courtesy on
the occasion of his previous appear
mice before tho conference, but both
the gentlemen wcro received this
morning with upplause.
At tho ninth ballot for bishop, the
whole number of votes wus COO, mak
ing 3.11 necessary to a choice. The
Mahomet Has Got to Come.to the
Mountain. "
Wahiunoton, May lU.-Sonntor
Quay said today If tho business of the
senate occupying his (I mo could bo
arranged, ho was going to Ills homo In
Pennsylvania, and would thenco go to
Canton, Ohio, to talk over the
financial question with McKlnley.
In In-
volo for tho leaders was as follews:
McCabc, 233; Cranston, 230; Butt, 218;
Hamilton, IOT; Necly, 57; Bowcn, 17,
No choice.
Tho' result of the ninth ballot
proved a great surprise. Tho loss for Will Go to SeO William Mc-
McCabe was 32; Cranston, 37; Butt?,1
02; Brown, 20; gain for Hamilton was
60; for Nccly, 40. This boro out the
rumor of a break to Nccly nnd
Hamilton, nnd tho 10th ballot was
awaited with Intense interest.
Dr. Teeter, of Iowa, moved to defer
all further balloting for bishop tilitll
tho next general conference In 11)00.
No second was nuulo. Bishop New
man presented Rev. W. L. Watkln
son, the fraternal delegate from the
British' csleyan conferences, who
said n few words of farewell. Bishop
Nowinim's response was a gem, call
ing fbrth prolonged applause. The
result of tho 10th ballot was as fol
lews: Cranston, 2.10: McCabo, 223;
Buttz, 103; Hamilton, 180; Neoly.81;
Boweu, 12. Necessary to it choice,
Before tho tenth and last ballot of
tho morning was announced, runiois
of the Cranston-Hamilton oomblnn
tloh began to gain circulation. This
union uf cast and west seemed to be a
certainty, wiien mo result was an
nounced, showing u gain for Hamil
ton of 21, Cranston of 23, Neeley or 21,
and a loss to McCabo of 1C, Bowcn n,
lluttr. 'Si. Tho combined West vote
was going to Cranston, while tho East
divided between Neeley nnd Hamil
ton. Should the next ballot show the
Cranston-Hamlltou combination to bo
noneffective, a trial of tho Cranston
Neeley combination will probably lie
made, us tho friends of Craustons aro
determined he shall win If possible.
l'clec Island,
Chicaoo, May 10. Major-Ocnernl
Wesley Mcrrltt, commander of tho
department of tho Mlssourl,and Robt,
T. Lincoln, have returned from tho
Pelco Fishing Club reserve on Pcleo
Island, In Lake Eric. General Scho-
field was also a member of tho party.
General Mcrrltt said:
"Ouo thing I found out about Pelce.
It Is owned by Great Brltlan and ac
cording to tho Clayton-Bulwor treaty,
It should belong to tho United States.
The treaty provided that all Islands
north of tho channel In tho lako should
belong lo Great Britain, and thoso
south of tho channel to this country.
Tho channel courso wiih not properly
laid down at that tlmo, or him liccn
changed since, ns it Is now north of
tho Island."
Dunkera Indicted,
Dknvku, Colo., Mny 10. Tho fed
oral grand Jury has found Indictments
against O. E. Miller, president of tho
Miller Hernia Company, and O. II.
Dow, president of tho defunct Com
mercial National bank, on a charge of
embezzling 12.p,000 of tho batik's
f u nils. -
The 23d annual session of the Ore
gon StntoGruugo will bo held at Mc
Mlnnvllle, Or., commencing on Tues
day, May 20, at 10 o'clock a. m.
Tho Eugene creamery started In on
tho first day with CM) pounds of milk
from which
was taken 50 pounds of
Mrs. Hhoda McCord, aged 81 years,
died of Inflammation of tho bowels In
Eugene. Deceased wits an old pioneer.
Pjshmanknti.y Cuuki). Lockwook
messengers aro all right. Ring bluo
boxes or telephone.
Tho Baptist church of Eugene wus
daimigek by lire this week to tho ex
Geo. O.Will Is agent for tho Stein
way, tho king or liiHtruiuents.ulso tho
popular Pease piano. C:ll-tf
S'tayton Hour Branson & Co.
Stayton flour Bruiibou & Co.
Tho I'olk county pioneers meet
Juno 21.
May 23rd will boa galla day
There will bo no Joint cilnviuw
In Benton county.
Tho Springfield mill has Its own
electric light plant.
Tho Crook county man, on trial ror
murder has been acquitted.
Coos county pays $11(1 lo deliver a
patient to tho asylum at Salem.
Tho ladles baud of Corvallls havo
boon Ingngcd to play at Independence
on July Fourth.
Pendleton wheelmen will contest
ror a $25-prlze rrotn tho latter placo
to tho reservation, a dlstanco of ton
Tho mill at Gardiner has shut down
nnd tho mill is undergoing nn over
hauling. R. V. Juckson, n school teacher of
Oregon City who forged two school
orders amounting to $70 bus been
Tho pcnplo of Ashiuntl nrTpTcpar
log to celebrate tho fourth of July in
grand style.
Union county ploncors hold a meet
ing at Cove on Juno 25th. A basket
plc-nlound speeches aro prominent
features of tho day,
Thrco train loads of cattlo will bo
shipped out of Lane county in u day
or two. Mr. Cornelius, a cattlo-buyer,
will ship 1000 on tho 21st.
ThomaH Sturglll of Baker City, wan
caught under n heavy cave-off, while
engaged In placer mining at Sturglll
Bar, cnSnako river nnd killed.
Tho llrst Chlncso laborer, who re
turned to China under tho new regis
tration law landed in Portland this
week without any npparent trouble.
Tho Medford business col lego wus
burned to tho ground Saturday night.
Tho causo wns, u studont upsetting a
lamp, from which tho flames Imme
diately spread.
Parrlsh Motzkcr, of Baker City.was
struck by an O. II. & N. truln and
thrown high Into tho air. Ho was
picked up unconscious. Ho wus not
dangerously hurt.
V, J. Curtis, editor of tho Weekly
Hcrrld, of Astoria, and H. W. Weeks,
candidate for recorder on the Populist
ticket, engaged Inn llstlo encounter,
In which Curtis cuiuo out second best.
Tho Interest of Pendleton's debt
amounts to 1100 per mouth, nnd con
sists of (70,000 bonded not Including
u school district, indobteiiucss of at
least $20,000, nnd uu estimated float
ing debt of 10000.
Democrats and Populists havo com
bined on W. C. Edwards as candldato
for Joint senator from Coos, Curry and
Josephine, and W. H. Flanagan as
candidate for reprcsentatlvofromJoso
phluo. Edwards wus tho Populist
selection, and Flanagan tho Demo
cratic. A freak of naturo In tho shape of
a calf Is being exhibited In Eugcuo by
R. J. Crow, of Junction. It wns boru
and was dead when found. Its head
is the largest part of its body and In
shape It resembles, a seal mora than
uny otho animal Mr. Crow will have
It mounted.
Highest of all fa Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
RrMl Baking
,&AAdi-! .
I toi.

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