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Daily Capital Journal
TUESDAY. MAY 10, 1800.
For Supreme Judge,
It. S. HEAK, of L:tno County.
' For Prcsldcntliil Electors,
T. T. GEEK, of Marlon County.
H. M. YOItAN, of Lime.
E. L. SMITH, of Wjirw.
J. F. CAPLES, of Multnonmli. '
ForCongrossiiiiiii First. Congressional
THOS. H. TONGUE, of Washington
For District Attorney Third Judicial
JOHN A. CAItSON.of Marlon County.
DK. J. N. SMITH, of Salem,
,11. L. UAIIKLEY, of Woodbnrn,
E. W. CHAPMAN, of Brooks,
DAVID CKAIG, of Muck-ay.
County .fudge,
GROVE P. TEItllELL, of Mehama.
County Commissioner,
.i.'N. DAVIS, of Sllverton.
County Clerk,
L. V. EHLEN, or Buttovllle.
F. T. WRIG1ITMAN, of Salem
F. W. WATERS, of. Salem.:
Assessor fi
J. W.IHOBART,.of Garfield.
B- IJ. IIEURICIC,.Jof.Ycv Park.
aSPEU: MIN'TO, of .Salem.
" School Superintendent,.
GEO. W. JONES, or Jclferson.
A. M. OLOUUH. of Salem.
For Justice of tho Peace Salem Dlst,,
For Constable,
at a cost of nearly $1,200 did a Job
tlwiL would be a disgrace to a set of
schoolboys, and what Is worse some of
the members spent their time com
piling u tabic of votes to hold their
own records up to the skies and dls.
nurture the records of the best and
honestct men who ever sat as repre
sentatives of the people of Oregon.
The table of votes on appropriation
b!ll-),only three or which became laws,
docs not show tho record or members
on bills to repeal commissions, and
Jute mills, etc. That record was not
wanted. It did not suit the plans or
these political Jesuits.
The Youiln Department will le a regular
feature of thin luptr. h U thu intention lo
make it instructive nml entertaining to our
buy and girl tvsnitti, and also suitable "for
rending at the family flreiidc, and for supple
mentary reading in our public and private
There Is much humor In the present
campaign after all.
Great heavens and little brooches!
Frank Paxton and Mr. Moorhcad of
Kansas arc hold In the Sunday Ore
gonlau as models of the last legisla
ture. They woro models or a certain
typo but It Is the worst typo tho pco
plo havo to contend with.
Tlicso moil arc hold up by tho aid or
a lying tablo of votes on appropria
tions as models or economy. Tho
tablo lies because It teaches raise con
clusions. Paxton has withdrawn on account
or 111 health. Moorhcad should with
draw or bo dorcatcd.
Paxton worked lor a bridge Job at
Portland In which ho with other law
yers were Interested. In the Ways
and Means committee- ho labored to
pack tho bill with enormous eloctrlo
light Jobs. Ho stood In with a major
ity or that committee to load up the
bill with all sorts of appropriations
and flten voted against It when tho
electric light company ho represented
had $50,000 In tho bill, twenuso he
thought It would pass anyhow,
Moorhcad was conveniently absent,
So they made a showing of not voting
for appropriations. But they looked
out for all tholr private grabs.
Moorhead camo to Salem a Hllver
man, opposed to Simon and Dolph
was ono ot 2 to agrco to not go Into
caucus and not to vote ror Dolph, and
between 4 p. m. and 8 p. m. was per
suaded to change his mind and be
como one or Dolph's Urmcst sup
porters. Moorhcad offered liutfu dozen reso
lutlona all fraught with cxpenw to
tho state, or.o Job or revising the
Journals letting live persons (all or the
Dolph ractlon) get In from 21 to 28
days each at $10 a day each, on a Job
that In other states ono man does In
from live to ten days.
As cliaUmuii or tho committee on
mlleago Moorhead ho employed u lady
clerk tho wholo session to make up
ono llttlo tablo that would go on a
sheet or foolscap and could bo got up
by tiny man In hair an hour. Theso
aw onlysamplesor Moorhcad' talents
as an economist.
But, mow anon or tho heavenly
Tliegrvnt.vit outrage or all on tho
iwople Mt Orcgoij, j that this com
mltteeon revising tho house Journal
Tho Republican legislative ticket in
this county Is a good one. It Is com
posed ol clean men, men of good eliur
acter,men who represent morality and
honesty In public uffitlrs. Oregon
never had cleaner men In the legisla
ture or men who made a better record
than Craig and Barkley.
Ever since tho Portland ring was
bailled In tho last legislature, the cry
has been to down every man who stood
ror the people and who stood ror real
rerorms. The cry Is to down Mitchell,
down Ellis, down the thirty, down
the man who wont sell lilniscir. For
Do not allow men who went to the
legislature and passed no bad laws,
participated In no Jobs, resisted all
Improper Inllueuccs, labored faith
fully ror the people, and It did all at a
sacrifice ror $: a day, to bo struck
down by the gang or menccrarles who
make money out or politics.
The general conrerenco at Cleve
land (or the M. E. church) was dead
locked Monday over election or two
bishops. Usually rour or five arc
chosen ata time. Tho sitting processes
ot tile great theological inachluo liavo
usually left tho only man In tho Held
who should le choccn.
But now as often occurs In politics,
rour or 11 vo men or nearly equal abil
ity want two places. The result Is
awaited with Interest.
Tho present college or bishops; Is
renowned ror Its longlvlty. Only one
has died In many years -tliat wo now
Tho conrerenco was in a deadlock
whon it met today but will keep on
balloting until there Is an election.
As In a great political convention,
mo man or political destiny will be
brought to the front. Tho Btrlfo ror
place will bo round to lw a small
power compared to tho hand or Providence.
Tho duty of Multnomah voters Is to
down tho Simon legislative ticket. If
that ticket Is elected will tho people
got any rerorms? Will not all com-
missions, all Jobs, all bad laws, all
corruption In Oregon polities go on, ir
Simon Is returned?
Simon was elected senator two years
ago by the aid or tho Catholics, Re
publicans and A. P. A. Ho has do
eclved all and wllldccelvo thoin again
If ho Is made president or the senate.
Notareo oraslnojcuw will ho help
abolish unless It Is to punish someono
who won't stand In. Elect no Simon
man to either branch or the leglsla
turo; Oregon has had enough or tho
Simon regime.
l'olk county Republican candidates
Yoro assessed $i:)0. How much whisky
will that buy? Their wuii.i
dldatcs wero assessed $125 each, Tho
Mua iKiy 0r a legislator Is $120. Seo?
-Polk County ltemUer.
Alfonso, the young king of Spain Is
JO years old. lie wears knickerbock
ers and a crown and celebrated his
birthday May 17. Ills aunt, the
Princess Eulallc,ylnited tho Chicago
World's fair In 1803.
Nicolas, Czar of Ittissla,was crowned
this month at Moscow. He Ih a small
man, 28 years old. He became czar
In 18IKJ. Ills wire wore a dress ut the
coronation that cost $200,000 and more
than 0000 men and women look part
in making It.
A bronze monument or General
Hancock on a horse was unvleled at
Washington, and one or Olc Bull, the
great violin player nt Minneapolis.
President Cleveland, may nny day
demand that Spain take her hands oil
Cuba and stop the war. If ho does
the United States will have to sec to
It that the people of Cuba get their
rreednm. Our country would take
possession or Cuba and ir we over did
no power In the world could take It
away rrom us.
A Chicago boy wrote in his history
examination paper: "New York was
settled by the Duck or York and
Pennsylvania by tho English Quak-
A factory In Mnine has an order for
1,500,000 shoe lawts. Tho lumber to
make them will require 0,000 sugar
maplo trees.
A coal mine has been round on tho
Yukon river in Alaska that pays bet
ter than any gold mlno, because wood
costs $14 a cord there.
Two towns in Kansas have elected
women mayors-and couucllmcn.
1 read in a New York paper that
the big breweries hold mortgages
over hair the liquor stores of that
town and are talking of closing them
up. ir left to a vote of the boys and
girls they would closo up the other
ir you cat when you arc not hungry
you will sooji havo no hunger to eat
Undisturbed sleep Is essential to
health and strength.
ir you can take a bath no other
way, wet a towel and go all over
yourself with it every morning.
wo not; (lrinw any more than you
have to with your meals. A few swal
lows or water bcroro and urter a meal
Is all most persons need and many do
not need any.
To remove warts wet them well
with oil or cinnamon three times a
day until they disappear.
Major William McKlnley, -or Ohio,
who may In November become presi
dent or fO.OOO.OOO.neonlo live In u two
story houso at Canton, Ohlo.a town or
30,000 peoplo. Ho gets up at 0 o.clook
shaves hlmscir, works In his garden a
while, takes breakrast with his wire,
answers the jbuslness letters or tho
day, receives callers and reads tho
nowspapors. Ho also blacks his own
ooois at 7 o'clock each day. Last year
ho shook hands 100 times a day but ir
ho becomes candidate ror president ho
must shako at least 5000 times a day,
and will shako hands with mow than
ono million peoplo beroro election In
November. Ho Is a member or the
Methodist church and has no children
His wire Is an Invalid and ho Is very
kind to her taking her Mowers every
J HLWJ &J vfc.Kji' &6? vo-
Mexico. Wu r.tught England when
we lnnl only four million people. We
rought England when wo had only
eight million people. Now we have
over sixty million and what country
can dictate to Uncle Sam? Not
Spain. Wo have only 2.-..000 regular
army soldiers. Hut wc have over a
100,000 militia. The newspapers In
Spain admit this and Cuba will be
A six-man bicycle, that Is expected
to reach a speed of 120 miles an hour
Is to race with tho fastest train In
the world. The wheel weighs 1374.
If the men turn the pedals once a
second they will travel a mile in 1)8
seconds. If they turn twlco a second
they will make a mile in 10 seconds.
Tills would beat the train -the empire
state express on the Now York Cen
tral railway. Tho six riders will
weigh 145 pounds each. They have
not beat the train yet, and If they do
the sextette bicycle is so dangerous
that If they get a fall when under full
speed It would kill every one of them
u. s. GKANT.
General Grant was born In Ohio
April 27, 1822. His father was a far
mer or Scotch descent. His grand
father was a soldier and fought the
British at Bunker Jl 111. Young
Grant learned the trade or his father
and vas more of a man at 12 than
most boys arc at twenty. Ho was
educated at West Point military
academy, was In tho regular army
eleven years and engaged In every
battle of the Mexican war. In 1800
ho went Into tho leather business at
Galena then Into tho Union army and
became general and president. Ills
father had only been to school six
months In his lfc. Whon ho was a
boy books .were very scarce in Ohio,
but when people got hold of a book
they read It until they know It by
heart. In his life General Grant says
there was never any scolding or pun-Ishlng-by
his parents. They let him
havo a good deal or sport such as llslt-
Ing, swimming, skating, and visiting
on horseback In tho next county 18
miles away, His rolks had fifty acres
of timber and each year his father
would havo enough wood cut to last,
and when he was so small ho could
not put the sticks on tho load ho
would drive the horses to and rrom
the timber.
- V " V. (7)
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er.. rivh
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rnw.j -ili
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openiinii. ... ' ?
T rT-
x' -tMtJ
f'Uinerl ..r fi. . . ''I
'rePred to T.. Eppte
TUP -.""""Hud. "
- I."
Its a winner evenytime
Battle Ax Plug in the lead
JmJ'V7 E&Bv
The nnnnt.. -7-
board,, d rC ' Prrp
r- lce W,.-; '"H,
ISii.u..- 'Hi
--'uaitin I
Vnn... . . "--a
- --. .uiuiacu , y , -
lo6 St... ... tl
ZTtl". KtaKLfc
r Home
f.t ----Mv.ui ,iori u-1. .
moKing and home mMe
"- vii uitna,
H.iS., '
Mr mm
The largest piece of
Good tobacco .
ever sold for io cents
J. H
romilteJ)r curd liSuSK
L. lllOBr Mt.crHn.t.
C -4"VVS,rTl
Mt una juot iac.
loitylgpr Jtuonn to
"uiui IDIBtcUU-
&im Hforrv, lu
JSP ? " proofu,
will be cnt to Uf!
The people or Spain are making up
their mind ir our country wants Cuba
to go rreo they can't help thotnselves.
They seo that England could never
conquer tho United States and It Is
useless ror Spain to try. Heroro wo
were a nation wo defeated tho British. .
in i8i England was forced to
It grow close to a dingy llttlo houso
In tho corner of a big lumber yard,
with piles of lumber all about It, some
yellow and swect-smelllng, and sonic
brownand musty rrom rain and storm.
The children who lived In the llttlo
houso called tho great towering stacks
mountains, though they did not know
how a- mountain really looked;- and
they protended that a brindled cat,
with ono car gone, that went prowling
nbout tho lumber yard, was n tiger,
very fierce and dangerous.
There wero three or tho children,
two boys and a girl almost too many
ror such a very small house, but they
wero so Jolly and rosy and good
natured that ono would not have oh'-
jecieci to naif a dozen of them. It
was uoiiy who lirst discovered the
tree, tho day after they moved Into
tho houso, when thoy woro all a llttlo
homesick. Slio was poking about
among tho tin cans and old shoes and
rubbish, and all ut once sho noticed
tho bravo llttlo tree. It had started
to grow right under tho window that
Jutted out like soiuo sort of n swelling
from the front of tho house. It must
have been disappointed when it grew
'p against tho iloor and round It
J could get no further that way; but it
"Oh!" said Tlinmy, 1 'nck-ar nwny
all tho trash, so's It'll grow faster."
Away went old shoes ami tin c s,
whirling among the lumber piles,
while thirty little brown lingers did
the work of a rako very well.
"Doesn't It look sweet!" salJ Hetty,
tying a bit of scarlet bruld aboqt the
slender brown thing, and leaning her
rosy cheek against It. "It's our very
own tree."
j-..u ui(iuu at .-hijuiui jiutuy gain;
"Do you know all kinds of trees,
"Ycs,''said tho father; "onco tlicy'ro
done up Into boards I know 'cm;
growing In the woods they're all alike
Just green leaves and bark. Then
there's kinds that has annles and
cherries and plums to grow on 'cm;
them ain't for boards."
"Oh!" said tho children, their
eyes shinning;" s'pos'n our tree should
bo that kind!"
"And what kind Is best for
father?" asked wise llttlo Hetty
"For birds? AVoll, then, I
reckon birds Is very choice;
any sort '11 do so It's quiet, and cats
not too neighborly; .but birds here-
Dealer in groceries, paints, oils,
window glass, varnishes, and
the most complete stoce of
brushes of all kinds in the
state, Artists' materials, lime,
hair, cement and shingles, and
finest quality of e;rass seeds,
Meets all mail n,i ..
.. - fvaawrr n. i
ssr rj?
,. ,cmcc, lelephoMjk,,
Capital Transfer
Rxnrct luff.nA ... ..
n "rbii-Ks nu ifltawj
a Winn J
done prompt). U,
FOR SALIi Eight milch cows and
year olds. Iwiuiro or M. f. Egati,
Or. -
On farm land iwiritr, Sod
ratei on lar 1mm. Ti
consmeiea wiiboai itu
, , . hamiltosjbI
tWO 2-
2 24 tf
' &iutor nunccr crocKcry ana grocery
store, established 1857; placo of business fn
one of the best locations In the city; a capital
of about 5,000 required ; object of closing
business, on account of health. Jno. G.
Wright, Salem. 5-8 dim
FOR SALE OR KENIV-40 acres land 5
miles out. Partly improved, wood and
pasture, jjood house, large barn, 2 acres
bearing orchard.lot of small fruit, good water.
Wood Btumpage can be had. Dox 143. Salem.
Over lliuli's lUnk,
Carpenter, Builder anil
481 Winter strtet.
tSTllitA limes prices aluji.
Continued on third page.
in i2Sm
IS f'k
Who wins In the
race? Is it a sick man?
Is it a man who la
weak? Is it a man
whose blood is impure?
An athlete trnins for
every race. The best
athletes train nil th
time. They arc always
In perfect condition.
It is pretty safe to say
that the best man will
always win. The man
who is strontr and in
the best condition will
surely distance bis
In the race for suc
cess, the best man will
win if he takes care of
himself. He cannot
A. D. Smiths where you can find everything
in the artists line, canvas mounted and pic
ture mats made to order. Glv'e him a call
for he knows just whit you want with prices
to suit tho times. 116 opera house.
CARPET PAPER Large lot ol Heavy
brown wrapping paper for sale cheap, last
the thing for putting under carpets. Call at
j'jurnai oiuce.
PAPERS. Portland, Sacramento, Seattle,
Tacoma and San Francisco papers on sale ar
Miller's Postoffice block
iness houses can obtain all newspaper Infor
mation from the press of tho state, coast and
country from the Press Clipping Dureau,
(Allen's) Union block, Portland. I2.20tf
K O. NEWS STAND.-Local Subscription
and magazines.
C. H. LANE(i
lit (Vimm-rdil It- SlI ll .
CS"Suils $15 upwank PmUjiHJ
d confectionery. F. W.
Just bent its bend forward and went
pushing out towards the light, until
at last it got beyond tho window and.
could grow un towards tho sky. When
Betty saw It sho sheuted:
"O Tlnimy, wo got a tree! a llttlo
crooked tree."
win if he necleots his
l condition. It
make nnv At.
fereuce how smart he
". If his body Isn't
i.i. t. ""i t win never
nnlsn the race. lie must look first for a.
clear, healthy, strong body, because the
body makes and supports the brain. If the
-- I'umiis impure otooa into the brain,
you cannot expect the man to be clear
headed, ypu cannot expect him to accom
plish much. If a man's blood is pure and
M' therS9an.not be much the matter with
?w.If lt f!? l pure and ricb. he may have
almost any disease under the sun, and Dr.
icn-c-8 ooiaen Medical Discovery will
cure it. It doesn't mat n 5?SL,-U L"
1 U. Jl . - ......vw
Acency for all
Fine atock of cigais an
Miller, Prop. r 14 tf
F"Ok SALE. One house and two lots, sit
uato.1 In Wheatland. Yamhill tounty. All
set in good fruit. For sale at a bargain. The
property is that known as the Wheatland
nofel. Price SKo. Address.
A, care Jour
4 3 tt
H.I..A. ji .. auv Ull,
n.- i 1 ,ne, otsease takes, or by what
"" v io vuiicu. rwrnriw nil if
Timmy and Joo ran to see. Thov
mUkollind llfOM tlilnblm, nt (.. -. ..I.. ,
L.v 1 n War W0,Hatlel'er thing, j,H.y said:
r . v. xn tow wo took Oregon I "Ilol that ain't anvtbln, .
T.nofr t... -
"" jv. wo 1 .UUL Hottv wi fl: Tf
away from England
1 t.t.ii) 11 1 . .
iiuu.0 r.uBla,u, let lIp 0H Venezuela.
ERIEMEDIDALM.:iir SXW ' L "".:VouK Tcxils -lopped
..,., im.win,, ic
It keei 011
growing, maybo It'll got up so's to
KIDlflA tin !.. .!.-.... 1 . .
inohfm 1 v ",u "" navo oinis
"" w"'b mp a King in I nests In IU"1
1 ri 1 nifinriif aii ija
Pritifir from Impure blood. If vou make
ia Djoou pure, you remove the cause and
e,ntU1.d!,8ease' Tha,t,s common, sensc
and medical sense and scientific sense.
I.SU. Leht learn a. thousand valuable
lessons about nreservinir vm,r i.i.i.i. k-
--,,- -oj - . v.u ujr
reaainp ur. 1'ierce's Common
Sense Medical Adviser, it u
... r; " . uiic-ccnr ters, 1001s ana edged tools o an
stamps to cover cost of mail.lnn.l r.n)rMi. ...I,... .i i.J:
in? only. It contains 1008 1 ZZa J" .X ".V:r . ?,"u
Salem Steam Laundry
Please notice the cut In prices
on the following
Shirts, plain 10 cents
Under drawers ,.,..5 to 10 cents
uuuer snirts , 5 to to cents
Socks, per pair 3 cents
Handkerchiefs 1 cent
Silk handkerchiefs , 3 cent
oneeis anu pillow sups 24 cents per dozen,
and other work in proportion.
Flannels and other work in'
telligently washed by hand,
Col, J, Olmsted Prop,
Bids for the erection of 1 buinl
lin.ii for linn. Phil Mctscbil A
plans and -Kcifictttowptcpudif'
llarrild. architect, will UiKem
den. where tlnj tnd Srito M
r ----. . . . m.. I
seen until 2 ociock p. m. ',,,
j j- --
. . .1 . j PiiOk
Ucst meats in mo 07,
lowest prices.
unitea sw "7 ", rvto
t w.htr nd Ste" vr?
u,;. It mei ioR?"5tl
rlnihes in less tbin W . M
D.byespress,FrW;"'5S :
in copper. FofHrBgJ
. .. !i
U6 State strccu
ies have been sold at $i.m
' ILn JVr.-a,nV!- Address World's DIs.
Office: ""."wr,,1
payable moath! J
rl.r v be aa " jst.
nn account of tPi,Vi it f
Mf unless SOBC? f.i-l;
ffeVe.fterw.ter J3&0'
furnished to 0&&l
i . . . . . r- AinMnc v.t . i.rfrfif-.
maue snoes. rntes ana running snoes care- "1""":-rc work rT- rf
fullv attended to. Cill it m imJ it 100 iralkl, briCK ,r p
Chemeketa street, back of New York Racket re.d "anitt "fgfe W
store. schedule 01 ni
- R. I. HERSCHBACH, l cP7'
I am prepared to do all kinds of work In
wood and iron. Repairing machinery of
any kind or making and repairing stone cut
ters, tools and edged tools of any kind made
pages and over 300 enprav- ifi u . .1 wwucr. xiorsesnoeinK,
fnes. 68aooorfoti;X..mfX.t,,e et lhat can bo done in towiw-hand
r -., v amwu uutfalo, N. Y.
, ,. A

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