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X" Rays
Of severest dial and test prove
In regard to Hood's Sarsaparllla
st, Greatest Merit
Secured by ft peculiar Combina
tion, Proportion and Process
unknown to others which
naturally and actually produces
d, Greatest Cures
Shown by thousands of honest,
voluntary testimonials which
naturally and actually produce
3d, Greatest Sales
According to the statements of
druggists all oyer the country.
In these three points Hood's ,
Barsaparllla Is peculiar to Itself.
Is the best It Is the One True Blood Yurlfler.
Hood's Pills MaaX8
For week ending; June 22, 1890:
Crops The weather has been most
favorable to all growing vegetation
The soil has been thoroughly soaked,
and with cool weather growth tiad
been retarded: under the Influence of
the wanner and clear weather the soil
tins dried out and vegetation has made
a wonderful growth during the past
two weeks. Haying ts now in progress,
and the weather Is perfect for that
work. The first cutting of alfalfa lias
been finished. Clover hay is yet be
ing cut. Orchard grass la roportcd by
some correspondents as being four
feet high. The correspondents, with
yery rare exception, report the hay
crop unusually heavy. This Is due to
the late rains followed by warm sun
shine. Haying will continue nil of
the present week. The grain crop Is
in good condition. Under tho In
llunccof tho presont weather It has
mado excellent growth. Fall-sown
wheat is heading out. The grain
sown In May Is doing very well, but it
must have showers for It to make tiay.
Oats are growing nicely. Ryo and
barley never had a bottor appearance.
Corn has Improved under tho Influence
of the warmer nights. Tho corres
pondents are almost unanimous In
tliclr reports as to the fine condi
tions of tho grain crop.
Shcepsliearlng is nbout over. Tho
correspondent from St. Paul, Marlon
county, reports a case of two sheep
giving 33 pounds of wool. Tho wool
.lately clipped is better than that
clipped In May, for the warm sun
shine brought out tho oil.
Hops are growing r.ipldly. Many
are to the top of tho poles already.
Those yards which have been well
worked have an excellent appearance.
The hop louso lias mado Its appear
ance In yards not being worked. Tho
current clear, warm weather will
cause tho hops tohavo n rapid grnwah,
and It Is also favorablo to the dovelop.
mentof the hop louse.
The vegatablcs have a good healthy
Growth. Potatoes planted early
have vines In bloom, and tho now po
tatoes aro large enough for tho
market. Lato planting of pota
toes is about finished, except on
the bottom land nlong tho Columbia,
and In this section planting cannot
be done until the water subsides.
Potatoes In tho overflow district can
bo planted as lato us July 10 and make
good yield. Tomatoes are In bloom
In the southern counties, and peas aro
are ripe. Cabbagc,caulllIower,onlons,
etc., are all growlncr finely. Tho
weather Is most favorable to, all vegc-
truu Cherries aro ripe. The in
jurious effects of the nhfinnmennl
April frosts and lato cool rains, ex-
l"uing almost to Juno 1, are now
showing most plainly. Tho cherry
"op has been seriously damaged.
Peaches, which at tho tlmo were re
Ported In these bulletins as having
n Injured, have not Improved.
The peach crop was more seriously in
jured than ever before.
The serious iniurv extends to nriinos.
apricots, pears and apples. Somo fruit
uinuo to drop, and there appears to
be no hope for tho fruit crop. The
irosts Injured the buds, tho cold rain
Prevented pollenlzlng and killed tho
embryo fruit. April and May aro tho
critical months for fruit, uud this
Kar was tho exception to tho saying
uiatthe weather in Oregon never In
dies fruit. Strawberries aro ripen
og rapidly and the markets aro filled
I ?Ltim' Borr,e3f all "kinds aro
Proline, and a largo amount of new
la'kis growing for tho crop of next
i w . y "Wto-Browera aro In hope
"at the injury to the crop this year
i prove a blessing, for it will cause
th,?031? tobe Laken w,th t,ie crop
"i will mature, and possibly tho
ravages of the insects may belessened,
--. w a Kreai enent ae8troyedf
" respondent's
as a rule, re-
n,iue grain and
fArtt. rtNna miat
Promising, and should favorable
prevail tho crops will be
nol wtr, weather conditions are
tiniV!f;.and fcwajwwert can be
Pected till autumn.. 'itB provable.
however, tliat stuttered stumers will
i -curl, fore ihe rurrenl week encK.
Warm wt tier r.ho.il'1 it -vail mtllll
Thursday or Friday aiU then cooler
mur nun piouauiy snowcrs
Of the Union 131mstal!lc Party, Salem,
Friday, June aC, i8oG.
Jn compliance with tho call Issued
for a state convention or the Union
Bimetallic party, at McMinnvllle,
Thursday, July 0, 1800, at 11 o'clock a.
m. the undersigned hereby unite in a
call for a mass convention orblinotal
llsts of Marlon county, to bo held at
Salem, Friday, June 20, 1800, at II
o'clock a. in. for the purpose of choos
ing 21 delegates to said convention,
and forming a permanent organiza
tion In this county. Wc therefore
earnestly call upon all men who favor
the uso of gold and silver as standard
money, und arc -opposed to the sluglc
gold standard, and favor tho free nnd
unlimited coimiso or both gold nnd
silver, to loin In a united effort In
convention and at tho ballot box
until this Is accomplished.
E.P. Morcomchalrman Lincoln Bi
metallic club, Woodburn.
It. P. Boise, Salem.
Salmon Brown, Salem.
II. II. Leu bo, Salem.
I). C. Sherman. Salem.
.1. B. Dlmlck, Hubbard.
j. Marsh, Salem.
Amos Strong, Salem.
J. Iv. Fnlrbank, Salem.
Chas. II. Burggraf, Salem.
L.E.Pratt, Salcim
D, C. Howard, Salem.
Guy M. Powers, Salem.
A. F. McAtec, Salem.
J. N. Ryan, Salem.
G. W. Ellis. Salem.
J. O. Bozorth, Salem.
G. S. Downing, Salem.
W. S. Mott, Salem.
T. L. Davidson, nnd many othcis.
$ioo Reward Sioo.
The readers of this paper wilt be pleased to
learn that there is at least one dreaded disease
that science has been able to cure In all its
tares. and that is catarrh. Hall's Catard)
Cure is the only positive cure now known to
the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a con.
stitutlonal disease, requires a constitutional
treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken
inte nally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system, thereby
destroying the foundation of the disease and
giving the patient strength by building up the
constitution and assisting nature in doing its
work The proprietors nave so much faith in
Its curative powers that they oflcr One Hun
dred dollars for any case that t falls to cure.
Send for list of testimonials. Address
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, 75c.
Special Rates.
Sco Bolso & Barker, agents for tho
O. R. & N. nnd Union Pacific railways
regarding special round trip rates to
tho Republican natloiral convention
at St. Louis, tho Democratic national
convention at Chicago, Peoples party
convention at St. Louis, national con
vention Y. P. S. C. E. at Washington,
D. 0., National educational Associa
tion at BufTalo, ft. Y., and G. A. R.
national encampment at St. Paul,
Minn. 0:8td-d&w
Crook county sheepmen met with a
very rocky reception over on the South
Fork In the southern part of Grant
county near Izco last week, and as a
result several bands of sheep turned
their courso and will not range on
Grant county's range this year. Tho
sheepmen wero adopting tho same
tactics, and wero going straight
through tho county regardless of
whoso rights they Infringed on. Tho
wagon, containing supplies to tho
amount of $1, COO, wero captured and
all piled in rt heap and burned. Such
treatment not being conducive to tho
good health of the intruders, they
and their bands retraced their tracks
back Into Crook county.
A normul institute Is tobe held at
Tho Dalles commencing on July 13
and continuing 4 weeks.
Did you ever won
der what that heavy
weight on one side
of a locomotive
wheel was there for?
Anyone who under
stands mechanics
knows the need of
a counterbalance to
equalize power and keep the machi.iery
going with a steady even motion. With
out it the machinery would wrench itself
out of shape. It is the same way with the
machinery of the human-body : it needs
to go on steadily and regularly to be in
good health not by fits and starts. The
sudden wrenching medicines which peo
ple sometimes take to overcome consti
pation, give a violent strain to the intes
tines which weakens them, so that the
costiveness is afterwards worse than be
fore. , ,
What costive people need is a natural
laxative like Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets
which are powerful without being vio
lent. They move the bowels gradually
and comfortably but surely. You can
regulate the dose one, two or three
Pellets "exactly as you need. They
strengthen the intestines to do their own
work, so that after their movements have
become regular they keep on naturally
of themselves.
The "Pleasant Pellets" gently stimu
late and invigorate the liver to throw off
biliousness ; and tone up the stomach to
secrete the digestive juices, and oyer
come dyspepsia. The entire digestive,
or alimentary, tract is put in motion in
the regular steady way of nature and
health. This fa what makes the Pleas
ant Pellets" so immensely superior to
the numerous purging pills which wrench
and weaken the system. Druggists may
get spre profit out of t&ese other pills
but yt don't,
The " Pleasant Pellets " are tiny sugar
coated granules 40 or more in a little
one-inch vial tightly- corked, hence, al
ways fresh and reliable.
Bend si one-cent stamps to cover cent of malt
ing; tj. and gt hU crest book. , The : People's
Common SneMeiJcrAdTlrr.JWr,
Address. World's SUMsunr Medical Assoc!
for Infants and Children.
THIR'a' t reara' ooterrntlon af Castorla -with tha patronage- of
million of yersons. permit tss to speak cf It wltheHt gwesilag.
It in nnqneatlonauly tho teat remedy for Infant sm& ChllJrett
tho world has ever known. It Is harmless Children Hko It. It
gives thorn health. It will snro their lives. In it Mothers have
omothlng Tffhloh Is olnolntcly ssdo vnj praotloolly perfect no a
child's mediolno.
Cantoria doatroy Wionas.
Cantorla allays gevorUhaem.
Castorla prevents vomiting Sonr CnrJ.
Castorla cnron Plnrrhma nnd Wind Colle,
Castorla relieve Teething Troubles.
Castorla cares Constipation rtad Flatolcney.
Castorla aaatralltos the offocta of caroonlo. nolfl gas or poljOHoas alf.
Castorla does not contain morphlno, opium, or other aarootlo property.
Castorla assimilates the food, regulate the stomach and tooweln.
giving healthy and natural sleep.
Castorla Is pnt sp In OHo-atco Bottles only. It ii not cold la hulk.
Don't allow any one to soil yon anything elso on the plea or promise
that It is "jast as good" nnd "vlll answer every purpose"
Sob that you pet OA - S - T - O
The ftto-ntn:ilo
algnatnrc of
Children Cry for
Now That
Summer Is Here
there is no reason fur any longer
postponing that eastern trip.
Everything is In your favor.
Kates are low weather ts
pleasant our service is better
than ever.
Maps, time tables and full
Information about the "best"
way to reach Omaha, St. Joseph,
Kansas City. St. Louis and
Chicago on application to the
neatest ticket agent or by
Through Tickets
Union Pacific System.
Through Pullman Palace Sleepers. Tour U
Sleepers and Frco Reclining Chairs daily
Our trains are heated bv steam and ia
lighted by I'inlsch light.
Time to Chicago, 3 1.:. Jays
Time to New York. 4 1-3 davs.
Which is many hours quicker than com
petito'ii.Jf For rates, time tables and full information
apply to
Agents, Salem, Or."
General Agent Dist. Pass. Agent
135 Third Street, Portland.
ohc-hiu? sue of sox
I has bn thfc standard for forty rears sn4 '
. u more pepuur uwij uu erer Daiuro.
I Is tbs Idsal complexion powdar baatlf jIds-, 1
refreihlnr. clssnlr. tiealUiful and busileu.T
.-..... . ..it: ... - .. m ,. -j
a atucaie, uiyumic mvitcuon w uw lucm.
WUU every Skjx of reHtro.t VH a sa i
ttX tm gliess tree ttt eliirge.
- It - I - A.
" IsOHovory
Pitcher's Castoi-ia.
Pullman Sleeping Cars.
EleganUDininor Cars
Tourist Sleooln0" Can
To fct. Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth, rargo,
(j'rand Forks, Grookston, Winnipeg,
Helena and Uulte,
To Chicago, Washington, Philadelphia, New
York, lloston, and all Points
East an'l South
For Information, time cards, maps an
tickets, call on or write r .. ii.l
265 Commercial srreet, Salem, Or.
A. D. Charlton, Asst. Gen'l. Pass. Act,,
Morrison st.. corner Third Portland, Or.
Eastern R, H. Company
""fnnn-llnrT nl Vflnuln HV wllll the h'
Franciwo & Yaqulna lUy Steamship Co.
. Sails from Yaquina every 8 days for San
Francisco. Coos hay, Port Orford, Trlntdud
and llnmbolt liay.
Passenger accommodations unsurpassed.
Shortest route between the Willamette valley
and California,
Fare from Albany or Jln" lw' to Ban
Francisco i Cabin, JO; steerage, $41 to Coos
Dsy and Port Orford, cabin 16; to Humboldt
Bay, cabin 8j round trip, good 6a days, sje
Steamers "Alban)' and "Wm. M. Hoag,"
newly furnished, leave Silem daily, except
Saturdays, at II a m arriving at Portland
the same day at 5 p ra. Returning boats
leave Portland same day as above at 6a. rr..,
arriving at Salem st 3 p m.
EDWIN STONE, Manager, Ccrvallls, Or.
J. C. MAYO, Supu River Division.
M. P. BALDWIN. Local Agent.Allona Dock
j 1 irfjn laoUonoo
Wx?8 !'. iv.'.;vrr.rr
vvt' awi a
l I'll WMl.
im, 1. JUl.'t, VI UlIH
U. v." ' CUMII
V'TV .. ,tuill
Lr '",'rTKn
Im.1lI IiJ IIi'UItkUIl
"r ( lu aln wrfiJf)
CUculsr mo uu tnuott.
TH6 Capital Journa
docs not lo n lottery business to swell
Its circulation; but In addition to
Hi vlnu value received, It gives Its sub
scribers valuable premiums.
Now Is tho tlmo to order your road
intr matter, and it will pay you to no
tice tho following sncclal offers.
Any ono of tho following four peri
odicals free, ono your, to any sub
scriber of TIIE JOURNAL who pays
91.130 In advanco for tho dally, by car
rier, three months, (GO cents a month)
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tho best 101 pago Illustrated fashion
magazino of Now York frco for ono
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nnd tho chennest combination over of
fered. Tho "Queen" la a high-class
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A practical farm paper, edited by a
stall of cxporlonccd agricultural
writers, contributed to by tho best
known agriculturists of tho country.
It contains what tho fnrmor wants.
A handsomo, attractive, 'homo pa
per, to which ovory woman will glvo
a hearty welcome.
That 'groat' national Fnowspapor,
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The dcllL'htful Chicago children's
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tho llttlo ones of tho homo circle. It
brings tho kindergarten Into tho
home. Song, games and story, Ilea it
tlfully Illustrated, 91 a year, Pub
lished by tho Ktnuorgartcn Lltcraturo
Co. six months.
A book by E. Horer, on tho rotten
primary system, price 25 cents. Can bo
had Instead of any of tho abovo premiums.
He Cliili Hen.
For 25c
Dally ono mouth,
Weekly three
50 Cents
will get you tho Dally until after
election, or tho Weekly until Janu
ary 1, lbU7.
Our Great Features
THE JOUItNALIspio-euilnently
a paper for th peoplo, In news, poll
tics and editorial opinions.
Farm Department
Tins JOUllNALi docs not pretend
to bo an agricultural paper, but
keeps up a well-edited farm depart
ment, by a compoteut farmer, who
knows tho needs of tho Oregon
farmer. It also contains correct
market reports.
Woman's Department
IOTA largo volume of social uows and
good homo matter of Interest to the
fomlnlno part of tho family Is ono
of tho attractlvo features of THE
.TOUltNAL, tho only nowsnapcr In
Oregon employing a lady editor. ,
Youth's Department
This featuro Is ono of great valuo
to n family with boos and girls.
TIIE JOURNAL will not Dullish
wishy-washy stutt In this depart-
an entertaining and educating char
A Modern Ncwsoaocr
TIIE JOUItNAL is tho tint nnd
nnd only paper In Oregon to meet
1110 nam nines oy reducing tnoprico
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premium list belew:
Of any of thcsoj-publlcatlons cnn bo
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ing Til is JuuiiNAL twlco as long ns
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whon tho extremely low prlco of
TIIE JOUItNAL is considered, this
will bo found tho most liberal offer
maue oy any paper on tho coust.
Salem, -t
m 11 nils
Shasta Route,
Southern Pacific Co,
Cahlornla Esprcss I'rslif-Kun dan between
m umanu nnd pan 1'rsnctsco.
8130 p. m.
1'ori.ana at,
Salem Iv.
San Fran. Iv,
ll:oo p. in.
fc"e.rf i Albany Albany function, Tannent
bhedds, llahey, Harrisburg, Junction City,
Eugene, Creswell, Drain, and all stations
from Roseburg to Ashland, Inclusive.
r...aM sntnn
I North
8:30 a.m.
11:00 n.m.
C:20 p.m.
Iv. Sillntit lv.
4:40 n.m.
2:20 p.m
nr. Koseb'g lv.
8:00 a.m.
"Worth1 "
4:00 p.m.
o:ir p.m.
ar. fa'nlom lv.
10:16 a.m.
8:00 a.m.
and second-class sleeping cars attached to all
inrougn trains.
Between Portland and Corvallls, dally (e
il'i .juuuttjr, j
7130 a.m. I Lv.
laiiSp.m.f Ar.
Ar. 1 6iao p. mi
Lv ' 1 11c n. m.
At Albanv and ftirvallln pim .iit.
"'' of Oregon Central & Eastern Railroad.
Express train dally except Sunday
4:45 P. rn
7"S I', m.
Lv. Portland
8135 a. m.
5:50 a, m.
to all points In the Eastern Staiei. rna.l
d Europe can be obtained at lowest raid
tm W.W. SKINNER, Agent, Salem.
E. P, ROGERS, Asst. G. K & p. A
R. KOEHLER, Manager. '
& St. Paul By.,
Of the IChlcago, ;Htlwsukee and iSt. Paul
Ilnllwav anil nnln If. Mnnllm ...lit. .11
transcontinental lines at St. Paul and Omaha,
anu romemuer vriien going east that Its tru'is
are lighted -wills electricity and heated by
!earm' It equipment Is .superb. Elegant
Mullet, library, smoking and sleeping cars,
with free reclining chairs. Each sleeping
car beithhas sn electric reading lamp, ami
Its dtnlnf ran urn ih lu.i 1b )- ..1.i
Other lines are longer than this, but Bene
SnS (rnrta n.l k As.Aa AfT.. . t . .
,v uuov,, miu uu uiucr uuen me auove IHX
urloui acerjmmttlattnni nliu, . uficr
reasons for the popularity of "Tha Milwau
kee." Coupon ticket agents In every rail
road office will glvo yon further Information,
or address
C. T. EDDY, General Agent,
J. W. CASEV, Trav. rais. Agent.
0. R. & N. CO.
Two Transcontinental
Via Spokane Minneapolis St'Paulnd Den-'
ver Omaha and Kansas Cilv.lkLowl rates la
Portland San Fiancisco,
Steamers leave Alnsworth dock. Portland
May 17, 33, 37 and June !, 6, u, 16, 31, 36J
rare Cabin, $5; steerage, 53,50.
Steamers Ruth and Elmore for Portland
dally except Sunday at 10 a, m,
For Corvallls dally except (Sunday at t3iJo
For Eugene Monday and Thursday at 3$.
lowest freight and passenger rates. Kwsd
trip tickets very cheap. Tickets sold and
baggage checked through to ll points with,
out extra transfer charges,
For full details call cm Uolss A Hrkr
agents, Sattm, Oiegon, or address.
Gen'l Pas, Agt. Fert!, Of
For full details call on or add
Foot of Tradest. Local vae4.
(H'ierTATKRUg lot o. Hw
brown wrapping pajwr for saie cms. yn
the thing forputting und cojmU, CaH of
Journal cce. . t
Cliicago, Milwaukee,
HUavlntiKAPOLi " "' , " """".
ftltf TMItWAUKKirM
j i
3 I
yff w - ifews-sa-

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