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ie Democracy at Chicago ;Br
Invention Without Any
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Other Things',
California Gets the Presiding
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he Oliver uemeiii3
High Handed.
Are Too
Iicaqo, J iiiy . tiio convention
ailed to order at 10:oi a. m. The
onimlttcc on platform lias agreed
icdnift, and it Is now belli,' read
Ie full coiinnlttcc.
kg flglit Is expected in the con-
Bon louuy. tiio -murine says:
igoldmeii are expected to bolt,
akenseparuto action at thecom-
ilcctlon." It also says "that tlio
third rule Is likely to be nbro-A."
:30a. m. Only about one-third of
delegates have arrl ved. Senator
(e of California, will permanently
Ide over the convention. The
llicr Is clear and warm.
nenty.foiir of Pennsylvania's dcle-
have decided to vote for Bland.
Is said the commltteo on creden-
i have decided to throw out tho
delegates from Michigan and
braskn. The platform will declare
llhe free and unlimited coinage of
land silver at a ratio of 10 to 1;
enounces the Issuance of govern-
it bonds In times of peace? It de
lta that the power to Issuo notes
p'd bo taken away from tho
fonal banks; It declares for tariff
revenue only; It demands tho en-
uent of a constitutional amend
ptto permit nn Income tax; It ex-
I or Immigration of pauper labor; It
I favors liberal nenslons to old seldier:
denounces the Pacific funding bill;
It opposes the third term ror president
to any one man; It denounces tho ex
travagance of Mio last Republican
The sorgoiint-ut-urtiw was ordered
to allow no one on the lloor except
at 10:.'!0 ji. si
The convention Is awaiting tlie re
port of the committees. None seem
ready. Tho committee on Credentials
was called on to meet In the commit
tee room Immediately.
A Bland marching club Just en
tered. Crowd cheering, Governor
Hogg, or Texas, was requested to ad
dress the convention. Hogg took the
platform amid cheers, band playing
HoggndvoenUid f rlendllnessof spirit
among the delegates to tho convention
and hereafter. He predicted success
in November ir the democratic party
would work liarinlonlously together.
Ho said tho people will not tolerate
the return or tho republican party to
power. Iloug denounced tho republic
an platform as a mass of glittering
generalities to the public. He de
nounced protection as only In the In
terest of the wealth and against the
fanner and workingman. He charged
that a republican corruption fund was
bolng formed for tho carrying of Illi
nois, Ohio and other states.
Hogg advocated tree coinage of sil
ver and denounced tho Republican
financial platform as in the Interest
of foreign nations. Ho read tho
plank of tho Republican platform of
181)2 at Minneapolis, favoring bimet
allism and said If It meant anything
It wusgold and silver on equal terms.
Ho llnlshcd by"asklng that nil sores
bo healed after the convention and
the party will march onto victory.
There were cries for Hill, Altgeld
and Blackburn. Amid confusion
Monroe, of Mississippi, moved that
Blackburn, of Kentucky, bo requested
to address tho convention. (Cheering
over cntlro hall.) Motion carried
Blackburn took the platform and
began his address. Ho said a major
ity of tho American peoplo were suf
fering and looked to this convention
to right Its wrongs. Ho said the peo
plo will no longer submit to class
legislation. (Cheering.)
The platform should bo such that
human or devilish Ingenuity cannot
es sympathy for tho Cubans as bo made to construe it to mean but
tercntsjlt demands tho restriction ' one thing, and that unlimited coinage
iuw York
Itliout rilscrlml-
should show that
of perpetuating
a national hank or a untloiial banking
Institution. Christ drove from the
temple a better set of men than those
In control or our money ror many
Bryan Is not present. Altgeld was
asked to address the convention.
Thcie were cheers and confusion.
Hill was asked to address the con
vention butthecouruslon was Increas
ing. Hill was not in the hall. Over
mcyer, or Kansas, In addressing the
convention says the seat of empire
was yesterday transferred from tho
Atlantic states to the great Mississ
ippi valley. Altgeld did not respond
to loud calls.
Senator Daniel called the convention
to order at 10:110. When all were seat
ed It was round the spaces icser ved for
New York, Massachusetts. Maine.
Maryland and New .Tcrsev delegations
wero practically vacant. The. threat
or a boltcamo home with a realizing
scnse,but It wuscxplalncd the delega
tions were still In conrcrenco discuss
ing the situation. Rev. Francis Ed
ward Green, Episcopal minister of
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, delivered the
prayer Invocations.
Chicago, July 8. Tho New York
delegation, after an exciting confer
ence, this morning decided not to bolt.
There was no vote but the sentiment
was strongly against It. Perry Bel
mont was In favor of Immediate with
drawal, as was congressman Gcorgo B.
Lenders feel much doubt whether
balloting on candidates would begin
today. If the declsslon In the Michi
gan contest and adoption of tho plat
form went through with any sugges
tion of high-handed or arbitrary pro
cecduro, then the .latent feeling for
rebellion was right. Among presi
dential candidates there was Uttlo
change. Leading candidates seemed
to have reached their full strength
and comoto a standstill.
Today Micro was less of demonstra
tions than there has been, Tho per
sonal clement surrounding candidates
has given placo to u tcr.so feeling
over tho lssuo between tho gold nnd
silver forces, as It ncars tho culminat
ing point. Moreover, there appeared
to be a' lack of that personal magnet
ism among candidates which Inspires
the convention crowds'to genuine enthusiasm.
has just received a very large ship
ment of goods direct from New Yorfc.
In It they have the latest stylo fur
Fedora hats, and straw huts of all
sizes. Summer underwear for ladles
and gents, hosiery, ribbons, laccs.lace
curtains, embroideries, tablo linen,
bed spreads, towels, crash, table oil
cloths, laundrled, negligee and work
shirts, suspenders, gloves, handker
chiefs, overalls and Jackets. Wc al
ways keep a lino lino of clothing for
men nnd boys, and tho celebrated
shoes of all kinds and sizes. All best
grades warranted. Call und save 15 to
25 per cent.
- Tho committee on order of business
adopted rules, that after Introduc
tion of tho permanent presiding olll
cer, Senator Stephen II. White of
California, tho llrst business would bo
the report of tho credentials commlt
teo, embracing bitter contests over
Michigan. Then report on platform,
next speeches placing candidates In
nomination nnd tlnnlly balloting.
Tho cholco of Senator White gave
general satisfaction, even tho gold
men acknowledging his Jltness as pre
siding 6 Ulcer. Tho report on tho
Michigan case Is to bo the signal for
tho opening of tho conflict today.
Two reports are ready. That from
the mujorlty seats tho eight silver
contestants, thereby giving a total of
twenty silver men, out of 28, In tho
Michigan delegation, und linger the
unit rule, swinging tho entire 28 Into
tho silver column. Tho minority re
port favors tho retention of the eight
gold candidates.
The contest on the platform
promises another heated debate.
There has never been a doubt that
tho silver men would Inject a 10 to 1
plank Into tho platform, but us a re
sult of the meeting of the committee
on platform last night there wero
added several new personal elements.
Tho commltteo on credentials has
reported and the convention has ad
journed until 5 p. m.
Chicago, Jnly 8. Tho, committee
on resolutions, adopted by a vote of .30
to 14. tho platform ns reported by llio
subcommittee. There will be no j
minority report on the money plank, j
Tlie money plank of the majority ie-
port says that artcr denouncing the
actor 187.1 and declaring foropposltldn
to the single gold standard.
"We demand the Immediate restor
ation or. a free nnd'unllmitcd coinage
oi goui ami sliver at inc present- ic
rutlu of 1(1 In 1. wlthniit, wnltlmr
the aid orcousont of any other nation.
What Is Paid and What
Fed State Charges.
We demand that tho standard silver
legal tend.r,
pi lilt
Report of Superintendent Paine for
dollar shall be full
equally with gold for all debts,
lie and nrivatc. add Wc favor
legislature us will prevent tho deuiSii-!
Izatlon of all kinds of legal tender '
money by nrivatc contract. i i
"Wcare opposed to tho policy .ami !8"crl..tendontor the Insane asylum,
iiii.li.rm.tl.... nf ...rn.ml.Hnv in ,!, ' WIS lipprOVed by tllO board f Asyllllll
Dr. 1). A. Pain's report for June, as
holders of obligations of tno U. S. tho
option, reserved by. law to govern
ment of redeeming such obligations
in either in silver or gold coin.
"We uro opposed to the Issuing of
Interest-bearing bonds of the U. SJ In
time of pence, and condom tratllclug
with banking syndacutcs which in
exchange for bonds nt enormous pro
lit to themselves to supply federal
treasury with gold to maintain
policy of gold monometallism.
"Congress alone has power to coin
and Issue money, and President Jack
son declared that this power could not
bo delegated to corporations or Indi
viduals. Wo therefore demand ttiat
the power to Issuo notes bo taken
from the banks nnd that all paper
shall bo Issued directly by the treasury
department. Wo hold that tho tariff
duties should, bo levied solely for the
purpose of revenue nnd that taxation
should be limited by the needs or tho
government, honestly and economic
ally administered. Wo denounco as
disturbing to buslncss,tho Republican
threat to restore tho McKlnley law.
Until tho money question la settled
wo nro opposed to any ngltatlou for
further changes In our tariff laws
excopt such as arc necessary to make
up tho deficit in revenue, caused by
tho adverse decision of the supreme
court on the income tax.
The committee on credentials hav
ing at last agreed on a partial report,
the chairman, Mr. Atwood of Kansas,
was Introduced and read tho report.
It found tho temporary roll correct,
save us to Michigan and Nebraska.
In tho Nebraska report It stated that
the silver delegates, hcuded by Bryan,
were entitled to scuts. The statement
was greeted with a storm of applause.
The commltteo asked for further tlmo
todccldo tho Michigan contest.
T. J. Mahony, oTlo of tho gold dele
gates from Nebraska, made a brief
speech of protest. He and his col
leagues, ho said, would not bo thrown
out and they marched out, Tho re
port of the commltteo was ndoptcd by
.a viva voce vote.
"Just Tell Them You Saw Me," was
being played as .tho Bryan delegation
marched in. A big banner accom
panied tho delegation. A huge purple
banner of tho Bryan club was carried
to tho platform and planted In full
view of tho audience.
Maceo Reported Killed.
Havana, July, 7. It Is reported
front Santiago do Cuba that Joso
Mucco, tho well-known Insurgent
leaden and brother nf Antonio Maceo,
has been killed. Insistent rumors
have been circulated that Joso Maceo
died in tho last engagement in which
ho took part In Santiago do Cuba,
Canadian Premier,
Ottawa July 8. It was exacted
that Sir Charles Tupper would resign
last night, but at a lute hour he said
he had no Information to give to tho
press on tho subject. It wus believed
that Sir Charles would resign today,
rrcmler Laurier Is expected here
A big live rattlesnake Is displayed
In Stclner'sdrug store window.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castorl.
trustees. The per capita expenses Is
tho lowest yet reached In tho history
of the Institution, except at one time
under Dr. Rowland's administration,
which It lias bcon alleged was due to
a failure on tho part of the bookkeeper
to take Into account all the Items of
expeuso In milking up his report. Tho
statistics of the report are us follows.
Patients, May 111 1,070
Received during June 38
Escapes returned It
Under care and treatment 1,111
DIschcrged ns recovered 10
Discharged as Improved !
Discharged as much Improved... 7
Discharged as not improved 4
Died ! 8
Eloped 4
Patients remaining, June .'10. . . . 1,008
Average dully number 1,070
Oniccrsand employes 12(1
For articles consumed. . . .$4,288 0.1
Monlly per capita oxpen. 8 71 1-5
Daily per capita expense. 20 2-5
Tlie payroll, If published, would
show that the salary of Mr. J. Snyder,
ward attendant, was raised to $27.50
per month; Miss L. II. McIInMo, dis
continued; Miss I. A. Rundlctt, ap
pointed extra attendant nt $25 per
month; Mrs. C. M. Slltcs, laundress,
resigned, and Mrs. Nellie Luckcy
placed I n'eliargo of-laundry; Mrs. S.
B. Covey appointed temporary attend
ant at $25 per month; W. W. Yantls
employed at Cottage farm nt $25 per
month; A. F. Stowe appointed ward
attendant nt $25; Miss Jcniiio Nor
wood, discontinued ns attendant; Mrs.
M. B. Ilcnslcy promoted to hend at
tendant, ward 21; Miss Mamlo Ta
torn, extra attendant, discontinued;
Charles Tllson, appointed attendant,
$27.50; James lloljlnctt employed at
Cottngo farm, $25; Miss Lydla John
son, tablo girl, $25; J. W. Driver, re
signed. A detailed statement of meats used
shows that, In addition totwelvo hogs
und nlno veal slaughtered ns asylum
products, there wero used twenty head
of cattle, costing $150.80, or an aver
age of 4 cents per pound. Beef and
veal in addition wus purchased to tho
amount of $00.00; hum and bacon to
tho amount of $03. 10, and hogs to tho
amount of $52.03. Tho expenditures
for incuts, deducting $55.13 for hides
sold, was $577.88.
Tho steward's report for tho quar
ter shows what vegetable und fruit
have been raised on tho asylum prem
ises, the amount of ground cultivated,
nnd tho articles manufactured.
Tho board awarded thuf uriilshlng or
supplies to tho Institution for tho six
months ending Dcccmber31,lS9). Tho
successful bidders were:
Dry goods, J. J. Dalyrmplc, $470 13;
crockery, J. G. Wright, $10 50; drugs,
$81 05; hardware, It. M. Wado & Co.,
910 80; plumbing, Knox & Murphy,
$13 03; spices, Gilbert & Patterson,
$34 30: tobacco, Gilbert & Patterson,
$351; groceries, Gilbert & Patterson
$2817 85; shoes and slippers, Kradsso
Bros.l$270;tlsh. Stelucr market, 0 to 71
cents pcrpound;mcut,McCrow & S ten
sion, at $3 05 per hundred; Hour,
Thomas Johnson, of Aumsrlllc, at
$248 per hundred;grahain ilour,Thom
as Johnson, at $2 48.
Feed the Nerves
Upon pure, rich blood and you need not fear
neiviiUt proitralion, Nerve are weak when
they are improperly and liuufTiciently
nourUhed. Pure blood Ii their proper food,
and puru blood comet by taking Hood's
Sartaparilla, which it thut the grcatett and
bett nerve tonic. It alto build up the whole
tyttem. " "
Hood's Pills are the favorite family
cathartic, city to take, easy to operate.
elded that the
In charging
Decided by Judge
Other Entries.
Judge Hewitt rendered a verbal de
cision Tuosday In tho case of J. II.
Albert, administrator or the estate or
T. MoF. Pulton, deceased, vs. the
heirs and estate of the same decedent,
which was be fore him on appeal from
the county couit. Three points were
curried up viz: tho propriety of charg:
Ing tho administrator with $.140 In
terest on moneys belonging to the
estate and held by him; the allow
ance or $350 attorneys' fees to Shaw
& Hunt, and the allowance of costs
In favor of the heirs as against the
Judge Hewitt do
probate court erred
the administrator
with any interest and In render
ing judgment against hfm for costs in
curred by the heirs. On the question
of Interest and costs against Mr. Al
bert tho lower court was reversed.
On tho third question that of at
torney's fee- the lower court wus sus
tulncd and the fee was fixed at $150 be
cause of no itemized statement or such
services having beon made. In addi
tion to this Judge Hewitt allowed Mr.
Albert his costs or tho appeal to bo
paid out of tho estate. The (hidings
wero withheld from the clerk In order
to give tho attorney for the Pat ton
heirs a furtherhcurlugoiithoqucsttou
of the costs of tho appeal.
The case of M. W. Wirt vs. the
Oregon Wholcsalo Nursery Co., A.
McGlll, M. McDonald, the Capital
National bank and J. II. Albert, was
sottled by stipulation. It was agreed
thnt u deciee shall bo forewltli entered
wherein it was decided that tho chat
tel mortgage mentioned In tho com
plaint shall bo valid and binding and
a lien on the property described, and
thnt neither party shall recover costs
and disbursements and that Mr. Al
bert and tho Capital Natlonnl bank
shall apply, In payment of notes 'se
cured by tho chnttcl mortgugo upon
which plaintiff makes and endorses,
all moneys received by defendants
from J. C. Johnson, tho receiver, and'
that tho suit bo dismissed.
Jcsslo A. Rohrcr vs Chus. F. and
Isabel Simon, suit In equity to sot
nsldc fraudulcnttrnnsfcrof rcnlcstntc;
motion to set tho findings aside over
ruled and decree rendered on findings.
S. 11. Parrlsh vs, Mnttlo A. Parrlsh;
suit toocciuro trust; motion to con-
tlnuo granted.
Uofer Si Zorn vs. J. M. Kecno etui.;
foreclosure; demurrer overruled.
P. S. Kmght Elected Superintendent of
the Mutes Other Elections.
This morning tho state board of
education, composed of Gov. Lord,
Sccrotnry Klncnld and Supt. Irwin,
held Its annual meeting, at which
occurred tho olectlon of oftlcora of tho
miito school and tho blind school.
For superintendent tho board selected
P. S. Knight, who wus for many years
ut the head or tho school, und Mrs.
Knight was chosen matron. Thoy
tnko churgo ut onco und after Mr.
Knight makes a report on tho tho
needs nnd condition of tho school, tho
remaining olllcers will bo selected.
"I'lin fflVtllflK .1.1(1 . Inlm.... .' .Iij.
iiiu iiiiiiiui nun n uiuviul HiU mo
only employes who nro to remain
there during vacation.
Tho charges In the Bhollbcrg case,
substantially us given In tho Jouit
nal, linve been Hied with -tho board.
Supt. und Mrs. J. L. Carter and tho
full corps of teachers at tho blind
school wero re-elected.
He Had a "Cinch" On His Prospective
Fro in the following clipping, taken
from tho San Francisco Chronicle of
July 0, It appear Unit Cohen had a
"cinch" on his prospective ruthcr-ln-law
that virtually did a great deal to
wards gaining his freedom. The art
icle from tho Chronicle Is ns follews:
Meyer Cohen, the alleged Journalist
and delinquent bridegroom accused of
forgery, Is out or Jail and will doubt
less remain so.
Ho demanded his release rrom the
Salem, Or., authorities tonight, und
wus promptly sot at liberty, whether
lie will return to this city or not Is a
matter or conjecture, but so fur ns tho
grave charges which havo been piled
up against him uro concerned, ho Is
free to begin llfo nfrcsh.
When Cohen lied from this city some
Works iiitm Im tviiu wnntiwl ri- Llnm.
und his friends In Snn Joso,threatcneti
vengeance ror tno cruel desertion or
his tlauceo.
Chief of Police Llovil. wlm wn in.
cllntd to be merciful, mado no particu
lar effort to capture tho fugitive. Asa
Grcenbergor Sun Jose, father of the
girl, whom Cohen wus to liavo married,
at llrst announced his determination
to bring tho youth back nt his own ex
pense, hut ho gradually coolcd'down,
and finally refused to act In the mat
ter at all.
Greenborg's sudden chnngo of front
Is said to be due to tho fact that Ahrn
hnuison Brothers of this clty.on which
Cohen hud passed a bogus clicck,wroto
a letter addressed to tho young man
ut Sun Jose, In cure of his prospective
rathor-ln-law, the contents or which
became known to the Greenberg
Cohen immediately threatened
Greenberg with the Institution of pro
ceedings against him ror having open
ed a letter addressed toanothor unless
his hostility ceiibod. Tills made tho
deadlock complete, and the torrent of
charges which threatened to deluge
MoycrCoIion resolved ltscir Into n stag
nant puddlo of meaningless threats.
Cohen's turn to act camo then, and
lio walked out of the Snlcm Jull frco
und unpursucd.
Mr. Cohen expects to leuvo the lutlor
part of this week for his Cullfornla
And Accounta of County Treasurer Minto.
Tuesday evening nt soven o'clock
Prof. W. I.Stuhlcy and Scott Bozorth,
former assistant postmnstor,bcgan the
work of exporting tho books and ac
counts or County Treasurer JapMlnto.
They are uppolntcd to this work by
tho county court uccordlng to tho
general custom.
Treasurer Brown is In charge of ills
olllco but is stamping warrants
"not paid for want of funds."
Tho treasurer's books pro being ex
ported In tho county Judgo's room,
from tho beginning of Mr. Mlnto's
NoticeAttention Republicans.
To tho Republican clubs of Marlon
Ceunty: At tho requestor a number
of prominent Republicans In different
parts of .tho county. I hereby call a
meeting of the Marlon county Repub
lican clubs at tho hall of tho ISuIem
Republican club July 18, 101)0, at 1:30
p. m. for tho purposo of organizing
for tho present campaign. I would
suggest that representatives to this
meeting bo elected from each club us
follewn: One for tho club und ono for
each ten members thereof.
Claud Gatcii,
Vice-president Republican League of
Call for Warrants.
County TnKAfluuK'B J,
Offici:, Maiiion County, i
Notice Is hereby glyen that I havo
funds on hand to pay all warrants Is
sued, up to Aug. 1, 1805, and Interest
on tho same will stop from ditto of
this notice Jai Minto,
County Treasurer.
Dated Juno 11, 1800. 08d w
Will Be Contested Oyer o Suit in the
Circuit Court.
J. II. Albert got a restraining ordor
of Judge Burnett of tho circuit court
this morning, enjoining City Marshal
Dilley from aguln forcibly tearing
down or destroying by forco the fences
on Mission street belonging to Albert.
Tho petition Is In Mr. Albert's own
hutulwrltc,nnd a bond for $1000 Blgned
by John H. and Jos. II. Albert Is at
tached. 'J ho city has ten days to an
swer by Its attorney. Geo. G. Bingham.
Tho city marshull Is thus relieved
of the disagreeable duty of enforcing
tho city's orders, against Mr. Albort'a
wishes. " Mr. Dilley feels much re
ltovcd and thinks it Is tho only proper
way to sottle tho mutter.
Notico to Our Patrons.
We, tho barbers of Salem desire to
notify our patrons, that on and after
the llrst day of July, wo have adopted
the following rules: Behoving thut
tho barbers as tradesmen, are entitled
to ono day of each week, us a duy of
rest, we have organized ourselves Into
a mutual agreement ns follews:
Thut wo closo our doors ut 6 In tho
evening, of each day excopt on Satur
day, when wo will remain open for
business until 12 o'clock, and that wo
keep our doors closed on Sunday; also
wo have udopted a uniform scale of
prices. Gko. Baldwin,
T. W. Fowlku, Secretary. 0-30tC
Committkk .Meeting. Uhalrmau
Geo, W. Davis, of tho Ropubllcaii
county cent nil commltteo has called
u meeting of tho members of thut
body to meet Thursday, July 0, at
Salem, for tho closing up of tho busi
ness of tholato campaign. 25t
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U.S. Gov't Report.
C ! Powder
. uihUftttttJtMn i-J. ' -rf.tJiLi.j,,'ii ,-;,

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