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Hi n--"-'f '--'- J-. i--
With Hood BSareapa- fH g
.bow that this modi- 1 1.
clno has enjoyed public confldenco and
patronage to a creator cxtont than accord
ed any other proprietary medicine. This
1j simply bccaUBo It poascsaea greater
merit and produces greater cures than
any other. It la not what wo nay, but
what Hood's Baraaparllla docs, that tolls
tho story. All advertisements of Hood's
Sarnaparllla, llko Hood's BaraaparlUa It
self aro honest. Wo havo novor dccolvod
tho public, and this with Its suporlatlvo
medicinal merit, Is why tho peoplo havo
abiding confldenco In It, and buy
Almost to tho exclusion of all others. Try It
Prepared only by 0. 1. Hood & Co., Coweil, Mass.
" ,,,, oro tho only pill to tuo
HOOP S HllIS with Hood's Hnranimrll .
One quarter of tho meat eaten .by
England. Is Imported.
Don'!, try to breed up from a scrub
but net good blood and Improve Unit.
It lias taken four years to stamp out
plcuro-pneumonla in Australia.
Ilupc Is one of tho llncst green foods
for pigs, There Is more fattening
qualities in ra,)o than in clover.
Tlie number of beet sugar factories
In Sweden has increased from four In
18!M to eighteen at tho present time.
Corn, sorghum and cow peas make
nu of the best combinations for green
folder, to tide over the dry season.
Don't forget that all the rape seed
us J in this country Is Imported.
Tli to Is no reason why lb cannot bo
successfully grown In Oregon.
Never allow tho development of n
pig to lag from start to finish. Here
in lies one of the principle points In
making a 0 months old 200 pound hog.
A Michigan fruit grower finds that
If fruit trees arc pruned In September
the linilH and twigs left develop much
stronger rrult-buda for tho next sca
son,tunn trees unpruticdor not pruned
till winter or spring.
There arc 40,000 farmers In Minne
sota that patronize creameries. The
creameries turned out 27,000 pounds
of butter in 1893, valued at $j,-J00,000.
The farm dairy butter amounted to
$2,000,000 more.
There is no good reason why hemp
culture could not bo made a profitable
crop In Oregon. It requires a plant
with machinery to fit tho hemp for
use In hempen products. Hemp will
grow from live to twenty feet tall, In
our bottom lands.
At Sail Bernardo, Cal., there Is a
new Insect pest, a beetle, Scrla
tiinbriata, which Is causing destruc
tion by eating tho follugo of the
orchards. They aro In such numbers
that the fruit growers fear great
losses from their ravnges.
In 93 out of 09 counties In Iowa
there aro cheese factories or cream
cries, 'rncrc are 82 run on tno co
operative plan und i:i2 owned by
stock companies. There are 438
proprietory and 52 of which the organ
izuuon was not known. There arc
80,000 creamery patrons in the 6tate.
How many aro thero in Oregon?
The Oregon State Agricultural col
lege has arranged to hold a Farmers'
Institute at tho Chautauqua assem
bly at Gladstone park this year from
8 to 11 o'clock n. in. dally during the
continuance of tho assembly. A lino
program has been arranged. Many
prominent agriculturists will tuko
Prof. Shaw of tho Oregon station an
nounces thatho desire's samples of ripe
prunes from different sections of tho
stato for tho purposo of analysis. Send
oniy ripe fruit. Prof. Shaw also de
sires, for a special purpose, samples of
sulphured and unsulphured sliver
The agricultural bulletin Issued by
the department for' Juno shows that
there is an Increase of 672,000 acres In
winter wheat ovdr that of last year.
The average condition is 09.0. In other
countries the crop Is largo except In
Great Brltlan, Spain and Italy, where
It is comparatively short.
Only one grower In ten is cultivat
ing his hop yard on the Sound. Lice
are appearing In largo numbers, and
unless tho yards aro sprayed Immedia
cy mere will bo no crop. Tho buyers J
m io bo dead and no one cares to of
ier any price. It Is estimated that not
over 500 bales will be harvested west
w the mountains.
It Is reported from San Antonio,
exas, that "n largo business, in tho
s "portlngof American hogs to Mexico
'as been established during the last
w months. For several weeks there
nave passed through here from four to
solid trainloads of hogs, bound to
Points in Mexico from Kunsas City.
The first class of horseshocrs ever
Graduated In America received di
plomas recently at the University of
Pennsylvania. There were 28 uietn
"ers, of whom 21 passed tho required
examination. The term la three
T- 11M1 Tru
'months, and the course consists of
the study of the anatomy or the feet
and legs of the horse.
According to calculations made by
JohuG. Speed in tho Lndlcs' Home
Journal, Now Yoik City consumes
1)60,000,000 eggs In n year, m-aily :too,
000 pounds of butter per day, ami of
milk nearly as many gallons. The
figures clearly show tho New Yntk
people to be, beer eating, us Speul
charges them with eating ;:03,00i),0C0
lt.nli.wl.. nf !..... I.. I . I.
Ijuuuus in ui-i'i iii iwuiru munilis.
See that your voutiir tmtiltrv lias
plenty of fresh water und shade these
hot days.
Tho poulterer who does not pioperly
use prlnteis Ink generally concludes
that there Is nothing in poultry.
The aim or every breeder should be
to build and add to his reputation In
stead of selling misrepresented goods.
It has been thorougly demonstrated
that ail egg that has been kept for a
mouth will hatch us well as a fresh
As soon as your young poultry ma
ture cull out the scrubs and stop the
leak-hole to the feed bin. Turn them
Into cash,
If you aro done with hutching
chicks for this year clean up the box
or barrel used for that purposo store It
for next season.'
The first thing poultry will do
when they leave the roost In the
morning is to get a fresh drink it It
is to bo had. See that they have it.
There Is nothing equal to a piece of
two Inch watcrplpe for a hen roost,
saysan old poultryman, In a warm
climate. Vermin proof and easy to
Keep up a constant watch for ver
min during the heated term. When
you Und boiuc, stump It out. Renovate
your house, clean oft and oil the perch
and nest boxes and white wash the
whole premises, yard and all.
Do'n't shut your poultry up in a
tight, hot, unvcntllatcd poultry
house during these warm nights and
havo plenty of fresh water for them
to get at the -llrsL thing In tho morn
ing. This has been one of the poorest
poultry springs In several years. Wo
will bo farther than over from supply
ing our homo market in the United
States than ever. Canada will help
us out.
Following Is a good receipt for a dip
to kill vermin on peultry: Take one
bar laundry soap, boll In half a
gallon of water. While boiling, stir
Into this one quart of kcroscno oil,
stir briskly about ten minutes, set
away for an hour or so and It will set
tle Into Jelly. This Is tho kerosedo
emulsion. Tho preparation Is made
by stirring this emulsion Into a tub of
warm soan suds. Din each uhlck or
fowl In this kerosono mixture. Dip
until tho skin is wet, and no live lice
can bo found on a fowl so treated.
Afarmer In an Oregon paper says;
"Every year 1 hear or caterpillars de
stroying whole orchards, and there Is
nothing can be disposed of more easily.
I bore a hole In tho tree deep enough
to reach tho sap fill It with sulphur,
then plug It up. The result Is mag
ical. Sap takes tho sulphur to ovcry
branch and twig and tho caterpillars
at onco die. I gather the Insects up
by tho pint under tho trees that have
been Infested with them before I no
ticed It and destroyed them. I have
never known this remedy to fall, and
I never know a treo to bo injured by
it and I havo pursued this course for
The Indian medi
cine man cures by
charms und incau
tatlons. He fright
ens away the " evil
spirit" who causes
the sickness. He
does all sorts of
things that civilized
people would call
Idiotic and barbaric,
but the civilized
folks ore not so very
much ahead after
all. They do just
as foolish things as
does the medicine
man. They go along
low the little sickness to grow into the
the cauie of their trouble. It is a pretty
safe rule to look for the source of o-ioths
of human sickness in this one simple and
"lln:i T,r.vlent trouble. Another
foS ftfnf Uiat urt people do to to
'take some alleged rem fff '
tion and keep on taking it, day after day,
month after month and year after year.
Perhaps itto better to take the medicine
to take It at all, but oT course
FetaTonfeUet'' is a gentle laartwe.
and two a mild catharic jfhey e gentle
and efficient in their action, .w"'
m their results. You don't become a
lave to their use, as with other pills.
The People's mmo gj
Medical A5rUer, In V3?'
glUbVor Medldne Simplified br
Blv Pierce. . D.. Chief Consult
GsTwrsWsnwthe Invalid.' 1 c
ffiUtlntu.e.Bu Si JXJXUEBL iue. now
. -mw .J3 wer-
stUSO. Now
UfUt. OSbclld. ACOT.T
iw on receipt of J'""6
sumps to pay fox raatllnj: ffir.
Address ths iulhor, Eor.
sW ti
to tkF
-f"' 1
---" -. ,....
for Infants and Children.
i niiiiiii ni i n i
MWjglilRTY yearn' observation of
U millions of persons, permit tin -to spoak of It -nrltliont cnnsslnrr.
It Is nnqnastlonuMy tho front rorooJy for Infanta and Children
tho t7orH has w' known. It Is linrmlass. Children ltlio It. It
given them health. It trill savo thehr livot). In It Mother hao
somothlug which la absolutely safo and practically perfect in a
child's medicine.
Catorla dostroys Wiorms.
Castorla allay ravorlsunogg.
Caitorla prevents vomiting Soar Card.
Castorla corns Plarrhooa and Wind Colic,
Castorla relievo Toothing Tronhlo.
Castorla onros Constipation and yiatnloaoy.
Casto'rla neutralizes the cffoot of carhonio oold gas or poLonons air,
Castorla doos not contain inorphlno, opium, or other narootlo propor ty.
Castorla amlmllates tho food, rcgnlato tho stomach and towels.
giving healthy and natnral sleep.
Castorla is pnt np In ono-stto pottles only. It ii not sold in hnlk.
Don't allow any one to sell yon anything olno on tho plea or promise
that it is "Just as good" and "xrill answer ovcry purpose."
See that yon pet C-A-S-T-O-R-I-A.
Tho fao-Blmllo
aignatnro of
Children Cry for
Hardware, Stoves and Tinware.
GARDEN HOSE. - t- -r-v ,-v-r- 11ICYCLES.
The Willamette Hotel.
Kci!ucedrates. Management liucral. Electric cars leave lioiel (or alljpubllc buildings
and points oljinteiest. Special rates will be given to permanent patrons,
E. C, Hansen, manager.
OnlvcooJ horsetiuted. Sithfaction guaranteed.
Ladies and
who travel by the Durllngton
Route njo civen particular care
and attention.
Just to illustrate what this
means: A few months ago, Ave
children whose ages ranged
from 3 to II years made the
journey over our line from El
lensburR, Wash., Io Kansas
Tickets, time-tables and full
information about our service to
Omaha, St. Joseph.Kansas City,
St. Louis and Chicago upon ap
plication to the nearest ticket
agent or by addressing
Through Tickets
Union Pacific System.
Through I'ullman Palace Sleepers. Touris
Sleepers and Fre; Reclining Chairs dally
Our trains aie heated b stesm and s
lighted by I'inttch light.
Time to Chicago, 3 l-i Jays
Time to New Vork, 4 1-2 days.
Which is many hours quicker than cum
For rates, lime tables and full information
apply to
JiOlStt t0 llAiaiMU
AgenU,'S!em, Oi,
General Agent DistrPass. Agent
135 Third Street, Portland.
,-i.-..- . . ,--i r -:
Castorla with the pcitronnfte of I
" is on every
Pitcher's Castoila.
-,- MACTTlTTfroTCb
Slablo back nl State Insurance block
ttjfirO " ""' '" '" SSIMSSSWSSS, 4
f t fcw mw I.I.W..IH Ii mh i i
'ullman Sleeping Cars.
ElegantSDinin" Cars
Tourist SJoeDin Carb
To St. Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth, targo,
'Jrand Forks, Crookston, Winnipeg,
Helena and llutte.
To Chicago, Washington, Philadelphia, New
York, ltoiton, and all Points
East an'l South
For Information, lime cards, maps an 1
tickets, call on or wrlln
265 Commercial srreet, Saem, Or.
A. D. Charlton, Asst. Gen'l. Pass. Agt.,
1 1 Morrison St.. corner Third Portland, Or.
Looa poison
' Za ask MsBlSt MflmifV Ua
Itr. If sou vntft to corns b ro wewllleoa
tfurt t5 nr rsllroad fareand sots 1 bills jb4
sulodlVu Tiotish. sod stlUhjtTSSrtessal
L..Vun.nMlaiclii in moutli. Bor Throat,
ry. IOUMMS SOWBi muy "'"iir'"iWL"T
SS Smmim to curs. W KsseH ?
to CI
. a. mwA klBllAnffl
: tlio world for
es0 wacsanoteura. this pm bu irs
Snr5e,W capital tohlod oar unoondt.
tmounatcura. Tb
Uonsl SBsraiHr. ."v?
finfflMOl "'OlSOK psnoaaentlf
The Gapttal Journa
docs not do it lottery business to swell
its circulation; out in miuiuuu iu
giving value received, it gives ltd sub
scribers vulunlilu preinluum.
Now Is tho tlnio to order your rend
ing mutter, and It will pay yon to no
tice- tno following special oners.
Anv one of tlio followlmr four peri
odicals free, ono year, to any sub
luiriiior if 'Pine .loniiNALi wlionavs
dl.50 In ildvanco for tlio dally, by car
rier, tnreo liumins, iuu cents a inuuuii
or by mall six months. (25c a month)
or tlio weekly 18 months, ($1 a year.
Mm host. irirniiiTft" illustrntcil fashion
maguzlno of Now York freo for ono
year, u.110 aoovo prices aro huu uou,
anu tno cneapcsi comuinunoii over 01
fcrcd. Tho "Queen" Is a high-class
prnctlcal, homo nmRazlnc.
A practical furm papor, edited by a
stall of oxpcrlonccd iiKrlcultural
writers, contributed to by tho best
known agriculturists of tho country.
It contains what tho farmer wants.
A handsome, attractive, 'homo pa
per, to which overy woman win rivo
a ncarty welcome.
That great national nowspapcr,
hlch Is known to ovorybody
'Tk Child Garta.'
Tho delightful Chicago children's
magazine. Just tho thing to, read to
tlio little ones of tho homo circle It
brings tho kindergarten into tho
home. Bong, games and story, Iicau
tlfully Illustrated. 81 n year, Pub
lished by tho Klndorgarten Literature
Co. six months.
A book by E. Hofer, on tho rotten
primary Bystcm.prlco 25 cents. Can bo
had Instead of any of the above premiums.
WiliD !
tat i?nn
m w
w . iiri jb
-- yp i nitr-ir
For. 25c
Dally ono month. "Weekly, tlirco
Our Great Features
THE JOimNALIspre-cmlnontly
a paper for Mm people, In news, poli
tics and editorial opinions.
Farm Department
THE .lOUHNAL does not protend
to bo an agricultural paper, but
keeps up a well-edited farm depart
ment, by a competent furmor, who
knows the needs of tho Oregon
fanner, lb also contains correct
market reports.
Woman's Department
A largo volume of social news and
good homo matter of Interest to tho
femlnluo part of tho family Is ono
of tho attractlvo features of THE
JOURNAL, tho only nowBpapor In
Oregon employing a lady editor.
Youth's Department
This feature Is ono of rcat valuo
to 11 family with boos and girls.
THE JOUllNAL will not publish
wishy-washy stuff in Mils depart
ment, but good, bracing matter, of
an entertaining and educating char
acter. A Modern Newsoaocr
THE JOUllNAL Is tlio llrstand
nnd only paper In Oregon to mcot
tho hard times by reducing tlio prico
and sending out only what papors
aro paiu ror m auvanco, anu runs
no bills. All papors aro stopped
whon tho tlmo expires. This Is Im
portant, and you should tuko tho
bcnolltof It, Instead of paying out
more money for poorer papors. Sub
scribe now, and Interest your friends
in THE JOUllNAL, If thoy aro not
already taking it.
State, County and Local News
Tho lamest amount for tho least
money. If you can'tgot money ordor
or draft, lust onoloso thocurrouoy or
sliver, wo rccolvo hundreds of let
tors with silver enclosed, and never
lost n cent that way. Ilond our
premium list belew:
Of any of theseT-publlcatlons 'can -bo
had bv calllnir at THE JOUllNAL
olllcc or dropping us a postal card.
Any two of tlio abovo periodicals
can be secured by paying $3 and tak
ing THE JOUllNAL twlco as long as
required to secure one.
when the oxtrcmely low' prlco of
THE JOUllNAL Is considered, this
will bo found tlio most liberal offer
made by any paper on tho coast.
Salem, - Oregon,
ibbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbiVVa Mi1
fssssssssssssssssssssssK ssl
flssssssssssssissH& bsB
ssT WsbbbbbbbbbW'bbbbb!
i mm
- ii r,,:,'f -,i
Shasta Route.
01' 1I1E
Southern Pacific Co,
California Express Train Run dan between
rortland and San Prancisco.
j North "
8150 p. m.
11:00 p. m.
10145 "'
T7, I'orliand at,
Iv Salem Iv.
or. San Fran. Iv,
Above trains stop at EasttPoriland, Oregon
City, Wo.dburu, Salem, Turner, Maiion,
Jefferson, Albany, Albany Junction, Tangent
Shedds, Halsey, Harrlsburg, Junction City,
Eugene, Crcswtll, Drain, and all stations
from Roseburg to Ashland, Inclusive.
ti:30 a.m.
11:00 a.m.
5:20 p.m.
Iv. Salem lv.
nr. Hoaob'g lv.
4:40 p.m.
2:20 p.m.
8:00 a.m.
SAI.KM pabsenqeh.
4:00 p.m.
0:15 p.m.
iv. rortland ar.
ar. Salem lv.
10:15 a.m.
8:00 a.m.
nnd second-class sleeping cars attached to all
mrougn irninx.
between Portland and Corvallts, dally (ex
cept Sunday.)
7130 a.m.
u: 15 p.m.
Lv. Portland. At"
Ar. Corvallii. Lv
6tJo p. m.
ii3S p. w.
At Albany and Corvallii connect with
trams of Oregon Central & Eastern Railroad.
Express train dally except Sunday.
4145 p. m.l Lv. Portland Ar. rT5:i5"a"m',
7125 p. m, f Ar. McMinvllle l.y 5:50 a m.
to all I'olntt In the Eastern Slates, Canada
and Europe can lie obtained at lowest rutci
from W.W. SKINNER, Agent, Salem.
E. P, ROGERS, Asst. G. V. & P. A..
il'ortlant' Or.
R. KOEIILER, Manager.
0, MIH
k Si. Paul Ry,
Of tho Chicago, Milwaukee andt. Paul
Hallway and note its connection with nil
transcontinental line's at St. Paul and Omaha,
and remember when going east that its trt'ns
are lighted with electricity and heated by
steam. Its equipment is superb. Elegant
buffet, library, smoking and sleeping can,
with freo reclining chairs. Each sleeping
car betth has an electric reading lamp, and
IU dining car aro the best In the world,
Other lines are longer than this, hut none
are shorter, and no other offer the above lux
urious accommodations. These are sufficient
reasons for the popularity of "Tlio Milwau
kee." Coupon ticket agents in every rail
road office will give yon further information,
or address
C.T.EDDY, General Agerir,
J. V. CASEY, Trav. Taw. Aget.
0. R. & N. CO.
Two Transcontinental
Via Spokane Minneapolis ti!Paui;and Den
ver Omaha and Kansas Clly.jLow rate; to
rortland San franclsco.g
Steamers leave Alnsworth dock. Portland
May 17, 32, s; and June 1,6, W, l6, 21, 26
Fare Cabin, S5; steerage, 12,50.
Steamers Ruth and Elmore for 'Portland
dally except Sunday at 10 , m.
For Corvallis dally except JSunday at 1,2130
For Eugene Monday and Thursday at 3:30.
Lowest freight and passenger rates. Round
trip tlckeU very cheap, 'tickets sold and
baggage checked through to all point with
out extra transfer charces.
- . ' - .: . : :.T t. - . ... .
ror lull details canon uouo tiarxer
agents, Salam, Oregon, or address.
Gen'l Pas. Agt. Portland, Or
For full details call on or address
Foot of Tradest. LwJ Aw.
. i h iium uionmi
, ihjO (r (iiui'iut
t. t(, i ,i,j. ikiikas,
t'liln (-iiltl til.
.'ir' ft . t olw.".
lira, 1 licit r. u; uta4t
J'jriirit1ti-?J ' '
v tf -1. .. v m i..-
1 ' iuiiPKtri,i.
rf.ou.Vr S Ibttlu; tf.1n.
tOKwUr 'ii " rwH-
rii 1
sl, rAUL. A
n H s. D
. , iii iwii .... V ffl
tfeif- xTF jggy
1 v'5:

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