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Daly Capital Journa
.. f . -- H" " H" " ""f 4
steam'eks p
Altona and Ramona t
Portland, 6:45 a. m. oo " i
Salem, 745 " i-'5 a.m. f
Independence, 6:30 a in. owo am.
futck lime, regular service and cheap f
... rate ... f)
0, So Cool, Corsets
A (km1 Rorrk'Oiihle summer corset.
Price r0 con tn.
Traveling Bags,
In llnostk'UtlM'i. (ii'iiiiliii' tillfpilor
with leather lining, etc.
Sun Shades,
Have had 11 -ureal .sale 011 iIiom
white Htlk ones at $1.00. A variety of
styles and prices In Mack and color.
Straw Hats,
All new styles, and prices cut to
Bicycle Clothing,
Chicago self supporting puts. A
new thing. .See tliein. (Hilf Iiiwi,
Ktveaters, caps, etc
J, J Dalrymple Co,
Gathered From the Curbstones nnd Ex
changes. homo think a hoycott iiii-Aiuerlcan.
Charles Winters made a century run
to .Portland Tuesday, returning at ten
p. 111.
A marriage Itconto was Issued Tiles
day to Albert Hell and Florence For
rest. Clins. Hlckard, employed 011 tho
Prank Durbln farm, broko his right
leg at tho tinkle Tuesday evening.
The Salem hospital Is Incorporated.
The articles name a property valua
tion of $1,000 nnd the otllclally append
ed are as follews: Mrs. J. .1. Murphy,
president; O. Stelncr, vice-president:
W. T. Oray.ficcretaryjKrank E. Ilodg
kin, treasurer; II. T. Ilruco and Mrs.
Ji A. Moore.
Minkiial Watj:u. O. M. Kpploy,
of tho Electric grocery, proposes to
supply 'tho Salem trade with tho
famous Hubbard mineral springs
water, bottled and In Hue bIiiiihj for
t'halllcs lc. and fie. 11 yard.
Fine zephyr ginghams reduced from
IGo. to 10c. a yard.
Hatlncs 10c. a yard and up.
Beautiful Percales 7c.n yard and up.
Dualities finest in the city 10c. 11
yard and up,
Shirt wiilsts-OOc. to $1.50 encli.
Straw hats at reduced prices.
(louts summer underwear 00c. to
$1.22 11 suit.
Tan shoes for everybody.
Ladles vests 0c. and tin.
Summer corsets, silk mitts, chamois
.Willis Bros. & Co,
Court and Liberty.
Tho Cash Dry (loods, Clothing and
Shoo House,
V "l
Try It,
-MuCclery Mustard
A)Ahchovy Mustard.it
X Horse Radish A.
X Mustard, X
A English SandwichC
X Mustard. X
Bayle's X
Celebrated Wafers..?
X All Kxtxk X
JC Sonnemann's, 2C
tsm, 7 7 vs yWs s
Coasters or
J3C Mountaineers !
Wc have a good line of the low-priced
blankets and comforti in durable qual
ities. In muslins, drills and ducks
suitable for tents we can furnish you
anything you desire.
Summer Goods.
m &
All of our thin summer goods cut (o
ell. Dimities, linen effects, lace ef
fect, fancy parasols, capes, fine dress
good, everything of the kind, cut mer
cilessly. T, HOLVERSON,
Fred Stump went to Gladstone to
day. W. T. Kadlr, of Newport, was In
the city today.
Editor Churchill of Aumsvllle, was
In the city today.
Miss Ida Hasey left today for a short
visit at HarrNburg.
Itcv. Kantner left on the Huth to
day for Gladstone Paik.
Hon. John Minto went to Glad
stoie Park this morning.
Col. A. I. Wagner of the Willam
ette, is In Portland today.
.1. II. IIaas,the Jewelcr,made a busi
ness till) toCanby this morning.
M. K linger, the Jolly brewer, trans
acted business in Hubbard this morn
ing. Horace Mann, of the Staytou Times,
w.is. In town today, enrouto to Mc
Mlnnvlllt!. Mr. and Mrs. T. Holverson and
daughter Elizabeth, left today for
Seal Hocks.
O. E. Krausso, the enterprising shoe
merchant, made a business trip to
Oregon City today.
S, E. Howard left this morning for
the Gold Creek mines, on the little
North Fork of tho Santlam.
Mrs. .loo Aiken and Mrw. M. A.
Parr went to Gervals this morning
for a short visit with f rlondp.
Mrs. Hlanchc Cooper and llttlo sou,
lofr. today for Nashville, to visit her
friend, Miss Sadie Hiistow.
Win. Hrown, tho hop buyer, Is'suf
fcrlng from a very wire cheek, tho ie
suit of 11 caress from his family horse.
Misses Lcsky of Kearney, Nob., who
hiivobeon visiting their friend, Mrs.
T. O. King, loft today for California.
Geo. W. Davis, secretary of tho He
publican county central committee,
made a business trip to Portland to
day. Miss Lulu Hradley, one of tho
teachers In tho public school, at Hose
burg, Is visiting her cousin, Mrs. W.
E, Calkins, of this city,
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Albert went to
Turner today to visit tholr daughter,
Mrs. Hoblnson, wlicnco they go to
Mehama for 11 short visit.
Misses Georgia and Allco Daven
port and Georgia Whlteaker are tak
ing In Gladstone, and sung lust even
ing In tho great "Creation,"
Mr. and Mrs. .1. 1). Stump and
daughter Miss Jesslo wont to Oregon
City, via tho Salem local this morn
ing and will spend several days at
Gladstone park.
J. O. Hozortli and W. P. Hancock
returned thU morning from Oregon
City, where thoy took part In tho
"Creation" last ovenlng. They 10
port tho Chautauqua a great success.
Misses Jesslo and Edith Erlzzoll and
Earnest Lane started early Sunday
morning on their whoels for a week or
two at Lebanon, Soda Springs and
other points.
Cluis. Spauldlng, who Is furnishing
tho W. P. Si P. Co., of Oregon City,
with cotton wood logs, was 11 passen
ger on tlio Huth this a. m. Ho has
started his log drive out of tho San
tlam and several million feotaroln
tho river betweo Salem and Hueim
Hev. J. II. Allen, of Oakland, Cal.,
who has been conducting services In
tho armory, went to Gladstone Park
this morning wliero ho will spend two
days. Frlduy ho will nroceed to Dallas
nud hold meetings and then will go to
Corvallls. How Allen will bo Joined
tit Dallas by Mrs. Clarke, another
evangelist, from San Francisco, who
will assist In tho meetings,
Spring chickens Doty's
7 tf
Cure for Headache.
As a remedy for all forms of Headaches
Electric Bitters has proved to be the very
best. It effects a permanent euro and the
most dreaded habitual sick headache yellds to
Its Influence, Wo urge all who are afflicted to
pro lure a bottle, and give this remedy a fair
trial. In cast of habitual constipation Elec
tric Hitters cures by giving thi nee Jed lone
to the bowels, and few case t long resist the
use of thh medicines. Trv It once. Kliiv
cents and Ji.oo At Fred A. Legg's Drug
Having Hoc Cake Soap in
your kitchen or bath once
means always.
Receiver Paying Dividend of 38 Per
cent. Itecelver McNary began this morn
ing paying .18 per cent of claims al
lowed by the court In the cape of the
Williams & Englard Banking Co.,
The claim or Itlchard Williams of
$24,360 was not allowed, but two of
his Items of $3H).0o wore allowed.
The total number of claims Is 185,
amount $100,.'iU7,7(I. Claimants are
paid In checks on tho First National
Hank of Salem.
The largest claims arc as follews:
Ladd & Hush, $10,000, Edward .
Glltncr, agent, 2..,000; F. II. Hryan,
1000j Mrs. M. C. Pcnter, $0,200; J. S.
White, guardian, $2,:W0; Cora L. Pres
cott, $2,050; T. L. Davidson, $10,240.07?
Thco Nolf, $000; Ja. H. Davis, W. M.,
$000; Anna Hrlggs, (D. C. Sherman,
attorney), $030: A. B. Huron, $717.-10;
W. II. Odell, $3,017.27: J. H Stuinn.
$250,071; State Insurance Co., $017.70;
Phil Melschan, $780.7.'!; Cal Jones,
$887.05; Geo. Williams, guardian,
$210.1(1; II. P. McNary, trustee, $132.09;
McCrow & Stcusloir, $711.00; H. M
Wado & Co., $1,(110.80; J. L.
Hlggs, $081.11; Win. Waldo, $515.21;
F. C. Pcrrlnc, $2().3.'j; Phil Metschan,
state treasurer' $8,013.00; E. J. Swuf
rord, city treasurer, $7,310..T). The
other claims are sums ranging from a
few dollars up to several hundred, de
posits of cash on current account
and certificates of deposit. Interest
(sallowed on thescsums up to Novem
ber 11, 1895, the date of closing.
There will bo no dividend declared
In thenlfalrsor the State Insurance
Co. until Its affairs arc all settled tip
It may bo a year or more.
The stockholders of tho bank never
paid but one-hair of tho par value of
the stock, but many of tliem are now
Insolvent. Under the Oregon law tho
orticcrs and stockholders are liable on
ly for the orglnlal stock subscribed.
The ugliest feature of the failure Is
still commented upon on tho street
tho transfer by George Williams of
property at Portland worth about
$100,000 to his brother, Hlchard Wil
liams, a sharp lawyer of that city.
Hccolver McNary still has hopes that
ho can pay depositors in full.
A Runaway.
A short but quite exciting runaway
occurred this morning at 8:30 o'clock.
Herbert Farrar, delivery boy for tho
Cross meat inaiket and Fletcher Long
wero riding along Commercial street
In tho delivery cart and when opposite
tho brewery one of the wheels came
oil, precipitating the boys very sud
denly 10 tho pavement. As a result
Herbert Farrar was somewhat bruised
while nimble llttlo Flotcher Long
escaped without a scratch. Tho horso
took fright and ran rapidly to State
street when It ran In a westerly
dlrecrlon and was stopped near tho
engine house. No serious damage was
done to tho cart or harness. A team
attached to a wagon and standing In
front of A. Klein's shoo store became
frightened and broko loose. They
started down the street but were
caught boforo they had made much
Mem: Babi: Hall. A team or
Juvenile baso balllsts came down
rrom u Albany thlsi morning and
tiro playing a match gamoof baseball
this afternoon with 11 team or young
Salomltes. Wo hope tho local team
may make a better showing than they
did In the gatno played on the Al
bany diamond.
Tm: Succkssi'ui. Hiiidkiis. Har
rltt Lawrence.tho postoillco grocors,
wero today awarded tho contract for
nupplylug grocerlos to tho reform
school for tho ourrent quarter. And
they will do It in good style.
I Ml
Now York Ice cream Is tho purest,
richest and most palatablo summer
dish mado on the Pacific coast.
Westacottit lrwtn inakn It of Jersey
cream from their own dairy.
A Cool Nook. -That Is tho place
everybody Is looking ror now, and tho
Ideal comfort Is with a choice cigar.
That's why all smokers ask for la
Corona, tho famous Salem mado cigar.
Fink Clovkk. -Balling or that lino
clover hay lias not yet began on tho
T. H. Hubbard farm. Looso hay In
tho Held or delivered, leave orders at
300 Commercial street.
Highest Honors World's Fnlr,
Medal, Midwinter Fair.
(Most reifect Made.
40 Yr tka SUfidrrd,
.- Nominal
But His Bend Reduced
a at ..-.i llflliUirl In
Lawyer i-oru uiu "'" ""
irettlntr Frank Beatty, of Uiemawii,
Slued rprenmlnaly trial, but he
Is bound over on a merely nominal
rr f Tiiniii:i wii.
"Smd.t opened the case for the state.
His main reliance was Dr. Bynl s
statement; tho woumhpvorc all struck
...,.... .,..i....f n.olinMrL
uiu Miminuw, t.iut. M " .
The eliarac-
met 1 uuiii.
and across the abdomen.
terof the Injuries were such as 10 tic-
stroy the theory of self defense. ( rjino COmiiilttcc on streets reported
Ho denied that Mr. McConnack was a j,alnst tho claim of Mrs. Nellie J.
desperate or dangerous man. If ''"JLottrltz fordamagessustained by fall-
was Beatly sought a quaucl witn
him. There was no evidence that
McConnack had a club when Beatty
pursued hltn and he fell and was
stabbed and slashed by Beatty. He
painted Beatty a vllllini of the must
bloodthirsty character. They had a
quarrel. A f tor Beatty was put out or
Edward's house he should have gone
McConnack tried twice to get
away, he said. He said mere was no-.tv mnr!mi should remove said nuls
ovldcnco of seir defense. He assaulted mice and clean all alleys In the city,
twice and should be bound over. 1 Carried.
Lawyer Ford described Heatty'sj The special committee on grade or
wounds to the court, and declared sidewalks on North Commercial
the defendant might have killed
from concussion of the brain. Beatty
was somewhat dazed when he came
to tho doctor's oillce. Such wounds
frequently proved fatal.
If McConnack struck Beatty over
the head once or twice, and knocked
him down or dazed him by the blow,
should Beatty walk off? That was
not human. That was not law. That
was not God's law. A man who lias
been wounded defends himself. That
Is the man who must be considered,
not the cool, rational man In his right
mind, but the wounded, dazed and
bleeding Beatty.
McConnack followed Beatty out of
the house, went between him and tlm
gato and told Beatty to put up his
knife and then took a club to him.
He gave Beatty the He, he followed
Beatty nut, he made the tlrst demon
stration, he mado the first assault,
knocked him down, and got cut.
McConnack was a quarrelsome man.
All tho neighbors said so. His repu
tation was bad. Ho .was bound to
havo a fight and got It. He com
menced this row and ought to bo
held Instead or Beatty.
District 'Attorney Ilaytlcn compli
mented Mr. Ford on trying the ouso
hard. Ho reviewed tho case or tho
state In a clear nnd logical manner.
Beatty canio there to have a row. Ho
was warned away by Edwards. That
was his ayowed Intention and be got
what he canio after. The testimony
of Edwnrds was good. He was a man
or good charactor and his testimony
was not shaken. Beatty's lire was no
longer In danger when MrCormaek
turned and lied and Beatly should
havo -quit.
Beatty had gone to hunt this man
ror the purpose or
him and he got
having a row with
It and fliould be
bound over. In tho Hawkin's murder
trial where a man went to II ml
another ror the purpose of having a
quarrel and a murder resulted the
supiemo court held that ho was guilty
or murder in tho llrst degree. The
court deemed the evidence suiliclent
to hold Beatty to tho grand Jury In
the sum or $500. The bond before
had been llxed at $1500. Mr. Beatty
had no Double In giving this bond
and was released. The oaso now goes
to the grand ury.
Quito a number of Shaw peoplo at
tended tho celebration at Aumsvllle.
A recitation, "Tho Inventors Wife"
was woll rendered by Miss Maudo
Howdo at Aumsvlllo tho 4th.
We can't touch Henry Keeno with a
ten root pole since he
has his i,ew
Mrs. W. H.Smltn
and famllv will
start for North Dakota Thursday tl,!""" Mr -Murptiy thought It was
whero they will make tliolr futuro , tluty of l,, colllll!l to protect the
home. Whllewodlsllkoto part withlctVnll,lsmattt,r aml W it was
them wo do wish them prosperity and ,),n,n t,mt t,,is was a bo111 attempt to
happlnoss in tholr now home. ! aPI)roPrlte a street which has been
Mr.Curra,. and family or Portland KJVfKSI "ST111 '? ?
havo arrived and will take Mr. W. L. r f ? 10tl0,1, aml,,mdoa
Cununlng, place as merchant at this J? 3? l S
Otis Bates and Carrol. Gumming, ;SS
attended the tiro works at Salem tho tho matter 0 go to law Mr! Son
011 ,UI" ' ! hoped tho matter would be settled
Some or tho .ruriuem are cutting right, and objected to tiny action that
their hay this week. would not bo correct and flnni tt
) Miss Maude Howdo Is taking music
; lessons of Horbort Wltzel.
Preparations nro being mado for the
entertainment and Ice cream supper
to lie given by tlio Grange July nth.
Mrs. Mackintosh, of Washington. Is
hero visiting hor mother, Mrs. M.
Last Sunday was election of oillcers
tit Cllll.l.m r.1.n.-1 ll tni 4.
..v tumuli; nuuwi. iiuss noy uum-
mlngs superintendent, Miss Addle
""-v,.....t.v v..m,.v,.u1B3
Mfcry Helllobowor secretary, Carroll
Ctmimlngs treasurer, Miss NcllloDur-
Ifeo organist and Mrs. AY. L. dim.
uilngs chorister.
Take tho Ono Cent Dally If you
want the nows.
Cholco f rlere poty's Market. 7 tf
The Council Consldtrs the
Matter A,
! Oobalet Elected City Engineer.
At the regular meeting of the city
,croVnintr the mayor and
cumin ijv w n
com11.11 . r
all coune.lmcn Prjnt.
mvia iaid.
.1. Tin decker
, Jl 25 50
. . 0 40
. . 1 45
.. 1 00
MSnjl., K Khig. .......
jolIrnni ,'::.
MeCarl.KIng &Snilth(llrcdcpt)
11. McKlllop
3 25
lfj 00
"Rlmnr Willie
E1,llcr V,,lltc
j,ntl0 n,.s 0
17 25
ny nm-
40 00
lug through sidewalk. Adopted.
Bach & Nandestank were granted a
liquor license.
The lire committee reported against
the establishment or n hose station In
East Salem, as petitioned for by E. C.
Cross and others. Adopted.
Alderman Lamport reported a
nuisance in the shape of some hogs on
Front street. He also moved that tho
street, asked further time. Adopted.
r ill.- n rvi 1 1 1 a m u u t,it - ....
"Battle Axe" tobacco 25c pound,
"6 to 10" tobacco 20c plug.
Quality rnd Quantity 20c pound,
Northwestern smoking tobacco ........ 4 oz. 5c,
Everything else in proportion,
0 Grocery,
Tho committee on fire and water re
ported In the matter of buying six
teen valvegates tor hydrants, reported
the bid or Barr Si Petzel was recom
mended, and upon motion the matter
was rererred rorrurther investigation.
A petition rrom several citizens on
North Commercial street, asked for
grade on sidewalks and also on brldgo
across Mill creek. Heferrcd to special
committee of aldermen rrom llrst
A potltion was received, asking for
repair or hydrant at the corner or
High and Mill streets. Hcrcrrcd.
A special communication ivlth largo
plots was received rrom J. II. Albert
about the fence on Ids south lino.
He enclosed history and data to show
that his renco was O. K., and protest-
1 'B uKalHst the "dastaidly" attempt
to remove the same. Alderman Far
rar suggested that a special session be
held for Its consideration, but tho
mayor thought best to proceed, so
Hecorder Edcs read the loiter. Upon
motion of Alderman Muiphy the
matter was "rererred to Volunteer
Attorney Bingham." Adopted.
A communication wits, also received
fiom Attorney Bingham on tho mat
tor, in which ho set forth tho claims
opposed to Mr. Albert's line, showing
from his standpoint that said fence
encroached upon tho street. Tho
attorney very forcibly set forth tho
interests of the dear people. 'Both
theso letters contained much of a per
sonal nature, and caused audible
smiles when read.
When Mr. Bingham's letter had
been read It was suggested that It
might bo proper to refer this to Mr.
Albert, Inasmuch as his letter was re.
' fcTcd to Mr. Bingham. A motion of
I Mr. Holinan to Indellnltely pospono
UIU '"uwer, urougiii aoout somo (lis
lcHlie matter would lie settled by
, tho courts. Mr. Murphy again suit-
gested that tho city's only resourse
citys only resourse
was to remove
' tho obstructor.
loo was lost,
tlio fence and arrest
Tho motion to post-
Mr.Leggmovedtb.it tho city mar.
8'1 Instructed to remove the fence
- . .
.Marshal Dllley asked
should dunm tlm ,.,1,1,1,1.
where ho
from tho
uv;js. ii iien lout to dunm whom
former oillcers had dumped, ho stS
that tho allevs had IS ,l"a,a
dally cleaned. He also asked for au
thority to employ teams to haul away
the llltli. '
On Motion of Mr. Holimin, the
recorder was Instructed to askforblds
on city printing for ono year.
Clearance and
Commence? today and for 3o
days everything in the house
Regardless of cost
During the sale our elegant- line of wa
silks at 21c,
257 Commercial st.
Upon mo it 11 tho city oillcers were
given until tho next meeting to pre
sent their quarterly reports.
Tho resignation of Street Commis
sloncrand Engineer W. J. Culver was
upon motion taken from the table.
Mr. Culver was asked to state If he
really wished to have his resignation
acted upon, nnd It was suggested that
if he wished to withdraw the same
the council would be glad to retain
his services. He stated that he re
signed In good faith; ho thanked tlio
council for past favors, and hoped bis
resignation would be accepted. Upon
motion it was so accepted, after some
rare compliments had been paid Mr.
Culvc'rby tho council and mayor.
Mr. Farrar moved to .proceed to tho
election of n successor to Mr. Culver,
at a salary or $G00 per year. Carried.
The following men wero placed in
nominatien: W. D. Claggett, 11. W.
Carey, A. Gobalot, Ed. Arnold, M. O.
Starr and Elmer Wlilte.
Tho first ballott resulted as follews:
Claggett 3, Gobalct :i, Carey I. Starr 1,
Arnold 1.
Second ballott-Gobalct 4, Arnold 2,
Claggett 2, White 1.
Third ballot Gobalet 0, Arnold 1,
Claggett 1, Caroy 1. Gobalet was de
clared elected, and will enter upon his
duty at once. Mayor Gatch gavo the
tinnl Injunction that tho new city
engineer should bo mado to agree to
the reduced salary, and pledgo him
self to do his duty at all times.
Hay making Is in full blast; with a
good yield.
Fall sown grain Is maturing nicely,
with a prospect of a fair yield. Late
sown spring is in great need of ruin.
Tho Fourth passed off quietly in Mn
rion, only n few left to hold the iort.
Portland, Salem, Lyons and Wnterloo
wero all represented by Marlonttes,
aim also a Sabbath school picnic In
tho grove west of Turner, composed of
1110 Highland .(Salem), Rosedale nnd
Marlon schools, a largo gathering
and a splendid good time reported.
A llttlo daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
William Flesh, fell with a sharp stlck
111 uer mouth, which came out
through her cheek, a few days ago,
making a bad wound.
A son of Southorn Fuclflo Agent
Johnson, of Jeffersonmot with quito
an accident Monday in u runawuy
which resulted In tearing looso tho
tendons which attaohes the kneo cap
to the adjoining parts of the leg,
which is a painful wound and may
cripple him for life. Dr. Smith, of
Jefferson, dressed tho wound.
Rev. Benjamin White, of Linn
county, occupied tho pulpit at tho
Friends church Sunday at 11 a, in,
nd 8 p. m.
Marlon has been attacked with the
bicycle craze and Frank Soesbe and
me .tread Brothers
wheels as a result.
are sporting-
Children Cry for
tohcr's Castoria.
Remnant Sak
July 3.Vheat, Cah
July . ' ' "'"' CMh 54Kc,
New York, July 3 Silver, 06. )eid
Portland, July . Wheat iu
Sa: Walla Wallaf 53.4 ' Va,1'J,' S"
Flour-Portland, 2.851 "enton count,
2.8?; graham. 2.30; superfine. U 25 h V.'
Oats-Wh ie, 2628c: Crey miSiKii .
cas, 3.75. 10W',
Hay.. Good, 8qperton.
Wool.. Valley, S$9c; Intern Orejon,
Hides.. green, sailed 60 Ibiicj under
60 lbi44ci sheep pelts ic7oc
I fops.. Oregon, 2 to 3c, according loqual.
Butter.. Oregon fancy creamery, 2offl2
fancy dairy, 20; fair to koo.1, M.
Cheese .Oregon full cream, to,
Eggs.. Oregon, lie per do. '
Beef.. Topstceri, 3.003.25 per lb; fr
to good steers, 2 VJ2 3.5c; cowi, 2kffliH
dressed beer, i KsV& ' nw,OT
San Francisco, July 3 Whest, 95o
Wool. .Oregon, choice, M7K.; inferior 4
Sc, valley, otoc.
Hops Quotable at 23c.
Potatoes 6o8oc per sack.
Oats Milling, 7582.
Wheat. .43c per bu., market firm.
Hay.. Baled; cheat. 5.ooJ.5o; timothy,
Flour.. In wholesale lots, 3.00; retail,
3.20; bran, bulk 11.00; sacked, 12.00;
shorts, 12.0013.00; chop feed, Il.oo
Poultry.. Spring chickens, loclb.
Vtial..Dfe!spd, 31,.
Hogs.. Dressed, 3.
Live Cattle., 22.
Sheep.. Live, 1.25.
Wool..Be8t, I2lc.
IIo..i!est, 45j.
i,.ggs..l.aIi. loc.
Butter. , liest dairy, 8c; fancy creamery
Cheese .I2ic.
Farm Smoked Meats , Dacca, 7c; himi
90; shoulders, 5cf
Potatoes., 35c per bu
The Discuvery Saved Ills Life
Mr. G. Callloulte. Drucgiit, Beavenville,
III., says; "To Dr. King's New Discovery I
owe my life. Wus taken with L Grippe
and iried all the physicians for wiles about,
but of no avail and was given up and toll
I could not live. Having Dr. King's lw
discovery In my store I sent (or a boalusaa
began its use and from the first dose beein to
get better and after using three Utiles wu
up nnd about again. It is worth its wg
in gold. We won't keep store or house
without It." Get a free trial at rrwA.
Legg's Drue Store.
Ministers Should Use
Dr. Miles' Heart Cure.
' L T,AEreqrOM. wbOSS
THERE 13 JitStheVerroos w
UborssooovcrelyUxtnenct tem.-tl.BtcrfthomtoUW.W,,
ranjremont of tbo nrw ? w
by overwork frequently MnVrJLtteB.
of heart trouble, wdnergT-
church, fcSuft.
clan, writes Feb. SR, 1. "0
and nervous P''.foftr orku
serious last fall tbrt a ""'wptnt
tbopulpltwouldsocomp et ,
nr. Miles' ?'Vriuhr
Restores Vg
Health to-wjJfffJS
November I "eniwlU,!
New neart Ouro alternately1 .
Nervine and dor ve4 &ti
benefit. I havo Just closed Pv
10 weeks, preaching .'2gUlS
twice on tho Sabbath. I can
.tthout ..ff. I ff"g 9
WOTKias m""" . , ,1
grand remedies ot.-ddonH"
fe'bottla will benefit or ooaw --
mam riW'
yirn I if

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