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daily Capital Journal.
SATUIIDAY, .JULY 28, 1800.
Directed Upon Persons and Things by th
Good Matured Man.
A "sound pldowullc" crusade Is
what Salem need.
No over-production In Oregon this
year not oxen of rain.
ft Thos. F. Wnt6on nominated by tlie
Populists for ylce-prcsldent Is n
cousin of II. B. and J. O. Watson of
' Albany.
From present appearances of crops
nn,i nntu. nnt in Ka cm rxmra
charltlcs should
not abandon Itsor-
. ionization.
The "sound money" county com
mittee belter pay up for boarding
those hobo voters before the next
election gets too near.
Frequent complaints arc made that
no one can be found at the adjutant
general's olllco In the cnpllol building
"That official should let the public
know his offlce hours.
The Statesman . Is getting In Its
best licks on Mr. Mlnto before the ex
perls' report Is made public. It may
have nothing to say after that. It
must hit hi in while It can.
Hon. Geo. II. Williams prophecies,
"The people of the United States are
determined to restore silver as Hand
' nrd money, the political parties will
have to take notice of that fact."
3Ir. Secretary Irvine, oftho Work
lngiuan's Bcpubllean clnb, might In
struct his fellow "worklngmcn" at
the next club meeting how to get a
houso painted for nothing and how to
Iwat a drayman out of his work mov.
'Ing household goods.
The Statesman Is trying to con
vince Its readers that Yni. 1. St.
John Is the Kansas Prohl J no. P. St.
John. It Should tell them the truth.
Ho Is the Now York banker who In
'vestlgated 'the "silver fallacy"' until
.ho becomd convinced it'was right.
IleMstho Silverman.
Amos Strong who was selected as
vice-president of tho national silver
oonvontlou, Is ono of Salem's most
successful business men, a "sound
monoy" man because- ho pays his
debts, and ono of tho best posted sil
ver men In tho state. Ho has always
boon a loyal Itopubllcan, and will bo
again "when that party comes to Its
60 uses on the monoy qucsflon.
Tho Spokane Chronicle- Bays: "A
prominent business man of this city,
who Is an old time friend or Senator
Matt Quay, of Pennsylvania, member
of tho Republican national executive
committee, received n letter yesterday
in which Mr. Quay said tho silver
movomont Is sweeping tho stato of
Pennsylvania, and like a huge tidal
wave, It Is Impossible to check Its
progress. From prcsont Indications
Bryan nnd tlio causo of silver may
oven carry tlio state of Pennsylvania
'by an overwhelming majority nttho
polls In November."
Two Lives Saved.
'- Mrs. Pluubo Thomas, of Junotlon
City, 111., was told by her doctors she
had Consumption and that thero was
no hopo for lior. but two bottles of Dr
King's Now .Discovery completely
cured hor nnd she says It saved lior
llfo. Mr.Thos. Eggors, 139 Florida
street, San Prauolsco, sulTorcd from a
dreadful cold, approaching consump
tion, tried without result everything
el ho then bought ono bottlo of Dr.
King's Now Discovery uud In two
weeks was cured. Ho Is naturally
thankful. It Is audi results, of which
these arc ttamplos, that provo tho
wonderful eulcaoy of tills medlclno In
Coughs and Colds. Free trial bottles
at Fred P. Legg's drugstore. Regular
' HlKoft0oand91t
Sunday Excursions.
' Beginning with Sunday, Juno 21,
nnd on each, succeeding sunuuy, a
npcclal excursion train will leave Al
bany at 7 a. m., Corvallls 7:30 a. in..
arriving at Ynqulnn at 11:18 u. ni.
Returning, boat leaves Newport at
0:30 p. in. Train leavos Ynqulnn
nt7p. m urrlving at Corvallls at
10 v. m. and Albany at 10:30 p. m.
Faro, good on this truln only, from
Corvallis, Albany and Philomath to
Newport and roturn, 81.50.
II. L. Wamjkn, II. B. Lowmak,
Agont, Albany. Agent. Corvallls.
Edwin Stonb,
Manager, Corvallls.
Corvallls, Juno 17, lew.
The dealer who says. "1 have no
Hoo Cako Boap," practically admit
that ho docs pot soil llrst quality
good. If ho nays ho has Boinothlntr
"Just as good" you will know ntnnce
that ho is trying to toll you an In
ferior article. Tlwro is more cloathlug
Afetroywl by poor soap thuu by uctual
wMr, as the freo IknlI rot tho cloth.
Hoo Cake contains neither freo alkali
nor worthless tilling.
ChlldrtiitfCry for
JHtchftf Cantor!?
Looking Into Some Very Crooked Cam
paign Statements.
Editor JouRKAM-The Morning
Statesman which Is the special advo
cato at Salem of the single gold
standard policy has In Its Issue of the
23th liist.iin editorial entitled "10 to 1
In a Nutshell," In which there arc
statements and conclusions so evi
dently false nnd contrary to the plain
facts of history as to brund the writer
thereof as Ignorant or otherwise a
deliberate and wilful prevarlcator-or
In pure Anglo Saxon liar. .
The portion of this editorial to
which wo wish to call particular at
tention Is the follewing:
"In 1873 free coinage wns done away
with, since which time all silver has
been coined n government account
and kept ntpurby being Intcrchnng
able with gold.
"fill ver has since fallen In price by
reason of the great development of
silver mines, until It tnkes about
thirty-one ounces to equal In value
one ounce In gold.
"Calamity howlers tells us this fall
was brought about by all" the nations,
Including our own, in 1873 stopping
the free coinage of silver. This Is not
true. On the contrary, Ilia stoppage
of free coinage wns brought about by
the fall of tho price of silver bullion."
Mont of the statements in the fore
going extract arc bare conclusions
without any facts to support them,
The first statement to mako It the
truth, the whole truth, und nothing
but the truth should be that tho
sliver dollar was In 1873, demonetized
und freo coinage thereof was done
away with. Becauso of the demone
tization of the silver dollnr, or In
other words tho taking away of Its
legal tender quality, nlnde It neces
sary for tho government to redeem tho
silver dollar In gold In ordor to keep It
at par, for gold was favorod by being
allowed to retain Its debt paying
power. If the government had not In
1873, through the Influonco of the
money changers nnd speculators,
taken nway tho full legal tender or
debt paying quality of tho sliver doK
lar there would not have been nor
would thero now bo nny ncccssltylto
redeem It or mnko It intercliungublo
with gold, but tho sllvor dollar would
havo continued to bo In all respects
standard monoy on nn equality with
gold, Then silver would not have
"fallen In price by reason of tho de
velopment of sllvor mlneN," but It
would huvo gone on performing tho
functions of money in Increasing
quantities In proportion to tho grow
ing demands of trade nnd commerce
in tills progressive nge.
Tho statement or rather conclusion
that tho "stoppugoof free colungo was
brought about by tho fall of tho price
of silver bullion," has no fact to sup
port it. Horo "tho Btoppago of free
col nngo" Is given ns tho olTccts nnd
'tho fall of tho price of sllvor bulliou"
us tho causo. Now, as tho cause must
always prccedo tho effect, "tho fall of
tho prlco of sllvci ' would necessarily
prccedo "tho stoppage- of freo coin
age," and If such is not tho fact, tho
statement quoted Is absolutely false.
In 1873, when freo coinage wasstopped,
tho average bulliou value of a silver
dollar was ono dollnr and four mills;
In 1871, It was only worth 08 cents and
8mllls,jmd tho vnlue, ns compared
with gold, has boon gradually falling
over since, until It reached -10 cents
and 1 mill In 1804. See Tho World
Almanao for 1800; pugo 203.
Thus wo 8co that the fall of tho
prlco of tho bullion In a silver dollar
followed tho stoppage of freo coinage;
and the facts of history prove that
tho statement In the Statesman's edi
torial, Is false.
"10 to I in n Nutshell," Is n fair
sumplo of tho falsehoods and fallacies
to which the gold standard advocates
ure driven, In their vain efforts to
hoodwink and mislead tho people.
Thoy disregard both truth and logic.
Tho people will view with distrust nil
BtntemonU mado by "goldbug" news
papers, for a witness falso In one part
of his testimony, Is to bo distrusted
In others.
Are You Tired
All the time? lids condition Is a sure Indies
tlon that your blood Is not rich and nourishing I
M U ought to be sod as It may Uc if you will I
tske a few bottles of the great blood purifier .
Hood's SarsaparilU, Thousand's write that 1
Hood's SarsaparilU has cured them of that
tired feeling by giving them rich blood ;
ITiwI'a I'illit sr, rfttlltf flnj limmnflv nn iKa
Ilvpan4 bels. Cure sick headache,
Weather ruidJCrops.
Weather and crop bulletin for week
ending July 27, '00:
Weil the r Cooler weather, with
smoke more dense, and an Increased
amount or clouds, (high fog), have
been the weather conditions during
the past week. No rain has fallen
since June 10, making one of the
longest periods on record without
rainfall. In fact tho current season
Is the only one, with the exception of
1883, In the past 2o years, with such n
long nb.-5olutely dry period.
Crops The hay harvest Is practic
ally over and correspondents, quite
generally, report the crop above the
average. This condition is duo to
the May and early June rains. The
hay was cutand stacked or put Into
barns without one drop Of rain falling
on any of It.
Fall-wheat harvest is well uwler
wnv nnd In sections threshing bus
commenced, Tho yield has -not been
up to the average, though yields of 30
bushels and more arc reported from
ninny counties. The grain is quite
nlumn and will generally grade na No,
1 wheat; In sections the berry Is some
what shrunken, due to the hot, dry
weather. Biirlcy and outs arc nlso
being harvested, and thoy are about
an average; thograin, wiipntuntioats,
sown after May 1, Is very poor and
Bonio of It 'Will not make good hay;
that sown nfter June 10 will not bo fit
to cut. The season Is now so far ad
vanced that even should ruin fall tho
crops would be out little, ir any,
benolJtted. Grain that was properly
sown before January , is making very
good yields. There have been years
when such grain has made heavier
ye)dBj that sown, after January 1 is
not so good, and thut sown after May
1 Is not worth much for anything,
Good farming will produce good crops,
even under such phenomenally advprso
weather conditions ns hayo prevailed
this past season, but poor farming,
under very favorable conditions, sel
dom pays.
IIfjp3 are In burr. Thero Is not
much attention paid to hop yards
this year, and unless there Is an ad
vance In prlco many will not pick
from their ynrds.
Com Is growing very well nnd Is
now Jn tassel. The warm weather
was very favorable to Its growth; it
would bo bcnellted by rain." Gardens
aro greatly In need of ruin; onions arc
doing fairly well; melons are growing
and will mako a good crop; early
planted potatoes aro In good condition,
while tlioso sown hlto will make a
small crop. Vineyards aro very
promising and unless something un
foreseen should occur tho yield or
grapes will be good.
There aro no conditions present to
day which Indicate rain or any
material changes from tho current
weather conditions. Warmer weather
will most likely prevail within the
next six days.
Myrtlo Point has n steam brick nnd
tllo factory.
Hon. n. W. Corbctt, tho Portland
bankor has presented tho Y. M. 0. A.
of tho U. of 0. with $100.
The Oregon State Press Association
will hold their annual meeting at As
toria during Bcgattn week,
Joseph Emery, of Salinas, Cul will
succeed M. D. Shelby us ugout nt tho
Klamath Falls Indian agency,
Grouse pheasants and pralrlo chick
ens aro beginning to feel shakoy as tho
open season approaches. August 1st
Is the date.
Some unscrupulous parties havo
been blasting fish In tho McKlnsie
river and wantonly destroying thous
ands. Tho Burns city council has purchas
ed n HrstKJlass lire engine for Burns.
Tho town has long beon without any
mentis of lighting lire.
George Homing and Gcorgo Smith
of Corvnllls, mud Gcorgo Boso will
start for Portland today, drlvieg 500
or COO head of shcop.
J. M. Lawreucoaud M. E. Bain have
inn.de arrangements to begin tho pub
llcatlon of u soml-weokly newspaper
In Oregon City, bcglnlng about Aug
ust 20, In response thoy say to tho
demand for a "clear-cut" Republican
A-tmanof horses belonging to J. B.
Hllls.of Jnsper.wcro drowned by somo
loggers In tho Wlllauiotto In tho out
skirts of that town. Tho team had
been taken Into tho river where two
strong currents camo together. Tho
water was quite deep nnd hidden by it
wns a snag which could not bo seen.
Tho tacklo became entangled on this
snag nnd tho men were uunblo to freo
Bcwrai and Nervous Debility,
wcaicns ot IkMy oni
Mlcil. KirccU of
or Uxecuua lu Old
joumr. ltnbuM, Noblo
fianuooci imir iteet
How to Lmarmi
Btrenirthpu WeaV, Un
iloveloped Portions ot
,?'' .Absolutely uc
lUsncflts In a dnv.
ICALirv Xrain CO HtAtna n.1 rA.te.t
bsuntries. Pcnd for IXwcrlpUv Book, ex
tuannUoa nnd proofs, mailed (sailed) free.
ERIE MEDICAL Q0,t SwffllO, H. Y.
SSBBBwt Tf-A. Vta I
f iiff 1 Ml
'""' " i -- . -. . ,. ii-Hifgrfcn
ii' ' - 3rrw. .v. .f . .i. i r x w Tsf & ii
J'.-.teWswl i
l rfc fft- i
k "Judgment!!" .p" 4
The umpire now decides that
"BATTLE AX" is 'not only
r. decidedly bigger
. other JO cent piece
fy t'j.. it.- t:
quality is tne iinest
the flavor delicious
know just how
you try it.
Chtcago, July 24. Wheat, cash 57JVtv
New York, July 24. Silver, 6c', lead
Portland, July 24, Wheat valley, ? a
S3! Walla Walla, 49450. 3
Flour Portland, 2.85; Benton county,
2.H5; graham, 2.50; superfine, $2,25 per bbl.
Oats-White, 29300; grey, 27;8;rolled,
Inbagj, $4.2505.25, barrels, 4.5o7.og;
cases, 3.75.
Potatoes.. Oregon, 80(01900 per sack.
Hay. .Good, lo10.50 per ton.
Wool.. Valley, 8ec: Eastern Orcnon.
Millstifls . Ilran, $i3.ooi4.oo;shorU,$K.
Poultry Chlckenn, mixed, 52.5o3 brofi-
ets, $i.5o2.5oj ducks, 2ai; geese, 56j
turkeys, Uvu, ioiic; dressed, 15317c.
Hides.. green, salted 60 bi 5c; under
60 lbs 44jc; sheep pelts, io7oc.
Hops, .Oregon, 3 to 3c, according to qual
Dutter.. Oregon fancy creamery, 354o;
fancy dairy, 353o; fair to Reed, 17.
Cheese .Oregon full cream, 10,
Eggs. .Oregon, Itcperdoz.
Beef. .Topsteers, 3.oo3.25 per lb; fait
to good steers, 2j2 3.5c; cows, 22cj
dressed beef, 45ic.
San Francisco, fjuly 24 Whcat,g2o
Wool.. Oregon, choice, St&ioo; inferiors
7c, valley, SOC.
Hops Quotable at 24c
Potatoes 4055c per sa
Oats-Milling, 7582.
Wheat.. 43c per bu., market firm.
Hay, .Baled, cheat, 7io.50j timothy,
Flour.. In wholesale lots, 3.00; retail,
3.20; bran, bulk H.oo; sacked, 13,00;
shorts, 12.5013.50j chop feed, ii.oo
roultry..Hens5c; Spring chickens, 7c lb.
Voal-.Dressod, 31,.
Hogs.. Dressed, 3.
Live Cattle.. 1 Ji2.
Sheep.. Live, 1.25.
si.. Best, 12V1C.
Hop.. Best, 45o.
i-ggs..(.asn, 10c,
Butter,. Best dairy, 150; fancy creamery
Cheose .uVc.
Farm Smoked
Meats , Baccn, 7c; hams
00: shoulders, tc.
i'otatots , , 60c per bu
$100 Reward $100.
The readers of this paper will be pleased to
learn that there is at least one dreaded disease
that science has been able to cure lu all its
tages. and that Is catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Cure Is the only positive cure now known to
the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a con.
sntutional disease, requires a constitutional
trcarnient. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken
inte nally, acting directly upon the blood
anu mucous suriaces 01 the system, thereby
ucstroying tne lounuauon ol the disease and
its curative Dowers that thev oiler Dm.
dred dollars for any case that U fails to
Send for list of testimonials. Addreu
n , F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by dtugglstc, 7$c.
mien Baby was stck, we gars her CastorU.
Vtheu she was a Child, she cried for CastorU.
When aha became Miss, tho duns to CastorU,
When Shu bad Children, she gara them CastorU,
D. Ajchcnbach, of Albany, was
drowned whllo bathing at the mouth
of Culapooiu,
Soap Foam Washing Powder
will not make the clothes yel
low, nor bumjthe hands,
c me paueni strengtn Dy Uullding up the
itutlon and assisting nature In doing its
The monrietora have a nmrli fi! in
in size than any
of tobacco, but the
1. t-- J
ne ever saw, aiiu
You will never
good it is until
In pursuance of tlio requirements
of the lawnpproved February 25, 1880,
notice Is hereby given that the follow
ing list of county warrants Issued
seven years prior loJuly 1, 1800, havo
not been presented for payment ant
tlioso enclosed In parenthesis ltavlnn
been uncalled for and still remaining
lu my hand nnd custody, and unless
so presented for payment at the oillce
or the county treasurer, of Marlon
county, Oregon, on or before August
20. 1800, said warrants will be can
celled and. payment therein will bo
refused, nil In accordnnco with the re
fiulrcments of said law.
r080, Capital Adventure Co., July,
1888, $0.70.
0l?0, S.W. Morgan, July, 1888, $8,40,
727H, Wilson I) MoNary, Decombcr,
1888, $5.
J7I01, W. II. Simpson, January, 1880,
7718. U. Phelps: January, 1880, $30.
7784, J. W. Thomas, February, 1880,
8510, D. W. Yoder, May, 1880, 82,75.
(81 0, L.A. Vcrinech.March 18, 1880
a.iPS, W.H. Trulllnger, February 7,
$180, $1,1
(7030, Dan Rogers, January 11, 1830.
Kunnels, October 5,
1003, 91.1
(0547, L
D. ritinan, October 5, 1888,
o(8004, Alice A. Omeg, May 13,
,0Ki ,Jol,"n A- Molntlre, August 8,
lOOO, Cms)
(0358, Oad Miller, September 7, 1888,
(7J80. llenretta Late, December
4 OOO, T1.IU.I
(0120, B. F.
Ilolllday, July 0, 1888,
(8222, E. N. QJrard, March 0, 1880,
.,(8831, Ganes Fischer, May 13, 1880,
(0555, John Flynn, October C, 1888.
(0357, A. Eclor, September 7, 1888,
1888 U ?m' Cauflcld' Soptemberi.10,
(7843, Lewis
1880. $1.50.)
Burtman, February 8",
$lt70i)' Wm Brown' Jftnuilry "i 1880,
lcatC(1 Ulls 30th daJ' ot June, A. D.,
im' L.V.EHLEN,
Special Rates,
n SiP BartraaBcnU for tlio
O. K.& n. and Union racltlc railways
regarding special round trip rates to
tho Kepubflcan national convention
at bt. Louis, tlio Democratic natlohal
convent on at Chlctigo, Peoples party
entlon y. i. s. C. E. at Washington,
P,S- M110."?1 educational Assoclai
"Oil at Uuffalo, N. Y
and G. A. 1?,
at St. Paul,
..unuiiui encampment
Tho Battleship Oregon and tho U.
S. flagship Philadelphia will bo ni.
out at tho Astoria regatta which takes
Piaco iroin Aug. 18 to 22nd Inclusive.
PAcrfect Gail Borden i
Eagle Brand J
ConNMd Milk
, .- -. OKWt (
Succetsor to Dr. J. M.lKeene, old White
Corner, Salem, Or. Parties deilrlng upetlot
operations at moderate fees in nnv branch .
1 In cspcciul request.
'Peter G, Notrgren,
(l'omieriy wiin t', J. Laren fit Co.)
Carriage and wagon shop, 320 Commerclul
street, bring on yoar xvotk, old or new.and
have it done with a guarantee of satisfaction.
6 3Gd&wtf
Mcots all mat) and passenger trains. Iiao
Uttgeatid cxptcss to all parts of the city
l'rompt service, Telephone Na 70
Capitdl Transfer Co,
Exi)res. bnccatre nnd all kinds rf wnri,
done promptly. Leave orders at Patten's
storo t2
On farm land security. Special
rates on large loans. Loans
conMdeied without delay
llmli Pank bulhlinH.
On city or farm property.
Over Hush's Dank,
Carpenter, Builder and Jobber,
481 Winter street.
(STlInrd times prices always.)
2ti Comnercla1 St., Salem Or
Suits $15 upwards. Pants upwands'rj
Ubh Mineral Springs.
The choicest mineral water in Ilia stale.
Salem supplied bv C M. Kpplty, t the
Electric Grocery, East Stato it.
Some say we give the best meal In
town for 15c. We say try us and see.
L3rSecond door north of Hctel Willamellr,
Office! Willamette Hotel Bulldln'
For water service apply at 'office. 1)111
payable monthly In advance, Make a
complaints at the olEce.
There will be no deduction In water rate
on account of temporary absence from the
city unless nottco is left at the office.
Hereafter water for Irrigation will only be
furnished to regular consumers using vratei
for domesttc purpose. Contractors fq( iid
walks, brick work and plastering will pleaj-e
read "under building purposes" page 17 of
schedule of rales for I893. Apply at oflic
for copy.
X am prepared to do all kinds of work In
wood and iron. Repairing machinery of
any kind or making and repairing stone cut
ters, tools and edged tools of' any kind made
and repaired; wagons and buggies repaired,
and new ones made to order. Horseshoeing,
the best that can bo done In town hand
made shoes. Plates and running shoes care,
fully attended to. Call at ray stand, at 100
Chemeketa street, back of New York Racket
store. '
50 Gents
Ed. S, Lampot tf
J289 Commercial st
Salem, Or,,
Has bought the Frank E Shatv
fer and the M, Beamer harness
stocks at forced sale, $4,000
worth ot goods will be disposed
of at 50 cents on the dollar,
Sign of the White Horse,
Salem Steam Laundry
Please noticejthe cut in prices
on the following!
Shirts, plain ,ocents
Under drawers stotocenU
under shirt , 5 to 10 cents
Socks, per pair , 3 cents
Handkerchiefs , I cent
SllL Vi n nrl Is trl. !,. 4 sanrt
Sheets and pillow slips 24 cents per doien,
and other work In proportion,-
rlannels nnrt .ntKef work m
telligently washed byjiand. j
rri. , .. i
Wmm !iV-
187 Coillmtrrt,! MB' IM'YV
; . uCC. , . 1
Raspberry 3
,..3c,l;'.'"."""'ii..ni..... '
-" ""uc 1 cut here M t,, ".
ok m
EP"FRKE DF.r ivtdv
W iL7 A Mircur "
CB'-Fresh ssussm s spcotlr.
Shasta Route,
Southern Pacific 0;
California .Express Train -RonOii., bciW
m. ui uauu mm an rnacuco,
AltalUi. trains .l,n .. La,Ain..l. 1 m
City, Wo dbura, Silem, Tornrr, id-
hlied.ls, Ilaiey, HartUburg, laoctwo ftr
Eugene, Crosuill, Drain, sad !!,!&
iruin nusKuurK 10 Ainuna, inciuue,
South . ryjrtf
8:;:o a.m.
S:20 ii.in.
lv. .Salcmtlv.
11 r. Itosoh'g It.
4.40 p.m.
0:15 p.m.
ur. Salem lv.
10:15 s.a
aud second-class sleeping cuinacieJ wi!
tnroucn Itiai
Between Portland anil ComllJ, Idjln-
cept bundsy.)
7130 a.in
.ll.v. Poi
.)Ar. Co
'oitland. At
12:1c p.m. I Ar. Conrallii. Lx
1:35 M
A, Alhfinv and fnnrtllil COKUCA ri
trams of Oregon Central i EtsUra RtW
Kxnress train dally except Sasdj;.
uin "in I Lv. I'odlaiiT
hi wia.l
jril? p. in f Ar. M
.- .11 ..i.. in ihi. !, m SI1CI. U'l
and Europe cn be obtilned at
IU Ull WUU.H " ' , ' . I
from W.W. SKintK,pLs
R. KOEULER. Msnsctr. -
Eastern R. R. Compatq
(VAQUlNA cav Roirrt
Francisco & Yaqulnt my --r
mn kmvT'll iim K n ixi.i
trancisco, voo ";. - ,
and Humbolt Uay. 4
and Califjinia, u f rfB&e,
Fare from aiij - r j:btCs
Francsce: Cabin , fi
nlv and Port Orford, esb . , ,.
Hav, cabin fS; rounJ trip, P"" ,
cial. niininv. . ".
. .... "l.iiWs
tne steamer oi"v ".,, t t, "
Alwna dock for uP iir &
and the steamer Srn 0,t ftsM
and down river point t 7 " 1
Weduesdays rli"'!' conMW
T.r.miM oTrNE. Manager, m
J.C AYO. Supt. Rlre. jMw.!
M. P. BALDWIN, Local Ajeauv
9 1 akl Si W JS) . SK
kjou I, Ulmsted rrop

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