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Tgt and all the tune Hood'i SarMparill
hg been advertised Wood puria,
Its great cures have been rtccompllatied
through purified blood curesof scrofula,
ealt rheum, ecxema, rhcumatlatn, neural
Ka catarrh, nervonsneaa, that tired feel
ing. It curea when bthers fall, beennse It
Strikes at tho root of the disease and
eliminates every germ of Impurity.
Thousands testify to absolute curea of
blood diseases by Hood'a Sarsaparllla,
-wi..,i, fHnnnnraffed bv tho failure of
other medicines. Eombmbor that
H the boat - In fact the One Truo Dlood Turiner.
11 rni easy to buy, oasy to take,
HOOCl S PHIS caay to operate. 2B&
If you expectgood rcbults from your
poultry this winter sec that all vlrmln
lsextcrtnin ntcd.
To innke war on one vermin Is bet
ter tlmn liavo a million vlrmln make
war on your flock.
The flax raisers or Minnesota und
Dakota will this year harvest overt
of a million acres of flax.
Ten to twenty drops of carbolic acid
In a quart of water Is a good portion
to give cholera Infected hens.
The farmers of Lincoln county
should not allow so worthy an enter
prise to die for want or support.
Poultry can be niado to almost en
tirely subsist upon green food and
what Insects that fall In their way.
The Rathburn Blackberry Is a prom
Islngncw berry. It Isa line largo berry
of excellent flavor nnd f rco from any
Twenty-live years ago Denmark
was a grain growing country, but to
day It Is one of the most prosperous
dairy countries.
The l'lerce County Agricultural nnd
Industrial Association will hold Its
meeting at Tacoma; Wash.,Scptombcr
14th to 18th, inclusive.
We arc Informed .by a subscriber
that few bunches of mint placed in a
hay oft will keep tho same entirely
frco from mice. This Is worth trying.
Eugene Guard.
The prospect for a big apple crop In
New York state is immense. Conse
quently that state will contribute
largely to the supply of the' foreign
markets with winter apples.
Tho fruit crop between La Grande
und Suiiimervllle promises to bo of
finest quality, says tho La Orande
Chronicle. "Winter shipping apples
are an especially promising crop.
The wool production In Victoria Is
valued at 8927,061 ,8&" yearly. The
annual sales aio 202,870 bales. The
value of the yearly wool exports arc
Grea.sy, $27,724,300; scoured, 5,C84,445;
washed, $201,425.
t You may bo able to know that you
are a success In tho poultry buslncs
from tho fact that you nro supplying
the market with broilers and are get
ting your money beforo they are full
Tho unsual drought has killed all
the salmon berries, raspberries, and
other wild berries along tho Nccan
nlcuui, in Clatsop county, so that, the
bears, which in tho summer tltno 11 v0
principally upon these berries, arc
Induced by hunger to come very close5,
to men's habltatlpns, looking for food).
An appeal has been Issued by tho
Departmentof Agriculture for thoob
wrvanco of a "bird day," In the pub
lic schools throughout tho country,1
that children may be Instructed In the
value of birds and tho means of pro
tectlng them from wanton destruc
tion. Tho Mitchell Monitor, In Croojc
county, Is Informed that the sage rats
are leaving that section of tho court
try, traveling In a northwestetly di
rection. Thoy liavfl been doing much
damage to crops and the range In paste
years. This year, crops thatln former
years have been destroyed have beep,
left untouched.
Denmark Is -a small country, but be
sides supplvlnir its dense nonulatiori.
It exports annually about I05.000.0d0
kroners' worth of buttor, and about
iu.wu.ooo kroners' worth of pork and
haras, largely made from mllkr. IX
kroner Is about 28 cents.) Danish.
uuuer is about 5 cents a pound higher
"an American butter.
The Happy -Valley creamery is now
running in full blast.. -Tho new
creamery Will niaVa ru.w.l.uiVlrt.Hs nnrl
jlto In a hlther-ia dor'wswt "dairy dip-
"i.u iTosporty and welth Is certain
where a dairy , hecowee, one of tUo
principle features of a locality.
wiT?lcdo cseMatrhM. closed for
dwindled downt)fe'l$siiv35 cows.
Very few watermelons will be
raised IpTosephlseBi'iitahls year.
Neither Lee por&hatfwk, our former,
watermelon kings havoany planted
w speak, of, as prlccoly lute years
liavo tasted bitterly of hard times.
Tho hot sun bus cooked the melons of
the Sacramento valley, out VU
lumette valley friends will haw ko
rely on thelron productions In this
line. Theso nro nro ntwnys late and
It Is said that theio isti marked tk.
crcasc lu horse breeding, nnd esti
mates are made, which may not be re
liable, that 300,000 arc canned annu
ally' that tho annual death into of tho
worn-out Is 1,000,000, and that with
the largo export added a hngedolldt '
Is already evident. It Is quite cor-j
tain, however, that here will he u
paying demand at fair prices for
really good horses sultablo for road
und draft purposes, and for cavalry
horses to go to Europe. I
It Is generally believed that ilsh of.
tho salmon family do not hybridize in
a state of nature, because there aro no
evidences of crossing between distinct
species. Flshcultural operations, how
ever, have produced numerous crosses
nmong trout and salmon, nnd some of
theni have been described. Among
them aro hybrldo betwecu hike trout
and brook trout, golden trout of New
England and brook trout. European
salbllng and brown trout.
Hon. E.O. McCoy spent several pavs
in Sherman county this week aud from
Ills observations there, estimates there
will be as ninny bushels of wheat har
vested In thnt county as there were
last year. The crop Is not 60 good as
It was last season, but owing to the
acreage being larger he says the usual
amount of wheat will be threshed.
The yield per acre will be about one
half what It would have been under
more favorable circumstances Tlmes
Mountalncor. Tho winter wheat harvest Is about
complete throughout the country nnd
in many localities spring wheat Is
maturing which Is scarcely as good, to
fur as threshing has developed Us
quality, as was expected. Heavy rains
in its middle belt have caused some
damugo to shocked wheat. Tho yield
Is poor in Ohio. There Is complaint
of rust In spring wheat, which, how
ever, has not spread very much during
tho past week. It Is disappearing In
sonio parts of Minnesota.
The cool, cloudy weather of the last
few days has done wonders for spring
wheat, and It looks much better be
sides being headed out more satisfact
orily. There aro reports of Uelds yeld
lng better than for years, and yet all
together It Ib not safe to stato that
there Is over two thirds of a crop' for
many fields arc lu a bad condition.
When the harvest Is over it will bo
found that the warehouses are full
and that after all Linn county has
not gone back on its record of having
sure crop. Albany Democrats.
The cattle export movement has
been stronger, there were 32,215 head
shipped, worth $2,003,230, ago lust 21,
237 In May of Inut year, woith $1,07,
883. Tho cxpoits of eleven months
nre 312,220, against 288,127 for the
same period or the previous liscul
year. There Is also uu Increase in the
exports of beef, both for May nnd for
the beason, 107,118,013 pounds, of fresh
beef having gono out, of the value of
$10,803,770. Tho exports of salted
beef have been 04,747,020 pounds,
valued at $085,430, and 42,754,430
pounds of tallow a very heavy In
crease Already live and dead beef
exports nggregato about $7,000,000.
The Sllvorton
opened a hospital.
physicians have
(J. B. Wilson or llrownsvlllo, re
cently caught a trout In tho Callpoola
that measured 2H Inches In length,
and weighed 3 pounds.
The trouble with
ua nowadays I, that
we do not lead nat
ural lives. The fern,
(nine portion of our
society i especially
culpable In this way.
It is really a wonder
that women are as
healthy as they are.
Very few women et
any outdoor exer
cise. Very many get
no exercise at all.
Uodes of dressing
interfere with the
proper muscular
action aud with the
circulation of the
blood. All the hy
rlenle laws are bro
ken. It is little won
der that nine women
Ih t.H ara ffnuhled
with some derancemeat or irregularity in
tkTactlon of th. orw a dUtlaetU - fem nine.
N1ect and wrou llvinf will show them
ielwa fast to the most delicate organs of
the wbpU body. With such weakness and
sTcines so prevalent, it a to be expected
that the bearing of children would be
ft&kt with dretd and danger. It should
notbe soi of course. Nature never meant
H to be so. The performance of the. hlh.
" . , zr- t tut. nmmm canable
en junction mi - ", j-r," I' Tf ,
should not be accompanied by pain. H
JSffcctly natural living were he rule, it
would not be so. As llvaa are lived, some-
33? tf 2Mfe
fcand in ThUFaverfte Prescription a
MMr.faillsVcc for female complaints. ,
UESmTa whole body $
Ukca during gestation, short JftteJ
9t tabor and makea childbirth wen-nigu ,
liinlesa, " It also prosaoUa an abundant ,
:E5$m of no"rUhWt for Use cUU.
for infants and Children.
OTHERS, Do You KnoWimh,,
Baleman's Drops, Godfrey's Cordial, ninny ao-callcd goothlnff Bjrups, aud
most remedies for children arc composed of opium or morphine
Ho Von irnow that opium and morphine nre stupefying narcotic poisons r
Tin Voti ICnovr that In jnoit countries Jrugglslsnrc not permitted to sell narcotics
wUliout labeling them poisons I
!fto You Know that j-ou sliould not permit any medicine to be given your child
nntess you or your physician know or what It Is composed t
Ho You Kito-vy that Cnstorlalsa purely effetahle prcpnmtloti.and that a list of
tKa Insredlenta is publlshelvlthcery bottler
Ho You Know tliat Castorla Is the prescription of the fomous Dr. Samuel TJ tcher.
Vhat it lus been in use for neatly thirty years, and that more Castorla Is now sold thau
of all other remedies for children combined ?
Ho You ICnovr tlut the ratent OOlce Department of the United States, ami of
other countries, liavc issued exclusive right to Dr. Pitcher and Ms assigns to use the word
"Cantor! a" and Its formula, and that to Imitate them Is n state prison offeiue?
lo You Know that one of the reasons for granting this government protection
was because Castorla had been pro en to be absolutely harmless?
Ho You Know that 33 average doses of Castorla are furnished for 35 .
cents, or one cent a dose?
Ho You Know that when possessed of this perfect preparnUon,yourchUdrenniay
1 be Lept well, and that you may have unbroken rest?
Well, tltcse l:ngw are worth laiowlng. They arc f.cts.
flic ftic-sliii
stgtiaturc o
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla.
Sealed bids for furnishing wood for
tho court house will bo received nt
the otllco of tho county clerk until 2
o'clock p.m. on tho 5th duy of August.
A. D., 1800, as follews: For "0cords
of polo oak,and 20 cords of good, clear,
largo body fir.
Bids, however, will not bo received
from one party or ilrni for moro than
from live to fifteen cords of pole oak,
or for moro than llyo cords of largo
Hy order of tho county court of
Mnrlon county, Oregon.
Dated at'Salem, Oregon, this 10th
day of July, 1 81)0.
L. V.Eulun,
7-10 dot wilt m Clerk
Tanned. For bargains In tan
shoes Invcstlgato Krausse Bros, spec
ial sale at tan shoes. tf
Dealer in groceries, paints, oils,
window glass, varnishes, and
the most complete stocc of
brushes of all kinds in the
state, Artists' materials, lime,
hair, cement and shingles, and
finest quality of rass seeds,
FOR SALE OR TRADE-,45 acres Inv.
proyed farm land, 4 miles east of Salem.with
new houio, new barn, running water; will
sell or trade for cheaper land. Addiess O.
M. Reaves, Salem. Or. 7 7 ln
LOST. Ivory handled ladies umbrella be
tween boat landing and Oddfellows ceraenlary.
Jdarked on handle Kate M. Duilck, Parties
pleaie leavo at this office and receive reward.
Vribl WAN fKli -iAn exnerlcnced rirl
would like to obtain work in a small family.
AUCUcas A. II. A. care )qutnm, 11 j .i
l.vm DI.'W'I' ill UArt- A r.rnnm house.
beside chamber; convenient for small family 5
water service fiee. Inqahc at 424 Winter it,
33 3tll
WORK WAN TED-By a first class licensed
engineer, who has had 20 years experience.
Addiess A, care Journal. 33 31
FOR SALEGcntle family hone and pood
top buggy cheap.
South Commercial st.
top buggy cheap. Apply to C. W. Scribcr,
1 11
WOOD WANTED-Teii cords of prime big
fir. ten cords of grub oak and ten corda split
ash. Address, with price, XXX, care this
office. 14 tf
T71EimEC(5NfEACTriirnliiRi Is now
reduced to 6.50 per dozen if the cash ac
companies the order. Per bottle 75 cents.
Send direct to the manufacturer, H. Klas,
Aumsville, Or, 7-9 m
iniltli'S VOUR CHANCE.A proprietor
wants to trade a good weekly newspaper office
In good town for unincumbered Improved Sa
lem property. No opposition. Good rea
sons. Information at tala office. 6 la tf
FoR SALE-Driving marc for sale at a bar
raln; weight about 1160; good traveler, In
quireofWm.Urown&Co. 3 tf
3FOR SALEr-At a Uargain. Fine residence,
and earner lot, near city hall. For further
particulars ininilrc at this office. "33t
FOR riALri OR REN iV-40 acres land S
miles out, Partly improved, wood and
pasture, good house, large barn, a acre
bearing orebard.lot of small frult.good water.
Wood gtumpage can be had, liot H5 Salem
HOME l)6ARD.-ciood table board, with
home cooking, served in family style, only
i a week. 10S Commercial street. 6.-im
CARP&l'I'Al'ER Urge lot ol heavy
brown wrapping paper for sale cheap. Iuft
the thing for putting under carpets. Call a
journal office.
Makes a spiahy of One repair work, Seta
Thomas clocli, etc., 215 Commercial Street
' 1h on every
A year and
a half ago
the Durlincton Route's New
Short Line to tho East and
South was odened for business.
During these 18 months,
thousands of travelers have
patronised It and by so doing
have not only saved much valu
able time but have gained new
ideas ol now a railroad snouid
be run.
They hae learned, amonc
other things, that Burlington
trains are iilways on time; that
the Uurlincton's track is Incom
cparaDiy superior 10 any oiner
tn tne west; mat 111c puraic
Comfort, Speed and Safety
means something ou the Bur
lington. Omaha,KansosClty, St .Louis,
Write for information about
rates and trains.
Pullman Sleeping Cars.'
ElogantaDinln Cars
Tourist SleoDinr Carb
To St. Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth, I'argo,
'Irsnd Forks, (,'roqkston, Winnipeg,
Helena and Butte,
Timnnnii tickkts
To Chicago, Washington, Philadelphia, New
York, Boston, and all Points
juist an) boulti
For Information, time. cards, .maps and
tickets, call on or writn
265 Commercial srreet, Salem, Or.
A. D. Charlton, Asst. Gen'l. Tass. Act.,
Morrison St.. corner Third Portland, Or.
hu bun ihii andsrd for forlr vesn and
, is mora popular so-osr loan evee ;.
I U Lha Uil eoniDleilou DOWdtr buUfTln.
' Teirbln, cleaolr, bealthful and subKh, ,
A OCUOIW, iflfumn yroiwtwa w v9 c.
, WUh every box of ! r s stuyp i
HHX M KlteH frea M nmrun.
The Great One Cent
baily Capital Journal $3 a Year WieklSI.
alone, but wo want both gold and silver. There la not gold enough In our country to pay one-twcntloth of the debts
owliii Ih tlificouiltrjr. ff you want tepudlatlon ndvocato tho singlo gold standard. It means contractu of our
currency,-destruction or values, and repudiation. Invcstlgato and you will bo convinced.
Publistxrs. Salm, Or.
rti 1
ni 1
iwlv iiimiwuiiuvy
k Si. Paul By.,
Of thej Ch'.caco, Milwaukee land St. Paul
Hallway and note lu connection with all
transcontinental line at St. Paul and Oraaba,
and remember when going east that its tru'ns
are lighted with electricity aod healed by
steam, Its equipment la 'supeib. Klcgant
Huflet, library, sroollng and sleeping cars,
with free reclining chairs. Kach sleeping
car bsithlas an tkctric reading lamp, and
iU dining cats aro the bet in the world.
Other lines are longer (nan thlr, but none
aie shorter, and no other offers the above lux.
wrlous accommodations, These are sufficient
reasons for the popularity of "Tb Mllwau.
Lee." Coupon ticket agent In every rail,
road office will give yon further information,
or addrtti .
p i Pnnv Onrl AifMi.
J. V. CASEY, Tiav, PssAfient. fl
kwma ' p
. i niin ii y fe V.slit
Silver Daily The;0nly,Associated Press
S 1
Silver Daily. " ;:
Cut this out mhl post up In a conspicuous plnco whero It will bo
srcn. All tho nssoclntcd prcbS papers In Orepon, except TI1L
JOURNAL, nro publlaliccl In tho Interest of tho olrt atntidaul.
Sqntl 2To In silver for tho dully 0110 month.
The Oregon Press Monopoly
"Will not treat tho restoration or silver fairly. It will not tell tho
people tho truth. It dare not, Tako n fair paper that gives tho
people's sldo as well as the Wall street side.
Are You a Patriot?
Help your country by circulating tho only Associated TrcBS Dally
tn Oreiron that advocates
Independent Bimetallism.
All tho news of tho prent baltlo of tho people for silver. Advo
cates tho lilmotalllo Union of all whoi aro opposed to the singlo
gold stnndard.l
DqlYou FavoitUnity and Harmony
C C ns tho watchword of tho people of Orcso?
Subscribe for the Capital Journal I
Dailyhtr ty days for a silver quarter,
Each Issue it complete history of tho -dny and n Ratling gun of
arguments for tho people's cause.
Tho pcoplo aro charged with Ignoranco by tho gold press. This
Is a falso charge. Whciover the causo of freo colnugo of gold and
silver 10 to 1 Is moro discussed and best understood It Is inpst pop
ular and strongest with tho people.
Sixty Days for 50 Cents.,
If you can't talk or wrlto for silver rend and mark articles and
sond them to your neighbors and friends sixty hot shot for BOc.
Cheapest political ammunition In tho Country, bond u sliver
qtlartor or half dollar ond try It. Tho people must bo educated
and It Is your duty to help do this work for Immunity.
0. R. L N. CO.
Two Transcontinental
Via Spokane Minneapolis Sti'nuljand Den.
ve; Omaha and Kansas Cily.,Low tales to
eastern cities.
Portland San Fianclsco.
Steamers leave Alnswortli dock,. Portland
Jul, a6, 31 and August 5, 0, to, if, 90, 25
and 30,
FareCabin, 85 j steerage, Ja.jo.
Steamers Ruth for Portland, Tuesday aud
Friday, at 7130 a. m.
For Corvalllt Wednesday and Saturday at
5 P'1m
Steamer Cypiy 'or I'oelland, Wednetday
and Saturday at 7130 a, m.
For Corvallis, Monday ami Thursday at 5
p. m.
Lowest freight and passenger rates, Hound
trip tickets very cheap. Tickets sold and
baggage checked through to all points with,
out extra transfer charges.
F01 full details call on llolte & Darker
anents, Salem, Oregon, or address.
Cen'l 1'as. Agt. Portland, Or
For full detain call on or address
Foot of Tradett. Local Agent
, For Dfloy,v
for puriy, and for Improve! the com
EleiloaiMUitnT6iuaU I'oswwu'aTl'owPKg.
i i
Through Tickets
Uv'uon -Pacific System.
1 hrough Pullman Palace Sleepers. TowUJ
Hleeperu and FrecJ Reclining JChalra dally
Portland to Chicago,
Our trains are heated b"steam and 1
lighted by PlntKh light.
lime to Chicago, 3 i. uays
Time to New York. 4 l-a ?
Which it many hour quicker
than cw-
For rates, lime tables and full hormtW
apply to
AgenU, &im, O.
R . W I1AXTER, C ft, MOWNi
Ceneral AfMrt DM. . Af
13S Third Stmt, ?&.
Th RoV
Ana a velvety oftafM of is ssste Im H
tiably obtained iy imm o mm 1
Cowflaxloa fowikr,- .
- .,., :.,,. ..r.r-
ih , - -)TA1 9. -v

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