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Dalf Capital Journal.
SATURDAY, .JULY 28, 180ft.
Altona and Ramona fj
' Portland, 6143 m
Salem 7545
Independence, 6:30 a. m.
Sund,!rip discontinued for the prci
(julck time, regular acrrice and cheap
....rates ...
Agent, Salem.
SS -Vl S 1 1 m .-
M-jrie of stromr
bound; Just tlio llilns for picnics, coast
or mountains. All sizes unil prices.
canvas and leather
Canvas for Tents.
Wc hnvo all weight. Also :t heavy
drilling used for the p'tirrcnc.
Straw Hats,
Id order to cloc tliutu out quickly,
cost doesn't figure. 12 ones for.5J.5,
$1.50 ones for 91 and so on.
Bicycle CloUiing.
with tho Chicago 6elf supporting
Negligee Shirts.
A fulTlIno of summer shirts from
75c. up.
$ , Dalfymplc Co
We a th En Forecast. Tonight
and Tuesday fair. -
, 1 1 m 1
W. P. Wuterbury went to Gurvals
tills morning on bnslncA.
0. II. Irvine returned this afternoon
from 11 short visit at Scul Locks.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Collins returned
lust evening from a trip to Portland.
E. P. McCornack returned this
afternoon from a trip up tho valley.
Paul Srout roturued on tho after
noon tralu from a short outing by tho
seaside. .
Mrs. A. W.'Loug returned this after
noon from a visit with friends at
11 1 1 1
Some of the very latest
things in swell bow
ties for Jfthc ladies.
Jut in by express.
Sec them in south
The Waists
arc melting under
our merciless cuts.
Choice of any $1 to
$1.50 waists
m T. fiolversoD.
m fan
nearly lout Her Voice, ahd has gone to
Mehatna for her heaili.
G. W.IIarrisand family left Monday
morning for Soda Springs. Mr. Har
ris will return In about one week, but
his family will remain during the
Bummer. In the meantime Mr. Har
ris' chair in the Mills' barber sliop, is
being operated by Mort Barber.
H. B. Holland, book-keeper for the
Salem Milling Company 'went to
Waterloo this morning. lie went
by train to Albany where he mounted'
' Ills wheel and left for Waterloo, n dis
tance of 18 miles. Mr. Holland will
remain until his folks are nicely settled
for a two weeks outing when lie wltl
return to Salem.
Big Bargains Today
Your choice of our ladles' "Gc. shirt
waists for 60c. each.
Men's nobby straw hats your choice
Prices nil reduced on dimities,
organdies, Swisses, etc. Gents light
weight underwear, GOc. u suit and up.
Ladles' cool undervests Cc. each and
up. Headquarters for summor corsets,
silk mlts. chamois gloves and tun
shoes of all kinds. A few morochal
lies left at 4c. and Cc. a yard. Pine
zephyr ginghams 10c. n yard.
it. k u. corsets.
Poster's kid gloves
Albert hosiery.
.Willis Bros. & Co.
Tho Cash Dry
Shoo Houso.
Court and Liberty.
Goods, Clothing and
WUntll further notice our Btoro will
closo ut 7 o'qlock evenings oxecut Saturday.
Hon. Thus. Kay, of the Salem
Wollen Mills, was a Portland business
visitor today.
Mrs. W. C. Culncll returned yester
day from it n extended visit with
frtands at Turner.
Henry Stout,' of Mehatna, is re
ported to be dangerously 111 with
pulmonary trouble.
MIssEllth Miller went to Albany
this morning where she wlll.be the
guest of friends for several days.
County Clerk L. Q. Ehlcn went to
Newport today where he will Join his
family and remain several weeks.
M. McDonald, of the Oregon Whole
Bale Nurseries, left this afternoen: on
a business trip to British Columbia.
Chas.Latourctte accompanied by his
niece Miss Latourcttc went to Port
land on the Salem local this morning.
Attorney C. A. Parks and Geo. Wil
liams accompanied by their families
left Monduy for an outing on the
Will Jones and Misses Minnie Clif
ford and Rose Woodruff left Monday
morning for a weeks outing at Slab
Bunker A. Bush and daughter Miss
Sully and Mrs. A. N. Bush and son
went to Portland on the Salem local
this morning.
Mrs. E. E. Waters and son Wayno
were among tho Salem contingent
bound for Newport this morning for
n two weeks outing.
Miss Agnes Noonun, who hasbcon
visiting hor cousin, Mrs. Dr. II. Cart-
wright, loft Monday afternoon for her
homo in San Prunclsco.
Chas. L-.Lltchflcld mall clerk on tho
Roseburg local, returned to Portland
this afternoon after a brief visit with
relatives in tills city.
Hon. II. H. Klncald came out from
Newport yesterday to visit his. mother
who hus been quite sick for. tho past
few days. Eugene Guard.
Mrs. L. A. Savage and daughter
Miss Graco wont to Newport this
morning wherothoy will enjoy thoBea
brecw) for sovorcl days.
Mrs. Mary Berry, aged CI of Crook
county, und Mrs. Lllllo Oiler, aged 47
years, from Multnomah county, wcro
received ut the asylum last evening.
A Summer Vacation Offer for the Singers
a of Salem.
During the remainder of this sum
mer vacation, until September lGth
(seven weeks) I will give voice culture
lessons at one-half my regular price
50 per lesson. Now Is the time to be
gln. Why fool away this beautiful
summer? I do not need n vacation,
neither do you. After September 15th
regular rates will be charged. Call at
any time at the college of music of the
Willamette university and arrange
for lessons. R. A. Heritage,
Denn-of Collcgo of Music.
Work Prugteuig Nicely -Completed to
Church Sueet.
Work on the great state wcr Is
progressing 'nicely. Excavation was
today Jbegun arrt.s Winter street.
Tho tiling that Is being laid on either
side of the main sewer for drainage
purposes, has been finished as far as
Cottage street.
The liuincnM! fewer has been com
nleted to a noint beyond Church
street, almost to the alley. The trench
has been illled up to High street. No
more cave-Ins have occurred, the only
reason, to be given therefor Is n change
or soil. The ground at a uepiu
or fifteen feet at the intersection
of Center and High streets
and westward to the river, contains
much gravel and crumbles away very
easily. Between Church nnd Cottage
streets, the trench Is not more than
one-half as -deep as at other points
'along the route. This Is explained
by the unusually low condition of the
street In that vicinity.
Today there were 22 men dlgglnz
tho ditch, nine brick layers, assisted
by ten others in carrying brick and
motar; live men engaged in filling
up the trench, besides Foreman Earl
Race and Water Carrier Capt. Adams.
Camp Pike Lawn Pakty. A uni
que social event occurred last evening
at the beautiful rural home of Judge
R. S. Bean on East Court street. A
score or more of friends were enter
tained around a camp fire In the grove
of oak trees on their extensive lawn.
Japanese lanterns were suspended
from the trees, which lent a mystic ef
fect reinforced by the bright bonfire.
Although unostentatious in every par
ticular, probably no more pleasing
lawn party was over given In Salem.
Lively conversation, reparte and story
telling a in used tnc clrcle.and light re
freshments were served. Before de
parting nil voted Judgoand Mrs.Bcan,
and their wide-awake boys, charming
Public Hitching Posts.
. Recorder Edcs was busily engaged
nearly the entire forenoon today post
ing tho following notices In different
parts of the city: "Any person hitch
ingor tying horses or other animals
Session Held tU (Jdnsider Mat'
ters of Importance.
The county court met this morning
at 10 o'clock, to consider the report of
experts, W. 1. Stalky and Scott Bq
zorth, on the books of Jup Mlnto, the
into county treastiter. Before' the
court took action upon the same, Mr.
'Mlnto's friends requested the priv
ilege or going over the report to verify
the game. This courtesy wns granted
by the court, and It Is probable that
the report will not come up for con
sideration before the next regular ses
sion of the court, the first Wednesday
In August. Orln Barker nnd I). C.
Sherman have been scleetcr't on the
part of Mr. Mlnto, and the report,
when taken up by the court, will be
thorough understood by all concerned.
John McCuiir of Aumsvlllc, was ap
polned Canada thistle commissioner
for road districts No. 28 and Jl).
It was ordered that the county
Judge audit the bills for salaries of
sheriff, clerk and recorder, on the. first
day of each month.
Mrs. Brown, a soldier's widow, was
granted SO assistance.
Tho court this afternoon went, out
to inspect the covered bridge, near tho
Dick Swartz -place.
mvtrrwro- Vnr..-i vw. mwSM?
Still It Continues,
Our Clearnce and Renin
ant Sale,
Every article in our store at reduged prices el,.
Watch this space for daily saSist '
Ladies' Black Satin Skirts 38c
a- Received today a new line of
Pnts, ,
257 Commercial st.
We would like to impress you with the idea that wc are
lttiri . . . .
L J Kb. At, Lllf! f.,,,,11,.
of Church ami ffii J. u? rir
III-. Mfin,l..l. Tni..o:",.8"vewiatjn.
the tea sellers of Salem. Our teas are new croo and alwavs need about as vmn : ?.
to shade1 trees within the city Hiiilts perfect satisfaction. Our uncolorcd teas at 25c and- 30c M- r" bad been-' bcadf 2 :?
will be prosecuted In accordance with6 ... v .. ... t r . ,. 01 I six weeks, ti, r .. ant
At the Woolen Mill. Work in
thediflcrent departments of the mill
aro progressing as rapidly as the
preparation of the wool for the dif
ferent processes of manufacture will
allow. Carders have commenced
while spinning, weaving aud tho
more Intrlcato machinery of tho mill
will be placed In oporatlon In the
course of ten days or two weeks. It
will not bo long before the entire force
of about 100 hands will bo employed
and tho excellent goods for which tho
mill Is characteristic, will bo turned
out. A great many of the old hands
uro resuming work In tho mill but
owing to tho Increased number or
hands needed to carry on tho work of
this successful enterprise, u largo
number of hands aro being employed.
1 proscci
section 41, ordinance 20,1. Ed. N. Edes,
city recorder." That section of the
city's statutes proldcs that u fine of
not more than $25 be imposed 011 the
person breaking such ordinance. It
certainly appears that a 'city the size
of Salem should have hitching posts
erected in different portions of the
City that farmers who are obliged to
leave their teams standing, might not
bo compelled to convert our shade
trees into hitching posts. Our beauti
ful shade trees are a source of much
prldo to Kale mites, yet not only the
beauty but also the growth of these
trees Is greatly Impaired by tho tying
of horses thereto. Since repairs have
been made about tho court house no
provision whatever has been made for
hitching posts' which proposition
should receive the thoughtful con
sideration or tho commissioners.
will match with most 50c teas sold tn Salem,
Our "Cracked Java" coffee
aur prices all right, too,
play in front of the store. It will pay you,
j-m; iiinem 1.1.
rniiiitlu.31.Hc!iiiil.ii.i..f.: "w
- viu.i JiufrivvM
is of the best grade obtainable. 1 l"'rJ"1 ,n Li-o Mission cemtterr,
and our prices all right, too, Cast your eyes on our our dis ,,,,',..: ,' ,T ,Ule dailB,"u
"ii ' " I'luuuur unii 11 m
P, O, Grocery,
Is not half so intense a
tlKLkmand for choice
Lunch Goodsf
The best at
1x4 SfATE ST,
Stuto Superintendent G. M. Irwin
left this morning for L'orvollls and
St. Helens. Ho will visit Gearhart
Park also expecting to return to Salem
next week.
Mrs. II, V. Moorhouso and daugh
ter, Misses Evollnu und Sybyl, of San
Pranolsco, huvo roturued to Salem
after a visit at Seattlo and uro guests
ut the homo of W. L. Wade.
urocorymun N. J. Damon and funi-
liy lort for an outing at Newport to
day. Mr. Damon expects to rotum In
about a week but hlsfumlly will spend
tho slimmer at this delightful resort.
OJ W. Northcutt hud his hand
burned qutf-o soverely Monduy after
noon by picking up Bomo bolts at tho
Sulom Iron works. , Ho happened to
placo his hands on it pleco Just taken
from tho tire.
L. D. M Inkier, night ojwrutor In tho
Western Union telegraph ofllco, ro
turned this morning from a month's
vacation In tho ylclnlty of Ashland.
Mrs, Mlnklor will follow In u'fow
days,, having been 111 since starting on
tho trip.
Misses Claru Gilbert, Stella Van
Avory, Lola Frl utile, Molllo Herpardl
und Miss Gebhart, of San Joso, Cal.,
and Messrs. II. Morrison, W. 0. Jud
son, G. E. Altkcn und J. McCourt
spout Sunday at Silver Crcok Palls.
MIssLoimWhltohas taken a posi
tion as sales lady in tho Osburn
Bucket store In the place of Miss
Smith. Tho latter young lady hus
Yaquina CoNTnAcrr. It Is suld
that tho O. 0. Sc E. railroad company
will boa prominent factor In iho bid-
uing on mo contraot ror tho govern
ment work, soon to bo started under
tho now project on' tho bay. Should
tho company become u successful
bidder It Will bring about qulto n
chango In nllulrs on tho bay. It will
no doubt bo tho means of influencing
them tn build on from Yaqulnu City
undmako theterminus of tholr lino
at Newport. Or It Is Imtlmated that
thoy may build a cutoff, leaving tho
lino Just bolow Toledo, going up tho
LUUq Beaver across to Newport.
This cutoff would tako their track
away from tho edge of tho bay along
which It runs for nlno miles from
hereto Yaaulna. Albany Herald. '
Police Court.
Three drunk's appeared before Re
corder Edes this morning who ad
ministered the usual dose to such
patients live days .in tho city Jail.
Two of the men who had Imbibed too
much fire water were before Recorder
Edes yesterday morning on similar
charges, but promising that a re
petition of the sumo performance
would not take placo they were re
leased, but this morning they did not
faro so well. Their names are Dave
Hull, Sid Brodloand Win. Woolen.
The Monmouth State Normal.
Tho report of the State Normal
school at Monmouth show excellent
results for the work or tho past
Tho normal enrollment was unusually
large. Pour states and 24 counties of
Oregon were represented In the
schools Tho ayerago age of the
students was above 21 years. Of tho
301 students graduated from tho school
during the past fourteen years, 289
aro at present engaged In teaching.
A Pleasant Affaiu. Sunday, a
re-union wuslicld ut the home of Mr.
nnd Mrs. D. W. Matthews, In Engle
woo(, In honor of L. W. Lolth ,. d
son, and A. J. Worman or Effingham,
Ills. A sumptuous dinner was served
on the lawn, where m.iny re'ul.iis-
censes were discussed. Thoa prisfut
were: Mr. nnd Mrs. I. L. Leltli, Mr.
aud Mrs. D. W. Matthew, Mr. nnd
Mrs. II. II. Ragan, Mr. and Mrs. I). P.
Lane, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Clark, Mr.
and Mrs. P. G. McLcnch, Mr. and Mrs.
A. A. Cunningham, Mr. and Mrs. G.
G. Brown, Lesllo W. Loltli, Aubrlo
Lelth, A. J. Worman, Albert Lane,
Pantile Lane, Edith Ragan, Otho
Ragan, Allco Clark, Mary Clark, Will
Hobbs, Gertrude Cunningham, Ralph
Matthews, and Osklc Matthews.
He Was Released. District At
torney S. L, Huyden und Attorney A.
0. Condlt went to Gervals this morn
ing wliero they participated in the
case before Justice L. 11. Poujade
against Win. McCoruack who was
J'ear' I charged with assuult with a danger
ous weapon on P.J. Beatty committed
on July 1st. Mr. Huyden uppeured for
the state while Mr. Condlt represented
the dorendunt. Tho case was dismiss
ed nnd Mr. McCornack was discharged
from custody. Both attorneys return
ed on the Roscburg local.
The Maoleay Meetino. Tho
meeting to havo been held nt Macleay
last night for tho purposo of ralslntr
subscriptions oto for tho proposed Val
ley Motor Railway, fulled to material
Ize. Tho meeting has been set for
noxt Tuesday evening when a liberal
contribution Is expected from this
community. However, J.S.Bosler has
offered i or tho number of lots asked
for ond Mr. HiilTmun pledged $500 In
labor and material. ThoShuw station
people will hold a mooting Thursday
ovonlng when illiberal contribution
towards tho roud will no doubt bo
Accident to the Gypsy. When
near Eola last evening, on her trip up
tho rlvor, tho Gypsy broko 0110 of her
cccentrlo rods, which delayed her for
a few hours. Tho rod was brought to
Salem, where It was welded, and the
boat left for Corvullls again this
morning. Sho Will return to Salem
lato this ovonlng or curly tomorrow
morning and leave for Portland. on
regular tlmo.
A New Ventuhk. J, J. Richard
son starts today with a uomnlotn
stock of goods which ho will peddlo
throughout tho country. Ho has a
uprulrro6choonor" well stocked from
JohnG. Wright's grocery, and will
visit all parts or tho valley. Country
produco will bo. bought and thus tho
rural patrons will bo accommodated.
Monky Is Powkk. A person can
now go Into John G. Wright's Pioneer
grocory and by paying cush can get
any article In tho store practically at
uieirrown prlco. Monoy talks these
days. 8-3t
Work Resumed J. E. Murphy,
Sulom tllo manufacturer, has com
pleted tho temporary buildings at his
works in North Salem, and work was
resumed today turning out tho drain
pipes which nro so much needed In
Oregon. Mr. Murphy sustained a se
vere loss in tills lire, but ho Is a man
of onergy.nud pluck, and will after a
thrco months run rebuild his works
In better shape than over.
A Threshing Machine. A new
thrcslilng machine arrived In tho
city, on tho mld-nlght freight last
night for Brody and Hartman. It
will not bo long now until wo hear
tho musical hum or tho machines
throughout tho Willamette- valley.
Threshings will probably commence in
tho Waldo hills the latter part 'of this
Open-air Gospel Meetings. An
open-air gospol meeting will bo held
this evening at 8 o'clock sharp, on tho
Garden Road car lino, nt the crosslmr
of Kansas avenue, In Enclowood.
Song service led by Prof. Allen of the
Christian chorus choir. Snoakintrhv
Revs. Barton Z. Riggs, of Waltsbufg,
Wash..and A. A. Denton nnstnrnr t.im
Plrst Christian church of this city.
Meeting Of Regents. Gov. Wm.
P. Lord, Supt. G. M. Irwin and non.
T. W. Davenport, regents or tho Agri
cultural college, went to Corvullls
this morning to attend a meetljig of
tho board or regents or that educa
tlonul institution. Among the busi
ness to 00 transacted at tho meeting
is wie eiec.ion or a president for the
ensuing year.
Miss Esther 1'obcrtson, of Salem,
who has been visiting friends and rcl
ntlvcs in town for the pust week, left
for Lyons hist Thursday where she
will remain for n cotipln of wccl.
Mis Rita Rakestraw, duughterof
Supervisor Rukcstruw, of tho govern
ment Indlnn Miliool at C'hemawa,
SDentu fewduysof lust week utthc
home of Dr. Kitchens as tho guest of
Miss Dean Kitchens.
Row Sanderson, Dean of tho Divin
ity college at Eugcno, was In tho city
one day last week soliciting aid for
tho benefit of tho nbovenamed college.
President J. R. Gcddls, of Mlnncral
Springs college, at Sodavllle, wns
through Stayton ono dny lust week
speuklngu good word for J,hut Institu
tion ut every oppotunlty.
Miss Josle Balsley and Tempest
Dunlvin had a narrow escapo from
getting drowned a fbw evenings ago
while out rowing on tho water near
tho grove, had it not- been for
tho good work of Miss Balsey with
her oars ana tho presence or mind of
Miss Dunlvnn who gathered the
limb or a tree near by und assisted In
pulling tho boat to an upright position,-
they would no doubt now bo fil
ling a watery grave. This should bo
a warning to all young, girls who go
out rowing alone, . .
A large crowd of Stay tonltes left on
irlduy for an outing at Nlffara
where they will camp und pick
blackberries. "
iter of J. r
plrmocr nml n m.,k
of the legWuture In 18CS, and. -to,
jUlbterUiMr. IUVTarplcy,
& im i- '.';. Monday J l;
2i, lfcitu, Keiinctli Smith, aasl i
years, of brain trouble,
Kenneth was the youngest child of
Mr. .and Mrs. 1). M. Smith. Mr,
Smith is secretary for the Ofcgon
Lund Co.' whoso olllca mia obu&i 1.
day out of respect to Mr. Smith la hU
Puiienil services were conducted
fiom tho house at 9 o'clock this (.
noon, Interment taking place fa
Rural ccinoiery.
. Orange Social. There will be a
sociable at North Honell on Wednes
day evening August 5, given under
the ausplcies or the North Howell
Orarjgo No 274. A short literary pro
gram will be rendered after which ice
cream, cake and lemonade will be
served All aro cordially Inrlted.
lr not,
is tho
Do you carry tiro Insurance?
investigate tho plan of tho
Fire Relief Association. It
sumo plan for flro insuranco that tho
n owmeii are, ror lire insurance.. It
has been running nearly two years,
with but one assessment. It Is
strictly co-operative.
ANew PonciLDr.C. H. Hall Is
having a uow porch built on tho east
ern end of his delightful homo. vm,or
of Summer and Center streets. It
- . . . ui aua much to tho convenience of
kES tt0 pr,ccs on tim bh?,at ' l ,0 0:cuPants a9 well to tho general
Kraussc Bros. utt nppearance of tho building.
For Bargains in Everyfbioj-274 SffiasLl
Oiir Hollo:- "Spot Casb, Q(ii(k gales and Small Proiiis."
Miss Eva Cooper, of Saleiir, Is visit
ing Miss Cana Davis this week.
Mrs. B. P. Taylor gave her, Sabbath
school class of small boys, a picnic In
the Masonic grovo near town last
Thursday. Mischief of all-all 'kinds
were indulged in frpm climbing the
highest treo in tho grove to smearing
their teacher's face with water and
Jelly. At noon a bouritiful lunch was
spread before tlicm consisting of all
tho good things of tho season, to
which tho young honofuls did full
Justice. A walk to tho mountain
spring after lunch was decided upon,
und on their return n surprise, was in
store forjthem In the shape of ull the
canuy, nuts and popcorn thoy could
eat and carry away, which their
teacher had awaiting them, then nil
departed for their homes, declaring It
10 oe ine greatest eyent of the season.
Those present were Mrs". Taylor.Lloyd
Brown, Aleck Downing, nerbert
Hunt, Frank Montgomery, Johnny
Apple, Russell Caspboll, John Crab
treo, Lloyd Hunt, Bennle Rov. Dub
Hobson, Helen and Lolla Taylor, Miss
aunnio Dunlvin.
Old Ptople.
Old peoplo who require medicine to
regulate tho bowels and kidneys U1
find the true remedy in Electric Bit
ters. Thls.medlcinedocs not stimu
late and contains no whiskey norother
Intoxicant but acts as a tonic and
alterative It acts mildly on the
stomach and bowels, adding strength
and giving tone to the oiyaus, thereby
nhling-Naturc In the iwrfonuance Qf
tho functions. Electric bitters is an
excellent appetizer and aids digestion.
Old. Peoplo Und It Just exactly whit
they need. Prlco GOc and 81 per bottle
at Prcd A. Legg's drug store.
Notice to Contractor.
Sealed bids will be received by th!
undersigned, at the ofllco of the clerk
Qf tho district until Thursday even
ing, July 30, 1890, for repairing the
four furnaces at tho Kast Salem school
house Tho 'furnaces must l W
toplcces, and every defective part re
placed with new material, In accord
ance with tho 6cale on tllo attheoffce
of tho clerk, and tho furnaces are to
be examined by tho couiinltteo before
thoy arc bricked up. The committee
reservo tho right Jto reject nnyorail
E. M. Waite,
Executive Oommlttee.
Tan shoes selling
flee. Kransso Bros-
at a great wcri.
Bucklen'a Arnica ' Salvo
The best Salve la the world for Cuts.
'l. J?0re5 Ulce. Salt Rheum. Fever
7, . " i,ewr' CnPPd wndi, Chilblains,
Hrulses, bkin Eruptions, and positively cures
Piles or no parequUed, It is guaranteed- to
Live .er fee satisfaction or money refunded
Price 35 cents a box For sale by Fred A
Our stock ol tan
dosod out before the
ee Krausso Bros.
shoes must be
season is over.
Cake" will not make theh- teni
like common soap. Savot lie ' mvm
Thoy are worth a cent apiece. i
There's more clothing
poor soap than by 'actual wwr
fcako" soap contains no gKj,
will not In uro the .Bitot W ' ..
and notice the aniercuwH -
John Hughes

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