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Daily Capital JournahlTHE GEO RESERVE
Anything may be framed into a statute,
the very government Itself might be over
turned by some ridiculous provision and
long years paw before the deplorable fact
is discovered, as In the case of the bill de
monetizing silver. That case alone is a
warning. Nothing more revolutionary was
ever done witn such Insidious quiet. No
one knew of it outside the three or four en
gaged in It. Snlcin Statesman editorial
May 27, 1895.
Of Amerlcal You who love fair
play and progress, Do you want pros
perity restored?
Do you want our farmers and labor
ers to live, our olnes Jo jrrow and our
Industries to (tourlsti?
Then break the clutches ofold on
the neck of our nation. Its" wither
ing blight Is the curse or materialism,
the destruction of humanity.
Assert the soverelgtupower of a na
tion of free people, and do not crush In
dustries and products and property by
making gold alone tlio measure ol
Tho energies and life-blood of "A,
000,000 of people cannot circulate
freely If tho arteries of commerce and
tho currency Itself Is llgated by the
golden bandages, tho Rothschilds ol
Europe are druwlnit ever tighter and
The only tssno In thlscntnpalgn, Ik
Tho goldlto press of Oregon Is clr
culatlnif rcnortM that Senator .John
II. Mitchell has
the gold standard
help carry Oregon
decided to support
platform and will
for McKlnlcy and
Wo warn the public not to believe
such statements until continued by
authority of Mr. Mltcholl himself.
Wo cannot bellpvo that tho pioneer
champion of freo coinage on the
Paclllc const will desert the cause he
has always been a leader I., advocat
ing In the senate and before the )co-
plo. Wo shall not hcllovo It
until vcrlllcd by facts. Senator
Mitchell cannot consistently abandon
Independent American bimetallism
In Its limir of triumph or defeat,
without defeating himself.
Tub JoniNAi. has advocated Sena
tor Mitchell because ho stood for free
coinage and election of senators by
vote of the people. When ho aban
dons those principles ho ceases to
command tho respect and support of
tho people.
A number of suits were commenced
Friday In tho circuit court, at Pendle
ton, by Govornor W. P. Lord, of board
of commissioners for tho salo of school
and university lands and for the In
vestment of tho funds arising there
from to recover different sums of
money duo on promissory notcs.whloh
worn received in consideration or
sales against tho following persens:
J. It. Porter and wife, to recover
$2,600 In addition to Interest, costs or
action and attorney feos; Jeremiah
Harnbart, $2,600; J. M. Uoiitloy, $2,000
Jacob Frazler, $3,000; U. 1 Italloy,
$600; Samuol Johnson, $1,000; G. L.
Ward, $1,000; W. Fitzgerald, $500; W.
N. Hope, $1,000.
Tho abovo Information Is only a ray
of light on a vast subject of Interest
to the people or this state.
The Irreducible school fund Is now
loaned out by the state on real estate.
Many of theso loans were mado when
lands woro high and money was
cheaper than It Is now. Ah tho valuo
of money Is measured by tho amount
of products It takes to exchange for
it, and as tho purchasing power of
products has lwon contracted, tho
owners of these lauds cannot pay tho
Interest and will now loso their lauds.
Tho stnto has soveral millions loaned
nut in this way.
The state will not only lose its In
terest on tho school funds, but will bo
ut tho expense of foreclosing and will
also havo to pay tho taxes that have
accrued. A thorough Investigation of
tho condition of tho Irreducible school
fund would show It to bo In a doplor
nolo condition. Not much rovcuuo
for publlo education will bo derived
from a largo amount of tho loans.
For Sick Headache,
Tho popularity of Hood's Pills as
it remedy for sick iicaduuho, stomach
and livur trouble Is rapidly Increasing,
An Oivkou lady writes: "I have been
taking ilood's Pills tor sick hcaducho
nuu have boon very much benefited.
1 recommend them to nil who Imvo
been uutTerlug Irom this disease."
Mrs. Douglas, Kprlngtleld, Or.
Hood's Burtwparllltt is the one truo
blood purifier.
Ctoi Wr Cry for. i
How the Bankers Gamble
With It.
Offering Up Their Gold to the
Eoiroit Jeuunal: What a change
has wine over the spirit of the bank
er's dream! A year or two ago, when
the rjold reserve fell below the $100,
000,000 mark, it was consldend
enough to drive the country to the
verge of a panic. The president was
alarmed; businessmen were alarmed;
the treasury olllelals were alarmed;
the bankers were alarmed; every body
vns alarmed. Uncertainty and dis
trust prevailed the business atmos atmes
phere: "fear or silver legislation"
stalked abroad In the land; and the
bankers, merely tor their own protec
tion, exchanged their legal tenders
tor gold at the subtreasury Justus
rust as they could get hold or tho legal
tenders. The only way to help the
situation and avert untold desolation
and panic was by .another Issue or
bends: the only way to sell bonds was
by secret contract with the banker's
syndicate; and tho only way to induce
the banker's syndicate to take hold or
the matter was by allowing them to
take tho bonds at ligures at least ten
per cent below the market, so as to
leave them a nice little profit tor
"coming to tho rescue." We nil re
member how It was.
Hut what a contrast now! In spite
or tho ract that the silver craze has
lihsumed unexampled proportions("un
cxamplcd" Is u good word) see any
gold bug speech, and there is ten
times as much prospect now or sliver
legislation as thoro was then, and
other alarming symptom has been
inteusllled in spile or all this, the
reserve rails below tho $10 ',000,000
mark without causing the slightest
uneasiness. The treasury olllelals
havep'tthb least rear that another
Issuo or bonds will bo necessary "to
sustain tho creditor thegoverument,''
and as for Mr. Cleveland, why, not a
wuvn of trouble rolls across his peace
ful breast. Tho bankors, who woro so
afraid of silver when there was llltlo
apparent danger, have now not a
shade or distrust. They turn their
gold into the treasury, and take legal
tenders In exchange, and don't charge
UncIoSama cent. Everything Is as
serene as a summer morning. The
reserve, which toll to $00,000,000, has
been replenished by these nice, patri
otic and phllautliroplcal gentlemen,
the bankers, until now It stands at
over $110,000,000, and tho beauty of It
all Is'that thoro Is "no charge." Tho
bankers do this purely out of tho good
ness of their hearts, to suvo the gov.
eminent from any possible cmbarass
incut. How nice!
At tho same time other kind old
goutlemon came forward, and, In
company with somo of those already
mentioned, outer Into a combination
to prevent tho exportation or gold.
Foreign and domestic bankers havo
signed an agreement, whereby bills or
exchaugo will bo issued, and tho
foreign bankers, on whom they are
drawn, will pay them and wait forthelr
gold for "00 days, or longer." This,
you sco, will obviate tho neces
sity or shipping any gold until after
tho election. It Is a little varia
tion of tho Oregoulan's plan or pay
ing foreign balances by "raising tho
rate of exchange," and It will bo
about as effectual in preventing tho
eventual exportation or tho gold. Is
it posslblotliat tho people arc such
simpletons that they will not In
Bluntly sec through this silly subter
fngoV Do wo not know that It Is
simply to postpono tho shipment or
this gold until arur election, and It
will then go Just tho same? Thoro Is
no great attempt to disguise tho
former fact.
"Now listen." When W. II. Unr
vey, in Coin's Financial School,
warned his readers that thoy might
expect to Fee tho exportation of gold
stopped, at any time, by just such
methods, for political effect, ho was
brayed at by every golden donkey In
tho laud, That statement was mado
tho text of whole columns of disserta
tions on tho vagaries or a mind de
ceased. Hut Isn't that ouo silver
ratmtlcal prophecy whloh has come
lltorally and circumstantially true?
How docs it compare, as a prophecy,
with the goldlto promise that tho re
peal or tho Shorumn law would start
all tho wheels of Industry to revolv
ing Inside of 30 days? Wo can now
scm how much otibler It Is to foretell
future events with somo degree of
accuracy when our conclusions nro
drawn from correct premises.
Hut nothing .could bo plainer than
the obJcvAgf this double movo of tho
banker. Anothor Issuo of "bonds
Mado and Merit Maintains tho confidence
of tho pooplo in Hood's Sarsaparllla. If a
medicino cures you when sick; if It makes
wonderful cures ovcrywhero,then beyond
allqucstlon that medicino possesses merit.
That is just tho truth about Hood's Bar
saparllla. Wo know It possesses merit
because it cures, not onco or twlco or a
hundred times, but in thousands and
thousands of cases. Wo know it puree,
absolutely, permanently, when all others
fall to do any good whatever. Wo repeat
Is tho best In fact tho Ono True Slood Purifier.
u it rM c,lro nausea, Indigestion,
MOOU S PlIIS lilIlmiMicss. 23ccnis.
would make thuiKinds mr,u or silver
votes, so the bankers come forward
and replenish the treasury doubtless
'in tho understanding that no one Is
to withdraw the gold but themselves,
Continued shipments of gold would
make other silver voters, aldo rrom
the ract that tho gold would mostly
come rrom tho treasury or cause aug
mented withdrawals for hoarding; so
the banker cnmblno to prevent ship
ment of gold until after election.
What could Iks more natural, under
the circumstance!1, when wo consider
that the Interests or the bankers arc
'ill with the gold standard, and the
gold standard Is endangered';1 Haven't
they boldly declared that they will do
all In their power to "defeat Bryan at
my cost," without making any en
tangling reservations as to honor or
legitimacy of methods? No ouo can
say that this little scheme of theirs
Is not legitimate, but tho only thing
necessary to defeat Its Intended effect
Is for the voter to thoroughly under
stand It. The gold men may object
to the statement that these things
are Intended tor political cirect, but
wait till we hear the McKlnlcy
orators on the stu tup!
Ono or the most encouraging fea
tures of the situation is that the gold
standard campaigners seem Incapable
or understanding Umt. the "common
herd" have any brains to think with,
no they rurblsh up and trot out old,
moth-eaten tricks that weru 'ex
posed" during Pharaoh's Infancy.
David lluitu Ciiahk.
Salem, Or., Aug..'!, 18IKI.
Deafness "Cannot De Cuicd
by local applications as thoy cannot
reach tho diseased portions of the
ear. Thoro Is only ono wav to cure
deafness, and that is by constitutional
remedies. Deafness Is caused by an
hummed condition of the mucous
lining of the Eustachian tube, when
this tube Is inllamed you have a
rumbling sound or iinperrcct Hearing,
and when It Is entirely closed, Deaf
ness Is the result, and unless the
Intlamatloii can bo taken out, and
this tubo restored to Us normal condi-
tlan hearing will bo destroyed for
ever; nine cases uut of ten are caused
by catarrh, which Is nothing but an
Inllamed condition of tho mucous
Wo will give Ono Hundred Dollars
for any caso of Deafness (caused by
catarrh) that cannot be cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for cir
culars; rrce.
1 J. Ciir.NiiY, Si Co., Toledo, O.
tf-ySold by druggists, 70c.
Sealed bids lor furnishing wood for
tho court house will bo received at
tho olllco of tho county clork until 2
o'clock p.m. on the 0th day or August,
A. 1)., 1800, as follews: For 70 cords
of polo oak.and 20 cords or good, clear,
largo body tir.
Bids, liowovor, will not bo received
from ouo party or II rut tor moie than
rrom live to tifteeu cords of pole oak,
or tor moro than live cords oi largo
By order or the county court or
Marlon county, Oregon.
Dated at Salem, Oregon, this 10th
day or J uly, MM.
L. V. Eih.kn,
10 dilt wilt Ulork
It's in Town.
You'll 1h surprised.
Won't "yellow tho clothes."
Won't burn your hands.
Nothing equals It.
Better than soap.
Extra largo packages.
Soap Foam washing Powder. John
Notice to Bridge Contractors,
Notlco is hereby given that no war
rants will bo drawn tor construction
or county bridges until contractors
tor tho-samo shall havo furnished to
tho county court cortltled receipts
showing that all labor and materials
entering Into tho construction of
such bridges havo been paid ror
it. r.
County Judge.
s A
Gail Borden
Eagle Brand
CetHfeflsed Milk 2
"Infant Tfaalth l a inn Kl,
! CTeatvaluoUiAtUMiitl'KeuoaappU- 9
cation. J
N. Y, Condensed Milk Co. 2
The Biggest Salem
-Show Saturday-
Adam For
fliwitf s Greatest
'The new aggregation one of th most
The premier event of all combined circus seasons. Earth'i greatest, gran left ami most mu
pendoia lenteil exhibitions. Jleyond all comparison the largest show ever orniied.
4 Big Circuses, 4 Great Riixs,
2vElcvatcd Theatre Stages,,
Astounding, bewildering and inexplicable meteoric surprises. A dozen Hiring a. Is a"
one time are to be seen. 300 all-star artists. The only lady clowns and rinjj mistress, In
troducing nil new exclusive features. Imperial Koman Hippodrome. Races find gula day
sports. Greatest Japanese Circus male and female equestrians, mid air originalities, ath
letes, acrobats and general performer (Ireatest number of clowns, aerial sensations. Pre
senting for the first time in this city the biggest and most extensive extensive exhibit of tare
PAGEANT CARS. The only educated seals and sea lions, pair of giant hippotaml. two
horned rhinoceros, enormous polar bear, great family of lordly lions, Royal Uengal tigeis,
Full (lock of great ostriches. A thousand sights and every one a sohow. The world's rarest
wild beast wonders.
2vvMonster Menageries Combined,,
Ill pursuance or tho requirements
of tho law approved February 2.i, 1880,
notleols licreuy Blven that tho follow
ing list of county warrants Issued
noveii years prior to .Inly 1, isiiil, huvo
not been presented for payment and
those enclosed In parenthesis having
been uncalled for nwl tftlll rciimlnliiK
In my hand and custody, and unless
so presented for payment at the olllce
of the county tieasurer, of Marlon
county, Oregon, on orhcfoio August
21). 1800, said warrants will be can
celled and payment therein will be
refused, all In accordance with the re
quiremeiitsof said law.
fiOSO, Capital Adventure Co., .Inly,
1888, $0.70.
(1120, S.AV. Morgan, July, 1888, $8.10.
7271), Wilson I). McNury, December,
188S $"i
7UH, V. 15. Simpson, .Innuary, 1880,
7718. U. l'helps: January, 1880, $:10.
7781, J. W. Thomas, February, 1880,
8.1 to, I). W. Voder, Muy, 1880, $2.7.'..
(810. L.A. Vermcch.Mnrcli 18, 1880
(78:W, W.II.T;
rulllnger, February 7,
$180, $1.)
:io, l),
in Honors, January 11,1880,
(11007, Oscar Uunnols, Octobers,
1888, $1.) .
(0517, L. I). Pitman, October fi, 1888,
(800, Alice A. Oiiiob, May 13, 1880
$ IK) )
"ioi6l, John A. Mclntlre, August 8,
1888, $2.)
(01158, Gad Miller, September", 1888,
$1 )
(7.'IS9. Ilenretta Late, December. 8.
1883, $1.70.)
(0120, 11. F. Holllday, July 0, 1888,
(8222, K. N. Glrurd, March 0, 1880,
(8031, Ganes Fischer, May 13, 1880,
(0555, John Flynn, October 5, 1888,
(0357, A. Fclcr, September 7, 1S88,
(0110, Clias. Caulleld, September 10,
1883 $1 1
(713,'Lewls Durtman, February 8,
1889, $1.50.)
(7540, Win, llrown, January 11, 1880,
(0351, Harnard Hurtonshaw, Septem
ber 7, 1888, $1.70.)
Dated this 30th day of Juno, A. D.,
1800. L. V. EiiuiN,
Thore's moro clothing destroyed by
poor soap than by actual wear. "Hoe
Cako" soap contains no freoatknll and
will not Inltira the 11 nest lace. Try it
and notice tho difference In quality.
John lIiuMics.
On faim land security. Special
rates on large loans. Loans
consideted without delay.
Uusli lUnk building.
Dealer in groceries, paints, oils,
window glass, varnishes, and
the most complete stocc of
brushes of all kinds in the
state. Artists' materials, lime,
hair, cement and sliinglcs, and
finest quality of qrass seeds,
ihoic who want to make a dol
lar do double duty should take
tho llurliugton Route.
They'll be more than pleased
with what we olTer freo chair
cars, low rates and the best roid
bed in the west.
And then, think of the time
they save. IIourslIOURS.
Omaha, Kansas City,St.Iuis
and Chicago.
Tickets, time-tables and full
nfoimatlnn nn nnnltrattnn tn
the nearest No. Pac ticket ageot
agent or by addressing.
Peter G, Norgren,
(Formerly with P. J. Larsen & Co.)
Carriage and wagon shop, 320 Commercial
street, tiring on yoar work, old or new, and
have it done with a guarantee of satisfaction.
6 26 A&w tf
ONE-HALf sag op cox
I has bceu thb jtandird for tnrtr . ..... I
. I. wore popular t23S thin erWf SJJ. "a
! a. aeuc&u, IntUlbla protection to ih . I
1 lUUrriit in-- ,wif 7..,?.,.t t
1 1IOX 1 lHM tlw..."?.. .'". I
MilUif m
Hows united
powerful in the
The largest wild animal exhibit on earth. Two double herds of 16 elephants. In J.
iPilun 1 lie only nursing baby elephant in the world. Indisputably the biggest and richest
thnw mi iar.li, and the only great one that has ever visited this country. Noted for its
iiMiiiil s magnitude, magnificence and merit. See the grand double street pageant at 10
a. 111. .Siturday, August 22, revealing a golden avalanche of wild beast wonders and spec
trfc lar splendor. Sec the vast city ol tents, then decide whether or not you want to visit the
gn-aiot khow on earth. Two complctu performances daily at 2 and 8 p. m. Doors open
an hour earlier. Twelve mammoth waterproof tents, seating capacity 15,000; 25 uniformed
uhcrs, numbered coupon actually reserved seats on sale at Steiner s diug store, corner State
and Commercial streets. ("Special cheap excursions will be run on all lines of travel.
Saiem, Saturday, Aug. 22.
World's Biggest Shows Consolidated.
St. 50 Good only until August 14. Call at
84 Coinmcrical Mrtct, Corner Leslie.
7.31 fiti MKS.UICKAI.U
nroved farm land, 4 miles east of Salem, wit
new li'iusp', new bain, running water; will
sell or trade for cheaper land. Address U.
M. Rei-ves, Salem. Or. 7 27 tin
bOU SLE Uentle lamily horse and good
top buggy chcan. Apply to C, W.Scrilcr,
South Commercial st. 14 If
WOUD WAN'l'EU-'Ten cords of prime Wg
fir, ten cords of grub oak and ten cordd split
ash. Address, with price. XXX, caic this
clTiof. 14 tf
THE OKF.tJON fETuillll'l ITERS is now
reduced to $6 50 per dozen if the casli ac
companies the brdcr. Per bottle 75 cents.
Send direct to the manufacturer, H. Klas,
Aunisvllle, Or. 7-9 im
HERE'S YOUR CHANCE.-'A proprietor
wants to trade a good weekly newspaper ollice
in good town for unincumbered im roved Sa
lem property. No opposition. Good rea
sons. Information at tuts ollice. 0 la ti
TvTTiT lii r-
eain: weluht about 1160: cood traveler, In
quire of Win. Urown & Co. 30 tf
FOR SALL At a lUrgain. Fine residence
and earner lot, near city hall. For further
particulars inuuirc at this office. 6-23 tf
FOR SALE OR KENIV-40 acres land S
miles out. Partly improved, wood and
Cast mrc, good house, large barn, 2 acres
earing orchard, lot of small fruit, good water.
Wood htumpage can be had. Dox 145, Salem
HOME UOARD.-'-Good table board, with
home cooking, served in family style, only
$2 a week. 10; Commercial street. 6-ij. Im
CARPET PAPER Larcc lot ot heavy
brown wrapping paper for sale cheap, last
the thing for putting under carpets. Call a
Journal office,
Offices Willamette Hotel Bulldlncr
For water service apply at office. Uill
payable monthly in advance. Make a
complaints at the office.
There will be no deduction in water rate
on account ot temporary absence from the
city unless notice is left at the office,
Hereafter water for irrigation will only be
furnished to regular consumers using water
for domestic purpose. Contracfors for side
walks, brick work and clustering will nleave
read "under building purposes" page 17 of
cncuuic 01 rates lor 1093. Apply at outer
for copy.
Meets all mall and passenger trains. Dag.
cage and express to all parts of the city.
Prompt service, Telephone No. 70
Capital Transfer Co,
Express, baggage and all kindsfcf work
me promptly; Leave orders "arPaiTon's
Tte Largest Ind
Richest Show on Earth.-
world VvN Y, Herald
187 PnmmcrMal street. Salem. Oregon.
Raspberry Syrtip.
The choicest article of the kind minu&e-
ti.r.i Mnnf? rii'iu ucic v - --- -
..... !. 1. - U.lo.n. woinint
equal to it for desserts, drinks or table use.
riu fnr it at II. G. Sonneminn's Grocery
Dealar. in all kinds of fresh an stlt meU
rytresn sausaso ;v c-r '
J. H HAAi.
....niivpii AND lEWtLERi
... ... rr-nir work. Seta
Salem SteamLaundry
du,. ,nticctthe cut in prices
it,-. tnWntxnnai
ouiut'w""" o iocenls
Shirts, plain, 5 Yo 10 cent
Under drawers etoloetU
Under shirts 3 ce"
Socks.perpair ;' , test
Handkerchiefs. ...3eenU
and other wort in propor '-
Flannels ana oi"
.ChgcnUy ztf&gU
1 s
.ochop cord ol-MjTh cboppt st
wants n numbe. of GJ "T
once. A-pply t warehoa ARP
l ' X(intr,
8 4tf ?
n "j

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