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"A'GbiriEtosite Picture by Heath and Hofer' 1
Nominate Leedy for Their
T Governor.
Comes Out for Bryan and
Free Silver,
Endorsement of Bryan and
fl'mler tlio nbovc beading, tho MoMinnvillc Telephone-Register prints the above cartoon followed by an ecl I
liirlnl from Thk Journal of September 18, 1801, reproduced complete as follews:
lie is the editor of Oregon. For tlio
llrt tlmo In many years lie visits
Salem. He Is advertised to speak at
the state fair. Tlio people of Oregon
will not all go to see Ilnrvoy Scott out
of excessive love for tlio man. Hund
reds will go out of pure curiosity.
Like his building ho Is supposed to bo
fireproof. Tlio shaft that pierces his
armor of indifference and contempt
must bo exceedingly well aimed to
elicit a reply. Ho never crlcs''pcccavl"
but flounders terribly when a shot
does go through his skin. generally
demolishing tho fellow who flrcd it at
the first blow. Every editor In Ore
Bon has fought Harvey Scott In print,
fie first thing anew editor docs up
on arriving in Oregon Is to take a
flyer at Scott. Ho sees a big shining
mark and the thing is too tempting.
Hecan't resist letting bang nthliu.
The "amoosln little cuss" thinks IiIb
opportunity has come, and ho Im
proves It. He fires away ' at Scott.
MOtt minds It about as much nsnn
elephant would a fly. Scott never,'
hu.hcS irom a big dally nearer than a
thousand miles away. Tho small ones
he Ignores entirely unless they suc
cessfully stir him and it is clearly to
n's interest to do so, to uphold some
Peculiar view he advocates. To quote
anybody who differed from him would
nt be good Journalism. What are
opinions for but to confirm his own
'e? All other opinions aro imbc
Jll'c vaporlngs. Scott is a cross be
tween a Puritan and a fishwife. In
Shtlng for what ho holds right ho Is
Wtea. and fanatical as, tho former
abusive as tho latter. He may
! w,Ul aBe, but some now living
1 be dead before they realize it.
Jwas created to bo a tryant and
then11 t0re80n WftS admitted to
Hi. , aS hl8doman of operations.
Zl u,'n ambition Is to own a large
tod earth nndn,nety thqus-
bet J!!1"6 n'iles has been fenced off
J f the des"t and the Pacific
itaM UU 8pec,al beuoflt- IIe hatcs
friths of all mankind on general
M' v5! jsS&mnWzfflu
wK.r rcm3CJn' '"fSrvwi
principles and despises the other tenth
for special rontons, lie is the most
heartily hated man In the northwest,
and no McKlnlcy bill Is required to
establish reciprocity on his part. A
lover of power, he delights In using It.
Ho scorns theology and scoffs at senti
ment. If ever a warm Impulse was
conceived In his bosom ho strangled It
before It was born. He would make
a good executioner. His only god is
tho money power. He feeds day and
night on plutocratic speculations. An
Item about millionaires is his meat.
Men worth only a few thousand ho
has n poor opinion of. Ho never
thinks about tho poor. The very poor
he chews up and spits out. A man
who writes or speaks contrary to his
wish he condemns forever. Tho man
nhodoes not fall in with his political
views Is a fool to begin with, and un
less he shows signs meet for repen
tance at an early day, ho Is cast Into
outer darkness forever. If a public
man or an editor persists in views
contrary to tho Oregon thundcrer he
Is first shut out of Its columns and
then tho oblivion of tho rest of tho
world closes down on lilm forever. If
you don't believe in tho single gold
standard you uro a villain. If you
think that congress or the legislature
or government in general should do
anything but legislate for corporations
apd Wall street you are a socialist.
It you think the government should
be essentially and specifically helpful
to the poorer classes, on tho theory
that tho well-to-do are able to take
caro of themselves, you are an au
archlst. You are cither a fool, a
socialist or an anarchist, or both or
all three If you uphold any theory
opposite to Scott. If you cannot be
ridiculed off the earth you will be
Jgnoredout of existence. Tho really
bright men and women o' Oregon re
main unknown until they leave Ore
gon. Nearly all such who do go rise
to distinction in an Incredible short
time. Hundreds of men who would
have been bright lights in tho history
of. other states disappeared from view
as completely as though lost In the
mamotli cave of Kentucky when they
entered Scott's literary domain. All
around his castle this giant hasstrewn
tho bones of public men who have
been tho victims of his molar pro
cessesridiculed off tho face of the
earth by the great webfootcd fee-faw-fum.
Ills glance withers.
Ills patronngo blights. Ills praise
damns. When Hnrvey Scott's Jaws sot
on an Idea they never relax. Tho Idea
raaychango or disappear but ho ad
heres to It in tho original form In
which ho assimilated In. In thirty
days you can get all of Scott's opin
ions. The Ferris wheel of his Intel
lect has revolved. It simply rovolves
Ring-machlno rule In politics suits
Scott. It proves the depravity of tho
race and tho Incapacity of tho people
for self government. Ho has no Inter
est In good government but to save
money for tho rich. His champion
ship of clean politics last spring was a
temporary political abberratlon. His
main object In llfo Is to prove that
the people aro fools and tho fact that
so many take his paper and read It
demonstrates his assumption!
Storm and Lightning.
CLEVELAND.Aug. 0. Following tho
excessive heat this morning a terrible
storm and lightning, wind and rain
came up this afternoon. For a tlmo
all telegraph communication with
points west of this city was cut off,
the wind reached a velocity of forty
miles an hour. Just before tho storm
the thermometer reuched 02. The
highest point reached this summer.
Intense Heat.
Pittsduko, Aug. 0. The heat
record of 1800, was broken today, the
mercury touching 03. degrees. Ono
death and many prostrations have
been reported. There was much
suffering among tho mill workers and
many mills closed.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Cat tori
Encounter Between the Cleveland
Strikers and Militia.
Auilknk, Kan. Aug. (I. The nomi
nation of Senator Leedy, for governor,
at '2 o'clock this morning, left the
delegates at the Populist convention
In a mood for quick work today.
Senator PelTcr opened the session w Ith
an address, advocating fusion of all
the silver forces on a basis of tho
votes cant for all olllccs. Tho conven
tion quickly adopted tho resolution
committee's -report. The resolutions
endorse .the St. Louis platform and
Bryan and Watson.
Kansas City, Mo., Aug. 0. A spc
cclnl to the Star, from Hutchison,
Kansas, says:
Q.TusL after tho adjournment of the
convention this morning, a telegram
was' received by F. F.' Murphy, from
J. C. Johnson, stating that the Popu
list conference committee had agreed
upon reporting In favor of the full en
dorsement of tho Democratic electors,
and this report to bo mado to tho
Populist convcnelon later In tho day.
Stock Exchange to Suspend.
Chicago, Aug. 0. It Is reported
on excellent authority that trading
In account, on the Chicago stock ex
change, Is to be suspended for thirty
days after the Exchango shall have
ripened. It Is nlso prooablo-thatdeals
in futuro options will bo limited to a
week or ten days. All this has been
caused by Moore Uro's collapse. No
ono knows when tho Stock Ex
chango will rcsumo active business,
Cleveland StJiVe.
Cleveland, Aug. ). Between mid
night 1 o'clock this morning n crowd
mndc an attack on tho buildings
whero a man named Johnson, em
ployed at the Brown Hoisting works
still lives. Thoy broko tho windows
and yelled like Indians. Tho sollders
rushed to tho bcenc. Part of tho
crowd scattered but a dozen mon
stood at bay with revolvers and fired
at tho militiamen. Tho soldiers re
plied with rlllo balls. Then tho men
scattered. In tho melee, Private
Perkins, of company I), was shot but
It Is not known how seriously.
Death By Lightning.
Omaha, Aug. 0. In a bovero
thunder storm threo persons were
killed by lightning. Mrs. Seykora,
leaving church after early mass was
struck dead. Fred Moyer was killed
on a wagon. Leroy Carter, near
Couucll Bluffs, was seeking refugo
with a pitchfork over his shoulder. A
bolt struck tho tfork and passed
through his body.
No Water.
Littli: Rock, Ark., Aug. 0. -A
water famlno exists In largo portions
of Arkansas, and In somo sections
human beings aro actually suffering
from tlio pangs of thirst. 'I horo have
been Isolated thunder showers, in
various portions or tho state, recently
but in some counties no rain has fal
len since April 13th.
Speaker Reed Nominated.
Portland Maine, Aug. 0. Speaker
Thomas B. Reed was nominated by
acclamation for tho tenth concecu
tlvc term of congress by tho Republi
can convention, ofthoflrstr district,
Wisconsin Republicans,
AVir.WAUKEE. WIS., AUg. U.-U.I10
Republican state convention today j
nominated Major Edward gcofleld for
governor on sixth ballot.
Z77Z 7 i
CnlldreilvCry TOI'
fj tohftf'S CastOrla '
Declares for the Common Cause of
the Pcoplo.
Seattlk, Aug. C Walter C.Squlrc,
Republican Senator from the state of
Washington, has declined In favor of
free silver and for Bryan. This de
claration was made at an immense
gathering of luUoeat'ea of free silver
at the armory last- night and was
welcomed by a tremendous demonstra
tion. Tho friends of sliver, yho com
prised probably one-half of the audi
ence, cheered the announcement and
at tho same time a zealous supporter
of the cause, on tho rostrum, drew
back the American Hag, disclosing a
picture of tlio senator. Other speak
ers of the evening wcro (5 corgo Tur
ner, of Spokane; Attorney-General
Jones, Colonel O. G. Lyon nud A. J.
Blethcn, formerly of Minneapolis. It
was Colonel Lyon who rend the follow
ing dispatch from Senator Squire,
dated New York City:
"I take my stand with tho friends
of silver, and heartily endorse the
platform adoptedsat tho conference of
blmctalllst8 at Tacoma, June 30, and
as a necessary sequenco I shall sup
port Bryan for president. Tho money
question Is tho paramount Issuo of tho
campaign. All others can bo held In
abeyance. I believe that the growth
of gold monometallism Is the chlof
causooftho continued falling olf of
prices that Is causing so much distress
and that If tho monometallic policy
bo persisted In, tho result will bo
general bankruptcy and ruin. It will
bo better for us to suffer somo risks
and losses at present, rnthor than in
dict much greater losses upon our
selves and our children at a later day,
when creditors, debtors and tho In
terests of labor will go down In ono
common and universal ruin, If we do
not proceed wisely boforo hand to
avoid such a great disaster.
"Therefoic, 1 trust that tho friends
or silver will particularly unito In ono
common causo, regardless of provlous
party tics, and work for tho speedy
remonctlzatlon of silver in this coun
try whleh.lf accomplished, will do more
than can bo done In any other way to
effect silver remonctlzatlon through
out tho world. I huvo been detained
In tho East by Important business and
In attondlng to the Interests or my
constituents. It Is my Intention to
proceed to tho state of Washington as
soon as posslblo, to bear my sharo of
the burdens of tho coming campalgu,
If not the most important in Its his
tory. I bid God-speed to the cause of
Over a Precipice.
Boston, Aug. (. A dispatch
celved at the Boston agency of tho
Wisconsin Central railway from
Lagan, B. C, states that Phillip S.
Abbot, assistant attorney tof tho com
pany, was fatally Injured by falling
over a precipice. Abbott was tho son
of President Edwin II. Abbott, of tlio
Wisconsin Central.
Pump Company Pails.
Indianapolis, Aug. C A receiver
has been appointed for tho Howo
pump works of this city, a concern
engaged In building water works
plants. Tho liabilities aro $50,000
and .tho assets, $125,000 to $150,000.
Inability to dispose of town fbonds is
given as tho causo of tho failure.
Cotton I'ields on I'ire.
ttlk Hock, Ark., Aug. O.-Tlio
cotton fields In Lonoko county aro
burning. Reports from England state
that tno flro ,a approaching the town.
hundred convicts have been sent to
EW'land to assist in fighting fire.
Democrats and Populists Unite in
Wati:imlli:, Maine, Aug. (). M.
I). Frank, of Portland, was nominated
for governor of Maine by tho state
Democrat Iccon volition this afternoon
n Hon tho resolution endorsing tho
Chicago candidates and platrorm was
presented William Henry Clifford, of
Portland, objected In a sensational
speech, which was greeted with hisses.
Clifford and thirty .followers bolted
tho convention.
Georgia Pops.
Atlanta, Gil., Aug. (IThe largest
and most enmslastlc state convention
of the Populists of Georgia have over
hold, assembled hero today. The
presence or Thomas Watson, tho
party's nominee for vlco president,
added Interest to tho occasion A
preliminary caucus held practically
settled the action of tho convention on
thq gubernatorial question. Judge
James K. II lues and W. D. Peck, can
didates or tho mlddlc-or-the-roadcrs,"
flatly declined to allow tho uso of
their names, leaving tho field to Rev.
J. 11. Ganibrcll, tho prohibition candi
date. Watson called tho convention to
order. Ho mado no speech, but tho
dropping of his gavel was tho signal
for a wild burst of enthusiasm.
Watson was requested tcreoiitlritio in
tho chair until the permanent organi
zation was completed.
Potato Patch Plngrce.
Guand Rapids, Mich., Aug. 0.
Mayor Hazel M. PI agree, of Dotrolt,
was nominated for governor on tho
fourth ballot In tho Republican con
vention today.
May Abdicate.
London, Aug. o.-A Berlin dispatch
was printed hero this afternoon say
ing that It was stated that various
European courts have received letters
from tho royal family of Greece, say
ing that King Gcorgo may abdlcato in
favor or tho crown princo If Greece Is
compelled by tho powers to desist
from her aspirations to make the Is
land of Crete a pat t of tho Grecian do
minions. Tho statement Is treated
horo as an Idle rumor.
Creten Affairs.
Cani:a, Crete, Aug. (I. Tho Aus
trian warship Maria Theresa arrived
from Piraeus and tho Italian Vesavlo
and tho French Llouols hnve gone
Ihnre. Several Christian deputies havo
loft there. Their action Is severely
criticised. It Is considered that they.
Bhould have awaited the reply of tho
Looking for Trouble, ff-TZQ
Oanka, Crete, Aug. 0. A body of
Mohammediius which broko through
tho cordon of Turclsh troops at tho
third attempt advanced to attack
the Insurgents near Copranu, but
wero mot by the latter and repulsed
with n heavy loss, Tho Cretans cap
tured the anus and ammunition of
tho Mohammedans, and pussued
them back to tho cordon.
Tho loss caused by tho burning of
A, Rosa'u sawmill, at Uundon, lust
Monday, Is moro than $10,000.
Highest of all in Leavening Power, Latest U. S, Gov't Report.
R$S1 Powder
Oklahoma Bandit's Narrow
Lad Killed In a Fight Among School
Guthuik, O. T Aug. 0. Bill
Do'olln, tlio outlaw who escaped from
tho Jail In this city four w,eeks ngo,
wns surrounded by deputy marshals
atWewoku last night. A desperate
light took place, and during a fusil
lado of shoots Donlln escaped. Depu
ties Gregol rami Reynolds were killed.
A Doy Murderer.
Littlk Rook, Ark., Aug. G. A
bloody affair occurred among a crowd
of school boys at Bulchvllle, Mont
gomery county, Robert Chow nnd
Beauregard Poolo, becumo Involved In
a light. Tho friends of tho belliger
ents Joined In tho fray. Pocket
knives were used. Several boys wcro
dangerously wounded. Poolo was
stabbed In tho breast several times
and died of his wounds. Tho Chew
boy escaped and has not been captured.
Horsaethlef Kilted.
Tusoala, 111., Aug. 0. John Hazel
Jumped from an Illinois Central pas
senger train that was running forty
miles an hour and was Instantly killed.
Ho was In custody of an officer and
was wanted In Missouri for horse
stealing. IIo gavo his homo as Poplar
Bluff, Mo.
Entertained by the Queen.
London, Aug. 0. LI Hung Chantf
and suite wont by special train to
Portsmouth today In orper to cross
the Solent to tho Isloof Wight and
visit tho qucon at Osborno. A salute
of nineteen guns was fired.
Americans Honored,
Buenoh Ayhi:h, Aug. 0. Tho
partp of morchants from tho United
States now visiting this city today
Inspected tho publlo buildings, banks,
oxchango and othor poihts of interest.
The Nitrate Combination.
Valpakaiuo, Aug. fl. Tho ultrato
combination has resolved to limit tho
export for tho current year to a llttlo
more than 2O,O00.00OSpanlsh qulntcls.
Postmaster at Lewisburg, Or.
Washinoton, D. 0., Aug. 0. J. J.
Krouso was today appointed post
master at Lewisburg, Marlon county,
Joe Cussaday was placed under
bonds In tho sum of $1000 at Long
creek, In Grant country ,lust week, to
appear boforo tho noxojury uud ex
plain why ho took a shot at his nolgh
bur, Henry Green.
Tho Oregon Lumber Company of
Baker City, shut down its mill and
sontall or tho employes to Sumpter
valley to complete laying tho track
fonallroad to that polnt.asnw other
labor could bo scoured.
Tho county of this stato paying the
lowest u vertigo wilaricsioscuooi leacn
ors in Lincoln. Male teachers receive
$25.68; female teachers $20.24; Multno
mah county pays the highest. Malo
Cyrus O. Babb, of tho United Statea
geological survey, who; lias recently
been appointed general inspector of
hydrographlo work for all tho stutcs
west of the Mississippi, is in Pendle
ton establishing guaglng stations
iinrin mwli Ht.rniiinx us are avullablo
I for irrigation purposes.

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