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Daily Capital Journal
Jty HiiKKM nw
!Tlic silver dollar tem legal tender t'nl-
Jar. Jt Is not a fl;lt dollar nor n pnJtl
rrdpmptlnn dollar. It l nrt. n Mex
lean dollar and npvrr will mile
vendriil ilH-jroltl slandiirtl, wlipn It
will proine redeemable In gold and
will Id lis I lt'tolprq'i Hv. If
","IIIIJ " ' "" ' '" tlicpild .otandnrd menus atiyllilitf? It
Anything may be framed into a statute, i means t at nil O r curr nt" ,ll vcr'and
the very goyeMni rit Itself might be over nanor ipi K twice e.l In tro'f', ifi
turned by some ridiculous provision and th"cgUlteWllan now mijm our direr ilol-
long years pass oeio j mc ucpiuiauic .i
is discovered, as In the case of the bill de
monetizing .lv . Tn t cise alone is a
warning. Naihm ; m - revolutionary was
ever done witn such iruidlous quiet. No
one knew of It outside the three or four en-
iraged in it. .SnleiiiSUili'Siiiaiiitlltorlill
For lack of apace It Is Impossible to
fully refute all the arguments of the
gold standard ciikiiii al Salem, with
out giving up all our space, and we
mustapologlKc to the general reader
for living up w irtucli. The States
man Kays:
A Mexican dollar M worth onlyoSc
In this country ix-cause, noho y lielng
obliged to receive It In payment of an
obligation, It pass current only at
Its bullion vnliic. If melted down the
silver It contains Is worth about the
sum mentioned. Our own silver dol
lar, though Intrinsically worth about
tho same, (really Trent less) passes
current at a valuation of 100c because
tie government stands ready to ex
cianirouold for It or paper that Is as
g tod r.s gold. It free and unlimited
olnage was to prevail, neither the
iroverment nor the banks would fur
nish gold or full value pnper money In
exchange for the silver dollar and It
would instantly sink to Its bullion
The facts are that no country in
commercial transactions recehesthe
coins of any other country except at
their bullion value. Hut as we pro
ducoa surplus of products to veil It
fallR upon other countries to dig up
the money to pay for them.
The .Mexican dollar win buy as
much In Mexico as It ever would.
The American silver dollar oven as
bullion will buy as much of labor and
products iih It over would. Let any
tailoring man In u sawmill, woolen
mill, barber shop, printing olllce, or
on n farm take the pay -lie gets today
In our silver dollars, melt It Into
bullion und exchange that bullion for
Hour, woolens, lumber or any other
product of human labor, he will find
It will buy as much or more that ten
years ago. Gold has appreciated.
All other products havo been depreci
ated. Hut to return to tho statement of
tho Statesman that tho sliver dollar
Is held up by gold, read these letters;
WiNTUitBi-rr, Iu., Aug. 10, 1805.
Hon. Secretary of tho Treasury,
Washington, D. G.
My Dear Sir: Having seen tho
Htatcui'jnt iimdo many times that tho
standard silver dollar remains at par
because tho government will redeem
It In gold, I would reel under great
obligations if you will state:
i. alio statute, ir any, which re
quires tho government to redeem sil
ver dollars In gold.
z. to state whether it is now or
has over been the practice to make
such redemption.
I am sir, yours very respectfully,
A. W. Wkkich.
A fow days later Mr. Weeks ro-
colvcd tho following reply:
Omen ok Secuctahv. j
Washington, 1). C, Aug. 1,1805.
A. W. Wkkks, Wlntersot, Iowa.
Sir: In reply to your letter of the
10th Instant you are Informed that
there Is no law or regulation or this
department which provides for tho re
demption of silver dollars or silver
cortfllcatcs In gold. Silver certificates
are according to their terms redeemed
by tho government In silver dollars
only whllo tho silver dollar being a
standard coin of tho United States Is
not redeemable- In any other form of
money. It has never been thu
practice or tho government to redeem
sllverdollars or silver certificates in
gold. United States notes (green
backs) and treasury notes of 18(H) are
redeemed In gold when that Is de
manded, lioth silver dollars and sil
ver certificates are received by tho
government the sumo as gold In pay
ment of all debts due the United
States. Itcspcctrully yours,
W. K. t'UKTlH,
Acting socretury or tho treasury.
Wo challenge the Statesman to
show a word of law to prove Its asser
tion, that "the government stands
ready ta exohaugo gold or paper that
Is as good us gold" for our silver dollar.
There Is no truth In tho assertion.
There Is not a word of law by whlcJi
the government holds up our- silver
money with gold. Our silver dollars,
half dol!ars,quurtcn)und small change
tiro not redeemable Iu gold. The sil
ver dollar (sun unlimited legal tender
dollar and Is held at par becauso there
la au unlimited demand growing out
of the o'-dayUwsautlonB of 70,
000,000 iieojilorTelMendor inonoyi .
lar is.but I Ich Is hot true. We must
not depend on the gold-holder to make
good our money, our credit, our labor
and our products. If we put our coun
try at his mercy, God have mercy on
our people!
Under our progress toward the gold
standard n uney alone has appreciated
All other property, Including sliver,
products and 1 ibor have depreciated.
There Is a greater disparity between
prodiK'ts, land and labor than be
tween gold and sliver. The gold dol
lar will not buy inoiethaii $1..0 worth
of silver. It will buy & In $1 worth
or anything else In the world.
Iu Mexico on the silver bisls the
Mexican dollar will buy as much as It
vor would but no more. Iu the sil
ver standard countries the parity or
relative purchasing power between
money and proiwrty has not been dls
t rbed as It lias here where all money
values arc demonetized except gold.
Directed Upon Persons and Things by the
Good Natured Man.
"Poor Mr. .lnViiiii of .It'lMui," N
I. Sterling Morion represents
farmers at the banquet tables.
The goldwumps ought tn pay their
hills, as well as the anarchists.
Imrklcy seems to bo a blinetalllst
without International agreement.
Tho Republican "organs" are again
reminded that a "campaign of educa
tion" does not consist or abuse.
Too many men are talking In behalf
of the "poor laboring man," who
never did a day's hard work Iu their
Tho American pcoplo "from tradi
tion and Interest" favor bimetallism,
hence we nre for the single gold stand-ard-O.
O. I'.
Tho Republican praty has protected
Ilockafellor, Carnegie, Sprecklcs &
Co. until It Is ready to look to them
for protection.
When Harklcy said he expected to
hold meetings in Oregon, California
and Washington, or course he meant
religious meetings!
The farmer Is the most numerous
of all classes In this fair land, and yet
every Republican paper publishes
him as a fool, a fraud, a blatherskite,
an anarchist and a long whiskered
The total amount of coined gold In
tho world Is $1,000,000,000, and tho
total public and prlvato debt Iu tho
United States alono Is 20,000,000,000,
which, to save the honor and credit
or tho nation, should bo payable In
gold. How ridiculous.
The Statesman has taken three
columns to anwer Alderman Rlgdon's
reply to Johnson, and Is not through
answering yet. Itlgdon udmlttcdjfrco
coinage would not benefit Johnson
directly, but would benefit his neigh
bors. Do you want to benefit John-
sou alono?
General Idlemau says this revolu
tion has gone beyond that point
where It can bo put down by ha.
lots, but that It will take bullets.
Wllla la ...1 ikin toltli lti.l...i .........
.. ...o ... wi. jut, iiiii, IIIHIHO Klll'J !J
Republican club proclamation that
nil who arc not for the single gold
utJindard are rllT-rair, cut-throats,
dead-beats and anarchists.
Results of Work Done on the Treasur
er's and Sheriff's' Books.
To the Hon. County Court. Marlon
County, Or:
Gentlemen: In compliance with
your order of July n, IBM, employing
mc tn examine and report upon the
condition of the books and accounts
of the clerk, sheriff, treasurer and re
corder of said county, the following
report Is subnlttcd, shoeing the
condition f the booke and accounts
of Ex-Treasurer Jasper Mlntn: I have
been aslstcd in this work by W. I.
Tn begin with, we are unable to find
the report of the committee of three
who examined the nccountsof ex
Treasurer II. G. Urown, deceased,
when Mr. Mlntn took possession of
the olllce, but the committee brought
down the balances from Mr. Drown'
account and entered them on the cash
book and we assume they agree with
the report. We attach hereto an affi
davit, of said committee showing that
said balances in cah, either in hand
or by transferor bank account, were
turned over to Mr. Mlntn.
Passing to Mr. Mlnto's bonks, we
found the accounts so badly confused
and the methods used so poorly ad
apted to the requirements of the of
fice that It was necessary to com
pletely rewrite the books from the
time covering his Incumbency In of
fice In order that the receipts and dis
bursements and condition of thedif
feient funds might be Intelligently
Section 240.1 of Hill's Oregon code
provldcV that the county treasurer
''shall so arrange and keep his books
that tho amounts received and paid
nut.on account or separate and distinct
funds, or rpcclllc appropriations shall
be exhibited Iu .separate accounts, as
well as the whole 'ccclpts and expendi
tures by one general account,."
Xononf Treasurer Mlnto's receipts
tor account or special school and city
taxes, amounting to 97M,817..'i.'l, have
l)ceii entered on the bonks or receipts
and dlHbursemeuts; neither have the
payments he has made on account or
these funds,sald payments amounting
tn$82,U4.l2,becn entered on said book.
QMclow are given the reports of Scott
llozorth and W. I. Staley, who have
been overhauling the county books on
the Incoming of the new official ad ad
ministrateons: On pages .')!)! and .'105, book of
"County Ooders Raid," he has entered
seventy orders, giving the number or
each; and all amounttug tcil,7"I.:t(l,
taking credit for same as having been
Not being able to find theso orders
among the vouchers, we ascertained,
after search, that they are held and
claimed by the First National bank of
this city, were stamped "presented
and not paid for want of funds" In
November, 1805, and evidently have
not been paid.
A tabulated statement showing all
the receipts and disbursements dur
ing his term of olllce, or each hind
and tho proper and correct balances
with each school district and city
making a special levy, Is attached to
aud made a part of this report.
Wo charge -Mr. Mlnto with tho fol
lowing acceunts:
Cash turned over to him as
shown by the books and
also by affidavit of com-
mlttco ot exports who ex
amined the books prior
to his taking charge or
thootllco $ 10,201.00
Cash received from all other
sources during his term of
olllce MO.ll'J.GO
Cash over-paid school dis
trict No. 21 4,000,00
We credit him with Mlio
amount turned oyer tn thu
nuiuiiVAII it. utilitrtl lit
Lininut'i .il 'IHIMM '.
nvWllcrx ntitllel
This leaves still due
We credit him as follows;
Cash paid us as shown by
vouchers ;).' 1,007.0.1
Cash paid Geo. L. Drown,
his successor 2,1)88.20
Dalancoduo tho county.... 7,01-1.52
oounty. . . i ' ""
The shortage oMI.rwi is due-dmplv
tn clerical error and, considering that
there werlj,271 receipts l-siicd, each
one requiring from two tn fifteen en
tries on the cah register, shows a
marked degree of accuracy In the
work clone.
The reports are signed by Scott
iUozorthund W.I. Staley. the latter
Having rjcen employed as aemm
the work.
m '
George Rose of Whlteaker was In
our little city Tuesday.
Quite a number of our citizens arc
camping at Mehaina during tholjre
iiuton. The farmers have been cutting their
grain, but were forced to stop on ac
count or the rain. Some or the grain
lias-begun tn mould, and unless the
sun soon comes out to dry the grain,
It will be quite a loss to some.
Gen. Drown and family attended'
the Populist picnic at Lyons.
We hear that Messrs. Powell and
Goodie have been successful In getting
work at the mills near Derry.
Messrs. Churchill & Pound wont to
Mehaina to attend the reunion Wed
nesday. August Wcmrich has gone to the
mountains to hunt work.
Last Friday evening a social dance
was given at the city hall.
There Is quite a good deal of pilfer
ing going on iu the nclghborhiod.
Chickens, vegetables and fruit luiyc
been missing. Luckily they have not
been putting In their appearance
since the guns and revolvers ImvoJicen
loaded for them. If any more such
work goes on some poor scamp Is apt
tn get crippled.
John Robettson has been ofTforn
fow days at the reunion.
The Writing Teacher.
The matter or engaging the services
ota writing teacher tor tho Salem
public schools was reterred to City
Superintendent Peebles at the last
session or the school board for district
24. That gentleman has submitted
the following report to the beard:
"I respectrully refer the further
consideration of the same back to the
board with the recommendation that
It do not employ any teacher of writ
ing this year. There Is Just as strong
and urgent reasons for establishing
school drawing aud having a special
teacher for that as ror writing.
Specialists do and ought to do, better
work Iu art lines or educational work
than the average teachers are qualified
to do In the matter or writing and
drawing at any.rate. Personally, I am
strongly In favor or having these
branches taught In our schools by
specialists: but owing to our financial
condition, I do not see our way clear
to make this departure at this time."
The Ideal Panacea.
James L. IYancls, Alderman, Chi
cago, says: "I regard Dr. King's New
Discovery as an Ideal Panacea ror
Coughs, Colds and Lung Complaints,
having used It in my family for the
last live years, to the exclusion of phy
sicians' prescrldtloiiH or other prepara
tions." Rev. John Ilurgus, Keokuk, Iowa,
writes: "I have been a Minister or
the Methodist Episcopal Church ror
lirty years or more, and have never
round anything so beneficial, or that
gave me such speedy idler us Dr.
King's New Discovery." Try this
Ideal Cough Remedy now. Trlnl Dot
tles tree Fred A. Lcgg's Drug Store.
Y7"t. W W A""t , m
n nnys i 'ii i?i.n rmr
I- m& Vmm a V $' 2- k4 . - . . -tatf". i mM
i r h a B 9. i k I " w i
i ii n F! yj n r a e m m
I S I LU1 late CJ i ill bl
:ii2,nvii2 ;
The Great 'One Cent Silver Daily The On l.y .Associated Press
Silver Daily. -
i& .
Daily Capital Journal S3, appear Weekly $1,
Cut this out and post up In a conspicuous place where It will be
M-en. AH the associated prcs-s papers In Oregon, except THE
JOURNAL, aie published In the Interest or the gold standard.
Send 2."c in sliver tor the daily one month.
The Oregon Press Monopoly
Will not treat the ustoratlon or silver fairly, it will not tell the
people the truth, it dare not, Take a fair paper that gives the
people's side as well as the Wall street Ride.
, Are You a Patriot?
Help your country by circulating the only Assoclntcd Press Dally
In Oregon that advocates
ndependent Bimetallism.
All the news of the gicat battle of t'ie people for silver. Advo
calrs the Dili etnlllc I lib u of all who are opposed to the single
gold stauilaid.
, . Do Yo : Favor Unity and Harmony
i t cjwatchword of tho people of Oregon?
NSijb -crib for 1he Capital Journal I
Daily thirty days for a silver quarter,
"Each Issue a complete history of tho -day and a gatllng.gun of
niguii tuts for the people's came.
Tho people are charged with Ignorance by the. gold press. This
Is a false charge. Whenever the cause of free coinage of gold und
silver 10 to 1 is most discussed and best understood it Is most pop
ular and strongest with the people.
c ixty Days for 50. Cents.
If you can't falk or write for silver road and mark articles anil
send them to your neighbors aud friends sixty hotshot for f0c.
Cheapest political ammunition in tho country. Send u silver
quarter or half dollar and try It. The people must be educated
unci It Is your duty to help do this work for humanity;
Thoro is not itold enotmh In our country to nay one-twentieth of thedebts
owing in this country. If you want lepudlatlon advocate the single gold standard. It means contraction or out
alone, but we want both gold and silver,
owlmr iu this country. It you want leni
currency, destruction or values, and repudiation.
Investigate und you will bo convinced.
Sealed bids for furnishing wood for
tho court houso will bo recolved at
tho olllce of the county clerk until 2
o'clock p.m. on the 5th day or August,
A. I) 18l), as tollews: For 70 cords
of polo oak.aud 20 cords or good, clear,
largo body llr.
lilds, however, will not bo received
from one party or linn for more than
from live to fifteen cords of pole oak,
or ror more than tlye cords of largo
Hy order or tho county court or
.Marion county, uregon.
Dated at Salem, Oregon, this 10th
day ot J uly, 181HJ.
L. V. Ehm:n,
10 dUt wilt. tjlerk
For Sick Headache.
Tho nonuliirlty of Hood's Pills hh
u remedy for sick headache, stomach
and liver trouble Is rapidly Increasing.
An Oregon lady writes: "1 havo been
taking Hood's Pills ror sick headache
and Imvo been very much beuellted.
recommend them to all who have
been sulforlng front this disease."
Mrs. Douglas, Sprlnglleld, Or.
Hood's Sarsanarllla Is the nun trim
blood purillor.
i ju ui i u-U ii-uaj j ULU1 -
ii iin iiiimi.
Take K Substitute
Gail Borden
Eagle Brand
.! vTooa jijuiT into stlmi.
I Hi . m,to I'wrK "Ko otiur U :
Uttt blast Toot,
Hiilmicn si 7 :n.i r."
Taking what he over-paid
district Xo. 21 (il.ltyu.OO)
and amount on deposit to
his credit as trcasurer
at thoPlrstNatlonal bank
or Salem, Oreiron,(l,577,
01) leaves unaccounted tor
the sum ot $ 7IU."
IThls balance or W7ll.-ir, has been
turned over to Mr. Drown, the new
treasurer, and hu Is In full possession
of the olllce.
The report on the books or Mr.
Knight was prepared and placed In
tho possession of tho court on July
31st. In It tho experts say:
We found the books kept by the
sheriff especially adapted to the re
quirements of tho olllce, having been I
kept in a thoroughly systematic and ' icchor'S CaStOI'Ia.
""vim itiiiiiuui, nun iii puuii a ly UB ran
to rollcet with credit on tuo officials
having tho same In charge. During
tho period covered by this report vli:
from July 2, 1801, to and Including
July 31, 1800, wo chargo Sheriff John
Knight with tho following receipts:
On account of delinquent '
tax ot 1803 9 1,392.63
On account of delinquent
tUX Of 18UI 4.402.OI
ijucsountor tax or 185M.. 13,1,870.80
it nccuuiib tu tax m i&in, 1.1,60.37
iiiuwouitu oi tax or teas.
Publishers Salem, Or.
Its in Town.
You'll lw surprised.
Won't "yellow the clothes."
Won't bum your hands.
-Nothing equals It.
Detter than soap.
Kxtra large packages.
Soap Foam Washing Powder. John
Children Cry for
Victims of Lost Mtnbixxl should Bend at
onco tor a boos
tUnt explains how
full umuly vleor
Is c&ftUy, (lalckly
aud permanoutlr
restored. .'oiuan
BulTurlng (rout
weakness can f.
ford to Ignore tUU
tlnialy ailvlce.
Mook toll how
Fit 11 at iu n n t K Jt.
1 1 itir.K Vclopment and tono aro Imparted to eVery
742.05 portion of tho body. Sent with positive
WILL DO I.U-'lJ Slfclt 1'OlU'RAl'lS for
$1.50. Good only until August 14. Call at
84 Commerical street, Corner Leslie.
7-31-61 1 Mrs. Hickalu
projred farm land, 4 miles east of Salem.with
new liouso, new barn, running water; will
sellor trade for cheaper land. Address O,
i. Keovcs, fraicm, Ur. 727 jm
KOU SALli (Jcnlle (amity noise and gooa
top bucey-chean. Apply to C. W. Sjribcr,
bouth Commercial tt. 14 tf
WOOD WANTED-Ten cords ol prime big
fir, ten cords of grub oak and teu cords split
ash. Address, wilh piice, XXX, care this
1 14 tf
TlIE"TniE(rdrPEAUir7ll'rilliKb is now
reduced to $6 50 per dozen If the cash ac.
companies the order. Per bottle 75 cents,
bend direct lo the inanufactuier, II. Klas
Aurosvillc, Or. 7-QUn
llliRE'i YOUK CHANCl-i.-'A proprietor
wants lo trade a (rood wftklvnfu'imn.r nfr,,.
in gooil town for unincumbered im roved Sa '
lem properly. No opposition. Good rea.
tons. Information at this office. 6 iS tf
l"Ol SALfc Driving mare lor sale at a bar
gain; weicht about I l6o; good traveler, In
quire of Wni. Urown & Co. -?o tf
Makes a spMalty of fine repair work, Sclb
Thomas clocU, etc.. 215 Commercial Street
Capital Transfer Co,
Express, baggage
doie promptly. Le;
and all kinds
ave orders at
cf work
to chop cord wool. The Labor Exchange
wants a numbe. of good wood choppers at
on:e. Apply .at warehouse.
11. J
84 tf
i-viK &ALt At a llargain, Kme resilience
and csrner lot, near city hall. For further
pairicuiars impure at this oflice. 6-i3 tl
FOTTiJALE OR KEN'Po acres land 5
miles out. Partly improved, wooil and
pasture, good house, large barn, 2 acres
bearing orcturd.lot of small frult.good water.
Wood stumpage can be had. Ilox i.ie. Salem
HOME I OAkD.-Good table board, witri
home cooking, served in family style, only
''iLy?' I05 Commercial street. 6.12.1m
CARPEl PAPER-Urge jot 01 neavy
brown .wrapping paper for sale cheap. Just
the thing for putting under carpets. Call a
Journal office '
Ladlos Who Valuo
AreflnedcomplexloamustuM l-oizord'a Pow-
f"ucc a sort ana beautiful akin.
' 'i ?"' rr 'y-'"''.'?
1 187 Commercial street.
1 ' Salem. 0r-
srSsSsrs&tfsaHi .?? .rj
w uror oerore.
I Is the Waal complexion Mwd.JLh. -.. .
I rAZiEX'."! ?. healthfurandhSSflSL'
1 .... "i .""uiBia Protection mil,. f.. t
uox is rtiii7irr5."2r
Raspberry SyrUp.
The choicest article of the kind wgj
turcd. Made right hew tWem'
uau lor 11 ai . "
unt7 L HIESUU. . "-?Z1S?

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