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Hal matters.
jlthful Watchman Stabbed
by Burglars,
tj v- nin Snn nf Howard
he it-iuai-w. w -
Fell Dragged to Death,
Subbed by Burglars.,
juicago, Aug. 28.-0. B. Bobbins,
BIght watchman hi tlio Title &
Je. building, was nttacked by
Klarsycstcrday morning nnd fatully
bbed. Robblns was In tlio base-
U when lie saw two men leaving
(room with some carpenter's tools.
tead of complying with his corn-
nil to halt the men turned upon
,hlns with knives and stabbed him
III he fell unconscious. The burg-
Emade their escape. Bobbins was
ten to his home.
Struck by Lightning.
tXDurro.v, Or., Aug. 28. A son of
IT. Perkins, living north of town
files, was struck by lightning to
rturing the progress of a thundcr-
oi. lie lies unconscious, ana may
t TTn ivns drlvlnir n water tank at
klme the stroke came.
Dragged to Death.
Walla Walla, Aug. 28. Frank
Fell, tho M-ycar-old, son of Howard
Fell, living nearPrescott, this county,
was dragged to death by a horse, last
He left the house, leading n horse to
pasture. Ho did not return and his
father went out to look for him. He
was found 300 yards from the house, In
a wheat Held, dead. The body was
badly mangled, while the horse was
grazing near by, still held by tho ropo
twisted about tho boy's right wrist.
Young Fell's neck was brokdn, both
arms fractured and every part of his
body torn and bleeding. Investiga
tion showed that the horse had
dragged tho boy through three barb
wire fences and oven 200 yards of
stubble Held.
Teller Will Again Be Heard.
Denver, Aug. 28. Senator Teller
returned today from it trip through
tho mountains of Colorado and New
Mexico. It Is announced today that
he will issue an open letter, replying
to the financial arguments in Mc
Kinley's letter of acceptance. The
senator will speak Monday in Colorado
Springs. lie will soon afterwards go
to California to make a series of
political speeches.
Constantinople in a Revolu
tionary Confusion,
Killed by a Live Wire.
Sackamento, Cal., Aug. 27.
Thomas O'Brien, a telophono lineman
came in contact with a live electric
wiro this morning. Death wns Instantaneous.
m York Racket
Is reclevlng goods of all kinds direct
from New York, bought from one of
the largest establishments of tho kind
In tho world. All their goods, aro
bought for cash, and sold for cash.
Thoso buying from such ahouso get
their goods cheaper than in an ordin
ary tlmo house; that Is clear. Wo are
also able to sell our goods at cheaper
rates, that also is olear.
We keep a large line of laces, em
broideries, lace curtains, bed spreads,
linen and cotton towels, crash, tablo
linen, ladies vests, and nil kinds of
underwear, corsets, will to and work
hlrts, suspenders, hosiery, purses,
combs, brushes, and a largo lino of ., HW
notions of all kinds, call and seo for
yourselves, we sell at close prices.
his wife are invited to attend a
uc barbecue and Bryan ratification, to be
at Marion Sauare Salem on the after
d evening of
", September 5, 1896,
A free countr v, fff sflvets and free
3 1 will be discussed by able speakers.
g Sylvester Pennoyer, Elder Bark
Chamberlain and several others,
Li Hung Chang Is Here and a Wel
come Guest,
In a State of Anarchy.
riLi.iPi'OMS, Aug. 28. A traveler
who arrived from Constantinople says
that tho state of anarchy continues in
the Turkish capital. Tho number of
persons massacred reaches Into the
Ministry of Police.
Constantinople, Aug. 28. The
ministry of police was appointed by a
commission of eight Christians and
Mussulmans to enquire Into the revo
lutionary rioting on Wednesday.
Premier Ito Resigns.
Yokohama, Aug. 28. Premier lto,
also minister of the Interior and secre
tary of the cabinet has resigned.
JLi Hung Chang Arrives.
New Yohk, Aug. 28. Tho Ameri
can steamship, St. Louis, from South
hampton, having on board LI Ilung
Chang, has arrived off quarantine, at
12:30, nnd was Immediately boarded
by Goncral IUigcr, of that govern
ment welcoming tho olllccrs from tho
cruiser Dolphin, who extended tho
Chineso statesman, in behalf of Presi
dent Cleveland, welcomo to the United
As the St. Louis ncarcd tho Ameri
can fleet n salute, In honor of tho
Chinese visitors wns lircd, from the
flagship. New York, gun by gun, un
til 21 shots wero llrcd. Ten other war
ships displayed their colors as tho St.
Louis passed. They presented a mng
nltlcent appearance and wero watched
with the greatest Interest by the
Chinese nmbassador and his suite,
from tho port sldo of the upper deck.
Tho St. Louis moved up to the harbor
to tho dock. In port triumphant pro
cession and were greeted on all sides,
with tho tooting of steam whistles
nnd other salutes.
Inaurgent Soldiers.
St. Louis, Aug. 29. T. Rosser Roe
mer, one-tlmo captain of tho old Busch
Zouaves of this city, and Frank Hilll-
gas, also of St. Louis, who entered tho
Cuban sorvico last November, have
returned. Thoy aro in the country
now for tho purpose of securing arms
for the insurgent army, and brought
letters to this effect from General
Gomez to Delegate Palma, at New
York. "Ross." Roomer, as ho was
familiarly called, comes homo with a
commission as lieutenant-colonel of
infantry and nilllgas with that of a
Colonel Rocmer tells a story full of
adventure, ending with a thrilling
escapade from tho Spanish who encir
cled the coast of Cuba, a desperate
voyage of 200 miles on the open sea in
a 10-foot boat, finally landing at Nas
sau, In tho Bahama Islands, whence
they went to New York on the Word
lino steamer Santiago. From a solid
weight of 250 pounds, Roemer has
fallen to less than 150 as the result of
Cuban chills and fever.
'Wo started from Rcmadl09,ln
Puerto Principle," said Colonel Roc
mer,'undcr tho escort of Colonel Med
abal, the noted bandit, and tho Phil
Sheridan of the Majasa mountains,
wherein Is located the headquarters of
the Cuban civil government. There
we obtained letters entitling us to
travel with some Americans to the
Central states, and finally reached tho
coast and escaped In a small boat, In
mnany with Goereno, correspondent
of a New York morning paper.and, af
ter many privations, living on coca
nuts and bananas, wo finally reached
Nassau, where we were quarantined
for three dnys,nnd from Nnssau went
by steamer to New Yoik.
"The Cubans arc sure to win. The
Spanish army has retreated Into Pu
erto Principe, and their commander
has notified General Weyler that he
will not again engage Gomez without
a reinforcement of GOOOjhcn. Gomez
has absolute control of' all Cuba out
side the cities, and n't tlio beginning
of the dry season will mnrch townrd
Havana at the samo time that Gen
eral Mncco ciossqd tho trocha, and
Joining forces, tho two will either
drive the Spanish Into tho sea or so
badly crlpplo them that further pros
ecution of tho war will be impossible.
"Tho total strength of tho rebel
army at ptcscnt Is 00,000; t,hal of tho
Spanish army 100.000 to be reinforced
by 40,000 more nlicady embarked from
Spain. The Cuban soldlcYs arc scat
tered everywhere, but bjtai thorough
system of commuulcntloufthoy can be
massed together In an Incredibly short
time. I
"I shall be glad to return to Cuba,
nnd I am likely to bo ordered thoro by
the Junta at any mement: Delegate
Palma, In Now York, Is rjosted as to
my movementf here, so that ho will
always know exnetly whero to reach
It will bo romembcrcd that nearly a
year ngo Roomer suddenly disappeared
from this city and ho was! not heard
of for somo time, when he wrote a
letter to a friend hero in which ho
stated that ho had Joined tho Cubans
in their strugglo for liberty.
Will Extend Her Domain.
Buenos Ayres, Aug. 28. The Ar
gentine government proposes to annex
tho South Shetland islands, In the
Atlantic, about 000 miles south of
Capo Horn, and will dispatch an expe
dition there for thatTlmrposo In
Fisherman Shot.
AsTOiA,Or., Aug. 28. John Svcn
son, a fisherman, was found dead at
Clifton ycstorday,wlth a bullet wound
In his breast. At first it was thought
Svcnson committed suicide, but Coro
ner Pohl's investigation now ninkes it
nppcarthut it was acasoof murder
Instead. Suvonson was tho keeper of
tho scow from which a woman and
two men, whoso dead bodies wero
afterward found disappeared during
tho fishermen's strike, a few months
ago. It Is surmised that Svcnson
knew something or tho murderers of
theso people, and, under tho stimulus
of tho reward offered by tho county
court,was about to mako somo damag
ing disclosures, and hence his taking
off. Judge Gray Is now absent from
tho city, but It Is presumed that when
ho returns the matter will lo moro
fully Investigated.
The K of P.
Cleveland, Aug. 27. Tho supreme
Knights Phytlas today dovntcd tho
morning session to tho election of of
ficers for tho ensuing two years. Vlce
Chancellor Phillip Colgrovo was
elected supremo chancellor by ac
clamation. Other officers wero elected
as follews: Supreme vice-chancellor
Thomas G. Sample, Allegheny, Sup
remo Master ex-Chequer, Thomas D.
Mears,Wllm!ngton,Del;Supreme Mas
ter at-arms, James Moulson, St.John
N. B; Supremo Keeper records and
sealDr. R. C. Whlte.Nashvillo, Tenn;
Supremo Prelate, Albert Stelnhart,
Greenvlllej Alu.
An Idle Rumor.
San Fhanciscx), Aug. 28.-An un
founded rumor was In circulation that
Manager J. A. Fllmorc, of tho South
ern Pacific, had been shot by A. J.
Collins, who thinks he has been Ill
treated by tho company. There was
no encounter between Fillmore and
Suffocated to Death.
Minneapolis, Aug. 28.-IIenry
Dalun, Gust Anderson and A. T.
Anderson, sleeping on the third lloor
of John Dundln's saloon, were suffo
cated to death In a fire. Chris Ander
son and Charles Matson were badly
A Great Ovation to Bryan at
He Deals Terrific Blows to tho
Gold Standard.
Buffalo, N. Y., Aug. 28. Ap
parently tho cutlro population of
Buffalo,tho homo of GroyorClovclantl,
turned its footsteps toward Music
hnll,whorc Candidate Bryan addressed
4,000 people as many as could bo
packed within tho four walls whllo
crowds filled tho neighboring streets.
The day In Buffalo had been the
greatest ovation Mr. Brynn has re
ceived "In tho enemy's country,1' and
tho night meeting which ended It at
tracted almost if not quite as mirny
would-be auditors as tho notification
In Madison Square garden.
When Mr. Bryan appeared upon tho
stngo escorted by State Committee
man John C. Shcchan, the police wero
powerless to control the audience.
Mr. Bryan said In part:
'I cannot express to you the grati
tude which I feel when I sco the
Interest the people of tho Empire
state aro taking in this campaign.
I can carry back to tho pcoplo of tho
west tho news that tho Chicago plat
form Is supported not by tho west and
south alone, but by all tho tolling
millions of tho cast as well.
Thoro Is no other rulo known except
tho rulo of a majority or tho rulo of a
minority, unci it Is better for a minor
ity to bo alienated than tho voice of a
majority to bo suppressed. You can
support those who stand upon tho
Chicago platform, nlthougli you may
dissent from parts of It. But I stand
upon the Chicago platform becauso I
believe in it from beginning to end,
every word.
"A platform covers a great many
questions, necessarily, because there
Is no tlmo when thcro is but una sub
ject, cut, while thoro aro various
planks and various policies, thoro
must bo ono supremo one, and In
this campaign thcro Is u supremo
issue. Tho Issue is made between
thoso who believe In u gold standard
nnd thoso who opposo n gold standard.
Thcro Is no mtddlo ground. Those
who nro not with us aro against us.
Thero Is no placo between tho lines
for pcoplo to stand. (Applauso.)
"Our opponents tell us thoy will try
tosccuroan international agreement,
nnd that thoy simply want to main
tain n gold standard until our nations
will help us to let go of It. Can you
trust people who wrote tho pltform to
restore bimetallism? Never, until
you enn wipe out tho Scriptures, and
gather figs from thistles and grapes
from thorns.-Thoso wlioaro responsible
for tho gold standard aro not tho ones
to whom wo look for deliverance. Ah
well might you have nsked Pharaoh
to lead tho children of Israel out of
bondage ns to ask the Republican
party to break tho shackles of a gold
standard. Tho Democratic party is
opposed to a gold standard not only
opposed to it; it is unalterably op
posed to It. It Is so much opposed to
it that It will not permit tho Ameri
can pcoplo to bo bound by it, though
every nation on earth shall demand It
Wedld nofJachlovo Independence for
tho purpose of bowing to
tho yoke of any foreign power.
Thero aro people In this country who
had not studied tho money question
until the Chicago convention; persons
who supposed, of course, becauso they
had been reading tho Eastern news
papers,that the gold standard must bo
all right, but when they got to study
ing the question they found that the
arguments which support bimetallism
uro based upon the solid rock of truth,
nnd thoy have been comlngover to Hie
causo of bimetallism with a rapidity
never known beforo In tho history of
the United States. The arguments in
fnvorof bimetallism aro directed to
waul the Intellect of tho man who
thinks and to tho hearts of men who
feel. Tho gold-standard argument Is
directed to thepockctbookof tho man
who wants to 11 vo oil others. (Appla
use.) "When we dcolaro for Independent
ncttou we do not offend thoso who live
In other lands; wo do not appeal to any
feeling of hostility against thosowho
nro not citizens of tho United States.
Wo simply uphold the dignity of 70,
000,000 of people, to whoso euro alone
must be committed tho policies which
arc good for themselves. If somo man
living In a foreign laud should ask
his nation to surrender its power and
tho right of solf-govcrnmcnt, nnd In
vest its legislative power In tho Uni
ted States, what would wo think of
that man's patriotism? If wo would
dcsplso the foreigner who would at
tempt or desire to lot tho United
States control his nation, what con
tempt must lorelgncrs feel for thoso
Americans who nro willing to surren
der the right to govern themselves?
Our opponents tell us In their plat
form and tho only authorized way to
construe tho platform emphasizes tho
declaration that this nation cannot
undertake to open Its mints to silver
without tho aid of other nations. It
docs not say that wo uro not ablo to
do so for a month or for n year, or for
ono presidential term, and, according
to the statement, this nation will
never be able to do It until other na
tions Join us. (Applause.) That Is
the doctrlno that wo must continue
n gold standard, not for a few months
at for an Indefinite duration of tlmo
What is this thing that wo must en
dure. Ah, my friends, when this pco
plo at last turn their thoughts upon
tho gold standard; when thoy nt last
discuss It from all sides and under
stand Its principles and tho motives
that llo bolilud It, I huvo no doubt of
tholr verdict.
Congressman William Sulzcr, of
Now York, made tho closing speech.
Whllo ho was talking, Mr. Bryan was
escorted back to tho Gcnessco house,
about which pcoplo woro packed.
From tho balcony he mado nnothcr
speech to nu tiudlcnco larger than tho
Mr. Bryan's program for next week
has been changed. Tho Intended
speech at Columbus has been aban
doned, by tno udvico of Chairman
Jones, and tho trip from this city to
Chicago will bo along tho lino of tho
lakes, excopt ono day. From Clove
laud, whero ' ho speakt) Monday, tho
candidate will go tdTolcdo, and go
thouco through Michigan, by way of
Adrian and Illllsdalo, nnd then will
mako a dash down to Elkhart, Ind.
In the North
Now York,
Part of
President Cleveland Goosto Re-
coivo LI Hung Criang,
. Bryan En Route.
Niagara Falls, Aug. 28. Bryan
left Buffalo by a trolley cur thlstwrH-j
Ing to begin n two tlays campaign
among .tho smaller cities of northern
Now York. During a morning rldo
Mr. Bryan said to an associated press
representative: "From what I haVff
flflflll It, Nltf VfirL' milt uilltlninnt nvt'
-- -. . ...., nun of.iu.iiiw.i." im
pressed by members of the state or
ganization, I am satisfied tho state
convention will endorse the platform
but tho national platform will bo ac
cepted as a wholo."
Pitchfork Tillman.
Washington, Aug. 28. Senator
Tillman has challenged Ex-Prcsldont
Harrison to u Joftit debate, beforo a
Northern audience, proforably nt In
dianapolis. To Receive a Chinaman.
Buzzahds Bay, Mass., Aug. 28,
President Clovelnnd, accompanied by.
Private Sccrctnry Thurber and At-tornoy-Gcncrnl
Harmon, loft hero for
Now York this afternoon to attend
tho reception of Li Ilung Chang.
Bucklon a
The best Salve
Sore, Bores,
Arnica Halve
hi the world for
Ulcer, Salt
Aug. 29.
Ed. Jeurnal: Will Bomo Repub
lican or tho contcmptlblo nnd fawning
organ at Salem, of Mark Haniln and
his gold standard followers give a good
reason why iron. II. L.Barkloy should
resign? Becauso ho supports Bryan
and free coinage of gold nud silver In
stead of McKlnloy and tho slnglo gold
standard Is no reason. Tho convon
tlon that nominated Mr. Barklcy did"
not adopt a gold standard platform.
In fact tho gold standard men nnd
manipulators of that convention con'
ceded at tho tlmo that if opportunity
had been given It such convention
would have declared In favor of tl:d
frco colnngo of gold and stiver, and
this being tho case through tho con
trol of tho gold men, tho convention
did not adopt ft platform at all. I ask
then why should Mr. Barkloy resign?
A Diujookat for Faih Play.
l) lh HAbl,
aurci. nuics. unci. jii ucun, ..
and all Tetter. Chapped hand. Chilblain.
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Live per fee latiifactlon or money refunded.
Trice aj ccnti a Ikik. For sale by Fred A
Iowa Bank Closed,
Sioux Oity.Iii., Aug. 28.-Tho Sioux
national bank did not open this morn
ing.' A notice posted on the doors,
sayH,"suspended owing to heavy with
drawals and tho depositors will bo paid
in full. Statement made."
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A Valuable Prescription.
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Petition to Sell. J.Q.A.Bowlby,
oxecutor of tho estate of Ellzaboth
Brown petitions tho county court for
an ordor to bell personal property. Ho
set forth that tho porsonal property of
tho citato Is Yulucd'ttt $5870.00, and
that tho debts aro $7000, Judge Tor
roll grunted tho petition.
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