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New York
A Chicago McKinley Club
Is rcclovlng goods of all kinds direct
from New York, bought from onoof
tho largest establishments of the kind
In the world. All their goods, arc
bought for cash, and sold for cash.
Those buying from such a house get
their goods cheaper than In an ordin
ary time house; that Is clear. We are
also able to sell our goods at cheaper
rates, that also Is clear.
We keep a large lino of laces, em
broideries, lace curtains, bed spreads,'
linen and cotton towels, crash, table
linen, ladles vests,, and all kinds of
underwear, corsets, white and work
blrts, suspenders, hosiery, purses,
combs, brushes, und a large lino of
notions of all kinds, call and seo for
yourselves, Nvo sell ut closo prices.
I -
Visit 'Canton,
President Cleveland Visits Li Hung
4 a . . . -4
id his wife are invited to attend a
mbiic barbecue and Bryan ratification, to be
idd at Marion Square Salem on the afters
noon and evening of
Saturday, September 5, 1896,
A free country, free silver, and free
tamnlft will be discussed by able speakers,
including Sylvester Pennoyer, Elder Bark'
ley, Gen, Chamberlain and several others.
Good cioina i
A Good Silver Talk.
Special to Journal.
Wooduurn, Aug. 20. Hlshnp Dil
lon spoke here to an enthusiastic
crowd last evening, uud his argu
ments for silver aro Indisputable.
They cannot be contradicted, and ho
speaks from the heart.
Gone to See McKinley.
Canton, Aug. 29. Of the live dele
gations scheduled to visit McKinley
today, tho Urst to arrive was the com
mercial men's McKinley club, No. 1
of Chicago, 300 strong. Tho visitors
were under command of Chief Mar
shal, Gcorgo Green. In tho party
were all the members of the national
executive committee of commercial
men of tho United States.
LI Hung Chang Received.
New York, Aug 20. LI Hung
Chang and Secretary Olney exchanged
visits today, after which they pro
ceeded together, to tho "Whitney resi
dence, escorted by a troop of the Sixth
cavalry, where LI will formally bo re
ceived by President Cleveland. Tho
reception by the president was qulto
slmplcand lasted only 25 minutes.
Among thoso present wero Secretary
of State Olney, Secretary of tho
A Christian Minister Well ,Knbwn
Salem. f
Oakland, August 28. fl&jfc ltcv.
Edwards Davis spokq InM- week
at the Central lie espousel Uic cause
flf silver. X -f '; j
The maintenance of gold jtf the es
tablishment of silver,- hotf&ld, can
atTect only the poo. Indlrcc.ly, and
calamity will result only In ase that
tho Imperious rich force tho Issue to
starvation's surrender. Th&Wir aie
dependent on the rich, but capital
can never be Independent uUftbor.
The real Issue Is tho Indorsement of
gold as single standard, orHjic estab
lishment of gold and silver oi n parity
us coin. All metals used an mln have
a commercial as well as a legal value.
One Is affected by the natural law of
supply and demand; the Other by a
statutory enactment. Nomoro coin
should be coined than Is uceessary to
the transactions of commerce. If a
continent of gold were discovered It
would be ridiculous to cast the same
In coiu. J
The slnglo standard will 'make our
nation a monstrous gambling den.
The experience of commerce through
"'it tho history of tho, world cannot
1)0 reversed by legislative act. Tho
gold and silver output seems to Indi
cate that tho very hand of the Creator
of the earth has tilled the veins of the
mountains with n respective proport
ion of both metals. The capitalist
must remember that Ho Is nothing
more than tho banker of tho poor.
At Gates,'
A Bryan and Watson club of fifty
has been organized at Gates. They
expect to have 1Q0 to 200 names to the
roll in a short time. There are only
five or six McKlnloy men In tho wholo
They held an open meeting of the
club last Monday addressed by T. J,
McClary and J. P. Robertson.
Arrangements are bcng made for, a
Tho Citizens-are Fleeing for
Their Lives. . r.
Men at Benson's Camp Havo
Probably Been Roasted,
. ,. , ... ,, mass meeting tho. Otliior, 7th of Sop
Trcasnry Carlisle, Secretary oMVnr ttmtl .JLu.,lMa,., t)in0 -.'-
Lamont, Assistant Secretary of State Woathorford will be tho principal
It Is an Important factor in the Achieve
ment oi buccess in iue,
tu!. - uu -t t,MMMntr ihni time and the expedience
!of men have proved to be founded on facf, That being the
case all who buy clothing should iee a store """ "; .
clothing is sold at prices which suit all classes, Such a store is
conducted by
J. Johnson &Son
The Popular Clothiers,
We have clothing that fits not only the body, bu the
purse. Clothing elegant in texture and finish, Clothing that
pleases the eye and keeps the body warm, If you want any
thing usually found in a
First-Class A ClothingHouse
t wUl pay you to see us. We can show goods that will make
your mouth water. .
State and Liberty Streets.
Itockhlll. After tho reception LI re
turned tto Waldorf.
Indianapolis Convention.
Water-town, "N. Y., Aug. 29. Ex
Governor Roswcll P. Flower has ac
cepted an Invitation to act as tempor
ary chairman of the convention at In
dianapolis. The Bryan Patty.
Buffalo, Aug. 29.-W. J. Bryan
and party arose early this morning,
enjoyed a drive about tho stato reser
vation in tho cool dawn. At 8 o'clock
they wero aboard a train to take them
to Hornellsvllle, whore tho chief
speech of tho day would bo made. In
this city tho populace crowded about
the car eagar to seo tho candidate.
Constantinople Rioting.
Paius, Aug. 29. Temps this after,
noon publishes a dispatch from Con
stantinople filed Friday eyenlng
which says: At tho present momem.
sanguinary fighting is taking place in
tho chief streets of Constantinople.
Troops are firing on unarmed Arme
nians. Tho victims of tho outbreak
exceed 200.
Scores of dead havo been thrown
Into tho sea in order to save the trou
ble of burying tho dead bodies. Brit
ish charge d'affalra has refused the
request of tho sultan to withdraw tho
guards of tho British marines.
Our Sidewalks. While any effort
to induce Salemltes to build now side
walks about their property la most
whose sidewalks aro somewhat dilapi
dated, to use a hammer quite vigor-
ously and drive an nans miuo jhuhhuo
on inch or two above tho surfaced
thc.plank, again inio uieir iuhu,
that no ono may fall and bo severely
injured, thus bringing about a suit
for damages against the city, which
always involves considerable expense.
Off for Silver Creek Falls.
mi,, niinwinff nersonsleft today at 2
n mi for a short outing at tho Falls,
expecting to return-.Sunday eve: Mr.
lc Mrs. A xx. urn",". "-
Gilbert, Mrs. M. J. Crelghton, Miss
julla Gilbert, of Dudley,Ills.,MUse8
Mollle, Jessie & Rose Crelghton, Miss
Eftlo Vanderpooi, ui Doua,...
Miss Agnes Gilbert.
Great enthusiasm Is shown for
Bryan nnd frco silver In tho Santlam
Walter L. Toozo Is to speak at
Gates September 1, at 8 o'clock.
Has Tendered His Servica. S.
A. Clark, tho sound money man,
went to Southern Oregon this morn
ing to dispose of a copper mine. As a
young man ho was educated in Wall
street. Mr. Clark has tendered his
services to tho stato central commit
tee, and will tako the stump for Mc
Kinley nndHobart. He will proba
bly tell tho pcoplo how to successfully
conduct a largo fruit farm, under tho
gold standard.
To Memheus of G. A. It. It Is de
sired that as many members of Sedg
wick Post No.10 G,A.It.,that can con
veniently do so, attend tho funeral of
Comrade Hall to bo held at his Mo re
sidence, 2 miles northwest of tho Re
form school at 1:30 o'clock Sunday afternoon.
Portland, Aug. 20. Advlcci from
OnkPnlnt,thlsmoruliuj,say the foicst
tiro Is still raging between thut point
and Eaglo Cliff, on the Washington
sido of tho Columbia river. It Is Im
possible to got full particulars, but It
Is known that no lives havo been lost
Tho lire covers an area of ten squaro
miles and Is within three hundred
yards of Oak Point. Thcro Is thought
to be no danger hero unless northwest
winds spring up. It Is estimated that
over 200 head of cattto havo perished.
Tho flro has assumed such proportions
that nothing but n heavy rain will
conquer it. Tho amount of timber al
ready destroyed runs way up Into tho
Astoria, Aug. 29. A special to tho
Astorlan from OakJPoInt says: Tho
lire Is now within three hundred
yards of Oak Point nnd lots.to feed It.
If tho wind should change to north
west It will make a wldo sweep over
Oak Point. Just learned thatLoroy
Davidson's place Is cleaned out com
pletely. He had a nice ranch up In
tho timber. In caso the wind chances
to cast It will put tho Hume and Eu
reka canneries in great danger.
If It should switch to tho north from
tho northwest, It will sweep Oak
Point, Including tho saw mills nnd
- iiitihiinsr. Nothing had
been heard of tho men who uutyini iu J
fight the lire at Benson's camp last
night, The fow people who reached
Oak Point, saved only tho clothing on
their backs. Tho locomotives nnd
donkey engines belonging to tho Bon
son camp here, havo been placed out
on somo beaverdam land, but there Is
how ovory probability that thoy will
bo lost. Tho tiro Is raging ns fiercely
as over.
Albany has some cases of dlpthcrla.
A big Bryan ratification, will tako
placo at Astoria on September 3.
Tho big log raft has arrived In San
Francisco all safo In 5 days and 18
Bud Hoyman's meat market, at
Eugene, was totally destroyed by lire
Thursday morning.
Tho Moderato Is tho namo of tho
new paper which takes tho placo of
tho Cottage Grove Leader.
Tho August bowling tournament of
the Multnomah club was won by F.
W. Gomph, whoso score was 180.
Geo. Dibble, of Lebanon, had his
right arm pierced by two' tines ofn
fork which roll from a straw stack at.
tho paper mills.
Home 120 men are now employed on
the government woiks at Cascades.
Twenty-live are stonecutters and tho
remainder laborers.
The Lebanon paper mills has this
year bought 3,100 tons of straw and
paid out 83.C0 per ton for some, ami
thus havo put In circulation $10,850.
For dcsturblng a Salvation Army
meeting at Oregon City William
Edgcomb, Joseph Carlson and James
Barney wero lined $10 each and costs.
Tho regular district compmcetlng
of tho Frco Methodist church will bo
held In Eugene, commencing on Sun
day, August 30 at 11 a. in. to Septem
ber 20 Inclusive.
Tho Eugene Broad-Axe has sus
pended publication forthotlmdbolng,
owing to the ntrlngcncy of nnd
scarcity of money nnd general stag
nation of business.
The school board of Astoria lias ac
cepted tho invitation of tho managors
of Gcarhart Park to enjoy a clnmbako,
to bo given next Saturday. A. B.
ITamoud has tendered itho use of a
train on tho railroad. Children will
bo taken to tho bake frco of charge
Last Saturday a man named Hurd,
who was out hunting on Itoguo river
mistook his partner King, for a quail
and filled his faco and sholder full of
bird shots. Somo of tho shot pierced
tho eyes, but did hot destroy tho
Prof, Hdritago" Closes a, Jon
Year" Contract,
Woman's Collogo to Bo Romodojed
for a Conservatory.
Crowded Cars. Tho two passen
ger coaches, on tho 2:20 local, this af
ternoon wero taxed totholr utmost
capacity, standing room being at al
most a premium. People nrc return
ing from the seasldo by tho hundreds,
almosta hundred havlnglcfoNowport
each day this week.
Bucklons Arnica Salve
The best Solve In the world for Cud,
Sore, Sorti, Ulcen, Salt Kheum, Fever
and all Tetter. Cbpped handi, Chilblains,
DruUe. Skin Erupllom. and positively curet
Piles or no pay required. It Is guaranteed to
live per fee satUfactlon or money refunded.
Price 25 cents a box. For sale by I-red A
The dealer who says, "1 have no
Hoe Cake soap," practically admit
that he does not, sew uri- iiuum
goods. If ho bays ho has something
"Just as gooa" you will know at once
tiint. im u trvlliir to ben you arr in-
V If-
111 I IS I J no
ferlor article. Thero is more cloathlng
destroyed by poor boap than by actual
wear, as tho free alkali rots iiie cioin.
destroyed by poor boap
nco Cako contains neither free alkali
nor worthless lining
The Journal silver supplement
at $1 a hundred aro going off rapidly.
Ralso a llttlo fund of dimes and quar
ters and -supply all your neighbors
with campaign literature up to date.
If you can't have u Bryan speaker
In your town tn tell you about Inde
pendent American bimetallism, you
1 can circulate literature.
etter Than Qold,
W. J. Bryan's law partner and per
sonal friend, A. It. Talbot, onoof tho
prominent Republicans of Nebraska
and a candidate for tho stato senate,
entertains a high opinion of Bryan
personally ,but ho docs not hesitate to
condemn his political views. Ho said:
"Bryan Is an upright, conscientious
man. I havo nover known n finor char
acter. I am posltlvo that ho went into
politics with no selfish motives. Ho
Is thoroughly convinced that tho
country Is besot with conditions that
call for tho highest patriotism, and ho
regards It his duty to help right what
he says aro tho wrongs of tho people.
I could glvo you many Instances of
his disinterestedness. Two years ago
a man from New York sat In Uryun's
onico trying to got him to make a con
tract to deliver fifty lecturcx ut 4100 a
lecture. Bryan was poor then, as ho
Is poor now.and I urged him to accept
tho offcr.but ho would hardly listen to
tho man. Ho said ho would not speak
for money. Ho was not In politics for
hlmbolf, but for tho pcoplo.and lie did
not expect to make anything for him
self. He did not sign the contract.
When ho was in congress ho was of
fered 810,000 x year to becomo tho
counsel of a largo corporation, but ho
told tho officers ho would not act as
their attorney for the profits or tho
concern. Ho has been repeatedly urged
to make his homo In a Democratic
ot;i(. with the assurance that ho
would bo elected to the U. S. Senate
and kept thero the rest of his llfo.but
he said lie preferred to remain In Lin
coln, and he will continue to keep his
residence In this city."
Armory tonight Rlgdon vsGecr.
irnrd tho demand of tho 1'
unfair, yot wo do not censuro tho
Democratic executive commlttco for
accepting tho terms. It was tho only
thing tho commlttco could do. Every
Domocrat knows his duty In tho pres
ent emergency They must look to
tho head or tho ticket for deliverance.
This fusion will carry Oregon for
Bryan and Democrats will glvo their
loyal support to tho notion of their
committee. Under tho conditions of
the fuston, tho Democrats get ono
elector, tho frco silver RopubJIcans
ono and tho Populists two. They aro
pledged to Bryan and Watson. Tho
doctors horetororo nominated by tho
Democrats and Populists all resigned,
nad the following ticket nominated
In Its place: N. L. Butlor, of Polk,
Democrat; L. M. Olmstead, of Baker,
Harry Wutkins, of Yamhill, Popu
lists; E. Hofer, or Salem, free silver
Republican. Tho ticket Is strong and
ono that can mnko an nblo canvass of
tho state.
A contract has at last bjctt slgticd
between tho executive commlttqe.of
Willamette university and Prof. It) A.
Heritage. Thero has been somo Utile
legal dllllculty in making a contract
for ten years, and the professor did
not feel warranted In ndvcrtlblutfhhd
building up the College of Music or a
shorter time. The executive commit
tee hns been very anxious all the time
to secure his services, but the charter
of tho school was given In such a Way
that It was dlnicult to mnko a con
tract longer than ono year.
Prof. Heritage will now tako full
chargo or tho building formerly
known as tho "Womans' College" and
remodel It for n College of Music. He
wilt also havo charge of tho rooming
and boarding department. Although
tho time Is short until tho opening of
tho university, tho work of remodel
Ingwlll bo commenced early Monday
morning nnd will bo vigorously con
tinued until completed. ,
Besides full work in thocollcgpof
music Prof. Heritage oxpects toro
organlno about tho mlddlo of Septem
ber tho Choral Sooloty, sight reading
class, two Saturday chlldrens' classes,
and a' gcnornl volco culture class ou
Saturday mornings. Pupils can be
gin atany tlmo to register nnd uelcot
time 'for lessons. Tho regular term
bcgns,'September 1-1.
vTho musical pcoplo of Salem will
undoubtedly bo delighted to learn
that tho ofllolcnt services of Profs.
Horltngo andiWlnkler will thus bo re
tained In our city. These gontleniQU
have dono much to raise tho standard
of musical culture ln.our midst, and
.i.l'T.'.I'... .V. -wllnfo Mint, wltli tlin
wonuuriiii urBi.i.vrv..v... y.vv.
Heritage Salem will 'soon fotho
musical centra of tho Pacific north
west. This movo on tho part of Wll
lamotto University means a great deal
to that institution nnd to ourclty.
Hundreds of students will bo drawn
by it who would otherwise havo gone
elsowhoro for their muslo nnd hlghor
education and Salem Is to bo congrat
ulated upon this happy consummation.
tonlnht, during
to tindcrtnkcr.wo
to seo Bro. - Barkloy and
On Mm nlutform
tho undertaking of tho undertnker.wo
inny expect to seo Bro. . Barkloy and
W. J. D'Aroy, Colonels Jeff Myors and
B. Hofer, It. It. Itan. D. J.Fry, Bud
Chapman and A. I. Wagnor.-Statcs-
Armory toulght-Itlgdon vs Ocor.
For Infants and Children.
Chapman i
Who did tho "worklngmen" lmva
on tho platforn, last night? The
gentlemen or the plo counter.' The
Hon. "Bill" Chorlngton and tho Hon.
Clielf Fuglor Foucs will not bo at tho
armory tonight, nt least nob on tho
platform, nor Ncphow Willis Scott
Dunnlway. Prcst'Raco, "Working
man" C. JJ, Irvine, or tho Statesman
"sawcd-olf Poo Bah," Roy. G. M, Ir
win nnd other foes or nepotism and
friends of "sound money," for sala
ries, Tho Statesman lias said editorially
that crlmo of '73 was "revolutionary"
and passed with "Ipsldlous quiet."
WI11U Dunnlway says Its a lie. Who
cares which is tho liar'
Free Spectacles.
I probably como nearor making
presents of this kind than any ono
clso.as tho following will demonstrate.
I bollovo that In my glasses is em
bodied all that Is possible In
workmanship, material and quality,
and I sparo no pains to muko correct
tits of tho lenses und frames. Con-
unltntlnn nnd nxumllllltlonS ffCO. AO,
235 Commercial street. Como and fco tynem.
...a 'I. A ir .-
Rig up and gear up and como out to
the armory tonight and hear for your
self Rlgdon vs. Gcor.
Feed tho Nerves
Upon pure, rich blood and yoa need not fear
nervous prostration. Nerves are weak when
they are Improperly and InnnmcUnlly'
nouruneu. rum mow , v'vv: :
and pure blood comes by taking Hood's
Sarsanaillla, which Is thus the greatest and
best ne.-ve tonic. It also builds up the wholo
I .r (. :11 .1.. favnrtte family
Mihirtle. eaiv to take, easy to operate, tf-1
, ...r , ...
Highest of all in Leavening Power, Latest U. S. Gov't Report

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