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New yoTK KaoKeT)
Old Arkansas Gives 65,000 Majority
For Free Coinage of Silver
'. i
Is recievlng goods of all kinds direct
from New York, bought from one of
the largest establishments of the kind
In tiie world. All their goods are
bought for cash, and sold for cash.
Thoso buying from such a house get
their goods cheaper than in an ordin
ary time house; that is clear. We are
also able to sell our goods at cheaper
rates, that also is clear.
We keep a large line of laces, e.n
broiderles, lace curtains, bed spreads,
linen andicotton towels, crash, tab'
linen, ladies vests, and all kindr
underwear, corsets, white and wv
hirts, suspenders, h lory, purses,
combs, brushes, and a large 'line of
notions of all kinds, call and see for
yourselves, we sell at close prices.
at 16 to 1.
Battle Fought On Financial
The Republicans Were for the Gold
tadtisfrial Exposition
Portland, Oregon, Sept. 19 to October 17,
The great resources of the Pacific Northwest. Agriculture, Horticulture, Fisheries,
Mines, Manufactures, Transportation, Machinery, Trade and Commerce will be represented
more completely than ever before. lGrand band concert every afternoon and evening.
Special attractions every night, lowest rates ever made on all transportation lines.
Admission 25c. Children 10c. For exhibit spiee apply to Geo. I. Baker, Superintend
ent, at the building. E. C. MASTEN, Sec.
Hardware, Stoves and Tinware,
he Willamett
Keducea'ratea. Management ltocral. Electric cars leave hokel lor all public buildings
uid joints oljinterest. Special rates will be given to permanent patrons.
It Is an Important, factor! in the Achieve
ment of Success in Life,
This is a bit of philosophy that time and the experience
of men have proved to be founded on fact. That being the
case all who buy clothing should seek a store where the best
clothing is sold at prices which suit all classes, Such a store is
conducted by
M Johnson son
The Popular Clothiers
ehaveclothingTthat fits not only the body, but the
lrse. Clothing elegant in texture and finish, Clothing that
pleases the eye and keeps the body warm. If you want any
thig usually found in a
FfrstxClass 2i Clothing J&House
t will pay you to gee us, Wc can showfeoods that wiU make
Tour mouth water.
State and Liberty Streets,
Little Rock, Ark., Sept. 8. Carroll
Armstrong, chairman of the Demo
cratic state central committee, says
the indications are that there were
lOo.OOO votes cast in yesterday's elec
tion. The combined vote of the oppo
sition reached 50,000, giving a-majorlty
of 65,000 for the Democratic ticket.
The campaign was fought on finan
cial lines, the Democrats standing
for free silver, Republicans for the
gold standard. This Is double the ma
jority the Democrats received in the
elections two and four years ago.
The city of Helena gives the Demo
cratic ticket a large maJority,although
Kcmmel (Rep.) for governor ran far
ahead of the Republican ticket. In
Lafayette county every Democrat is
elected. Tlio Democratic majority in
Franklin is from 700 to 800. The es
timated Democratic majority in Mil
ler county Is 800,although one county
ofllceris in doubt. "Woodruff county is
considered safe for the Democratic
Many negroes scratched the ticket
and voted for Jones for governor.
Johnson county gives a large major
ity for the Democratic ticket. Jack
son county elects the entire Demo
cratic local ticket and the county
votes favorably on license. In Lonoke,
the Democrats win easily- White
county Is claimed for Jones by about
100. Sharp county goes Democratic
by 17,000 majority.
There were but two full tickets In
the field, Democratic and Republican
the Populists contenting themselves
with a candidate for governor. Gen
eral Jones and Mr. Remmel, the Re
publican candidate made an active
canvass of the state, but Files, the
Populist nominee, made no speeches.
Additional returns received up to
noon Indicate that Colonel Dan. "W.
Jones and the remainder of the Demo
cratic state ticket won by 05,uoo or
70,000. This beats all former records
in Arkansas. Estimated that 180,000
yo's were polled. It is generally con
ceded that Reramet, Republican, will
have about 40,000. Files, Populist.
45,000, Miller, Prohibition 2,000. At
most, these three candidates have re
ceived not over 00,000. This would
leave Jones with C-1,000 major
ity over all. Over 13,000 more than
it was claimed he would get prior to
the election. Two years ago when
Governor Clarke was elected 126,000
votes were polled.
Washington, Sept. 8. An address
was Issued today from Populist head
quarters. Bryan and Watson, it de
clares, are the "true co-operative
ticket for the sliver votes of all
parties." It is pointed out that the
Pebple's party forced the Democratic
party to turn down the Cleveland ad
ministration and adopt the principles
of the People's party and as the ac
tion of the Democratic party in future
is uncertain, all citizens who believe
in the government, as administered
by Jefferson, Jackson and Llncoln.are
urged to upbuild and strengthen the
People's party. Th address closes
with an appeal for a contribution, of
one dollar, to the campaign fund from
every individual able and willing to
contribute. i
Forth Worth, Tcx., Sept. 8. The
state Republican convention met this
afternoon with a larcer attendance
than any convent ion hr the party
ever held in Texas. Chairman Grant
spoke advocating harmnuy and said,
if it prevailed, Texas was in reach of
the Republican party. N. W. Cuney,
a negro delegate from Galveston, was
elected temporary chairman.
At a caucus, this mifrnltig, It was
determined to fuse with the Populists
aud sound money Democrats on the
following basis: Republicans to cast
their vote for tne Populist state
uuivcl una an eieciornu ticket com
posed of eight Republicans, four Pop
ulists and threo sound money Demo
crats to be put up. It is claimed tills
will give the Populists the statu gov
ernment and defeat the Bryan elec
Chicago, Sept. 8. Cfjairman Jones
of the Dcmocrallc committee In speak
ing of the Arkansas election today
ssld: "I expected a majority of about
40,000 but was entirely unprepared for
what seems to bo the result. 1 at
tribute the tremendous maorlty to
the interest In bimetallism. The re
sult In Arkansas shows what may bo
expected throughout the entire south
and west, just as the result in Ver
mont foreshadowed the result in the
New England states."
St. Louis, Sept., 8. Tlio Demo
cratic state central committee, by a
unanimous vote decided tills after
noon to fuse with the Populists It is
probable the electoral ticket will con
sist of 13 Democrats and four Popu-Ists.
Combination Against Old
a. .
The American Refugees Demanding
Their Release,
General Black Declines.
Chicago, Sept. 8 Goncral JohnC
Black will probabiyfssue a letter to-
mojrow declining the nomination for
governor by the gold standard Demo
crats. The committees will select
Judge Thomas ;A. Moran, William S.
Forman or Henry Raab as candidate.
Mercantile Failure.
Hot Springs, Ark., Sept. 8. Tlio
William J. Little, mercantile com
pany, tho oldest and largest wholesale
and retail establishment in this city
closed its doors this morning. Liabili
ties are placed at $80,000. Assets ex
ceed that amount several thousand
Made Bishop.
Vancouver, Wash., Sept. 8. Rt.
Rev. Edward J. O'Dea was today con
secrated bishop of Washington, con-
secrator was Archbishop Gross, Me
tropolitan of ecclastlcal of province,
assisted by Bishops Glorealu, Brondel
and Lemlng. About 100 priests from
Oregon and Washington were present.
Mexican Indian Scare.
Hermosillo, Mexico, Sept. 8.
There Is much uneasiness felt through
out the western part of this state
over the threatened outbreak of the
Yaqul Indians. Largo numbers of
the peaceable Indians have quit their
Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 8. Tlio
Lockwood Manufacturing Company,
manufacturers of patent feeding
boxes, made an assignment. Tlio
company has 8100,000 capital. They
have been doing business forty years.
Leader Captured.
Cape Town, Sept. 8. A dispatch
from Umtal announces that Chief
Makonla, the great leader of the in
surgent Mashonas, has been captured
in a cave at his stronghold.
A Twenty-five Mile Race.
Denver, Sept. 8. There were 204
entries in the Labor-day 25-mile road
race and 100 starter. Nat M. Oil
man won the race.
A Bryan club was formed at Goshen
with a large list of members.
Against England.
St. Petershurg, ;Scpt. 8. Novoe
Vremya made the Important state
ment yesterday that tho czar's tour
shows that Borlln and Vienna, as
well as Paris and St. Petersburg, arc
conscious of tho necessity of common
action by tlio powers to defeat the
political designs of Great Britain
which, It is added, are clearly dis
played in recent ovents In Turkey.
The nrtlclc deals with the Intimation
that tho British press based consider
able hope for tho success of Great
Britain's policy on tho death of
Prince Lobanolf-Rostovsky, tho Rus
sian minister of foreign affairs, who
Is understood to have been a strong
opponent of England.
A Revolt.
Madrid, Sept. 8. Tlio dispatch to
tho Imparclal from Hong Kong, Bays
that 1,000 Insurgents, commanded by
a half-breed named Santollano, haye
Invaded Sanlsdro, In tho province of
Neva Ecipa, Island of Luzon, the
largest of the Phlllipplno group, and
have Imprisoned tho governor and
his secretary and other otllclals, and
committed many outrages.
A dispatch from General Blanco
governor-general of the Piiipplnes.an
announccs tlio discovery of a fresh
conspiracy against tho Spanish gov
ernment. He says tho plot Is wide
spread In Its nullifications. Tho first
reinforcements haye arrived at tho
Phllllplno Islands from tho Mlndana
The Armenian Refugees,
Marseilles, Sept. 8. Tho Ar
menians who recently arrived from
Constantinople on La Grande, after
having surrendered to Sir Edward
Vincent, ono of the directors of tho
Ottoman bank, after attacking and
holding that building for a night,
and who wero arrested on landing
here, have sent a collective noto to
the minister of the Interior demand
ing their rcleaso on tho ground that
the sultan promised them life and
liberty If they surrendered. They ex
pect to Ball shortly for Now York.
Humonds Successor.
San Francisco, Sept. 8 Harry If.
Webb, a 6on of C. C. Webb, who owns
a large part of tho Shasta valley, in
Siskiyou county, has been engaged by
tlio Chartered Company of South
Africa to take charge of the Consoli
dated Gold Fields Company's inter
ests at- Johannesburg as consulting
engineer, tho position until recently
filled by John Hays Hammond.
A Domb in a Maiblc Yard.
London, Sept. 8. About 12 o'clock
last night an unknown man threw a
clumsily constructed bomb into the
premises of Farmer & Brlndley, the
marble masons and sculptors, of 63
Westminister Bridge road. No darn
age was done. Tho police are investi
gating. It is believed to be the result
of spite of a discharged employe.
The Khalifa Dead.
Rome, Sept. 8. A dispatch from
Kassala to tlio Tribune mentions a
doubtful rumor that Is In circulation
there that the Khalifa Abdul, tho
leader of the dervishes and governor
of the Soudan, Is ilc'vd at Khartoum.
Troops for the Philippines.
Madrid, Sept. 8. The cabinet has
decided to send a battalion of marines
to the Philippine 'Islands.
Big Bryan Club and Great Enthusiasm at
Gold Hill.
Gold Hill, Scpt,8. A Bryan silver
club was organized here Saturday
evening with 78 members enrolled.
Geo. R. Hammersloy was elected pres
ident and Hon. J. J. Houck.secrctary.
It was the most enthusiastic polit
ical gathering known in tho history
of local politics. Tho meeting' was
hold in the school houso and tho seat
ing capacity of the spacious building
was Insufficient to nccomodntn tlio
throng who had assembled to hear
tho Hon. William Colvlg, of Jackson
ville, discuss tho. financial Issue from
a free silver standpoint.
Mr. Colvlg's address was a brilliant
effort nnd frequently ovoked storms of
applause. Ills Incessant firing at the
enemy's stronghold so badly demol
ished their weak fortification and so
completely exposed 'their false posi
tion that the nudlciico soon became
convinced that tho Republican's Idea
of finance, was a farce, a fraud and a
Mark Hubbard heretofore prominent
in the councils of local Republican
politics was elected vlco-presldcnt of
tlio club.
Prophet Not Wittiout Honor
at Home,
Will Be Tendered 'by the American
Silver .Party.
The curfew ordinance will be en
forced In Astoria hereafter.
A Bryan club of 150 members was
organized last Thursday at Corvaills.
Down In Lnno county they run
down pheasants with cnyusc ponies.
Albany hunters killed ovor 300 China
pheasants tlio first day of the opened
A now creamery Is being put in at
Ashland and It will bo tho first ono In
Jack6ou county.
Tho mortality rate In Portland for
August was 1)1. Elghty-Ilvo died
from natural causes.
Tho saloon llccnso at Lebanon was
raised at tho last meeting of tho city
council from $000 to (800.
At Portland a marrlago llcenso was
Issued to Asa Perkins, aged 72 mid
Mrs. Mary Bybcc, aged 45.
Ex-Stato Senator Cogswell lino resi
dence, valued at 810,000 burned. Mr.
Cogswell only receives $3000 Insur
ance. It was not tho "poet scout" Jack
Crawford who wan killed in tho Kit
titas mines,but a plain common miner
bearing tho samo name.
Tho Christian peoplo, of Pendleton,
havo been Invited to Join in with tho
salvation army for a grand rally
against sin and satan.
Tlio Dallas woolen mill Is getting
out samples of goods to bo placed on
tho market. Tlio mill expects to be
in full operation by October 1.
Mrs. Casbl Townsond, of Pendleton,
died tho other day from a stroke of
paralysis, was 03, has a slater living
In tlio cast who will be 100 years old
on her next birthday.
The now Indian agent, Jo. Emery,
has arrived und taken charfooftho
Klamath agency. Emery is a
preacher and will not allow any in
dolence on the reservation.
Pearl Gccr, tho brilliant young sec
ular orator, and a cousin of cartoon
ist Davenport, has corno out strong
for Bryan. Ho Ib a nephew of T. T,
Gccr, tho tall llrpoloof Marlon Sher
ldlun Sun.
Hero Is another straw from the
country. In I. D. Miller's threshing
crew there nro 22 men, not ono of
whomo la for McKlnly, all being
Bryan men. If there Is a McKinley
threshing crew In tho country it is
tlmo they reported.
A farmer living near this place,
who wus in debt, raised what monoy
lie could last week and ho and his
family "skipped out" for tho East.
They toei nothing with them except
their clotheij just got up from the
supper table and left. leaving the
dishes unwashed on tho table. Their
bouse was furnished. Lebanon Ad
Lincoln-, XVh HaM 8. -The sec
ond homc-coniliojliryan, after his
nomination was miiricecf with enthus
iasm. There were about C.ooo people
at tho depoUwlth twovbands. Cheer
after cheer' went- up and the
bauds added to thediii.. An Immense
crowd had guthdred ut -Bryan's home,
and some tlmo elnpsed'bcroro the can
didate could get Inside jf the house
on account (if tho delny occasioned by
handshaking. Tills afternoon Bryan
will address the citizens from a pint
form erected ut tho state houso square.
This evening ho will bo notified of his
nomination, by- ttiofcilvar party.
. - ilk
Compiled by the Awfully Gaod-Natured
Have you heard from Arkansas?
Arkansas went mora than 10 to 1 for
silver. '
James Mott should
all over Oregon.
read that poem
No one is claiming that crowd Sat
urday was not a 10 to 1 crowd.
Tho town of Olney, Clatsop county,
Is almost unanimous for Bryan and
frco coinage.
Keep "Flax-brako" Williams on tilt
track, and Oregon will roll up a good
majority for Bryan.
What's tho matter with only 00,000
votes for gofd out of 180,000 votes cast
In Arkansas Monday.
Ex-United States Senator Payne, of
Ohio, aged 00 years, a standard oil
millionaire, has suffered a stroke of
None of tho labor demonstrations
on Labor day throughout tho United.
States oven mentioned McKlnloy und
Why go to tho owners of gold foe
our prosperity? What thoy want is
interest on their raonoy. Who is to
pay it?
"Old snags and old veterans lilted
with gold only," by Col. Smith, com
missioned to enroll tho Salem Grand
Army for Mark Hanna.
"Col." Smith is commissioned to
enroll the Salem Grand Army men for
tho gold standard. Ho will be a
major If ho gets them all.
C. If. Lane, who Is ono of tho Mc
Kinley managers at Salem, is having
anew sign painted: "Tailor to 'is
Royal Mghness, Mark 'Anna, and all
to 'la Tory supporters."
Organize and enroll tho peoplo into
Dry an clubs, nold meetings at the
country school houses and circulate
literature. Do you want your liber
ties burled under tho British gold
Mr. O. W. Wheeler, of WalUburg,
editor of tho Times, has been sued for
libel to the amount of $15,000, the
chargo being roado that tho Rev. Mr.
Tlcknorwasa villflerof women
Will Mark Hanna'a agents organize J Uso money and organize?, Mark
tho hop pickers at 25 cents a box? 'Hanna cries.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latwt U. S. Gov't Report.

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