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NO. 221
la recleving goods or all kinds direct
from New York, bought from one of
the largest establishments of tho kind
In the world. All their goods) are
bought for cash, and sold for cash.
Those buying from such a house get
their goods cheaper than in an ordin
ary time house; that Is clear. We arc
also ahle to sell our goods at cheaper
rates, that also Is clear.
We keep a huge line of laces, em
broideries, lace curtains,, bed spreads,
linen andtcotton towels, crash, table
linen, ladies vests, and all kinds of
underwear, corsets, white and work
hlrts, suspenders, U iery, purses,
combs, brushes, and a largo llne of
notions of all kinds, call and see for
yourselves, we sell at close prices.
Republican Deplores His
Party's Policy.
Thomas B, Reed, He Believes, Is a
oddstpial Exposition
Portland, Oregon, Sept. 19 to October 17,
f thf Pacific Northwest. Agriculture, Horticulture, Fisheries,
The great resources of llJ Trade and Commerce will be represented
tot, t the building. -s-
Hardware, Stoves and Tinware
The Willamette Hotel.
0 1
Kcuucca-ra.es. Management Uoenl Electric c'ars leave hoteUor all publiclbuilding,
uljooints ol'interest. Special rates will be given to permanent patrons.
id 6ioln
It Is an Important factor in the Achieve
ment of Success in-Life,
of men have proved to be founded on fact inD"Bst
case all who buy clothing should seek a store where the best
clothing is sold at prices which suit all classes, Such a store is
conducted by
The Popular Clothiers,
We have clothingthat fits not Jonly the booty;" e
Purse. Clothing elegit in texture and finish, C1ng
pleases the eye tnd keeps the body warm. If you want any
thing usually found in a
FirsVClass A Clothing ATjHbusc
U1 pay you to seeus. We can Siowlgoods that wWJ make
your mouth water.
State and Liberty Streets.
Spokane, Sept. 10
J. B. Montgomery, of Portland,
passed through Spokane yesterday af
ternoon on his way liotue after a
week's sojourn at Albany Falls. He
was asked, by the reporter, how the
fishing was.
"Very good, indeed. I met Mr.
Higgins and your postmaster, Mr.
Mallon, when I arrived. They had
good luck. Besides supplying tho
household with trout, they took home
a fine basket. The water of the Tend
d'Orellle is cold as spring water and
the speckled monsters, I might call
them, for they are generally over a
foot long and are of superior quality.
They catch char, or bull trout, that
weigh from four to ten pounds. They
are just as gooa eating as the regu
lars." "TTmv dofis the nollttcal situation
look to you?"
"Well, I am sorry to say, not
bright. I am a Republcan; I have
voted the ticket since 1858. Mr. Mc
Klnley's record Is all right. He voted
twice when in congres for free silver.
No later than September, 1894, at
Akron, Ohio, he declared 'I am for
the double standard.' Since his nom
ination, however, he has only talked
about 'tin' and kindred tariff subjects.
He appears not to bo aware of the
fnr.t, that the restoration of sliver to
its position prior to 1873 as standard
money is the issue before tue Ameri
can people. I hope he will come out
in a clear and unmistakable declara
tion that he is in favor of the doublo
or Joint standard. The money plank
In the St. Louis platform is all right;
it declares In clear language In favor
of bimetallism through an Interna
tional agreement."
"But is that possible, or even proba
ble?" ..t..i .,.!. ia. When the Brus-
gels conference met It could have been
accoplished. But England stood in
the way-four out of five delegates
Bertram, Curry, Rivers, Wilson,
Alfred de Rothschild and Freemantle
declared England would not agree to
restore sliver as standard money. But
...t.iu iwpri n nanlc. 'the
ItOWlSCUllu ! - --
like of which has never been seen,"
something was not done by this con
ference for silver,' and It came, sura
enough. So he offered a resolution
for European nation, to buy and coin
$25,000,000 of silver annually, provided
the Uelted States would continue to
purchase 54,000,000 ounces a year.
But this was not bimetallism, and our
delegates-five true blmetalllsts, sent
u.. -o,oaiHfint narrison-refused the
' ... tnnn la 1l(Torpnt
offer. England's puiu -
today Her parliament has sinco pas
sed two resolutions In favor of an in
ternational agreement to restore sil
ver." "When was that?'
.. one In December, iw, ana u
silver apostate, Carlisle. They stood
in the way. They are under the
thumb of the Wall street bankers
the Morgans and the HolmouK There
has been no time in the Inst six
months that bimetallism would not
have been secured If Cleveland had
recommended tho Brussels monetary
conference to rc-couvene. It did not
adjourn sine die. It can be called to
gether again by the United States,
the power that convened it In 1802."
"Why has It been there Is an impres
sion that the Republicans declared for
a gold standard at St. Louis?"
"Two reasons. Ono Is that people
have riot carefully read the money
plank. The other Is the delegates
from Oregon nnd Washington came
back and generally proclaimed that It
stood for gold. It doc not do any
thing of the kind. I admit Oretfon
and Washington were not fairly rc
presentated at St. Loin's. Why, the
representation of Washington In the
committee on platforndeclarcd In a
litilo. t,wn minutes' speech that he
seemed almost bursting to deliver,
We arc for a single gold standard.'
I am sure ho did not represent 5 per
cent of the Republicans of Washing
ton. The other delegates should have
called him down, but they did not.
Their silence gave consent. They have
put the good old Republican party
Into au ugly hole, the party which
from that gallant leader.Blalne, down
to Harrison and McKlnlcy, has never
believed or declared for any tiling but
silver as standard money. They did
not represent the owners of gold bonds.
They were tho true representatives of
the people the farmers and tho pro
ducers of commodities. If the Repub-
Republican Politicians Circulating a Petition
Asking Hon. H, L Barkley to Resign.
The People Regardless of Party Will Protest and Ask Him to
i '
Stand Firm.
Petitions are circulated at Salem by
Republican politicians asking Hon.
II. L. Barkley, of Woodburn. repre
sentative In tho house of tho next
legislature, to resign.
The petition, which Is being passed
around privately, sets forth that the
signers voted for Barkley as a Repub
lican, that as ho Is not supporting the
McKlnlcy and Hobart presidential
tirkpt. nnd us hohasalwaya advocated
tho referendum, therefore tho pcti-
.l.o cnt Trtrl It lift Rllflllir. rCMlLMl UIIU
go before tho people for election, not
as a Republican but as a Bryan free
coinage candidate.
Hon. II. L. Barkley Is not at homo
but Is on tho canvass and could not be
reached for an Interview.
In the convention that nomlnatod
Barkley at Salem he distinctly an
nounced In his speech accepting tho
nomination that If the Republican
national convention put up a gold
t.,Ar;'. nlnffntm lin Wfltllrt Mill StiltKl
upon It. His position is now that he
1ms not chanucd ills views but stands
for Free Coinage ns he always did and
as ho said he would stand.
rn..v. Tr.TTrwAT. lutltnvpa Mlf! nctltiOII
f Kniom nnlltlclnns should bo met
with counter petitions from tho peo
pio asking Hon. II.
L. Barklcv NOT
The nconlc rciiuid-
less of party lines should oppose
this scheme of. a faction of tine
party to dictate to a
man who has kept his pledge to tho
pcoplo and who has never violated his
oatli of otllco In any particular.
Counter petitions should be got up
In every precinct asking Mr. Barkley
Tho pcoplo will say NOI
The politicians ask the referendum.
Let the peoplo glvo them the refer
endum, without putting tho pcoplo to
the expense of an extra election.
it is a raci mail me iiciniuuuwis,
Salem, now asking Mr. Barkley to re
sign, did all in their power in tho
June campaign wuvuiu u wiuuiu nwi
In this state, on tho very question
nvnr ir1ilr.ll t.linv nmV lloUlMlxl tllH
resignation. If they will ask all tho
representatives to resign and order a.
new election, Hon. II, L. Bark
ley will be found among the tlvo
chosen by tho peoplo.
. v ,
Silver Forces Will' Present A United
DENNnn, Sept. 01. The Demo
cratic clectorlal ttdket has been en
dorsed by the Republican, Populist
and silver conventions, injuring n
solid front for Bryan and Sewall.
Indications are that a Jolut sta,to
ticket will be put up by tho Demo
crats. Pomilists ami SUvcritc and
Republicans will have an independent
tick'ctr The Republican convention
today nominated Judgo Brush, the
present lieutenant governor for gov
ernor by acclamation una bitnon
Guggenheim for lieutenant governor.
Don't Wart to Ds Restricted In His
Albany, N. Y. Sept. 10. Senator
Hill telegraphed us follows today to
Norton Chase, chairman Albany
county Democratic convention:
"I observe in tho morning papers
that 1 huvo been elected a delegate
from the Third Albany district to tho
stato convention, under Instructions
to vote for tho endorsement of tho
niilmnrri nliit.fiirni nnil. ciindidatGS.
Tills action is laiten in opposition iu
my wishes and Judgement, its ex
pressed to you ycsicroay nnu i uwuuu
to accept tho election upon tho condi
tions Imposed or upon any conditions
which would restrict my freedom at
Buffalo to act In such a manner as I
connldiT best for tho interest or my
llcans of Washington waut success, or
ven deserve success, they must at the
We wm go u "",d coinage In India.
We will reopen. a j AlDer.
sllv?r & is a grwt7eservolr.a maw
,ca- I?J Silver There are 300,000,
to consume sliver, xuu.
similar resolutions.
::Mv,ttfClevefand,and that
EasterVoyhWra'at Doty's.
Ellensburg convention make that sort
of men take back seats away back In
the rear.
The farmers in the Palouso and tho
BleBend, and the laborers, of Seattle
andTacoraa and Spokane are earnest
for bimetallism. They don't want
any talk of 'honest dollars' tho gold
dollars that now buy twice as much
wheat as they did prior to 1873. They
cannot be hoodwinked. So-called
'honest money' Is all right for Wall
street, but death to tho Palouso
wheat grower.
Just as he was stepping on tho cars
the renorter asked, "What do you
think of Tom Reed's speech at Port
land, Me., delivered on Thursday
"If the telegraphic report of Mr.
Reed'E speech Is accurate, he has re
lapsed into a gold monometallism He
is a goldite, and no mistake This is
the more remarkablo because In the
summer of 1894 he submitted to an
interview with Morton Frewen, ono
of tho strongest Englishmen for re-
mnnPtlzlne silver in which he made a
covert threat against England and
other single gold standard nations,
Hmt. if thev did not Join the United
States in restoring silver as standard
money, we might enact a new tariff
discriminating against such nations.
Hfi said: 'The tariff and silver must
be considered together,' und further,
that we would gladly Join in an inter
national conference.' Now ho says
he don't believe the demonetization
f ciivPr has reduced tho price of
commodities or increased the pur--i....
nnr of cold. He doubts
lylJUOII'b V"
the propriety of having tue silver
lake Joined with the gold lake; It was
not likely to good. He has also Bald,
X"th? boneirSoney league: It is a
?ra? ifSSStt l ,, then
Bravery Rewarded.
San Francisco, Sept. 10. Engineer
E. F. Ingles; the hero of Webster, who
saved his passengers from being
robbed by killing Bandit Morgan on
Sept. 5, was called before J. A. Fll
more and A. D. Wilder nnd other
otllcors of tho Southern Pacific yester
day and given a testimonial for
Vin vnrv
Tim nnrnmnnv was slmnlc. Mr. Fil- I
more handed tho -bravo engineer tho !
company's check for $250 together
with a beautiful watch and chain.
On tho watch was tho following ln-
crinMnn! "Tn Edwnrd-JE. Ingles
from tho Southern Pacific Railroad
Company, in recognition of ills heroic
conduct in saving ills train from rob
bers, September 5, 1890.
Will Go to Buffalo.
Ai.hany. N. Y.. Sent. 10. Tho
Democratic primary In tho third
assembly district selected Senator
Hill as ono of tho delegates to tho
state convention. A sllvor resolution
was adopted, nnd tho delegates were
Instructed to vote for tho indorsement
of tho Chicago platform and ticket.
Of tho 12 delegates elected In tho
county, seven, Including Sonator Hill,
aro considered ns gold men, but tho
entire delegations aro Instructed to
support Bryun and Sewall.
Stabbs the Betrayer.
Richmond, Vn., Sept. 10.-A torrl
blo tragedy was enacted on Broad
street. James E. Wlmmer, aged 40, a
blacksmith working at tho Richmond
locomotive works, stabbed and killed
S. G. Thathclmcr.son of a well-known
llntinr merchant.
Tin. nmiKft nf tho liouilcldo was tho
nUptrp.il lietraval of Wlinmer's partially
paralyzed daughter by young That
hclmer. Wlmmer, who was hunting
fnr im vntit.li. eamo un with him
on the street, caught hold of him and
stabbed him In three places. Tliat
heimer walked half a block and fell
dead. Wlmmer surrendered himself.
T.nnr. Cal.. Sent. 10. While a
number of boys were swimming In the
M.Voiiimnn river near town, Bert
Cornwall, 15 years old, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas Cornwall, of this place,
was drowned. Ho attempted too long
a dlstunce, and weakened, when a
companion went to tho rescue and
was nearly drowned himself In his
brave endeavor to save tho struggling
boy. The case is a peculiarly sad ono,
he being tho oldest child, Tho river
Is being dragged for tho bouy.
Postoffices and Pensions.
Washington, Sept. 10. Star mall
service In Oregon has been dlscon
tlnued from Matoles to Sisters, be
ginning September 15.
A pension has been grantcu 10
Gabrllla Pernlng, a widow of Dayton,
Or., and Alice Harrison, of Qlympla,
A Determined Suicide,
Ran Francisco. Sept. 1.0. Hamona
Wells, a young woman, aged about 25,
died at tho receiving hospital. Sho
Jumped into tho bay from Powell
street wharf this morning, ano w.nen
rescued and an her way to tno receiv
ing iiosnltal hastily ato poisoned
chocolates, determined to commit
suicide. Sho declined to talk of her
self other than to state that her rela
tives wcro In tho north.
pos tion, a posinu" ---..-- -Mr
Ends of years prior U to , 1873. .Mr.
- . - t..- t ii'nn'i, uti iiii liiu
west for Ohio. Indiana, Illinois, Call
Sla Oregon and Washington. If
he wes out west making that speech
ft will M Ju'Timw
McKlnley oeit-aicu .
r mglg'i Philosophy."
i sv MM'OIiXA.
Pnirchlld a New Yorker.
New York, Sept. 10. Charles Ring
Fairchlld.reportcd as haying been pro
bably murdered, in a dispatch from
Butte,Mont.,i8 a son of Leroy W.Falr
chlld, the gold pe manufacturer, of
this city, but at present out of the
city. A brother of the missing mun
said lie has not hearu irom nun iw
r.ii Mir. He scouted the Idea that
his brother was dementcd.and expres
sed the belief that he was dead, x ue
missing manlsmarrlcd.
Heavy Storm In New England.
imu Knr,. 10. The northeast
storm which swept the New England
coast last night, has not entirely
passed, although tho force has ome
.i.. iiiminished. Many cellars are
nnmied. Whurvos and low-lylng
streets are swamped. Reports from
the New England coast cities Indicate
considerable damage to snipping.
From Inland points conic reports of
much damage to crops and fruit tree.
Torpedo-Boat Launched.
Tl...0, n i Kflnt. 10.- Tho tor-
pedo boat, No. 0, was launched today,
The work of putting in nor iuavnui
. win tv nrvimnlished as soon as
raiaihi.. It is honed she wM
I ready for trial
Raising Bank Rate.
T.nNnoN. Sent. 10. Tho Evening
Standard eaya tho unexpected raising
of tho bank rate from 2 to 21 per cent,
change since Fobruary 'i, loiw, rore-
shadows further gold withdrawals ano
has created surprise on the stock ox-
change. Markets in consequence aro
very Hat.
Bandit in Limbo,
Visalia. Cal., Sept. 10,-Frank
Davenport was arrested at a cabin
near Sequoia mills, "e is now in jh
here charged with being an accom
plice in tho attempt maue oy wan
McCall to rob tho Southern Pacific
train near Tague's' on the 18th of last
Bryans Coming Trip.
Lincoln, Sept.-10. Tho following
Is the Itinerary of the Southern and
Eastern trip of w. .1. Bryan, given
out by hi in
Ho will leave Lincoln Friday, Sep
tember 11 at :15 p. in., airlvlr.g lu
Kansas City at 0 In tho morning of
tho 12th. Ho will not spcaK nt tills
place, but will take a train forbt.
Louis, passing through Mexico und
Moberly, Mo , at which places ho will
mako short speeches, and win get mio
StLouls ato o'clock. That evening, ho
wtllnddrcss audiences at tho Audi
torium, Music hall andiUhrlg's cavo.
Sunday ho will go to his old-homo in Sa
lem, 111., and spend tho day with rel
atives. Ho will return to St. Louis,
Monday morning, tho 14th. and Im
mediately go to Louisville over tue
Louisville & Nashville, where ho wlll
niiriniumfRtlni!B that evening. The
next day he goes to Lcxington,passinK
through Versailles aud Frankfort
and will speak in tho afternoon at
Loxlngton. Tho same afternoon, he
will go to Muysvlllo and that night
return to Lexington, whoro ho will
start for Ashovlllo, N. C, passing
through Harrlman, and Knoxvllle,
Tent!., being in the latter city the
next morning, and arrlvo at Aslioville
In tho afternoon. After speaking
there, Bryan will spend two days
campaigning In North Carolina, but
tho places whero ho will speak, he
could not .tell.r Richmond, Va.f wm
hear him on tho 18th, and the ronow
ing duy.ln tho afternoon, ho speaks at
Washington; in tho evening at Baltl
.nnro. Ho could not tell about tho
next ten days, furthor than that they
will bo Bpont In New England, going
as far as Maine, and addressing Bos
ton uudlonccs and devoting part of
the tlmo to New Jersey and Delaware.
Now York City will hear him on tue
28th, but 'further ho could not give
his movements.
The Unholy Fusion.
Cyclono France.
Paris, Sept. 10. A violent cyclono
swept over portions of this city this
of ternoon, omnibuses, cabs and stalls
In tno streets ovuriunnsu h "
.!..... .,t,.r,. wirwinwa hrnlrnn. carriaaei
..i, n t.im rivor Kulna and the lire-
men had to bo called. Many persons
were Injured.
Bank Suspended,
New Orleans, Sept. 10. The
Mutual National hank has suspended.
Shoal water bay oysters at Doty's. markt.
fnim WmiTir. Texas. Sent. 10.-
Ropubllcan stute convention recon
vened tills morning, with a full rep-
'."....i.... fPl.n orAtlnnr.lillR COH1-
initteo reported forty contests, a 1 of
which were udjusted amicably, , The
committee on resolutions recom
mended the appointment of a com
mittee of three with pcnUiry power
to confer with a similar committee of
gold standard Democrats and l'opu-
r, ... i i.i.. ... ! nmlenhln fllvlalon
of WeBsman. ThePopullBtsareen-
tnuaiasuc over Hiowanwi. """"
Is already practically arranged. Indi
cations aro that E.H. R.Oreen will
bo chobcn unanimously for governor.
Earthquake Shock.
St. Louis, Sept. lO.-SpccIal to tho
Po3t Dlspateli from Grand Tower,
Ills., says: At 0:20 this morning an
earthquake shock of about thirty sec
onds Juration was felt. It came from
a northwesterly direction.
Pennsylvania Fusion.
Hariubbuuq, Sept. W.-8llvermen
wore In full control of tho Demo
cratic state convention which con
vened today. A plan to timMx
the Populists, giving them four out
of thirty electors agreed upon.
Nice razor clams, cheap at Stelnor's
dm wllli be
In about two 'weeks
1. 1
Highest of all in Leavening Powers-Latest U.S. Gov't Report.
m. m w lu&e&n
- Jr ta- ..-,. -

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