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frailf Capita
Journal. ,-J
IV H l
fill K1.Y. SKF'T
Js W ' '
Altona and Kamona
? 1,-Fortiinl. 6:45 a m
J . Sil m 7 at m except Sunday.
Quick llinr, regular service ami cheap
....rates ...
Atent, Salem.
,0 . . w '' ' " ' Jr1'
A Few Prices !
A full line of GO-lnch all wool sack
ing 50c. a yard.
30-inch all wool Series In a large
line of shades 25c. a yard
Ilopplckere Gloves, irood quality
buck 50c. per pair.
Best quality Outing Flannel.
Heavy nap 10c. a yard.
Indigo Blue prints 5c. a yard.
See the men's suits, our special
value at 85 a suit.
Ladies Capes, beaded and braided.
Stylish cut strap In front $3 each.
Fcder's new brush skirt binding
Try it JOc. a yard.
J, J, Dalrymple Go,
Luke Lynn was a Chemawa visitor
this afternoon.
Mrs, S. A. Sanford spent Wednes
day in Portland.
T. T. Gcercamo up from the lower
valley this morning.
ZIna J.Zinn and wife arc home from
two months at seaside.
Miss Lila Swafford returned tills
afternoon from Waterloo.
W. It. Anderson was among the Sa
lcmltlcs visiting Portland today.
Adjutant General li. B. Tut'tle
came up from Portland this morning.
District Attorney B.L.IIayden went
to Gervais this morning on business.
Secretary of State II. It. Klncaid re
turned tills morning from Portland.
Attorney It. J. Fleming was in
Gervais and Woodburn today on busi
ness. Banker A. Bush was among the
Salemltes who had business In Port
land today.
Mrs. G. C. Litchfield and Mr. and
Mrs. Shirley came up from Portland
this morning.
Miss Florence Moshicr went to Port
land tills morning, on business and
pleasure bent.
F. E. Blllington, of La Fayettc.was
the guest of A. F. McAtee and.
family yesterday.
Mr. Mrs. L. It. Stlnson went to
Portland this morning expecting to
return this evening.
Supt. D, A. Palno of the insane
asylum, was a Portland visitor today,
going via the Salem local.
Mrs. L. A. Savago and daughter,
Miss Grace, went to Gervais tills after
noon on u visit to relatives.
Sonator-clcct. I. D. Driver from
Lano county, was a Portland passenger
via Salem Local this morning.
Stato Prlntor W. II. Leeds was u
Portland passenger this morning ex
pecting to return this evening.
S. Vcatcli lias been transferred to
position of conductor on the Salem
local, after a week's run on the Cali
fornia overland.
Lieut, and Mrs. E. A. Brooks,assist
ant keeper at Capo Mears lighthouse,
Tlllamook.county, are visiting his re
latives In this city.
New Hosiery,
For men, women and children. The
'Albert" ftwt black, unsurpassed for
pure dyes aud good wearing qualities.
Prices from 10c. up.
New Prints.
Reds, blues, blacks, grays, browns,
etc., 5o. a yard and up. Fine line
twilled calicoes and printed black
a tines.
New Clothingi
One hundred new suits for men,
boys and children will arrlvo in a few
days. Walt for the new arrivals and
get tho best values.
New Hats,'
New Fedoras, still hats, crushers.
straight rims, planters etc
New Shoes,
Men's all solid, stylish and service
able Bhoes 91.50 a pair and up. Better
ones2 to 8i. Big values in ladles
and children's shoes.
Our new capes uml Jackets please
the ladles, T
WMM aeos. L Co,
1 .1 ' Court and. Liberty,
The CasliSiDrHOoodsClotlilnraud
sijoo'Hoser'1 BWW
TH'Z?" li'i' ' "" 1 iiiiinim-T"'" ' i'ii
i teres. omRBMr
Really Fast Black
That's what sonic hose are not.
Theze arc
They're the best wearing nose yet
produced, the boys' have double knee
ami spliced heel.
No. lOforplrls.
No. 15 for boys.
No. 10 Jor ladles.
All 25 Cents,
Ask to see them.
T. flolversoD.
Geo. D. Goodhue has returned from
a trip down the valley and on the
West side In the interest of the poul
try exhibit for the coming state fair.
Miss Mary E. Reynolds went to
Portland this morning for a visit of a
few days with relatives. Miss Rey
nolds Is a member of the Willamette
University faculty.
Mrs. Jane Richards who has been
visiting her brother, Hon. Jno. Minto,
and other relatives, for several months,
left'this morning for her home at Tip
ton, la. Site was accompanied to
Portland by A. T. Wain.
Mr. and Mrs. Werner Breyman . re
turned last evening from a five
months' sojourn in Europe. JAn infor
mal reception was last evening tend
ered Mr. and Mrs. Breyman by rela
tives and intimate friends.
Geo. W. Davis and family returned
this afternoon from the Pioneer stone
quarries where they have spent the
summer. Walter brings home a bear's
skin as a trophy of his summer's out
ing. Of course Walter killed Itl
Alexander J. MclvorTyndall, hypno
tist and mind reader of national fame
whoso performances in Salem a few
short months ago will be remembered,
was married to Miss Margaret Logan,
of Los Angeles on Sept. 3. Mies Logan
is a niece of Gen. Logan. They are
on their way cast by way of Victoria,
B. C. The bride has our sympathy.
Discharged. The electric car mo
torman, who insulted Rev. II.L.Bark
ley In front of Hotel Willamette last
Saturday has not fared well, ne had
an altercation the same day in a Sa
lem saloon with a sliver man who slap
ped his face and pulled Ills nose, but
has also been discharged by the com
pany. It pays to be polite oven to a
man who Is always as polite as Elder
At Rickey.
Councilman W. T. Rigdon will de
liver an address at the Rickey school
house tonight. Mr. Rigdon is an in
teresting speaker and presents unde
niable facts concerning the wliito
metal, ne will also address the citi
zens of Sllvcrton Saturday night.
Bread for Hoppers. The bakery
at Strong's restaurant is sending out
four wagonB with bread baked fresli
every morning 2,000 loaves a day now
for the hop fields. About 1,000 loaves a
day aro baked for tho regular city
and country trado, Hop picking Is
now In full blast and the appetites aro
good if tho prices of hops are not.
Electors. W. D. Hare, of Hills
boro, filed his certificate a3 presi
dential elector of the People's party.
ne will ulso tile a resignation to com
ply with the exact forms of tho law.
Dr. W. W. Oglesly.of Junction, Demo
cratic elector will do the sumo.
Statu Sewer. Tho brickwork on
tho stato sowor is all completed ex
cept two manholes. Tho earthwork
is being completed and Superinten
dent Barr is closing up tho work as
fast as lie can.
Uucklon a Arnica Salvo
The best Salve in the world for Cuts,
Sores, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Kheum, Fever
and all Tetter. Chapped hands, Chilblains,
bruises, Skin Eruptions, and positively cures
Piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to
Live er fee satisfaction or money refunded.
Price ae. cents a box For sale bv Fred A
Call for Warrants.
Notice Is hereby given that I have
funds on hand to nay all warrants
presented prior to April 4, 1605, and
interest will cease on tho same from
date of this notice.
G. L. Brown.
County Treasuror.
Dated Sopt., 10, 1800. D-lO-Gtd
A Requisition
Was issued today by Governor Lord
on the governor of California, for R.
I). Banks, who is charged with steal
ing a bicycle, and Is in jail ut San
The Journal silver supplements
at 91 a hundred are going otf rapidly,
ltulso a little fund of dimes and quar
tern and supply all your neighbors
with campaign literature up to date.
Soap Foam Wasliing Powder
will not make the clothi wi
wi noi maxe me ciouies yei-
low, nor burnjthe 'hands,
Up tho Valley.
Geo. IX Goodhue Is working up con-
jlderable Interest among the poultry
raisers of the state with regard to
making an exhibit of fowls at the
state fair next month. He received
great encouragement from the lower
valley points and also on the West
Side, several finu exhibits being as
sured. Today Mr. Goodhue left for
points up the valley. The distance
to be covered south of here, will de
pend upon with what success Mr.
Goodhue meets between Salem and
Eugene. If a number of cxhblts are
forthcoming, this side of Eugene, Mr.
Goodhue will probably go on to Rose
burg, otherwise lie will return to
Salem, since the express from points
above is quite expensive, and poultry
raisers above that point, would not
feel financially able to make the ex
hibit. Mr. Goodhue is well pleased
with his .canvass thus far, and feels
confident that, with pleasant weather
until fair time, this specialty of the
state fair, will prove a grand success.
m i
A Queer Acting Celestial.
Tills morning about 4:30 o'clock the
attention of Ofllcer O. D. Hutton was
called to what appeared to be a
threatening tire at the rear of Dr.
Kum's residence in Chinatown, being
located on Liberty street, between
Court and State streets. Arriving
tiiere Odlcer Hutton found a Celestial
seated by the side of a huge bonfire
that had been built to the rear
of Dr. Kum's residence in close
proximity thereto. His mind
was apparently deranged and he
presented! a pitiful sight as he
was seated on tiie ground pulling a
poisonous cigatettc. He was taken to
the city jail, and at 11 o'clock this
morning he was taken before County
Judge Terrell and examined as to his
sanity. As a result of the examina
tion, he was released. When arrested
he refused to talk, but when brought
before Judge Terrel, he conversed
rapidly. His name is Sin, one of tho
residents of Chinatown, and his
actions are strange at best.
Simply Filthy.
Of all tho filthy people now living
Conductor S. Veatcli, of the Salem
local, till nks he has detected one In
the person of a Salem woman. Last
evening on leaving the passenger
coach, this woman left laying on the
seat wrapped in a newspaper, some of
her baby's soiled garments, the
stench arising therefrom being any
thing but pleasant and agreeable to
any one who was obliged to remove
them from the car. Only a few weeks
since a woman residing at Woodburn
practiced the same filthy habit. The
general appearance and comfort of the
coaches would be greatly improved if
the occupants would entertain and
carry out somo idea of decency.
Conductor Veatch justly feels indig
nant at such treatment from passeng
ers. Work of Burglars.
Yesterday Paul Sroat discovered
that two of tho bicycles ho had on
display In the Commercial street
Bowling Alley, had been stolen. The
wheels were missed Tuesday, by Mr.
Sroat, but he thought his partner, O.
J. Wilson, had disposed of them, but
upon (that gentleman's return to tho
city yesterday, it was decided tho
wheels were stolen. One was -a '05
Victor, belonging to E C. Glltner,
and the other was a Crown, model '00,
the property of Sroat & Wilson. En
trance was effected through the back
door. On the same night a 38-callbre
double action revolver was stolen from
J. J. Maurer's show window.
Probate Court.
In the matter of tho estate of Mary
Ann Avert, deceased, the depositions
of Josephine Sullivan, a resident of
New Orleans, and Vincent Avert,
Eliza A. Gill, Elizabeth B. Roth, E.
N. Sherburno and Oliver Marlonneaux
have been received by the probate
court. These were taken before
Edgar Grlum, a notary publlo at New
Orleans. Frederick Neckerman, of
Salem, is tho administrator of tho
Needs Kelp.
Trof. Carl Behrens, who came to
this country from Germany nearly
two years ago, is an educated German
gentleman who is much in need of
assistance. Ho is an excellent teacher
of German, French, Spanish and
music, and the German people who
read this paper, are urged to tako a
friendly Interest in him. Ho is at
No. 18 Center street. Rev. Muell-
haupt vouches -for his character as a
Weather Forecast. Thursday
night and Friday fair. Weather con
ditions generally aro very favorable to
securing the hop and grain crop.
i IM i
i Take No Substitute
Gall Borden
Eagle Brand
.,lUJlWtt0?d rniST to tht wtlnu.
luq oc in Anurkin IVopI. Ko other is
v i aw( uiui ZMi,
Hon. J. B. Mntitgonifry, a Portland
capitalist, and old time Republican,
who has always been a strong advocate
of international bimetallism, was
Mtit a copy of The Journal the
other day. and writes us as follows:
"lainjiot against McKlnioyJ only
against the Republican speakers who
are talking as If the gold standard Is
desirable. I have, as you know,
always been an International bimctal
llst, and a believer that the de
monetization of silver has caused the
fall in prices or commodities, and
brought disaster -upon the country,
and especially upon the farming
classes. If the fanning classes are
badly off, so also must be the laboring
class. I have always doubted the
propriety of our country attempting
toremonetlze silver without the aid
of foreign nations. But lately
exhibited by enoland and their
promise that they would open the
Indian mints, If other countries
would do so. I believe that France
would be ready at a moment's notice
to open her mints also if the United
States and Indian mints were opened.
"I read your paper with a great
deal of interest. I have no fear
County Commissioners in Session.
Other News.
At the session of the county court,
this morning, the reglar monthly bills
were audited and other business was
In matter of tho petition of E. G.
Haseeltlne and others for a county
road In the vicinity of Mill City, J.
M, Eskew, F. N. Taylor and Jas. Cox
were appointed as viewers with
County Surveyor B. B. Herrick to
view the road. They will meet Sep
tember 22.
A contract for putting in a bent in
tho Thompson bridge, near Wood
burn, was let to B. N. Dimick for $30.
contract awarded to P. Cartwrlght to
build a bridge on Salem-Silverton road
for 95 cents per foot J. M.Eskew was
appointed to receive bids at Mehama
for polling hill known as the Marlon
Taylor hill.
At next term of court bids will be
received from tho gas and electric
light companies respectively for fur
nishing the court house with lighting.
For the past several years the court
house has been lighted by electricity,
the contract for which expired last
January and has not since
been renewed. The two light com
panies will now have an equal chance
at securing the Job.
Mrs. M. Schafer, of Mount Angel,
was allowed $2.50 per month.
The court has audited all bills and
disposed of all business that came be
fore it and win. spend tomorrow in
viewing the county's bridges.
Chas. Schmitt and Anna E. Schnei
der was the happy couple to whom
County Clerk Ehlen today issued a
marriage license.
R. H. Leabo for Faber & Neis today
filed hop contracts with County Clerk
L. V. Ehlen, as follows: P. P. and
Homer Gouley, of Brooks, 20,000
pounds at 5 cents, 31 picking money;
0. It. Hougham, of Mt. Angel, 14,000
pounds at 5 cents, 3 per pound pick
ing money; P. It. Johnson, of Mt.
Angel, 0,000 pounds at 5 cents, 3 to
be advanced as picking money.
Gun Boats Planned.
If Japan carries out tho plans sh e
has made, she will have a flotilla of
gunboats that can steam 40 knots an
hour. The vessels are to be driven
and lighted by electricity, and the
twin screw propellers placed a little
above amidships. The boats are to be
wholly or partly submergeable, and to
mako this process easy they will be
little more than mere hulls, devoid of
outworks of any kind. It Is believed
the new class of war vessels will be de
signed entirely as an attempt to em
body the principles which have been
advocated by so many naval experts
of putting into a small compass with
extraordinary speed fighting power
which may cope with realy big war-
State of Ohio, Citv or Toledo, J
Lucas County, j m
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is
the senior partner of the firm of F. J. Cheney
& Co., doing business in the city of Toledo,
county and state aforesaid, and that said firm
will pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOL.
LARS lor each and every case of Catarrh
that cannet be cured by the use of Hall's
Catarrh Curk.
Sworn to before me and subscribed in my
presence, this 6th day of December, A. D.
I . A . W. Gleason,
1 Se1'-1 Notary Public
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally
and acts directly on the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system. Send for testimnnials
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
CPSold by Druggists, 75c
Private School.
Tho first term will open September
21. Punlls received from nrlmarv to
high school grades. Classes small,
and best personal work given to each
pupil. Vocal inuslo oue hour each
week by Prof. R. A. Heritage. Draw
ing, and plain and artistic needlework
each week- bv finenlnlists. Tuition
low. Patronage cordially solicited.
Mrs. J. E. Watson.
9 9 lw d j
A Correspondent Tell Hovir Two Men
Lost Their Lives
Woods, Sept., 6. 1890.
A party of five fisherman in two
boats left here Saturday morning for
Sllctz river for the purpose or fishing
for the cannery, uort when they
reached-Xcslut'cu bar they were
driven back, the btr bolngso rongh,
but the second nttumpt was success
ful, after an hour's lulrd pulling
against the tide, but when they
reached Salmon river tho fog was so
dense they thought best to land there
but in attempting to cross the bar It
was 80-rougli tiiattlie small boat with
two men was- upset and the two men
were drowned, one being Marlon
Painter, formerly of Salem and Rufus
Whiteman of this place, at last re
ports the bodies had not been recov
ered but as the tide was coming in
and some of their baggage had
washed ashore, there is hopes that the
bodies may yet be found. The larger
boat was near at hand but the water
was rough they could render them no
assistance. The unfortunate boys
were in a small skiff. X
Three pounds Salmon for 25c.
Do you like Develed Ham ? If so'try our 5cent
article it's all right, "We have some very Jgood
canned Apricots that we are closing out at 10c,
Washing ammonia, full quarts, 15c per bottle.
P, O, Grocery,
Agents for WorldBeater So'ap, ,
CRUISE At 2:45 p. m., Wednesday,
Sept.9.1890,at the residence in North
Salem,of cancer trouble, Mrs. Agnes
Cruise, aged 48 years.
SHIRLEY At their home in Port
land, at 3 p. m., Tuesday, Sept. 8,
1890, Paul Litchfield.son of Mr. and
Mrs. George Shirley.aged 2 years and
28 days.
Remains arrived in Salem on the
Roseburg mail train this morning and
funeral services were conducted from
the residence of Mrs. James Shlrlev.
corner Capital and Center streets at
2 o'clock this afternoon.
Disastrous Runaway. The team
belonging to Chris. Peterson, who re
sides south of town, attached to a
wood wagon, enjoyed a short runa
way last evening that proved rater dis
astrous to the wagon, but fortunately
not serious to its occupant. The team
started from near the postolllce and
were caught on Front street, near
Center. In the course of the runa
way the wagon was badly demolished,
being scatted along the street. Mr.
Peterson was thrown from the wagon
soon after tho team started, but
sustained no serious injury.
Some people suffer with a constant
headache that comes from eyestrain,
and the proper remedy is a proper pair
of good glasses properly fitted by
Charles II. Hinges.
235 Commercial St. tf
Chickens at Doty's.
Will Not PerformMiracles
But It Will Cure.
cures nervous prostration. Not mi
raculously, lmt scientifically, by first
removing the cerms of disease, and then
upp)7lng healthy nervo food, Increasing
tho appetite, helping digestion and strength
ening tho entire system. Desperato cases
require prolonged treatment as shown by
that of Mrs. M. B. Rood, of Delta, Iowa, who
wrues: -as tne resuitof aJIgbtnlngtroke,
the physicians said I had a light stroke of
para'-sls, my limbs would all draw up. I
Dr. Miles' 'would bavo throbblngs
-. in my chest that soemed
IlCTYlIlS unendurable. For three
DuctnfflP months I could not sleep
itCMUiCS and for three weeua riiri
Wpiith not clos8 tty eres- 1
Uk,dUU.,.. prayed for sleep, and
felt that If relief did not come I would be
dead or insane. I toos Dr. Jtiles1 Restora
tive Nervine and the second night slept two
hours and from that time on my health Im
proved! slowly at first, but steadily and
surely. I took in all -M bottles, and I cannot
express how jrauful I am. for I am now
perfectly well, an J have tuken no medicine
for over four months." Dr. Miles' Nervine
is told by druggists ca guarantee that first
bottle benefits or moaty refunded.
For Two DaysACFfMay and
pecial Glove Sam
Dresden 5 hook glove, Fosters
Eduardo 8 button Mosquetaine.
Eskay, to close,
Lyons, best Foster
Rrfra va1irl U UUJ
Extra valued the cethrafrA
pair guaranteed, $1.30.
257 Commercial st.
The dealer who says, "1 have no
Hoe Cul.e soap," practically admit
that lie does not sell first quality
gcod It he says he has something
".fust is oon" you will know at once
that ho is tryllig to sell yQU an in
ferior article. There is more cloathlng
destroyed by poor soap than by actual
wear, as the free alkali rots the cloth.
Hon Cake contains neither free alkali
nor worthless filling.
For Infants and Children.
Tl9 tit-
18 M
To the Taxpayers of Marion County.
The county board of equalization
will convene at 9 o'clock a. m., Aug
ust 31, 1890, and will be in session six
consecutive days. D. D. Coffey,
county assessor. d&w
Dealer in groceries, paints, oils,
window glass, varnishes, and
the most complete stock of
brushes of all kinds in the
state, Artists' materials, lime,
hair, cement and shingles, and
finest quality of p;rass seeds.
GERMAN TEACHER.-Prof. Carl Behrens,
No. 18 Center street, instructor in modern
languages and music pianos and organs
tuned. g io td
FOR SALE OR TRADE Two improved
lots, ill Icintls nf frllif nn crt ..nv tin m
big bargain for cash; addres tf. this office,
WINTER PASTUREFor good winter pas
lure for horses inquire one block west b! the
North Salem school. Robert Crayton. g 9 in
FOUND.r-Medicine case,
same by proving property
this card.
Owner can have
and paying for
9 9 3t
lot of pickles for sale at my place near the
penitentiary. Five cents per gallon.
9 ' im A. N. BANTA.
TAKEN UP.. TWO hrtrw- rtn krrhvjit wltU
wiiuc spoi in lornead, left bind foot white.
One bav. both hind li-l tuliit imJ I,.l.,l
........ w..w .J.U.... ..,
On left shoulder. Tfnrci-c it. nWuii . ..,..
old and weigh about .1,500 and 1,300 pounds.
The above stock . was taken' up at'Lafe
lownsend's farm. 10 miles north of Jjalem.i toy
proving property and paying- damages and
expenses owner can have same.
8 29 im J. W. TOWNSEND.
FqR SALE-Driving mare for sale at a bar-
gain; weight about 1160; good traveler. In-
er, I
30 tf
nunc ui tim, urown a. lo
CARPET PAPKR!a W i- ....-
brow'l. wrapping paper for sale cheap. Jus
V- '""'B y i1"""1!! unacr carpers, t-all a
Journal office.
PLOW FOR SAI Pl ,!,!.!.. ... rl
,!. -..- T . " V A iir'"Jy r'u ""
... w.ajj. inquire 01 u, c. j'ayne, one
.. . uuimiai;, UlWir
WANTLrJ, Solicitors for campaign book
"Bryan, Sewall and Free Silver, authorized
by Bryan, written by R. L. Metcalf, Editor
Omaha World-Herald, appointed author by
..i.ii, vjoniains spcecnes aiul platlorm. A
bonanza for agents, a free silver mine for
workers. Only J t 50. The only autnorized
book. So per cent. Credit given. Fcight
Paid Outfit free. TVmn nnu, utl. M.3.
p( territory. Permanent, profitable woikifor
.96. Address The NationaUBcok Concein:
,' S 98
1 15
j 25
M?nn! . i4 ' ' '
"' rranccsco'
New Yock.tSept. 10 Silver, (gy-.i.
Chicago, Sept. 10. Hop-.iM. ,, ...
3.30; heavy 2.203 25. K 8 l "3 '('
Cattle, Beeves $3.io(3c ,e. rmw
heifers Jt.2S3.2S. 5 5" C0M
Kheep-farket dull; lower
oS!,l5c6!i0c.i,Sep, ,o-Wh'.-571(c
Portland, Sept. 10. Wheat wile. .
52; Walla Walla, 4849. ;' 5"
Flour Portland. 2.75; Benton 0m,
2.75; graham, 2.30; superfine. $2.15 Wr km
Oats-White, 3o3ic; grey, 2SiVirolW
in bags, $4.255.25, barrels IE
cases, 3.75. 15W.,
Potatoes.. Oregon, 85c per cwt
Hay. .Good, iolo.50 per ton.
Wool.. Valley, 89c; Eastern Orte.
Millstufis. .Bran,$l2.5oai4.5onorti,in ra
Poultry- Chickens, mixed,23.oo broil.
ers, $I.252.25; ducks, $2a3; geese, J36:
turkevs, live, 10. "" '
Hides.. green, sailed 60 lis 3c; trader
60 lbs 44c; sheep pelts, lo7oc '
Hops Contracts for new crop are beia'
made at 6a6c.
Butter.. Oregon fancy creamery, 25035;
fancy dairy, 202S; fair to Rood, 1720;
Cheese .Oregon full cream, 9,
Eggs.. Oregon, I2jcperdoz.
Beef. .Topsteers, 2.2502.40 per lb; ha
to good steers, 22 3-3; cows, i2c
dressed beef, 34c.
an rrancisco, nept. 9 --Wheat, 96a;
Wool.. Oregon choice, lonc; inferior
c, valley, ecjoc.
Jons Onotahle at 2f3uc.
Potatoes 6o9ocper sack.
Uats Milling, 85CCJJ90.
Wheat. .41c per Du., market firm.
Oats .232Sc
Hay .Baled, cheat, 7.oo7.2S; timoih,
I ITlm.v Tn wir1calf Intc 4 fin rr.!t
j.oo; bran, bulk 1 1.5012.50; sacked, 12.00;
M1UIIB, lA.jmjtflJ.JV, tlU .ecu, 11.14,9
Poultry. .Hens 3c; Spring chickens, 5c lb.
Veal.-Diessed, 3 j.
Hogs.. Dressed, 23K-
Live Cattle.. 1 J(a.,
Sheep.. Live, 1.23.3
Wool., Best, 12VJC.
Hop1!.. Best, 4So-
Eggs.. Cash. loc.
Butter.. Best dairy, I2c; fancy creiBti;
Cheese .i2Vc.
Farm Smoked Meats liaci, 6c; hmi
90; shoulders, 5c.
Potatoes. ,7oc per bu
A Milion Gold Dollars
Would not bring happiness to the person
suffering with dyspepsia, but Hood's Sir
saprilla has enred many thousands of cses of
this disease. It tones the stomach, rtjuhiei
the bowels and puts ail the machinery of As
system in good working order. It creates a
good appetite and gives health, strength um
Hood's Pills act harmoniouly with Hood's
Sarsaparilla. Cure all liver ills. 25 cents.
Wanted Alliiirls toknowttiat"Hoe
Pni will nnt, innko their hands red
like common soap. Save the wrappers..
They are worth a cent apiece. J
Best in the World!
TV.r.C.riM.h' WK5B T,il
mm jf
' Aif --
, Branson & Co .
Sok Agents, Saksu
Jtar Building, Chicago. 8i(3otij

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