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..nntlnue to Increase? Compare our prices and goods with
i nsc olTered by other merchants, and you have the answer,
n'p ire doing an absolutely cufIi business. We buy and sell
fnpp'-mh only. In every transaction there is a good per cent-
" t i nlttn ftin nuurninnf rnn hnnnHK rf ill
III1II MB UtC WI1V vi -i ww will mii UU VJl il II
Reliable goods and lowest prices is the reason
The Monster Gold Spider's
Fine Web.
sides of the great (hiesttyn pending
NIO. J&4
before the American people during
Luis jjiesiuuiiiiiu caiupaig
a!?e savcq
Argument Advance'd by
Von Kardoff.
Otirstock of shoes is complete. The
winch we carry are the standard of good quality. Clothing in
jfreat variety at bed-rock, hard times prices. Bring your cash
and receive full value.
m ,"rtlD', f"MVT V y" ' "
Dddsfpial EJsposffioD
Portland, Oregon, Sept. 19 to October 17,
Tfis mil resources of the Pacific Northwest. Agriculture, Horticulture. Fisheries.
fines, Minofactures, Transportation, Machinery, Trade and Commerce will be represented
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t, at the building. E. C. MAS TEN, Sec.
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he Willamette Hotel.
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r ar-
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' Jt F W V' V . -'' -" -
4.75 TO
W. Johnson & son
W . W"" v-wi.
ate and lirwtv Streets.
New York, Sept. 18.-Herr Willieltn
on Kardorlt is the leader of the
blmetalllst party in the Prussian Diet,
and one of the most brilliant orators
In Germany. He Is a profund student
of economics, and ranks with Areudt
as one of the two leading Geiman
authorities on monetary science. It
will be been by the following letter
that free coinage by the United States
will be the means of restoratlng the
bimetallic system in Europe.
wabkitz, suesia, Aug. 5. in ac-
cordance with your request, I here
with send you my views on the
practical realization of bimetallism,
with special reference to the strife
between national and International
bimetallism which has broken out in
the United States.
Allow me to say beforehand that,
after two decades of comprehensive,
thorough, theoretical and practical
study of the coinage problem, I still
hold the great principle which your
distinguished countryman, Mr. Henry
Sarey, upheld against the gold fanat
ics when he wrote:
"President Lincoln has established
the axiom: 'Everything of the people,
for the people and by the people.' "
The gold advocates have adopted
the principle: "Everything of the
money lenders, for the money lenders
and by the money lenders."
The legislative bodies of all great
commercial nations have, by large
majorities, passed resolutions which
demand an international regulation
of the money standard question in
the interest of the producing classes
In the Interest of political economy
In the interest of a healthy advance
of wages, and in the interest of Inter
national trade. These resolutions are
on record in the United StateB Con
gress, the French Chambers, the Ger
man Reichstag, the Prussian Cham
bers and the English House of
Commons. A large number of smaller
countries have Joined in the good
movement, aa Holland, Bolglum, etc,
Why are there thus far no practical
results to these devout desires? Why
does not success crown as yet the
many bimetallic congresses?
Because the capitalists of the whole
world are allled-agalnstusas one man,
and money ttlll reigns supreme.
"We should be big fools, said Sir
William Harcourt In Parliament, "if
we Englibhmen, the creditors of the
whole world, should assent to a
change of our gold standard."
With these words he has candidly
uttered the heartfelt sentiments of
the capitalistic fraternity, who are
united In France, England, German,
America and other lands in defense
of the gold standard. The tentacles
of this mighty octupus have captured
the most Jnlluentlal and most power'
ful newspapers of the civilized world,
have fastened their grip on the Cabi
nets, Ministers and high officials of
the ruling land, who are made to
thwart the pronounced will of Parlia
These conditions will not change,
despite the theoretic agitations of
science, of parliaments and congresses,
until In some country an Intrepid and
energetic political leader will be en
abled to tear asunder the web of lies
which the monster gold spider has
spun around the world.
I think the following will show
clearly to every sound thinker the two
The gold bugs w ill bo (easily cou
tented with the election ti& a so-called
bltnptalllst, of whom it lyissllre be
forehand that there will M no change
in the standard. This would mean
a never ending scarcity ofjtfold, which
leads to everlasting bdrrowlng of
money, offering cnormousprolits to
banks, but ever lowering the financial
statute of American securities and
ever endangering and deteriorating
the economical conditioner the pro
ducing classed.. Let Amcjjlca take
omnlous warning from Spain, Italy
and other gold lands. I
How differenlwlll be the Vcsult of
the election of.an energetic politician
who will create tt once Wtlonal
banking Institution for the United
. -ami
States, such as the Bank offingland,
In Britain, the Holchs Banjc in Ger
many and the Bank de France; who,
as won as he observes tho lest pla
tonic inclination on tho purt'tit Euro
pean governments to take up'lhe sil
ver question, will not hesitate to ef
fect the free coinage of silver iwnd In
hand with tho free coinage orgold.
European states that have any com
mercial dealings with the flJnltcd
States, and especially those that de
sire to promote an export trade to the
United States, will be compelled, on
their part, to enact an international
A War or Destruction Will
Begin Forthwith.
Arrest of
Prominent Cubans
New York.
coinage law.
Tills will '-set the ball a-rolling,"
attempts to check it will prove as
futle as luive beon the efforts of
bimetalllsts to effect a change for tho
The great, simple truth mifct uo
accepted that tho progress of cliiliza
tion throughout tlio world depends In
reality on the rc-istablisumcnfi on a
secure basis of the intercourse be
tween gold ,anUsllver-4and8 through
tho rcstoratlorf-ot-itho trurjrcldtlvc
values of the two metals.
This great, fundamental truth,rcco
gnized by the political economists,
sociologists and practical statesman
In all lands of culture, must be taken
from the sphere of theoretical specu
lation and practically applied, should
we be spared from revolution and war,
which would end in a sure retrogres
sion of civilization,
I hope that it will be tho destiny of
the powerful commonwealth of the.
United States and its Intelligent,
brave and Industrious people to take
the happy initiative in this great
question of modern civilization,
Wilhelm von Kardoff Wadnitz.
Havana, Sept. 18. Tliero whs much
animation In the captain-general's
palace yesterday. Captain-General
Weyler held a conference with various
commanders ofcoliimns. also with tho
commanding officer of marine and tho
chief of the medical deuartment.
These conference are the precursors of
an approaching campaign, which Is
Intended tube vigorous and rosolute.
Captain-General Weyler will assume
personal command at Plnar del Rio,
Ahumlda and Palmeroa, taking
charge respectively of military and
political affairs at Havana. Among
others measures General Weyler
of adopting as a preludo to the cam
paign is the revocation of the edict of
pardon, obliging families having con
nections In the ranks of the Insur
gents to move Into other provinces,
and making concentration in villages
obligatory, considering all persons
found In the country as enemies or
supporters of the enemy.
Captain-General Weyler 's order re
cently Issued putting lino officers In
command or regular guerrilla and
volunteer forces, Is bitterly resented
and In consequence thereof many de
scrtions are occurring.
AAjcaguaJa Grand, wlicro Captains
Will Have to Change Name.
Chicago, Sept. 18. Secretary of
State Hlnrlchsen glvo It out today
that the gold, standard Democrats,
will have to adopt another name In
order to get their ticket on the official
"No petition taken out In the name
of the independent i)moorato party
shall be certified while I am secretary
of state," said Hlnrlchsen.
He stated that tie had been looking
up the law relating to the filing of
petitions and finds that a voter can
sign the petition of but one elector.
The gold-standard Democrats have,
liowpver, already prepared petitions
for all their candidates, so no techni
cal objection can be raised as to their
legal right to bo placed on the official
An Expedition,
Mobile, Sept, 18.-ScpQr J. O, Bar
bral, an attache of the Spanish lega
tlon of Washington, has been here
several days He has Information
tliat u large Cuban expedition party
has assembled on t)P Mississippi coast
with a view of sailing In a day or two.
Sibley Nominated.
Erie, Pa., Sept. 18. Hon. J. C.
Sibley was formerly nominated by the
Democratic party as Its candidate for
congress from this district. The Pop
ulists last Saturday placed Mr. BIbley
In nomination.
-" i fMfd
Irogyen and Qulntero, of the regnlar
army, were lately appointed, one-third
of tho men havo disappeared. At
Uaraerones, a Santa Clara town, tho
local Spanish guerrilla went over to
the enemy In a body a fow days ago,
and returning with the Insurgents,
assisted the latter to capture a gov
ernment fort in the suburbs, They
then raided the town, looted stores
and ransacked various private rcsl
denecs, seized the local archives and
oarrlcd off the municipal seal.
At Bryamo, Santiago do Cuba, a
mounted Spanish guerilla force armed
with Muuser rules at the expenso of
Bayamo merchants, recently went
over to the rebels, oinlng Cullxto
Garcia. The captain is a nephew of
Garcia, and obtained his commission
from Martinez Campos, former cap
According to tho latest Information
Macco has moved bouth of his former
position. No steps will be taken to
follow him until the commencement
of tjjc concerted operations above re
ferred to.
Captains Carrcrejt and Ollverette,of
theSauga la Grand guerilla forces,
who have long been the terror of res!
dent naturalized aliens, have been re
lieved of their commands.
According to the official returns,
the nvmber of men suffering from
yellow foyer Is the mllltury hospitals
throughout the Islands Is 1,555. Tho
death rate Is said to be under 15 per
La Lucha, this afternoon, says tlio
governor oftlie Spanish, tannic Is re
sponsible for the actual monetary
conflict. He went to the palace yes.
terday In order to confer with Cap-taln-Geenral
Weyler, but was unable
to sec him, and It Is rumored the
governor of the bank has been dismissed.
I A Big Bryan Rally in the Court House
at Toledo.
Toledo, Sept. 17.-The largest po
litical gathering ever held west of tl e
Summit or In Lincoln county, wis
held hero on tho loth. Tho steamer
Richardson brought over a hundred
front Newport and Yaqulna, while
citizens of Toledo and vicinity wire
nearly all present.
The steamer Mascot, 'from Elk City,
brought a large crowd of Bryan men.
Speaking commenced at 2:30 at the
court hotic, first by Hon. J. K.
Wcatherford, of Albany, who poured
In hotshot for Bryan and frco silver
for an hour and a hnlf. Tho court
house would not lipid moro than two
thirds of the crowd, and the hall was
full, and far out Into the street, men
stood trying to hear the gospel handed
out from the peoples' standpoint.
Judge John Burnett, or Corvallls, rol
lowed Mr. Wcatherford, In an ablo ad
dress for two hours, and was cheered
to the echo.
The evening train brought Hon. H.
L. Barkley, of Marlon county, and
Judge W. S. McFadden, of Corvallls.
When tlmo was called at 7:30 p. m ,
the court house was again filled, and
over fifty were compelled to stand, as
every seat was filled and benches and
dry goods boxes were carried In for
Judgo MoFadden delivered tho llret
speech, and It is said by many of his
admirers that It was tho effort of his
life. He was cheered from first to
last. When tho war horso from
Marlon county, with theso words:
"I am a Republican, " commenced his
address, people leaned forward in their
seats, and every word was listened to
with tliut earnest attention which
people give to an orator and to one In
whom they are looking to, to fight
the battle of might and right for tho
A Bryan club of 350 members was
organized, and will light every inch of
tho ground from now until after the
election. Last June this countv wnnr.
200 majority (Republican), Its usual
majority being oven greater. But
there is no doubt but what Bryan, will
havo a larger majority than that In
Last Friday tho Republicans organ
ized a club at the court house, with a
membership of 21 voters, und Satur
day that formerly greatest of free sil
ver champions, John II. Mitchell, will
deliver an address before the McKln
ley club at Newport.
Non-Partisan Demonstration
at Canton,
Introductory Speeches by Cullcm
and Thurston.
Big Storm.
Philadelphia, Sept.18. Tho storm
of wind, hall and rain, which swept
the eastern part of Pennsylvania, last
night, was tho most sovero that has
visited this section for a long time.
Scores of buildings were unroofed,
some utterly ruined and thousands of
panes of window glass and many sky
lights were shattered. Tho apple and
other late crops were almost totally
Canton, -SeiH ' 18.--Tmr fflrtmll
opening of tho campaign In the lulnio
city or the Republican nominee, oc-
curred today. The streets are strung
with streamers, banners and Hags.
Many shops, factories and stores are
closed for the day. Banks havo sus
pended business. It Is largely a non
partis in demonstration. Over flftv
special trains, brought delegations
almost Taster than they could 1ms
counted. At the monstrous tent, with
accommodations for 20,000 people tho
first meeting was held, Governor
Bushnell presiding, making a short
Introductory address after which ad
dresses wero made by Senators Cullom
of Illinois nnd Thurston of Nebraska.
Bryan Pleased.
Wilson, N. C, Sept. 18. Bryan
said today: "I am very much grati
fied to learn that tho New York con
vention endorsed the platform ns well
as the ticket."
Bryan's Tour.
Colduoro, N. O., Sept. 18. Wm. J.
Bryan arrived hero at 11:30 last night.
Ills private car was sidetracked until
0 this morning when ho delivered an
address from tho platform to a large
-'-' '"'ir '''."' ' ,fwr'
Watson in Denver.
D'enver, Colo., Sept. 18. ThoiimT
E. Watson arrived In Denver today,
no conferred with ex-Governor Walto
and other mlddlc-of-the-roadPopulUt
leaders but declined to be Interviewed.
He will mako several speeches In Col
orado and return cast Monday.
Lono Branch, N. J., Sept. 18.
United States Senator Smith, pub
lished tho announcement today of be
ing to reconcllo his views with tho
platform ot tho Democratlo national
convention ho will resign tho chair
manship pf tho state committee.
Stevenson Accepts,
Washington, cpt. 18. Vice Presi
dent Stevenson has Informed Secre
tary Gardiner for tho Association
Bryan club, that ho will accept tho
Association's Invitation, to prcsldo at
the club convention at St. Louis,
October 3. Tho club officials count
upon the attendunco of 10,000 dele
The Ideal Panacea.
James L. Francis, Alderman, Chi
cago, says: "I regard Dr. King's New
Discovery as an Ideal Panacea for
Coughs, Colds and Lung Complaints,
having used It In my family for the
last five years, to tho exclusion of phy
sicians' prescrldt ions or other prepara
tions." Rev. John Burgus, Keokuk, Iowa,
writes: "I havo been a Minister of
the Methodist Episcopal Church for
fifty years or more, and have never
fount anything beneficial, or thai
bhvo mo such Bpecdy relief as Dr.
King's New Discovery." Try this
Ideal Cough Remedy now, Trial Bot-
I ties f rep Frel A. Leeg's Drug Store.
Arrest in New York,
New York. Sept. 18.-Georgo Car
los Roloff, a Cuban was arrested today
on a charge or aiding and abetting
the sending of filibustering expedi
tions to Cuba. He was formally held
in $2000 ball by United States Com
mtssloner Alexander.
Pacing Match,
Mystio Park, Bedford,
Indianapolis, Sept. 18. Four men
wero killed and a number badly In
jured this morning, In a collision on
the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton
railroad, near Connersvlllo, Ind., by
tho pay oar and freight train,
Cannot Extradite Tyan.
Paris, Sept. 18. It Is said It Is Im
possible to extradite Tyan.
Sept. 18. Star Pointer won tho first
heat In tho pacing match, time, 2:02.
Frank Agan second, Robert J. third.
This Is tlio fastest heat over paced In
New England, Star Pointer won tho
second heat, tlmo 2:031, Agan second,
Robert J. third. Star Pointer wins
tho third heat and raco In 2:02, Rob
ert J. second, Frank Agan third.
These wero the fastest three heats
over paced In any race.
Bank Stupendf,
noLiDAYsnuRO, -Penn., Sept. 18
Tho private banking hou&o of Gardi
nor, Morrow & Co., the oldest bank la
Central Pennsylvania, closed its doors
today, owing to tho general depression
. of business. Tho firm say they expect
to pay overy dollar of Indebtedness.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
Rfl Powder
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