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Daily Capita!
Joumal.!A CaP&
SATURDAY, SEPT. 10, 1806.
For a flat pocket-book I
our double beaver, braid
and fur trimmed, substan
tial and well made.
JV U $300
t w '- ' ' T"
m Altona and Ramona
A Jacket
Portlaul, 6145 a. m
Salem 7 a. m., except Sunday.
Quick time, regular service" and cheap
....rates ...
Agent, Salem.
That everybody notices Is
our heavy beaver, reefer
front,double button effect,
In black and navy.
T. flolverson.
Gold Medal
Black Dress Goods,
Every yard of "Gold Medal" goods
In euiiruntecd like this: That if eood
are noj, entirely satisfactory, we will
cheerfully refund the money.
The above is a guarantee of the
manufactures to us, and we in turn
give the same to you. You therefore
run no risk.
Sarah Bernhardt says: "Every lady
should add n dress of such fabric to
her wardrobe."
TThlrty more pieces of these goods
came Saturday.
J, J, Daliymple Co
The Childrens Home society of
Portland today filed incorporation
articles with secretary of state.
E. L. Eeed, of Portland, was today
appointed a no.tary public.
An Insulted People.
The people of Fruitland are very
indignant over the actions of Prof.
Ileritago and his singers, who re
cently appeared here to amuse them.
The people do not know how much
beer they had on board, but they ccr
taily must have had more than the
usual quantity when they sang the
piece referring to Cleveland and his
badge. One of the gentleman (?)
slngors, in order to illustrate his
theme, had a large white patch sewed
on tho back part of his pants, and
this ho'turned around to the audience
(ladies and and gentlemen) whenever
they came in with tho chorous, much
to the amusement of the choir
but to tho disgust of the audience.
Wo understand the people of Fruit
land arc getting up a request asking
the choir to keep away from their
quiet and respectable community in
the future.
A Faumek.
Insane. Kate Steckard, aged 30
years, was received last evening at the
insane asylum from Multnomah
county. Splritualllsm seems to have
had a bad effect on her mental facul
ties, thus badly deranging her mind.
She laments tho fact that, though she
most faithfully loved a young man,
her affections were not returned.
Miss Minnie McClainc came in
from Silverton this morning and
took tho Boseburg mail for Eugeno
where she will attend tho Stato Uni
versity. Miss McClaln was accom
panied to Salem this morning by Miss
Sophia Wolf of Silverton.
Mrs. Jno. Mlnto who has been visit
ing at tho homo of lion. Jno. Mlnto,
returned to Portland this afternoon.
Rev. A. Robinson was a Portland
passenger this aftornoon.
Kola Ncis, of Albany, is in the city.
Corner of Center and High streets,
II. A. Denton, pastor. Morning ser
mon at 10:30. Theme: "The Sons of
God and the Daughters of Men."
Communion at 11:30 a. in. Suudpy
school at 12 in., Miss Nellie Clark,
r, t. T t,. T7l.-l,.....nH ..4 '1 Ort ...
OUUb. .jumwr uuuvcnui uu o.ou i. w.,
Miss Alice Pen ine, Supt. Y. P. S. C.
E. at 0:30 p. 111. Topic: "The Need of
Home Missionary Work." Leader,
Miss Clark. Evening sermon at 7:30.
Theme: "The Fugitive's Dream."
Topic Tor mid-week prayer-meeting,
"The Word of God." Prof. Allen will
have charge of the choir and render
special music at both morning and
evening services.
Rev. J. P. Farmer, pastor. Morn
ing services at 10:30. Theme: "Lost
Opportunities." Offertory by the
orchestra. .Sunday school at 12
o'clock. Y. P. S. U. E. at 6:30 p. m.,
led by Mrs. J. II. Brooks. Evening
sermon, topic: ''Bad Neighbors."
The next Sabbath will be given to
special services in connection with
the state work, having afternoon and
evening services given to hearing
echoes from Milwaukee, with ad
dresses by Rev. Gllman Parker.
W. (J. Kantner, pastor. Preaching
at 10:30 a. 111 "The Cannot of True
Christianity." Evening "A Grad
uate from Life's College." A sermon
especially for students beginning their
studies and for such who arc looking
toward their completion, and for all
learners. Sunday school at 12 m.
Mrs. HallleParrlsh-fllnges directs the
choir a pledge that the music will be
of the best.
Corner of Seventeenth and Chemek
eta streets, Ezra Maurer, pastor.
Sunday school at 10 a. m. Preaching
at 11 a. 111. and 7:30 p. 111. Junior Y.
P. A. at 3 p.m. 'Senior Y. P. A. at
0:30 p. 111. Union holiness meeting
Tuesday at 7:30 p. m. Prayer meet
ing Thursday at 7:30 p. ui. All are
Rev. W. Steele, pastor. 10:30 a. in.
subject, "The Savior's Balm for
Troubled Hearts." 7:30 p. m. sub
ject, "Modem Spiritualism Its Truth
and Error." Sunday school at 12 m.
Chinese Sunday school at 3:30 p. m.
Junior Christian Endeavor at 4 p. in.
Senior Christian Endeavor at 6:15.
Prayer meeting Thursday evening at
7:30 p. in. All always welcome.
Rev. G. W. Grannis will address the
men's meeting at the Y. M. C. A.
Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Sub
ject: "Cause and Cure of the Political
Unrest." Tho Presbyterian choir
will have charge of the singing. All
men are cordially invited to attend
this meeting.
Rev. W. E. Copeland has returned
from California and services will be
resumed tomorrow at tho usual hours
In tho morning and. evening.
Services at tho church in Yew Park
as follows: Preaching at 11 a. m., also
at 7:30 p. in. Sabbath school at 10 a.
m. and Y. P. S. C. E. at 0:30 in tho
evening. Walter Reynolds, pastor.
Services at 10:30 a. ni.and 7:30 p. m.
at their hall corner Liberty and Court
Jackets and Capes
Elegant Trimming,
b KP r
When you seo tho beauty and stylo
of the garments, you will wonder at
the extremely low prices at whloh you
can buy them. A full lino of Jackets
and capes of all kinds.
.Willis Bros, d Co,
Court and Liberty.
Tho Cash .Dry Goods, Clothing and
Shoo Houso. .--...
Oregon's Blind. Supt. Carter, of
tho Oregon blind institute reports the
attendance is nearly as largo as last
year with now schollars coming
every day. this is one or uregotrs
most Important educational Institu
tions and was never In better condi
tion to do good work than under its
present efficient amaugement.
Attention, Sedgwick Post No. 10, G. A. R.
Tho comrades of Sedgwick Post No.
10, are requested to assemble at tho
post room 011 Sunday, September 20,
1800, at 2 o'clock p. m. for tho purposo
or attending the nincrai 01 uimries 11,
Dow, formerly of Company "II," 10th
Massachusetts Infantry, who will bo
burled from tho undertaking rooms of
Oilnger & Rlgdon, at 2:30 p. m.
uy order or
J. II. Smith,
S. V. Commander.
OHcrs fnr the ensu'ni' crm wei
eWted hy the PhllorlrHiin society
Friday afternoon as follows: Presi
dent, Miss Matt le Ut-attv: vice presi
dent, Miss Helen Matthews; Secre
tary, JIlss Lou Starn.lt; assistant
secretary, Miss CorlieStarr; treasurer,
Miss D. Gansj librarian, Miss Deanc
Kitchen; censor, Miss Anna Carson;
sergeant-at-arms, Miss Roxy Thomp
son; custodian, Miss Rita Rakestraw.
Regular meetings will be held at the
society hall, every Friday afternoon.
The reception'glven by the Y. V?'.
C. A. to new girl members of tho
school was a success this afternoon,
being largely attended. The reception
was held in the College of music, from
4 to 6 o'clock this afternoon. A pro
gram consisting of several choice
musical and literary selections was
given, after which delightful refresh
ments were served.
This evening from 7 till 10
o'clock the Y. M. U. A. will
welcome all new gentleman stu
dents into our school by giving
a reception in the society halls In the
University. An excellent program of
both literary and musical selections
has been prepared for the occasion,
the rendition of which will be fol
lowed by suitable refreshments,
enjoyable time Is anticipated.
All members of the school aro
vlted to attend the Y. W. and Y,
C. A. meeting Sunday afternoon
beginning at 3 o'clock. Miss Helen
Matthews, president of the Y. W. C.
A., will conduct the meeting. An
especially enjoyable feature of the
meeting will be a solo by Mrs. Ella B.
McDowell, one of Salem's talented
At the meeting of the Philodorian
literary society last evening a consid
erable amount of business that had
accumulated since school closed last
June, was hastily disposed of. Olll
cers for tho ensuing term were elected
as follows: President, I. II. Van
Winkle; vice-president, Rex W. Davis;
secretary, C. K. Brandenburg; 'assist
ant secretary, Jno. W. Cochran: treas
urer, II. W. Swafford; censor, R. A.
Watson; librarian, J. II. Legg; Ser
geant at arms, G. C. Miller. It was
evident last evening from the number
of candidates running for the olllce of
sergeant at arms, that position must!
be very desirable to say the
least. There were eight candi
dates in the field and the clec
lion or JHr. Miner was only accom
plished on the sixteenth ballot. It
was quite evident from the elections
last evening that no "caucus" of any
kind had been previously held for
naming candidates for the various
offices. On next Friday evening the
now officers will be installed. Appro
posofthe Installation the program
committee submitted a brief program
for the occasion as follows: Piano
60I0, A. O. Garland; discussion "Re
solved that Lincoln did more fur his
country than Washington;" affirma
tive, GuyC. Miller, W. J. Shepard
and Jno. W. Cochran; negative, Rex
W. Davis, R. A. Watson and C. K.
Why Psine's Celery Compound Is Famed
in Washington Families,
Funeral Tomorrow.
The remains of Mrs. Ellen L. Moore,
who died so suddenly last Saturday
evening at St. Louis, will arrive up,
from Portland on the Salem local this
evening. They will bo conveyed to
tho lato residence, corner of Marlon
and Front streets, where funeral ser
vices will be held at 2 o'clock Sunday
afternoon, conducted by P. S. Knight.
The remains will bo interred in tho
family lot In Rural cemetery.
At Marion's Capital.
All testimony in the Parrish will
case was given before Judge Terrell
at 2 o'clock yesterday. Arguments pro
and con by the respective consels and
lato last evening tho matter was
taken under advisement by Judge
Terrell, a decision to be announced at
1 p. m. Tuesday October 0.
Many persons out of health have
found an excuse In hot weather for
doing nothing toward getting well.
" I will wait until fall," they have
promised themselves.
It is now time, if ever, in thousands
of cases, to keep that promise.
Nothing should now interfere with
building up the weakened nerves.
Now is the time of year when rheu
matism and neuralgia must be
checked, when bad health must be
mended -if one hopes to get well.
The natural, unchecked course of
disease Is from bad to worse as the
fall and winter wear on.
It is not that rheumatism, neural
gia, insomnia, and kidney trouble arc
hard to cure Pal ne's celery com
pound has made a host of sufferers
well but people make themselves
chronic Invalids by neglecting the
first symptoms of disease. '
Thousands of lives that are now fast
wearing out, would be prolonged if
Paine's celery compound were in each
instance used to stop those ominous
pains over the kidneys, to build up
the rundown nervous strength, and
cure permanently those more and
more frequently recurring attacks of
headache and indigestion.
There is absolute relief from nerv
ous prostration, sleeplessness, poor ap
petite, growing thinness and loss of
vigor and strength, In Palne's celery
This most remarkable of all known
remedies has won the sincere approval
of the most progressive part of the
community. Here is a testimonial
recently received from the wife of U.
S. Senator E. F. Watrcn of Wyoming,
those distinguished services for the
country,s best farming Interests are
so well known:
"I was persuaded to try your
Paine's celery compound in the eaily
spring when in a very run down con
dition. The duties devolving upon
tho wife of an official in pib'ic lif.'
are naturally very exh:uiul:u and I
was tired out and nervou- when j
commenced using the remedy. I take
pleasure in testifying to the great
benefit I received from its 'use, and
can truthfully say that I am In al
most perfect health again. If I ever
find myself running down agan I shall
certainly give itanother trial and will
in the meantime recommend it to
every one needing it."
It is a fact verified by the practice
of the best physicians, and by thous
ands of personsal testimonials that
Palne's celery compound makes new,
pure blood, builds up the nervous
system, and cures disease where all
other remedies have failed.
Its absolute reliability is shown its
steady employment by trained physic
ians and in homes made happy by its
unquestioned power of making people
Big Bryan Club. A Bryan club
was organized in Lebanon Wednesday
night with a membership of 250.
Hon. II. L. Barkloy of Marion county,
dellvored tho address, a brilliantpolit
Ical effort, greatly appreciated in that
stronghold of free silver. Tho attend
ance was big. Mr. Barkley has thor
oughly stirred up matters in Marion
county, and tho Republican press is
using the samo tatics with him as
with the presidential caudldate.
A Pleasant Event.
The fifteenth anniversary of the
wedding of Mr. and Mrs. II. II. Ragan
was most pleasantly observed yester
day, in conjunction with the 53rd an
niversary of D. W. Matthew's birth,
at the home of the former on Summer
street. The surprise' that had been
contemplated on the two was most
successfully carried out, the guests
assembling at the home of D. F. Lane
on Court street and marching to the
home of Mr. Ragan. A most delici
ous dinner was served, those partak
ing thereof being: Mr. and Mrs. I. L.
Lclth, Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Clark and
daughters, Alice and Mary, of the
Waldo hills, and Mr. and Mrs. D. W.
Matthews, Dr. and Mrs. D. F. Lane
and children, Albert and Fannie, Mr.
and Mrs. Allen Cunningham, Mr. and
Mrs. G. G. Brown, Miss Oska Mat
thews. Mr. and Mrs Ragan wore the
recipients of several nice presents.
Arc You Tired
All the time? This condition it a sure indica.
lion that your blood is not rich and nourishing
as it ought to be and as it may le if you will
take a few bottles of the great blood purifier
Hood's Sarsaparilla, Thousand's write that
Hood's Sarsaparilla has cured them of that
tired feeling by giving them rich blood
Hood's Pills act easily and promptly on the
liver and bowels. Cure sick headache.
The Journal silver supplements
at $1 a hundred arc going otf rapidly.
Rulso a llttlo fund of dimes and quar
ters and supply all your nolghbors
with campaign literature up to date.
Uh8- J
' IlM
Sentenced To Five Years. Yes
terday Frank Verhaag, formerly man
ager of tho Salem Soap and Chemical
Works, was found guilty in the Mult
nomah county circuit court on two
charges of forgery and sentenced to
live years In the stato penttentlary.
A third chargo, of securing money
under falso pretentions was dismissed
upon motion of District Attorney
Uaptist Convention. October
20th to 25th tho stato convention of
the Baptist churches of Oregon will
beheld with tho church at Salem,
Eminent divines and workers from
distant parts of the United States
will be present. Program uext week.
Will Spend the Winter in Washington.
Miss Mabel Carter left this morning
for Astoria. After spending a week
with friends there, Miss Carter will
go to Walla Walla, where she will
spend the winter with other friends.
Miss Carter, who is one of Salem's
talented and successful elocutionists.
being a graduate from tho college of
oratory, of tho Wlllamotto univer
sity, has been requested to give sev
eral recitals at a number of the larger
cities in Eastern Washington. Tho
many friends of Miss Carter In Salem,
who are cognizant of her accomplish
ments and her ability to entertain an
audience most succesfully, feel confi
dent that she will acquit herself very
crcauaoiy in cacn or nor recuais.
Musical Courses.
Dr. Z. M. Parvln begins his work In
Salem Saturday, September 19th.
Class lessons given at tho parlors of
Mis. B. J. Sharpe. Courses in all the
important branches of musical study.
Nothing- superior in tho Northwest.
A limited number of pupils can bo ac
commodated. 0 14 lot
Having Hoe Cake Soap in
your kitchen or bath once
1 means always.
Another Bryan Supplement With Two
Great Speeches.
Not all could hear Pennoyer and
Barkley at the great Bryan ratifica
tion at Salem. So The Journal has
printed in supplement form the great
speeches made on that occasion by
those two gentlemen. TheynwHl bo
supplied from tills office at $1 per
100 or $7 per 1,000 postpaid. We have
still supplements with Bryan's speech
of acceptance at New York and
Mitchell on the Impossibility of In
ternational Bimetallism.
3s3 ri&riS&SSxSBS&V
5 I I T
Hrt'a I I it
UCl 1CII ! h
J A ft ft
For One Week il
Rolls Crepe
Tissue Paper.
!5( a Roll
Regular Price 25c,
R S, Dearborn.
263 Commercial sti O
Prepare for Cold Weather
Early Sale 0f
aitt and Qui
Monday and Tuesday,
Wc will offer every pair of Blankets and every Vu
reduced prices, r? m ;
Blankets from 69 cents up,
Quilts from 69 cents up,
y&mr fflL S$$L s raff fffl AW L9M -
257 Commercial st.
New York, Sept. 19. Silver, 68c;lea
Chicago, Sept. 19. -Hogs -Light $2.SJo
3 25; heavy $2,So3 20. ;i.
Cattle, Beeves $2.so2.2oj cows and
heifers $1.00(3.65.
Sheep Market steady
Chicago. Sept. j 18. Wheat, cash 60c;
Oct. 6oVc.
Portland, Sept. 19 Wheat valley, 52a
53; Walla Walla, Soasi.
Flour Portland, 2.75; lienton county,
2 75; urahsm, 2.50; superfine, $2.15 per bbl
Oats- White, 3o32c; grey, 293i;rolieJ,
n bags, f4-2SS'2S. barrels, 4.5o7.oo;
a-es, 3 75-
i'oUtt.:... Oregon, 85c per cwt
1 i t, Ood, toIo.50 per ton.
W-'il .Valley, 89c; Eastern Oregon,
. 'i. P ilicn Si2.5o."U4.5o,'!horti,Si3.5o
' (i 1 r Chickens, mixed, $23.oo; broil-
Jffa)2.'5; ducks, $23; geese, $56;
UT iVl- 1"
dims .urctn, salted Co lbs 5c; under
60 il .!4j,'". herp pelts. lo7oc.
Mo k -Contracts for new crops are being
nnde in 6iGc.
Mutter.. Oreyon fancy creamery, 3540j
fancy dairy, 20(0)125: fair to K001'. l7i20',
Checiu .Oietjoii full cream, 9.
Eggs.. Oregon, I2jl4c per doz.
Beef. .Topsteers, 2.252.4o per lb; fair
to cood steers. 2V2 3.50; cows, lli2lAc
dreased beef, 3j4c
San Francisco, Sept. 19.--Wheat, 96;
Wool. .Orecon choce,io,i)iio; inferiors
7c, valley, toc.
Innj l..-.,nli!. fll" jfn'An fir nt.l
Potatoes 6o8ocper sack.
Oats Milling, 859.
Wheat.. 45c per bu., market finii.
Hay. .Baled, cheat, 7.co7.25;, limutln,
Flour.. In wholesale 31"ts, 280; retail,
3.00; bran, IhiHc u.5012.50j sacked, 12 rev
shorts, 12.5013.50; chop feed, ll.oo
Poultry.. Hen j 5c; Spring chickens, 5c lb.
Veal, -Dressed, 3 yt.
Hogs.. Dressed, 2VJ3.
Live Cattle.. 1 ji2.
Sheet,.. Live, 1. 25.
Wool.. Bent, I2c.
Hop.. Best, 45.
Eggs., Cash. 10c.
Butter.. Best dairy, I24c; fancy creamery
Cheese .I2c.
Farm Smoked Meats Baccn, 6c; hams
90; shoulders, 5c.
Potatoes. .70c per bu
For the Bryan Literature andfWfe
Fund. 5
To raise a campaign fund to defrar
the expenses of circulating literature
and defraying expenses of speaker
The Journal lias opened a popular
subscription of a fixed amount per
week. Following subscriptions hate
been received and allwhnwi.M.
are requested to hand in their mameg
and amounts, which will be duly ac
knowledged in.these columns, in sums
from ten cents upwards.
In spite of slurs from the gold stand
ard Statesman subscriptions to the
Bryan campaign fund lncrea Jfo
canvass has been made but If eTerj
friend of the people's candidate will
hand in his name and amount he can
give, from 10 cents upward, we will
Rive credit in this column.
The campaign now betrun will last
six weeks and will result In Oregon
casting her vote for Bryan or McKIn
ley. The money will be-turned over
to the treasurer of the Salem Bryan
Kame. Week.
D. J. Fry tl 00
Businessman 200
Cash.: 100
A. Strong 60
W.G. Westacott 50
John Bayne 25
E. Hofer 60
T. L. DivldMiu 50
W. T. Klgdon 50
W. S. .Mott 50
J. M.Payne...., 25
James Under 25
Jeff Myers 50
II. M.Jones . 10
N. M. Learned 25
Businessman 25
Dr. Jeffries 50
W. C. Mitchell 25
W. T. Slater 50
W. B. Simpson 25
II. W. Prescott 25
State of Ohio, Citv or Toledo, I
Lucas County f
Frank J Cheney makes oath that he L
the senior partner of the firm of F. J. Chenev
& Co., doing business in the city of Toledo,
county and state aforesaid, and that said firm
will pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOL.
LARS for each and every case of Catarrh
that cannot be cured by the us of Hall's
Catarrh Curb.
Sworn to before me and subscribed in my
presence, ibis 6th day of December, A D.
A . W. Gleason,
Notary Public,
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally
and acts directly on the blood and mucous
surface of the system. Send or testimonials
F. J.'CiienEy & Co., Toledo, O.
EsSold by Druggists, 7c.
Best in the .World I
For Infants and Children.
h fac
.tlmllt rlfnitnri
Many persons suffer with a constant
headache that comes from eye strain,
a pair of good glasses properly fitted
will releiye this. Your eyes tested
Charles II. IIinues.
Graduate Optician.
235 Commercial St. tf
Branson t Con
Sole Agents, Salem
Paffon Bros,
StationersCand XNewsdealof
ofier this month an entirely new
and improved line of
&mm igg
In Town.
You'll bo surprls.
Won't "yellow the clothes."
Won't burn your hands.
Nothing equals it.
Better than soap.
Extra largo packages.
Soap Foam washing Powder. John
2C Genuine Oxford Bibles v
at popular prices throughout, "f "jj,
many new and useful featurw added.
Oxford Reference Bibles, &
Oxford Students' Bibles,
Oxford Teachers Bibles;
A) New Prices Throughout,
age, ana me raui im -- .
bTes, placing the student, vt&
ble lands. Tlifc
and teacher in
antd,ViI1 wo,k at any kicd of hon.
esUabor and take my pay in horses. Ad
dress O., Journal. 9,,0 3t,
LOST One package of dry goods, wrapped
in pink lint paper. Finder will please return
to J. J, Dalrymple & Co., and receive reward.
The package contained dark red dress goods.
munuw -7- :." Mtt
Sec tne new senw r rr. v, bitt
back, will never breik. A
sold by us are sold w lh
guarantee. Don t fail 1 "
magnificent line.
PaLfoD Bros,

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