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JL-ljuULj x
- i if! tuiM.i i'm a. ,,, T i i i ii , - ,-
fcs. M 4 - W t.H
NO, 25
VOL, U. ' ...
" " "" '" '" ..-. .
New Yo
continue to Increase?
w.. ... -
We arc doing an absolutely
those oticrea Dy otner raercnants. ana you nave t Ho answer
for cash only. In every transaction there Is a good nor eont-
iiKe saved, ana wo give mo
counts. Reliable goods auu
Our stock of shoes Is complete.
which wo carry are the standard of good quality. Clothing In
great variety at bed.rogk, hard times prices, firing your cash
and receive full value,
T tf a
DausTriai cposiiioo
Portland, Oregon, Sept. 19 to Oct; 17.
The great resources of the Pacific Northwest. Agriculture, Horticulture, Fisheries,
Mines, Manufactures, 1 rtinsportation, Machinery, Trade and Commerce will be" represented
more completely than ever before. rj7Grand band concert every rfternoon and eveninc.
Special attractions every night. Lowest rates every made on all transportation lines.
Admission 25c. Children loc. For exhibit space apply to Geo L linker, Superintend
ent, dt the building. E. C. MASTEN, Sec.
Reduced rates. Management llDeral.
and points of interest. Special rates will be
Lawn Mowers,
. 1 n--rr
Lrf ay
Hay Rakes,
Hardware, Stoves and Tinware.
Garden Hose, 1
Lawn Sprinklers, J
Salem, Or,
Pi suits ft
The grandest, the most select, the choicest
assortment of men's dress suits, business
suits, everyday suits your eyes ever be
held, fabrics that are meritorious, linings
Aat are reliable styles that are new, fit that
shows study, and last but not least, prices
thatare,vwell, prices that fit your purse, be
it small or large, New fall suits at from
6. v. Johnson &
The Popular Clothiers',
State and Liberty Streets.
R4X 3 P - ''l
Compare our trices and unbelt wltli
. . v . ;- ---..-
cash business. We buy and soil
customer mo bcnciil of nil dis
prices Is tlio reason our
iNt7t-i'f' f,iy
Electric cars leave hotel lor all public buildings
given to permanent patrons.
R - 4o Machine Oils,
BfOS, ( and Axie Grease.
Joseph Bank Robber Tells
How It. Was Planned.
unouUijtbbrUL HULU UP,
The Gang Surprised by a Unitcrj
States Marshal,
r . in,. .... r -. . .
u.i jtt.i.iuE, ur., ua. ;i.-.i. . j a
r,,.,, ,
.uij, uuuiiK u.isincr oi ine i rst . . . . T, .,
Kink of Joseph, Wallowa countv, l ' , ,, h
,,,,.,. ,, , , ' The hold-up wax a fa urc inane -
that was robbed yesterday says that1. , ,,, J ,
,,,, J, ., , , ' , ally, the robber iocmlng no mo hoy.
the posse that pursued Flt7.hug h, the .,,, ... h .. 7 ,,
... .. , , , Loomls thinks tliilt the ho d-ups are
robber tli.it escapwl, did not see any- ,. , , ...J ,. . ,
,,,, ... , , J tliesituieyiHijrtlistcrobbod the Separ
thliiK or him yesterday. Another ,. , , i-, , '
' ntutdlili'it it fnw tVM ;u iiui titi1 lintel
posse suirted after hlni this mornlnff,
. . , .,, , ... '
uiiu iiiiiuu ini norse, saauie, hat and
.... '
some clothlnjf, but the posses have
not yet returned. Evidently he
ohaned horses about nfx miles from
Joseph, and, after innklnjr the cutinirq
notruco of him could be found, Aoy'a iooc watt crualiud bctwgon oiir
ma llvlnp near the head of Silver j bumper last cvehtbf. Train o. Hi
lake heard a nldu Ob horseback rldlNg
down tile mountain nt .n rapid rato
about l b'elock last night. The rlddt
ran Into a waterlng-trouh and then
whistled, as If to another' person.
This rider Is supposed to have been
Tucker, the wounded robber; will
recover, but made a confession when
he expected to die. lie was released
from the penitentiary a few months
ago, and taken Into the bankrobblng
scheme last Tuesday by FItzhugh and
Brown. It was agreed that, after
robbing the bank, they should rldo
out several miles, divide the proceeds,
and then separate, he to return to
rralrie Creek, where ho had teen
woi king, and the otliers to go to
luano. intzhugh," It Is Thought; was
engaged in the robbery of tho enter
prise bank a few years ago. He had
been In the vicinity or Joseph for
several months, coming from near
"When Brown, who had tho sack
containing the money, was killed,
FItzhugh ran to him, picked up tho
sack land took Brown's pistol, show
ing him toi be possessed of
wonderful nerve. Fred Wagner did
the etfectual shooting, Instead of
Alex Donnelly, and, had he not run
out of cartridges, FItzhugh might not
have escaped.
Train Held Up.
Albuquerque, N. M., Oct. 3. An
attempt was made to hold up pas
senger train No. 2. of the Atlantic &
Pacific, due here at 8:45, Just as It was
leaving Rio Puercio bridge, 30 miles
west of here. Tho attempt was a
fallure.owlng to the prompt action of
United State Deputy Marshal Loomls
who shot one of the robbers dead and
made it so uncomfortable for tho
others that they lied. Rio Puercto is
only a pumping station with a tele
graph office, In charge of tho pump
man. While tho train was standing at
the station, it was boarded by three
masked men, who compelled the en
gineer to uncouple the engine and ex
press car from the train and run them
on to the bridge. The pumpman at
once sent word to this city and the
Atlantic & Pacific company sent a
special train with officers to the scene,
At midnight, the train arrived at Al-
ConductorSam Heady states that
when the train reached tho Bio Puer
cio tank Engineer Ross said that
pin In the engine was out of gear, but
he though he could go up the divide.
The conductor thought not, and Just
as the engineer was about to fix the
pin three masked men Jumped on tho
engine when shooting commenced.
A lantern was shot out of the hand
of the brakeman, after which, the en
gineer was told to uncouple the en
glne and the express-car from the
train. -- ---' - -
Deputy United States Marshall
Loomls, who hiis been In Arizona on1)-
tho trail of tlictSoulhcrn New Mexico
bandits, was on his return to the city,
anil he left thepioklti-car when the
first shot was tired. He too'.: tklllwr
atc iittn nt one of tho robbers, shoot-
intf him througll the head. The man
ran for 100 yards and then dropped
dead. The other robbeis ret rented to
tho MatlpaliS.wri're their voices call -
lng their cctfiirarsL could be heard. .
Conductor Ilcariy stales that Loomls
revalued at R- l'ticrci'', expecting
tho rubbers to leturn fur their mad
coitiraue, while
;t do
:Selvj, special
secret. service
ofticerof t!ii'
who was on the train, met the pos.NO
" uiiiucis i .iiyiiiiui;
t ....... i..
tiitl Paelllc
with the
T raj , :
Junction, and returned
, , , w ,, .., ",'
been terrori7.lnffi Southeni ew
r u, i., ..,7 j .
Mexico, and t hat Hie dead robber w
tho leader.
Between Car-Dumpers,
Abl;wton, Or., Oct. 3,-.bu
hud pulled into tliQ station Utid
stopped. Kelly attempted to cioss
between the cars, Ulict as he stopped
Hn ttlO .Uilmikir tho train started to
back; catching his left foot and crush
ing the toes badly, TJhe Oregon Rail
road & National Company's surgeon
amputated the fdot and looked tlftef
tilo uiah's wblfarc. Ho Will bo sent to
the Portland hospital
!tn 1.st ...nMnnn.
jfii wiii; iitui mug.
Kelly is a young man
' Robber Arretted.
Los ANCIELES, Cal., Oct
-Ed Rob-
ertson, who, with two others, held up
a stage between Colorado Springs and
Cripple Creek, on the 20th of July
last, was arrested on Main street upon
a description of Jilm JciiLniit-.lu tu-
snenrr oi uoioruuu npriuuB. ivouurv
son, who Is but 18 years old, confessed
to the police that ho assisted iln the
robbery. Ife will be taken to Color
ado Springs as soon as an otllccr from
that place arrives.
Attempted Train Wreck.
Bakauoo, Wis., Oct. 3. An at
tempt was made last night to wreck
passenger train No 5 on C. R. N. W.
Railway near Devils lake. Four ban
dits were discovered obstructing tho
track. Tom Patterson, who made
the discovery, shot one of them.
They returned tire and Patterson was
shot through the leg and hat. Tho
wreckers escaped. A sheriffs posso is
In pursuit. At attempt was made to
wreck tho samo train a week ago.
Bryan in Indiana.
North Vernon, Ind., Oct. 3.
Bryan's arrival In Indiana nnd Illi
nois, called for the isame hearty wel
come that characterized each visit he
made to what was considered by many,
the battleground of the campaign.
Fourteen stops were scheduled In
these two states today. He .spoke in
nearly every place, and where It was
Impossible for him to speak, Congress
man McMillan talked for him..
Arrived In New .York.
New York, Oct. 3. Archbishop
Martlnelll, successor to CardlnalSatol
Has, the papal representative to the
United States, was on board the
steamer Campana, which reached the
dock today.
Will Be Investigated.
Lbadviiak, Oct. 3. Judge Owens
today empanelled a grand Jury to In
vestigate the killing of the six men at
the Coronado and Emmett mines
September 21, particularly Fireman
Governor Campbell for Bryan.
Wabuinoton, Oct. 3. Ex-Governor
James E. Campbell, of Ohio says he
will abide by the Chicago convention
and vote for Bryan.
Clubs in Session.
Ut. Louis, Oct.. 3. This consurra-
jUo town lias fairly boiled over with
Dean cr.itle. eiitliiihisin tudiiw It una
the opening day or the quadrennial
convention of the national association
of Democratic i-tub. 'resident Mack
, doltvcred the iiiittdiennln) address.
! When he finished, he Introduced Vice
I President Stevenson, as tiresldliii.' oill
! ccr. St.'vcnson Mild, "bollcvltuf as I
dr, that gold and silver Hi id cotial
recognition In the constitution of the
"TT..1....I tt.. -l .1.... ....tl i
umiivii nui;.', auu ui.m I'vii.s now lints
hofalleu us arc lit no small hum sine
the lo.sult of tin; dotijoiu'ti.tit Ion of
silver, 1 have no hesitation In m.tln
mining my paily allegiance and cast
ing my .vote for Bryan and SoWall,
nominees or the neiuocrntlo conven
tion." Governor .Stone, of Missouri, was In
troduced He exeiiK'd himself making
an extended speech as ho had con
tracted a severe cold. Several unim
portant resolutions regarding tho
rules governing tie convention weio
adopted, attor which Congressman
Newlands, of Nevnda, addrdssed the
convention on tho silver question.
Fatal Row.
Han Vuaxqiwq, Ooti a.-Ptill
Reiiij-ian employ of tlio harbor com
mission, WUs shot and fatally wounded
Inst night by William Brlttttn, n boat
man. The shooting occurred tti front
of u saloon at Fralliilscd arid" Powell
streets, and was tho outcome or an
old grudire. About a year ago, Rellly
and Brlttan Had sUme words over
politics, which terminated In blows.
Sewall Contributes.
Nfw York, Oct. 3. Arthur Sowall
has contributed 920,000 to the cam
paign fund.
In the Ncgaivi.
The Phllndorlan Literary society of
the Willamette university, held a
profitable meeting last evening. Af
ter routine business had been trans
acted, n dlscmuInn.wAiAiiHl.rvi Ou
-buujcci. "ciwTTWTrT.iiufc iiiiicoio ara
more for tho United States than
Washington." The speakers on the
affirmative wero G. C. Miller, W. J.
Shepard and J. W. Cochran; negative,
R. W. Davis, C. K. Brandenburg and
R. A. Watson.
Tho debate was very warmly con
tested, the main question at Issue be
ing whether tho formation of the
United States was of more Importance
than the maintenance thereof. Tho
president of the society decided neg
atively. A protest, that not with the
hearty approval of the society, was
entered against debating on such
questions In the future, since nothing
of value to the hearer Is produced In
tho discussion. It Is dllllcult to de
termine which of two such men, so
dear to the hearts of all true Ameri
cans, really accomplished the most for
his country. However, their names
will go down through the ages to
come, us tho father and savior of the
United States.
Bryan Supplement
With Two
Great Speeches.
Not all could hear Pennoyer nnd
Barkley at tho great Bryan ratifica
tion at Salem. So The Journal has
printed in supplement form the great
speeches made on that occasion by
those two gentlemen. They twill be
supplied from this ofllcc at $1 per
100 or $7 per Ji000 postpaid. We hayo
still supplements with Bryan's speech
of acceptance at New York and
Mitchell on the impossibility of In
ternational Bimetallism,
Hueklea 8 Arnica Salve
The best Salve In the world foi Cull,
Sorei, Borei, Ulceri, Salt Kiieurilp Fever
and all Tetter. Chapped hands, Chilblain,
Urultes, Skin Eruptions, and positively cures
Piles or no pay required. It Is Guaranteed to
Live per fee satisfaction or money refunded.
Trice 35 cents a box. For sale by Fred A
The dealer who says. '! have no
Hoe Cake soap," practically admit
that he docs not sell first quality
goods. If he says ho lias something
"Just ns good" you will know at once
that ho Is try Dig to sell you an In
ferior article. There Is more cloathlne
destroyed by poor Boan than by actual
wear, as the free alkali rots the cloth.
Hoe Cake contains neither free alkali
nor worthless lining.
1 m 1
Wanted All girls to know thafHoo
Cake" will not make their hands red
like common soap. Save the wrappers.
They are worth a cent apiece. J 0 1
Marlon County Qrape,
John G. Wright, the Salem pioneer
prober, is receiving dally shipment of
tho celebrated Uuttoville grapes,
They are the homo-grown product,
the finest In the world. 0 30tf
Respectfully Dedicated to "Tariff on Wool'
The Mi'Klnley high tariff law was In foroo frbm October 1800. to Auuist
1, IStUI
Tho objoet of that law was protection to American Industries and Inci
dentally to American wool growers. To have nccompllshed Its ends 1IH9 law
should have reduced Importation of wool, and thus given greater opportunity
to American producers uy f-ciiirlnga greater home market. But did It?
I et evety voter uho honestly deues tacts for his guidance examine tho
following figures:
ISiK), October to. liiniiar.v, ooc fouria year 20 3T7,h24
in!)!, fiilt jwir ..Jai.33..WS
IM12, fiilijoiir .,.:. Ji,;(XMJ.i2
IWiilljetit..... JU.,.lW.43.-.38
Ihei, .minmrj tu Auxtisf, sr. n twel.m:. jeir i'4l,b(i3.45S
Acrag number jountls hrpcrlttl i: : niiniin. under MeKJiiley l-u .l.r; ,000,000
IS.il A nii-1 to.laiuiaiy Kt, li'e-lwili !if jiai ."0 to-1 u:i
lw:., full year fir.il.ViJw
Avciiige per niipum
NUMllIU 01' RMUKi'.
Number sheep In I'tiltcd States .himinry I, ISM.
Number sheep In Viilted States January J, lalil.
Loss In oho year under MeKluIey
Number sheep In United States January 1, 18i)."..
Loss In one ear
Seven-twelfths of this loss occurred under MeKluIey law, or
Total loss In sheep fioin Jaiiiiiuy J, ISM, to January 1, I8!t.'
Loss under MeKluIey law In It) months Jan. I, lsixi to Aug I, lht'1.
Loss under Wilson law, " mouths ,..,,
While depreciating "free wool" It.
It Is evident from the above figures that "free wool'1 has not Iwen tho real
cause of tho depreciated sheep Industry. Otherwise the loss of nearly four
million sheen could not havo occurred In tills country under the McKluloy
high tariff law.
Complltd by the Awfully QaotUNftlvtml
It 1. noWFarmer-PrlVatc-Sctirctary
Willis tiUnulwiiy."
Did Farmer Willis Duhiltwuy' ever
make $0 a day farming?
Why shouldn't Hryali talk? Ho has
only good things to tell tho people.
"Wo want a government of, by, nnd
for tho corporations and tho British
gold standard." Gold Democrats.
Hear Judgo Whitney at the armory
tonight. lie represents Bryan and all
"tho riffraff and bobtail," In this
Tho Salem Statesman that said
Brynn was crazy Thursday now is
willing take 20,000 majority in OrcgoiT
By liberal uso of lltcrnturo and
other educational Influences tho
Indian vote of Polk county has been
made almost solid for the gold stand
ard. General Odell does his praying, Sec
retary Dunnlwaydoes his farmlng,but
Governor Lord lias not yet found any
one who can do his swearing for htm
T. T. Gecr Is being educated. Ho
no longer classes tho Canadians, tho
Zulus nnd tho Hottentots together as
ho did at his first gold standard
speech at Salem.
Was tho gold brick swindler any
worse on Mr. Skinner, of Polk county,
than the bank swindle at Salem was
on depositors? The bank swindlers
aro all forMoKlnlcy and tho gold
standard, and so are all the rest of tho
bunco and "conlldenco" mon.
"The only trouble with tho country
is a lack of confidence." Major Mc
Klnloy. Let us see. Wo have $100,-
000,000 less money In existence than
live years ago. In that tune wo pro
duced $250,000,000 In gold; borrowed
$202,000,000; wo exported $300,000,000
Sherman said In 1800 that we ought to
Increase the currency $10,000,000 to
60,000,000 a year at least. Of course,
with an Increase or population or two
million a year. Confidence would bo
nice to have; but what's the objection
to more money Instead of less?
The mothers of the children who
take part In tho entertainment at the
house, will be admitted free, if they
apply nt the back door or the opera
City Warrants.
Notice is hereby given that I have
on hand funds applicable to tho pay
ment of all warrants of the city of
Salem, drawn 011 tlio general fund, and
endorsed before November 20, 1805.
Interest will cease on said warrants
from and after the date of this notice.
15. J. Swajtord,
0 22 Ot CI ty Treasurer.
Salem, Sept. 22, '05.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S, Gov't Report.
...,4fi,0 18.017
2.7 1.1.0VI
N fair to be honest with each other.
A Crasy Woman Hunt th Mayor
With ft Odrli
Ati ulteuipt to ns.asiliittt3 Mayor
PcHtloyct Was nldJ.u (in tho night of
September" 3otUt by a woaian named
M. W. Henderson, a morpliiuo tleudi
Tito following apearcd In tho TlJ
bune, October 1,
"It appears that tho perusal ot tile
vilifying attacks of a morning paper
against tho present administration
and Mayor Pennoyer In particular,
acted upon her enfeebled mind to
such an extent that she came to tho
conclusion that the cxecutivo must
"Arming horsclf, therefore, she pro
cured a carriage and went to Mayor
rennoycr's residence on West Park
street. After being Informed by Mrs.
Pennoyer that her husband was not
at home, Mrs, ncndersori departed,
,but .not before the executive wife
Had notlced.t,he, tYfe?' Whip. From '
West Park strcot. tho woman rodo to
tho city hall, but tho mayor had de
parted an hour before
About 8 o'clock last evening a
woman called at tho Oregon Ian and
said that a woman had gono to Mayor
Ponnoyer's to "sottlo" with him. At
10 o'clock the Orcgontan reporter
rang up his honor from a sound sleep.
When tho reporter asked the mayor If
a woman had been to tho houso to see
him, his honor said no, but Mrs. Pen
noyer called out from tho room that
a woman had been thore In a carriage
to sco her husband, From compari
son of descriptions of tho woman who
called at tho Orcgonlan offlco and of
tho ono whom Mrs. Pennoyer saw, tho
two aro tho samo one Mrs. Hender
Tho Orcgonlan, frightened at the
almost fatal consequence of Its en
deavor to Incite tho peoplo against
the mayor, and fearing if the peoplo
should learn ot tho probablo fatality
of Its perfidy that they would rise In
revolt against tho tall tower, sup
pressed tho whole story.
Has the Largest Circulation With All
Classes of People.
The Little One Cent Silver,
Daily has doublo tho circulation It
over had. It Is tho only Bryan As
sociated PreBS Dally In Oregon, and
tho cheapest paper on the Pacific
Even the everlasting, self-perpetu
atlng, otllco-holdlng aristocracy of
Oregon read The Journal.
Advocates of Bryan and Independ
ent American Bimetallism aro circu
lating tho Daily and Weekly as a
campaign paper all over Oregon, Its
circulation In Marlon county is
greater than nny other newspaper.
Special Sale, Of kid gloves all
tho latest Importations at "The
Leader" millinery store Friday.
"t J. y-'

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