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J 0 URNAL. -
s -JL.
SAl,v-t,0IiRG0N MON)AV.tgC7UJ3BU 8, I0.
YOU 8'
New yor
Gold Democrats Object to
Bryan Electors.
continue to Increase? Compare our prices nnd goods with
those offered by other merchants, and you have the answer.
We arc doing an absolutely cash business. Wc buy and sell
for cash only. In every transaction there Is a good per cont
iirc saved, and we Rive the customer the benefit of all dis
counts. Reliable goods aud lowest prices Is the reason our
Ourstock of shoes Is complete. The
winch we carry are the standard of good quality. Clothing In
yreat variety at bed-rock, hard times prices, liring your cash
and receive full value.
M .1 ...
injections Haisedvto Keep Silver!
Electors off the Ticket, "
Irmtlon tiled wlthou on tlio first day maltied In the secreluryN office until
of October, 1690, by TlioumsU. Orecn, ' R lute hour unit udjnurnea to moot
Robert CntMhKnnd,otlii'K.
A brier tiled wlljl tlieprotel recites
Hid law in the ua.c, some of the
salient points of which are at follews:
By the law of Oregon, It takes two
things to cumplet
There tnuslbcn-pri
Monday morning.
must, be arralngcd and sent out In
official form by the secretary of slate
according to law October 4, and not
a nomination. Hater Jtiun Octobers. The force III
osltlon, upon the i l" secretary's olllce havo the official
oneharTbilaqrt,vntlotnirnsse!iibly joullot aU'-prcpared and addressed In
of som?pii(y"fcnarelnga nomination ,tS,Ujrjlllcttcr!S to the county clerk
His Saturday Speeches and
Portland, Oregon. Sept, 19 to Oct. 17,
The ureal resources of the Pacific Northwest. Agriculture, Horticulture, Fisheries.
ioei. Hwufactnres, 'I mnsportsnion, Machinery, Trade and Corrrinerce will be represented
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etui attractions every nignu. lowest rates every maue on an innsvoriauon lines.
' Admission 25c Children loc. For exhibit space apply to Geo L Hiker, Superintend-
t. at the buildug. E. C. MASTEN, Sec.
Reduced rates. Management liberal. Electric cars leave hoicl (or all public Lmlldines
1 points of interest. Special rates will be given to permanent patrons. ,
a, i. Wagner,
awn Mowers,
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ay Rakes, J VJiay XJl U and Axle Grease.
ardware, Stoves and Tinware,
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den Hose, ")
fcwn Sprinklers, J
H 1
le grandest, the most select, the choicest
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small or large, New fall suits at from
TO i$20.
iJoteon & son
The Popular Clothiers'.
W and Liberty Streets.
Thomas G. Green and others of the
national Democratic party havo tiled
a protest before the secretary of state
late Saturday night against placing
the names of N. L. Butler, Harry
Watkins, N. L. Olmstcad and E.
Ilofer on the olllclal ballot as Demo
cratic, electors.
At the Democratic convention held
In .Portland April 9, 1890, E. Kill
feather, J. M. Carroll, W. W. Oglesby
aud J, J. Whitney were nominated as
Democratic presidential electors.
None of these, except Oglesby, who
afterward withdrew, ever qualified by
tiling their names and acceptance with
the secretary of state; neither wero
the names filed by the chairman and
secretary of the Democratic conven
tion. F. A. E. Starr and George
C. Stout, assuming to renresfitir, n
committee of the Democrats, have
endeavored to file the name of N. L.
Butler, E. Ilofer and Harry Watkins
aud M. L. Olmstad In place of Kill
leather, Carroll and Whitney, who
failed to accept, and Oglesby, who
The protestauts tirst claim that
Starr and Stout have no authority to
ad, but that they first should have
been empoweied by D'Arcy and No-'
land, chairman and secretary of the
Democratic convention, and were not
so authorized Jt Is als claimed that
there could be no substitution' until
the nominations and acceptance wero
first Hied.
If the petitioners make the protest
stick, -Bryan will have' no electoral
ticket at all in this state, as the'.timo
for filing an individual nomination
(30 days prior to election) has passed.
The full text of the protest Is as
'To the secretary of state: As coun
sel for and In behalf of -Thomas G.
Green, Robert CatHn and others, who
as national Democrats, united in tho
petition duly filed with you, nominat
ing for presidential electors and as
national Democrats, Lewis B. Cox,
Frank A. Seufert,Curtis J. Trenchard
and Alexander M. Holmes, and as
counsel for and In behalf of the polit
ical organization known as the
national Democratic party of tho
state of Oregon In behalf of which
party tho foregoing petition referred
to Is filed, I object and protest against
any certification by you to any of the
county clerks of the state of Oregon
the following-named persons as Demo
cratic nominees for the oillce of presi
dential elector tewlt: M. L. Olm
stcad and E. Ilofer, certificates for
the pretended nomination of whom
as Democrats was filed with you by F.
A. E. Starr and George C. Stout,
purporting to sign said nomination,
respectively, as chairman and secre
tary of the Democratic state central
committee; N. L. Butler and Harry
Watkins, certificates for the pre
tended nomination of whom as Demo
crats for the office of presidential
electors was signed by F. A. E. Starr
and George C. Stout, Durportlng to be
respectively signed as chairman and
secretary of the Democratic state cen
tral committee; and I do protest and
object against your certification of
the said parties above named, or
either of them, as tjie nominees of the
Democratic party for presidential
electors, save and except the certifica
tion by you of Lewis B. Cox, Frank
A.Seufert, Curtis J. Trenchard, and
Alexander M. Holmes, as national
Democrats,under the petition of nem:
and this nomination Is complete only
when the nominee signifies his acccpt
u'leciand files It.
On September ; lOj&tarr and Stout
aiy In a ccrtlilcaW.that they have
bicn appointed by the Democratic
party, In its convention held April 9,
1890, to fill vacancies occasioned by 1
of ctteh eUlltity.
If the secretary Is enjoined, the
printing f the ballots will be delayed
aud confusion -will result. If the In
junction is successful, and the Bryan'
electors do iot appear on tho olllclal
ballot as the regular Democratic elec
tors, the gold standard electors will
I ftrtlthi owl nitinit i-tl1 a.tn
WOrC V,WI"MU lljilll) VUl UH3
., .!.,. ....,1. ;..,t,...
"I I Otl intuitu, IBM III
death, resignation orotherwlso of tho lono appear un the ballot asDemo-
nominat on. wiilt; 1 L s ailil i. nuiwu many win vote mem unuor
previously made by ,tho Democratic
p.irty; and they syjjn this certifi
cate that neither J.vM. Carroll, E.
IvIllfnntKni. W W j,.l,..,l r I
Whitney, who, it Is sftld. had been in ,
fact nominated by ' the Democratic
party in convention (neither Starr nor
Stout were authorized' to certify to
this fact, because they vyere not
olllcer8 of the convention us contem
plated by section 31 of tho act.) had
filed their certificate. of nomination or
acceptance. This is true, unless pos
sibly as to Oglesby; but, If true, tho
very truth of the fact prevented their
acting, because no nomination had
been made by the convention, and,
without a convention' 'nomination
namely, nomination and acceptance
no commltte of the convention
could "act.
"Furthermore, at thte-partlcular
tlmo the Oglesby withdrawal had not
been made, and, therefore, even as to
Oglesby, there was no .power to act,
because, untill the withdrawal, no
committee can act; In oJ,her words,
tho committee undertook to act be
fore even Oglesby hud. withdrawn.
As a result, therefore, wlien Starr un
dertook it) act, there -was nothing
for him to act upon. -
"It Allows alSo that mo one who
has even been certified as a nominee
by any convention can resign, because
the secretary of state does not know
officially who has becu nominated;
not only this but it must appear also
that this nomination has been ac
cepted to entitle him to withdrawal;
for, untill accepted, ha Is not a candi
date, and therefore has no power to
"The law nowhere provides that,
where any nominee of the convention
qualifies by acceptance, any com
mittee may name a candidate. And
It Is the duty of the secretary of state
to apply the law us he finds it and not
to determine what the luw ought to
Attorney for Protestants."
The gold standard Democrats havo
taken snap judgment to knock out
the Bryan electors In Oregon. When
they thought It was-too late (less than
thirty days) to get up a petition for
the regular Democratic- electors, they
come In with 11 protest against tho
Bryan electors appearing on the
ticket as Democrats at all.
It Is only 29 days from.twlay, and as
the secretary of state was not sup
posed to get mail on Sunday the pro
test really came a day too late for fair
consideration, or for any hearing on
the merits of the matter, or for the
other side to make any showing
On receipt of the above protest
from the national (gold standard)
Democrats, Secretary Klncald wired
Chairman Starr, Attorney General
Idleman and Zera Snow to appear and
present arguments on the merits of
the mutter.
State Chairman Starr nnd Idleman
came up from Portland on the over
land Sunday night. Hon. Win. II.
Holmes and Hon. P. II. D'Arcy, of
this city were summoned and they re-
Certain to Be Elected by a
.'lit 'rwi9tt:
If after argument today It Is de
cided by the txoretary to send out the
olllclal ballot, with tho Bryan electors
on the same as Democrats, tho four
Bryan electors will appear as "Pen
pies, Democratic, Silver Republi
cans." If the goldbug contention pre
vails, they will appear as "Peoples,
Silver Republicans."
takes the technical position that as
the Democratic electors never ac
cepted there was no vacancy to fill, a
mere peccadillo, and yet the entire
basis of the gold Democratic conten
tion. Zera Snow, In a letter to the
secretary, says they are fortified by
Mr. Idleman's opinion to tho effect
that there were no vacancies, and
hence the Democratic state central
committee had no power or authority
to fill tho vacancy by naming the four
union Bryan electors as Democratic
electors. Attorney General Idleman
was not originally consulted by Secre
tary .Klncald. because he feared he
was hand In glove with the gold Dem
ocrats and so It now appears.
The goldbug managers this morn-
lug telegraphed tho secretary demand.
ing tlmt the Bryan electors appear on
the ticket In three different groups,
as Democrats, as Peoples, and as Sil
ver Bepublloans, thus dividing their
strength at. the polls. But this was
so ridiculous .Klncald would nut en
tertain it at nil.
as they will appear on the official
ballot are as follews:
McKInley: John F. Caplcs, T. T.
Gecr, F. L. Smith. S. M. Yoran.
Bryan: N. L. Butler, 13. Ilofer, W.
IT. Spaugh, nurry Watkins.
Prohibition (no candidate:) D.
Bowcrman, C. J. Bright, Leslie But
ler, C. E. Hosklns.
Gold Demecrats: Lewis B. Cox,
Alexander M. Holmes, Frank A. Sen
fert, Curtis J. Tranchard.
was finally agreed upon by the secre
tary of state and Attorney-General
Idleman as the complete remedy to
the objections of the gold standard
Democrats. So 250 names will have
to be enrolled at Salem before Tues
day evening of this week. The
petition has been prepared to meet all
the technical objections, and while It
Is not necessary as u matter of law,
the precaution is no doubt u wise one
and 250 signers will have to be pro
cured at Salem. Any voter, -belie
Republican, Democrat or People's
party, no matter what other petitions
he may have signed is cliglblo to sign
tho petition that names the four
Bryan electors as Democrats. They
arc already named by three conven
tions and .by three sets of petitions,
but now must be named a fourth
time, und the voters will be found at
Salem to sign them up before the sun
goes down Tuesday evening, October
5th. Let the voters come In from nil
directions and sign at The Journal
office and other places.
by the gold Democratic managers In
the employ of Murk Ilanna, If they
fall to keep the Bryan electors from
appearing on the regular ticket as
Democrats, will be .to Jenjoln each
county clerk from printing the Bryan
(Continued on fourtli page.)
Cincinnati, Oct. I. William Jen
nings Bryan gives the follow Irg
signed statement concerning tl.e
coming electien:
"I have no doubt of my election. I
base my confidence upon tho fact that
tho frco coinage, scnllmviit is growing
everyday. Tho people are studying
the money question, and the study of
It Is convincing the people generally
that there can be no permanent pros
perity as long as tho gold standard
Is maintained.
"Tho gold standard makes a dearer
dollar; a dearer dollar moans falling
prices and falling prices means hard
times. Tho ptoplo who profit by hard
times aro relatively so small .In num
ber that they would amount to noth
ing at all but for tho fact that they
uro aided by a considerable number of
people, who not having studied tho
mpney question themselves, have re
ceived Instructions from 11 few
"Tho number of Republicans who
havo declared for free silver outnum
ber tho Democrats who havo deserted
the ticket, and while tho number of
silver Republicans is increasing
all tho time, tho number of
bolting Democrats Is all the time de
creasing. While I havo no doubt as
jUniiy election, I believe that tho ad
vocates of frco cotnago should work
from now to election day to mako tho
majority in the electoral college so
large that no party will ever daro to
proposo submission to a foreign finan
cial policy. (Signed.)
"William Jennings Bryan."
from saturday speeches.
"Our opponents aro attempting to
array tho laborers In tho city against
tho laborers on tho .farms. They aro
trying to dlvldo those who toll Into
two classes and play one class against
tho other. They tell us that wo aro
raising class Issues; and yet the Re
publican party In this campaign has
dono more to array classes against
classes thau any party over did In any
campaign lh tho history of this coun
try; nnd worst of all, my friends, the
Republican party In this campaign Is
attempting to compel the laboring
taen of this country who work for
wages to vote against their own Inter
ests under threat of losing their Jobs,
They tell you tho Interest of one man
Is tho Interest of ull. I tell you there
are questions which arise where men's
Interests differ."
"You will havo un opportunity to
hear the Issues of this .campaign dis
cussed ,bccause Illinois Is rich In those
who are prepared to do yeoman servlco
In behalf of tho comii.oii people.
There s none more ublo and willing,
or more courageous, than your candi
date for governor, John P. Altgeld."
"When our campaign opened our
opponents thought they could ridicule
us out of existence, and then when
they found that tho ridicule would
not work, they began to nbuse those
who favored frco coinage. They be
gan to call theui'all sorts of names,
and, when ihuy wore not inaklni
ninoU imigrca?, X. understand .that
down In tlw- dttiid of. Indlurfl,
our opponents resoHctHit jplsrcprc
Mutation. 1 dhl Yiifornud that "thd
Republicans have Clrculat6d In this"
stato an editorial taken from tie
Oniaha World-Heaild crltlzlng fen
slon appropriations. That editorial
appeared In the Woikl ncral'd some
two years before 1 had any connection
with the paper, and thoso who., aro
circulating It know they are cir
culating sometnlng I never Vrcte,
which I was not responsible for, and
win in no manner connected with.
So desperate has become the Republi
can campaign that thosj who claim
to want an honest dollar are not will
ing to deal honestly with apolitical
opponent. Great applause. Upon
the pension question, us upon all other
questions, my record can bo found
by any one who will read reports of
the congressional .proceedings or tho
platforms upon which I have run."
Grcatappl:iuso. ' '"
Memphis, Tenn., Oct. 6. Bryan ar
rived tills morning- at 7:30. Thou
sands of people wero at tho Poplar
street -station. Tho famous ChkkaJ
saw guars and Ncely Zouaves escorted
Mr. Bryan nnd the Memphis coiumlt
teo to tho hotel, ovhero breukfast was
taken. A feature of the demonstra
tion to tho depot, was several Instan
taneous aerial salutes, equalling tho
noise of n 20-pound cannon, given by
General Peter Tracy, In honor of tho
distinguished visitor.
Bryuu nt 10 o'clock was escorted to
tho base ball park by tho committee
Ten thousaud people gave him a
rousing reception. He wns Intro
duced by Senator Harris. In tho
spceeh Bryan said: "Whllo I upi
predate tho honor conferred upon mo,
not .only by tho nomination of my own
party, but by tho additional nomina
tion of the other two parties; I say to
you. here, my friends, that my Inter
est In tho cause of bimetallism Is so
deep that I would without a moments
hesitation, resign my nominations In
favor of any person In this county, -who
can better carry this cause to
L. W. Gulss, J. G. Reeves and Mlna
Wright astrustces of Home Rcbekah
Lodge No. 58 of Woodburii, today
filed articles of Incorporation with
tho comity clerk. The socloty'8 prop-
erty is valued at $75.
E. K. Hall has tiled notice, with
County Clork Ehlcnof the location of
tho "Lllllc Irene" mining claim In
Gold Creek Mining District of this.
Similar notice has been filed -by
Jucob Harless who lins located a
quurts initio nearllie Littto JSortli t
Fork of tho Santlam. Mr. Hurlcss
hasulso located a claim known as
"Butcher Boy' In the same .vicinity.
Justice Court.
Tho rcplovln suit of James I. Doz?
ler vs E. W. Capps, constable of Wood;
hum precinct, In which a couplo of
hundred Backs of wheat wero Involved
was heard injustice II. A. Johnson's
court Suturduy before u Jury consist
ing of J. A, Baker, E. II. Flagg, W.
H. Cook, 13. F. Osburn, J, F. Stulger
und Charles Calvert. J. A. Carson
appeared for tho plaintiff nnd John
Manning and W. M. Kulscr for tho
defendant. The trlul began In tho
forcuoou nnd was nut concluded .untl,
late In the evening when tho Jury re
turned a verdict In favor of tho con
stable. '
A Protectionist. A bit of con
versation between two patients at tho
asylum a few duys since was over
heard. It scorns even thoso whoso
minds are badly deranged, are much
Interested In the result of thlsjpreslj
dcntlul campaign. One of tho patients
remarked something about protection,
ns tisuul trying to avoid tho Issuo of
the present campaign, when patient
No. 2 respended: "An honest man
never wants protection. It Is only
the rogues and unfair men that ask
for protection In order that they may
better curry on their 'sculldugery,' " ,
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