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VOL. 8.
Daring the Course of the State
the a:
- .
ii V RflftkTT
nJ V IitiIiI r i
i. . inuiL
will continue to sell their goods at their usual
low prices, They have a fine line of men's and
boys' clothing and overcoats, Also the celebrated
A Fortunate Termination in
Tillman's Absence "'
i" v
women and
at very low
ipr ?? 2r J3i
line ot boots ana snocs lor men,
children, of the best quality, and
prices, 1 he line oi
for men, women and children is complete, Also
ribbons, laces, embroideries, handkerchiefs, sua j
penders, hats and caps, wool, yarn of all kinds,
duck coats, overalls, jackets, and a thousand other
items, all sold at 15 to 25 per cent below orduv
ary prices, Call and see for yourselves, We
will save you money,
w. s.
U'Ren and Elder
Give Hot Talks,
DCKisfria; HfoosifioD
Portland, Oregon, Sept. 19 to Oct. 17. ,
The great resources of (the Pacific Northwest. Agriculture, Horticulture, Fisheries,
Mines, Manufactures, 1 ransportation, Machinery, Trade and Commerce will be represented
more completely than ever before. 37Grand band concert every rffrnoon and evening.
Special attractions every night. Lowest rates every made on all tran ortation lines.
Admission 25c. Children 10c. For exhibit space apply to Geo L. linker, Superintend,
ent, at the builduig. E. C. MASTEN.Sec.
Reduced rates. Management liberal. Electric cars leave ho;el lor nil public buildings
Jnd points of interest. Special rates will be given to permanent patrons,
Lawn Mowers,
Hay Rakes,
Maclune Oils,
and Axle Grease.
Gray Bros,
Hardware. Moves and linware.
Garden Hose,
Lawn Sprinklers, J
Saletn, Or,
At 2 p. m. all began to crowd toward
Marlon Square.
It was a solid Bryan crowd fringed
about with an occasional pie eater.
"Mollle" was in evidence strongly
as ever at Bryan's rally. "Mollle" is
for Bryan.
That Bryan crowd Thursday night
and Friday afternoon never seemed
to wantito quit.
Tillman was gone. In spite or tele
grams sent out from Salem to that
effect, Friday's crowd at Salem was
"Free col uage,protcctlon aud the
election of Bryan go hand In hand,"
was one of U'Ren's hard hits on Fri
day. "As American citizens let us go in
for American politics," was one of
the texts talked upon Friday by Elder
The crowd was always ;t Bryan
crowd, a silver crowd, prepared to tear
goldbug arguments to pieces, -to hoot
at gold advocates and hurrah for the
white metal.
Those Intellectual giants of Mc
Klnleylsm, Dock Keene.MaJor Dunnl
way and General Idleman were close
listeners to Elder Barkley. Occasion
ally a sympathetic friend would come
up and shed a tear with them.
A lithograph of Bryan, the stars
and stripes, a crowded speakers'
stand, Judge"l)avldson, the capitalist
and farmer as chairman, enthusiastic
Itepubllcan, Democratic and People's
partyileaders, were all on the platform.
The grandest, the most select, the choicest
assortment of men's dress suits, business
suits, every day suits your eyes ever Hbtv
held, fabrics that are meritorious, linings
that are reliable, styles that are new, fit that
shows study, and last but not least, prices
thatarevwell, prices that fit your purse, be
it small or large, New fall suits at from
The Popular Clothiers',
State and Liberty Streets,
It was just like n circus day.
Farmers and family were In holiday
attire. They came to hear Tillman,
to do trading, to talk politics. At
times three hundred were gathered at
a street corner, listening to discus
sions on the money question.
"I want the mines open as well as
the mints. We want all these things
going together at the same time, so
we can have our big country full of
prosperous, Independent people,'.' was
one or Jiider Bariueys nits that was
applauded to the echo.
Elder Barkley's talk was "hot stuff"
from beginning to end. lie took up
thccolumnles of Ills enemies and re
futed them piecemeal, challenging
them to nieet him on. any stump in
this state with specific charges, as he
had no newspaper and could not
answer anonymous newspaper Bland
er?. To the great enjoyment of the
crowd a carriage, contanlng Elder
Barkley, the Bryan of Oregon, drove
up. He had cancelled an engage
ment at Philomath to help out the
local committee at Salem, In their
great disappointment at Tillman's
The McKlnleyitcs 6eemed to think
the way to reach the masses of the
people best would be at the Bryan
meeting, so on the east side of every
tree in Marion square was a placard
announcing Hon. C. A. Boutelle, of
Maine, and Hon. M. C. George, of
Oregon, to speak at Salem on next
Friday. The Journal does not re
call an effort of the Bryanltes to ad
vertise their sneakers at a McKlnley
It was from 2 to4:aO that U'Ren
and Barkley talked. No two speakers
on a platform In Salem ever wot such
close attention as they did. The
crowd wenthome happy, wearingsmlles
from ear to ear, with only here and
there a long-faced solemn-looking
goldite who didn't seem U enjoy the
beautiful autumn day Just drawing
to Its golden close with asllver morn
Illumining the eastern heavens.
Hon.W.S. U'Ron.of Oregon City,
held the audience to their great de
light for an hourdrawing round after
round of applause and laughter. He
Is one of 'the most clear, logical and
forceful speakers In- the state cam
paign. ,It, is a sad and solemn fact
wiiiKiiuu. j., jl. ituemts nut uying 10
encounter Mr. UTieri. &Nelihcr is C.
B. Moores, who used UMrldlcule Mr.
U'Ren. They avoid him -as a hnrlnc
chicken would a rattlesnake, and for
good reasons. Mr, " uV.Beh Is up to
date. They are aware of It too.
The roll call of the backsliders al-y
leged free silver men now advocating
tho gold standard wasjhuraorous and
sarcastic in tho extreme, and kept
tho crowd in a continuous uproar.
The seated audience was more than
half ladles, and they enjoyed tho
"skinning" so scientifically conducted
by the master hand -with a Haying
knife, and then when the Black
Eagle, of French Prairie began to
pick the bones of tho remains people
laughed until they could laugh no
Editor Jeurnal: For Seveial days
past the associated press, lias, flooded
the papers with dlspatches'abowt tho
great shortage of the wheat crop in
various countries. This ,1s done to
prove that short crops), and that only,
cause the advance in price. It is a
political trick that tho average Amer
ican citizen will not swallow. It
savors, too much of MarkiHiinualnm
to go down. If tiio great shortage
were known to bo a fact, wheat would
make a sudden advance tomcet the
discrepancy Instead of " advancing
halt a cent at a t line. If koueh short
age really existed, wbeat operators
are smart enough to know what the
ultimate effect would 04 upon tho
market, and their anxiety to get pos
session of the precious gram would
boom the price right up. vThat this
is not tho result is of itself proof that
this alleged news Is not bona tide.
These dispatches are without .a doubt
sent out at tho Instigation of the syn
dicates to convince voters that the
prospects of free silver have nothing
to do with tho rlso in the prlco of
wheat. Farmers, take this alleged
news with a grain of salt.
Major McKlnley Talks On an
Empty Stomach,
Scores of Fine Addresses
v. Daily.
r ,
An Enjoyable Evening.,,
The open meeting given by the
Philodorhin society of' Willamette
university last evening, was a big suc
cess. While the program had a polit
ical ring about It, yet each number
was entirely or a humorous nature,
and received the just recognition at
the hands or the entertained, which
they merited.
Van Winkle opened tho evening's
program with a few remarks, in which
he extended a hearty welcome to all
present. The Mott brothers followed
with one of their campaign songs,
and the audience would only be con
tent when the young vocalists gave a
second selection. They favored the
audience later, on the program, with
a third selection, which was also
heartily applauded. The expctatlon
of the audience at this point, was at
its highest, since the next number
was: "A I'lea ror tuo single uoiu
Standard," by Bill McKlnley. It baa"
previously been announced that the
society had Imported Bill McKlnley
and the Boy Orator for the evening,
which naturally aroused the expecta
tion of the audience still higher. To
say that the greatest expectations were
fully realized would be but expressing
facts; when I. P. Calllson stepped
forth and advanced as sound an argu
ment in favor of the single gold stan
dard " can be made. Mr. Calllson j
became quite humorous and was ac-'
corded a hearty applause. Miss Marie
Campbell followed with a campaign
recitatlou It which the present un
fortunate pledicamentof tho"Modern
Sphinx" was pictured to perfection.
This young lady is a talented young
elocutionist and her selection was
greatly appreciated. Again tho ex
pectation of the audience was aroused
when the next number was announced
viz: "Shall We Have Free Silver?" by
tho Boy Orator. And they were not
disappointed either. Mr. 0. C. Miller
presented several humorouB sugges
tions us to what free silver meant and
was loudly upplauded. A social time
followed during which all heartily
participated In numerous games. It
was not until a luto hour that the
party disbanded, being unstinted In
their praise of the management.
Considering the short time in which
the participants had to prepare their
respective numbers the affair was a
decided success.
Early Callers.
Canton, Oct. 17. Major McKlnley
began speaking before breakfast to
day. About 8 o'clock a delegation of
several hUlidred frutti Monroe county,
Mich., arrived, four to live tralnloads,
which brought three distinct delega
tions, from Pennsylvania.
The cowd at noon'.fs as largo as any
day of the campaign, and tho an
nounccmontsforth'j afternoon promise
to break all previous, records. Over
thirty trains are scheduled for tho
Bryan In the Pink of Condition.
OwossoDzpot, Mich., Oct. 17. W.
J." Bryan invoke this morning re
freshed aria" in good condition to con
tinue his record breaking trip through
Michigan. He started speech making
at 8 o'clock at St. JJohns. His voice
was in good condition and ns ho ex
pressed It, he was ready to do another
day's work such as tho other day
whon ho made twenty-three speeches,
and, throw in half a dozen more ad
dresses for geod measure.
Saginaw, Mich., Oct. 17. Flint
turned out several thousand enthus
iastic shoutcrs to greet Bryan. Justin
N.Newton introduced tho candidate
and wife to the audience. Rousing
cheers were given. Tho meeting was
enthusiastic. ,
Campaign Literature.
Washington, Oct. 17. Tho Silver
party and Populists today ceased the
distribution of campaign documents.
Tho Republicans and Democrats
will continue to meet tho demands
practically until election. The Rct
publican congressional committee has
distributed from Washington about
21,000,000 pieces, Democrats 12,000,000,
Silverltes 10,000,000 and the Populists
Hanna's Order.
Chicago, Oct.17. Chairman Hanna
today promulgated tho suggestion,
that 911 October 24, all those who in
tend to vote for McKlnley display tho
national Hag at their liomea and
places of business.
Watson's Campaign.
Atlanta, Oct. 17. It can bo stated
authoritatively, that Thomas Wat
son will meet Senator Jones, chair
man of the Democratic national com
mittee, In Atlanta next Monday, to
talk over the campaign. The Indica
tions are now, that In a short time
Watson will be actively stumping tho
state of Kansas, for Bryan.
Wutson still refuses to make known
the contents of his letter of accept
ance. Ho Bays It Is with Senator But
ler, whether or not the letter will
ever be given to the public.
An Interesting Meeting, The
Young People's Society of Christian
Endeavor of the Presbytcrlau church
are making special preparations for a
very Interesting and profitable meet
ing on Sunday evening at 0:16. Tho
meeting will be ln charge of tho
chairman of tho newly formed com
mittee. The future possible achieve
ments of the society will be discussed
after which a question und suggestion
box will be opened. Special music
will be furnished by the choir.
A Joint Dedatk. John P. Robert
son went to Buttevllle this afternoon
where he will huvc a joint discussion
with ex-Congressman M, C. Ocorge
this evening. Mr. Robertson will ad
vocute the free coinage of silver.
$35,000 or Mark Hanna's Sack Reaches
Portland, Oct. 17. Special.
The sack has arrived In tho McKlnlev
camp und Joy Is great.
There was a hot fight for a time be
tween State Chairman Sol Hlrsch and
National Committeeman Geo. A.
Steel as to who should handle tho
stuff. At last tho Junior Senator
George Compromise McBrlde was
sent east to got his leg fixed, and ns
the report went and returned with a
draft for $25,000 and promise of ns
much more. The division and dis
bursement is going on under a com
promise the principal fcaturo
of which consists of fixing tho Mc-
unuo icnccs ror a re-election four
years hence. E. P. McCornack is said
to have secured $5,000 for Marlon
county, with promise or more If
Sol Hlrsch nnd Senator Denny, who
succeed Jonathan Bourne ns secretary,
are handling it, and not using it in
the Interest or Dolph, Simon etnl
cither. They had a first draft ofW.OOO.
Now they get 925,000. $10,000 was
raised at Salem and In the state.
Tho fight Is Inside the Republican
party for the Control of tho federal
patronage in uregon and It Is ".low
iiLMiirmii ie
The Markets Raise on Both
Their Long Lines of Wheat
. ' " ' i '
ew," all in tho namo of Mc-
All Knocked Out. -Persons look-
Imported Stock. In connection !
.11,1, , tin rt,i rntn trritnfirV G'lln nf. ItA i
Pioneer grocery.a line line of Imported ,for ,ow I,rl ?r'Tl e " r f Wt
dishes Is now being 6laugnterel. call
early for choicest belectlons. John
O, Wright - J5i3t
cash can now get more goods for their
money at John G. Wright's than any
where else In the city. 10 at
lodays Transactions in the Various
County Departments.
County Judge G. P. Terrell hns an
proved tho final nccouut of Anna
Johnson, as administratrix of tho es
tateof A. M. Johnson, deceased.
Henry Brueck has been admitted to
tho Salem hospital, such order having
oeen made by Judge G. P. Terrell.
circuit court.
In case of Phil Ncls vs. S. W. Jones,
of Brooks, action for money; jury re
turned a verdict In favor of plaintiff.
Demurrer to complaint, In caso of
Ferdinand Gouln vs. F. J. Eldrledgo
et nl., replevin and damages, has been
overruled by Judgo Burnett.
A plea of "not guilty" was entered
Friday, by Joseph Gllson, for pointing
a gun at another. His caso will come
up next week.
In caso of James I. Dozler vs E. W.
Copps, Jury returned a verdict In favor
or plaintiff ror 289 sacks of wheat or
$240.48, tho valuo thereof with costs
and disbursements and for tho defend
ant ror six bushels. Slnco tho suit
was commenced wheat has advanced
considerable which accounts for tho
latter provision,
Jno. Appcrson aud Ed Babb, con-
vlptcdof burglary from Mel Hamil
ton's Baloon, wero sentenced this
morning by Judgo Burnett to one
year and ono year six months respect
ively In the stato penitentiary, and to
pay costs and disbursements of the
In caso of Stato vs. Lewis J. Allen,
for larceny of $10.50 from E.Eckerlln's
saloon, returned a verdict of guilty,
recommending that the court exercise
Its clemency In passing sentonco on
hlnl. Allen will bo sentenced Mon
day morning.
Tho damage caso or J. W. McKln
ney ys. Statesman Publishing Com
pany for $1,600 occasioned by tho com
pany's refusal to renew tho contract
existing between them, was culled at
9 a. m this morning boforo a Jury con
sisting of J. A. VanEaton, Frank
Kaiser, James Kerr, Louis Miller, A.
Simpson, F. R. Hlbbard, A. L. Iled
rick, John Patterson, S. W. Jones,
GeorgcWrlght, A. W. Vcatch and
James Eastham.
The $1,500 damage caso of J. "W.
McKlnney vs. Statesman Publishing
uymijuuy, ucciipiCU 1110 WIIOIO UUy lit
circuit, court today.
Chicago, Oct. 18. After a session
seldom cqunlicd for excitement and
heaviness of Its transactions, Decem
ber wheat closed today 7C cents, an
ndyance clean of 31 cents slqco the
closing of yesterdays market. The
closing figures wero not tho top one,
for shortly beforo the noon hour. 701
cents was bid for December options,
Tho advnnco Is attributable to tho
remarkable strength of the Liverpool,
Berlin and Paris markets. Foreigners
undoubtedly have long lines of wheat
Itwastho general Impression that
there would bo no reaction until they
unloaded and In view of the failure of
tho India crop and shortness In Russia
and Argentlno, this seemed to be
rather a rcmoto contingency. Every
offer of wheat made to Europo today
was accepted. Liverpool closed with
an advanco of 2 per cental. Tho
London market reported an equivalent
Another Lively Day.
San Francisco. Oct. 17. This was
another exciting day on tho floor of
tho produce oxchango, wheat taking
further upward Jump of oight points.
The markot was vory excited and
bidding brisk. The first session of
call board closed steady. December
wheat, which closod yesterday at $1.40
per cental opened this morning $I.47i
high $1.48 closed $1.40. May wheat
closed yesterday $1.42J, open this
morning $1.50 high, $1,50 closed $1,401
at end first session.
For Tho Hospital.
Readers should not forget the outer-
talnment to bo given at Reed's opora
houso on Wednesday evening next, by
Dr. Do Kannott, for the benefit of tho
Salem Hospital. Tho exhibition Is
one recently given nt tho exposition
In Portland consisting of stcrco-clec-trlcal
vlnws and tableaux, the subjects
being takon from all parts of tho
world, Including "Tho Coronation"
'A Day at Midwinter Fair" numor-
ous Politics," etc., etc., tho aggregate
proving the u most delightful even.
lng's entertainment. Tho prices aro
within tho reach of nil, and tho object
a most worthy one. Don't fail to bco
the marvelous taanRforraatlon scenes,
nnd hundreds of other charming effects.
The Shakers of Mount Lebanon, a
community or simple, honest, God
rearing men and women, have pre
pared tho Shaker Digestive Cordlul
for many years, and It Is always the
same simply, honest, curative medi
cine that linn helped to make the
Shakers the healthy, long-lived people
that they are. The Shakers never
have Indigestion. This Is purtly owing
to their simple mode of Urn, partly to
I ho wonderrul properties of Shaker
Digestive Cordla". Indlgestlan Is
by the stomach glands not supplying
enough digestive Juice. Shakers Di
gestive Cordial supplyles what's
wanting. Shakers Digestive Cordial
Invigorates tho stomach und all Its
glands so that arteruwhllo they don't '
need help. As evidence or tho hone
Bty or Shakers Dlgistlve Cordial, tho
formula Is printed on every bottle.
Soldby d rugglsts, price 10 cents to
$1.0o per bottle.
Portrait Fuamks, 10x20 Inches
solid oak only $2. Others for $1.60 ut
Burcn & Hamilton's 10-tf.
Funeral on Sunday. Tho
funeral of Mrs. Sarali G. Wade will bo
conducted from her Into residence,
568 Front street, at 10: 30 u.iu.b'unday.
Rev, W. E. Copeland, of the Unitai
rlun churchjOf which Mrs. Wade was a
consistent member, will olllclato and
the romalns will be given burial In
tho Rural cemetery.
More Curative Power
Is contained In a bottle of Hood's
Sarsaparilla than in any other similar
preparation. It costs the proprietor,
manufacturer and Jobber more and Is
worth more to tho consumer. It has
a record of cures unknown to any
other preparation. It Is tho best to
buy because It Is tho Ono Truo Blood
Hood's Pills aro tho best family
cathartic and liver medicine. Gentle,
reliable, sure.
Friends of Bryan Und Frco Coinage
ivho can contribute to tho campaign
fund, oven so small a sum as 25 cents,
should do so as funds arc badly needed
in mo closing uays or mo campaign.
. ii. .i
Poor doodlebug Butterworthl Ho
was a silver man too, only last spring.
Highest of all in Lcavonlng Power, Latest U.S. Gov't Report.

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