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Daily Capital Journal
(SATURDAY, OCT. 17, 1890.
For Independent American Bimetallism
anil People's Government.
For President,
of Nebraska.
For Vice-President,
of Georgia.
N. L. BUTLER, Polk County, Democratic,
W. II. 8PAUGII. Lane County, Peoples.
HARRY W ATKINS, Yamhill Co., Peoples.
E. HOFER, Marion Co., Silver Republican.
At the great Republican rally at
Albany, October 11, at which Mr.
Butterworth and others Bpokc, there
were Just 453 people in line. Of these
250 were voters and 203 were women
and boys. The Albany Democrat
The McKlnley Rally closed last
night with a packed house at the
opera, preceded by a parade with
about two hundred in line including
the flambeau club of Corvallls and the
band of that city, about fifty coming
down at 7:30 o'clock on a special train.
Judge Caplcs, of Portland, and Con
gressman Butterworth spoke,of coune
trying to force the tariff Issue ahead
of the money question. Mr. Butter
worth admits that he wrote the Teller
letter, but says it hat) been garbled.
As a matter of fact the letter has
been (Circulated as taken from the
congressional records. "
Tho McKInleyltes trotted out ex
Senator Hatch at Brush college
Thursday night to meet The Jour
nal man In joint debate. The im
mense crowd were not disappointed.
Mr. Hatch charged that The .Jour
nal man was a Populist. Of course,
that settled It. The Journal will
never regret having contributed Its
mite to help keep Mr. Hatch out of
the legislature.
Tho attempt to pack the armory
with McKlnley shoutcrs at Mr. Till
man's meeting proved a failure, and
on a test vote out of an audience of
1200 there were 100 hands went, up for
Oregon needs a tariff; oh yes. Tlio
Statesman will please show why wool,
hops, wheat and oats are all going up
together. Part are tariffed. Part
are not.
Tho Pullman Palace Car Co., de
clares Its usual dividend. Its salary
has not been cut in two.
Poor doodlebug Butterworth! no
was a silver man too, only last spring.
From Dallas.
Editor Jeurnal: The Dally Ore
goaian -or me iotu inst, contains a
flaBh-liead registering tho meeting
held by the Republicans hero on tho
14th. In the first place tho "Popo
crats" as tho correspondent styles the
Bryan friends, dldnot disturb the Re
publican meeting.
"While tho brass band was playing to
collect a crowd at the court house for
tho Republican meeting, tho Bryan
boys, ranging from 10 years old up to
14, got some cow and sheep bolls and
rang and hollowed for tho Bryan meet
ing at tho city hall. This was all
dono before any speaking and In tho
court house yard and on tho streets.
Nobody was disturbed but the sensi
tive ears of our sheriff. We quit when
wo got ready, for wo had tho approval
of the city marshal and tho best citi
zens of Dallas. "Wo cot tho crowd all
thosamoand that Is what hurt tho
tfie Bill McKlnley crowd. As we
were in the crowd of boys that rang
tho bells, we want to rebuke tho Ore
gonlan reporter for writing de
famatory of us and our town.
Van Emukek.
Ed Dunn.
Discusses Some Life PiOServlrig
Points for Women.
Let me ask you, yc goodly women
who dally perform a score of unnes
sary taskd, do you know that there is
one sort of economy of which you are
Ignorant? You have all heard of
many "economies," domestic and
otherwise, and some of you have even
studied political economy, but did you
ever even contemplate pnysicai
economy? That Is, an economical ex
penditure of your physical strength?
Your sunken eyes and thin, pale
cheeks answer "no."
Now listen. You' have a thousand
and one fur-bclows, frills and ruffles
on your own and tho children's cloth
ing. To commence with,
your back over your sewing and
strained your eyes upon it when you
first made all that foolishness. And
then you scolded the little ones be
cause they were careless about soiling
their dainty aprons, for you thought
of Monday morning, and then, worst
of all. the Ironing on Tuesday. How
you toiled over the little garments,
until you were trembling with fatigue,
and vexation, and when Ted asked
you to help him fix his kite you gave
hint a punch between his little fat
shoulders and told him not to "bother
mamma." Did you see the sunshine
fade from his eyes? Then when you
came to your be-ruflled and be-tucked
white skirt, which you hud left until
the last, you mentally determined It
would be a long time ere you went
walking with George, If Ironing that
was the penalty.
How many arguments are there set
forth against too elaborate clothing,
and every one a sufficient one?
A child's clothing is sufficient,
especially for every day wear, If it is
whole and clean, and they enjoy them
selves much more if their playtime is
not haunted by fears of a scolding.
For morning wear for the little girls,
the plainest made gingham or crinkled
seersucker .aprons are good, and for
afternoon something a bit daintcr,
the degree of fineness to be deter
miner! by your financial circumstances
and place of abode. For the boys the
long denim overalls are Invaluable as
they savo the knees of stockings, and
the straps simulating suspenders make
the lad feel very manly. For dressier
wear are the customary short pants
and plain waits. Don't make the
mistake of putting ruffles on a boy,
because of his sex, if for no other
reason. Don't you know it makes
them feel "sheepish" when they be
come old enongh to notice, and no boy
likes to be "Little Lord Fauntleroy-ed
In dress. As for your own clothing,
you very seldom need wear a white
skirt now-a-days, and with a small
amount of forethought tho labor of
laundering your garments may be re
duced to a minimum.
Clothing is becoming almost the
111 In tlipp lief tor wn'i you are
yourself receiving inestimable benefit.
This discourse docs not add variety
to tho table fare, but it will servo for
food, for reflection, if naught else.
restful notes.
When you become fatigued, do not
sit down with "a little work in your
hands." That does -not afford the
rcstyouhecd. Lie down. If nowhere
JI3C, 11U UI1 LIIU limit, Uilb UN JUUl U.IV.R,
with yriur arms spread out, and by .nil
moans with eyes closed. Don't lie on
your side or try to read. Let every
muscle relax, and remember fiat your
eyes are also tried. Otic can rest
more In ten minutes like this than in
an hour of what the ordinary woman
terms rest.
But if you would lie dowa, then
you bent especially If you arc alone) pLiceyour
feet in another chair. The men all
know enough to take advantage of
that extra help in resting.
When your feet arc achhg from
standing a long time give them a
quick bath in cold salty watci which
removes the soreness and th tired
feeling tho quickest of anything. It
Is a great help to change one t shoes
dally, as no two pairs arc etactlv
A rubber tap on the heels ol your
shoes is a great comfort, as it is
really a cushion like "walking on
velvet carpets," you know.
When you iron, place something
thick and soft on the floor to stand
on; the thicker and softer tho better.
Don't laugh, just try It.
Lay aside corsets. At least don't
wear them while you do hard work.
Of courso you will feel more tired at
first without them. The more you
feel the need of them the more you
need to discard them. At the end of
tho third day you'll say you can't do
without them. But continue trying,
or a month if necessary. At the
i Every
In your house spick and span, and
you hardly feel that you've leaned
them. To master your houseworkf
and not let it master you use
Dom two hours' work in one
Sold everywhere. Made only by
St Louis, Chicago, New York, Boston,
Wrrrrrfl -"! '"-V Wm
- sIdbntiSt. iffi R. i, N m"
....... T- r. ir ai ? . s... . W 111 1 II f
i White V
."-weisorTo Dr. I. M.IKeene. old
Corner, Salem, Or. Parties desiring superior
operations at moderate fees in any branch are
in especial request.
Depot Express,
San Francisco.
More Curative Power
Is contained In a bottle of Hood's
Sarsaparllla than la any other similar
preparation. It costs tho proprietor,
manufacturer and jobber more and is
worth more to tho consumer. It has
a record of cures unknown to any
other preparation. It is tho best to
buy because It is the One True Blood
Hood's nils aro the best family
cathartic and liver medicine. Gentle,
reliable, sure.
curse of woman's existence. By all
means be neat and whole and clean
but don't overdo. If you will give
the subject a half hour's thought you
can 'think of more reformation than
one can suggest In hours of writing,
for tho field is almost unlimited.
More matting-covered or bare
painted floors, would give more health
and comfort than yards of Brussels
carpeting. Think how your back and
arms ache after sweeping them I
Eliminate about one-half the useless
abominations you possess, in the
shape of "Interior decorations," and
you have more than enough to make
you tired. (Slang phrase not in
tended.) Humanity in general and
womankind in particular, have let
things run to decoration rather than
usefulness until the original adap
tation is lost sight of, and the posses
sion of the object becomes a detri
ment. Extravagance somewhere, is the
root of all impoverishment, be it
financial or physical. In either par
ticular it acts and reacts upon the
other. Sit down, now, without one
thing to occupy hands or brain, ex
cept tho subject Itself, and recount
the things which you do that are use
less, when considered from the im
portant standpoint of health. You
work and worry oyer things which
amount to nothing in particular at
present, and Infinitely less a hundred
years from now, when if your ener
gies were expended in a proper man
ner, you might accomplish much that
would bo enduring. For Instanco,
there are things you can do for tho
children, which will liuve an lnlluonco
years after things you cannot do If
you persist In devoting your time and
enorgy in "decorating" their bodies
with clothing. Bettor "decorate"
their, minds with useful Knowledge
and their behavior with courtesy; and
as to their characters twnic or the
innumerable virtues, which may bo
cultivated, while applying your ubll-
Mlll Co. Blacksmithlng work ex
hibit, Jacob Herboldt. Draining tile,
exhibit.! E Murphy. Lard, 10 pounds,
Mrs Emma Slmeraj, Macleay. WashJ
ing machine, A B Ems. Dallas. Soap,
domestic made, Mrs Emma Dagney.
Cultivator, S P Kimball. Fan mill,
Thomas Holman. Oregon manufact
ured textiles, Thomas Kay Woolen
Mill Co. Grubbing machine, Iron
works. Gate, O Wetzel, Albany. Ex
press wagon, Coast Carriage Co, Cor
vallls. One horse open buggy, same.
Road cart, same. Largest and best
display of vehicles, same. Two horse
wagon, same. Largest and best dis
play of canned goods, 20 yarletios and
50 articles, Mrs Viola Gardner. Larg
est and best display of manufactured
Hour, Bryant & Young, Aumsvllle.
Class .'1.
Firsts Disnlay of farm machinery,
The Pitts Agricultural Works.Buffalo
end of that time you will find you are ss. Y., E M Crolsan, agent. Largest
stronger, can take deeper breaths and ' a,nd b.est dlsfplavh veyclesnotVnriS
will also need to make your corsets an wlnc3niiiiS) Grlswold & Chase,
inch larger in the waist in order to Seconds Largest and best display
tolerate them at all. Learn to de- of vehicles, not less than ten, E M
nend on vour ovn b:ick to sit or stand Crolsan, agent.
At Aumsville.
Hon. W. T. Rigdon will address tho
citizens of Aumsville, Saturday even
ing, October 17. Come out and hear
hi m
The Mott brothers, of Salem, will
entertain the audience with some of
their choice campaign songs.
Via the Union Pacific System
baggage is checked through from
Portland to its destination. The
specialties of the Union Pacific are
unexcelled track and equipment,
union depots, fast time, through cars,
steam heat, Pintsch light and court
eous treatment to passengers. For
rates and Information, apply to
Boise & Barker, Agents,
15-12d4w Salem, Orvgon
erect. But pshaw! We all know you
won't do it, you'd rather resemble the
ladies in the "Delineator,"
List of the
Prize Winners' at the 1896
Continued from yesterday.
division c.
Breeders' Specials.
Firsts Exhibit, 12 fine wool sheep,
Oregon, over 1 year, R W Carey; ex
hibit, 12 long wool sheep, Oregon, 1
year, R Scott; exhibit, same, middle
wool, J T Hunt.
Seconds Exhibit, same long wool,
James Wythicombe; exhibit, same,
middle wool, James 'Wythicombe.
special premiums.
Firsts Ram, long wool, J W Mc
Klnney; ewe, long wool, same; ram,
middle wool, C E Ladd; ewe, same,
mutton sheep.
First Pen of weathers, 1 year mut
ton sheep, not less than 4 head. R
Scott, Milwaukie.-
premium list continued, divis
ion c.
First Squashes, table, W V Hurst,
Macleay. Pumpkins, same. Toma
toes, 'Mrs F E Albright, Marquam.
Cauliflower, Mrs Win Wright. Musk
melons, same, watermelons, same.
Tomatoes, three varieties, twelve spe
cimens, D C Matheny, Salem. Sweet
ootatoes. D L Mathonv. Salem. Lari?
est squash, any kind, Laavette, Town-
send, union. Yellow Danvcrs. O
Dickinson Seed Co. Exhibit, carrots,
Mrs C n Chapman. Beets, table, F.
a woire, aiis uity, .Mangel wurzel,
same. Sugar beets, same. Exhibit,
cabbage, same. Cabbage, largest
four same. Potatoes, carlv. same.
Parsnips, same, Kale, same, Kohlrabi,
same. Potatoes, late, same. Ruta
bagas, same, Turnips, same, Squash,
largest, any Kind, same.
Seconds Beets, table. Mrs Wm
Wright. Sugar beets, 6ame. Cab
bage, largest four, same. Exhibit,
carrots, same. Onions, Yellow Dan
vcrs, same. Squashes, table, same.
Turnips, same. Sweet potatoes, D C
Matheny, Tomatoes, same. Pars
nips, same. Pumpkins, same. Man
gel Wurzel, Mrs C II Chapman. Ex
hibit cabbages, same. Tomatoes,
largest six, F A Wolfe. Potatoes,
early, Ruth Yager Hubbard.
Class 2 Special.
Firsts Best artistic group vegeta
bles, FA Wolfe. Best ten varieties,
family, 6ame: Best ten most profita
ble, same.
Seconds Bost ten varieties, profita
ble for market, Mrs, W Wright. Best
artistic group vegetables, D L Ma
tljeny. Best ten varieties,
Class 1.
Firsts Woolen socks, homo .made, I
iurs. .1 iu iumsey, Aumsviuo Ten1
I' Firsts Stallion one year ana over,
"B. E. B.," Mrs. Bybee, Portland,
marc 3 years and -over, "Broadreln,"
ilt Hughes, Brooks; stallion 4 years
I and over, "Oregon," S J Jones, Port
Hand; marc 4 years and over, "Su
perba," same; mare 2 years and over.
"Mary, same; orood mare 4 years and
over and 1 colt, "Bluebell," same;
stallion 2 years and over, "Neptune,'
G II Irwin, Salem.
Seconds Mare 4 years and over,
"Do Tell," G W Bacon, Forest Grove;
maie 2 years and over, "Receive," S
Smith, Heppner: stallion 4 years and
over, ."St AppolIo,"S J Jones; brood
mare 4 years and over and 1 colt, "Lass
of Tomaes," same; mare 3 years and
over, "ra Boneer," J J Bottger,
Firsts Ma e 1 year and over, "Miss
Crescnt," E J Young, Independence;
mare 3 years and over, "Lady B," H
T Belle, ISaleui: -brood mare 4 years
and colt, "Helen" Robert Bryan, La
fayette; stallion 1 year and over, "Sil
ver Light," R C Kiger, Corvallis; stal
lion 4 years and over, "Courer d'
Alene," I C Moslier, stallion 2 years
and over, J Beach, Portland; mare 4
years and over, "Panama Belle, Dr.
Powell Reeves, Portland.
iseconus btauion 4 years and over,
"Altis," Matt Mann, Portland; mare
2 years and over, "Hester," Williams
& Council, Portland, "Susie S" I C
Mosher; stallio.. 2 years and over,
Clias Naylor, Salem; mare 3 years and
over, J" Beach.
Class 3-A11 Work.
Firsts Brood mare 4 years and
colt, "Lady Fan," and colt "Pattle,"
Miss Linnie Lewis, Salem. Mare 2
years and over "Nellie.' J n Kitchen,
Salem. Mare one year and over,
David Joues, Beaver Creek. Gelding,
any age, II F Bowman, Lincoln.
Mare 4 years old and over, John Red
mond, McMinnville. Mare 1 year and
over, "Bello," Grant Nichols, Plaln
vlcw. Seconds Gelding, any age, "Tom
my," W J Kelley, Salem. Brood mare
4 and over and colt, C R LaFollett,
Wheatland. Mare 2 years and over.
"Mollle," Charles Riley, Salem.
Mare 1 year and over, "Amelia C,"
Class 4 Percherons.
Firsts Stallions 4 years and over.
Houston Bros., Albany. Mare 4 years
and over, "Grace," Ladd & Howe,
North Yamhill, Mare 1 and over,
"Glossy," same.
Seconds-Stallion 4 years and over,
Taroll," Ladd & Howe.
Class 5 English Shires.
Firsts Mare 3 years and over, A G
Ryan, Portland. Brood mare 4 years
and colt, same. Stallion 4 years and
oyer. "Young Lord Derby." R
Hughes, Brooks.
Seconds Mure 3 voars and over. A
G Ryan.
Dealer in g-oceriss, o?.'nts o'lf,
window glasj, vaunts-cs, a d
the most complete stock of
brushes of all l;nds in the
state. Artists' matei'iais, lime,
hair, cement and shi 1 rr, and
iinest quality 01 grass svecs.
Meets all masl and passenger trains,
gage and express to al! pans of the
Prompt seivicc. Telephone No. 70.
Dealars in all kinds of fresh and silt meats
CPFresh sausage a specialty.
Mrs. C. M. Oglo will reopen
gnrtpn in the Congregational
on September 21.
her kinder-
church rwlors
3 29 im
On farm land security. Special
rates on large loans. Loans
considered without delay
Bush Hank buildinS.
- OF
Tw: Transcontinont,
eastern eitijs. ul' rttu;,
Steamer Gypsy for CiLY SWN.
Sunday at 6 i.Pr5.rlIwkdi'. tu.pt
Steamer Ruth from Portlind i 5.1 ,
except Sunday at 6 a. m. loS,e!Milj
Lowest freight and pw'stneer ri n
trip tickets very cheap, lvlf, '' .?0Md
baggage checked through to 1 ,1 d w'
Oregon. Wuhlngton andhel ' TJ
charge for baggage transfers. Choi7
road or river route to Portland WO'ceot!'
For full details call on Boist ,,
agents, SaUm, Oregon, or addr",. ""
e. McNeill,
For full detScoAdSrd-'
Loct! fpt
Foot of Trade st.
On city or farm property.
Over Bush's Bank,
Makes a spwlalty of fine repair work, Seth
Thomas clock,, etc., 215 Commercial Street
211 Commercial
rifSuits $15 upwards.
st., Salem Or
Pants $ upwands'jQ
. WANTED. House work b yirl ' some
experience in good fainilirs AppU lo Adam
Granz, near fair grounds, Salem. " lo 16-31
LOST. A l'ght brown overcoat and a pair
of buckskin gloves and some buggy fixtures
out of my buggy yesterday, the 15th, between
Salem nd Gervais. Finder will plense leave
it at this office. 1 1.16.3t
PURSE LObT, A silk knit purs.e containing
$1.10 in silver, an opal stone, a silver
thimble and a Bryan rally advertisement.
Leave at Jourual office iind gel reward.
Jennie Cochran 101531
FOUND A small notebook containing si'me
valuable papers and notes. Enquire at this
office. 14 3t
TO RENT. A largo, ioorr.y barn,
at this office.
Capital Restaurant
J tilt opened, next door to Western
saloon, 244 Commercial street. Best
meal in tlie city for 15 cents and up
wards. All new, neat and clean. All
white help.
. Home Bakery
G. A. Back, proprietor, 327 Com
mercial street. Fresh pies, cakes and
bread always on hand, "just like your
mother used to make."
hou ework. Address M box 145. Salem.
'" '4 3t
We the undersigned are now renivatin;
feathers at 1S6 Ferry street, for the next 30
days. All ladies that consider cleaii)'ncss
next lo Godliness should have their feather
beds throughly renovated at once. Bedrock
prices. Respectfully yours, Franklin A
Ulaze. 10 12 im
WANTED. Two snare and one bass drum
rners. Apply at Bryan headquarters. II 8 if
FOR REN P 11 room house, in good ic-
pau huh i,urii unu gnuii wen water. vitn
one and a half lots, Euquite at premises on
19th and Chemeketa. 10 6 im
Offices Willamette Hotel BuilrJin"
For water service apply at office. Bill
payable monthly in advance. Make a
complaints at the office.
There will be no deduction in water rate
on account of temporary absence from the
city unless notico is left at the office.
Hereafter water for irrigation will only be
furnished to regular consumers using water
for domestic purpose. Contractors for side
walks. Iirick work and plastering will please
read "under building purposes" page 17 of
schedule of rates for 1893. Apply at f
fur copy.
Through Tickets
Union Pacific System
i rhrough Pullnun.Palace Sleepen. Tonm
Sleepers and Free; Reclining Chair .r
Portland to Chicaou,
steam and
Which is many hours quicker than com
Our trains are heated bn
lighted by Pintsch light.
Time to Chicago, 3 i.i Jays
1 ime to ew York, 4 1-2 if
For rates, time tables and fullEinformat'oa
apply to;
Agents, Si'.fni. fi.
CV: 11 era I Aent Dnt.l'au. .gen;
1 15 I'lnril Street. IVitlani.
C , C'T
FOR SALE OR TRADE r-The best Mock
and hay ranch in Oregon, consisting of 200
acres. The above tract is good for fruit, grain,
truck gardening or general, farming. Will
sell cheap on easy terms or ' trade lor small
place. For particulars inquire of A. II.
Booihby, Mills City, Or. 9 17 im
CARl'ET PAPER Large lo7ol Heavy
brown wrapping paper for sale cheap. Jus
the thing for putting under carpets. Call a
Journal office
Bucklen's Arnica balve.
Tho best salve in the world for curs.
'Ppn vnrTia bru,scs, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
1 corn, and all skin eruptions', and posl
IMtwIt. lll. Ollfl tiltof! CMltim
f 11; carDBt. Mb rMETult Vrlow?,!98!5"rtCam)edhaiid81clillbla!ns)
rair wooien sneots, same woolen
stockings, home made, same.
vunis iiubuy, mis. j. u aenuii, i
vllle. Pair blankets, homo made,
.1 1.. ,,.: ;.' t. .
TCivn' v"vi) cures piles, or no pay required,
m-v la fc mini II ICVU Lll UIVO UCIICUU S.JL1S-
51 fao-
Take No Substitute
Gail Borden
Eagle Brand
IIai alwftvfttffvwt VTOfiT In th Mtm.
tlon of' tin American I'copU. Ka otber Is
"JurtaigooJ,- Best Inlaat Food.
same, uno potinu nomo maoo yarn.
white, Mrs. John Porter. Sllverton.
Seconds Pair blaukets.iiome made,
Mrs. M E Tull. Ten yards rag carpet,
Mrs. A h Leach. Woolen stockings,
homo, made, Mrs. John Porter, Sllver
ton. Ten yards hit and miss, Mrs. T
Class 4
Firsts Pears, four varieties. R
Scott, Mllwaukle.
Uluss 7. .
Firsts Quinces, exhibit, O Dickin
son Seed Co
Sepond Quinces, exhibit, E I)
Raymond 1
, . division p.
Classes lTiiul 2.
Firsts Flour, 50 pounds, Flouring
T,pnrli Anma.lt" . fc"'""ieuu ui givo pur
ijcacii, Aums f..ntinn np .,. rfn,in,i
linmn mnrlA. ' z .'"""vi. ............
cents per box.
For sale by
Price 25
Fred A.
Nbw Opening. San Francisco second hand
store. New and second-hand clothing, boots,
shoes, trunks, valises, jewelry, tools, and all
description-, of second hand goods bought and
sold and exchanged, highest price paid for all
kinds of second-hand goods. Cleaning and
repairing neatly done at reasonable pricea.
Orders by mail promptly attended. Please
give us a call. Remember the place, 99
StateSt. J. Eller, Salem, Oregon 9 iStf.
hasta Route.
Northern Pacific
Southern Pacific Co
California Express TrainRun dal7 between
Portland and San Francisco.
8:5o p. m.
11:00 p. m.
10:45 am
1 Ly-Portland r-Ar. (8:
) Lv Salem,-- Ar. J 8:(
) Ar- S. Frisco Lv. J7n
10 a.m.
00 a. m.
7roo p. m.
General and Ncrvouo Debility.
Wcalcnea of Body and
Mind. Kftccts of Errors
or Kxcoeses in Old or
Yonnu. Robust, Noblo
Manhood fully Restored.
How lo JJolarcro and
Strengthen Weak, Un
developed Portions of
Uody, Absolutely un
falltnffTTouio Treatment.
.17ilH lil llll )l ltar.itntt i Yi n .In v.
Man It'ftAlv from Kn Kt.ntAA mill ETimlf.n
.-,.... ..t- r , ..- .VT i." v. ." "
wuuuiiiutf. Demi
piaur.uoo, ana
Salem Steam Laundry
Please notice the cut in prices
on the following
Shirts, plain locents
Under drawer!, 5 to 10 cents
Undr-r shirts 5 to locents
bocks, per pair 3 cents
Handkerchiefs 1 Cent
Silk handkerchiefs '. . . . .7,7.7.3 cents
Sheets and pillow slips 24 cents per dozen,
and other work in proportion.
Flannels andjother work in
tclhgentiy washed by hand, '
Col. J. Olmsted Prop,
Above trains stop at East Portland. Orep-on
City, Wocuburn, Salem, Turner, Marion,
Jefierson, Albany, Albany Junction, Tangent
Shedds, Halsey, Harrisburg, Junction City,
Eugene, Creswell, Drain.1 and all stations
from Roseburg to Ashland, inclusive.
8:30 a.m.
11:00 a.m.
'5:20 p.m.
lv. Portland ar.
lv. Salem lv.
ar. Roseb'g lv.
I North I
4:40 p.m.
2:20 p.m.
8:00 a.m.
D South
4:00 p.m.
0:15 p.m.
lv. Portland ar.
ar. Salem lv.
North J
10:15 a.m.
8:00 a.m.
Pullman Sleepin" Cars
Elegant DinMCars
TourisCSI mn Can
To St. Paul, Minneajwlis, Dulath, wti,
'Srand Forks, Crookston, Winnipeg,
Helena and Butte.
To Chicago, Washington, Philadelpht. H
Vork, Boston, and all Points
East end South
flFor information, time cards. Jnups.'"1
tickets, call on or write r
265 Commercial srreet, Salem, ur.
A. D. Charlton. Asst. Ciea'UFui.M
Morrison St., mmer .Third wnww.
and second-class sleeping cars attached to all
through trains.
Between Portland and Corvallis, daily (ex
cept Sunday.)
. Aii StfkSS" "iJ&'L SiSRf-S-' !'-
iMtora Lo.t itallty in olj or Jean. anS
taKTilTtlmi "oW lu"?i'r and Coniumptlon U
ha cured thoulAnji Xnm S?" "".- "r
reultJVC writtnn (mi.Fnni... .V!VT "
jtM..ii. --:" - luu. a cm a
lor jjeaemiurn 11003, ex- T"iV'.7'.t.vi!'.,1?n.tonMtacaroIn eaiiii
SWW. nuuca tsoaiwi xree, KSSSZSi 'nViZ0t"B' W Pf
3U1AT f rat
ERIE MEDICAL CO., Buffalo, N. Y. ; SKKflnSaRgB'-'fiK;
ruv in.
7:30 a.m.
ISIS p.m.
Ar. 16:20 p.
Ly li
ts35 P.
At Albany and Corvallis connect with
trains of Oregon Central & Eastern Railroad.
Express train daily except Sunday.
4:45 p. m,J Lv. Portland Ar. j
7:25 P. m. f Ar. McMinville Lv 1
8:25 a. m.
S :50 a.m.
to il) points In the Eastern States, Canada
ard Europe can be obtained at lowest ratei
from WW. SKINNER. Agent, Salem.
E P, ROGERS, Asst. G. F. & P. A..
Portland, Or.
R. KCEHLER, Manafier.
Eastern R, ft Company
Sails from Vaauina every 5 aJ .
Coo. nay, run -
,i irmtuill llav.
Passenger f ''wnumette tUcT
Shortest route between the m f
and California. . u we$t to Ba
Fare from Albany or pomw " &
Francisce: Cabin .pTto Zi
Bay and Port Othtd,atoVfa
Bay, cabin ndtTa
bathing absolutely safe. fa d
Forth se wishing 10. combJ
fishinc with aquatic pprtV ' brook trod
.-Ti, 1? found ip
within a few hours' d ! ol we

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