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Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1896-1899, October 20, 1896, Image 3

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ru four Sets. of.
I0P5 in uregou.
fllclal Australian-ballot forOreKonto-bo.yotcdlon Tuesday, Nov.
unrinted below.
taw requires tnevuLurwuuui n.-.t.w,. . i vi woo iuui uuluua ui timiuio,
. ..ii.unt which he will receive at the polling booth fioiu the
I, the offlcmt
lection o(ilci.us. . t r,
5. 1.1 for president ana inaepeiiucuu jhuchuih -ruiui-uuusiu us our
1 1 ollcy arc marked with a cross
McKlnley and Ilobart electors
, oivmt bv International agreement witu European -naiious.
Id standard (National) Democratic electors also claim to be Den.-
r Tri.inalii Bnnrn.t.n.rv nf ntjitn fit t.lm sf-itn nt flrnunn
Hon. Mar'?r, fniinwlntr is a correct
rtbv the electors of the state at
;... -. nl..i nation nave ocuu uuiy
ieneXmBiM?ndesIirnatlon9 of such
ld V ti... r.ilicfal ballots, for the
lS KKn Tuesday, November
" -
i n,iHont 0' the United States William McKlnley, of Ohio.
Coresident of the United States. . ..J. G. Ilobart, of New Jersey.
Vvn, Electors of president aud vice-presidents
ti.p ramies of Port ana, Aiuitnomau county...; itepuuucan.
In0l! .L-ai"-8! u,,r..l.... xrnrlun .innt.v Irnllllhllpnn.
t Vniltlj. of Hood River, Wasco county Republican.
I7I Yoran, of Eugene, Lanp county neuuuucan.
,. ft.o.TTnitnil Rtnrns. , W. .1. Rrvan. of Nebraska.
K'Eresldent of the United States T. E. Watson, of Georgia.
I vt! Butler, of Monmouth, Polk co.. People, Democratic, Silver Rep.
I viiofiT of Salem, Marlon county(Peoples,Democratlc,Sllver Republican
1 Harry Watkins, of McMlnnvlllerYamhill county, Peoples, Democratic
aiiver ivuijuuuiiuu.
For electors of president und vice-president:
V."... ..f J,.!n, Murlnn i-ntmr.v Prohlb tlon.
inK'fasco. Sherman county 5S
ssiie Butier, 01 tiio iiueo, "' S",v," ::;:. ;,:
E. Ileskins, or springurooK,. lumiun wuuij """"'""'"
IrDresldentof the United States John McAuley Palmer,
rvke 1 president of the United States Simon Bell ver Buckner.
r . -.,., .Iln. inl 1'tf.A-nri.alrlnnt.
: tor electors 01 uicsiuuiiu uhu
:..i,n rw nf Pnrt.innrl. Multnomah
ennd'er M. Holmes, of McCoy, Polk
ank A. Seufert, of Seufert, Oregon
irtls J. Trenchard, or Astoria, uiatsop coum ,n.iviuii.u 'uw"-
.ir.i n.. ,. ti,o ..l.nvn cnmnin
Id show It to other voters, that no one
fetes and Appointments for Bryan Meet
The Bryan Union campaign com-
Itlee announces tne iouowing uulcs
id appointments for speakers in till
ate. . . .
County committees and local clmlr
mi should make arrangements for
lese meetings and communicate witn
le state central committee, compose
I John C.Young. M. A. Miller and
Irauk V. Drake, rooms 405, 6 and 7,
hamber of Commerce, Portland.
Itliena. Wednesday, Oct. 21.
neuaiies, Thursday, uct. zz.
h. n. m'mahan.
inirimvllln T nA n no A n , I n t nlmr 91
Irants Pass, Thursday, October 22.
via inn, l'Tloay, October si.
able Rock, Saturday, October 24.
edford. Mondav. October 20.
f'tcnrn't llrt fPnoli i'VifriKni T
iiopnlr, Wednesday, 6ctober 28.
iguana, Thursday, uctouer 2i.
orence, Saturday, Oct. 10, at 2 p. m.
cad of Tide. Oct. 12. at 2 r. m.
Miire. Tuesday. Oct. 13. at 2 i. m.
Mra, Wed. Oct. 14, at 2 p. m.
uuiilieid. Thii. Oct. 15. at 2 I), in.
pug Tom, Friday, Oct. 16, at 2 p. m.
jlbany, Thursday, Oct. 22.
"gene, a ruiay, uct. 23.
usjourg, Saturday, uct. :m.
lUrande, Thursday, Oct. 22 at 1 p.m.
melius, Wednesday, Oct 21.
frest Grove, Thursday, Oct 22.
I'KanOft. 23 at 1 n in; Sprlngwater
at7::w. -
j.'hland, Oct "l - I p m; Beaver
i-sant Hill. Oct. 2J at 1 n m: Union
t 7:30.
Jcksburg. Oct. 27 nt 1 n m: Mullno.
'tre View, Thursday, Oct 29.
ynltor, Friday, Oct. 30. "
'Wton, Saturday, Oct 31.
Wbure. Wndiipslnv. i"li.t. 1 nt, 1:30.
My, Wednesday, Oct 21 at 7:30.
-)wa. t riday, Oct. 23 at 2.
cviue, Saturday, Uct 34 at iwu.
ulner. Mnnri.iv n,-t
Muinbla county, Tuesday. OctJ7.
uuioia wiunty, Wednesday, uct -x.
ort and. Tiiuiii' rn- oo
llhtoro, Friday, Oct 30." '
Mhlntrton cmint.v. M;it,iircl:iv. Out 31.
feeontity, Monday, Nov. 2.
n , W. J. D'AUCV.
"oseburir. Thurdav. Octoher-2.
.Ulfeill. Prlfl-iv rt..lnTiP Ol
f lmy, Saturday, October 2.
- muiiis. .Monday, uctoosr zu.
aleiii, Tuesday, October 27
'.'"nlaiKl. Thursday, October 29.
-htrUt Friday, October 30.
Atxire are all dates now ilxed. Com-riiei-s
ran arrange afternoon and
E"iinjj nifetlngs if dexired. Joint
us.I(,iW acceptable unle kcal
"""" arranges otherwise.
nidal RaOnTTfieyAlI
AAA 'W -v jm A A W A
Presidential EIec
on the ticket below for guidance only.
aiso ciaim 10 ue uimctaiusis, to to
list of all the candidates for olliccs to
largo wbose certificates and accept-
mcu nun iuc octiuLiuj ui sluiuui
candidates as required by law to be
general election to be held In the
3, 1890.
...-j.v,.. ,.-.
countv National Democratic.
county National Democrat e.
, "" DeiiMKsraUe.
lmllnt,. st.nnv the names crirefullv.
be deceived in this election.
State of Ohio, Citv of Toledo. I
Lucas County
Pdiki' 1 fiipvitv make oatli that he is
the senior partner of the firm ul F.J. Cheney
(JO., aoing uusiness in me cny 01 iuicju,
county and state aforesaid, and that said Arm
will pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOL.
LARS for each and every case of Catarrh
that cannet be cured by the us of Hall's
Catarrh Curk.
Sworn to before m! and , subscribed in my
uro.enc7, tbi 6th da flf December, A. D.
. A. W, fjLEASON.
Seal. Notary 1'ublic,
Hall' OalarrhCure W taUn internally
ud acts dirrdly on the blood and mucous
urface. of the sytem. Send lor testimonials
F.J. ("iienhv & Co., Toledo, O.
fSTSold by DruggMs,
Don't go East Until you have
seen the undersigned, who can quote
you the lowest rates furnish you your
through tickets, bleeping car berths,
aud arrange for a pleasant trip via the
Union Pacliic system. Boise & Barker,
agents. Salem. Or. JO 15 4w
But It Will Cure,
aV ' J; - uxrrNB!
ssasass- ..aa
rufre prolonsed troatmont as shown by
ft nf Mr M. B. Reed, of Delta, Iowa, who
writ- 5. th Wilt of a lightning stroke,
S4ta. my Umbs would all draw up. I
iV'1 would nave tnroooai.
Dr. MlieS in my chest that seemed
unendurable, jww
months I could not sleep
and for three weeks did
not close pijr eyes. 1
4nw iAn. and
HCtllU prejrcu J -'.Idba
, ,.t,.tif relief did not come I would P9
felt that If reuei um u M,iMi Bcstora
dead or Insane. I took Dr. Miles g
Medfcafca, Elkhart. Jnd.
other things," said a busy
druggist, "but the. moat
remarkable thing about Hood's Sarea
parllla Is that customers who try other
remedies all come back to Hood's, and
this Is why the enormous sales o! this
great medicine keep np and
continue the I f"wholo year
round, steady I Vr as a clock.
"Why Is it?" 0, simply because
Hood's Sarsaparllla has more real cura
tive merit than any medicine I ever sold."
This is ol dally occurrence In almost
every drug store. Hood's Sarsaparllla
has cured more sickness, and made more
happiness through restoration to health
than any other medicine
Lit 111
Is the standard the One True Blood Turlfler.'
u,i.. rt'ii are the only pills to takt
rlOOd S PlIlS Willi 'lnnrt',sjirsitwrlll.
Adopted by the Democrats In National
The following l the full and com
plete platform as adopted by the
National Democratic convention:.
111-, Kill. JV-llUJUKlLO 111 UIIU UllltCU
States m national convention assemb-
iuu, uo ruuuinu our uucgiancc to tnose
great essential principles of justice
and liberty upon which our instltu
tlons are founded, and which the
Democratic party lias advocated from
Jefferson's time to our own freedom
doiu of conscience, the preservation of
luibuinu riKUL. tue uquuiiLy 01 nil
citizens before the law, and the faith
ful observance of constitutional limi
tations. Durini; all these years the Demo
cratic party has resisted the tendency
of sclrlsh interests to the centraliz
ation of governmental power, and
steadfastly maintained the integrity
of the dual scheme of covernment
established by the founders of this
republic of republics. Under Its
guidance and teachings the great
principle of local self-government has
found its best expression in the main
tenance of the rights of the states
and in Its assertion of the necessity
of confining the general government
to the exercise of powers granted by
the constitution of the United States.
TMm cnnatltiit Inn nf t.lio TTnltprl
States guarantees to every citizen the
rlguts or civu anu religious iiDerty.
The democratic party has always been
the exponent of political liberty and
religious freedom and it renews its
obligations and realirms Its devotion
to these fundamental principles of
the constitution.
Kecognizing that the money ques
tion is paramount to all others at this
Mum iff invito ni.innT.inn lo. i,ne. i;u;l
tliat the constitution names silver
and gold together as the money metals
of the United States, and that the
Ilrst coinage law passed by congress
under the constitution made the sil
ver dollar the money unit, and ad
mitted gold to free coinage at a ratio
based upon the silver dollar unit.
We declare that the act of 1873 de
monetizing silver without the knowl
edge or approval of the American peo
ple has resulted in the appreciation
of gold, and a corresponding fall in
the price of commodities produced by
the pepnle; a heavy increase In the
u...T., I.f fni'tiHnn nnrl nf nil rln.nrs.
public and private; the enrichment of
tne muney lenauig r.ui&s uu uuwu mm
abroad, the prostration of Indnstry,
and Impoverishment of tho people.
We are unalterably opposed to mon
ometallism, which has locked fast the
prosperity of an Industrial people in
paralysis Of hard times, Gold mono
metallism is a British policy, and Its
adoption lias brought other nations
into financial servitude to London.
It Is not only un-American, but antl;
u...tniin nnfllt. pnn he. fastened Oil
the United States only by tho stilling
of that spirit and love of liberty
which proclaimed our political Inde
pendence m mo unuwiii m "
of the revolution. CD
"We demand the free and unlimited
CO nilgC OI OOlll bUVCi mm "'" " ""'
present legal ratio of 10 to 1, without
waiting for the aid or consent of any
other nation, wuucuiuuu man m
standard silver dollar shall be a fu
local tender, equally with gold, for all
debts, public and private, unuwc
favor sucu icgismuuu us i 1 ji..v..y
for the future the demonetization of
any kind of legal tender money by
private contract.
We are opposed to the po Icy and
practice of surrendering to the hold
ers or the obligations, of the United
States, the option reserved by law to
the government of redeeming such ob
ligations in either silver coin or gold
CWeare opposed to the Issuing of in.
terestTbear ng bonds of the United
States in time of peace, and condemn
U,c tranicking with banking syndi
cates which, In exchange for bonds
nd I at an enormous pront to them
bpIvph sunnly the federal treasury
wltffioldS? maintain the policy of
gold monometallism.
Congress alone has the power to
corn and Issue money, an Indent
S not be delegated torporatlons
nounce tl e Is uanof notes Intended
to circulate as money by national
tonics as In derogation or the consti
tution, and we demand thatal paper
lilrii is made a eaal tender for
rii ll- and private debts or which U
ccelvWe for duties totlie United
ft'itcs shall Iw 1m; issued by the gov-
nment or tlie United States and
hluill be redeemable In coin.
We hold that tariff duties should be
i SWraite operate
counlly throughout the country and
no illllilnat between class or sec.
... nirniau (II rill 111! HIT. riULIl uu
"There are fads In
medicine as well as In
Ion, and. that taxation should be
limited by the needs or the govern
ment honestly and economically ad
ministrated. Wc denounce as disturbing to busi
ness tho Republican threat to restore
the McKlnley law, which has twice
been condemned by the people In na
tional elections, and which, enacted
under the false plea of protection to
liotne Industry, proved u prolific
breeder of trusts nnd monopolies, en
riched the few by tho expense of the
many, restricted trade, and deprived
the producers of the great American
staples of access to their natural mar
Until tho money question Is settled
we are opposed to any agitation for
further changes In our tariff laws, ex
cept such as are necessary to meet the
deficit in revenue caused by the ad
verse decision of the supreme court on
the Income tax. But for this decision
by tho supremo court there would bo
no deficit In thorovenuo under the law
passed by a Democratic congress In
strict pursuance of tho uniform deci
sions of that court for 100 years, that
court having In that decision sus
tained constitutional objections to its
enactment which bad preciously been
overruled by tho ablest Judges who
have over sat on tho bench. Wc de
clare that It Is tho duty of congress to
use all the constitutional power which
remains after that decision, or which
may come from Its reversal by the
court as it may hereafter be consti
tuted, so that the burdens of taxation
may be equally and Impartially laid,
to the end that wealth may bear Its
due proportion of tho expense of the
We hold that the most cfllclent way
of protecting American labor is to
prevent the importation of foreign
pauper labor to compete with It In tho
home market, and that the value of
the home market to our American
farmers and artisans Is greatly reduced
by a vicious monetary system which
depresses the prices of their products
below the cost of production, and thus
deprives them of the means of pur
chasing the products of our home
manufactories, and, as labor creates
the wealth of the country, we demand
tho passage of such laws as may be
necessary to protect It In all Its rights.
We are In favor of the arbitration
ofdlffcrences between employers en
gaged In Interstarc commerce and
their employes, and recommend such
legislation as is necessary to carry out
this principle.
The absorption of wealth by the
few, tho consolidation of our leading
railroad systems, and the formation
of trust and pools require a 6tlcter
control by the federal government of
those arteries of commerce. Wo de
mand the enlargement of the powers
of the interstate commerce commiss
ion and such and such restrictions and
and guarantees In In tho control of
railroads as will protect the people
from robbery and oppression,
We denounco tho profligate waste
of the money wrung from tho people
by oppressive taxation and the lavish
appropriations or recent Republican
congresses, which have kept taxes
liltrh wlilln r.lin lnhnr Mint, IinVS them
is unempioyea, anu 1110 prouucis m
tne peopics.tou are uepresseu 111 pneu
till they no lonirer repay tho cost of
We demand ll return to that sim
plicity and economy which benefits a
Democratic government and a reduc
tion in the number of useless olllces,
the salaries of which drain the sub
stance of the people.
Wedcnounce arbitrary interferences
by federal authorities in local affairs
as a violation of the constitution or
the United States and a crime against
fmn Inctlfiltlnna- Iinfl Wft nSDP.OlallV
object to government by Injunction as
a new ana nigniy aangerous lunu ui
oppression, by which federal Judges
Incontomptof tlielnwd or tho states
and rights of citizens, become at once
legislators, Judges, and executioners,
and we approve the bill passed at the
last session or tho United State3 sen
ato, and now pending in tho house of
representatives, relative to contempts
In federal courts and providing ror
trials by Jury in certain cabes of con
.No discrimination should bo in
dulged by the government or the Uni
ted States In favor of any of its debt-
Women exchange eon-
UUCUkCR iwiii -" w..
health and that of their husband;.
A man's physical well beine ll
keep him well. If ne eea him runnlnj
down, she should take measures to stop It.
Very few men enjoy being- sick. They
won't admit even to themselves that .they
are sick They will go , on IosIniffleh and
vitality-working too bard-worrying too
hard-taking little or no care of their
health. Maybe they need only a little help
to be made well. Maybe a good simple
tonic la all they require. Maybe it is some,
thing wore serious, Whichever H la, It
should Ts. attended to. When a man gets
really sick, his work stops. He can t tend
to business. He lose, all be :hasprev ously
sained. Actual want may stare him In the
ce. It doesn't W&jti'.X,&
sick. There's no need of doing either. Dr.
Pi.rr. Oolden Medical Discovery will
prevent sickness. It la a blood helper antt
a flesh builder. It restores "' diges
tion and Insures perfect MsimiUtlon of
the food. It is a powerful enemy to germa
and will search them out In aH part, of the
body, forclntf their evacuation. It has
beenprovenly the written tMtlraonr gf
hundreds of grateful people that the
Golden Mtdical Discovery "will even
cure j per cent of all cases of consump
tion If taken In Its early stages.
A book of icoo pages containing tcstlmc
nlali iand much valuable health talk will
be sent on receipt of l centa to cover post
e and wrapping only. Woai-D' "
my MatoiSi. AasociATJOM, Buffalo, rf.Y,
' j. """"i ii k.M.Hi.iii.ii.'i..i.Tffr
''' """ "" uTTTTi lrri
simtlatlng thcToodandUcgula
ting ihcStomochs ordBovcls of
ncss and Rcst.Con tains nciUicr
OprutnIorphine nor Mineral.
Not Narcotic.
JmJhx Set J'
nutSltft Jifniimint
IHrmSctd -
Apafccrncmcdy forCc-nslipa-tiort,
Sour Stomach.Diarrhpca,
Worms .Convulsions.Fcvcrish
ncss end Loss OF SLEEP.
facsimile Signature of
""V ll'll II W '1 l iwwtwwl
Ordpl (VAttTirwAmmnlA-WtttifnTen rtMVrn (fjinnrnp
r--!-. n-rrr-r'r:'rr:"'!L-3'r .vr""
falls to nnkb the woak liauotoot man itronir. Tliroroui and rnaanotlOi
lltf hted. Wa axtiflct too to dauqyo what wi aar. for a aure ll absolatolr
una. nu-iop&aiainfiKruavpiti)rTUiuoaia luvwurm. juaar ksiu iv uuuuuiiu w uh. .uu i. mt
;iuiiotoDi man strong. Tiiroroui
whet. Bona tor our booklet " JonJt Tdbaooq bplt nnil Bmpkevonr Llf o Awbt.' written ku:
O0 lOfflpro, Aaarcts Talis S'lliiUaUKi:M.KU V CO., Chleaso or Mew Xork.
D. J. FRY, Agent,
ors. Wo npprovc of the rofusal of tho
Pacific railroad fundlriB bill, and de
nounce tho efforts of tho present Re
publican congress to enact n similar
Kecognizing the Just claims of de
serving union soldiers we heartily en
dorse tho rule of the present commis
sioner of pensions that no names shall
bo aru trar iv aronnea irom 1110 pen
Blon roll; and tho fact of enlistment
and service shonld be deemed con
clusive evidence against disease und
disability before enlistment.
Wo favor the admission of the ter
ritories of New Mexico, Arizona and
Oklahoma into tho United States,
and wo favor the early admission of
all the territories haying tho neces
sary population and resources to en
title them to statehood, and while
they remain territories, wo hold that
the olllcliils appointed' to administer
the government of any territory to
gether with tho District of Columbia
and Alaska, should bo bona lido resi
dents of the territory or district In
which the duties are to bo performed.
Tho Democratic party bollovcs In
homo rule and that all public lands
of tho United States should be appro
priated to the establishment or free
homes for American citizens. Wo
recommend that tho territory of
Alaska bo granted a delegate In con
gress, and that tho general land and
timber laws of the United States bo
extended to said territory.
The Monroe doctrine Is originally
dcelaredtand as Interpreted by sucecd
Ing presidents, is a permanent part 01
Mm fnrfilim nollcv of tho United
States, and must atall times bo main
oWe extend our sympathy to tho
people of Cuba in their herolcr strug
gle for liberty and Independence.
Wc are opposed to life tonuro In tho
public service, Wo favor appoint
ments based upon merit, fixed term of
olllcc, and Bach an administration or
the civil bervlco laws as will afford
equal opportunities to all citizens of
ascertained fltncRS. Wo declaro it to
be tho unwritten law of tills republic,
established by custom and usage of
one hundred years and sanctioned ly
tho examples of the greatest anil
wisest of tliose who founded and have
maintained our government, that no
man should bo eligible for u third
term In the presidential olllcc.
The federal gi vernment should euro
for and Improve the Mississippi river
und other great waterways of the re
public, so as to secure for the Interior
states easy and cheap transportation
to tidewater. When any waterway of
the republic Is of sufllcient Import
ance to demand aid of tho govern
ment such aid should be extended up
on a definite plan of continuous work
until permanent Improvement Is
secured. ....
Confiding In tho Justice of our cause
and the necessity of Its success at the
nniiu wAKiirtmiLiue lorecoineucciur-
atlons of principles and purposes to
tim wnalfleruble ludcment of the
American people. We Invito tho sup
port of all citizens who approve litem
iinfl wiin riftglrn to have tlicm made
effective through legislation for tho
relief of tho people and tho restorat Ion
of tho country's prosperity.
For Do'.icacy,
for purltjr , and for Improvement of the com
plexion nothing equals Pqmomi'i Powoaa.
OutorU ii put up la osi-iits bottlei only. It
ll not told la bulk, Don't allow ftnyons to tell
Yon urlMiur elM on th tl or rromlis tint It
1 "Jutt u good" and "trill usurer every pur-
pore." 9? Beo tiutt joa get O-A-B-T-O-R-I-A.
in rimtrnv ttindllftlm fnr tnhnnrnln nnr
- i.j - a. --. ;at.v.t;iT-- i i.r..-
ana rnaanoiio. Jusurja dpi. i
Ir J a box. ?ou will bo do.
ouralt absolatolr guaranteed br draiwitu erorr
1 Rmoks Yonr Llfo Awar,' written puaraatco anil
- Salem, Oregon.
k Si. Paul By..
the Chicago. Milwaukee 'and ISt.lPaul
Railway and note its connection witu nil
transcontinental lines at St, Paul and Omaha,
and romember when going east that its trt'ns
ate lighted with electricity and heated by
steam. Its equipment is superb. Elegant
Duflet, library, smoking and sleeping cars,
with free reclining chairs. Each sleepine
car I'eithhas an electric reading lamp, and
its dining cars are the best in the world.
Other 1'ncs are longer than tills, but none
are shorter, and no otticr offers the above lux
urious accommodations. These arc sufficient
reasons for the popularity of "The Milwau
kee." Coupon ticket agents in every rail
road office will give yon further Information,
or address
TC. I. EDDV, General Agent,
J. W, CASEV, Trav. Pass, Agent.
If people
only knew
how inricli tliuo thoy
would savo and how
much more they would
cnloythotripif their
tickets to Omaha. St.
Joseph, Kansas City or
St. Louis read via tho
Burlington ltoutc, our
trains would bo crowd
ed in placo of being
comfortably filled.
Tickets, time-tables,
and full Information
011 application to the
nearest ticket agent
or by addressing
Portland, Or.
JLLT, Xrvu HfosVitilut Mem;
t Abuit anl olher rawuea and ladl.
craiuuui. wv "
and Bunltt
rutore U-t Vltalltr In old
fit a maa tot tod,bulo4.
or roam, and
tamiaaM at marriage.
.ilIHt W.nt laaai.117 and UinwDipuoa ll
, i tlm..Tli.lf m. abowi ImoUMllaU Imptute.
5iutandeeUeptmi! whert aUo.rj JaU-ln.
Ut dwu tiring the genuine AJejc XableU. They
t.,.ioirtbooi4nd will euro tou. We efro a
tctilin wriueo cuarantee to eSeet a eure In each tsee
The Rov Freshness
I And a velrety ao(tneaa of the akin la Invo
riably obtained hr those who use roaaoMai
1 iKijppiesion rowoer.
statu S2p .yy., io
cure m
Chicago, Milwaukeej
'"" ' . M I LW au n ecu
fr f
OmcR or the Skckktary of trrAw,
' trrAT. f)
, Oregon,
ept. 1,1896.)
Sealed proposals trill be received at thU
office until noon, November a, 1896, to furn
ish the following articles for the State of Ore
gon for the use of the 1 0th Biennial Session
of the LeghlMtve Assembly! , ,
35 reams legal cap, 14 lbs. No. 7 ruHng
white laid, laid, Chatter Oak or Scotch linen,
or othr good paper. " ' "" '
30 reams first class Congress note, or other
podpapwt 7.pound,fc No. 7 ruling, white
' "20 reams letter pater, 12 lb No. 7 ruling
white, laid, Carew, Charter Oak, or Scotch
linen, or other good paper., ; v, s,
20 reams of typewriter; letter sixe',1 Paragon
letter wove No. 3, or oiber good paper.
20 reams typewriter, legal size, Paragon,
letter wove No. 3, ot other good paper.
6 reams typewriter, legal siie, Paragon,,
letter wove No. ij, or other good pper.
6 boxes Little's Satin finish carbon, blue,
6 boxes Little's Satin finish carbon, blue,
size 8 x 13.
10.000 No. 6 i-2 envelopes, ooJo-No I
rag XXX.
12 Gross railroad steel pens, No. 49.
20 Gross Gillott's steel pens, No. 404.
4 Gross Gillott's steel pens, No. 303. '" "
8 Gross Esterbrook "1" pens.
6 Gross Falcon steel pens, No. 048.
6 Gross Esterbrook & Co.'s Probate'
steer s,
pens No. 313. ' 4
6 Gross Estetbrook & Co.'b Judge's Quill
Steel pens No. 312, , - '
6 Gross Esterbrook & Co.'s Chancellors
steel pen No 239.
6 Gross London Incandescent, M. Jacob's
No. 4.
2 Dozen Sanford's Cardinal led ink, pints.
5 Gross pen holders, black enamel, inrge, ,
to Dozen Peck, Stow & Wilcox's inkstands. .
N0.SJ8. ,. ,. 'V
4 Dozen Peck, Stow & Wilcox's inkstands,
10 De:
ozen Peck, Slow & Wilcox's inkstand.
12 Dozen Ivory folders, g.inch standard.
4 Dozen ivory folders, lo-inch Conpreis.' '.
4 Dozen mucilage cups, No. 8, Morgan'
10 Dozen mucilage stands, reservoir No, 6,
Morgan's patent.
3 reams Porker's treasury blotting paper,
or other good paper, 140 lbs. assorted, colors. v
3 Gross No. 3 Eagle recorder lead pencils, .
style 660.
5 Dozen Sanford's premium fluid, quarts.
3 1-2 Dozen Stafford's writing fluid, quarts.
15 Dozen 'gummed stub files, No, 21, 11 x 15
inches, 500 pages.
4 Dozen Duplex cupboard letter cups, legal
20 Dozen Duplex cupboard letter clips;
15 Dozen Faber's rubber rulers, 14-inch
15 Dozen steel erasers, Rogers' No. 18,149,
mj3 Dozen steel erasers, Rogers' No. 18,149,
70 boxes Faber's No. 300 rubber bands,
assorted sizes.
5 Gross Faber's lead pencils, No. 2, hcxa.
gon, gilt.
12 Gross Faber's lead pencils, No, 2, round,
20 Dozen Faber's patent ink and pencil
rubber erasers, mammoth.
3,000 McGIU's patent paper fasteners,No. 2
flat head.
3,000 McGill's patent paper fastcners,No.
ound heads, whi 0
3,000 McGill's patent paper fasteners,No. 4,
flat head.
IS Dozen tablo pads to hold paper, 19x20
inches, ttrong leather tips,
15 Dozen waste paper baskets, ctoss.bar
No, 4.
3 Dozen wav'e paper baskets, small, No,ti,
29 lbs, hemp twine No. 2,1
4 Dozen Sanford's mucilage, quarts.
Ilids should be marked "Proposals for Sta
tionery," None but the best quality of gooda
will be accepted.
The right to reject any or all bids is e.
served. All the ubovc articles to be dellv
red at Salem on or before December 15,1896,
There being at the present time no money
available for paying for the above supplies,
blds'wlll only tie accepted under the express
condition, agreement and understanding that
tho successful bidder will look to, and de.
pend upon the next legislature appropriating
money to pay the claim,
Very respectfully, h K1NCA1gj
0.5.2m Secretary ol State.
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eoredlo la toU dara. You eaaba traate J a)
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snr. 1 1 we fall to curs. I f ro bars take mer;
, Iodide potash, ana still bar aafeM aa4
.MneouaVatcUM In month. 8ore Threat,
i'lioples. Copper Colored Hpota, Uimmgb
utkrtnf tWbodr. Ilalr c)f Erebrowa SHlflaa
eut. It la thla Secondary MLOOI FOMOJI
ROnnUo to core. We solicit tM hsoM ubsM
Bate case and elialiensre the world tar m
Ttlfl itlMaaa haa alwiM
aklll of tbe moat ealaeat phrai
080,000 capital boblnd our uncondl.
ite iroo aent sealed og
o OCejaple,
The finest, purest and most beaut
and M
lying ipuoi powaer erer maue.
Boothlnir. heallnir. healthful
harmleaai and when rightly used S
laviaetiliiL It vou Lave never tried
A yon do not know what an IBKAZt f
Die n a non.nononoai
remedy fur Uouorrtusa,
lllect, Spertnatorrhiea,
Whlix. unnatural dli
I chargx, or any IntUruina-
ijoo. irriiaiiuu ur utwr
tlon u( muroue neia-
ltHttQimHC2: lL"-0lllr'
or nt la plain TfPrjr.
Urcultr anut uu rwwt,
I A mm4 cvlleu sw TomtY TemA
ldr. It proaac a sow ana ocawmu eewi.
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eW att w ttiunn.
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lam MtftfaTi.Q -JBBJ
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