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Daily Capital Journal. iNew ty a
TUESDAY, OCT. 20, 1890.
w w -" w " s1 " "" w "
H Altona and Ramona
Portland, 0:45 a. ra.
i Salem 7 u. m.. except Sunday.
7 Quick time, regular service and cheapJ
Z ....rates....
f Agent, Salem.
i IK sfe T 41 V fc T
White collars and cuffs.
White bands for -waist fronts,
Tubular braids in silk and wor-tcd.
Plain taffeta ribbons.
Silk ruffled collarettes.
Ostrich collarettes.
Feather collarettes,
Light Outings,
T. MversoD.
i t
All Wool Suits
Men's Mackintoshes,
11 Up, 11
- Umbrellas 50c up, -
Capes and JackcsMWmY&i&i&
m n sa sa ta $3anduP.
)t Dalrymple Co,
Jay Phillip went to Portland this
Lee McGrew went to Portland this
Mrs. R. A. Crossan is visiting rela
tives In Portland.
General V. IT. O.lell went to Wood
burn this afternoon.
Private Secretary -W. S. Dunlway
went to Woodburn today.
State Superintendent G. M. Irwin
his returned from La Grande.
Adlutant General B. B. Tuttle came
up from Portland this morning.
I G. Davis, Salem's popular gro
cery salesman, went to Albany tills
Ex-United States Senator J. N.
Dolph, of Portland, was a Salem visi
tor today.
Tlios. Kay, manager of the Salem
Woolen mills, returned this morning
to Waterloo.
Mrs. J. 0. Johnson and son, C. V.
Johnson, went toScIo this morning to
remain for a short visit
Rev. Gllmaii Parker camo up from
Oregon City this morning to attend
the State Baptist convention.
Engineer Hannlgan has resumed
his run on the Salem local after an
absence of about thico weeks, occas
ioned by the death of Ills son in Port
land. Scott Stevens, of the Vancouver
barracks, was in the city Monday
where ho enjoyed a small portion of
his thirty daya vacation. .From hero
ho went to Cor vail Is.
Lewis R. Stlnson Oregon's newly
elected grand keeper of the seals of the
Knights of Pythias, is hard at work
making a clean up of the business of
the order, and will without the sha
dow of a doubt give tho institution a
good administration. Ho will bo ab
sent from Salem for some time to
The Former Salemite Now For Bryan
and Prosperity.
The following friendly letter was
received the other day by a Salem
business man and old associate of II
W. Cottle, who Is now located at Los
Los Angeles, Cal., Oct. 15, '00.
Dear Sir and Friend: How are
you all and how is everything and
everybody at Salem?
We have moved to Los Angeles and
I am in business right in the heart of
the city: am manager for the Los An
geles' olllce of theEscondido Land Co.,
a rich company. I also deal In city
real estate and insurance.
My folks all like it here and are en
joying good health. All Join in kind
regards to yourself and family. Better
come down this winter and sec us.
Times arc reported dull here yet there
arc fine new buildings going up all
over the city.
I have been for two years studying
the political situation, reading all
fides and listening to speakers on all
'sides and I tell you I have firmly come
to the conclusion to vote for Bryan
and with the people for prosperity
and against McKinley, the candidate
of the trusts, monopolies, railroads
and the boodle elements. We will
get no prosperity that Is permanent
under the gold basis. To make times
good we must have free coinage cf
both gold and silver on equal terms.
The Republican talk of International
agreement is a farce. Everyone knows
that England will not consent to such
an agreement and that unless England
docs Germany will not. The gold
basis In this country will make times
much worse than now.
Let mo hear fiom you. With kind
regards, I an.
Yours trfrly,
II. W. Cottle.
From Tillamook. The best cheese
on earth, and Branson & Co. lfceps it.
X New Goods, X
II &G CORSETS. Now lines Just
opened. Drabs and blacks, all sizes
from 18 to 30.
and $1.50 kinds. All warranted. Col
ors brown, black and tan.
TABLE LINENS. Wo sell you
line values at 50c, GOc, 75c, 00o and 81
per yard.
PLUSH OAPES. Some nlim nn.x
lor su, sine lined, thlbot trimmed.
.Bettor ones $7.50, $!), $10. Our $10
bouclo capo is the finest In tho city
for tho price.
JACKETS. A now lino of those
handsome $10 ones to arrive In a few
days. Plenty of cheaper ones on hand
atprlces from $4 up.
SERGES Heavy all wool serges -15
Inches wido, 50 and CO cents a yard.
uur teauer is a ao men all wool serge
aiiuciijuru. oeoour eiegant mack
and colored dress goods, J5 inches
wide and all wool, handsomely figured
st 75c a yard.
PLENTY Of 5c blue calicoes, 5o
eatings, fie ginghams, Co skirt linings
xlways on hand. Best tablo oilcloth
HEAVY Fleeced vests GOo. Half
w&gJ ribbed vests 50c.. Better ones
"Zc All wool ones $1. Flno union
$w$t$lZ0 and 2 a suit. .
Willis Br, d Co,
Court ahdiL'lberty.
12!te &5wfe Dry (ioods, Ciothlng and
A Word With Dr. Cusick.
The Journal has only gharlty and
good will personally toward Dr. W. A.
Cusick, the Salem bank politician and
pioneer of Marlon county. lie has his
strong and weak points, but when lie
goes out of his way to asperse the po
litical motives of another he exposes
himself to an Investigation of his own
If he will publish all the warrants
ho has ever drawn on the public trea
sury tho people will see how he has
made his fortune and why he Is for the
gold standard. Tim Journal does
not imply that ho has made his money
lesss honestly than others of the
same class, but when he assumes the
spotless toga of the Innocent patriot,
ho will be called down every day in
the year.
Dr. W. A. Cuslck,of Salem, is a true
typo of a greedy Goldocrat. He has
made a large fortune hogging the
public treasury and gone into the
banking business and of course he is
now opposed to free coinage of silver.
Although that was the platform his
present party stood on in 1890, there
is no evidence the Doctor would not
stand on It today If there was a dollar
in it. Tho truth is Dr. Cusick has no
principle but the almighty dollar.
From Rockafeller down to this insig
nificant bank politician they have only
special worship of the almighty dollar
back of all their activities and but
for prostitution of principles and over
reaching their neighbors, In the
natuo of politics, they would be ordi
nary men with no more dollars than
tho rest of mankind and their pre
tense to superior honesty and virtue
causes even tho angels In heaven to
Theso are the men who buy, own
and manage political banks and who
want tho privilege of handling tho
A "Red Letter" Week for This Denomi
nation 200 Delegates.
The prospects are most favoablc for
a very successful session of the Baptist-State
convention and Minister
ial conference to begin this evening.
Delegates began to arrive this morn
ing and a great many are expected by
this evening's boats and trains. It Is
probable that the number of delegates
will reacli 200, since 150 are assured to
be in attendance at the convention.
The convention promises to be one of
special Interest and profit to the vari
ous societies of the church, and all
who may attend its proceedings.
The program for this evening and
Wednesday Is as follows:
7 Prayer service, led by Mark
7:30 Enrollment and organization.
Sermon Ray Palmer.
Wednesday, Oct. 21.
9:30 Prayer service, led by A. J.
10 The unchurched masses of Ore
gon, M. M. Lewis.
Followed by dlscssion, opened by W.
B, Hall.
2 Opening of the convention, L. J.
2:30 Enrollment and election of
3 Report of the board of managers,
by Secretary Gllman Parker. Followed
by discussion and prayer.
First Congregational Church at Wil-
day.Oct. 20. 1896, Miss Lyda Crans
ton, of Wlllard, to Rev. J. P. Far
mer,of Salem.
The ceremony wassolemnized In the
church at Wlllard in the presence of
only the relative's and a few intimate
friends of the high contracting par
ties. Rev. Curtis, of the East side
congregational church of P,ortland,as
slsted by Dr. Wood, of Colorado
SprIngs,Colo.,ofllclated. Immediately
following the ceremony, the party re
paired to the house of thq bride where
a delicious wedding breakfast was
served. After receiving the congra
tulations and well wishes of numerous
friends, Rev. and Mrs. Farmer drove
to the Baptist parsonage on Liberty
street where a sumptuous wedding
dinner was served at 5 o'clock this af
ternoon, Rev. and Mrs. Farmer here
received congratulations from the
members of Rev. Farmer s congrega
tion and numerous other friends In
this city.
The gioom Is the talented pastor of
J the First Baptist Church of this city
and by his courteous disposition has
made many friends during his short
residence In Salem. Rev. Farmer is
an earnest worker in the church and
the further advancement of Christ's
kingdom here on earth. Tho bride is
the accomplished daughter of Warren
Cranston.a highly respected farmer of
the Waldo Hills.
Today's Transactions in the Various
County Departments.
J. B. Ludsnn has been appointed
administrator of the estate of Orlena
J Crandall, deceased, the property of
whome Is valned at $1900.
.Sheriff F. T. Wright man and Dep
uty D. W. Gibson were busy this
morning, posting election notices, as
provided bylaw, In a number of places
In this township.
A suit In equity has been Instituted
In the Marlon county circuit court
against Mattle A. Parrlsh, the widow
of the late J. L. Perrlsh. The parties
plaintiff are S. B. and C. W. Parrlsh,
Grace G. Pierce, Josle L. Slater and
N. O. Parrish by Henrietta Parrlsh,
his guardian, and Sam B. Parrlsh, as
administrator of the estate of Joslah
L. Parrlsh, deceased. Application
was made by the plaintiffs to County
Judge Terrell for a temporary writ of
injunction as mentioned in the last
above clause of tho prayer and the
same was granted, it to be returnable
at the next term of department No. 2
of the circuit court.
In replevin case of Capital Lumber
ing Company vs. Sarah T. Learned,
action for money, the motion to
strike out part of answer was sus
tained. Demurrer to separate answer
The replevin case of Ferdinand J,
Gollln vs. F. J. Eldriede Jet al., was
called before Judge Burnett at 4
o'clock Monday afternoon. A jury
was secured and case commenced but
at adjournment the case was con
tinued till today.! The case Is on trial
to a jury this afternoon.
In case of Sharp vs. Card well, action
for money, which was argued before
Judge Burnett Monday afternoon,
jury returned sealed verdict in favor
of plaintiff, for $50.
The grand jury reported two true
bills. It is likely the circuit court
will have completed its work by Wed
nesday evening, when adjournment
will be had.
i "NEW" P
"A Woman
by Robt. Barr.
Philosophy of
Flno Art."
"The Comedy of
ment,"by Nordan.
"Mrs. Gerald," by
Louise Pool.
"Stephen, a Soldier of the
Cross," Klngsloy.
"Joan Haste," by Haggard
"Women's Work In the
Home," by Archdeacon Far
rar. "Amos Jtuld," by J. A.
"Friends in Council," by
Sir Arthur Phelps.
The Children of the Cold,'
by Frederick Scwalka.
Foresaid by
F. S, Dearborn,
,gsy,gyT gvgvv
Days Special Sale,
From the cheapest to the best all
at reduced prices,
AWednesday and Thursday
Justice Court.
Justice Johnson's court Monday
was occupied In hearing the case of
Fannie BFIeener vs. O. II. Gilbert,
constable of Lincoln precinct. The
suit grew out of an attachment levied
on three hogs, ten bushels of" wheat
and three tons of hay valued at $25,
which property was attached by the
officer and for the recovery of which
Mrs. Fleener sued. Court gave ver
dict in favor of the plaintiff.
Rally at Dallas.
Tho common American people ex
pect to hold a Bryan rally at Dallas,
on Saturday, October 31. Ex-Governor
Pennoyer and Elder Barkley are to be
the speakers. A rich treat Is In store
for all. Every one Is Invited to come.
Speaking at 2 p. rn. and 7:30 p. m.
Judge Crowell speaks at th'e Dallas
city hall on October 24, at 7:30 p. m.
Judge Crowell is an old soldier and an
excellent speaker.
She Still Runs. In spite of the
many rumors to the contrary, the
Salem local still operates between the
Capital and the Metropolis, although
tho Portland Exposition has closed.
It will continue to do so -until other
wise officially instructed. Travel on
this train now compares fayorably to
that of any time since it was placed
on the run. Also there lias been a
noticeable increase in the number of
passengers, seeking passage via tho
overland, since "the rate on the
local has been raised.
Sad News. Rev. W. O. Kantner.
pastor of tho First Congregational
church of this city, received a tele
gram today, announcing the death of
his father, J. Kantner, at the ad
vanced age of 80 years, at Cressona,
Pa., at an early hour this morning.
Unfortunately, Dr. Kantner will not
bo able to go East, to attend tho
funeral. He has the sympathy of his
large congregation, besides that of
numerous other acquaintance.
A Fraternal Visit.
Last night a number of the mem
bers of Centralia Temple, No. 11,
Rathbonc Sisters, made a fraternal
visit to the Ella Houston temple, at
Silverton. The trip was made via
Basey's wagonette add the ride by
moonlight across some of the prettiest
country of the state, was greatly en
joyed. The party did not reacli Salem
on the return trip until 2:30 a. m. to
day and report a delightful time, the
Silverton temple being entertainers of
rare ability.
Those forming the party were: Mrs.
F. W. Steusloff, Mrs Col. Olmstead,
Mrs. Morris WIprut, Mrs. J. A.
Dickey, Mrs. A. B. Gardner, Mrs. Geo.
C. Will, Mrs. C. W. Knox, Mrs. F. T.
Wrightman and Mrs. C. L. Parmenter.
Misses: Anna Jensen, Edith Eisen
hardt, Mona Bowman; Messrs: A. M.
Hansen, U. J. Lehman and,- J. A.
Apparently Being Converted.
At the open meeting at the Univer
sity, Friday evening, a straw vote was
taken, which resulted as follows:
McKinley, 73; Bryan, 45; Palmer, 2.
This indicates a noticeable Increase
In the Bryan vote, over that conducted
about four weeks previous, when the
ratio of the votes stood about 3 to 1
In favor of McKinley. The increase
In the Bryan vote Is very gratifying
to the members of the Bryan club, re
cently organized by several students
of the University, since It shows their
efforts have at least been appreciated.
Before the November election, they
hope to convince numerous other stu
dents of the error of their way, and
"gather the wanderers in." Such
missionary work on the part of Bryan
students, in connection with their
studies, is most commendable.
Wheat Wanted.
Unlimited quantities of wheat
wanted at Humphrey's wareliouse,for
which the highest market price will
be paid. Come and see at 325 State
Insuranco block, or at warehouse, foot
of Union streeet, Salem.
I0l9-2t. A. M. Humphrey. a
The Only Chair Car Line
to the east is the Union Pacific.
Eastern cities are reached via this
line with fewer changes of cars than
via other lines. Rates alwuvs Mm
lowest. Tickets to or from points in
the United States, Canada, or Europe
for sale by
Boise & Barker, Agents,
15-15d-4w Salem, Oregon.
, -. 4HtfVfe
257 Commercial st.
Diaductive Cure of Disease Through the Use of
It Is useless to enumerate tho many Ills whlch.arc dally cradi
ted from -the human system through the use of Oxyylta Wr
or call and we will explain why In every aflllctlon we can relieve
the sufferer and guide them to perfect health.
- ResiJent agent "Oxyyita" Chatwin House, Silem.
' " ' 50 lb, sacks each 80c,
We warrant the above to be fresh, and as each sack bears
tnenameoi "Wells a wimer, manufactur rs of the best
meal only," no words of praise ere necied,
P, O, Grocery,
Buttermilk toilet soap, 10c box of 3 cakes,
Salem School Directors Meet.
At the regular meeting of the board
of school directors for district No. 21,
last evening the following bills were
audited: Salem Water Co., $75; B. F.
Salmon, $2.50; Buren & Hamilton,
$3.00; J. Myers & Son, $.70.
Clerk Bozorth reported" 1,542 pupils
having registered while the report of
Supt. G. A. Peebles showed 1,4(55 of
that number enrolled in the various
schools ax follows.: East school, 509;
North, 287; Polytechnic, 50; Park, 240;
Lincoln, 177; and Central schools, 148:
Director Ohmart was constituted a
committee of one to ascertain the
best plans for providing the Lincoln
school with a musical instrument, he
to submit his roport at next meeting.
Superintendent Peebles reported verb
ally on thecrowded condition of the
schools and adjournment was had.
Superii Meals for all shades and
color of politicians, as well as all the
rest of tho people, at Kenworthy &
George's restaurant. Try them.
New York, Oct. 20. Silver,
2 60.
64tfcj !e
CiucAco, Oct. 20 -Hog-Ufiht fo.otfi
3.52; heavy $3.io3.so. v
Cattle Beeves 3.5o5.oo; cowi
heifers $1.(0(3.00.
HheepGood ste
Reed's Opera House,
PATTON 11ROS., Local ManaCers.
Old Folks' Whist Clur. The
Old Folks' Whist club for this win.
public funds, state, city and county ' ter was held last evening at the ele-
iiirger uiues are 1110 ganf, Homo of State Treasurer Phil
ana nn tuo larger cities are
depositories of national funds. Every
onco and a wliilo one of them fails up,
puts his property in the hands of his
relatives and stands on tho streets
and shouts "Sound money and tho
national honor, must bo preserved."
The Journal does not single Dr.
Cusick out alone for this criticism.
Ho is a truo typo of tho whole crew,
who, from Mark nauna down, talk
tho gold standard only to decelvo tho
public Into giving them farther op
portunity to fatten at publlo ex penso
while prating of public ylrtuo.
Metschan.corner of State and Twelfth
6trcets. Mrs. J. A. Richardson and
cx-Gov. Z. F. Moony carried off first
prizes, whtlo the boobies Jwere
awarded Mrs. E. M. Waito and R. B.
Fleming. Tho club will meet with
Hon. and Mrs. J. G. Wrlgnt at their
unurch street home next Monday
You Can Be Well
When your blood is pure, rich and
nourishing for nerves and muscle.
The blood Is the vital fluid, and when
It Is poor, thin and impure you must
ciwiurhuiieroryou will Tall a victim
to sudden changes exposure, orover
!x0rK f,KecP yur blood pure with
Hopd's Sarsaparllla and be well.
Hood's Pills arc the bestafter-dinner
pill assist digestion, ouro headache.
2o cents.
One Night Only,
Thursday, Oct.
MATTHEV. S. Died at her home in
East Salem, at 12:15 a. m. Octbober
14, 1890, Mrs. Rhoda A. Matthews.
Deceased was born in Ohio, on the
10th day of August, 1853. Joined the
Methodist church at the age of 14,
and lived up to that faith until the
time of her death. She move J with
her father's family (Adam Simon) to
Kansas In 1807, and there married
James Matthews in 1870. They with
their family moved to Oregon in 1888,
wchi 0 they have since resided. De
ceased loaves a husband and seven
chlldicn to mourn her death. They
we-10 all present at her death except
ori(Tson, who was In Eastern Oregon.
He a 1 rived In time for thn fnnnrni.
Funcral services were held at the
nouseat lla. m. on tho 15th, Eev.
Beauchamp conducted the services.
The remains were taken to Polk
county, near Zena, for Interment.
We desire to extend our thanks to
those who were so kind to us during
our sad bereavement.
Jas. Matthews & Family.
Event Extraordinary,
seasan's greatest success. The
delightful comedy drama
A Political Lie. Some very
small politicians are Industriously
circulating the lie that Oscar Rennie,
( tho printer, was discharged from The
Journal force because ho Is a Mc
j Klnley man. This is a lie told for
J political effect as Mr. Rennie's poli
tics have been and still aro unknown
to tho publishers. Try again.
Friends of Bryan and Free Coinage
who can contribute to tho campaign
fund, even SO smnll n nm no 9Ji nnta
should do so as funds are badly needed
In tho closing days of tho campaign.
For Infants and Children.
S2x stir,. " fc
UTjCA-?4'tr&-. 7
Benefit of the Salem Hospital,
Reed's Opera House,
eadyioc higher.
Chicago, Oct. 20. Wheat, ash iWa
Portland, Oct. 20. Wheat nWn.ioOLnt
Walla Walla, 67. "'7
Flour Portland, 4.00; Benton county,
4 ooj graham, 3.25; superfine, $3.55 per bbl
Oats-White, 3334C grey, 3i3JWlleJ,
in bags, $4.2$$$, barrels, 4.5o7,;
cases, 3.75.
Potatoes.. Oregon, 35(1500 per sack.
Hay. .Good, ioio.;o per ton.
Wool.. Valley, 89c; Eastern Oregon
Poultry- Chicken8,mued,S2,5oa2.4o; tJoil
ers, $i.25t.75; ducks, $233; geese, 56j
turkeys, live, 10.
Hides, .green, salted 60 lbs 5c; under
60 lb3 44c; sheep pelts, io7oc.
Hops 4Vi7c.
Butter. .Oregon fancy creamery, KM',
fancy dairy, 2535; fair to Rood, 2o(fi2ajfc
ineese .uregon mil cream, 9.
Eggs.. Oregon, I720c per dor. .
Beef. .Topsteers, 2.2502.40 per lb; Ian
to good steers, 2i2 3.50; cows, 111,'.
dressed beef, 34Kc
San Francisco, Oct. 20. Wheat, Dec,
1 50
Wool.. Oregon choice,icaiic; inferiors
7i , valley, qc.
Hops Quotable at 24c for old.
Potatoes 253oc per sack.
Oats Milling. 8792.
Wheat. .68cjper du., market firm.
uats.. 23325c.
Hay..Ba'ed, cheat, 7.oo7.25;, timothy,
Flour.. In wholesale lots, 3.10; retail,
3.20; bran, bulk 11.5012.50; sacked, 11.00;
shorts, 12.5013.50; chop feed, Il.ong
Poultry. .Hens 5c; Spring chickens, 5c lb.,
Veal..Dressed, 3 &
Hogs.. Dressed, 2y,3y,.
Live Cattle.. i2.
Sheep.. Live, 1.25. . .
Wool.. Best, 120. '
I lops.. Best, 45o.
Eggs.. Cash. 17c. r - .
Butter.. Best dairy, 15 cj fancy creamer, J
Cheese .!2c. ,,, . .
Farm Snwkt-d Meats7,"'i. CXcibtn"
90; shoulders, 5c f
Potato?., osrerbu.
Wednesday. Oct. 21,at'8P,M,
Suggested by Bret Hart's exquisite
- romance of laughter and tears.
t l
1 1
Tli fie.
Hear the sweet singing of the
araen Nugget Quartet.
the picturesque costumes,
scenery and effects,
A comolete tstwliirfJrtn u-r u
F. --ww y u.
jew 1 orn company,
" Seats now on sale,
Stereos ,
By the eminent Russian traveler,
100 Ktprpn-nlnntrloil tiMnm.v c..
Jefcts: 1. "The Coronation." 2. "IIu
njorous Politic" under stereo-electrical
rays; or the present political situa-
t.uu us seen oy uic runny man. Tho
brightest humor, sharpest wit and
comical art. The greatest novelty of
the present campaign. Reps, Perns
up an get, meir snare.
Admission to all parts of the house
-5c; 10c extra for reserved seats. Gal
lery tcketsta pupils-of the publlo
schools 10c. I
Free Pills.
Send your address to II. E. Bnekfea
& Co., Chicago, and get a free sample
box of Dr. King's New Life Pill.
A trial will convince you of t lieir
merits. These pills are easy in act on
j . i..(.,.i,r nffoptfvft in the
iiuu lire yrufciuuiuijj "ww...- n-.j.
cure of Constipation and -Wcfc I Icm
ache. For Malaria and Liver trout lea
they have been proved '"'".T;
They are guaranteed to be WW
free from every deleterloud sta
to be purely vegetable. They do no
weaken by their action, but In
tone to stumacu and bowels gr ea
Invigorate the system. Regular s ze
25 cents per box. Sold by trta a.
Legg Druggist.
Salem SteamLaundry
Please notice the cut in pHs
on the following! ocortf
.Shirts, plain eVoloeentt
Under drawers ctoioeent
Under shirts 3 co!
Socks, per pair ,1 ceai
Handkerchiefs 'eait
Silk handkerchiefs ... ; ' " fan
Sheets and pillow slips 24 centi per w
and other work in proportion.
Flannels andother work
telhgently washed by j

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