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Carlyle Jeered and Hissed at
Covington, fty.
J ft it.-- Micelle Aro
lotten tggs aua uuibi
Thrown at Him.
cwiKOTON.Ky.. Oct. 23.-Secrctary
the Treasury Jolm u. uarusie
lade the first or "1S 8Br,C0
I.,.. .,oiips last night in Odd
ckj - - , , .
fellows' Iiall, wlilcU was crowuea to
katmmt capacity. He was received
th a generous and hearty -applause,
hen lie appeared on the stage. This
s followed by vociferous cheers
Bryan from a throng of men.
Iil continued some time after Secre-
iry Lanyie -i. -
fetely drowning his voice, so that
lose nearest him on the stage could
it hear his woids. At .the same
ub a crowd occupied the street and
ot the air with shouts for Bryan.
Mr. Carlisle said lie had come to
leak in behalf of Democratic candl-
ites, pledged to Democratic prin
ts, without any modern adultera
tes of Populistic and communistic
endages. He said that alarming
etrlnes had been promulgated under
name of Democracy, and party
iclpllne had been invoked and party
laltj appealed to, but the Issues in-
jved were of sucii tremendous lm
ftance to the country that for the
ne being ordinary party obligations
I sunk Into utter insignificance.
rhen. after enumerating what he
flared to be the principles of true
Inocracy, as It had beenjinterpreted
Jefferson, Jackson and Cleveland,
B secretary said that was the kind
Idetnocraey he believed in, and that
support would be given to the
pdidates who represented it in this
Vhlle Secretary Carlisle was Inter-
pted continuously during his speech
nere thrown about the hall.
! most disorderly scene was at the
close of the meeting, when the hood
lums gnthcred about the exit with In
sulting remarks. There were many
noisy people 'in the street and In bucIi
a spirit as to threaten violence, as
well as Insult, to the secretary. The
authorities had not taken radical
action to prevent a disturbance up to
this time, but after the meeting the
mayor and chief of police promptly fur
hlslied a detachment of twenty police,
who safely and quietly escorted Secre
tary Carlisle to the residence of
Frank Ilclm.
The Insult to Secretary Carlisle, by
men of his native state and city is the
leading topic of conversation today.
While accounts differ as to the degree
of brutality, manifested by those in
the hall and on the street, there is no
dispute as to the bitterness ot feeling
shown. CarlMc feels deeply the
indignity and his only remaik
was: "They are not hurting nic,
they are only harming themselves."
lie did not know that eggs had been
thrown until some time after it was
Drouth in Australia Causes
Filibusters Ciptured.
JACKSONViLLE,Oet.23. The United
States cruiser Raleigh, at 5 o'clock
yesterday morning, discovered the
steamer Dauntless was taking on a
cargo of coal from the steamer R. L.
Maby,ofI Mosqnlto inlet. As the war
ship bore down On them the filibusters
started in opposite directions and the
Raleigh opened lire, dropping a solid
shot across their bows as a signal to
stop. The Dauntless hove to, but the
Maby ran into Mosquito inlet and an
chored opposite New Smyrna. The
Raleigh took the Dauntless in tovand
sent an officer after the Maby.
The two prizes were towed up the
coast to the St. John's bar, and were
anchored inside the river with the
cutter Boutwell alongside.
That Hoe and Rake.
Mr. Fletcher wishes us to state that
he Is not surprised that somebody
wanted to steal George Washington
Johnson's hoc-n"nd rake. When men
steal they like to steal articles that
have never been used. Of course, they
knew where to go to find them. When
hoes and rakes are in actual use they
are not stolen. He is also glad that
Johnson caught the thief for it proyes
two things that were never before
suspected, first, that George W.
must be preparing to go to work; and
second, that he actually knew a hoe
and a rake when he saw tlicm.
oirt Be Deceived
into buying anything anything in
?the vayjof
until you have seen our line and
got our prices. We know where
of we speak when we say that
ur $10 Black Clay Worsted
is the cheapest suit ever offered
in the city, A new line of over
coats and hats just arrived and are
offering them at prices that defy
competition, Remember the place
-. W. Johnson ft son
Yesterday's Demoralization Over
came Today.
Chicago, Oct. 23.-It was a crazy
market in wheat today -against De
cember which closed yesterday at 70,
opened Willi sales generally 2 cents a
bushel higher, but with business
varying in dilTeicnt-parts at the pit
all the way from 72 to 72j. After the
rush quotations quickly dropped from
72 down a full cent to 71i. Then
prices whlrfed upward again touching
73 at 10:50, gaining 2 cents a bushel
within three quarters or an hour.
Foreign cables showed little effect
this morning of the demoralization of
yestciday's local market. Liverpool
showed only a quarter decline, and
tills comparative strength had an em
phatic effect on prices here. At the
end of the first hours' trading.Do
cember wheat was selling at 721.
Later tho market again fell to 71.
Armour's brokers were selling, but
Cudahy jwas buying. In spite of the
violence, fluctuations In the market
was not characterized by such excite
ment as might have been expected.
Adelaide, Soutli Australia, Oct.
23. A drought has occurred In the
northern part of Soutli Australia, ns
a result of which the harvest is a
total failure. Numerous farms are
destitute. .
London, Oct. 23. A dispatch from
Simla, India, tollieTImes, says':
All of the railways have raised,rate3
for the grain from the seaports to
towns to Upper and Central India.
This snould stimulate foreign Imports.
There Is nothing now to report in
the drought districts. No rain has
fallen lately. The advent of the north
east monsoon Is anxiously watched,
as it may cause a good rain in Madras,
with heavy showers in Hyderabad and
the eastern parts of the Central pro
vinces. Official reports indicate that
up to the present' the rural popula
tion of the Northwest provinces are
fully employed in the ordinary farm
ing operations. The government has
schemes cut and dried for relief work
in the shape of feeder roads, small
irrigation project and minor railway
lines. The provincial governments
are closely watching for signs of distress.
Bryan Still in the Fight.
Matoon, Ills., Oct. .23. What was
considered the battle ground of the
campaign was entered by Bryan tills
morning. It lias been understood
that Bryan would put up the best
fight he could when the prairie state
was reached. Eighteen places were
on his itinerary for today. A few
more will be added before night just
for good mcasuie.
Springfield, Oct. 23. A howling,
shouting, cheering crowd welcomed
Bryan at Decatur, where lie was down
for two speeches and an hour's stop
The crowd surrounded his car and it
was with difficulty Bryan reached the
conveyance which was to take him to
the places or speaking. It was hard
to keep the excited admirers of the
nominee from breakingoyerthe police
and doing bodily harm in their desire
to show their affection.
Sixteen to One. John Colgan,
who fives on the South Salem slough
today brought In a mammoth Bur
bank potato, containing blxtcen of
the second cropa clear wise of "16
to V in nature.
Weyler's Latest Order.
Havana, Oc. 23. Captain-General
Weyler has Issued a proclamation con
taining the following provisions:
First All- the inhabitants of the
countryjCr,6Jutslde the ltncs of fortifi
cations o? the towns jroust betake
themselves to tho town occupied by
troops within a period of. eight days.
Those who am found liutsldo tho
tow tin "after tho expiration of that
period will be considered rebels and
will be taken and tried as s such.
Second The withdrawal of grocer
ies from the towns is absolutely pro
hibited, and also tho transportation
of them by sea or land, without permit
from the military authorities, lola
torsof this provision to b tried and
punished as alders of the rebels.
Third Proprietors of ttattle must
carry them to towns or make applica
tion Immediately for protection.
Fourth Eight days after the publi
cation of this proclamation, all rebels
surrendering in every municipality
will besubject to the captain-general's
disposal to order them where to resido
and it will be a commendation in
their favor for them to give avallablo
news about the enemy and to sur
render wllh their firearms; and, more
over, to surrender collectively in their
Fifth Tho proclamatlqn is only
enforceable In the province of IMnur
del Rio. '
The insurgents during the pastt.vo
weeks have been continuing the work
of devastation, particularly in the
province or Matanzus, where they
have reduced to, ashes eight tobacco
and sugar plantations, together wllh
many farm houses and ihuts of labor
ers, the total value being about $2,000,
000. Hundreds of families are ren
dered homeless.
From Douglas County.
Melrose, Oct. 10.
Editor Journal'.! notice with
great pleasure, the successful effort
you arc making, in Marion county,
for the cause of Bryan and frco silver, I
and I want to encourage you with the
the assurance that Douglas county is
marching along in solid ranks, and
will return a handsome majority for
tho champion of the people, on Nov
ember 3. next.
A number of lieartoforo solid Rep
ublican precincts, have organized
Bryan clubs, vnd have enrolled al
most tho entire voting strength of the
I do not like to estimate numbers,
but there will be such an awakening
here next montli as will astonish the
Mr. McMahan, of Salem, is stump
ing this couuty now, and Is meeting
enthusiastic audiences every where,
he spoke at Cleveland, In Coles
valley precinct, on Saturday,' Oct
ober 17, and succeeded in deliver
ing tho most logical speech of the
campaign, producing an array af
what many acknowledge to bo uncon
trovertablo facts, confirming the
wavering and helping over the fence,
to our side-, a number of weak ones.
We are getting into our line all
those who are willing to study the
question, but there are always some,
whom if you convince against their
will, are of " the same opinion still."
"There are none so blind afi those who
won't see."
' Ed. W. Dillek,
President Coles Valley Bryan ClubJ
W. O. T. U. Meeting. Mrs. M. N.
Gravcs.state organizer of theWoman's
Christian Temperance Union of wes
tern Washington.wlll lecture at High
land addition toSalem.Oct. 23,1890,at
7:30 p. m. in Friends church. Most
Important questions of the day con
sidered. Come to the meeting. Col
lection to pay expenses.
A Saving. It will save you money
If you need a good business, or dress
suit, to call at the New York Racket.
They have fine clay worsted frock and
and sack suits, at racket prices, also
men's and boys' suits ut low prices.
Call and see. 1 1 & w
A McKinliy Republican Confesses
A stiver Republican, In this city,
handed Tub Journal the following
letter from a Republican tump
speaker, In Ohio, who Is his warm
personal friend, and a reliable man
in all respects:
CLKVFJiAND?Ohlo, Oct. 10, 1800.
I will endeavor to give you my un
biased opinion as to the result. Last
week I drove from the eastern line of
Ohio into Cleveland, passing through
Warren, Lcvitsburg, Briccvlllc, Man
tua, Auburn, Arora, Solon and Ran
dall. These are all farming centers,
and I found 2tol in favor office
coinage. I spoke at Mnntau, a pros
perous center for farmers to sell their
produce, and while wo had 100 present
at tile gold meeting, at the silver
meeting over 40D were present. Dr.
Carlton, secretary of the Portage
county central committee, the county
next to Stark, where MoKlnley lives,
gives tho county up to the fusion, or
Democratic party. Tills has been
one of the strongest Republican
counties on the western reserve. In
this city the excitement has been un
rivaled since the wnr of the rebellion.
Great throngs of peoplo aro gathered
upon the public square as early as 8
a. mnnd they remain until midnight,
nil disputing the one great question.
Late in August I was in North In
dlana,and as far down In that state as
Indianapolis, I found the same sen
timent prevailing there, tho same
general excitement, and only ono
issue. It was doubtless the liopo of
the Republican party to create the
tariff the chief issue, but in Ohio and
Indiana the tariff has gone completely
out of sight. On the other hand great
crowds of peoplo visit Mr. MoKlnley,
at Canton, every day. Tho newspa
pers do not overestimate tho numbers,
as every available car is used to trans
port the voters to Canton. However,
tho worklngmen, in this city, are In
n disturbed state, thoy believe that
Mr. MoKlnley is Inleaguo with all
the great corporations and the Wall
street Jobbers, and it would appear
that no argument can dlsplaco this
Idea. They also believe that eventu
ally tho Republican party will declare
for silver without any international
agecment, and by 'supporting MrJ
Bryan they would only hasten this
condition of affairs. It is charged
that plenty of men are forced to go to
Canton by the great corporations,
and that upono election day they will
exercise their own franchise. Still
they all seem to display plenty of on
thuslasm, which seems strange.
Then there lias been a factional
fight in Ohio ever since Mr. Sherman
succeeded himself to the senate tho
last time. The light lias been on be
tween Mr. McKlnley and the Slier
man wing, and Mr. Forakcr In South
ern Ohio.
The press deny this bitterness, but
any one at all In'the Inner circles
know tiiat it Is Gospel truth. Still
Mr. McKlnley Is the Idol of the peo
ple In the East, and especially in
Ohio and it remains to be been
whether such a factional fight can
cut any figure. It is oven charged by
the frionds of Mr. McKlnley that no
work is being done wliutevcr In Ham
ilton, Brown, Clermont and Butler
counties. I have endeavored to give
you the situation here as I under
'stand It, and you naturally ask "what
Is your conclusion from all this?"
I answer.I think It Is a toss up in this
state between McKlnley -and Brynn,
and when papers talk of great victo
ries, they aro simply guessing ut both
Bides of the question. It Is true,
that both sides may gain a sweep
from the other, but I do not regard It
as liable. Personally I want only
what Is the best for this great people,
and whatever Is most conduslve to
national prosperity. I know this Is
what you want, so farewell politics,
Oregon Pensions,
Tensions have been granted to Orc
gonlans as follows:
Sylvester F. Bush, of Westfall
Malheur county, and John A. Wise
of Eugene, Lane county.
Increase-Brlce Hacker, of yer
nonlo, Columbia county.
Sen. Plilfon od Silver
International Agreement Is Impossible His Utterances Like
Banquo's Ghost, Rise to Condemn His Present Positiotti
Read What He Said in the Fall of 1894,
Tho following was published In tho Isssuo of tile Portland Sun of OctdboT'
26, 1801.
"Hon. C. W. Fulton, of Clatsop, was yesterday In the city In cbnncctlott
with his extensive legal practice. Mr. Fulton Is staying nt the Portlnndi
and It was there n reporter of tho Stlu encountered him and ftsked him to
place himself on record on the silver question. Mr. Fulton, who has nlways
proved himself a friend of tho press nltliough pressscd for time, readily as
sented, and In reply to the question whether he would favor the scrluo with
his views, said: V
"I certainly have no objection. I am of the same opinion now ithat I have
been since I hnvo"givcn the subject special thought and attention, that it is
useless to hope for International agreement, providing for the coinage of sil
ver, or Its adoption ns money metal and the sooner independent action Is
taken by this government In the matter, and Its mints opened to tho frco and
unlimited coinage of silver and gold nt no greater ratio than 10 to 1, giving
both full debt-paying power, tho better It will be for our Industries and tho
sooner will prosperity again attend us.'
" 'You think, then, asked the reporter, 'that the restriction of, silver as
money, caused the present business depression?'
" 'It has been ono of tho causes, though not the solo causc. The threatened
abandonment of tho protective system was also largely a cause of tho present
financial and Industrial stagnation, but I am confident that the frco coinage
of silver and a Just and equitable system of protection to American products
and industries is a certain road to the greatest possible agricultural, commer
cial and manufacturing prosperity. If wo consult England's wishes wo will
abandon protection and prohibit the use of silver as money, but to tho minds
of many the fact that England opposes both Is, at least, no reason why wo
should refrain from cither, If Indeed It bo notnn argument to the contrary."
L. F. Griffith has petitioned tho
county court that Phil Motschan be
appointed guardian or tho estate of
Joseph McAllister, now an Inmnte of
the state Insane asylum and who re
ceives a pension of tho'valuo of $8 per
month. Tho petition will bo con
sidered on Wednesday, November 4,
at 10 n. m.
M. M. and O. Roland, natives ot
Norway and Win. Schnldlcr, a native
of Switzerland today took out final ci
tizenship papors.
Bounty wnrrnnts wero today issued
by county clerk L.Y.Eulcn na follows:
J.D.Purccllo,$10.00 T.B. West,05 cents.
Tho former presented four coyoto
scalps, the bounty on which is $2.50
Judge Geo. H. Burnett reopened
Marion county circuit court, Depart
ment No. 1,'nt 0 a. in. this morning,
haying adjourned from Wednesday
afternoon till tills morning.
Ray Bottcnberg and C. F. Llbby,
who plead guilty to tho chargo of
burglary of somo wheat -near Silver
ton, recently, were sentenced tills
morning to two years cacli in tho
state penitentiary.
Caso of Capital Lumbering Co. vs.
Sarali T. Learned was continued.
In caso of O. W. Johnson vs. II. B.
Munson, motion to strike out part of
atnincndcd answer and with leave to
illo .second amended answer, during
tills payment of $5 to adverse party.
In caso of Ferdinand Godln vs. F,
Eldrlcdgc et nl., which was decided
hi favor of defendant, by tho Jury, on
the 20th Inst, A motion on the part
of the plaintiffs for a now trial, was
today argued.
In caso of John Slough vs. Ives
Looson, costs and disbursements re
taxed at eo.30 for plaintiff and $127.00
for defendant nnd Judgment ren
dered accordingly.
In caso of Denton P. Taylor vs. L.
B. Huffman, costs and disbursements
re-taxed In favor of plaintiff, nt $08.40
and Judgment entered for plaintiff
In case of American Fire Insurance
Co. vs D. J. Kerr, costs and disburse
ments retaxed at $21.70 in favor of de
fendant and Judgement entered for
defendant accordingly.
In caso of State vs Ed Babb for lar
ceny In a store, forfeiture of ball re
mitted on condition that sureties pay
Into court during this day $25 district
attorney's fees and costs and disburse
ments of this proceeding.
In caso of State vs O. B. Estes, de
fendant's motion for cnango of
venue sustained and changed to
Clatsup county, transcript and papers
to be transmitted to clerk of the cir
cuit court of Clatsop county, Oregon
on or before November 2, 1800. Couri
then adjourned until 0 a. in. Saturday.
Dr. O. U. Estes, of Astoria, Demandamn
Impartial Trial.
It will be remembered that Dr. O.
B.Estcs wuBcxamincd before the state
medical board at Salem last Tuesday
evening on tho charge of having prac
ticed criminal abortion on ono Mrs.
Sophia Schultz. Tho board found Dr.
Estes guilty nnd ordered that his med
ical license bo revoked,
As a result of that decision, F. D.
Wlnton, attorney for Dr. Estes
today appealed tho caso from
decision of the state medical
board to tho circuit court of the State
of Oregon. As grounds for appealing
the enso to tho circuit court tho com
plaint nllcgcs: "First, that tho said
decision and judgment was against
law and tho verdict of tho said honor
ublo board was against tho law.
Second That tho said verdict was
against the law and that said decision
of said honorable board founded there
on was against tho law.
Third. That tho said verdict,
finding defendant guilty of criminal
abortion, was against tho evidence
and entirely unsupported by tho ovl
denco nnd decision of tho said board
revoking the license ot said decision
based on said verdict was contrary
to law and was and Is erroneous."
With the appeal Dr. Estes filed a
a bond for $500 with IL Wolf and Mr.
Wise, of Portland as suerties.
This charge was brought against
Dr. Estes ut the Instigation of O. H.
Bukman, E. Janson, M. M. Walker
and Jay Tattle, whom, It is reported,
aro envious of tho successful practice
of the accused.
Judge Burnett today granted a
change ot venue and the case will
come up beforo tho Clatsop county
clrcurt court. This change of venuo
will savo this county n largo sum
since had it not been granted tho
witnesses, a majority of whom re
sided in Astoria, would havo to bo
summoned from that city to Salem,
the fees of whon. would amount to no
small sum.
Be Comfortable While Travelling
In cool weather. The Union PaclflD
system heats Its trains throughout by
steam heat Jrom tho engine, thus
making overy part of all Its cars pleas
ant and comfortable. It also lights
Its cars by tho celebrated Plntsch
Light, making tnem brilliant at
night. Passengers carried dally on
tho Fast Mull, which leaves Portland
at 7 p. in. For sleeping car reserva
tions, tickets, or Information, cull on
or address
Boise & Barker, Agents,
15 12d 4 w Salom, Or.
i -
The Ladies and Gents. The stock
of underwear for ladlcs.gcuts and chil
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