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Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1896-1899, October 23, 1896, Image 3

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The Official BallolJIWerit
The Foiipe:of
tors in
The uilleial Australian ballot for
...1 ItalntV.
The law rcqultQ tlio.VQUr-.to mark
flB jhe uBlclnl bMlhiti whluii lf will rodclvti at Uio poHlt booth from the
.wilcPHnifiKit. iwfdUP!MWMH0l'ciwttntWlllldm Joiirilnifa Qmn
orUMdHa fur irealdertt utld Zudcipeiiddiib Anidi'lesui Hhuctatlbni itj our
.1.1 .i..ii:io ,i'M illilrlnul wltll II rti'.-itin t.lip ticket. lii-iiiit f,if iil1,u,n.. fs.,iu.
IfllMlWH" l'1""-' "'
'flic McKluley utid Huba t't dlcdlbrs
I taught abimt by International agreement with European natlutls.
file gfllu .stailUdru tubiiiii.iu Jciuut:i.iiiiu electors ;uso 01.11111 lo oo Djm
r (jcratic.
II.irrl.iod ll. tflucaid, secretary of state or the stale or Orccon.
linn II.1rri.10n u. ixiuojiu, suoiuoaijr m ii.iLo (ii Liie state or Oregon.
c4 Ities that the following Is a correct list or all the candidates Tor offices to
full led by the electors or the state at large whoso certlllcates and accent
ing" of nomination have been duly tiled with the secretary of state of
f iip next general election, ana n true
nd nolltlcil ilcsignaiitii is 01 such e.inniu.ttes as required by law to be
niiredon the otliclal ballots, Tor the general election to be held in the
:X or Oregon on the Tuesday next arter the tlrst Monday in November.
J. D. I83,tii-wl6. on Tuesday, November 3, 1SU0.
v.ir nrcidenfc of the United States
I r vice-president of the United Stat
v.ir electors or president and vice-
v. oi.vt.nrs or oresiaeut ana vice
John F. Caples, or Portland, Multnomah county Republican.
'f. T. (ieer, OI lUilciciiy, i'luium t,uuui,j liepuniicun.
E. L. oiniui. 01 uiiuu iviyui, huui uiuubjr iicpiiuiiraii.
.M. lor.in, "i xiuBciict ""IB tuuuir liejiuoiiean.
rnr nrcsidentor the 'United States
iv-.vipo-nmsident ot the United States...
t a . n a an maii t 4 t a t unrl I art
IX N. L. uutler, 01 aionmoutii, j.-oik
ior eiCCLOrs Ul ijiu-mucuu unu iiwiiibiiucih.
B n, llllier, Ul Oiliuiu, uim iwu wuiw;,! uujiu,i.tiuuia iu,uni;i imilliui ILilll
IX W. II. Spaugh, of IIurri8burg, Linn co., Peoples, Democratic, Silver Rep.
IX Harry Watkine, of McIInnvllle, Yamhill county, Peoples, Democratic
Stiver itepuoucuu.
Tor electors of president and vice -
ID. Bowennan, or Salcni, Marion county Prohibition.
C. J. Bright, or wasco. csnerman county I'roniuition.
jLesiie Uutler, or tiio uaues, wasco county iTonioition.
G E. llesklns, or apnngorooK,
For president of the-Unlted States John McAuley -Palmer.
For vice president of the United States Simon Bollver Buckner.
For electors of nresident and vice-president:
Lewis B. Cox, of Portland, Multnomah county National Democratic.
Alexander M. Holmes, or McCoy, Polk county National Democratic.
Frank A. Seufert, of Seufert, Oregon National Democratic.
Curtis J. Trenchard, or Astoria, C'latsop county National Democratic.
Veters: Cut out the above sample ballot, study the names caiefully,
land show it to other voters, that no one
Dates and Appointments for Bryan Meet
The Brvan Union camnaiirn com-
jmlttee announces the following dates
fand appointments for speakers in tin
County committees and local chair
man should make arrangements for
these meetings and communicate with
me state central committee, composed
of John C.Young, M. A. Miller and
Frank V. Drake, rooms 405. 0 and 7.
Chamber of Commerce, Portland.
l. 11. m'mahan.
Sold Hill, Friday, October 23.
rable Rock. Saturday. October 24.
Medford, Monday, October 26.
jack-sonviiie, Tuesday, October zi.
nioenix, Wednesday, October 'IS.
tsnianti, Tiiursday, October zu.
HON. H. C. llAKElt Iinrt J. D. MATLOCK.
iFlorenee, Saturday, Oct. 10, at 2 p. m.
fuiua or aiae, uct. iz, nt z p. m.
ucsniic, xuesaay, uct. u, at a p. in.
Elnilra. Wed. Oct,. 14. nt. 2 n. m.
Nithfield, Thu. Oct. 15, at 2 p. m.
uu xom, jj-riaay, uct. 10, at z p. in.
t-ugene. Fridav. Oct. 23.
Rosebnrg, Saturday, Oct. 24.
OlfanOct. 23afc lnm; Rnrlntrwater
ftb IIM1.
a . r ' 1 --
Highland, Oct. 24 at 1 p m: Beaver
If week at 7:30.
pleasant Hill, Oct. 26 at 1 p ru; Union
Macksburg, Oct. 27 at 1 p m; Mullno.
ai i:ou.
entre VIp.w. Timraiou rvt. 00.
Rpnltor, Friday, Oct. 30.
perron, Saturday, Oct 31.
Dayton. Friday, Oct. 23 at 2.
UUtteVllln. Mnt.nrrlnv net. 91 nt. 73n .,'
Nner, Monday, Oct 20.
wuwoia county, Tuesday, uct zi.
OlUnibla COlint.v. WnHnnsflnv. Oct 28.
Portland. TIlllKrlmi rn 00
Hillshnrn Pptilnu A',.f on
Washington county. Saturday, Oct 31.
"uu ;ity, Monday, iNov. z.
n W. J. D'AROY.
tugene, Friday, October 23.
Albany Saturday, October 24.
V? fvallls, Monday. OcUiber 20.
Wilem, Tuesday, October 27
Oregon City, Wednesday ,-October 28.
Portland, Thursday, October 29.
Astoria, Friday, October 30.
Aoove are all dates now fixed. Com-
lltlees can nrnnnn nftApnruin nnri
"enng meetings ir desired. Joint
"'Hussions accenbilile nnlr local
Jnimltteef arranges otherwise.
Vou Can Be Well
When your hlruvl U nnn rlitli nnri
!urshing for nerves and muscle.
1 1. 0100(1 ls te vital fluid, and when
"Poor, thin and Imnnm vnu must
S?utferryou will fall a victim
wort- t" c"an?e3 exposure, o
U'l. IvPOn l.illr Vilnn,! n.iwa .ultll
w"' assist digestion, cure headache.
Presidential Eleo
Oregon, to 1)3 voted'bii Tuesday, Nov
with across four numci of electors,
t Had claim to be HluicttillisW, to 19
statement or the names residences
William McKinlev. of Ohio.
ates J. G.v Ilobart. or New .for.v
- president:
W. .1. Bryan, of Nebraska.
.T. E. Watson, of Georuia.
V fm' lrii t
co.. jcopics democratic, silver Kep.
lamuui county I'rouioition.
be deceived In this election.
Statu ok Ohio, City of Toledo, I
Lucas Coun rv j 8
1'rank J. Chunky make? oath that he is
the senior partner of the firm of F.J. Cheney
it Co., doing business in the city of Toledo,
county and state aforesaid, and tlint said Arm
will pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOL.
LARS for eneh and every case of Catarrh
that cannot be cured by the us of Hall's
Catarrh Curk.
Sworn to before me and j subscribed in my
presence, this 6th day of December, A. D.
. , . -. . A . W. Gleason,
j Seal. I Notary Public,
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally
.ind acts directly on the blood and mucous
surface of the system. Send lor testimonials
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
E?Sold by Druggists,
qDon't go East Until you have
seen the undersigned, who can quoto
you the lowest rates furnish you your
through tickets, sleeping car berths,
and arrange for a pleasant trip via the
Union Pacific system. Boise & Barker.
agents, Salem, Or. 10 15 4w d
Let The Whole World
Know The Good
Driiiles' Heart Cure Does
J Vv- -. X- --:
HAKT JIS1" VU M 1W vu-UBi a. a
Uladvin.' - Atwiy- 't "-'
,....rtu. .1 iciir.i'l. ttlmntlie
bo. onyx uJV.i.aii " " r .Hte U
tlicrv t FH-ut ro.l. ai. .!. W
,J,o.lH.!..rl1u-.." "t'-u.r?j;
. . 11 -1 r .i-s,. write I ocmrp
lUL'l r. (iis-Hiiti -1. ji-w , .. -iiIIm'
. . 1 .. ,i. i.,.i . mi .!. flnt J)r iim
i, I,. ii' " '
Dr. Miles
Jl art Cun cumiwiu.
ib ryrj.-(.v-arsriiad
pin in m iiusrt. sbori
a vt breatli. palplw
ti a pHimu.rli'fWo,
oiimud leeimtfln my
obt. weak and liunsry
. a .. .. in AlthAP
Heart C
spuiia. i" iw", -; - , , .-Hiilv I toel:
.,,. 1 A, if 11 pallia V I VrW""-
i-tiorc I fialibod
n. 1t.i1 iriri Liuro a.iu
' . uu": 'T.T-- ..Ji.tr. . I fad
no tbat I um nyW ' J-
s?f&m. .'Ci'.stCJ
" Merit tjiiwitk.
. intrinsic nina
I Hood'sSarsarvirtllo
cure Ki01"0 ffieanB th0 P to
i cure. Hood's Sarsaparllla possesses actual
t Actions, to purify your blood, or
curoanyotthe many Wood disca,yoU
are morally certain to receive benefit.
. Tno power to cure is there. You are not
tryintr an ertwrlmanf t m, .
Kij v. " ""oyour
Wood pure, rich and nourishing, and thus
!. . Sarsaparilla
l'leharetldh Whn-.t.n.i.n. .. . '
, - .r :-""" y v.jxiweii, jiassi
t . ii - o., . 1 11..., ' f:
nood'g PHlfi KffirM.1
ialh or
Adopted by the Democrats In National
The following i the full and coni
1'lete platform as adopted by the
National Democratic conventien:
We, the Democrats of the United
Slates in national convention assemb
led, do realllrm our allegiance to those
great essential principles of justice
and liberty upon which our institu
tions are founded, and which the
Democratic party lias advocated from
.Icirerson's time to our own freedom
of speech, rreedom or the press, free
dom of conscience, the preservation of
personal rights, the equality or all
citizens before the law, and the faith
ful observance or constitutional limi
tations. '
During all these years the Demo
cratic party has resisted the tendency
or bullish interests to the centraliz
ation of governmental power, and
steadrastly maintained the Integrity
or the dual scheme of government
established by the founders of this
republic of republics. Under Its
guidance and teachings the great
principle of local self-government has
found its best expression in the main
tenance or the rights of the states
and in its assertion or the necessity
of confining the general government
to the exercise of powers granted by
the constitution or the United States.
The constitution of the United
States guarantees to every citizen the
rights of civil and religious liberty.
The democratic party has always been
the exponent or political liberty and
religious rreedom and it renews its
obligations and reafirms its devotion
to these fundamental principles of
the constitution.
Recognizing that the money ques
tion is paramount to all others at this
time, we invite attention to the fact
that the constitution names silver
and gold together as the money meta s
or the United States, and that the
iirst coinage law passed by congress
under the constitution made the sil
ver dollar the money unit, and ad
mitted gold to rree coinage at a ratio
based upon the silver dollar unit.
Wo declare that the act of 1873 de
monetizing silver without the knowl
edge or approval of the American peo
ple lias resulted in the appreciation
of gold, and a corresponding rail in
the price or commodities produced by
the peeplej a heavy Increase In the
burden or taxation and of all debts,
public and private; the enrichment or
the money lending class at home and
abroad, the prostration or indnstry,
and impoverishment of the people.
Wc are unalterably opposed to mon
ometallism, which has locked fast the
prosperity of an industrial people in
paralysis of hard times, Gold mono
metallism is a British policy, and its
adoption has brought other nations
into financial servitude to London.
It is not only un-American, but anti-
American, and it can oe lastenca on
t.lir. United States onlv by the stilling
of that spirit and love of liberty
which proclaimed our political inde
pendence in 1770 and won in the war
of the revolution. CD
We demand the free and unlimited
coinage of both silver and gold at the
present legal ratio of 10 to 1, without
waiting for the aid or consent of any
other nation. We demand that the
standard silver dollar shall be a full
legal tender, equally with gold, for all
debts, public and private, und we
favor sucli legislation as will prevent
for the future the demonetization of
any kind of legal tender money by
private contract.
We are opposed to the policy and
practice or surrendering to the hold
ers or the obligations, of the United
States, the option reserved by law to
the government of redeeming such ob
litratlons in either silver coin or gold
We arc opposed to the Issuing of in-torAct-ivnrW
bonds of the United
cfntna in titno nf nence. and condemn
the trallicking with banking syndi
cates which, in exchange for bonds
and at an enormous profit to them
selves, supply the federal treasury
wltli gold to maintain the policy of
gold monometallism.
Congress alone has the power to
coin and Issue money, and Prerldent
Jackson declared that this power
could not be delegated to corporations
or individuals. Wc therefore de
nounce the Issuance of notes intended
to circulate as money by national
banks as In derogation of the consti
tution, and we demand that al paper
which Js made a legal tender for
public and private debts or which Is
receivable for duties to the United
fJtates shall be be issued by the gov
ernment of the United States and
shall be redeemable In coin.
We hold that tariff duties should be
levied for purpose or revenue, sucu uu
.Lc m 1. ki admsted as to operate
eoually throughout the country and
.- Ih.Ia luitn'min rilneo nt aiin.
no uisenuiiuuM """ v. v. w.
tion, and that taxation should bo
I mi ted by the uceds of the govern
ment honestly and economically ad
ministrated. Wo denounce as disturbing to busi
ness the Republican threat to restore
the McKlnley law, which has twice
been condemned by the people In na
tional elections, and which, enacted
under the false plea of protection to
Home Industry, proved a prolltic
breeder or trusts and monopolies, en
riched the Tew by the expense or the
many, restricted trade, and deprived
the producers or the great American
staples or access to their natural mar
Until the money question is settled
we are opposed to any agitation for
further changes in our tarliT lawa, ex
cept such as uro necessary to meet the
deficit in revenue caused by the ad
verse decision of the supremo court on
the income tax., But for thin declslun
by the aurircmq cuurti vherq would bu
noflcflolt In tharovonlte tinder thohuv
turned by a Democratic congress ia
Strict PUntmnce t.f the uniform div.l.
Rious of that court for loo years, that
Court havlm? Ill that decision ns.
talned constitutional objections to Its
enactment Wllleh had preciously been
overruled by the ablest Judges who
have ever $at on the bench. We de
clare thlit it Is tile duty of congress to
use all the constitutional power which
remains after that decision, or which
may tome from Its reversal by Hie
court as it mav hereafter be consti
tuted, so that the burdens or taxation
may be equally and impartially laid.
to the end that wealth may bear its
due proportion or the expense or the
We hold that the most cllicient way
of protecting American labor is to
prevent the importation of foreign
pauper labor to compete with it In the
home market, and that the value of
the home market to our American
farmers and artisans is greatly reduced
by a vicious monetary svstem which
depresses the prices of their products
below the cost of production, and thus
deprives them of the means of pur-
cnasing tue products or our Home
manufactories, and, as labor creates
the wealth of the country, we demand
the passage of such laws as may be
necessary to piotect it in all its rights.
We are in tavor of the arbitration
ofdillerences between employers en
gaged in interstare commerco and
their employes, and recommend such
legislation as is necessary to carry out
this principle.
The absorption of wealth by the
few, the consolidation of our leading
railroad systems, and the formation
of trust and pools require a stictcr
control by the federal government or
those arteries of commerce. Wc de
mand the enlargement of tho powers
of the interstate commerce commiss
ion and such and such restrictions and
and guiirantees in in the control of
railroads as will protect the people
from robbery and oppression,
We denounco the profligate waste
of tho money wrung from tho people
by oppressive taxation and the lavish
appropriations of recent Republican
congresses, which have kept taxes
high while the labor that pays them
is unemployed, and the products of
the people's toil are depressed in price
till they no lonirer repay tho cost of
We demand a return to that sim
plicity and economy which benefits n
Democratic government and a reduc
tion In tho number of useless offices,
tho salaries of which drain the sub
stance of the people.
nWedenouncc arbitrary interferences
by federal authorities in local affairs
as a violation of the constitution of
the United States and a crime ngainst
free institutions, and we especially
object to government by injunction as
a new and highly dangerous form or
oppression, by which federal judges
In contempt of the laws or the states
and rights or citizens, become at once
legislators, Judges, and executioners,
and wc approvo the bill passed at the
last session of the United State3 sen
ate, and now pending in tho house of
representatives, relative to contempts
in foderal courts and providing for
trials by Jury. In certain cases of con
No discrimination should be In
dulged by the government of the Uni
ted States in favor of any ofltsdebt-
one ot
ttie wrbng thing
In thi) world
tbat a woman hai
to wait for a man
to speak. Hei
bappfneis mav de
pend upon him,
but the 9 not per.
mltted to tell him
10, at be would be
to tell her She
must depend upon
ber ability to cre
ate and foster in
him favorable
and ardent feeling
To do this, the
muil depend
much upon her
appearance, N o
man admlrei a tab
low ikin, dull and
lunken and circled
eyea, bloodiest
lips, sunken
cbeekf. No man
wanta tc marry at
Invalid. Very few
lovaldf are attrae
tlvt to cltbet sex.
It isn't natural
... ..1.
tbey snouia ue. .otmij a wum.u 1
heart'! happiness bar been wreciteo be
cause of a crop of pimples or because of 1
foul breath, of becauss of some other iuv
pleasant symptom of an irregularity is tb
performance of her natural functions.
Health In a woman brings clear complex.
Ion, red lips, vivacity, spajkls of eye and
intentct Eternal watchfulness ii the pries
0 health. The downward road to dlseass
(i fatally easy to travel I.ittle disorders,
Jittls Irregularities, little dralM, lead to the
most serious consequences. Put a atop to
them I Dr Pierce's Pavorite Prescrlptloe
will ds it without tht embarrassment of
examinations and "local treatment" as
muck dreaded by modest women. In nlni
cast 1 la ten there i absolutely nc teed , of
tbem The "Pavorite Prescription" haj
been prescribed by Dr Pierce for over y
yean and has cured th very worst formi
of female troubles.
A book of 1000 pages, profusely Illustrated
written by him containing much valuablt
information and letters from hundred of
grateful women, will be sent at-iolultlj
ft tt oo receipt of twenty-one cent, in one
cent stamps, to pay postage and wrapping
only, by VVcauVi DisrENJAKY MkdicaI
Association. U Main 6t, Buffalo, N Y.
fVr C L )
Vrffiti 1 tm HwiwmitTtnfflflttimnffmwwHiiiinwrs-4j
l " ' "' ,...1,, v 1 9
'' ' 1 1 111 '1 1 uu ::i... n. i... ii,. 1 ii'TTT.',1 W
VcBciablcPrcparatlonfor As
similating IhcToodflndUcgula
tlng thcatomacb ondDowla of
nc38 mwRcstlCOntfllM neither
Opturrt,Morptilri& nortlMfal.
jtnitt Stit
Jintnuiat- .
Apcrfcctncmcdy for Constipa
tion, Sour Slomach.Diarrhoca,
VorTns .Convulsions Jcvcrish
ncss andLoss OF SLEEP.
Tac Simile Signature of
HI "1
Orer 1,00.000 boxes sold. SOOjOOO cur3 proro its powor
I. . v-jy-w, ,uu Kraitwii uvtto-iouu id tuoiToria. juany
lam to make tbe weak Impotent man stroos. vhrorom and maun
lull too. We oipoot jou tobollere wtiat we y. for
bero. Bend lor our lxoKiet"lon'tTobrco8rtit anil
Wf)OUJiUU. Jtmn-mii riF frai lrf
D. J. FRY, Agent,
ors. wc approvo of the retusal or the
Pad lie railroad funding bill, and de
nounce the efforts or the present Re
publican congress to enact a similar
Recognizing tho Just claims or de
serving union soldlors wo heartily en
dorse tho rule or the present commis
sioner 01 pensions tuat no names snail
bo arbitrarily dropped from tho pen
slon roll; and the fact of enlistment
and service should bo deemed con
clusive evidence ngainst disease und
disability beforo enlistment.
Wo favor the admission of the ter
ritories of Now Mexico, Arizona nnd
Oklahoma into tho United States,
and we favor the early admlbslon of
all the territories having tho neces
sary population and resources to en
title them to statehood, and while
they remain territories, wo hold that
tho officials appointed- to administer
tho government of any territory to
gether with tho District of Columbia
and Alaska, should bo bona lido resi
dents of ttie territory or district in
which tho duties are to bo performed.
Tho Democratic party believes in
home rule and that all public lands
of tho United States should be appro
priated to the establishment of free
homes for American citizens. We
recommend that tho territory or
Alaska be granted a delegate in con
gress, and that the general land and
timber laws or the United States bo
extended to said territory.
The Monroe doctrine Is originally
declared, and as Interpreted by sucecd
ing presidents, is a permanent part or
tho foreitrn policy of tho United
States, and must at all times bo main
tained CUBA.
oWc extend our sympathy to tho
people of Cuba in their heroic strug
gle for liberty and independence.
Wo arc opposed to life tenure In tho
public service. Wo favor appoint
ments based upon merit, fixed term of
office, and sacli an administration of
the civil service laws as will afford
equal opportunities to all citizens of
ascertained fitness. We declare it to
be the unwritten law of this republic,
established by custom and usage of
one hundred years and sanctioned by
the examples of the greatest and
wisest of tlioso who founded and liavo
maintained our government, that no
man should be eligible for a third
term in tho presidential office.
The federal government should caro
for and improve tho Mississippi river
and other great waterways of tho re
public, so as to secure for the Interior
states easy and cheap transportation
to tidewater. When any waterway or
the republic Is or sulllclent Import
ance to demand aid of tho govern
ment such aid should bo extended up
on a definite plan of continuous work
until permanent Improvement Is
Confiding In the justice of our cause
and -Clio necessity of its success nt tho
polls, we submit the foregoing declar
ations of principles and purposes to
the considerable judgment of the
American people. Wo invite the sup
port of ull citizens who approve them
and who desire to have them made
effective through legislation for the
relief of the people and the rcstorat Ion
of the country's prosperity.
For Do'Jcacy,
for purity, and for Improvement of tho com
plexion nothlug equal Poxxoxi'a Pownsu,
OastorU is pot up in one-tlis bottles only, It
is But sold la bulk. Don't allow anyone to sell
yoa anything else on the plea or promise that it
is ' Jnst as pood" and "will answer every per.
poio." 9"Bee that yoa Et0-A-B-T-0-B-1-A.
ThefM- --
tiro tor tobaooo In an
10 pounds In 10 dars 1
to destroy tbedeslra for tobaooo In any
rain 10 noundi in 10 dAra and It narcf
maKDOtlo, just try a box. tou will ba do-
a enra Is absolu
tto. Just try a box. You will ba do
1 loir guaranteed by druKguta erery
Ufo Away,'1 written Buaranteo and
ucaf o or New York.
Bmpko Yonr
OO., Chicago
Salem, Oregon.
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steam. Its equipment is '.superb, Elegant
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much more they would
enjoy tho trip If their
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ed in placo of being
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nearest ticket agent
or by addressing
I'ottland, Or.
J.I.I. fltrrout ItUeaM Falling Mam-
rr, IniXUai:r,H!oilMi4,ato.,tufd
1 Aba and other KioMaa u.1 India,
crattona, ThtvmUkhl anil unlu
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10 fentci cum in tuca
or rf una tit moaty
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UDtekufMlfoll irMtjDatl for fZ-tti. Vr mills;
pUfa wrfW'r1 upon rrlr t ot trlca, Clrcuur Ir,
1 UrarUritH
lVM. 1U
Tho Koy FroshnMts
And a velvety aoftness of tbe akin ia Invav
rlably obtained by tboao who use Poxioxi'a
CloiopleiloQ Powder.
Chicago, Milwaukee,
&f,PAUC K' .
p . .j I
a -vy
um tn n l;JAllt
Office or ntE Secretary of SvrATj?, ' I
SALEM, Oregon,
Spt. 1,1896.)
Sealed proposals will be received at this
office until noon, November 3, 1896, to furn
ish the following articles for the State of Ore
gon for the use of the ipih Biennial Session
or the LrgiOAtive Assembly:
35 reams legal cap, 14 lbs. No. 7 ruling
white laid, laid, Charter Oak or Scotch linen,
or other good paper
30 reams first class Congress note, or other
good paper, 7.pound,l No, 7 ruling, white
20 reams letter paper, 12 lb., No. 7 ruling
white laid, Catew, Charter Oak, or Stotch
linen, or other good paper.
20 ream, of t) pe writer, letter ll ie, Paragon
letter wove No, z, or other good'piper.
ao rtms typewitter, legal site, HrBoni
letter wove Np. 3H1 w othsr tjwxl paper.
u rtnu typsvulttr, lEl li lMBO0
letur Ymt No. t ft tjf wjjw rwJ pwn .
ill! 8 x loK,
oboXciLlitU'e feailn finlih tttbdh blltei
10,000 N01 6 i.a tnvelopei, 60 Ibil wo. i
lag XXX.
12 liioss railroad steel pens, No. 4t.
20 Urbss Gillott's steel pens, No. 4041
4 Gross Gllldlt's steel pens. No. &oj.
8 Gros Esterorook "J"' pens k.
6 Gross Falcon steel pens, No. 048. .
6 Gross Esterbrook & Co.'a Trobate steSi
tehs No. 313.
6 Gross Esterbrook & Co.'s Judge's Quill
Steel pens No. 312.
6 Gross Esterbrook Sc Co.'s Chancellors
sleel pen No 239.
6 Gross London Incandescent, M. Jacob's
No. 4.
2 Dozen Sanford's Cardinal led Ink, pints.
5 Gross pen holders, black enamel, large,
10 Dozen Peck, Stow & Wilcox's inkstands.
No. 558.
4 Dozen Peck, Stow & Wilcox's inkstands,
No. 554.
lo Dozen Peck, Slow & Wilcox's inkstatuli.
No. 420.
12 Dozen ivory folders, 9-inch standard.
4 Dozen Ivory folders, loinch Congress.
4 Dozen mucilage cups, No 8, Morgan's
lo Doien mucilage stands, reservoir, No. 6,
Morgan's patent.
3 reams rarker s treasury blotting paper,
or other good paper, 140 lb, assorted colors,
2 Gross No. 2 Eagle recorder lead pencils,
style 000.
5 Dozen Sanford's premium fluid, auarts.
2 1-2 Dozen Stafford's writing fluid, quarts.
15 Dozen gummed stub files, No. 21,11 x 15
inches, 500 pages.
4 Dozen Duplex cupboard letter clips, legal
20 Dozen Duplex cupboard letter clips.
15 Dozen Faber's rubber rulers, 14-inch
15 Dozen steel erasers, Rogers' No, 18,149,
A3 Dozen steel erasers, Rogers' No. 18,149,
70 boxes Faber's No. 300 rubber bands,
assorted sizes.
5 Gross Faber's lead pencils, No. 2, hexa
gon, gilt.
12 Gross Faber's lead pencils, No. 2,round,
20 Dozen Faber's patent Ink and pencil
rubber erasers, mammoth.
3,000 McGiil's patent paper fasteners, No. 2
flat head.
3,000 McGiil's patent paper fasteners,No. 3
ound heads, whl c
3,000 McGiil's patont paper fasteners.No. 4,
fiat head, ,
15 Dozen table pads to hold paper, 19x20
Inches, strong leather tips,
15 Dozen waste paper baskets, cross-bar
No. 4.
3 Dozen was'e paper baskets, small, No,n,
29 lbs, hemp twine No. J!,.
4 Dozen Sanford's mucilage, quarts.
Iiids should be marked "Proposals for .Sta
tionery," None but the bet quality of goods
will be accepted,
The richt to reiect anv or all bids Is ic.
served. All the above articles to be deliv.
red at Salem on or before December 15,1896,
There belnc at the nresent time no monev
available: for paying for tho above supplies,
bids will only be accepted under the express
condition, agreement and understanding that
me successiul bidder wilt look to, and de
pend upon the next legislature oppropriatinir
money to pay the claim.
very respecttuuy,
9-5 -3B1 Secretary of State.
aMaswamaar am sMMaanaaaaai
tWnr lUiUDn 1'OlAOiM lumtunui.
.eused In 16 to So days. You can be treated at
hoax lor earn prtea bb4t same R-uarna-ty.
It you pref pr to eome here we wllteoa-
tract to rT railroad f areud hotalbllla.aad
eury, Iodide potuab, and aUlt hava aekM mat
a tiopica. ajuiipvr uujorets npati, uiaan
any part ui aun uuur, aav oraiawi
we ruaraotee to ear.
. TfB
1 lolKilt Lba moat afeati
1 case ana cnauontre xna woria sor a)
akill of the moat eialnea t phyal-
otenrna rnu maaaaa ana aiwara
tbu oiea aaa alwa
O.WM eaplial bcblnit our uncondl.
UonaKrauxntr. Abaotu to proof aenlmajedofl
fir.nnur uUq
fy but y
$ pozzoni'S
' Tha flnaai. nntfiafc am n,A Kanll. m
A fylnp toilet powder ever made. ItU A.
soothing, healing;, healthful and f
A haiiTOleMt and when raghtly used J A
fj Jstvtalble. If you have never trteU r
pozzown ft
fa Tou do not know what an INKAX fS
Dig U i a non-nolaonoo t
ntuedy for Ufaaorrbua,
OUMt, aparmatorhuia,
Wiiltea. uunatiavaal dU,
cbargM, or anr lnamma-
lloo. Irrltatluu or ulora-
tlbU uf UUODDI hie 111
LrHiErtaiCHiuietiCa bro. Non-oattlogrnt,
'or eut la blslo wiim'.
Lr cmitx. rriid, li-f
SliiO, or 3 bottle. W.JA.
Circular ut ou rauuaa
A reined com jricxioa ot mm Teaseai'a )w-l
das-. It produce a soft aaa bemtWal ahtai.
K? I 1 utdara, V
JBJBJV Atcaraaua m
vajj aa u auMiura.
JaaM7fn,AU auataa.
BBk. O.B.a. 3BJ

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