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Daily Capital Journal
FRIDAY, OCT. 23, 1896.
Altona and Ramona
Portland, 6:45 a. m.
Salem 7 a. m.. except Sunday. .
nf.i. .,.. .jiniiav wrineft and cne&D
. yuitft umt, h-ijuiw ...--
iZ .... rules,...
y Agent, Salem.
Feder's Brush Skirt Protector
The improved skirt, binding.
Comes In all sliades.
Dr. Denton's Sleeping Gar.
Sanitary, healthful and warm
Capes and Jackets,
A good assortment to choose
from. Every one a goou wnue
Some new sliapes In Fedoras.
New brown stiff hats just re
Sec us for your winter suit. All
wool suits from SO up.
J, J, Dalrymple Co.
Lloyd Mullt returned tills morning
to his homo at Lebanon.
Adjutant General B. B. Tuttlccame
up from Portland this morning.
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Settlemier, of
Wooburn, are visiting Salem friends.
Mrs. C. II. Lane lias returned from
a .pleasant visit with friends at Leb
anon. C. B. Moores returned tnis morning
a speechmaklng tour in the upper
Wm. Brown and II. J,Ottenheirucr,
two local hopbuyers, went north this
John J. Roberts left this morning
for Seattle, in the interest of the
Salem woolen mills.
Hon. Tllmon Ford returned today
from Portland, where he delivered an
address last evening in favor of Mc
Klnley and Hobart.
lion. M. A. Miller, of Lebanon,
passed through Salem this morning
for Eugene whore ho speaks this cve
nlng in conjunction with Mayor Pen
noyer of Portland.
Mr. II. W. Prescott has moved to
the corner of Twelfth and Leslie
street where he will reside in the
future. His sou, A. W. Prescott lives
In the old homestead at 175 Mill
Coming Amusements.
The Empire Entertainers, headed
by Alblnl tho great wonderworker,
have been secured for an engrgemont
In Reed's Opera house next Monday
It is said that hundreds are turned
away nightly that can not get in the
theater at Los Angclos. Papers speak
very highly of this great show. One
gets tired looking at dramas, farce,
comedy and circuses all the time.
It is said that the wonderful per
formance given by tho great Alblnl,
the star of tho show, and tho imper
sonations of Albert Cholvallier by
Miss Nellie McGulre, the great char
acter artist, are masterpieces
i i
Lightning Speed Exhibited every
clay by tho bioyclo messengers, of tho
Lockwood messeuger. system. Ring
telephone 40 or bluo boxes.
Stvllsh. of course, but stvlo is noth
Ing without qfcallty. Good fabrics?
Certainly, but nils alono is not sum
olent. rerfect littlng? Yes; but lit
doesn't mako a good cloak. Tho point
Is. we unite ail these in our wraes.auu
sell them at a price within tho reach
of all, ,
.Willis Bros, d Co,
.Court aud'Llberty.
Tho Cash Dry Goods, Clothing and
Shoo Jloujse.
m wSM w
A Two Days'
Glove Sale !
Friday and Saturday wc will
yut on sale our full line of Fi
delio 4button glove This is
nn of Tav's best French clove
LWe always sell them at 1,50
this sale takes them at aL.su,
There's a splendid assortment,
and every pair guaranteed.
We include a number of odd
lots in our $1,50 5hook geister
T. flo'iversoD.
A Beautiful Day Brings In Thousands.
A large crowd Is In the city today
from the surrounding towns and coun
try, but the farmers are conspicuous
for their absence. The McKlnley peo
ple or the city have uniformly dec
orated their places of buslness.and old
Salem Is looking her best to welcome
the hosts of the gold standard
Congressman C. A. Boutelle arrived
in tho city this morning from San
Francisco, and will participate in the
McKlnley Jubilee tonight. Mr.
Hout2lle Is accompanied by his daugh
ter, Mis.s Boutelle, and they were met
at the depot by Mayor Claud Gatch,
H. A. Thomas and C. II. Lane ai.tl
escorted to The Willamette hotel.
Hon. M. C. George arrived on the 11
o'closk train from Portland, but had
to paddle his own canoe down town.
The program for the day is to have
speaking at Marlon square at 2 p.m.
by Boutelle and possibly by George,
Dunnlway and Idioman. In the even
1ns Mr. Boutelle will Hnrak at the
armory and opera hoitee, to be assisted
by the other speakers named.
Several thousand neat yellow cotton
badges, bearing the portraits of Mc
Klnlevand nobart "Protection and
Sound Money," were distributed free,
and a largo part of the crowd was
wearing them. By way of diversion
some wrote the word "NIT" at the
bottom of the badge, others wrote on
"Bryan 10 to 1." About tifty Bryan
men under the lead of Geo. S. Down
ing and D. !N. Barrett folded the
badge so as to hide the candidates
pictures and they read as follews:
"Our candidates: Sound money, Pro
tection and Prosperity." Not satis
fied with pinning the gold badges on
women, boys and girls, a few wags
have attached them to pet dogs,
horses, mules and Chinamen. The
vast crowd Is good natured and very
properly no 111 feeling Is being mani
fested on eitherside.
At 2 oclock a procession was formed
atthenotol Willamette, headed by
Jefferson band and followed by the
Second Regiment band, of Salem, to
march for Marlon square. Counting
the first band, and omitting a few
boys, the procession by actual count
numbered 203 In line wearing badges,
as it nassed State street. The latter
band was notcounted because the
members did not all wear badged.
The sldowalks for two blocks were
crowded with spectators, and the
street presented a gay appearance.
Gov. Wm. P. Lord called the meet
ing to order, and in a very neat and
thoughtful speech of a few moments
introduced Mr. Boutelle as the orator
of the day. Tho Governor spoke in
tho highest terms of the speaker as a
Republicans soldier and a statesman,
lauding him ns a patriotic citizen and
a representative American who has
every interest of his country at heart.
QMr. Bowtcllo Is a handsome man In
tho prime of life. Ills face very
much resembles the portrait of Candi
date Hobart, and his physique is su
porb. He began his .remarks by com
plimenting Oregon and its people,
extending greetings from thoPincTree
state of the Atlantic to tho Pine Tree
state of tho Pacific. He apologized
for his impaired voice, and modestly
referred to his Inability to properly pre
sent .the great questions of the day to
so largo and intelligent an audience.
His romarks for tho lirst half hour con
sisted of ridicule of Mr. Bryan's
speeches and praise for the G.O.P.and
tho tariff, besides paying a glowing
tribute to God for giving us such a
wonderful country.
On the platform sat about a bundled
people, and among them many honor
able gray heads, who have been loyal
to tho party from its birth. The
speaker was lustily cheered from this
quarter, but tho enthusiasm in tho
audience was very mild.
Tho ciowd at tho square was var
iously estimated. A Republican said
there wcro from 1,500 to 2,000 protent.
Another said from 1,200 to 1,500. A
Ponullbt thought there were about
1,000 present, while a prominent Sa
lem Democrat put It at 000. Com
parisons uro said to bo odious, but as
they help us form tho best idea of it
crowd, It can bo said that
tho audience at tho great
rally today contained about ono third
tho number of peoplo that wore pre
sent at tho Bryan rally when Gov.
Pennoyor spoke, and only a little over
half what heard Barkloy unci U'Ren
tit. tlin annin ulnw nftnr tho Tillman
disappointment a week ago.
An Old Soldier.
Mehama, Or., Oct, ?2, 1896,
Editok Journal. Sin I have
often folt Jn this time of political
commotion, that I should place myself
on record, I am and have been for
years, a "Prohl," and I expected to
stay with my principles; but as my
party is limited, and we have no state
ticket, hence I am for Bryan and free
silver, -as a next choice. 1 have
counted the cost, both "politically and
socially, for I am an old soldier and
many of my old comrades will say ha!
ha I A Demo-Popocrat, etc.
And here I will say for all my old
comrades, I respect you for your past
deeds of valor, and feel that tho fire
of battle has welded our hearts to
gether. But such political leaders
as J. II. Mitchell of Oregon and W.
n. Doollttle, of Washington, feigning
to take up tho cause of the common
people til there is a legislature elected
in their favor thon they shake off
their mask of pretended kindness and
and we sec them as they arc the op
posite. They come to us In a mask of
kindness and sanctified voice and say,
remember the "grand old party" in
such a way and tone as to impress us
that our duties are to "party;" and
many stand on the party plank
Others of us can not see It in that
light and cannot lay down our princi
ples for "party." I am for Bryan and
"American Independence," while Mc
Klnley Is. for "Dependence." and
looks to England for succor. Politi
cians must learn to follow true patri
otism and not party. Then, our coun
try will bo prosperous and our peoplo
happy; here we all mount the same
platform and mako the mountains
and plains ring with "My Country 'tis
of Thee," Etc., from Maine to Oregon,
On the llnancial question, I have tried
to find out what is the best for all the
people. I have read and heard both
sides, and am convinced that, the free
coinage of both gold and silver will
give us more dollars and less patches.
The McKInleyitescall "free coinage"
the white elenbant; well, its on its
way to Washington with W. J.
Bryan, and it will make a sure
trip'and better than time the golden
calf with McKinUy. They will be
weighed in the balance and McKlnley
will be found wanting more votes or
gold. And now I wish to say a word
to tho christian voters. Are you going
to put your conscience on the throne
and show your colors for the common
people or will you dethionc conscience
for the money power. There is no
nartv. It Is Bryan and American in-
dependence or McKlnley and un
American dependence. I do not favor
giving offense, except it follows the
discharge of duty. I ask you, hear
the cry "no money,- po work;" go to
the city and sco the destitution and
want, then In tho language of Peter:
"Gold and silver I have none but such
as I have I give thee." Than voto to
give free silver and a change from
nothing to do, or shall wc vote for the
gold standard and present conditions?
Jessie T. Bennett
Foot Ball Meeting.
The State Football Association
meets at Hotel Willamette at 3 p. m.,
Saturday, Octtober 24. There will be
three delegates present from each of
the Willamette valley educational in
stitutions (colleges) when a schedule
of games for the football tourament
will be arranged besides transacting
other business that may cpme up for
the consideration of tho Association.
A meeting of the Willamette Univer
sity Athletic Association was called
for 3:35 o'clock this afternoon, when
three delegates will be elected to rep
resent "Old Willamette" at Satur
day's meeting. The pennant, now
held by tho State University at Eu
gene, will be awarded to the the team
winning the final game.
Bryan and Free Silver Ralley.
Will be held at Silvcrton, Or., Oct
ober 31, 1890. Grand torch lights
procession. Two bands. Four noted
speakers. The Mott boys The
Bradley sisters. Speaking. Campaign
songs, Recitations. Good music.
Come every body and attend tho
last and greatest rally of tho cam
paign, td
Fresh Strawberries. Mr. Snell'
who resides near Brooks, today
brougtln to his friend Old Bill Ander
son, a lot of choice ripo strawberries.
They are tho second crop this year
and delicious as anv that ever grew
out of doors. This speaks well for old
web-foot, especially In an off year.
Just Received. At the New York
Racket a lot of linen and coton laces,
embroderies, ribbons, gloves, handker
chiefs, ties, collars, cuffs.and all kinds
of notions. Call and see them.
1 1 & w
Alliance Meeting. The Trinity
Alliance will meot on Saturday after
noon at 3 o'clock on tho Evangelical
church.on Cottage street near Center.
A cordial invitation to all.
Got There. Tho note sent per
blcyclo messengers. Ring telephone
40 or bluo boxes.
V7 i .su iTtry
r&CcMi ww
"tffiiff" " -
Next Wednesday Evo, Under Auspices
j Students' Bryan Free Silver Club.
On next Wednesday evening, Oct.
28,ln the Armory Hnll.Col.F. V.Drake,
of Portlrtlid, will address the people of
Salem and vicinity on the Issues of
tho day, under the auspices of the
"Students Silver Club" recently
formeo by students attending Wil
lamette University. The entire man
agement of the meeting will be left In
the hands of the club which Is sparing
no pains to make the affair a decided
success. C. K. Brandenburg, tue auie
and earnest president of the club, Is
working hard to bring the affair td a
most satisfactory and successful con
clusion. That the meeting may havo more of
a student's aspect, It has been decided
l to have two ten-minute addresses de
livered by a young lady and a youpg
gentleman member of the club. Sev
eral musical numbers will be arranged
for, and n complete program will be
published later.
At a meeting of the club last even
ing a committee of three young ladies
was appointed to solicit young lady
Biembers of the school. A committee
on music was also named to provide
several selections that the program
may consist of a varlety'of members,
and add greatly to the entertainment
and pleasure of the audience.
Further announcement of the meet
ing will appear later.
Colvig at the Armory.
Notwithstanding many other at
tractions in the city last night, an au
dience of fully 500 of Salem's
most intelligent people greeted the
Bryan speaker, Hon. Wm. M. Colvig,
at the armory last evening, and the
speaker's solid shot was heartily ap
preciated by all present Republicans
Included. Mr. Colvig made some
strong points on the labor quostion,
showing that our country Is least pro
tected against foreign labor, and prov
ing that tills was of gicatest import
ance to the prosperity of the country,
He showed that the great issue is bi
metallism, and discussed that subjeat
very effectively. At tho close three
hearty cheers for Bryan and tho
speakers. y
Justice Court.
In the civil case of Laura Hill vs.
John Tidwell, for $44. Sevon jury
men returned a verdict In favor of
plaintiff, for $15.00.
ChasMcIlwaln, Howell Prairie to
day plead, guijty to charge qf larceny
by bailee of a rifle and was sentenced
by Justice Johnson to30dfiysin the
county Jail.
Buclclen's Arnica Stilve.
The best salve in the wo'rld for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, gait rheum, fever
sores, tetter.ohappod hands,chllblalns,
corn, and all skin eruptions, and posi
tively cures piles, or no pay required.
It Is guaranteed to give perfect satis
faction or money refunded. Price 25
cents per box. For sale by Fred A.
Via the Union Pacific System
baggage is checked through from
Portland to its destination. Tho
specialties of tho Union Paclllc are
unexcelled track and equipment,
union depots, fast time, through cars,
steam heat, Pintsch light and court
eous treatment to passengers. For
rates and information, apply to
Boise & Barker, Agents,
15-12d-4w Salem, Oregon-
For Infants and Children.
Tho tit-
Reed's Opera House,
PATTON BROS., Local Managers.
One NighCjOnly,
Monday Night, October 26,
The empire entertainers, under the
management of Adolph Laske,-
from the Empire Theatre,
Headed by tho great, the only
The master of wonder workers,
mimic and humorist,
Sidney De Grey,
The gaeat baritone singer, in tho lat
est New York successes, late of
Hoy t's "Parlor Match,"
Miss Nellie McGuire,
The great character artist, a wonder
ful performer.
Mildred De Grey,
The great Trilby dancer.
Louisa Cludie,
Refined song and dance artist.
Friedlander Bros,,
Music act.
Sam Rowley,
Irish Comedian.
and others.
Book your scats early, 75c, 50o and 25$
- I . . .Mta. ,M.l.
I "NEW" jj
I. Books. I
"A Woman Intervenes,"
by Robt. Barr.
" Hegel's Philosophy of
Fine Art."
"The Comedy of Senti
ment," by Nordan.
"Mrs. Gerald," by Maria
Louise Peel.
"Stephenf a Soldier of the
Cross," Klngsley.
"Joun Haste," byllnggafd
"Women's Work In tho
Home," by Archdeacon Far
rar. "Amos Judd," by J. A.
"Friends in Council," by
Sir Arthur Phelps.
The Children of the Cold,'
by Frederick Scwatka.
For sale by
F. S, Dearborn,
Funeral Held Today. The re
mains of Dr. II. R. Holmes who died
in Portland Wednesday arrived in
Salem last evening and weie lnicd-
iately conveyed to the homo of Attor
ney W. H. Holmes on Winter street,
where funeral servces were cond cted
at 1 o'clock this afternoon by Rev. V.
E Copeland. The services were
largely attended, indicating his pop
ularity among the residents of Salem
where he wur well and favorably
'tnown. The pallbcareis we if: Dis.
J.N. Smith. W. II. Byid, W. A. Cu
slck.'W B. Morse, J. A Rk'h.ird-tui
a ml II- 11. T(iinp-;()ii, and the l em. tin?
were given inti i muiit In ltoyul ceiuu
tary. Your Boy Wont Li e a Month.
So Mr. Gllman Brown, of 34 Mill St..
South Ga Miner, Maba , uao .,iu oy iii
doctois. II is con ii.td ij.i ,: '
fulloAlcg Typhoid Malail.i and lie
spent three hundred and - n,i
dollors with doctors, who tit. lly gnve
him up, saying: "Your txi, v, . u
a montn." lie trim Dr. KIii'V .i
Discovery and a few bottles re-sioicd
him to health and enabled him to go
to work a perfectly well man. lie
says he ownes his present, good healiii
to use of Dr. King's Now Disemvrv,
and knows it to be the best In t lie
world for Lunc trouble. Trial Bottles
Free at Fred A. Legg's Drug Store.
The Purchasers
Hats and Caps,
Sizes 33, 34 and 35suits of coat, vest and .pantsiormerly U:
at $15, $17,50 and $20 are sold now at
-tl 1
Other Goods in Like
Corner State
X Special for Two DayT7
Today and Tomorrow,
Everv oiece in our entire. ctnMr u j... .
for these
New TodayCapes and Jackets,
Several New lines in Capes and Jackets will arrive M,
Call and see them before they are pick J I oTef. y'
257 Commercial st.
Diaductive Cure of Disease Through the Use of
It Is useless to enumerate tho many Ills which arc dally eradlca
ted from the human system through the use of Oxyylta. Write
ur call and we will explain why In every affliction we can relieve
the suffcier and guide them to perfect health.
Resident agent "Oxyyita" Chatwin House, Silem.
To G. A. R. People.
Henry A. Burden, chaplain of the
rtinailuii'iitor Oregon, G. A. R., will
deliver a cernion before Sedgwick
Pot, and L'orp, nt the M. E. church
Sun'l ly mom lug, October 25. By vote
of fie Tost and corps, they will meet
att'ieirluillsat 10 a. in. sharp, to
march in a body to the church. All
are urged to turn out, and notify all
comrades they may meet.
J. Q. Barnes,
Post Commander.
D. W. Matthew, Act. Adjutant.
of the R C, Small stock, consisting of ,
are selling at just onchalf what they
were sold for before
$5.00 a sun..
and Commercial Streets;.
-"-' vrtuucca prices
two days,
Don't Wait for McKinmx-!
H. Lane has returned with a line of
winter suitings that for style and low
price beat anything ever on the mar
ket, Don't wait for Mr. McKfnley's
election, but make your selections at
once. Gold, sliver, or greenbacks
taken for pay. 22 3t
For the best prices and quality of
all kinds of feed go to Brewster &
White, 91 Court street. They can
meet your wants and save you money,
:; 1
I. Ill

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